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    Hi everyone! I thought I would get this new volume started before I fold the mountain of laundry from today. Had so much, I added some extra clothesline....tied it from the clothesline pole to two different trees. At least I got it all back in the house before it got dark...just need to "fluff" most of it in the dryer now.

    Important news...Mikie's kitties are now living with their "Aunt Julie", and seem to be doing okay. Also heard from Rock, Granni and go on back and catch up.

    I am leaving around 7:00 am and will be gone most of the day...everyone have a good enough day...
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    Julie: Did you go to the chiro today? You seem to be much improved over the weekend. That was some fall party you threw!

    Mikie: I really hope things go good for their "Aunt Julie." Cats seem to know something is up. My two know when they've overstepped their boundaries. My son was telling me yesterday that he's really got their cat trained, including knowing the sign to sit, stand, shake her paw, and he's working with her to go around in a circle. I need to ask him to make a little video of this.....not that I don't believe him BUT! This is "their child", perhaps I need to refer to her as my furry GD? LOL

    Granni: I hear ya when you say you're aching from your yard cleanup. How does this happen? We're having a good time doing what we like to do and then we're punished. I've just never learned to pace myself.

    It's drizzly here today but in a few days they're saying up in the 80s again. I've done a bit of nothing today. I had hoped to buy some more plants (heading to Home Depot per Mikie) but the weather is yucky and I'm aching all over.
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    Hi Folks

    "I woulda done more posting, but lately I've been having health and computer problems."
    I guess that's a post we can all use. Anyhoo, the message board has been refusing to let
    me sign in recently. Don't know what's going on.

    Gordon has been struggling to get things done, but the incompetence of the modern
    world is making it hard to accomplish anything. He went to the dentist today. Thought
    he would get a cleaning before the end of the month when his insurance through the
    job ends.

    The dentist office told him his coverage had expired last year. So then he called the
    personnel office at his old job and was told they would not give out any info over the
    phone. Ay yi yi!

    And the unemployment benefits business is pretty much the same sort of snafu. He filled out the forms and mailed them in. Got an e mail in response saying they would call him for a
    phone interview. The date and time were announced. Only they never called. When he
    called them, all he could get was a recording.

    So he's been calling every day. Today, for the first time, he got a recording that said: We
    only answer phone calls between 8 AM and 12 PM. Uff-da!

    At present Gordon is making potato croquettes. One thing about cooking for a hobby. You never run out of new recipes/variations to try. I don't recall every eating a croquette in my life, but I'm willing to take the risk.

    I put duct tape on my right slipper today. I now look like my right foot is homeless. I
    bought these slippers last Christmas. Of course they are junk from China, but that's all
    that was available (except for junk from Taiwan) (which used to be China). People often
    say, "You get what you pay for". My experience is that you frequently get less.

    Back later, Kids
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    Hello All

    Julie - your pics are so beautiful!!! loved them. This is what i imagine all families to be like.
    all gens tumbling around having the time of their lives. Thats what my son and daughter
    used to do when they were little. My parents were doing wool work, washing bales of wool,
    drying them so they could be carted off for sorting, drying for my dhs then carpet factory.

    so the kids would dive into the wool, and swim in it and generally mess around in it, and
    when there was no wool to wash and the tank was free, my dad would clean the tank and
    fill it with clean water and the kids would 'swim' in it. lol! my two kids and my middle brothers

    i wish i had taken pics. i hv some of son messing in the wool bale but i dont know where theyve

    you all look so Rock said, fresh, vibrant. ive said it before i think, Lindsey has
    such a compassionate face. something tender.

    Thank you for posting those.

    Rock - i never thought it would be so erratic dealing with office work out there. I thought
    all the blundering and putting off with official work happened here and in India. !! It does
    sound so very off putting....being made to go around in circles for something one is due.

    Our elections are are about to happen and i am thinking i will actually NOT go this time.
    For one thing, i dont know who to vote for. I thought the maoist guy who was incharge
    till a few months ago did a pretty good job. But then the Maoists record isnt good where
    human rights are concerned...theres a lot of marching and blaring of loudspeakers..blah.

    Mikie - i read your earlier posts and could see you were stressing really bad about the
    kitties and their new home. i wanted to write and say dont think about them and visualise
    all sorts of calamities. because they say energy follows thought. but i can see its all right
    now. so happy to hear they doing pretty fine and behaving well. its lovely that there are
    people like yourself and your friend who just love cats and will go the distance to make
    life good for them even when they arent even the owners.!!!

    Granni - good to hear you went line dancing even though you were late. Sometimes
    theres just no getting around housework is there. Are you getting ready for Christmas.
    I recall you like to send out your cards in time.

    Diane - good to hear from you. stay healthy. and have a good long weekend time
    with kevin.

    Sun - did you manage to get hold of the workmen to paint your place. Im sure you will
    be relieved when all that is over.

    Today i will hv to be gathering old stuff (furniture) to be repaired, repolished or whatever.
    Cousin must hv been occupied yesterday so she didnt send the van. thank goodness, because
    it seems all i did yesterday was try a little to sort stuff and then collapse. did manage to take
    my bath.

    God Bless All

    P.S. i hv edited this post like half a dozen times...the cursor kept jumping to different places
    on its own. lol. will keep more than a hacker to keep me from doing my stuff.
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    Good Tuesday morning! Sun, I am going to the chiro today...decided I could drive myself and not have Den take a day off work. Yes, the pain seems to have let up a bit...wish I could understand what I can do or not do to make it worse or better.

    I will tell the chiro that the worst of it did start right after I climbed up into the apple trees...I know, I know..."just don't do that again", lol!

    The left shoulder/arm/hand numbness and pain is ongoing for a couple years or more...gonna have to get it under control...

    Here I am whining, when all I planned to do was check in...

    Rock, I hope Gordon gets some answers and results soon...that has got to be quite a stress right now.

    Springwater, I'm so happy for you, to be getting things done. Sorry you collapsed...sounds like days I have had, but so good to see a finished project.

    Hope everyone has a great day...I am heading out. Won't see the sunrise, unless I look in my rearview mirror :)
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    Hi Kids

    Julie, I was reading on a chiro site earlier. It said you do not need to worry about activities
    such as climbing apple trees. It's when you start swinging on vines from tree to tree that the
    big problems pop up.

    SG, tell your son to get a hula hoop and teach the cat to jump through that. I wonder if they
    still sell hula hoops. I bought one years ago at a thrift shop. Anyhoo, I tried to teach 3 or 4
    cats/dogs to jump through it. Only one cat was agreeable to the project. She had show biz
    in her blood.

    Springwater, nice to hear that ewe have happy memories of the kids swimming with the wool.
    Doesn't it seem like wool and pool should rhyme? But wool rhymes with full and pool rhymes with gruel. No wonder English is hard to learn.

    I read on Wikipedia that there are something like 122 languages used in Nepal. How many
    do most people speak?

    Gordon's potato croquettes turned out just fine. He added cooked, diced beef and vegetables
    to mashed potatoes. Let it chill in the fridge for some hours. Then made patties, dipped then in beaten egg and panko; then sauteed. Very tasty. I ate two. Gordon didn't eat any. For
    some reason he prefers rice.

    Granni, Diane, Dar, Windys, Joan, and all absent friends, hope you have a good day. Come
    back when you're Abel and Cain post (or just read) some more.

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    A quick hi again to awl,

    I need to go get dressed before DH gets home form having the car serviced. I need to do my exercises to which I have been a bit lax in completing daily.

    Julie - Hope you make the trip OK to the specialist chiro ( 3 hr drive) . Wow, I couldn't do that I am afraid. Riding but not sure about the driving part. Glad you are feeling at least a bit better. Hope the new doc can help you. Thanks also fro starting the new Porch volume.

    Rock - I can't believe that Gordon couldn't have his cleaning or dental work done because of the insurance mess. Geez, what a mess I must say and I feel it is only going to get worse. Hope things straighten out and he can have it done before supposedly expiring.

    Mikie - I am curious about your friend Julie and if she slept much last night with those kitties:)! I surely hope they behaved so she will keep them for you. Your sleep and your health is very important.

    Hi also to Spring Water, Rock, and as Rock said , and all absent friends "and those present too :)!!

    By for now. Have to go get dressed. I figured if I didn't post now I might not get to post at all today. Tonight is a dinner at our club with some friends for my and another gals b-day. Should be fun.

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    Julie: Have you ever had an MRI on your neck and back? It will show things more detailed than just an xray. I've had numbness in my arms/hands and tingling in my legs and it's a frightening thing to me. I have stenosis in the cervical and lumbar area and this will also cause pain and numbness. Of course things out of place in your back will also press on nerves and bring this on. I really feel for what you're going thru. I hope you get some relief from your chiro.

    SW: I'm happy to read that you're getting some help with your "stuff". Having CFS is no picnic and we just have to bite the bullet and ask for help. I think that's one of the hardest things for me to do, since I was always the take charge person and felt I could do almost anything.

    Granni. Have fun at your BD lunch today.

    Rock: My mom used to make croquettes when the turkey was down to just bits and pieces. I LOVED it. I've also made them and we usually made white sauce to drizzle over them. MMMMM really yummy. Thinking positive thoughts for Gordon to find a new job.
  9. Granniluvsu

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    I am not sure I have ever had a croquette. I have seen pictures of them and such. It sounds yummy SUN. We are going out for a belated B day dinner for me and per b- day for another friend. Her birthday is on HALLOWEEN !! She must have gotten some unusual Halloween Birthday gifts :)!!!! Or also had some fun Halloween birthday parties.

    I have never had an MRI either but I don't suppose I will ever have one in the future with the upping in all our medical costs and insurance. I should have had one years ago. DH kept saying wait till you get on Medicare. Now they are to broke to pay for to much. I hope that JULIE gets some relief from her specialist Chiropractor.

    Rock - Hope that Gordon can get some kind of job that he likes and will work for him. Good luck to him.

    Better get out of here and get some more stuff done and then get ready to go out to eat. To bad I have to put on makeup and everything. So lazy !!

    Mikie - Enjoy your peace and quiet and take a nice nap !!! Hope Aunt Julie wasn't bothered to much by the kitties.

    Spring Water - Hope all is well with you and your family . Also hope that you are getting some more NRG and feeling chipper :)!!

    Hope Diane is enjoying her staycation :)!!! I'll be they will be cooking up a storm. Wish my DH would like to cook also - ha ha. I am afraid we would starve other than open a can or make eggs of hamburgers or hot dogs on the grill. I suppose that is better than nothing :)!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Everyone,

    Thank you all for your good wishes for me and the cats. I don't see Julie every day but did have drinks with her on the Balcony just after she took the kitties home. Everything seemed to be fine. Only time will tell if she can handle them. Sylvester is a dream but Tweety is headstrong and a handful. I call her sassy!

    Went to the condo mtg. yesterday and then, Barb and I went out to Hobby Lobby and Kohl's. I got some half-price Christmas candles for a beautiful candleholder I have. It has brown fall candles in it now. I got some red/green ones for Christmas. I found a little cast iron crab, my Zodiac sign, and used my 40 percent off coupon for it. We had lunch at a place called the Pizza Pub before coming home. I spent the rest of the day binging on Season five of "Sons of Anarchy." Season six has already started and now, I've been able to fill in the gaps.

    Rock, I have to laugh at your homeless slipper. Duct tape is amazing stuff. If you want more pizzazz, you can now buy duct tape in all kinds of colors and patterns. I have a lot of slippers which I always get cheap on sale. As much as I paddle around the condo in slippers, they don't last long and even if they don't fall apart, after a while, they start to get deformed and hurt my feet. And, these are the good brand name ones. Jammies, robes and slippers are a major part of my wardrobe. Praying that Gordon finds a job.

    Julie, thanks for starting a new Porch. I hope the chiro has helped you. Funny, I had a mountain of laundry to do too. I don't put my tee shirts in the dryer so they are hanging all over the place to dry. We can't hang anything outside here; it's against the rules. I need to put everything away and iron some things. It never stops.

    Sunflower Girl, yes, cats are very perceptive. Your DS must be very good with cats to train his to do all that. He could put the video on You Tube. People love those cat videos--dogs too. Hope you find some good plants. Our landscapers are yanking out all our old, woody bushes next Mon. so we can plant new things. I can't wait!

    Springwater, thanks again for all your good wishes. I have visualized the cats' loving living with Julie. I think it will work out OK if she can get used to them and manage to get some sleep. She works nights with rotating nights off. She loves them as much as Jeff and I do. I think they will be fine. I got eight hours sleep the first night but was up at 3:00 this morning with a hideous sinus headache and my stomach burning. I got up and took some medicine and went back to bed with a cold pack on my forehead. I couldn't get back to sleep so here I am. I'll likely fall asleep watching TV when I finally turn it on.

    Granni, hope you had fun at your dinner. I admire you for sticking to exercising. Maybe if I can finally start to get some sleep and NRG, I can start in again. As it is, I'm catching up on the mess I have around here. Today, I'll empty the cats' litter from their boxes into garbage bags and take them down to the dumpster. I have yet to clean up all the litter those two scamps threw all over the place. Haven't talked to Julie because her hours and days off are so strange. I hope the kitties are behaving well for her.

    There isn't much to tell from down here in Retirementville. Snowbirds are starting to return and the roads are getting more crowded. It gets worse in Jan. and peaks in Mar. when the Spring Breakers come down. I don't care; they are an important part of our economy and the ones I've met are very nice people. We are about to enjoy beautiful weather and that makes me happy after the long, hot, sweaty summer we've had. We seem to have dodged the bullets when it comes to hurricanes and that is a blessing. God bless the Sharan sand storms and wind shear over the Atlantic. Just saw some new pics of the devastation Hurricane Sandy left up North. My heart and prayers go out to those folks.

    Sat., one of the furniture stores is having a decorator give a workshop on decorating with light and accessories. Barb and I, and another neighbor/friend are going. We got so many ideas for landscaping from the workshop at the nursery and I hope we get some ideas for decorating at this workshop. One can usually find cheaper versions of expensive furniture and accessories and get the same result without spending a fortune. Everything I've done in the condo has been on the cheap but it looks as nice as though I've spent a lot. I try to keep the equation at "more brains than money" versus "more money than brains." Or, maybe it's creativity since my poor pea brain is a mere shadow of its former self. In any case, I'm looking forward to this workshop.

    Hope everyone has a splendid day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Don't gots much to report. Haven't left the house or done anything for days. I did finish a
    thriller by a prolific writer who is new to me. Joy Fielding. Big surprise ending. I have put
    another of her books on hold.

    Yesterday Gordon made multiple calls to the unemployment people. He finally got hold
    of a nice lady and explained the situation to her. She was terribly helpful and told him to just
    push number 2 on the phone. So he did. Immediately got the same old recording he'd been
    listening to all morning. No wonder people hate the government.

    Mikie, re: duct tape, I was surprised to find out it came in patterns and colors. I think
    it was in the news last Spring when kids were going to the prom. One young couple
    had duct tape outfits. The funny thing is, what if their folks had said, "We're just too broke
    right now to buy you prom clothes, but here's some duct tape. You can make your own."
    I bet those kids would have been devastated.

    Granni, did they have open MRIs when you were working as a nurse? I had one several
    years ago. Took a lot of effort to find a facility that had one. I didn't want anything that
    would exacerbate my claustrophobia. Which was a big surprise to me in my old age. When
    I was a teen I was a cave guide and even went spelunking.

    Did Diane and Kevin go to see the big yellow duck? She probably told us, but I can't recall.
    I'm going to see if I can earn a little extra money renting my brain out as a sieve.

    Julie, did you get that mountain of laundry folded. I stopped folding sheets decades ago.
    Just wad 'em up and toss 'em in the cupboard. I do fold the pillow cases though. No logic
    behind that decision at all.

    Was on a humor site recently. It showed a stack of folded towels. According to the caption,
    anytime a male sees a stack of folded stuff, he automatically assumes it's clean and proceeds

    SG, turkey croquettes sound very tasty. Used to have a coworker who said "Very tasty" at
    the end of every lunch. Got a little teejus after a while. Did you get any new plants? Some of
    the jacaranda trees are in bloom here. There will be many more blooming in May. Clouds
    of lavender. Spectacular. The pampas grass is also in bloom.

    Springwater, is your cursor still jumping around. Does it make you curse? If you call a repair
    man do you think he'll do a cursory job? What sort of furniture are you having repaired?
    Antique, old and heavy, new and light, wicker, upholstered, etc.? I used to love my recliner,
    but we don't have room for one here. I can't remember what happened to the one we had.

    Well, I've drunk half a can of Coke. Don't think I'll have any more. Ever! Really doesn't
    taste good. My theory is that this is a symptom of my diabetes. Too bad. Lots of people
    say nothing like a cold beer on a really hot day. I hate the taste of beer. Always preferred
    fruit juice or soda. I remember the root beer floats at the drive in with affection. Six
    decades ago.

    Time for me to fly
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    Good morning, friends! I woke up very early (must have been around 5:00) but stayed quiet till Den's alarm went off at 5:30...I knew if I had gotten up it would have woke him up, and he was sleeping so peacefully. I took NyQuil when I got home last evening, so was in bed before 8:30...

    The chiro was able to help me some...will know more in a few days as I often feel worse in some ways. He worked on the "source of the pain"...emotionally, as well as physically. Lots of things could be at work here...

    He did use a little tool with a sort of metal probe on the end of it...reminded me of an engraver. It sent out little electronic impulses that are supposed to find the nerve and repair/relocate the path to the brain. I don't really understand how it works, but it was something new...he is always going to school to learn how to better help his patients.

    I drove myself, but stopped a couple times on the way home...once to do some Christmas shopping for the grands and once to take a nap in a convenience store parking lot. Just got so sleepy and figured I should rest my eyes a bit...woke myself up with my snoring, lol!

    Rock, I certainly feel for Gordon! I often punch in "wrong" numbers/answers during those recordings...sometimes it will make it go straight to a real person.

    Yes, I stayed up late on Monday night to get the clothes folded and diapers stuffed. I committed to doing Lindsey's laundry through Christmas, since she is back to work, but after that, I will let them figure it out...

    Mikie, I would love to see all your decorating, etc...sounds very nice! Those sinus headaches are a real pain...glad you got lots of sleep the first night, though.

    Granni, hope you had a great time at you and your friend's birthday dinner.

    Sun, I had an MRI several years ago, after our car accident...nothing showed up then. Haven't had one recently, except for a brain MRI and they found a lesion on my pituitary gland. A followup a year later didn't show any change, so I am to go every year for awhile.

    Actually, Rock made me think of something when he mentioned about swinging from vine to vine! When I went to Grandparent's Day at Keira's school, I did try to play on the monkey bars...but of course, lost my grip and fell. Maybe I pulled something? Funny, I had forgotten all about that...should not have tried it anyway...

    Anyway, we have to pay for part of MRI's up front, and we don't have that kind of money right now. This chiro I went to yesterday has helped before, then I just got "lazy" about going back to him...taking up a whole day to do it. Our local chiro is a good friend of his, but just doesn't do things the same way....I am willing to go back (the three hour drive) to try and get things taken care of.

    I'd better get busy and try to get something useful accomplished going to "baby" my left side for a few days and see if I can get relief. The "overall" pain is much better, just have to be patient on the other, I think. If we can't get this under control, I will definitely be trying other routes to see what could be going on.

    Oh, have to mention this...when I got home last night, there were 15 turkeys running around our yard...tame ones, that our Amish neighbors are raising. They were here Monday also...and Lindsey said they had been here all day yesterday.

    Not such a problem, except Sheba wants to chase them and I'm afraid she might actually catch one! And last evening, they were right on Lindsey's deck, with turkeys at both the front and back doors. Monday, I herded them back home, but was too tired last evening, so drove back up to the neighbors to have them come get them.
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Rock: You can buy that fancy duct tape at any dollar tree store, much less than at Lowes. My 10 year old grandson made me a fancy bow tie out of it. I wore it to the restaurant, I don't care what people think, since it was a gift to me. It's very big at school this year! I actually was thinking of buying a couple of rolls and covering my old 2 iron golf club that I use for a cane when out walking.

    Yes, those jacaranda trees are spectacular when blooming, BUT what a mess on the sidewalk. My uncle had a couple in front of their house in Hollywood and he cursed the mess. And so easy to slip on also and get hurt.

    Julie: I'm positive that your "swing on the vine" helped mess up your nerves. The park near us where the kids go now has a zip line. Basically the monkey bars, but I'm toooo old and decrepit for it even though it looks like fun. Even older teenagers can put a strain on those shoulder muscles if they're not loose enough. Hope you start to feel better. I think my gardening the other day has done something to my back.......stupid me! I get involved in something and should learn to know WHEN to quit. So no more plants for awhile for me.

    Funny about all those "tame" turkeys. So will they butcher come thanksgiving? That reminds me of when I was about 7 and my dad got a part time job working at a turkey ranch, butchering turkeys. He brought home a young one and my job was to be sure to give feed and water and month long. Well, come thanksgiving, when our "pet" was butchered no one wanted to eat him.

    Mikie: maybe something you ate yesterday? We're all waiting to hear how "aunt Julie" is doing with the two little furry darlings.

    I went to the SAS store yesterday and bought some new shoes for the trip. Slip on black suede with ties and came home and scotchguarded them for the rain. Also gave my black raincoat another dosing of it. Then bought some black yarn to crochet myself a warm scarf. I figured I would layer clothes for me since a lot of the time I'm too hot. I've got a grey/black sweater coat to wear under the raincoat and can always add a sweatshirt too.
  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Wow, Sun...sounds like you are all ready for your trip...when do you go? I am still hoping to go to Texas in February, if my cousin has a special party for my Uncle Harvey's 75th birthday. Just don't want to be gone for my own dad's birthday...five days later.

    Yes, you and I (and so many on here, lol) are so much alike...just don't know when to quit. I have been "grounded" inside today...we are having rain showers. Some thunder and lightening just a little bit ago.

    Speaking of duct tape...I found some "zebra" patterned duct tape to put in Keira's stocking...she is happy with anything with zebra stripes or peace signs. That's why her two kittens are named, you guessed it, Zebra and Peace Sign ;)

    I think our neighbors will just butcher the turkeys and either sell them for Thanksgiving or freeze them for later. They are so heavy, many of them had a really hard time waddling back up the lane to get home...I tried not to make them go too fast, they seemed like they were out of breath.

    I didn't care to have them messing all over our new house cement and all over Lindsey's porch, etc...and even if Sheba didn't catch one and kill it, one could still get crippled from trying to outrun her.

    Gonna try a new meatloaf recipe for supper...Sweet and Sour Meatloaf. Nothing too spectacular as far as the actual "loaf" goes, but has a yummy sounding sauce that you pour over, after it has cooked awhile. Will make a double batch of baked beans (to have when I bring my daddy for lunch on Friday...and have to fix him some pork steak) and some baked potatoes. Dad would probably like some fried potatoes too, so will bake a few extra tonight.

    Might as well fill the oven if I am turning it on...if I plan it right, I can bake some chocolate chip cookies either before or after supper is done. I don't do as much baking, etc. as I should for Den...he takes his lunch every day and likes to have a variety, but bless his heart, he never complains at all.

    He does miss his breakfast smoothie, if I don't get it made the night before. I use frozen fruit, some protein powder, some "greens", a ground flax/chia seed combo, and almond or coconut milk.

    Better get the laundry switched over; have to use the dryer today, too soggy out there. :eek: Have a canner full of applesauce to start cooling. Hope I can get at least half of my little projects and chores brain goes a lot faster than my body sometimes :p

    Hope everyone can find something to bring them joy today...even the littlest things count :D
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Went to the Chiro in the pouring rain today. I was supposed to go to choir practice today and haven't been for some time, We have Confirmation we are supposed to sing at on Sunday afternoon /evening and I really needed to go. DH was worried about more rain. We had some more this afternoon too. I was looking forwards to going as it has been some time since I went. There is also the Christmas Contata we are supposed to be practicing. I do have the printed music but do need to practice it with the group.

    Julie - Hope that Chiro helped you in the long run and you will feel better soon.. Let me know about that meatloaf and sweet and sour sauce. I am getting so bored with my cooking and also getting to the point where I want something very easy without to many ingredients. Yep, getting so lazy or should I say lazier. You can leave me some more of those choc chip cookies if you get them baked.

    Jam - Good if the Chiro can help you everyonce once in awhile when you really need it. You are like me, 15 minutes is a long enough drive for me. I do that when I go to the chiro - 15-20 minutes I guess depending if I hit the lights or not.

    Rock -- Hope you are feeling OK today and not to befuddled about the computer or whatever. Hope Gordon is finished with the resume and will get a few good bites on a job for him.

    Still didn't do my exercises today so better at least start.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  16. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Big development regarding Gordon's unemployment benefits. He has been approved.
    He finally managed to talk to a human being. Unfortunately she was not a very
    helpful human being. Anyway she told him the phone interview was not necessary,
    and he would be receiving a debit card.

    He asked a question. She asked if he received his information packet. He said he did. She
    said, "Well, read that." He tried to say it didn't really address his question, but she hung
    up one him.

    No wonder people hate bureaucrats.

    Granni, how fierce was that rain? Were you getting your back cracked while listening
    to the crack of thunder?

    Julie, maybe Keira will name her first child Zebra Peace. Sounds like a name some not
    too bright celebrity would give a kid. You seem to be cooking up lots of goodies at your
    casa. If it weren't so far, I drop in at dinner time like Iola used to do on Mama's Family.

    SG, a duct tape bow tie sounds festive. Does you grandson study martial arts? Possibly
    Tae Bo? Note: it's pronounce exactly like bow tie only backwards. Ha Ha! (Note: I
    typed "Ha Ha" backwards.)

    Gordon did errands and cooked and gardened yesterday. I didn't do much except go to
    the library with him. Got a horrible novel. It was written by an experienced writer who
    was graduated from Harvard and had won various awards. I knew things did not bode
    well when I saw a quote by Justin Bieber in the front of the book. Read a few pages and
    put the darned thing in the "Return to Library" pile.

    Hugs everydobby
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Got an e-mail from Tech Support and they told me that there is no fix for losing our font size when we put in a paragraph break. They suggested we type the whole thing, highlight it all and then select our font size. We already figured that out. The problem is that some of us would like the larger type size when we're typing and reading what we are posting. Oh well, gotta love that "new and improved"--NOT! Don't want to pick on TS as they have always tried to do their best for us and usually do. Guess we'll just have to live with this glitch. Thankfully, it isn't the biggest problem in my life. I have too many blessings that counterbalance even the worst of things. This is nothing.

    Granni, I'll hear how the kitties are doing because Barb is having dinner at the Legion with Jeff and Julie tonight. I'm always invited but they allow smoking there and I can't take it. I tried once and that was enough. Never thought I'd enjoy karaoke but the singers on Thurs. nights are really pretty good. Best part is that they sing some really beautiful golden oldies. One guy, who is quite handsome and personable (everyone loves him), sang "Make The World Go Away." It made me tear up. I imagine someone will be doing "Monster Mash" tonight. I have to run out to get some candy. We now have a few, very few, kiddies in the hood now so I had better be prepared.

    Had a pain in the left kidney last night and it unsettled me. That's where the big stone lies and I was afraid I might be getting ready to pass it. I think the doc will have to break it down or go up and get it as it's 9mm, the size of a pearl. I want to get whatever I need done completed before the end of the year when co-pays go up. I got accepted into BC/BS's Advantage PPO Plan and am glad I won't be in AARP's lousy HMO Advantage next year. It's always been so good but they kicked out 30 docs, all my specialists, and went from a PPO to an HMO.

    Got our landscaper's contract signed for them to remove all the old bushes in our stairwell atria. They will just leave the holes and I can drop the new bushes into them. I think I'll be buying about a dozen new plants. Can't wait to get rid of the old, woody ones which have outlived their time. Part of the problem is that landscapers over the years have done a horrible job of pruning and trimming. I won't let them near the new bushes. They remove the old ones next Mon.

    Talked to DD in Denver and she's excited for me to come for my visit in Dec. Barb won't have to feed the cats, just put out a bowl for our dear little homeless cat. He was just outside my door this morning. Sometimes, especially if it's cold out, he sleeps on the seat cushion on my chair on the Balcony. He's less of a scaredy cat than he used to be but still won't let anyone near him. He likes it when I talk to him just before I come out with his breakfast.

    Rock, glad Gordon got his unemployment. I dealt with some of those govt. employees when I was trying to get SSD. Some have no compassion for their brothers and sisters who are out of work or disabled and worried about everything. One would think they might try to be helpful so they can go home at night and feel good about themselves. When I worked at Publix as a cashier, and sometimes as a bagger, I thought it was part of my job to make people's shopping a good experience. So many of them appreciated a kind word or a little extra service. I knew that many had health, or other, problems and needed a laugh or even a hug. They rewarded me by always donating to whatever charity we were raising money for and I was always a "top seller." Publix is a very community-oriented business so getting donations is a big part of the job.

    Julie, your chiro's electric gizmo sounds very interesting. Researchers are find more and more new ways that electricity can help with healing. Let us know if it works. Thing is that nerves heal slowly so it may take some time. I am really looking forward to this decorating workshop. My decorating is definitely eclectic. Haven't heard that term in a long time but it just means I pull from different types of pieces and tie them together instead of using matchy-matchy suites of furniture. Nothing wrong with suites but I like antiques and unusual pieces and my own paintings, most of which aren't finished. With abstract art, the most difficult thing is deciding when the painting is done. I love it on HGTV when they take an "inspiration" room, which costs tens of thousands of dollars to do and redo another in someone's home which uses less expensive pieces to achieve the same look and feel. With so many Snowbirds and newbies down here, businesses are always having workshops and they are usually very good. The one Barb and I attended at the nursery help me immensely when planning the relandscaping of our little stairwell atria.

    Sunflower Girl, as I mentioned to Granni, I should have a report on Tweety and Sylvester tomorrow after Barb has dinner tonight with Jeff and Julie. I hope all is well. Julie initially told me they are doing the things I trained them to do in Kitty Boot Camp. They are really smart little cats. I think what woke me up was a sinus headache from being stuffed up due to allergies. Everyone down here, including the dogs and cats, are sneezing. I hate to take two allergy tablets in 24 hrs. but I'm doing it until these allergies go away. A lot of trees are blooming, including the melaleuca tree to which I'm terribly allergic. They bloom three times a year. They are exotic pests and when land is developed, they must be removed. The church down the street has a huge Jacaranda tree all in purple splendor right along the street. Our Cashia trees are all in bloom in yellow splendor and attracting bees and butterflies. We are truly blessed down here.

    Jam, I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to govt. workers. I think some of them are on a power trip because they know they hold important parts of people's lives in their hands. Fortunately, there are some who genuinely want to help. I think when we deal with people face to face, it improves the conversation and civility. So often, we are on the phone or some website where we are not "people." Many websites, and not just govt. websites, are poorly designed and soooooo frustrating to use. The worst are the ones which put one into a terminal loop. I read our newspaper five days a week online and they made it "new and improved." Now, pages load more slowly and I have a dickens of a time getting signed in.

    Think I'll wear my black tee shirt and orange capri pants today. I might even still have a cute little witch pin with her riding on a cat. Need to do just a wee bit more trimming on my hair. One cut never quite does it. Need to start cleaning in here. Have been too busy, or had no NRG, to get anything done. Will be emptying the litter boxes and dumping it. If I were to clean those litter boxes out really well, they would be ideal for soaking my feet. They look just like the ones used at the salons.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to all my Online Family.


    Love, Mikie
  18. springwater

    springwater Member

    Hello All

    My text colour changed itself so i changed it back.

    I enjoyed reading all the posts, seems like a lot more people were in writing mode.

    Mikie - am i glad to hear about the kitties...i shall be having to buy a lot of little
    candles for our festival...its for honoring Goddess of Wealth..and till now ive been
    buying little mud bowls with oil and wick in them to line the terraces and stairs..
    but this year i dont know, seems like a lot of work and i might just make do with
    only candles. Its called festival of Lights.

    Granni - good to hear you are keeping up with the exercises, seems like you hv
    a lot of practises to go to! its raining there? here it has stopped now, although the
    weather got kind of cloudy and the evenings suddenly have become cold.

    Julie - it was nice hearing about Sheba. you hadnt mentioned her in a while,
    and i had wondered if she were still with you. I loved hearing about the clothesline.
    somehow im sentimental about things like that. and theres no smell lovelier than
    freshly dried clothes hung out in the open air. that and pages of books of older times.
    not the shiny, crisp, plasticky modern pages. the old thicker parchment type paper
    ones. i havent thrown out some books just so i can lift them up to my nose and drink
    in their old particular smell.

    Rock - Im rereading my Borrowers series. When i was cleaning out the store room
    i uncovered a number of my favourite books. I did throw out a lot of other books
    like some Danielle Steels and Arthur Hailey. I loved Arthur Haileys Airport, but
    not the other ones.

    Jam - are you still going to the bridge games? I am regular with my Vitamin B
    and folic acid supplements besides which i take ashwagandha a herb which is
    supposed to help nerves.

    Sunflower - I hv a couple of jacaranda trees. tho i had to prune some of them because
    neighbours complained of falling blossoms. i do love their purple blooms.

    today dhs cousin sis sent a plumber to assess my kitchen sink..the pipe has been
    fitted in a weird way so that we hv to reach out to wash dishes and its uncmfortable.
    and she is sending a ctalogue from which to choose the tap fixtures.

    i also went over to her office and chose sofa furnishings, the old ones are faded and she wants
    to change the foam inside too. ive gone a little daring on her advice and opted for differnt
    shades for the long seater sofa and single seat ones. a wine colour and light fawn to match
    the existing curtains and the floor. she advised me to go for alternate cushion covers after
    we get the sofas. wine for the fawn sofa and fawn for the wine colored sofas.

    she had also taken away an old single sofa the deep spongy kind and she told me to
    use it as a reading chair for my room after she has redone it. i chose a blue brown black
    striped cloth on white background for the inside and seat, and sackcloth type beige
    for the sides and bottom. im trying to visualise it and hope i havent gone horribly wrong.

    theyre showing a lot of scary stuff on tv and i determinedly avoid those. But ellen has
    a part where she sends out two of her staff to various haunted house fun spots in fairs
    and it is hilarious! the man is a sound recordist or something and he jumps at every little

    well, all take care

    joan, georgia, teacher, elaine and other MIAs thinking of you

    God Bless

  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh dear...where has this day gone already! I did sleep in, so got off to a late start, but that's just how it goes some is going on noon :eek:

    Jam, I will ask if that is what this tool is called. He said he has just gotten it and it was $850.00...and it should normally cost $134.00 for treatment with it. But they only charged the regular $39.00...that's just how he is. I'm sure he knows most of his patients could not afford that much, even with insurance.

    Rock, so glad Gordon got his unemployment taken care of. I guess the gov't is like a computer...we like it when it works, but get so aggravated when it doesn't.

    I would certainly love it if you did drop in sometime :) My goal was to have leftovers to just heat up tomorrow when I bring my dad out to the farm. Will cook the pork steak after we get back here, though. Gotta fix it just like my mama did for him...fry it for a bit, then add some water, put the lid on and "steam" it for awhile.

    Dad has new dentures, but he got them just as he was in the most confusing stage of Alzheimer's and we could never get them to fit right. Also, he kept forgetting that he even had new teeth, but still wanted his old ones back. So his new ones are on "standby" in case something happens to his others, that are very, very old.

    Granni, we are still having rain today. I would like to say that the chiro helped a lot, and I think he did with the "whole body" pain, but I'm still having problems with my left shoulder/arm/hand.

    Mikie, hope you get a good report on the kitties! That kidney stone sounds very painful...hope you can get it taken care of in time. Would love to see how you've been decorating and get some tips from you. We have very little "matching sets" ourselves...but I do try to make sure the colors at least work together.

    Springwater, I am so excited for you to be getting a "home makeover." How colors and new uses for some of your furniture! When we get closer to the house completion, I will start thinking more about what I want to just seems like a distant dream right now, though.:rolleyes:

    I am going to start another batch of applesauce...later than I'd like, but will still get it done and in the freezer by the end of the day. Getting ready to soak diapers, then get them washed up. Lorraine was sick yesterday (fever) and vomiting in the night, but when I went over earlier this morning, she was doing much better. Boy, I don't need sick kids if I am responsible for them all weekend :(

    Den has to change the stoplights in town this evening, for the trick or treaters. I am going to meet him, then we'll go to supper while he waits two hours to change them back. We only have two stoplights on the square and one a block north of the square. He has to change them to flashing red, so everyone has to stop.

    Better get busy...those apples aren't going to peel themselves :D Hope everyone is having a good day.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2013
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    HI there everydobby,

    It is almost time to get read for beddy by but have to wait and put the light on for the Trick of Treaters. Doubt if we will get many or any in our place. Also, they have a Halloween Carnival here which I am sure takes most of the children there. I have fond memories of Trick of Treat when I was a kid. Didn't really worry that much about walking around at night and hitting the neighborhood. We didn't really have real costumes either. We wore whatever we found to wear and was a hobo or something like that most of the time and got a pillowcase to put our stash in. So much to worry about nowadays. I know there was stuff to worry about in my day but it wasn't advertised all over the place like now.

    Jam - Glad you are still playing Bridge. I did that years ago but we were very social players and really didn't care if someone screwed up and didn't make their bid or not. It is good for the brain and socially too. I love to play games. We like to play Tripoli which is fun and takes a measure of concentration but doesn't require to much thinking counting wise. DH has a great counting mind and I never did ): he he but sometimes I win anyway.

    Julie - Sorry you still have your pain but I understand that one. Sometimes I think no matter what some of that pain is going to stay. As I have told others when they ask how my chiro visits are doing, I say, the problem is I have to many problems. I think the flexibility of my neck has improved a lot. Hope your dad gets to go out with you tonight. I have some candy for the kiddos if anyone shows up but our neighborhood, close to us doesn't have that many kids. Others may have also gone to the carnival our Property Association has been doing for some time. Sorry poor Lindsay is so sick again. Poor kid needs a break herself. To many kiddos to take care of. I do understand but I didn't have twins and I didn't nurse them.

    Spring Water - So glad to see you today on the Porch. However, I haven't been so great myself lately. Then when I get in and read I forget all of what I have read or at least parts of it. Hope you are feeling OK and your family are doing well especially your brother who has been ill..

    Mikie- Curious to hear what "Aunt"Julie has to say about those kitties and if they have been behaving for her:)!! Sorry about the pain around your kidney. Try not to wait to long if you keep having those pains. Don't want to have to get an emergency situation happening . You certainly have had enough problems lately with medical problems not even counting the usual stuff.

    Rock - I am so glad that Gordon is getting unemployment. I would think that he would have gotten it working for so long and then being terminated. Yes, there is good and bad about the Govt. I surely do need and like my SS payments each months even though they aren't that much . However, I also think that to many are just depending on unemployment for too long causing a dependency but I don't want to get into that business. It is to upsetting and frustrating to even talk about. Glad that Gordon is getting some help.

    Need to get off here and do a few other things. Will try and get back some time tomorrow.

    Love, to awl - ALL regulars and dear MIA's as well,
    Granni :)