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    Sorry that I haven't been on much lately...but thought I'd get this going before I headed off to bed. Springwater, Sunflowergirl, Mikie and Rock were the last posters on the other volume, so please go read their news.

    I have been in so much pain today...gave in and called for an appt. at the specialist chiro for next Tuesday. Hope I can make the three hour drive okay. Today, I took lunch to my dad, did some shopping, then took him a milkshake before I came on home. That just about did me in...

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. All our kids will be around and we plan to have a bonfire and hayride tomorrow evening. I'm sure not up to it, but will make things as simple as possible...
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    Julie, thanks for starting up a new Porch. I am so sorry for your pain. I pray you feel better. Do you have someone who can take you to the chiro? It would be so much better if you didn't have to drive when you're in so much pain. And, please, slow down a bit and take care of you first.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm sorry you are sick. It sounds so much like what I had that I called the flu. It started out with a headache and stomach problems but I ran a fever and it came back around again, like the flu often tends to do. They say if there's a fever, it's the flu. Lucky for me that I never get the flu as bad as most people. My immune system allows some things and jumps right on others, just like Dr. Chaney says happens in PWC. Even though my symptoms are gone since the peptide injections, there are still some trace things which seemed to have carried over. You mentioned that maybe someday, they would come up with something to help us. They have--the peptide injections. It's been almost a year since my last shot and my symptoms are still gone. Only problem with this treatment is that insurance companies won't pay for it, even though it is FDA approved.

    Yes, I can see that Windows 8 is entirely different. Even reading my e-mail was a challenge. Guy at the store said there is a Windows 8 tutorial on You Tube. He said to get it on my old computer so it is like reading a book and do the tutorial on the new one, with both computers next to one another. How clever! Our first house was on a street where one of the largest iris farms was situated. They had every kind of iris and all the houses around had volunteer irises which would just come up. Since irises are bulbs, it must have been the squirrels planting them for us.

    Rock, I feel for you and Gordon after my clusterflubber with an Rx. I now ask for paper Rx's so I can take them to the pharmacy myself and not depend on the doc's office calling them in or faxing them. My urologist uses e-mail and their system takes two hours to get the Rx to the pharmacy. There I stood, leaning over with pain in my bladder at Target only to be told that it would take two hours. Then, this Target didn't have the med. I had to go across town to another Target which only had a few capsules. I had to return when the order came in. Arrrrrgh! Incompetence is too polite a word to use for what passes as healthcare these days.

    Springwater, one incentive for staying limber is so I can continue to do my pedicures. We wear sandals 24/7, 365 down here. Every once in a while, I leave my nails bare for a few days to make sure they get a chance to dry out to prevent fungus. I need to paint them. Maybe today, maybe not. I've been out running around or just resting and, other than waxing the car the other day, have been pretty useless. When I had my appendix removed, I was only 12. Back then, they did a 4" incision. I was in the hospital for three days. My gallstone came out through an abscess in my chest. When they removed my gallbladder, they did it as laporoscopy surgery. I still had to stay in the hospital overnight as I was too weak and nauseated to come home. I had horrible post-surgical care and, had it not been for my daughter, who is a nurse, I think I would have died. I was white as a sheet and my oxygen level was way too low. DD readjusted it and it was a good thing because it certainly wasn't of concern to the nurses who were supposed to be watching me. I hope you feel better and am sending up a prayer for you.

    My new phone came but I haven't switched my number and minutes to the new one. I hope this one works better. It's a ZTE; the old one was an LG. My other LG's were always good til this last one from hell. I've played around with the Surface computer but, since I don't know what I'm doing, I'll try the tutorial so I can get up and running. Remember that I mentioned the trouble I was having with the keypad on my old laptop? Well, as I predicted, the problem left as mysteriously as it arrived. I believe it is possible for electronics to be evil or possessed. Maybe the thought of being replaced with a new computer made it decide to straighten up.

    Sat out again last night to drink a glass of grape juice (wine) with friends and neighbors. I have to talk to the so-called landscapers to see what they want to remove about 12 bushes and plant 7 new ones. Then, I have to purchase the new bushes. That will get us well on our way to finishing our project. I'm facing a bit of resistance from my other two board members who live up in MA. They want to wait until they come down in Jan. Those of us here now are sick of how shabby our areas look and are anxious to get this done. I've convinced them to let me get the project started and when they get here, we can finish. Oy! The politics involved in condo living. Our board gets along really well but every now and then, we have a disagreement. We always work things out in a friendly manner and everyone in our bldg. is pretty happy.

    Hope everyone has a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Glad to see you on here, Mikie! Good morning to everyone. I won't be on much the next day or two, but will be thinking of everyone. Feels like I have raw nerve endings, inside and out...can't think I did this to myself just from picking apples...had body aches with that flu bug, but they had calmed down some...then this bad pain started when I picked apples.

    I could have Den take off work to drive me to the chiro...will do that if it gets bad enough. Took Ibuprofen last night and this morning, to help me get through the day...I can't take stronger stuff, makes me too loopy :oops: Would prefer to just go back to bed and hide under the covers, but I do want to try and have fun with the kids today...
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    Julie- So sorry you are feeling so awful and full of pain. Hope it goes away soon and yes if it is that bad please have Den take off to bring you. Hope you feel OK enough to at least enjoy the kids this weekend. I know what you mean about stronger stuff. That is why I don't take it. I guess it is OK to take it if you are going to sleep all or most of the day and aren't having to do any driving. I know it is hard but please try and slow down some. You wear me out just listening to you.

    Mikie - You are another busy one and am glad you are feeling a lot better than you were, at least. How interesting about your new phone. I never heard of it so looked it up. Had never heard of a phone by Motorola or one that works almost soley or I guess as much as you want by voice. Do you have yours hooked up that way and have you used it at all yet? What server or phone company do you use.- like Verizon, Sprint, etc.

    Not sure if you said you had cooked it up yet or not yet. Let us know how it is and if you like the voice feature. Wow, are we all getting lazy or what? Our phones can be asked questions too but I haven't used it. DH has used his a few times mostly for trial and how many miles from here to wherever?

    Rock - Thanks for finishing up the old porch and Julie for starting up the new one.

    Sun - So sorry to hear you are feeling bad again or should I say still? I didn't read your post, I don't think but someone mentioned that you were feeling bad. Hope you feel better soon. All I can say is go to bed and great but I know one hates to do that all day unless really awful feeling.

    It is quiet here since DH had to go cut meat for the K of C . He won't be there long enough I suspect to get a taste of it. The have to smoke it in their smoker bbq.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. Ours will be rather quiet. Will try and check back later.

    Will TRY and change the font and maybe color. So, I hope not to ruin this post.

    Love to everydobby and all not mentioned,
    Granni :)
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    Diane - Chicky soups sounds yummy even though it is not that cold here at all. It has been chilly in the evenings and early mornings but warms up to 70;s - 80's in the afternoon, pretty nice really so far. I can eat soup in any weather. Do you have a special recipe for chicky soup ?? Do you use a whole chicken with the bones ( that is probably the best) but I usually don't have any chickey with bones very often. Occasionally we have the chicken parts but mostly buy the boneless and skinless kind, even though they have less flavor even when just cooking them. I want to get a whole small chicken one of these days to just bake it. It is especially good in the cooler weather but anytime is good. DH loves chicken. It is almost his favorite. However, he does love shrimp and seafood too and almost any kind of meat - not to pickey. Do you put skinny noodles in your soup or what?

    Hope you feel better soon Diane. That is not good with a bug like that hanging on so long. I need to go and warm up lunch. DH brought home some BBQ sandwiches the K of C were making. So no need to fix something really, just heat up. I love that kind of meal :)!!! It is getting cooler so I need to start with the soup making even if I am too lazy . Need to get started with soups and crockpot meals with this cooer weather.

    Off for lunch. Will check back later on !

    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Happy October 26. Today is the anniversary of the most famous (or notorious) gunfight in
    the Old West. The shoot out at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. That was in 1881.
    The participants included Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp. Doc suffered from TB and died
    a few years later. He was only 36. Wyatt lived to be 80. Died here in Los Angeles.

    Wyatt was still alive when my father was a young man. Wyatt's widow Josephine was still
    alive when I was young. Doc Holliday's girlfriend was alive then too.

    I love history. It's especially fascinating when I can find a link to the family or to our present day. As somebody said, history is often just around the corner. (I think it was I.)

    Julie, sorry you're having such a tough time. Is there a friend or relative or church member who could do that driving for you? If there's no transportation for hire available, maybe there is someone in the community who is looking for a job and would be glad to drive you for a reasonable sum.

    Bonfire and hayride sound great. We always had a huge bonfire at Homecoming in our village. Formed a ring and danced around it. Then the chain of kids ran through the downtown (all 2 blocks) including a trip through the Gem Theater. The owner thoughtfully interrupted the film and opened the front and rear doors.

    That theater, BTW, was built the year I was born. It is now the only movie house still
    operating in our county. The old popcorn popper is still in use. In those thar days a
    bag of popcorn cost a nickle, a dime with butter. And it was real butter, not chemicals.

    Wow! You got snow already, Diane. Is that unusual? Back in Southern MN we never
    had snow till after Thanksgiving.

    Oops! Gotta go help Gordon with his resume. I was trying to help earlier, but it's
    difficult. He keeps racing off to the kitchen or the garden. I don't want to make changes
    unless he's there to discuss them. Have ta nail his shoes to the floor as Tom Paxton said.

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    Diane - I agree with Rock, you got a little snow already?? I hope that is not an omen of things to come for you all this winter/fall.

    Rock - I take it that Gordon wants to get back in the work force. You don't have to tell me his age but is he younger than you :)!!! What did he do in his past job??? Is he hoping for a full time job? I think he will be lucky to find a part time one, more than likely 29 hrs a week at most, depending of course on who is hiring and how much they need his expertise.

    I just wanted to pop in for a minute. The hair project awaits so can't stay on - darn it.

    Hope everyone is fine and is having a nice weekend so far.

    Julie - I sure hope that Den will drive you to the other chiro doc. that is 3 hours away. Wow, that is some treck to see anyone but I surely hope it will help you. It is worth it if he can help you any.

    Off to do my hair now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Well, we got Gordon's resume done. He's been in the mortgage business for the past 36
    years, Granni. Before that he was an accountant for an insurance company. We used
    to take trips to other cities and states to inspect properties. We went to the Dallas Ft Worth
    area once. He was checking on what are called multi family dwellings which means
    apartments in ordinary speak.

    He would like to get a job, but knows it's unlikely. In 2 years he can collect full Soc. Sec.
    benefits. He'll be fine financially if he'll just stop buying cookbooks. Every month he
    adds several cookbooks to his collection. We all know collectors are crazy and never have
    enough, but I think he's flipped his (crock pot) lid. Looks like that only thing that will slow
    him down is a blow to the head with a substantial book, perhaps "The Joy of Cooking".

    Who is doing your hair? You or a pro? Are you gonna dye it to match your fuschia post?
    Had blood drawn at the doc's office yesterday. The technician was a thin, middle aged woman
    with disheveled hair that was brown, fuschia, and red. But I didn't care. She was friendly and
    slipped the needle in so skillfully I never felt it.

    Mikie, I didn't know you were a survivor of laporoscopy surgery. Also didn't know that
    was for gall bladders. I thought it was to remove a lap. Old riddle: Where does you
    lap go when you stand up? Answer: same place your fist goes when you open your hand.
    Yes, the entire medical mess is frustrating no matter which aspect you look at: affording it,
    making an appointment, getting a new doctor, waiting to see the doctor, dealing with
    the pharmacy, and on and on.

    I'd tell you my experience with the clerk at the Costco pharmacy but it would take too
    long. I need to go lie down. Anyhoo, you could tell this was the best job he ever had in his
    life. It gave him the power to say 'No' to people.

    Springwater, hope you are doing OK. Joan, you shoulder any better?


    PS Here's a couple of funny signs I saw on the net.

    In the produce dept. at Piggly Wiggly. "Boneless Bananas."

    On a fast food sign. "Two Words: Popcorn Chicken Nuggets."
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    Julie: I feel sooooo bad for the pain you're in. Been there so many times it isn't funny and nobody really can understand what you're going thru. Part of it comes from "I can do it" attitude, which I see in you as well as what I used to be. If you're hurting all over I would say it's still a bug you're got, but if you can pinpoint certain area in your back or neck then it would have to come from overdoing it.

    I'm also very sensitive to meds but I've found that tramadol takes the edge off the pain, especially if I take it at night then I can sleep thru it. Also, I cut the dose in half and that's what I can take. A whole pill pushes me over the edge in that a word?

    Mikie: From your scan of kidneys, could this be the reason for your bladder problems.....stones? I was reading recently about kidney stones and apparently has to do with keeping body more alkaline. And also I was told years ago that someone who has some kidney stones, doctors really do recommend a 6 pack of beer and a sieve! Seems like a pretty safe way to get rid of them....LOL As long as you don't drive.

    Rock: If Gordon is working on a resume then perhaps he might have some ideas of where to send it? I hope so. I wish him much luck. Depending on his previous job experience just because he's 64 won't be a strike against him. Tell him to think positive thoughts and picture himself in a perfect job. My son just did a resume (again) and he told me it's so important to keep it to only one page........he overdid it and sent a 2 page resume because he wanted the job so much........then he's been kicking himself for it. I told him there's no use ruminating on it because it's over and done and it probably wasn't the perfect job for him anyway. Wish I could snap my fingers and make everything perfect for him.

    My first job out of HS was working at the local walk in movie theatre. OMG.....such memories. I think there's something to be said about those small towns.....lucky you for all those wonderful memories.

    Granni. Had to think what K of C was until it hit me, Knights of Columbus? Right? At first I thought he was a retired meatcutter!

    I watched a program on PBS the other night......I think it must have been old since some of the personal videos were from 2006. Anyway it was about those "pumpkin growers" who are obsessed with trying to grow a l,000 lb. pumpkin and all that they go thru. And I thought home tomato growers were wacky!

    Think I've overdone it today with gardening cleanup. I was feeling a tad better today and there was soooooo much that had to be done so I kept pushing and pushing myself to do more. Wish we could afford a landscaper to come in and redo things so they could just stay tidy. I just came in a little while ago after about 8 hrs. outside, took a shower and now I think I'm going to die.

    Rock: I think we were posting at the same time. Tell Gordon to do a search on the internet for recipes. Yes.....I know half the joy of cooking is perusing the books but.......... I gave away most of my cookbooks a few years ago. I was tired of dusting all those books and not cracking them open. My daughter is hooked on watching the cooking programs but not doing the cooking that's she's watching. You do know a lot of people are hooked on just watching the chefs prepare on TV. I used to be a real gourmet cook and every occasion was something to prepare at least 5 new recipes. But the problem I found was after all that cooking, it was devoured in 30 min. or less and I was faced with a mess in the kitchen.

    Here it is past midnight and I just can't sleep AGAIN. Every time I drifted off I heard a helicopter overhead. I finally closed the windows even though I like fresh air. I figured something had to be going on in the southland skies.
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    hello everydobby

    sunflower - all the channels here have mostly cooking shows...dunno how this cooking craze
    got so big

    i watch something called nigellas kitchen.. the hostess is english, pretty and her recipes kind of

    rock - lol, lap - oroscopy. i havent bought a cook book for ages..goody. havent cooked from
    one of the many i hv for ages either. haha. some are falling apart at the seams..

    granni - i still remember your bean soup, the weather here isnt cold enough yet, but will be soon
    , another month.

    mikie - this ipad im typing on is the one which gives problems, but its very convenient,
    to carry around to kitchen, bedroom lap top has a anti virus which is
    pretty effective but its cumbersome and the battery doesnt last as long as the ipad.
    when we came to the u.s. to meet daughter she had found it and bought for us on ebay,
    so it wasnt as expensive and for us we just use the basic functions.

    were u serious about computers getting possessed? lol. there hv been times when ive felt
    the same about mine.

    julie - i feel so bad about your being in pain..just wish this hand arm and the sinus would
    clear up for GOOD.

    yesterday was stressful. mid morning my husbands cousin sis (the architect) descended on me
    (she did call, it seems and couldnt get thru) and went thru my rooms to see about refurbishing old stuff.
    my husband had apparently given her the go ahead, but i was mortified, the rooms looked like what
    some one with chronic fatigue syndrome for several years would lok like and clothes were higgledy piggeldy
    dust, etc...aaarghhhh....

    she put on a brave face tho, i think they know my condition, and told me she would create racks
    and shelves and organise so i would be more disciplined. lol. i didnt feel bad at all, because i know
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    meant well. bless her sweet heart. she just loaded a ton of old stuff on the pick up truck
    she had brought and whisked them a whirlwind..i was dizzy by the time we finished.

    lots of broken stuff, hinges gone, knobs broken, chipped wood. the works. she is sending the
    men tomorrow again, to pick up rest of stuff. and gave me an assignment to pick all the furniture
    which i didnt like so she could refurbish it. where does the girl grt her energy?

    she was on the phone with her married sister making plans to take married sisters toddlers
    off to the park while sister finished off some chores! after she left my place! i should be that

    and here i am with my hair still oiled from yesterday, yet to take my bath. lol!

    and the pedlar is coming to scrummage thru my old magazines and rubbish today.
    he has been phoning for three days in a row and i kept putting him off in a row.

    im wondering, is there a conspiracy afoot? i already sent a few sacks of rubish but theres
    more. i had prayed a fervent prayer to archangel michael to help me keep my home clean n tidy, is this his way of answering? lol

    i also had a skype session with my daughter, she showed me her one room where she rents
    and her kitchen...she hasnt been too messy, thats good. she was excited to see the dogs.

    altho they seemed shy to look at her. she showed me the autumn leaves, maple. and her
    exam grades, of course only the good ones.

    wel, better get to now, chores await...

    take care all
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    Wow, you Porchies have been at it again. I love hearing from y'all.

    Julie, I'm glad you can get the ride to the Chiro. From some of the posts here, it appears that the flu I had may be going around. Body aches were bad when I had it. It felt as though my left hip and both femur bones in my thighs were "bones of pain." Take care. If you're coming down with something and then exercise or do hard physical work, it can make things worse.

    Granni, Apple phones are the one with "Suri," the name of the female voice you can talk to. You can ask her questions or ask her to find something. My phone is a ZTE model and my service is provided through TracFone. I have a choice of ways to pay for the service: Monthly; buying phone minutes cards at the store; online; or, on the phone itself. I get triple minutes for life. If I buy 600 minutes, I get 1,800. I don't have a monthly plan; I buy minutes. I end up spending $12 to $16 a month. I don't make a lot of calls but sometimes, I will talk for an hour to a good friend or my kids. Talking an hour costs me $3.60. This phone works on Wi-Fi or 3G and I can get Android apps for it to play games, music, etc. It has a beautiful touchscreen but isn't quite as big as the iPhone from Apple.

    Diane, this is a nasty virus. It made me sick for more than a week and then came back and made me sick again. I got it before most everyone else so I figure I must be a trendsetter :D I used the green smiley face to signify how I felt. It's even been cold, for our clime, down here. That cold front caught us and we've had such nice, cool weather. It's cool this morning but by mid-afternoon, it will reach 80. I've been taking advantage of the nicer weather. First, the car waxed and then, runs to Home Depot for pots, plants and potting soil. Found a woman there who knows so much about gardening. She helped me find the right kind of soil for the different plants for optimum conditions.

    Rock, I used to love bonfires and hayrides. Now, all they signify is an asthma attack from the smoke and hay. Glad I enjoyed them in my yute. Hope Gordon's resume came out well. Each HR person has his or her own preference when it comes to resume form. The nice thing about computers is that you can tailor each resume to the job. I used different stresses on my experience education and skills, depending on the job's requirements.

    Not only did I have laporoscopic surgery for my GB, but also for both knees and my shoulder. Incisions are so tiny that they require no sutures. If one can't pass kidney stones, they can go up through the urethra, bladder and ureters directly into the kidneys with a scope and grab the stones. Obviously, they have to give you a general anesthesia for this. It's better to pass the stones if they aren't too big. Also, they can break them up with sound waves to make them easier to pass. Passing them can be agonizing.

    Sunflower Girl, first, thanks again for the cat video on your other thread. We know I am not able to eliminate all the urine in my bladder due to a spastic bladder problem. I read that this can actually cause the kidney stones. The doc will likely put me on a low dose of an Alpha Blocker to relax the bladder's ability to empty. I'm having my cystoscopy on 11/1 and will have a chance to talk to the doc about our plan of treatment. Cystoscopy isn't pleasant but it's no worse than being catherized (this is where it's better to be a woman). I don't mind because I want to make sure my bladder hasn't suffered permanently from so many infections. I'll let y'all know how it works out.

    Springwater, the iPads are the most desirable for tablets. My laptop is a 17.5" screen and it's heavy but I love it. It has a full keyboard too. Still, it's heavy and cumbersome and with the battery shot, I can't use it unplugged. It has a blue ray DVD player and an HDMI port so it can play the movies on the TV just like a regtular blue ray player. The Surface2 just got rave reviews. It's a tablet when you want it to be or you can snap on the cover/keyboard if you want it to be a computer. Everything is magnetic. As soon as you put the screen close to the cover/keyboard, it just snaps on magnetically. Same with charger. There is a small magnetic strip on the side of the screen and once you plug it, you just put the other end near the screen and, voila!, it snaps to it. It's like magic and I love magical things. It looks as though Windows 8 is much more exciting to use but, until I get somewhat proficient, it will likely frustrate me.

    As I mentioned above, I've been busy getting the landscaping started. In addition to the pots I found earlier, I found some smaller ones which are tilted. Both are very aged looking and will tie into our tropical/jungle theme perfectly. The larger pots look mossy green on terra cotta. I put bromilliads in them with red blooms. The smaller pots are terra cotta aged with white and brown paint. They also looks as though they've been out in the jungle for several hundreds of years. I put asparagus ferns in them. They all look as though the plants are exploding out of them. It's just stunning. I'm so glad we finally found our theme. We will be able to keep a lot of the tropical plants we already have. I found a plant in the ginger family which is verigated red, green and cream. Talk about stunning! I did the planting yesterday and decided that was enough work for one day.

    Today, I'll be packing up Tweety's and Sylvester's things. I will also be giving them a LOT of love. I will miss them for sure. I don't think Julie knows what she's in for and half expect to get them back again. Either way, it will work out for the best for everyone. She will give them as much love as I do.

    Think I'll got out to the Balcony for coffee. I'm wearing my fall jammies but may need a hoodie or robe too. Nothing like a steaming cup of Joe on a cool morning. Everyone, have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie: I agree with Diane. I'm going to miss reading about their daily antics. I SURE hope they're going to adjust to their new home and surroundings AND that she also will love it.

    That's lucky you found a garden expert to share her knowledge and help you pick out plants. I went to Lowe's yesterday to buy some shade plants and all I could find was 5 packs of white begonias. I need about 5 more to finish off the area. Also bought 3 marked down white petunias and then I realized that where I wanted to put them they're now in shade and petunias want sun. When the sun shifts closer to fall and winter I'm really lacking sun except in the front. That's because about 4 years ago we had to remove a very large pine tree and that meant succulents instead of ferns. It's still an ongoing project for me though since a lot of the time I just don't have the energy.

    My family is coming over today and then we're all going for dinner. It's been quite a while since my son was over and it will be good to see him.
  14. Mikie

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    Hi, Everybody, read Sunflower Girl's thread to me with the cat video. I have a paragraph on Julie and the cats. I'm a bit concerned. She loves them and will do her best by them, but I just think she'll be in over her head. I hope not. I love them so much and it's hard not to cry, thinking this is the last day with them. I've been giving them extra love.

    Thanks, both of you for your sweet concern for Tweety and Sylvester.

    Sunflower Girl, thanks one more time for the adorable, and amazing, kitty video. I have found Home Depot's garden shop to have more plants at a better price than Lowe's. I prefer Lowe's for everything else.

    Diane, I'll be able to visit them but that might be even more difficult for me.

    I did sit out with my Java and I did need a light jacket over my jammies. I finally came in and packed the cats' belongings and started to clean out the front office where a lot of their things have been sitting. I was in the process of cleaning out and inventorying things on the shelves in the walk-in closet. So, I can't put things away until the closet project is done. I had no notice the cats were coming. Oh well, the cats don't mind a mess and that has been instructional for me. I am not as bothered by the mess now either. I will clean after the cats leave.

    I even fixed a really good lunch for myself and am now worn out. I've been watching Jay King and his jewelry on HSN. If I were wealthy, I'd probably have spent enough to buy him a luxury car :eek: Almost all his jewelry is silver with organic stones and very beautiful. I especially love his cuff bracelets; cuffs cover my arthritis bump on my wrist.

    Well, my dryer is calling to me to remove clothes. I'm a slave to these machines but couldn't live without them. I'd be down beating my clothes on a rock in our polluted river :confused:

    Love to you all and thanks for all the good wishes and prayers for the cats and me. I keep everyone in my prayers too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Sunday to all...I am still alive, but really overdid it last night :eek: We did have such a good time, though. Amy, Clinton and Keira, and Clinton's "step-granddaughter", who is in first grade, Kaidance. What a sweet girl, and she and Keira could pass for twins. And Lindsey and David and their family.

    Den had hooked the tractor up to a big hay wagon, even though we didn't have any hay to put on it (all of ours gets put into big round bales.) He had assorted seating...a big tractor tire, some pallets, a wooden bench...and he put a playpen in the very center for the babies...Amy called it "ghetto", but said she loved it!

    Made a long trip around the whole farm, then came back to the bonfire. I had made a big pot of chili and we roasted hot dogs and of course, marshmallows for s'mores. Liora fell asleep in my arms, around half way through the ride, so we just put her in the playpen down by the fire with us.

    One of Amy's childhood friends came later, along with her boyfriend/ it was nice meeting him and catching up with Jennifer. Jen happens to be the director of Lorraine's preschool...Lorraine and I just happened to be coming out of our house when they pulled up. Lorraine was so excited to see her teacher, she could barely stutter, "Is that YOU!"

    Ended up being a very late night, but I did bring the three older girls to our house so they could play inside...then they all had showers and I read to them. Keira wanted some "Grandma time" so Kaidance read to Lorraine while I rockabyed was around 11:30 by the time everyone was settled in their beds...

    I managed to get up and fix a big breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs. Lindsey and the kids came over and David popped by on his break. Lindsey and her kids went on to church and the rest of us decided to take another "hay" ride around the farm...not as cold and windy as last night.

    And we took time to stop and walk up to the "ruins", as we call them...used to be an old railroad bridge that crossed our creek. When they abandoned the railroad, they tore out the actual bridge, but left the cement "entrances" on either side, so we can climb up there and look out over the land and down to the creek.

    Since we just had Keira and Kaidance, Gpa Den let them ride up on the tractor with him...boy, did they think they were big stuff! After everyone left, we kept Lorraine at our house for quiet time and I ended up dozing a bit. Now it is after 4:00 pm and the adrenaline has worn off...oh, am I paying for it now...but it was worth it :rolleyes: Supper will be "whatever Den can find", lol! He just got the fire going again, so we might spend some quiet time alone out there this has turned out to be just beautiful...hate to waste too much of it inside.

    I am "pooped", just from typing this post, so will say a big "hello" to everyone and go rest some more. Den was so happy, I am glad I didn't follow my first instinct and ask to cancel...he kept saying, "We sure made some memories this weekend, didn't we?"

    My heart and deep respect goes out to everyone with FM or anything else with severe chronic pain...I have to say I am a big baby/wimp when it comes to pain. Not easy at all to keep going, when hurting so bad...I think what kept me upright last night was the love I felt from my family and just the joy of watching them all have a great time.

    We were gathered at our kitchen table last night, while the girls had a bedtime snack. Amy gave Keira and Kaidance pieces of paper and they "surprised" me with they had colored for me. As I turned towards the fridge, to find a space to put them, Keira proudly said to Kaidance, "See, I told you she would put them on the fridge!" I'm so glad I didn't just lay them down somewhere with plans to put them up later...I would say that Keira knows me quite well :)
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    It's late and almost time for bed. Just wanted to check on everyone. I haven't been able to check the computer of PH all day. Don't ask me what I did all day :)!!

    Julie - You are amazing and we all love you. Sorry you are so in pain, I DO understand since I have had it for over 30 years. Yes, pushing yourself and overdoing for years among other things started me on that road too, I believe.

    Mikie - Sorry you are losing your kitties and I know it is hard for you to give them away but it probably for the best esp if they were getting you up at night. That is not a good thing for you sweetie. I to!!o will miss their antics but you will visit them I know even after awhile and you can update us.

    Spring - Your cousins sis can pass out some of her NRG to all of us, esp you and I :)!! Stay well hon, I am glad she is helping you anyway and means well and helping you to declutter, etc.

    Sun - you are right the K of C is Knights of Columbus. Someone some time ago said it was Kentucky Fried Chicken - maybe Rock - he he. Hope you are feeling better too.

    Rock - Good luck to Gordon in his job hunt. I just found out that another of our daughter's husband lost his job today. We found out today but not sure when he did. I am guessing a lot of this is due to the new healthcare law as he was just hired, not to long ago, and he really was well liked my daughter said. Very sad and so now he is on the hunt again !!

    Will try and talk to you all again tomorrow. Crazy day tomorrow too. Not to sure what is going to happen, we'll see. Miscommunication with my DH on what we were doing we I have done some cancelling of stuff I wanted or had to do. Not sure when this repairman is going to come and how long he will be while DH is at the dentist.

    Love to everydobby,
  17. lydia1

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    Sorry for the huge picture! Just got lucky and managed to get it posted. I know I don't look very good, and no makeup, but this is me and Den at our fun family weekend.


    Reading to some sleepy, tuckered out girls :)
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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member


    This is our fancy "hayless" wagon...even got the playpen on here!
  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member


    Keira, Lorraine and Liora in the tire...Kaidance sitting on the edge[​IMG]

    Lindsey and Isaiah


    Liora fell asleep
  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Well, I got a few pictures posted...had already gone to bed, but was trying to not take any pain meds...not such a good idea. So, back up and waiting on the "drugs" to kick in. Maybe now I can take time to catch up with everyone.

    Mikie, I hope the transition goes well for the kitties...and for you. Good that you are being realistic with the idea that it may be too much for Aunt Julie and you might get them back.

    Granni, sorry to hear about your SIL's job loss...oh my, hearing about more and more of these all the time.

    Rock, I am picturing all those kids running through the streets and through the movie theatre...must have been quite a sight!

    Springwater...what a major project...I need someone to come do the same thing at my house. I do feel like I am owned by my possessions, not the other way around. I am so glad to be getting rid of "stuff" too.

    Sun, eight hours working outside? I'm glad you are able to do that...

    Diane, hope you are on the mend.

    Den and I did go back out to the bonfire this evening. We even roasted more hot dogs and had a couple s'mores apiece. He got chilly, so came on inside to shower...I stayed out there by myself for another half hour or so.

    We were just getting settled and almost ready for bed when we heard David outside, yelling for Lorraine. We ran out and he asked if she was with us...when we told him no, he took off again and we ran too. It was dark and he was afraid she had gone out to the corn or somewhere.

    Lindsey was at a friend's birthday party, so David was putting kids to bed and Lorraine got in trouble for waking the babies back up as soon as David got them to sleep. We found her sitting underneath one of the kitchen chairs, under the table.

    I gave her a big "talking to"...told her that she had scared her daddy and us. She said she was just playing hide and seek. Boy, I don't envy Lindsey and David at all...and Den and I will have all three of them overnight next Saturday, then I will be on my own for a good part of the day on Sunday...Lindsey and David will be at a military ball, out of town.

    Guess I'd better see if I can get to sleep now. Have to post this, then go back and see if I forgot to say hi to anyone...if I did, it wasn't on purpose.