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    SW, yes I still do the bridge games, going to one today....The Women's Club I went to for some years and was in charge of the bridge group, and I quit a couple yrs ago asked if I would come back and do that job again....No Way, I don't do mornings good and dealing with a lot of those women drove me nuts.....

    Keep with the supps, I continue with all mine and often am adding new stuff....eliminating those that don't seem to be doing anything.

    Rock, was there a concern that Gordon would not get unemployment, didn't he put a lot of years into the system...glad he came out on that one OK.

    I lost my last "big" job at 61 and could never get hired I did childcare for some years and then took SS at 62, I needed the money....then loved when Medicare was available at 65....I love our govt for the most part re: human programs, but as I said I hate our wars.........jam

    On my last job dismissal, I had planned to retire at 65 from that job, this dismissal pushed me into the Fibro mess, I KNOW THAT FOR SURE, I did sue based on age discrimination and did get a $5K settlement and "I think" I collected the unemployment for the time allowed....seems like so long ago..
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    HI there everydobby,

    It is almost time to get read for beddy by but have to wait and put the light on for the Trick of Treaters. Doubt if we will get many or any in our place. Also, they have a Halloween Carnival here which I am sure takes most of the children there. I have fond memories of Trick of Treat when I was a kid. Didn't really worry that much about walking around at night and hitting the neighborhood. We didn't really have real costumes either. We wore whatever we found to wear and was a hobo or something like that most of the time and got a pillowcase to put our stash in. So much to worry about nowadays. I know there was stuff to worry about in my day but it wasn't advertised all over the place like now.

    Jam - Glad you are still playing Bridge. I did that years ago but we were very social players and really didn't care if someone screwed up and didn't make their bid or not. It is good for the brain and socially too. I love to play games. We like to play Tripoli which is fun and takes a measure of concentration but doesn't require to much thinking counting wise. DH has a great counting mind and I never did ): he he but sometimes I win anyway.

    Julie - Sorry you still have your pain but I understand that one. Sometimes I think no matter what some of that pain is going to stay. As I have told others when they ask how my chiro visits are doing, I say, the problem is I have to many problems. I think the flexibility of my neck has improved a lot. Hope your dad gets to go out with you tonight. I have some candy for the kiddos if anyone shows up but our neighborhood, close to us doesn't have that many kids. Others may have also gone to the carnival our Property Association has been doing for some time. Sorry poor Lindsay is so sick again. Poor kid needs a break herself. To many kiddos to take care of. I do understand but I didn't have twins and I didn't nurse them.

    Spring Water - So glad to see you today on the Porch. However, I haven't been so great myself lately. Then when I get in and read I forget all of what I have read or at least parts of it. Hope you are feeling OK and your family are doing well especially your brother who has been ill..

    Mikie- Curious to hear what "Aunt"Julie has to say about those kitties and if they have been behaving for her:)!! Sorry about the pain around your kidney. Try not to wait to long if you keep having those pains. Don't want to have to get an emergency situation happening . You certainly have had enough problems lately with medical problems not even counting the usual stuff.

    Rock - I am so glad that Gordon is getting unemployment. I would think that he would have gotten it working for so long and then being terminated. Yes, there is good and bad about the Govt. I surely do need and like my SS payments each months even though they aren't that much . However, I also think that to many are just depending on unemployment for too long causing a dependency but I don't want to get into that business. It is to upsetting and frustrating to even talk about. Glad that Gordon is getting some help.

    Need to get off here and do a few other things. Will try and get back some time tomorrow.

    Love, to awl - ALL regulars and dear MIA's as well,
    Granni :)
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    SW: Exciting, to be getting a redo in your rooms and furniture. Aren't you the lucky one who can help you decide. Perhaps you can post some pics. when everything is finished.

    Mikie: Maybe it's a six pack of beer time? What type of bushes are you planning on buying for your condo?

    Granni: I keep meaning to ask if you live in a retirement complex. I know you've mentioned a clubhouse in the past. Did you get some flooding where you live? It's either feast or famine when it comes to rain.

    Rock: Glad to read that Gordon finally got a person to talk with.....albeit not the greatest.

    I'm going to see an oral surgeon tomorrow. Not a very happy camper because I'm dental phobic but the dislocated jaw problems that reared up 4 months ago seems to have settled into my lower jaw where I know I have a back cracked tooth. I called the dentist I've seen in the past and they referred me to this surgeon because of where the root is. I'm ready to have this thing pulled, but no root canal anymore for me or an implant.

    I went out and bought a big bag of blow pops for trick or treaters. We've never known if we would have any. In the past more than 200 would hit our front door. When we ran out we just turned off the light. My husband likes giving out the candy so I let him do it. With the door bell ringing every 3 min. it was tiring.
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    Granni, thank goodness I have the bridge outlet, as I have no other outside interests anymore...been there, done that on so to be home a lot. And shopping is the LAST thing I want to do...made a run to goodwill after bridge today, unloaded a lot of stuff, feels good to get rid of stuff...

    My ex taught me to play at about 22 and had to give it up for a lot of years when I was out hitting the pavement, and picked it up again after my last big job ended at ex passed this year, so that chapter is closed...

    I don't think kids in college today are coming out playing bridge as in my ex's it's all FB, Twitter, video games, etc etc etc..... I'm missing all of that and could care less.....

    Our youngest person in our big bridge group is 64 and oldest 92 and every age in's very social and keeps the brain working.....take care...No trick or treaters in our neighborhood, so I'm not contributing to their dental issues....the dentists love this time of year... I have a mouthful of years of more...jam
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    Had a good evening...I'm sure there will be lots of kiddos on "sugar highs" tonight and tomorrow. Our girls used to "display" all their candy on the ledge of our big picture window...then Den and I would get to buy it from them if we wanted a piece. After we were the ones who made or bought their costumes and drove them around to collect the candy, lol!

    I picked up Grandpa and we met Den in town. After Den flipped the switches to change the stoplights, we went out to eat...Gpa was pleased to be "treated" as we bought his supper. Then we drove up to the square and watched the trick or treaters walk around to the different stores. Took Gpa to his house, then met Den back at home.

    Looks like I will get to bring my dad out home for lunch tomorrow. I think the rain is over for awhile. Haven't talked to Lindsey tonight, but I think all the kids are doing okay right now.

    Sun, hope you can get your tooth taken care of without too much pain or expense.

    Granni, I'm sure you are right, about the pain. It would probably help if I would do some stretching, etc. on a regular basis...just need to get in the groove.

    Jam, glad you have something to do (bridge) and that you all get along.

    I thought I was sleepy, so went to bed two hours ago, but just couldn't get settled down to here I am. Gonna give it another try...missing Dar and Joan this week. Diane, hope you are getting things done and ready for your nice long weekend. Hi to anyone I have missed...sometimes the brain just doesn't want to work right...
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    Hi, Kids,

    Springwater, you certainly have an interesting life. I love the idea of a light festival to the Goddess of Wealth. In Feng Shui, there is a wealth corner in the home, or even in every room. The wealth corner is in my bedroom and I have coins and a red/purple/orange candle there. Also, I have two little Buddha statues with sacks on their backs. Supposed to be good luck for abundance. I use the Bagua method instead of the compass method. It's just easier for me. Your choice of colors sound lovely. Let us know how it turns out.

    Julie, thanks for your good wishes for the kitties and my stones. Having my cystoscopy this morning. Couldn't sleep past 2:00 so finally got up about 4:00 and decided to come here. It's too early to turn on the TV cause I live upstairs and don't want to disturb the folks below me. I don't have a particular decorating style but if I had to call it something, I guess I would call it organic casual. My sofas and loveseats are all in cotton denim. The sofa in my living room is slipcovered in white denim. It's actually called "natural" color but it looks more like white, just not bright white. The slipcover came with the sofa and is tailored to fit like a glove. It can be removed and washed but it's a hellova job. I only do it once a year or so. I do wash the cushion covers more often. Most of my antiques are more than 200 years old and are made of pine. They came from Eastern Europe before those countries passed laws prohibiting Western countries from pillaging all their historic furniture. These are not fancy pieces. They are ones owned by regular families. I have an armoire; a parson's seat; a big dresser; a child's sled, which is more like a stroller on blades, and a hospital table. This is like the ones we have today on which they put your meals in the hospital, only mine is pine and metal. It adjusts in height and tilts for reading. I like unusual things. I had an old carousel horse but had to sell it when Mom moved in with me.

    My living room/dining room/ kitchen open area is all white with cathedral ceilings. Two bedrooms and one bath are linen colored. My bedroom is a Wedgewood blue and the master bath is the same color but a few shades lighter. I have chocolate colored sheets and drapes. It is dark and very welcoming for sleep (just not last night :)When I mix new furniture in with the antiques, I look for things which are simple. My dining room table has a butcher block top and a bluish stain on the trestle and on the chairs. I use blue a lot; it's my favorite color. I also like terra cotta and use it in some rooms for accent color. I always buy distressed furniture or distress it myself from use. I like to put my feet up and be comfortable and not worry about my furniture. Everyone who comes in likes the d├ęcor so I must have done something right. Also, they notice how "good" it feels in here. I think it the good Chi from Feng Shui.

    Jam, I'm so glad you have your bridge. I think we all need something to keep our minds off of what ails us. Also, things like that provide social networking. Having friends around usually mean laughter and that is a good thing. Finally, one has to use mental resources to play games or learn something new and, as Martha says, "That's a good thing!"

    Granni, I also loved Trick or Treating when I was a kid. I lived in a more historic part of town and we kids imagined all the old houses to be haunted. There were two old sisters who lived in a small mansion (is that an oxymoron?) Anyway, they must have loved Halloween because they always had the best treats and genuinely seemed to enjoy seeing us kids. They remind me of the old sisters on "The Waltons" who were making hooch from "daddy's recipe." Perhaps that's why those old ladies were so happy :) I had no kids last night so I'm stuck with a couple of bags of candy. Think I might be able to give them away to the landscapers when they come on Mon. to pull out our old plants. I hope whatever treatment I get for these stones doesn't make me too sore to plant new bushes. If so, I'll simply have the landscapers do it. I'm getting my cystoscopy this morning so will let y'all know what the doc says. I may not post until tomorrow, though, as I'll likely be totally wiped out.

    Sunflower Girl, good luck with the tooth. All my molars have been capped and many have had root canals. I've decided that if I have any problems, I'll just get the offending tooth pulled. Never thought I'd feel that way but the older I get, the more sense it seems to make. Six pack sounds good but I've been trying to be careful with the plumbing and am not supposed to have alcohol. I did have a beer with lunch this week. Been drinking a LOT of water.

    We are removing old, woody Hawthorne bushes some diseased crotons and overgrown variegated Arbacola bushes. We will be planting Ixora bushes in place of the Arbacolas our front. Think we'll get the ones which have pink blooms. They are easy to keep at a manageable height if they are trimmed. We don't yet know just what we will be putting in where the Hawthorne bushes are inside the stairwells. I have my eye on a red/green/cream variegated plant from the ginger family. I have to be careful with these plants to ensure they don't get too much direct light. We have Tai plants and philodendrons already planted and growing well in the atria. We want a more tropical feel in there so the pot I put in there are perfect. They look as though they've been out in the jungle for eons. One is aged green on terra cotta and the other is aged white/brown on terra cotta. I put bromilliads with red blooms in the green pots and asparagus ferns in the white ones. I have to do two of everything because we have the stairwells at each end of our bldg.

    As I mentioned above, if I'm dragged out from lack of sleep and the cystoscopy procedure, I'll likely come home and crash. So, it may be tomorrow before I can let y'all know the results and plan of action. Thank you all so very much for your kind good wishes for me and also for Julie and the kitties. I'll try to get some info on how they are doing. Hope everyone has a marvelous day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. Did almost nothing yesterday except help Gordon clean up outside for few
    minutes. We were going to run an errand, but found his car was wounded and in need of

    It's been 3 weeks since Gordon got laid off. You know the Chinese are very superstitious. That's a quote from Gordon. Anyhoo he said at the time, "I expect other problems will come along." Anyway, since then we lost Zippy; Gordon's had multiple problems with the unemployment people; he went to the dentist for a minor problem which turned into multiple problems and several hundred dollars; the washing machine died and had to be rususcitated; the toast oven died and had to be replaced.

    And yesterday we found someone had broken into his car. A window needs replacing. Might
    be difficult to find as his car is 23 years old.

    A year back a wheel as well as the tire were stolen from his car. No wonder people hate living
    in LA. I would have left a couple decades ago but I had to stay here where I could find a job
    with a friend who would allow not only part time work, but irregular working hours. These DDs limit us in so many ways.

    Mikie, you must be feeling much better to be able to put up such a chatty post. I never heard
    of Ixora bushes. Sounds like something from the Aztec kingdom, but I looked and found they
    come from Asia. They have many different names; are used in Indian folk medicine.

    Glad you had a nice Halloween night, Julie. Do the kids trick or treat at the stores?
    I never heard of that. I guess it was a 2 or 3 years ago that I was walking Zippy just as
    it was getting dark. Lots of parents out with the little ones. I think every single little girl
    was some sort of Princess.

    You're right, Granni. When we were kids you couldn't buy a costume. You just threw on
    what could be found around the house. Like some old clothes of your folks. Or a sheet.
    Or a paper bag mask. At our house, we had a rubber skeleton mask that we kids wore for years.

    SG, good luck with your oral surgery tomorrow. Too bad we don't have teeth like sharks.
    Theirs are constantly replaced. They have a built in conveyor belt.

    Jam, I doubt any young people play any kind of cards nowadays except maybe on the computer. When I was in college there were always tables of bridge in the student union. Somebody would get up and say, "Gotta go. English Lit." There was usually a kibitzer to sit in. And sometimes the kibitzer would say, "I don't know how to play." The response
    was always, "That's OK. Well teach you." When my son went to college, he reported the kids didn't seem to play any kind of card games.

    Hugs to Joan and Diane and Dar and anybody else my poor mind can't recall.


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    Early morning for me too, though not quite so early as Mikie...too many things buzzing around in my head...things I think need to be done, etc., etc.

    Mikie, I love reading the description of your home and decorations. We want to take a lot of things that are laying around the farm and put them to some use...I just can't get a picture in my mind yet.

    Rock, I'm so sorry for all the things that have happened to you and Gordon recently. We used to say that "trouble comes in three's", meaning that if something bad happened that two more bad things would follow. My life has been so crazy the past few years, I wouldn't know now where to start and where to end :confused:

    I will need to be at the top of my game Saturday and Sunday, taking care of Lindsey and David's kiddos. One advantage about living so close is that I can run from one place to the other quickly if I need something. But the weather is too yucky to take them outside to play, so we might all get "cabin fever" by the time the weekend is over.

    Just looked at my computer and saw it was two minutes till sunrise...ran outside and stood there for seven or eight minutes, just drinking it in. A new day, a new hope.

    Our wedding napkins had a saying on them "As the sun starts a new day, so our love begins a new life." I always think of a new day as a wonderful new beginning...a "do-over" from the days and years before...

    Lindsey had to run and quickly find another dress the other day. They are having a military ball Saturday night...that is what the organizers are calling it. Lindsey had borrowed a beautiful black and white ball gown from one of her best friends.

    Then the organizers sent out updates and told everyone to wear formal attire/cocktail dresses. Oh my, all the wives were in a panic! Long or short dresses...which was it supposed to be? So Lindsey went to town and found a lovely sophisticated "sheath" that is black lace over red material...looks beautiful, and was on sale!

    She is going to take both dresses, just to be safe, lol! I know it seems silly to some of us, but very important to those attending. And to all these parents who are getting some time away as a "couple" and not hearing any little voices yell for "Maaaama" or "Daaada" for several hours. Lindsey and David have not been away from all three kids overnight this is really a big deal to them.

    I'd better get busy...need to declutter and make a path for my daddy to walk with his walker...and put extra cushions on Den's recliner, so I can help Dad get up out of it. My mom's lift chair is at the care center, and Dad doesn't use it there, but I don't want to make any changes that might upset him...

    Wishing everyone a good day and weekend!
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    A very quick HI to everyone,

    Got up very early today to go to 7 a.m. Mass which was way to early for me but I pulled myself out of the bed and quickly ate and took my main vits and meds for b/p. Took the rest later. Came home, helped DH pick up some sticks from the trees as he was blowing the driveway and walkway after the storms we had the past few days. Then went off the chiro. I got beat up by the special massage chair and then had my adjustment.

    Julie - Glad Lindsey got a nice dress on sale for the ball. That is my middle name you know:)?? SALE that is !! Nothing like changing the dress for the ball or dance in midstream and having to get something else. Glad you had a nice evening last night and that your dad got to go. Sounds like you all had a nice time.

    Mikie - Good luck on your cystoscopy and hope it isn't painful at all. Never had one of those considering all the problems I have had in the past with URI's !! Have you hear anything yet about the kitties from Aunt Julie ??? Wow you surely did get up early.

    Sun - Sorry for all your tooth and jaw problems. Hopefully everything will be straightened out soon. How it doesn't cost to much $$ for you.

    Jam - Welcome back to the Porch. I know getting rid of stuff is a good thing. I have been trying to clean out my closet of stuff no longer fitting or liking that still has life in it.; We have different places that come and pick up all kinds of stuff besides clothing. So much stuff taking up space in the closets.

    We ate breakfast so early that DH is crying for lunch. So I will finish this for now and then try and get back later on.

    TTYAL !

    Love to everydobby, inc. all MIA;s everyone else I forgot to mention personally,
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    So many of you "guys" get up at the crack of dawns, I did this in my worklife and thank goodness I start to stir at 6-7AM, but crawl out of bed at one to answer to or with, so that makes a huge diff, plus the sleep combo I take works for me....I just ate my so called breakfast at 11ish.....ate turkey chili with avacodo and sour cream....I'm off my green drinks for a while since weather has turned....I'll get back on.

    Another shooting at, this time LAX, it never so sick of it all...

    Still dealing with the bank mess, it's improving but it sure has been a stress...just called the branch where I bank and the guy who was handling it all, is gone...waiting for a call from the branch manager....some more things to clean up from checks bouncing, I had one check bounce in my life many years ago when an employer paycheck bounced, so a rent check bounced from that mess way back. Life is good, but there are TIMES.....jam
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    Julie: Yes the right dress is very important! But the first one sounds really nice and perfect I would say. And if she doesn't wear the black over red maybe she could just return it. I hope they have a wonderful time. And good luck with watching all 3 of them. I hope they're all healthy!!!!!!

    Mikie: I haven't the faintest idea about the cystoscopy......was it painful? Does the tech watch as it's being done and then a print out for the doctor? I'm sure your new pots look wonderful in your jungle area. I love that type of planting. Years ago we were on a vacation in Mexico and took a little l2 seater plane to see Chitchen Itza....not sure of that spelling. After seeing it we stopped to visit a senote. OMG, incredibly beautiful. Apparently Mexico's jungles are full of these sinkholes. This one had sloping sides to walk down to the water and you could swim if you wanted to. Hanging ferns all the way to the bottom, with shafts of bright sunlight pouring in from the top of this deep, large hole.

    Jam: I saw on the TV about the shooting. Awful. Apparently they were after all the TSA people. My son flew out yesterday afternoon for Europe, and thankfully for him, otherwise it would have screwed up everything for them. Apparently all flights are unable to land for right now and a reporter said it was going to take hours to go thru everyone's purses, bags, trash containers, etc. before they would let people back in or allow flights to land.

    Granni: "I got beat up by the special massage chair and then had my adjustment." LOL What does that chair do? It sounds awful.

    Rock: you and Gordon have been hit with a ton of problems, more than your share!!! I really hope and pray that Gordon finds the right job for him. I'm sure you both are a tad worried.

    Well, I'm back from the oral surgeon and as happy as can be. The xrays showed no infection and everything looked good. He said he didn't want to remove this back tooth unless he really had to because of the FM and TMJ. And for the first time xrays did show TMJ on the jaw hinges. He asked if that was OK with me to keep the tooth....OMG, I was so incredibly happy I said I could hug him, so he stood up and gave me a big bear hug. I've prayed so hard over this.....I'm so grateful for God for this healing.

    And I'm passing this information on to all of you. I told him I've been swabbing several times a day with oregano oil on a qtip. It's amazing how it's taken the jaw pain away to almost nothing. He's never heard of it but would remember that for the future. As I've said before oregano oil is one amazing natural product.

    I hit two garden shops on the way home. Just wait until my DH sees his gardening jobs I've got lined up for tomorrow! I've got bright orange calendula, white petunias, purple flowering kale, and some large purple statice (sea lavender). I love those and they last for years until they get so old and have to be yanked out and new ones put in. And I also need to look up those bushes Mikie is buying.
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    How's about we switch volumes? It's after 11:00 pm in my neck of the woods, so I'll go ahead and start up anew before I turn in...