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    "David is working ovaries on the way home"..."OMG! Stupid autocorrect!"

    Those were the texts I received from Lindsey last evening...I was watching the babies while she took Lorraine to the doctor. She wanted me to know that "David was working OVER, HE'S on the way home". :oops:

    I laughed so hard, I couldn't even get the words out to tell Den what I had read.

    Thought I would just get another volume going...will be back later today to check on everyone. Mikie, Windy, Granni, Springwater and Sun had some posts towards the end of the last volume...

    I am helping Lindsey again today...David is working days this week, so it won't interfere with their family time if I am over there. I finally told her that the Feng Shui over there was terrible...just the mess, etc...partly because things don't have a "designated home" in a lot of rooms, especially the kitchen.

    I have been in the same situation, so many times, and it is hard to get caught back up, once you get so far behind. So I am considering this an "investment" in everyone's "sanity" and going back over to help her get back on the right track. With the three kids, and so much sickness, they are having a rough time...I know I said I wasn't going to help as much, and I don't intend to do it as much as before, but it is just plain hard to function :eek:
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    Hi Kids

    Anydobby know anything about Zembrin? Just read about it on the Fibro board.
    Supposed to be a mood and energy enhancer; similar to SAMe. I suspect if
    it was really helpful, it would be available here.

    Julie, there are lots of auto correct stories on various humor sites. "Teacups" and "tricycles" have been changed to "testicles", for example. "Disney" to "divorce. "Hunan beef" to "human beef". "Pringles" to "pregnant". The one I like best is, "OMG! I didn't mean that. It's that
    crazy auto cucumber again."

    Mikie, I'm sure your hair will look just lovely when you finish distressing it. Your hair
    should look lovely too with 6 colors, SG. Sorta the mosaic look.

    Here's some other silliness from a humor site. These are allegedly real signs:
    Two drinks for the price of two.
    Buy three. Get O free.
    Buy any drink. Get a free straw.

    Sorry you got ambushed again, Windy. M (major) S (steathly) G (gotcha!)

    Granni, yes, I tried Pho once. It was OK. And you're right, I did not put any spicy
    stuff in it. I like Mexican food, but I think Cajun would be too fierce. BTW, did you
    know Cajuns were once Acadians. According to Longfellow's poem Evangeline, the
    British expelled them from Nova Scotia and they wound up in Louisiana. We had to
    read the poem and memorize the prelude:
    This is the forest primeval. The murmuring pines and the hemlocks, etc.

    SW, are you barking yet? Last night around 2 AM I heard a dog barking. My
    immediate thought was Zippy! Then I heard it again. Too deep for a little dog.
    Then I heard it again. It was Gordon coughing. D'OH!

    Our plans for the day are somewhat flexible. We might go to the library. I might do
    some watering. I might sleep most of the day. Nothing of any great significance.
    Hope you all have the bestus day possible.

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    I love when everyone posts about their lives! I'm so happy I found my way back to the chit chat board. I had so much fun years ago, probably at least 10 or more. Mikie: I do remember a photo of yourself you posted so I can picture you in my mind. And of course, Windytalker and I are good friends, having lunch with each other several times in the past. Granni and Julie......I see your tiny pics. so have an idea of actually talking to you.

    Julie: Fuuuuuuunnnnnnnny! I don't text and wouldn't know anything about it but didn't know it can change words. So glad David is not involved with ovaries! I agree with you about chaos around a house, it just contributes to more so I understand why you would want to help Lindsey straighten things out. Everything in it's place so to speak, as much as possible with little ones. Sometimes I get involved with too many projects then I stand back and want to scream at my MESS. Then I start putting things away. My studio is still a mess no matter what I do. The garage is unbelievable with stuff I need to get rid of.

    Rock: Is this a normal "bark" from Gordon or does he have a chest cold? I bought another bottle of oregano oil yesterday as I was getting low on it. I'm trying to take a few drops daily to keep "bugs" at bay since we're approaching flu season, even though I've already had my first bout. One month until our trip to Portland and I want to be HEALTHY!

    Here's a pic of my finished antique table brought into the house. I'm happy I didn't sell it now.

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    Sun - I just love your finished antique table. I love that color too.

    Rock - Need to get off and let DH get on so I can make some lunch. Hope Gordon isn't getting ill with his "barking". We just got our flu shot today so hope that will help.

    Julie - Stay well !!!

    Gotta run everyone for now. Will try and get back soon.

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    SG, your table is very elegant. Looks like the kinda thing that shows up on Antiques
    Roadshow. "It's by the well known Indiana furniture maker Jethro Hickenlooper. These
    are very collectible right now. I would estimate it's value at $6,000 to $8,ooo."

    Granni, I think Gordon's cough was just an isolated thing. If it persists I'll make him
    one of those old fashioned home remedies; onion juice with honey or something equally noxious.

    I'm going to read up on oregano oil, SG.

    Hey, Everydobby.
  6. sunflowergirl

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    LOL.....Jethro Hickenlooper!!!!! You almost had me! Now if you had said Biedermeyer I would have been very excited. Most of my antiques are just old, nothing else. Years ago the road show was coming to L.A. and asking for submissions, the furniture they would even come pick it up. My husband wanted to submit an old pewter cabinet we have from the l700s. I said no way was I going to empty things out of it, besides one leg in back had been chewed off or hacked off and we have to brace it and bolt it to the wall. Nothing special about it except it probably saw a lot of action in a pub or drinking establishment.

    If you do buy oregano oil be burns. Besides putting 4 drops in a smigen of apple juice to mask the taste I also use a drop on my toothbrush to help kill germs in my mouth after brushing and flossing. Yowee......for about 5 min.
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    I won't be here long! I messed around on the computer last eve and something I wanted said Ineeded Google. Well, I got it alright but now I can't get back to Yahoo, etc. I worked and worked this afternoon even though I felt terrible. My shoulder is in such pain and in fact, everything hurts. I got on the Porch and it is all so little that I can't read it. I couldn't read at all on the last Vol.:confused:

    I need help and my big comp. son won't be here for a while.:(

    When I can get back to what I call normal, I will return.:)

    Gentle Hugs with a few groans thrown in!!

    Luv u all.
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    Hi Kids

    Joan, sorry your computer is acting up. Seems to be what the ornery things do. Just think.
    Nowadays kids work with computers starting in kindergarten. Maybe they study. Maybe they
    just absorb it by osmosis. Anyhoo they know lots about electronic gadgets, current music,
    TV stars and people in the tabloids. We know more about everything else. Ha Ha!

    Sorry your shoulder is also acting up. Do any of those creams or ointments work? I was using
    one called Arthricream Rub from Wal*Mart when my back was aching. Gave some temporary relief.

    SG, I'll have to rethink that oregano oil. Sounds a little too fierce for my tender sensibilities.
    An 18th century cabinet; Wow! Do you know about its provenance? Is it from Massachusetts? Mighta belonged to one of my ancestors. They founded cities there.

    Gordon and were just going out the door on our way to the library when the phone rang. I
    always say, don't answer. Might be something that will tie you up and make you late. But I
    didn't this time. Turned out be a former coworker. She might have some helpful info, or
    at least a sympathetic ear.

    Just finished an autobio of Phyllis Diller. Another highly successful entertainer that was lousy at picking husbands. I was surprised to learn that she studied piano when she was a
    kid. Gave concerts w/ symphony orchestras later on. Oops. Gordon is off the phone so
    we are off again.

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    Hi everyone,

    Jam - I just did some looking up of info on Zembrin. I had never heard of it before . It is very interesting. Let us know how you feel after awhile of taking it. Of course we are all different, I know. I also read it might increase energy, besides lifting mood, etc.. How did you hear about it? It is interesting to read that it has been used for about 300 years if I understood it wright, probably not here in the states. Keep us updated.. I had also tried Same mostly for b/p and not sure it did a lot but it was quite expensive.

    Joan - Sorry about your shoulder. I know what you mean and also about the stupid computer when it won't do what you want :)! You just want to throw the stupid thing out the window or something. Hope you get it fixed soon. I know that I have had your problems too with the computer and just had to fiddle around with it till it finally behaved, sort of. Why don't you try asking Yahoo how to get back on Google for your home page if that is what you want? I usually have the opposite problem. I think they are always trying different things on Yahoo and want you to use their special screens. I have both Yahoo and Google but like or are used to the Yahoo home screen without some of the extra stuff.

    Tomorrow is a big Trade and craft fair and ladies lunch so I will be gone for some time.

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)!!
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    Julie...Sooooo busy, once again. How do you do it?!!!!!!!

    Rock..."Major, Stealthy, Gotcha" (aka MSG) is perfect!! I'm totally busting up!!:) It hasn't left my system yet...that's why I'm the middle of the night...sigh!!! SFG's right...Oil of Oregano has a wild burn to it, but the stuff works. I cured a possible abscessed tooth with it and have used it as a mouthwash ever since. SFG has made a believer out of me. Along the lines of your sayings, I saw this recently..."Buy 2 meals and get the 2nd one free."

    SFG...The table turned out so beautiful. Your hard work paid off, once again. You never cease to amaze me how you can turn something old or damaged into something so beautiful. (I really chuckled over Rock's remarks about the Antiques Road Show.:)) Has anyone here seen the new program "Genealogy Road Show"? Thought it was fascinating.

    Joan...Did you know if you hold down the "Ctrl" button, then hit the "+" sign, this will enlarge your screen? Might make viewing posts easier for you. But, I suggest counting how many times you increase it, so when you want to go back to the original size, you hold down "Ctrl" again, counting backwards while hitting the "-" key until you're back to normal. (Hope that makes sense.:confused:) Sorry you have such a bad shoulder. Is this a "frozen shoulder"? I ask because I cured mine by taking cod liver oil. It was a slow process, but it worked. Never been bothered since (plus the CLO helped my astigmatism...go figureo_O).

    Granni...Yes, computers can seem to have minds of their own. I've had several over the years...starting with IBM's first commercial computer (dual floppy discs). I'm no "pro"...but they can give us mysteries. You sound very busy...wish I had your energy and I think you've got me beaten age-wise by a couple of years.

    Mikie...Speaking of hair. I saw a gray haired woman the other day who had put magenta stripes in it. Blew me away! Now, this might have looked fashionable if the woman had a nice cut and dressed herself well...but...this was another "WalMart" customer...LOL. I'm sure yours looks lovely...hope you're happy with it.:)

    We're "supposed to be" getting the outside of our house painted. It would proceed faster if the darn painters would show up.:mad: We had to have repairs done first (along with some other side issues) and that was all done quickly so the painters could start. My question is...if they're still painting come Christmas, am I obliged to buy them Christmas gifts?:confused:

    This is my 2nd sleepless night in a row...geeze, I hate this!!:( Tomorrow we're supposed to meet up with our oldest son and his wife for lunch. I hope I can get some winks in...don't want to ruin the day.

    Hugz and zzzzzz's,
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    Windy - So sorry you have been having trouble sleeping. DH had that problem the night before last and I heard about it all day how tired he was, etc. :)!! I am usually OK as I take a small amount of Special K as Mikie would call it and a Flexeril. That usually helps me although I am thinking about trying to try something else. Supposedly our dr. say people of my age shouldn't be taking such stuff. However, since I take it at night and only 1/2 pill he said he guessed it would be OK. My Rheumy told me about it and put me on it some time ago. Wish I could find something that would help and give me energy too. Wondering about that Zembrin that Jam was talking about it. If so that would be one more supp. I will have to buy. The drugs on the other hand, at least with our insurance is cheaper than most of the supplement, that DH usually pays for. Hope you get your house painted soon. That has got to be annoying for sure.

    Went to the Craft Show today and bought some stuff for Christmas presents. So, now I have little money left :)!! Then we had lunch and they gave away door prizes. Too bad I didn't win one this time ):!! Had a nice time with friends though and did get a few presents taken care of.

    Sun - I know what you mean about just old but not antiques. My mom had lots of very old furniture that now are in my brother and SIL's possession . I would have loved some of the things , not so much for their $ value but for their emotional value. They got most of what was valuable, not that there was to much other than some furniture (probably just old ) . However, I don't think most weren't antiques unless they had something of my aunt's who lived with my parents for a time and she was the eldest of the siblings of my Dad. I do envy my brother and sil having all my parents stuff but not for their $ value but for some of their emotional value.

    Also they lived close to my mom and dad and so were there for them when I could not be. Both bro and sil were very caring to them both. I would have loved to have my parents silverware as I don't even have a complete set. I do have a set of 8 but that is it. Hardly ever used it. SIL has their silverware set plus her parents set and my parents set also. Although we hardly ever use the good stuff anyway and I like to put stuff in the dishwasher. I don't use my china hardly at all too so I can put it in the dishwasher too. All that older stuff takes a lot of care to keep it nice. Would have liked to have a set to hand down to one of the daughters anyway.

    Julie - Hope you are staying well my dear with all the working and sitting you are doing.

    Rock - Have you been running around with Gordon now that he is home or staying home for a change :)!!

    Need to run and go lie on my hard Denneroll - ush !!

    Hugz to awl !!

    Love, Granni :)!!
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon is just leaving. Going to see his doctor, Dr. On. Always reminds me of the song
    Fred sang in the operetta episode when Lucy was Queen of the Gypsies. Something like,
    "I run the inn on the River Out". Now that I thing about it, maybe it's "Doctor An". Something Chinese anyhoo.

    You're absolutely right, Windy. It always works best if the painters show up. And
    anytime you get your house painted, the are going to be side issues. Had not heard
    about Genealogy Road Show. I thought it was joke. 'This here is my Uncle Purvis.
    Can ya tell me what he's worth?"

    But I checked, and I see that there really is such a show. "Genealogy Roadshow premiere season will feature participants from four American cities — Nashville, Detroit, San Francisco and Austin — who want to explore unverified genealogical claims, passed down through family history, that may (or may not) connect them to an event or a historical figure."

    I love history and especially family history. Just found out a month or two back that
    one of my relatives was a newspaper publisher in the old west. Dodge City, I think. I've
    already forgotten the details. Posted about it a while back.

    Granni, give us a report on the trade show and ladies lunch. Is that where you all order and
    then trade lunches? You're right about SAMe being expensive. When it first hit the market,
    I paid $50 for a bottle. The price has gone down substantially. Probably because it did not
    live up to its hype. That's "hype" as in hypodermic. I got stuck when I paid that much.

    Let us know if that Zembrin gives you more zest and zip, Jam. I ever tell you guys about
    the magic mushrooms I took a decade of two back? They were cordyceps, and they worked
    like magic. I felt full of energy and 20 years younger. Alas, the effect only lasted for one
    day. Last year I got some cordyceps capsules from some company named Aloha. Another
    case where I said "Goodbye" to my money. Might as well have tried to cure a broken leg
    with Elmer's Glue.

    Got a new book at the library. It's by a writer who writes novels as well as nonfiction about
    dogs. He live on a farm with lots of animals including, goats, chickens, donkeys and his
    wife. Ha ha!


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    Wednesday evening...sorry I started a new volume, then "disappeared." Actually, I did post sometime today, but came back and deleted of "those."

    Hurting so bad, I don't really know what to think of it...Den asked if I had been eating wheat, and I have had some, but not gone overboard with it. So, today, I didn't have any wheat at all, but still in a lot of pain.

    Did get quite a lot done at Lindsey's, so the rest of the week I will "do my own things." Isaiah was feeling rough today, so needed his mama more than usual. We think it's those molars that he is trying to get in. I was holding him, and he kept pushing away his lunch bowl...poor thing just kept making the sign for nursing (clench your fist together, like if you were milking a cow.) So Lindsey just took him, and let him nurse to sleep...he took a three hour nap.

    I will just say "hi" to everyone...hope I am more "up to par" tomorrow.
  14. sunflowergirl

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    That genealogy road show sounds like I would like it. I've always loved "who do you think you are" with celebrities tracing their roots. I'm sure though that these "celebs" are traced ahead of time because some of them turned out to have really fantastic Brooke Shields who was related to Louix XIV and others. It just kept getting better and better. Mine are all country folk from around Virginia back in the l600s. On my mom's side we're all pretty positive my grandfather jumped ship coming back to America and he NEVER wanted anyone to know anything. When someone would ask he said it was no ones business.

    Julie: If you've got CFS then changes are pretty good that you might also have FM. You know the drill.....if you hurt for more than 6 months and the pain seems to be here, there, and everywhere and you've got the l8 places chances are you're in a FM flare. They're no fun. I've probably had FM at least 20 years.

    Rock: sure hope Gordon gets some good leads and finds a new job . I'm sure he's a tad worried about his future. So he went to the doctor today to check his "bark?"

    My daughter asked me to watch my 5 year old granddaughter while she went for a checkup. She had some "suspicious" moles removed last week, but thankfully labs turned out good. Now she's looking at another suspicious mole to be removed in dec. after their vacation. Looks like this one will have to be done in hospital by a surgeon because it's right on leg muscles. I took a look at it and it DOES look very strange. Dermatologist said this would be deep cutting. She's also been told 60 SPF from now on.

    Anyway, it was a bad fatigue day for me but what was I going to do? My GD and I painted, then I read some fairy stories, then we painted fairies.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Haven't been here for a couple of days. Have been really busy with the landscaping project, mostly just driving around, looking for pots and plants. Yesterday, I found beautiful pots on clearance at Home Depot for $19.88 each. Got one for each stairwell atrium. They have a bit of greenish paint on terra cotta so they look as though they might have been sitting in the Yucatan jungle for centuries--just the look I'm going for. Also got a couple of bromilliads with red blooms on sale.

    Julie, I am so sorry for your aches and pains. Even with my symptoms gone from my illnesses, I can get aches and pains out of the blue every now and then. The shoulder I had surgery on is sore because I hauled those pots out of the back of the SUV to the atria. You are so right about bad Feng Shui. Even though my whole condo has been Feng Shuied, and each room individually, it is so messy right now that I am embarrassed. Everyone knows I was sick for so long so they understand if they come in to visit the kitties. Hope you feel better soon.

    Rock, I only distress the furniture. I tease my hair. My hair actually looks good but it's about two shades lighter than I like it. One woman at the condo mtg. used the same color on hers and it looked good. I think she was also surprised that "Ultra" in the name of any color means extra, extra light.

    Sunflower Girl, that is one beautiful table and it came out gorgeous. Good for you! That pic of me was about 12 years ago. My hair is shorter now and I wear glasses instead of contacts most of the time. I'm carrying a bit more weight but am hoping to remedy that as I start to feel better. Like so many of us, though, our health is like a roller coaster and our dreams of improved health never come to fruition. The symptoms of my illnesses are gone but now, I'm getting the stuff that "normals" get, like the flu. Whine, whine, whine! :(

    Jam, glad you got some laughs. It really is the best medicine. I got a good laugh when Barb and I went to the Legion for dinner. One of the volunteer women there was taking the money for the food. She was really rough looking and had a mouth like a truck driver. She had a beautiful tattoo on her forearm and I complemented her on it. It was a design with red and blue stars and stripes. She said it represented stars and bars and if anyone didn't like it, she'd "Knock them on their butt." Then she said her only hesitation in getting it is that some people don't think tattoos on women are "ladylike." OMG, with or without a tattoo, she was the complete opposite of ladylike. I've laughed about that ever since. I'm glad I noticed it, though, as it really seemed to mean a lot to her that I liked the tat.

    Granni, a craft show sounds like fun. We don't have that many down here. I always loved fall in CO cause there were so many craft shows to go to. We do have pumpkin patches at almost every church for fundraising. I don't get real pumpkins anymore. I do love seeing those beautiful ones which are works of art.

    My hardware for my glasses finally came in. The company which makes these glasses was sold and it's getting difficult to get hardware to repair them. So, I had a set, nose piece and side screws, ordered so I can keep these when I have to change lenses or if I break one of the pieces. These are the ones with the changeable side pieces in various colors. I've invested a fair amt. of money in them so I decided I had better protect my investment. Just the set of hardware costs $91 but they gave me a discount and charged me $70. I would just buy cheap glasses but I don't look good in most glasses and I can't take weight on my nose. These are featherweight, all high-impact plastic. The whole face part is clear so it's like I'm not even wearing glasses.

    Haven't heard from my neighbor, the kittie's other Auntie, who wants to take them. If she does, she'll spoil them and take really good care of them too but I'd miss them. Still, they are a lot of trouble and expense and still get me up too early. Tweety continues to meow every half hour from about 3:30 on, but she keeps it to a minimum (she used to start at 2:00 a.m.). I am letting them in later and later and hope that, eventually, Tweety will stop meowing if it doesn't get her anywhere. Sylvester was pretty skinny and depressed when I got him. Now, he's beefing up and happy as can be as he walks around with his big black plumy tail in the air. This morning, the games are wrestling with kung foo moves, chasing, and ball. I now only use the calming pheromones at night and they are much more active during the day. Only sleeping about 80 percent of the time instead of 90 percent. :)

    The cold front is here and it's dry outside. As soon as it's light out, I'm going out to throw a thin skin of wax on the car. I got some stuff that is supposed to renew the plastic/vinyl and am anxious to try it. I also got the new Turtle Wax "Ice." I want to see whether it is better than the Zymol I've used for years. My 11 year old car still shines like a new one. I see what happens to Toyotas when they are never waxed. The clear coat needs fed to keep it working as a sun screen. I should be inside cleaning but when the weather finally gives me a cooler, dry day, I take advantage and work outside.

    My love, hugs and prayers to everyone. If I missed anyone, I'm sorry. I'm playing catch up here.

    Love, Mikie
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Kids

    Granni, we were posting simultaneously. Nope, Gordon and I have not taken any excursions
    or done anything unusual since he's been home except for the Pho frestival. This past year
    I have avoided going much of any place. Riding in the car, walking around in the market, etc.
    all tire me out. After 10 minutes or so I start looking for a place to sit down. My back doesn't
    hurt anymore, but it feels very fragile as though it might just give way at any moment. The
    lumbar support (corset) helps with that.

    Gordon didn't go the doc because of his cough. He goes every six months. Dr On (with an "O" as
    in blood) is a cardiologist. Gordon's been going to him every 6 months for many years. BTW,
    under the new health plan the co pay will be $80 per visit. This is an improvement?! (We could
    all have free health care if we hadn't been squandering the national treasury for the last
    half century.)

    Glad to hear you had a nice outing and got a little Xmas shopping done.

    Mikie, what a nice newsy post. Your terra cotta pots suggest the ancient world because
    terra cotta has been around for a long time. That Chinese Emperor who had an army of
    thousands of terra cotta soldiers lived a couple thousand years ago. Gordon and I went
    to an exhibit at an Orange County Museum where we saw two of the soldiers.

    You can see same if you go here:

    Or search for terra cotta soldiers on Youtube.

    Gordon has several shallow terra cotta pots with plants in them. Even if one breaks,
    the are still useful. Gordon puts the broken pieces over the drain hole some pots have
    to keep it from getting blocked.

    With regard to ultra light hair color, Augusta Oltrabella (extra beautiful) was a famous
    Italian soprano in the 1920s into the 1950s. She said, "My surname was amusing since I was
    never beautiful."

    Back later, hugs to everydobby.
  17. lydia1

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    Good morning...only it is almost noon. I remember waking up briefly around 6:00, when Den left for work, then fell back to sleep until after 9:30 when Gpa called. I hadn't talked to him all week...kept forgetting to call when I was at Lindsey's.

    Linds was gone, so I called, and she had taken Lorraine to preschool, then took the babies grocery shopping with her. They were in one of those "silly carts" that have a seat and two steering wheels...said the twins were "driving" and yelling at the other shoppers, trying to get them to talk to them :p

    Keira got in trouble at school yesterday, and had to sit out five minutes of recess. Seems as though a little boy in her class was having trouble understanding his work, so Keira was helping him...but then just did it for him...not allowed in Kindergarten :(

    I'm sure the teacher hated to discipline Keira for trying to do a "good thing", but of course she and the other children have to learn the rules. I asked Amy if Keira was upset and Amy said she wasn't...and it must not have been a terribly big deal because Keira told her herself, the teacher didn't call or send a note.

    Keira is just that way, though...always wanting to help and take care of others...

    I am still in a lot of pain, but need to try to get some things done today. If David isn't home before Lindsey has to leave for work this evening, I will be in charge of the kids for a little while.
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Just had to come back on and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DIANE!
    Happened to see it on one of the games...hope your day is very special, Diane, just like you!
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Diane, a very Happy Birthday to you! Just noticed how beautiful Beety is. Very unusual looking kittie.

    Rock, I'm not beautiful either but I keep doing my best not to scare people away. I hate working outside because I can't wear makeup as my sweat makes it run into my eyes and it burns. So, my neighbors know what I really look like. So far, no one has turned away and retched :) I've seen those statues on TV and they are amazing. Wish I could see them in person. I love history museums which have artifacts from other cultures. We were lost for a focus and theme for our little landscaping areas. Now, with the terra cotta pots which look so old, we have a theme on which to build. Plants will be mostly tropical but may have a couple of generic bushes. Everyone goes nuts for the pots so I know I did the right thing. It isn't easy trying to make our place beautiful and still satisfy everyone. It doesn't hurt that I got them for less than $20 instead of $50 too. The savings will buy more plants. I'm like you. I no longer go where I may not be able to walk or, if I do, my back will kill me. I wore my brace today when I cleaned and waxed my car and it didn't help, even with ice packs in it. Good thing I'm a homebody.

    Julie, I'm so sorry you are still in pain. I just soaked in Epsom salts and will likely have to go to bed and lie down. This pain is self-inflicted by waxing the car but it really needed doing.

    This is a fantastic day. It's gray out but it's cool and dry with breezes. The perfect weather to wax the car. I use the liquid stuff which wipes off easily but I also detailed the whole car. I'm doing a personal consumer challenge. I think Zymol is the best wax but Turtle has come out with it's Ice liquid wax. So, I did half the car with one and the other half with the other wax. I've already formed some opinions and may end up using both in the future for different parts of the car. I did the inside except for the carpets. I just couldn't keep going.

    Something is going on with my computer. Gotta go.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Julie - Poor Isaiah sounds like he was really in need of sleep and mama too. Glad he actually took a long nap.. Did you delete the post yourself or have to go to the moderators to do so? That is such a pain !! I wish they would change the rules.

    Sun - How nice you can paint with your granddaughter. Sounds very relaxing and bonding too, if you can paint or even try to :)!!! I am not to artsy for sure.

    Just wanted to pop in to quickly read the post. I need to read my music that I haven't practice for the cantata I am going to try and do this year, with no practice so far. Glad it isn't for some time yet - in Dec.

    Sounds like you have FM and CFS Julie. I was dxed as FM sometime ago but knew I had it before even going to the doctor co years later. Yes, I think they usually go together but not necessarily. I have little NRG to but I think the pain just zaps me and I don't feel like doing much but I push myself like I have been doing for years.

    Hope to get back here tomorrow. Need to go try and study some music.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)