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    What great pics! Thanks for sharing. Den reminds me of someone in showbiz.....darn if I can think of who though. What a fun weekend you had. Everyone looks all bundled up!

    Julie: I guess we're both up, posting at the same time. And more pics! Your little ones are adorable.

    We enjoyed seeing our son again. His wife is on a business trip so that freed him up to come here. She and I don't mix well, I'll just leave it at that. He's leaving on Thursday to fly to where she is out of the country for a one week vacation. We were all going to go for dinner but around 5:30 my daughter seemed to have gotten sick, stomach ache and overwhelming fatigue, etc. so I'm thinking she might be getting that bug I had. I sure hope not since then it goes from her to the grandkids and it's always harder on the young ones.
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    Hi Julie

    Some photo gallery! You look wonderful! Vibrant, alert, healthy! And much younger than I
    had figured you were. Kinda frustrating that we often look fine but feel rotten, isn't it?

    Great to see pics of the Mid West and the kids. Keira has the most beautiful smile. And Isaiah could be a Gerber baby. The sleeping Liora pic is great. Reminds me of one I took of my son 40 some years ago. He is sleeping and the whole picture is blue (including his eyes) except for his flawless complexion and rosy cheeks.

    Love the menu. Good times together with happy memories. That's what family get togethers
    should be.

    A military ball sounds like something from the 19th century. Ladies in hoop skirts; the gents
    in their uniforms with swords. I don't know which would be trickier. Dancing w/ a hoop
    or a sword. Folks would have to be careful if somebody "cut in".

    The gold leaves and the blond hair make me homesick. But I'm too frail and claustrophobic
    to fly now. I've read you can go on hayrides here. You go visit some punkin patch. Probably
    cost a couple hundred dollars for your big bunch to ride.

    Well, better go see if I can get back to sleep.

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    Hi Kids

    I was trying to post with two windows open so I could read the posts on the previous page
    while posting on this page. The board's computer won't let me do it however.

    Yes, SG, I was thinking Den looked like somebody too. Finally figured it out. But it's not
    a movie star. It's my brother in low. Ha Ha!

    OK, can't get this to work. Have to post on the next thread I guess.

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    Hi, Julie, OMG, it looks as though a great time was had by all. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing with us. My neighbor said he was taking his grandkids to the pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins. He lets them draw what they want and he carves the actual pumpkins as the kids are too young to do their own carving. With our cool weather the last few days, fall is definitely in the air. Of course, we have days which reach 80 degrees in the wintertime.

    Granni, yes, I'll be better without these cats getting me up so early but I'm going to miss them. I spent a lot of time just kissing the tops of their little heads and petting them yesterday. I tell them I love them and it makes them purr. I packed up their belongings and it filled my shopping cart (like the ones the little old ladies used to haul to the corner market in the old days). The only thing out is Tweety's little bed and the animal print throw and matching sleeping pad I made for them. I'll put those on top when we're ready to roll.

    Got a lot of overdue laundry done yesterday. Today, I'll change the bed and turn the mattress. It's a pillowtop so I can't flip it. I just turn it 1/4 turn each time. It's a king size and they are almost square. I don't for the life of me know why they didn't just make them square. Next bed will be a queen size. This one is 11 years old but it's still comfy and I don't plan on getting rid of it any time soon. It doesn't get the wear and tear of a bed with two people in it and I rotate it regularly. I spent a lot for a pair of eucalyptis fabric pillowcases because I like my head on a satiny fabric. The cotton ones often start out satiny but lose the satin finish when washed. Well, these pillowcases keep their soft satiny finish but wrinkle like prunes. Whine, whine, whine!

    I'm tired today. I think it's from doing more now that I'm no longer sick and the mental stress of letting the kitties go. It's more stressful because I still think Julie is in way over her head. She is planning on letting Tweety loose outside when the mean woman isn't home. That is just going to make Tweety obsessed about going out all the time and she will raise hell. Also, the mean woman comes and goes during the day. Chances are that she'll see Tweety and the craziness will start all over again. I'm afraid she will hurt the cats if she sees them.

    Oh well, there is nothing I can do. Other friends and neighbors have tried to tell her this is a bad idea. Guess she will have to learn herself. I pray the angels watch over her and the cats. She works nights so the cats can roam her condo then. What she doesn't understand is that they won't let her alone to sleep night or day. She thinks all she has to do is close her door. Yeah! Good luck with that. They will tear up the carpeting and yowl. They can stand up and bang their paws on the door and it's louder than one would ever imagine. I honestly expect her to bring them back and I'll have to start the training to make them housecats all over again. If so, I'll do it but I would prefer that everything goes smoothly for them all and she keeps them.

    Think I'll just rest today. My hair needs to be trimmed. I may do that today so that tomorrow, when I have to go to the condo mtg., all I have to do is comb it. Maybe tonight, I'll get a good night's sleep. I see a nap in my immediate future this morning.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Monday morning! I just couldn't get myself up and around till after 8:30...was sort of half awake, but decided this might be the only day I can recuperate, so I am going to take it easy.

    Glad the pictures turned out...Rock, I'm only 55, so look younger than some...but when I see "normals" my age out and about, they look years younger. Oh well, this is who we are, lol!

    I don't know what I'd do without Den...he is pretty handsome, don't ya think? :) Sometimes I think he got cheated in life when he got "stuck" with me, but I have a lot of patience and I tease him that any other woman wouldn't stand for some of the ideas he's come up with. I guess we compliment each other pretty well...

    Sun, glad you got to see your son...we have the same situation with my baby brother...much more relaxing when he just comes to visit by himself. And you all know about Den's sister...some of the family, who would love to see Gpa more often, are very uncomfortable to go visit him when Sis is there. Hope your daughter doesn't get the full blown flu.

    Mikie, is today the day then? Oh my, such mixed feelings you must have...but you have such a good attitude about it. I hope it's a win-win for everyone, especially the kitties.

    The man who does our farming is combining the corn today...yay, I can see up to the road again! But we will start seeing mice they "run for their lives!" I don't like to put out poison, but that was the only thing that slowed them down last year...they get in the shop, then it's easy to find a crack to come on into the house.

    Better see what I can get done...haven't checked on Lindsey and the kiddos yet, either. Hope everyone has a good enough day. I am still hurting, but just the thought of getting help tomorrow is enough to sustain me for today...

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    A quick hi to awl,

    I haven't been able to get on the computer much the past few days and was clogged with messages. I still need to do some other stuff . Crazy mixed up day. I was supposed to go to the Line Dancing Halloween Dance Party and ended up going for the last 1/2 hr. DH had a dental apt and I had to stay home for the workman doing some things outside and I had to wait for DH t come how and bring me if I were going as we only have one car. Meanwhile I was outside working some raking and picking up sticks from trees storm the storm a couple of nights ago, I am really achy now.

    Diane - Enjoy you extra days Staycation with Kevin. I think that is what they call it. Stay well or is it get better Hope you are feeling OK.

    Julie - I saw the pics you put on FB. They are so cute and very nice. Looks like everyone had a great time and that it was pretty chilly there but I am sure the bonfire helped to keep you warm.. All those kiddos are getting so big . Also just saw the pics you posted on here. They came out so well and colorful . They are all bundled up already :)!

    Mikie - Good luck with the kitties going to their new home. Hope it works out for them and you too. I know you are attached and loved them dearly but you have to think of your health too. Hope you are finally over all you flus and UTI's etc. It really hit you, didn't it???

    Rock - I guess you would be homesick for those turning leaves and hayrides. We had the turning leaves in NY but no hayrides. They do look like fun though and never had a bonfire either, other than when we camped with the kids when they were small. Man that was along time ago . It was a very small fire though not alot of space to make a fire not on your property, in a campground.

    Bye for now. Will try and check back tomorrow. Maybe I will actually have time to be on the computer all by myself :)!! Maybe then I will remember what everyone is saying :)!!

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Just a quick note. Rock, we must have been posting at the same time last time.

    I just wanted to thank everyone for all your good wishes for the cats and for me. They are gone and it all went smoothly. Just had drinks with Julie, Barb and Jeff, who originally kept the cats outside. We are like a family around the cats. They seemed to like it at Julie's but they've been in her condo before. Tweety saw me pack most of their things earlier and she knew something was up. She spent the day loving me and sleeping on me. I was tired so it was very healing for me. She wanted to leave with me at Julies but when I told her "no," she was fine with it. They are already using their cat condo and the scratching pad. I think they will be fine. I'll miss them but I also feel relieved and am looking to, hopefully, sleep better tonight.

    Am too tired to post personally to everyone so will just wish y'all a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Oh Mikie...I have been thinking about you all day. Our internet was off for most of the afternoon, so I couldn't even check in. Glad things seemed to go well and that you feel okay with the situation. I'm sure you are worn you can take care of yourself and get those projects done.

    Granni, thank you for the kind words about my family...don't know what I would do without them. Sounds like you put in a full day of working outside.

    Diane, glad you feel up to working on some of those projects...have a great and relaxing time with Kevin on vacation.

    I see I am number 30, so will go ahead and do a change-over...will get the next volume up ASAP!