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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND MANY MORE . . . . . . . . . . . .Not sure if I sang your birthday song a day late or so or whatever. I am so out of it with the days lately.

    Not sure when your birthday was but hope it wasn't to late and also hope you got to have at least a little fun and are feeling at least fairly good so you can enjoy it. Any special birthday food?? I guess you are feeling fair to midlin as they say since you are playing your game.

    Julie - I haven't been reading the posts so well lately or read them to fast to understand everything I have supposedly read :)!!

    Poor Keira but I am glad she understands that she wasn't supposed to do someone elses work for them, even though she thought she was helping the little boy. Nice way to get a boyfriend thought :) !! he he

    Gotta run for now and glad Linds is out with the babies. Guess they are doing better. Also, I have seen those catrs with those steering wheels for little ones. They are too cute.

    Hu ti Rock, Sun, Mikie and everyone I may have missed. have to go fix dinner.

    Went to a bunch of stores today for cards and stuff after going to the chiro. Nothing else got accomplished though.

    Granni :)!!
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    Hi Kids,

    What time is it? It's Howdy Doody time! Whatever happened to Clarabell the Clown anyhoo?
    Gordon is repotting some orchids. I just woke up. Glad to see folks feel well enough to post.

    "Nice way to get a boyfriend." Granni, you are too funny. It is my contention that women
    would be better off if they stopped looking for exciting boyfriends and concentrated on finding
    a man who will make a good, reliable husband. As Gore Vidal said, "Almost any human
    problem could be solved if people would just listen to me."

    Nice to hear your car looks beautiful, Mikie. Do you recite, "Wax On, Wax Off" while working
    on it? That was part of the young hero's training in "The Karate Kid". Hope your therapeutic
    bath was beneficial. Over the years I've tried Epsom salt baths a couple times. Never did
    any good for me. "Epsom" shows up in the crosswords now and then.

    I really don't think Keira was treated very well by that teacher Julie. Maybe Keira will make a
    good teacher herself someday. I should have been a teacher in a college setting. I used to
    enjoy training the new attorneys. Nowadays I wouldn't go near a High School. Full of politically correct administrators and too much violence. Hope you can find something that helps that pain. Somedays I think we have too many nerve endings.

    Potato soup sounds good, Diane. I made some myself a couple days ago. Well, sorta. I
    "assembled" a baked potato and a can of chicken broth. Can't say it was wonderful, but
    it was quick and easy. You ever try that vegetable broth? Yuk! I can't imagine anydobby
    buying it.

    Joan, hope your shoulder and computer are better. At least one? Do folks play games at
    your place? My mother was in a seniors building for several years. She said card and board
    games were popular. She got a bit annoyed with the people who wanted to play Scrabble
    but didn't know how to score properly.

    Jam, as we all know a good laff is therapeutic. "When people are laughing, they're generally
    not killing each other." Alan Alda And another Allen (Woody) said laughter is a good thing
    except when milk comes outta your nose.

    Springwater, hope things aren't too frazzle making at your place.

    As for Clarabell Clown, he went on to become Captain Kangaroo.

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    Mikie: I certainly admire you. I've never waxed a car and wouldn't know the first thing. My DH doesn't even bother to wash our vehicles more than twice a year......if he's lucky. I always thought men loved their cars?????

    Granni: I've felt that my GD is very artistic and she does love to paint. First thing out of her mouth on Tuesday was....."are we going to paint?" I brought supplies for us to work on. And she did pretty good following direction, line for line, on how to draw a house. I hope she remembers when she gets to draw at school. Most of the time I just let her do her own thing. She really liked what she painted (so did I) and she said....."I hope Mom finds a place to hang my pictures." I told my daughter the next day. It's important for our family to admire what we do.

    Rock. Talking about your potato soup, reminded me of a guy at one of my offices years ago. He was always bragging about his spaghetti recipe, so apparently one day he invited one of the guys home for lunch. Turns out it was opening a can of tomato sauce and pouring it over cooked macaroni. Each to his own.

    I'm having a bad week, more so than normal for me. Anybody ever have a "pity party"? I'm sooooo sick of being sick and not having a life! At times I feel like throwing things and screaming from this ongoing pain and fatigue.
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    hello all

    Rock - sort of having a quiet time of it...and trying tomake the most of it...

    sun - hope you get over yr flare soon

    julie - you too, your headache n hand/arm issues
    the autocorrect was too too funny:D

    granni - nice to know you went line dancing again..
    im sure it helps to keep you fit in mind and body,
    moving and remembering the steps...

    mikie - your building sounds beautiful, terra
    cotta pots n all, i mean when someone is
    hand picking the designs n all, its gotta have
    that special touch because of all the love going
    into the creating of it

    abt the members not unanimously agreeing to plans,
    tell me abt it. its happened in our Pranic Healing
    centre, and theres these little groups...i guess i too
    am considered to be in a cliche of sorts but i try
    not to be unreasonable. the other members are nice
    to me, so i guess im doing all right.
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    ive edited this post like seven times and i know some loser is
    tampering with my computer but let the fool hv its fun, poor

    rock - can one make 'pho' soup with veggies only? i saw
    a travel programme where they showed vietnam street
    food and there were these piles of fried tarantulas!

    well, if people can eat octopus and frogs n snails, i guess
    its not unusual that spiders should be considered a delicacy.

    these days we hv these big red wild flowers in our garden...
    theyre like five feet tall...we could hv used them to hide
    the water tanks n all, but theyre seasonal.

    i might post a pic later on. i found my camera cord after
    years, lol, gotta see if it works.

    happy birthday to it today? or i think she said it was

    my friend has called me for a get together a few days later..
    not much in a frame of mind to go, but then , i usually never
    am, but it goes okay.

    shes chinese, has a brood of sisters n brothers, all accomplished
    cooks, and an eight five year old MIL who is visiting from USA
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    who also cooks like a dream, she used to hv a restaurant here, before she left
    to join her daughter in san francisco.

    they always look at me with wonder, why is she tired all the time? why
    is she not giving parties? how come her family always has one issue or
    other? you know, the type who life has been so good to, they cant understand
    what its like to not be healthy, wealthy and wise.

    but my friend understands a bit, or struggles to.

    god bless
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just had time to scan the posts. As always, I send hugs, love and prayers to everyone.

    Had my renal ultrasound and I have kidney stones in both kidneys. They aren't large and don't bother me that I know of. My back does hurt sometimes but I think it's the back and not the stones. I have my cystoscopy on 11/1 so will know more then when I talk to the doc. Not too worried at this point. I did go to the Mayo website to find out what I could about them.

    My new TracFone came but haven't had time to transfer my number and minutes from the old one. I'll be so glad to get rid of this phone from hell. Speaking of old, my battery in my old laptop stopped working. I can still use it plugged in but, unless I replace the battery, I can't use it for a laptop. It's gotten soooooo slooooow and it's big, heavy and cumbersome for a laptop. Still, it's a workhorse and I will continue to use it for sensitive things like banking.

    I got a new Microsoft Surface 2 tablet/laptop. I'll have to get used to Windows 8 but it looks pretty easy. I got the upgraded cover/keyboard. It's a touchscreen and I can type on the screen too. It's silver and the cover is purple. I think I'm going to love it. I can't believe how fast it is and so small and lightweight. The screen quality if fantastic. I don't do social networking and won't use it for anything sensitive so I can use public Wi-Fi if I want to. I can't use Android apps for it but Microsoft has it's own apps. I doubt I'll use them. It comes with Office Windows built in, which is nice. I have apps on the Kindle but don't use them much, mostly Angry Birds while I'm waiting at the doc's office. I wanted a tablet but I wanted more than just a tablet so I think this will work out great. Got it on six payments with no interest.

    OK, think that's all I have to report. I'll read everyone's posts when I am not so tired and don't have so much going on. Again, hugs, love and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good luck on the windows update! My DH and I had a terrible time getting used to it. Things really change from one to another. We've bought an Ipad back in November, and I'm still trying to learn to use it. This old dog can't seem to learn new things. I did manage to watch a portion of The Paradise (PBS program) but had to go back to catching up on the internet. At least there I can fast forward instead of it restarting from beginning.

    I think I've been fighting this stomach bug again. Last night I just couldn't sleep and my stomach was really upset. This morning I felt AWFUL including a roaring headache and it was like my eyes wouldn't focus. I went back to bed with all my rice sock things and icepacks, made some coffee for me when I woke again at ll a.m. and also took more oregano oil. I'm counting on it to knock out whatever I have.

    SW: very few people understand WHY we are incapable of living like the rest of them. Perhaps down the road doctors/scientists can figure out how to help us.

    I bought the dutch iris at trader joe's yesterday and they looked so nice this morning with the michaelmas daisies from my own yard that I had to take a pic. of it. Nothing like a beautiful pic to lift one's spirits.

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    Hi Kids

    JWU. (Just Woke Up.) We went to the doctor early this morning. Soon as we got
    home I fell into bed.

    The usual incompetence that seems so rampant nowadays was very much in evidence
    when we saw the doc. Gordon wanted to know the result of his recent blood test,
    but the lab sent it to the wrong doctor in a different office. D'OH!

    Oops! Just got interrupted. Gordon brought news of more incompetence. He went
    to Costco to pick up the med that the doctor said he would call in. But he didn't
    according to the pharmacist. Honestly! One of my coworkers had a little plaque on
    his wall. "There's never enough time to do it right, but there's always time to do it
    over again."

    Springwater, no, you can't have vegetarian Pho because the essence of the thing is
    the beef broth. It's kinda like wine. Pho connoisseurs discuss the merits of the
    broth in different restaurants; home made recipes, etc. But you could certainly have
    the beef broth w/o any meat in it.

    I read a sad story in the Los Angeles Times a year or so ago. A young Vietnamese man
    opened a Pho restaurant. He and his father had paid $100,000 for it. The problem was
    it was located in the very Asian San Fernando Valley 10 miles E of LA. There were eleven
    such restaurants clustered in an area of half a dozen blocks. Business was terrible. He
    never had more than 10 or 12 customers a day.

    Be nice if you can post some pics w/ the cord you found. I guess almost anything you post
    would seem terrible exotic to most of us. I wonder what the tall red flowers are.

    OK, I guess the forces of the Universe don't want me to post. Thought I lost the above, but
    somehow it came back. Gordon came upstairs to tell me about his trip to Costco. Sat down on the floor (only one chair in this room) and told me all the news from his former job for
    20 minutes. And now I've been sitting up so long I need to go lie down. Whine, whine,
    whine as Mikie says.

    Talk to ya on the next thread, folks.

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    mikie - i love that you look after your feet and paint your nails, i never seem to
    hv the energy for that...i did buy a DIY pedicure kit with herbal products
    but its lying around somewhere.

    the kidney stones are a hassle but no where near as big a one as having
    appendicitis. with the laser technology they hv these days. i got my gall
    stones taken out and it went pretty smooth...

    my son however had his appendicitis taken out and that entailed hospital
    stay for two days n making sure he didnt move too much to protect the
    stitches and all. and we could not prevent him from getting up and going
    off as usual after a week.

    i know its a big headache for you, however, i will be praying for you.
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    diane - Beety is a lovely creature....they had Cat Week on Ellen this week and showed the
    cutest kitty videos! thank you for posting.

    joan - i hope your son visits soon and your computer gets fixed. love hearing all the
    news from your place.

    sunflower those irises are beautiful! if your g d is into,painting, im sure you can help
    her a lot with that. ive kept so e of the earliest cards my daughter n son made. like
    for mothers day and all that. afraid neither of them are too good at painting.

    windy - hope yr house gets painted before christmas, another pretty stressful job..
    all that moving things around and back again. no, i dont think you need to give
    presents to the workmen, i guess snacks n a hot drink would do?

    well will pop in back some tome after..i was trying to finish the earlier post which
    kept getting stuck.....and i couldnt type all i wanted

    take care all

    god bless
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    I'm thinking it would be a good idea to start up a new volume...see ya over yonder.