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    The porchlight is on, and so are you. On the porch, that is. Pull up a chair and get comfy.

    Been a quiet day here in the City of Angeles. Had some rain off and on. Mail truck drove by, but didn't leave us anything. Gordon is going to an orchid meeting tonight. He is taking some plumeria. Not sure if he's gifting or selling. Don't you think gifting is a silly word? Read one site that said it's current use seems to be due to the Seinfeld show. The show that keeps on gifting.

    Barry, with regard to the fun of arguing, I knew some kids in college who liked to argue. They weren't angry. I think they were pretending to be Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence. It certainly made for more entertaining conversations than a lot of polite chatter.

    As for the carotid problem, I'm not going to do much except take my low dose enteric aspirin and try to modify my diet slightly. I have 3 of the most popular killer diseases on the chart. Even if one could be erased, I'd still have ...

    I hope you have a fun wedding. Will Shorty participate? My secretary loved dogs.
    Always had 3 or 4. Mostly dachshunds. The dogs were at her wedding. They wore
    floral wreaths around their necks and were very well behaved.

    Mikie, I have to go backus and read your Bach pun again. I agree about the college kids. They would probably act like college kids which means they would annoy their neighbors with loud parties and obnoxious behavior and nobody would be happy.

    SG, if you are becoming lower than an alto, then you are a contralto. Was listening to
    one of America's great ones last weekend. She recorded with Toscanini and sang at
    the Met. You can see her in the movie "Carousal" She sang "June is Bustin' Out
    All Over" and "You'll Never Walk Alone". At the Met she sang the part of the sorceress
    in Verdi's "Masked Ball". Her aria goes from a Gflat below middle C to the second
    Aflat above middle C. More than 2 octaves!

    Jam, those statins were a problem for Pat Boone too. Not because he took them, but
    because he endorsed them as an acne remedy. Pat was another of America's great
    baritones along with singers like Elvis, Bing Crosby, Gordon MacRae, and Robert

    Hugs to everdobby
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Rock, thanks for starting a new Porch. If anyone starts a new thread, it would be great if he or she would click on Thread Tools at the top right of the old thread title. Choose Edit Thread and change the title to "closed" instead of "open." I'm just now learning this new forum. Lots of features but I've found them so slowly. A lot of people have found their cholesterol levels will drop when they eat a very low-carb diet for a while and then stay low carb. Worth a try. Another music pun. I think the music puns would be easy but not when using composers. What do I do with my favorite, Rachmaninoff? I'm not even sure I spelled that correctly. You can probably do something with it, oh, Ye master of the pun. Maybe instead of, "Elvis has left the building," one could say, "The rock man is off." Ha! I surprised myself with that one. It's not my best work but I didn't have much to work with.

    Sunflower Girl, hope all went well with DH's colonoscopy. I think I'm due next month. Usually small white sores inside the mouth are something else, perhaps related to a stomach problem. Cold sores start out often with a tingly feeling and then some pain and swelling. If not stopped there, they become open, weeping sores which eventually form scabs. Not a pretty sight. I use Abbreva and apply ice to the affected area and they never get to the open sore stage. Ice kills the Herpes virus. Hope you get rid of your termites. They can cause sooooo much damage. The older condos across the pond have wood upstairs and stucco below. There was some water damage from an upstairs window and they tore the drywall down. It was infested with termites and unsafe. Whole area had to be rebuilt following the exterminator. Our bldg. is all cement block and stucco (CBS), deemed the strongest and safest against hurricanes. Our bldg. has metal studs in the walls. Of course, we have wood rafters but we have our bldg. sprayed quarterly. I have fewer bugs in here than in CO. No cockroaches. Everyone thinks living in FL means living with roaches but not us (knocking on wood here). The only problem we seem to have is ants in the rainy season.

    Jam, I agree that those statin drugs seem to be problematic. Read my paragraph to Rock. Over and over, low-carb diets seem to lower cholesterol.

    Dar, glad you liked the pun. I'm not even sure my blurb on clouds is accurate. I was only regurgitating what I remember from my ground school days. Weather was my weakest subject but I've always loved clouds. If you fine pics of clouds you love, you can right click on them and save them to your pics. Then, you can use them for your screen wallpaper on your puter. I've found, however, that the quality of the pics isn't usually good and when enlarged to screen size, can be less than clear. Microsoft comes with some beautiful changing landscapes as wallpaper and I use them. I also have the bubbles as my screensaver and love watching them change color and move around. It doesn't take much to entertain this pea brain.

    Barry, congratulations and good luck. Four is a very spiritual number so it's perfect to get married after 44 yrs. My eye doc told me that the pics of my optic nerve showed no plaque in the arteries. He said that there is a correlation between plaque in the optic nerve arteries and arteries to the heart. If he finds plaque in the optic nerve arteries, he will recommend the patient see his or her cardiologist. Some cardiologists who do not want to do invasive tests on their patients will send them to the eye doc for a pic of the optic nerve. Cool!

    There is definitely something going on. Still have the swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, headache, body aches, and a feeling of being a bit jittery. Taking all kinds of stuff but doubt I'll go to the parties. As I mentioned, parties aren't my thing anyway so no big deal. I just don't want to pass this on to someone right at Christmas time. My immune system usually comes down hard on viruses so I don't expect this to make me very sick, just sick enough that I don't feel up to doing much. I want to get that door frame caulked today. Think I can do that much. Been massaging my lymph nodes, including the two little ones on the back of the head behind the ears.

    I just thought of something which might put the kibosh on the three college kids. There are only two parking places to a unit. If each kid has a car, one will not be able to park in here. Wish I had thought of that rule when talking to the rental agent. I'll try calling him today. I'll also call the mgmt. co. Give me an old lady over three college kids any day. Agent said he was trying to steer the kids away from this bldg. but two of them went inside yesterday afternoon. Yikes!

    BEWARE of pop up which tells you that you have three viruses which are critical. The only choice is to click on "Clean Computer." I finally was able to get it off my puter screen and I immediately did a full system scan. No viruses! It's a scam to get into the computer, obviously for nefarious reasons. The pop up doesn't look like the normal ones from one's viral protection. It has a lot of red in it. Hoping to spread the word. Speaking of hacking, I wonder whether the Target hacking includes Target's cards. I use mine all the time. Guess I'll have to find my password and go look at the activity on my card. I refuse to have a debit card. If those get hacked, it can be a nightmare to get one's bank acct. unfrozen. Don't need that stress.

    OK, my work here is done :D I hope and pray for a pain-free and happy day for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, it's official--I'm sick. Just took temp and it's 99.7 in one ear and 100.7 in the other. I was determined to finish that door frame before this gets worse. I did it! TADA!!! I did come in sweating. While cleaning off my glasses, they broke. So, next week, it's off to the optometrist to get them repaired. Oy! I did manage to clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher and clean off the counter. Only my Online Family knows just how big a deal this can be.

    Think I'll rest for the remainder of the day. There's nothing good on TV. Fortunately, I went on Netflix yesterday and loaded up my queue. With nothing good on TV, there's nothing good on On Demand. Whine, whine, whine! I may have to entertain myself the old fashioned way by reading. Well, I use my Kindle so I guess it really isn't the old fashioned way.

    Oh, oh, I almost forgot--I managed to put my cold weather coat in a sucky bag and vacuum the air out of it so I could fit it under my bed. Only problem is that the sucky bags suck! The air leaks back in and they are a real pain to drag out from under the bed. When one lives in a condo, one finds storage in every nook and cranny.

    OK, going to go. I promise this time.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Old Pals

    Mikie, I didn't know anybody could modify a thread title other than the original poster. I will
    have to try and remember that. (The odds ain't too good though.) "The Rock Man is off" strikes me as excellent. I was recalling my teen years. We were the first to dance to rock and roll. Anyhoo, if someone were showing a friend the basic step for dancing to rock (it's sort of a modified box step), he might say after a few minutes practice: That's it. You rock, Man. Enough practice for you. (Except people didn't really say, "You rock" back in those days.

    My teacher was actually a beautiful gal with a fabulous soprano voice. Her high B flat in
    "Ride the Chariot" was astonishing. I haven't heard anything about her since the 50s.

    Sergei Rachmaninoff was both a great composer and pianist. The former head of Columbia
    Records (for whom Rachmaninoff recorded) said in his biography that Mrs. Rachmaninoff used to call him up and complain. "We are in in some place called Cincinnati, and there is no
    publicity. You must do something." So he would call some record stores and persuade them to put some Rachmaninoff records in the window. BTW, I am so old Rachmaninoff was alive when I was a toddler.

    Sorry to hear about the temp. Hope you're back to normal pronto. I am surprised to hear
    about the storage bag. You mean all that stuff they peddle on TV doesn't work like it's
    supposed to? You ever see the ladder commercial on Youtube from QVC?

    Guy demonstrating the ladder falls off it. Ouch! Gordon was using a QVC step ladder yesterday to install a fluorescent light. As he was putting it away, he said, "You know. This ladder is probably too heavy for most women. They don't tell you that when they
    demonstrate it."

    Gordon is taking poinsettias to the cemeteries today. For some strange reason his family
    is buried in two different places. Travel to just one place is difficult in LA.

    Hugs to all
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    Mikie: so sorry you're now running a temp. But perhaps things will start breaking up for you. Gee......sure hope those college kids won't rent. They can be great for interaction with older people if they're used to grandparents, etc. but a real problem too. When we bought the house we now live in we purchased it from a family who had very active, popular kids. It was a few years later when I worked with some young people that they KNEW the house and all the wild parties that were held in this house.....mainly after the house was empty and on the market.

    Rock: Perhaps there were family disagreements at the time of the burials? Yes, it is very hard to travel around L.A. So that's what a contralto voice is. My big problem with singing is I CRACK all the time. I read some place years ago that fibromyalgia affects all muscles which would also mean the throat muscles for singing also.

    What a day for my husband at the hospital. The gastro doc. called me after 10 min and said DH had a turning in colon and he didn't want to try to push the camera all the way incase he punctured colon, so they were going to give him a barium enema! Well, apparently they didn't get a good look with that so he now has to go back (before the end of year because of met deductible) and have another enema for a look see.
    Seems that he has an ulcer, diverticulosis, along with a hernia he knew about and acid reflux damage on esophogus. Well.......what a surprise since he's always been able to EAT anything and everything. Now, no caffeine, soda pop, wine, spices, etc. etc. along with all the foods he's not able to eat because of being on coumadin. Since sept. it seems like there's more and more things that are showing up. Getting OLD is the pits.
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    Hi Porchies!

    Sorry you're sick Mikie. Such a day you had! I will check out the cloud wallpapers. I have the bubbles too. Aren't they neat? Get well friend.

    Rock, Thanks for starting the new porch. Rachmaninoff is one of my favorite classical composers. I fell in love with his Opus in D Minor when watching the movie, Somewhere In Time years ago. I bought the album with the sound track music. I used to hum it all the time when I worked at Key Buick 30 odd years ago in the Service Dept. as a file clerk. One of the salesmen once stopped on his way through the office and asked, "What is that song you always hum"? "It's sort of haunting". It's such a beautiful melody. Have you ever heard it?

    I'm also very partial to Baroque Chamber Music, (Very fond of YoYo Ma), Julian Bream's lute music album I acquired years ago is lovely, and James Galway's flute. I have three of Galway's albums. Yes.....albums. I still listen to them. I know the kids tell me I should get rid of my old record player, but I love my albums.....snaps, crackles, pops and all! They, in a way, define my whole generation and some of my fondest memories. Kids just don't get it.

    I think my fondest musical memory though, is sitting on my closet floor, winding up the old crank Victrola, and listening to "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas" on an old 78 record. Are you familiar with that one? My residents had never heard of it.

    Sun, So sorry for DH's medical difficulties. No fun. I sympathize with your cracking voice. I have the identical problem. Miss my voice. I never thought to attribute it to the Fibro until you mentioned it on one of your earlier posts a few months go. Makes sense. Yes, getting old is definately the pits.

    Diane, Your cookie baking plans sound yummy but surely a lot of work there. Let me know how your gluten free recipes turn out. I have a friend with Ciliac Disease. He needs gluten free goodies.

    To all Porchies, Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe and warm.

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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, My Friends,

    Rock, I like your pun better. Rock 'n Roll, and some classical music, is my favorite. Although, I do love various types of folk music because, well, it's so folksy :D Really, who can sit still when some Cajun music is playing? The feet take on lives of their own. I think the dancing we did to the 50's R&R music grew out of the jitterbug of the 40's. Oh, oh, I love the music of the 40's too. I love to watch the old WWII era B&W movies with that music. I know--big surprise that all that crap I buy doesn't perform as advertised. Still, if one has to stow things under the bed, those sucky bags keep them dust free. I hope Gordon is careful when he uses that ladder. I have enough trouble with just a regular step ladder. My voice cracks now and I thought it was from lack of use but it makes sense our vocal muscles are affected by FMS. I feel better about not being able to sing. Still, I think I'll get my tablet out and try some scales. Couldn't hurt; might help (the "chicken soup" theory).

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry about all the problems DH is having. Barb is on a blood thinner and she isn't supposed to eat a lot of things and she has to have her blood tested all the time. When she cuts herself, it looks like a massacre occurred. Yes, after watching one of those young guys jump the stair railing, which damages the railings' seating in the cement stairs, I'm thinking, "Oh boy, 14 year old boy mentality." It's only natural for kids that young to have tons of NRG and want to be active. Pity the poor single women who live next to, and below, that unit.

    Diane, I have a recipe for oatmeal cookies which can easily be made gluten free by exchanging the flour to GF flour. I do add the raisins but in limited quantity because a few raisins go a long way. I add nuts and chocolate chips too. The recipe uses molasses. Yummmmmy! If I'm up to going to the party at the pool today, which I doubt, I will have to bake some cookies. The POA is supplying deli platters. If I do bake cookies, they will be Pillsberry ginger cookies. They're as good as the ones I make from scratch and soooooo easy. I just don't do Christmas baking anymore. I try not to do too much gluten even though I've since found out it wasn't gluten, but lactose, which was upsetting my stomach. Now, it's just the maintenance dose of ABX which upsets it. One way or another, my stomach is upset :confused:

    Dar, "Somewhere In Time" is one of my all time favorite movies. I loved that haunting melody too. I can watch that movie over and over. It's Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 2 which is my favorite. I am also very fond of Baroque music. It's just so fancy and intricate. Who couldn't love Yo Yo Ma. He's done a few cameo acting roles on TV shows and seems to be a real down to earth kind of person. Remember I mentioned my favorite clouds are the little puffy cumulus clouds? Sometimes, they all look as though they were sliced off across the bottom at the same altitude. That is the dew point. If you know the altitude and temperature, you can figure the dewpoint. If you know the dewpoint and temperature, you can figure the altitude, and so on. I did love the problems where, if you have two givens, you can come up with the third, like time, speed and distance problems. Geez, I haven't thought about that stuff in ages. Perhaps if I did more often, it would stop the cognitive and memory problems which seem to get worse with age.

    Thank you all so very much for your kind good wishes. I haven't taken my temp today but I'm chilling, and still have the other symptoms. So, I'll likely forego the parties. No big loss to me but it always upsets my friends because we have so much fun when we're together. Well, it is a big loss because I miss out on the fun but, as I've mentioned, parties aren't my thing. Another friend here feels the same way. We like spur of the moment gettogethers with just a few of us instead of half the hood. I'll shower, do my hair and makeup and, if I'm up to it, I'll go but don't want to make others sick. If I'm still running a temp, I'll definitely stay home.

    Thanks for all your comments regarding editing thread titles. I think you may be right that only the original poster can change his or her title. It didn't occur to me that mods can do that. I just figured we all can. As I mentioned, I'm only now finding some of the functions the website offers.

    I ended up binge watching "Dexter" yesterday afternoon. I couldn't sleep until last evening but there was nothing good on TV anyway. I watched a few minutes of the Christmas celebration in D.C. but I can't stand to listen to singers who fool around with carols or the National Anthem, making six notes instead of one for one syllable. Again, I say, I'm an old fart. Good thing we have plenty of traditional singers who have done Christmas albums: Elvis, Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Rod Stewart. Rod Stewart has a series of CD's of old favorite songs. His duet with Cher of "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" is amazing. Also, I may not be able to sing anymore but I sure can tell when someone is flat and it's like fingernails on the blackboard. Now we know for sure I'm an old fart; there are no more blackboards.

    Better get going before I write another "W&P here. Oops, may be too late. :(

    Love, Mikie
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Not much to report. Did a lot of nothing yesterday. I did start reading the sequel to "Mary
    Poppins". The new film "Saving Mr. Banks" is about the making of the movie "Mary
    Poppins" back in the 60s. Author P. L. Travers was difficult to deal with.

    Got a Christmas card from my one surviving aunt. Beautiful handwriting; the kind they
    taught in the 1920s when she was in grade school. Nowadays I've read cursive writing
    is no longer part of the curriculum. I guess spelling may be out too since young people
    communicate with abbreviations via text and all that stuff. It's OK with me, but I
    wish people would stop turning statements into questions. With the raised tone at the
    end of the sentence, even experts on the news sound like they don't know what they
    are talking about.

    Julie, Elf Yourself made me think of Mad Libs. Remember them? Invented by
    Roger Price, the guy who used to draw Droodles. My son and I used to do them
    when taking trips.

    SG, sorry to hear about DH's troubles. Just one of those problems would be too
    much of a bad thing. I have a vague recollection of a barium enema decades ago.
    Can't even remember why it was done. And a restricted diet is major pain. Seems
    like almost everything is verboten for one reason or another: it promotes constipation;
    it has too much cholesterol; it's too high in calories; it causes warts.

    Dar, I used to have the soundtrack from "Somewhere in Time" on an LP record. Music
    by John Barry of James Bond fame. I kinda think I read the book. but like most of
    my memories I'm not really sure.

    I did have a couple of James Galway albums. Was listening to a CD of Yo Yo Ma and
    Placido Domingo a few days ago. (My opinion of Yo Yo has kinda gone up and down over
    the years.) Never had an album by Julian Bream, but I did see him in a concert in the
    1960s. At one point he held up his lute and turned it and turned it around. "Looks a
    bit like a watermelon," he said.

    Hi Mikie, I agree wholeheartedly. Folk music is folksy. We have a family folk song. You
    can hear it on You know where. It's been recorded by Sally Terry, Woody Guthrie, and
    Burly Ives, et. al. Here is what I posted some years ago after one Youtube rendition.

    "Very nice. Used to have 4 recordings of this song. (Got rid of my records when I moved.) One of the recordings was by Burl Ives. In his songbook he says the song was written in 1761 and "tells of the sad death of Timothy Myrick, 22 and engaged to marry, who was bitten by a rattlesnake". The 4 Merrick (the name is spelled 8 different ways in the old records) brothers came to the New World from Wales in 1636. Were founders of Springfield, MA. And I am a Merrick ten generations later."

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    Rock - sorry to hear about your carotids..i actually thought you sounded so much better
    lately...sort of limber..Gordon seems to spend a lot of time with flowers (smiling)

    Barry - welcome to the Porch and congratulations on your impending nuptials..ive always
    koved the sound of where you live

    Sun - sorry to hear about DHs health issues..hope all his tests show good results

    Mikie - i wish you werent sick; hope this bug goes away soon. Managing a condominium
    is hard work seems like,so many issues to think about.

    Diane - how does one confirm gluten allergy? i just hope i dont hv that. we dont get gluten free

    Yesterday was brothers one week prayer ceremony...the week has gone by just preparing
    monks came over to pray..some rituals..

    just wanted to pop in and see what everyones been upto..

    take care,all

    god bless
  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi all. If this ends up an incomplete post it's my IPAD......seems like it still has troubles.

    All that talk about the music from Somewhere in Time makes me want to search for a CD at the library. I LOVE that movie and have watched it at least 6 times. Makes one wonder about the possibility of those time travel things. Personally I've always wanted to go back to around 1900 or earlier. Of course, though I love the clothes don't think I would want to go thru all those necessary undergarments. Did anyone watch the series on PBS about a young shopkeeper in a department store.....recently on TV.....but the name escapes me at this time of the morning!

    I've also heard Yo Yo Ma interviewed several times on the radio and he comes across as a very down to earth person, unimpressed with himself. My kind of a person.

    Spring.....Are the rituals for your brother almost over? They sound very involved and very expensive.

    I have to make this brief.....I've had to post then edit at least 6 times. My keyboard keeps freezing up.
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rock for starting this up and I have missing most of it already !!! Hooray our performance of the Contata is over, yay and so do not have to worry about that any more :)!! I think it came off pretty good but it was a bit long and that is what DH said he thought. People I had talked to said it wad very good but we will see . Tomorrow maybe I will hear more about it. Guess what, my name wasn't in the brochure, most likely an over site or done early enough when I wasn't sure if I was singing or not. A bit upsetting but not much to do about it and did enjoy the singing.

    Whoops, I almost thought I had lost this post but then I found it very faint that needed to be posted. However, it wasn't finished yet.

    Mikie - Sorry you are not feeling well still? I hope you hurry up and feel better. Not good to feel bad especially on a holiday. Were you going to get together wtih Barb or some friends or just going to REST???? I need to get my stuff together that we will bring over to our sons. It is all over in my closet. What a mess !

    Sun - Sorry to hear about your computer freezing up. Mine does crazy things too esp when typing really fast. When I look up I may have a jumbled mess with sentences where they shouldn't be, like above or below other sentences, not going together. Talk about frustrating sometimes. Yes, I don't think I would like to live at the time with all those underpinnings and garments under the dresses in the really olden days, They did look pretty but very confined I guess you would say,

    Spring Water- Hope you are starting to get back to normal a little bit after the passing of your dear brother. I am sure it was hard for all but it is nice to know that they are not suffering any more when having to undergo such harsh treatments. Hope that things are settling down a bit for you all.

    Hi also to Dar, Julie, Barry, Jam, Diane and everyone else I can't remember right now. To much to do today and before Christmas and the holidays comes by in a few days. Hope everyone is feeling well or better.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Slept most of yesterday. Have been up all night. (So far.) In other words, the usual. Gordon's niece stopped by yesterday. Gordon loaded her up with a lot of stuff we want to get rid of. All new or barely used. I think we could have a garage sale every weekend for a year.
    A lotta stuff that accumulated over the years while Gordon's mother was in charge.
    And stuff Gordon bought but never used. He loves to shop. I'm like most men.
    Hate it.

    Glad to hear your concert went well, Granni. Yes, it's too bad they left your name
    off the program. But that's show biz. The same thing happened to Beverly Sills when
    the Met celebrated its 100th birthday. Only it was not accident. She was told her name
    wasn't listed with other famous singer because she didn't sing at the Met too often.

    Well, I know she sang several opera there. Don't know how many performances though.
    There used to be a web site that listed this info, but I can't find it now. Just because it's
    on the net doesn't mean it's locatable.

    SG, sorry you're having computer troubles. So am I. Probably most of the world is.
    Ha Ha! I saw a video on one of those humor sites. A guy expressed his dissatisfaction
    with his computer by shooting it with a shotgun. "Enter this, Mr. Computer." Boom!

    Springwater, glad you're feeling up to posting. You guys see a post I did a week or so ago?
    I just came across it. I posted to "Springflower". Well, what can we expect when we're
    dealing with a wayward mind. (I think Gogi Grant had a big hit with that some decades ago.)

    Hugs everybody
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    So good to see everyone here at such a busy time of year.

    Granni, glad things went well. We have some awesome choir events in town but I doubt I'll be seeing any of them this year. Some others have gotten this virus too. I'm enduring but that's about it. Again, I so admire all the work and commitment you have to your music. I know it must give so much pleasure to so many. What a wonderful way to give. Just wish I had a voice which would give pleasure. Heck, it doesn't even give me pleasure. Someone here said FMS can affect the vocal muscles and make the voice crack. Well, that's going to be my excuse and I'm sticking with it :)

    Rock, did your aunt, by chance, attend a Catholic school? Those nuns made us practice the Palmer Method of cursive until our hands cramped. Well, some of us still write beautifully but others, like me, have lost the beautiful pensmanship we once had. I think, in my case, it's like with my voice--use it or lose it. It's very cool about your family folk song. We have some famous, and infamous, ancestors, including Dan'l Boone. I suspect we all do if we dig deep enough. Back in the day, a lot of the folksy music was about families or family members and their escapades. Were they more creative without all these electronic devices or do our newfangled devices help us to be more creative? Ancient cave dwellers were evidently compelled to tell the stories of their lives with the cave drawings. I wonder whether most art, music, and literature weren't spurred by this same need to capture the lives and times of the people. Did this lead to flights of fancy to produce creative works from the artists' minds?

    Sunflower Girl, I think a lot of us would love to experience a more romantic era in the past. Scientists cannot figure out why time only marches in one direction. The laws of physics do not answer this question. Time should be able to go backward as well as forward. If time travel ever becomes a reality, can we travel forward? I think unless we were able to travel as Rock said, in another thread, as unembodied spirits, we might do something which would change everything. Knowing what we know now, would we kill Hitler if we could go back? To most of us, killing is abhorrent but would it save millions of other lives? It's easier to imagine something which is impossible. One friend of mine said he would but most of us cannot answer the question or, at least, easily answer it. OK, now y'all know what strange ideas play across my pea brain.

    Springwater, thanks for posting during what I know is a very difficult time for you. Grieving takes time and never really stops but I do think our rituals, whatever they may be, help us to cope when grief is the most raw. I'm keeping you and yours in my prayers. I am on the board for our bldg. but I don't actually manage it. We have a mgmt. co. but I guess, in the sense that we deal with the finances, including the budget, we do have a mgmt. role. We have always used volunteer help in order to save money for small repairs if it's something we can do ourselves. I did get the doorframe painted and caulked. I was anxious to finish it before this virus got me full blown.

    I went to the party at the pool yesterday. I even managed to bake a dozen cookies but they were the Pillsbury refrigerated kind which you just slice off unless you want to roll them out and cut out cookies (I didn't). I rested all day while binging on reruns of "Dexter." I didn't stay long at the party and woke up during the night with a swollen and sore throat. I had a horrible headache too. I got up and took some acetaminophen and put a cold gel pack on my forehead. Thank you all for your kind good wishes for my recovery.

    Barb and I sat outside for hours this morning drinking coffee. Neither of us had any desire to do anything. We were invited to an afternoon tea and Martini party. I had already told the hostess last evening that if I weren't well, I wouldn't be there. She understands because she has a daughter who has MS and FMS. Barb's back was acting up so she didn't go. The woman downstairs is still recovering from open heart surgery and, last I saw her, she was going to take a nap to see whether she would be up to going. She is frail and still gets dizzy. Her recovery has not been easy for her.

    It's funny that a huge flock of birds fly in about five every evening. They live at the nature sanctuary/park across the street. Every morning, about eight, they fly toward the beach. We all call it their day jobs. I just saw them flying over "going home from work." Red Tide seems to have gone but not until it killed a lot of wildlife and sealife. Seems it's time for me to sign off. Today, I'm binging on reruns of "Downton Abbey." I've seen them before but live watching again.

    Love to everyone,,

  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: About Hitler, I read someplace that he really wanted to be an artist but no one liked his work. Just think if they had.....things might have been so totally different if he had felt loved and accepted. Along those lines, I was listening to a segment on Andy Warhol and found it very interesting.....kinda gross and weird too. Years before he died he was going to move, he hated thinking about people touching his stuff and snooping, so his assistant said why not pack up things in boxes as a "time capsule". I need to do some research on this.....there must be an Andy Warhol museum and they have 3 women whose sole job is to unpack a box, catalogue it's contents, and put it back in and seal it up. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of these boxes, filled with momentos from his life, correspondence, photos, etc. Some contain garbage....literally old apple cores, dried up sandwiches, etc. as though things were just scooped in a box. One box contained things from celebrities......they would apparently send something to him and EXPECT him to send them something. A naked photo of Rob Lowe in one, asking for Andy to send something back! One box contained dirty underwear! Ewwwwwww. There were boxes of confetti, and the girls would have to gather up every piece of confetti and catalogue it and put it back. I was thinking as I listened to this piece.....strange how people put celebrities on a golden pedestal as though they were god.

    Rock: wow.....ten generations and all the way back to 1600s. Impressive. Anybody in your family keep track of the geneology?

    Granni: Don't feel bad that your name wasn't listed. At least you were there and added your voice. Wonder if Beverly Sills was upset?

    Darn, I went to the library today and it was on my mind to look for a Rochmanioff CD. I know I spelled that wrong but I'm really having Ipad troubles so I guess after the new year we'll have to take this back AGAIN......GRRRRRRRRR
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2013
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Sunflower Girl, very interesting perspective on Hitler. Not all sociopaths become mass murderers. How interesting it would be to be able to travel back in time and effect changes to see what would have happened if only one thing were different. I'm not sure Hitler was a sociopath. I think he did have some kind of mental illness for him to believe that producing a pure race of people was worth killing millions in the attempt. From what I've read, he had some sexual issues and was obsessed with round fruit. Don't know what to make of that. Yes, people do put celebs on pedestals and it can get sick. No wonder the celebs eventually crack under the pressure of the fans and paparazzi. Interesting about Warhol. I do a little abstract painting and I like it as an art form but pop art has never been my thing. It's interesting to look at for about five minutes. Soup cans? Thanks for such interesting material.

    Jam, glad you had such a good time. You must be an excellent bridge player. I've never been able to get into cards, especially where you have a partner. We had to play whist one time at a party and it was excruciating. I admire you guys who play because it takes smarts. I've played poker in my day and I used to enjoy that but don't really have any interest anymore. These days, solitaire on my computer is as close as I get to card games. Glad you had a good therapy session. I was raised Catholic but no longer attend church. I am no longer religious in the traditional sense but I am spiritual. I still pray the Rosary and I ask the saints for prayers and help. St. Anthony never lets me down. As much as I lose stuff, he's a handy guy to have around. I think there are few true atheists who are sure that this life is all there is and there is no higher being. When asked to define their beliefs, many will say they don't believe in the traditional idea of God but believe there is some kind of higher intelligence which designed everything. There are a lot of agnostics who say they don't believe because they just don't know.

    I bumped into an antique sled while moving around this cramped space to put up the shelf behind my sofa. I hit the metal runner with my lower leg and, of course, it peeled my skin up in an area about the size of a quarter. I did the same thing when I fell a year ago last june when I had my head injury. This time, I didn't bleed so much so washed all the blood out of my jammie bottoms and didn't have to throw them away. Y'all will think this is funny. Instead of antibiotic cream, I've been putting antifungal cream on it. The tubes are almost identical. Well, at least, I likely won't get a fungus growing on the wound :rolleyes: I wondered why it was still so red and inflamed. Duh!!! I still need to move the sofa out from the wall and put the screws through the brackets and into the bottom of the wood shelf. Right now, the shelf is just sitting on the brackets. I could probably leave it that way but am afraid the wood will warp if not screwed down.

    DGS wants to come down to see me after Christmas. I'm hoping this virus will go away and I can get his room (he sleeps on the loveseat/bed in my little office) all cleaned up. I keep paint in plastic tubs in the back of the walk-in closet. I had to dig it out to finish that door frame project. I need to catalog where the various paints are kept for future reference. So, right now, I have a mess in there. Maybe that can be today's project after I drop off my glasses to be repaired. I'm depending on my contacts and various readers. Not convenient.

    Hope everyone is ready for Christmas. All I have to do is deliver Tweety's and Sylvester's gift bag. I've been Christmas shopping for them ever since Jeff initially took them in. Poor kitties, they've been swapped around from one loving home to another after living outside for quite a while. Even when they lived outside, they came in to Julies's and my condos. I may have a Main Coon cat of impressive girth for three weeks this spring as a houseguest. His mamma is going on a trip. He doesn't much like other animals and is rather indifferent to humans so I don't think he'll be much of a problem. He doesn't like a dirty litter box and announces loudly after he does his business that it needs to be cleaned. His name is Bob, The Heart Throb and I'll be going over to get to know him better. Don't know if or when I'll get to see Tweety or Sylvester again. Julie is being very strange about letting me visit them. I miss them so much but am glad they have a good home.

    Also hope everyone has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Ouchie! BE CAREFUL! I guess anything put on the wound is good.....even apple cider vinegar. I hope you will feel healthy for your grandson to visit.....Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'm guessing that Julie is acting funny about your visiting Silvester and Tweety because she's still not feeling good after her surgery. People react differently when they're in least I think that might be the reason.

    OK.....I'm beginning to think that the freezing up problem is on this board. Whenever I hit caps lock, or something else, it will freeze up. Have to turn off the keyboard, wait 4 secs and then turn it on. I know that Rock and Spring have also been having troubles. I'm going to really pay attention to my IPAD.

    Jam. Sounds like a wonderful night for you and congratulations on your win. I grew up in the Presbyterian church but am now a Born Again Christian. My husband is Polish Catholic but I think he's having his eyes opened to a lot of things.

    I was lucky with the shopping for my two grandkids. I know nothing about what they like so my daughter shopped online at toys r us, had it delivered to me and I paid her. So at least that was good for me. My son is down from Portland, borrowed one of our cars, so I'm without wheels today and tomorrow. No problem.....I'm soooo darn tired so this will force me to stay home and rest.

    I planted my 5 large flowering kale plants yesterday and a pony pack of sweet peas. I did notice that one was missing so I only got 5 plants......bummer. I tried growing them at least 20 years ago, loved them......they smell so good. I remember at that time I had a row of about 15' long, and when they start blooming you MUST pick daily to keep them blooming. I was giving lots of flowers away.
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Spent much of last night trying to write Christmas cards. Took me a week to write to
    my aunt in MN. She has no computer. Anyhoo, Gordon got a second hand printer from
    a friend and hooked it up. Took me three days to write the letter. We have some fine
    letter writers in the family, but this aunt isn't one of them. The only thing she wrote on
    her Christmas card to me was Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    You can't return the ball if it doesn't get hit to you. Just nothing to respond to. So, anyhoo,
    I finally got the letter written and Gordon was able to get it printed out and we mailed it.
    Then, last night, I tried to send 3 e mails. Should be easy since most of the paragraphs would
    be the same and could be cut and pasted. Two of the e mails vanished altogether, and the
    third was an iffy proposition.

    This morning, however, I found one in the sent folder (couldn't find it there last night) and
    two in the draft folder, so I tried again. At this point I don't really care if anybody gets
    them or not. Everything in life is too much trouble nowadays.

    I'd buy a new computer, but I have no faith it would work any better than the ones in the
    past. I've read it's very risky to have experts work on your computer. They have been known
    to steal stuff. I'd give up the computer altogether, but then I couldn't visit the board.

    Gordon and I watched a documentary on king cobras this morning. The human population in
    SE Asia where they live is ever increasing. Big problems; little problems. I think most of
    our human problems fall into the category of shooting ourselves in the foot. See Washington
    DC for examples.

    Mikie, no, my aunt didn't go to a Catholic school. We didn't have any in our village. The Catholic Church was tiny. Only had about a 100 member. MN was heavily Lutheran. Probably not so much any more.

    But I remember the Palmer penmanship method. In the early grades we used to draw endless
    rows of circles and up and down strokes. And every classroom had big cards posted that
    demonstrated perfect letters.

    The discussion about Hitler reminds me of a TV play I saw decades ago. About a young
    couple trying to cross the boarder to get into Austria. There is some problem with the
    delivery or the baby. Anyhoo the viewer is rooting for the new arrival only to discover
    at the end that it is Hitler. Like a kick in the stomach.

    SG, never heard that about Andy Warhol and his boxes. A complete fraud as far as I'm
    concerned. Along with that graffiti guy who was in New York recently and that guy who
    goes around wrapping islands in fabric and what not. He had an installation of big
    umbrellas here in California some decades back. One of them was blown over by
    the wind and killed a woman.

    In answer to your question, yes, there is a lot of documentation on the Merrick family in
    the Los Angeles Public library, genealogy section. None of it can be checked out. George
    Merrick wrote a book on the family about 1907. (Wrote another book on his experiences
    as a steamboat captain on the Mississippi.)

    Last year I discovered the book is on the net. But I can't read it. One of the problems
    is he had no page numbers and no index. The other one is that I can't work the scroll
    feature on the computer right now, so it's too hard to read. I did have a list of all
    my direct ancestors from 1636 up to 1907. Probably don't anymore with all the moves
    I've made. Roughly two dozen.

    Until you get a Rachmaninoff CD from the library, you can listen to him on Youtube.
    He made a lot of piano rolls. They probably have some of same. I know they have
    some made by Scott Joplin.

    Congratulations on your bridge win, Jam. Gordon and I played in duplicate tournaments
    for a couple decades. Sometimes together, sometimes with other partners. I used to play
    at a club where Hermine Baron played regularly. Did I ever mention her before?

    Anyhoo, at one time she was the leading woman's tournament player in the U.S. She
    was the second overall, right behind Barry Crane. Crane was a TV director-producer;
    notably of Mission Impossible. He was murdered in the 1980s; case never solved.
    Barry and Hermine are both the ACBL Hall of Fame.

    One time a friend and I were playing against Hermine and partner. My friend was
    declarer and on lead, but he wasn't doing anything. Hermine said, "Com'on, Joe.
    You have the Queen of Diamonds and the 9 of spades, and they're both good."

    Sorry you had an encounter with your antique sled, Mikie. Makes me wonder
    what else you've got in that condo. A horse drawn plow? HaHa! Better go.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another very quick hi and Merry Christmas to all. I tried to read through the posts but may have missed some. I haven't seen JULIE and hope she is just busy as always and not SICK !!

    Mikie- Sorry to hear that you are sick again. I think maybe someone else was sick too with different temps in different ears. Was that SUN or Mikie? I'll be darned if I can remember. That is sad that that other Julie who has the cats now won't let you come to see them. Some people can be very strange and possessive about pets and people too. Just pray this will change soon. Gee, I missed the fight you had with the sled. I will have to go back and try to find it. Hope you aren't to sore from it.

    I like to play cards but am not very competitive at it. Did play in a very small bridge group years ago when lived in Louisiana. We chatted more than we concentrated on playing I think. Really good players would not like us very well :)!! I like to play Hearts, Tripoli, some Poker, Rummy, etc and used to play Canasta as a kid. My parents and grandparents loved to play cards. JAM - Glad you enjoy your Bridge and I know it is great for the brain.

    I am waiting now for my cleaning lady who helps me every once in awhile. It sure needs help now ( the house that is).. When she comes perhaps I will go upstairs and do some more wrapping ( like throwing in gift bags and putting the tissue paper around, or wrapping a few of them in tissue) . Also wrote my notes to the grandkids we will be seeing that Christmas, some money and a few little things. My lovely granddaughter is hopefully, as we speak, having her tonsils out. She has had so many bouts of tonsillitis and URI's. Hopefully, the surgery is now underway. It had been delayed with appartently lots of others to do too.

    Hugs to everyone before my angel comes to help me. Thinking of everyone - Julie, Dar, Jam, Spring Water, Joan, Rock, Sun, Diane, Barry ,et al.

    Gotta run and do a few more things to get ready for Christmas. Will be at our son and DIL in the city for Christmas just for dinner/ late lunch. Others are to far away and/ or we saw them for Thanksgiving. Sorry I cannot reply to each of you. If I do not get back before Christmas have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Year. Glad all my singing is over. We are supposed to sing for Midnight Mass if we can but I am not singing, for sure.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello everydobby

    popped in with my mug of steaming hot mug of tea to see whats up, who's about, whats
    brewing...hmmm..pun? unintended..if so. lol

    early morn..busy few days ahead, when is it not? today hv a date with my healer friend
    to go down to the a lil buddhist nun who will show me where her aunt
    earmarked a buddha statue for my brothers rituals..the aunt nun had to rush to america
    where her guru (my deceased uncle) has a centre for buddhist retreats. her visa expires
    in a month so she wanted to avail of it.

    sun said rituals seem to be expensive, they are! but i am trusting in the divine to provide
    and he has, up to brother wil be mighty pleased his sis got all the work done
    for his afterlife journey..well, some of the work until 49 days..when we hv a big prayer
    ceremony and feed relatives

    we hv weekly prayers till seventh week.

    yesterday was one marathon of walking from one monastery to another arranging

    my Mil and bil dropped in the other day just to see how i was getting along and so
    did my husbands two cousin sisters and one brother in law. the couple just arrived from
    switzerland where they stay...the boys parents are refugees from tibet who got asylum.

    the weather is holding up well, sunny. makes travelling about easier.

    i too was noticing julies absence and worried a bit..i hope its just that she is busy
    and not sick.

    rock - its sort of calming to be able to come in here and see all you porchies posts
    and know life goes on..regardless of upheavals...inhavent dared sat down and let
    myself think about brothers absence and what it means...that would immobilize me
    ....the upkeep and welfare of a widow and unemployed slightly withdrawn younger
    brother thrust upon me is too much to contemplate..i dont even work! they do hv
    a small rent and what i give them monthly ..still its scary..

    as for the pain of reliving memories..his visits here, his company, the fact that
    he would do some of the duties towards maternal family and relatives, visiting
    keeping abreast...our annual picnics which he used to be ecstatic about...i cant
    handle it now..

    jam - i was going on a decluttering spree when i got stopped in my tracks by all
    the happenings...hope to resume soon...

    mikie - strange how julies behaving..hope younhv a good time with your dear grandson

    granni - have you started making your bean soup since its cold...the crockpot one?
    wonder if julies using hers

    sun - my ipad still acting up i have edited this post ten times...well long as it posts

    god bless u all
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2013
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Spring Water - Just checking the Porch. I was thinking about that the other day. Not sure I have all the stuff for it though. Would be a good night for it as we need to go to church tomorrow and am going to the very early church. So do not have to sing in the choir since I will NOT be at Midnight Mass. It is supposed to be in the 20's over night and warm up to 50's I think in the afternoon. That is a great idea SPRING. I really need to go and check some of my ingredients. Not sure if this one is for the crockpot or not. I got some mixed beans some time ago but haven't done anything with them yet. Have to start thinking about them again and doing something with them. With these beans I will have to soak them first. I usually don't bother with soaking split peas or lentils. Hope things are calming down a bit for you and family after the passing of your dear brother. Need to buy some more split peas and lentils. I have leftover ham so that will be good in each of those soups.

    Sorry your I pad is driving you crazy again. A techie I am not and just get frustrated if I cannot fix the problem or if the computer gets more persnickety (is that a word)??.

    Mikie - Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your grandson.

    Need to watch TV with DH - the food channel is better than football at least this time :)!!!

    Big hugz to everydobby and blessings to awl if I do not get back here before Christmas arrives..

    Julie - Hope you are just busy and not sick. Hope Lindsay is having a better pregnancy than with the twins with her sick tummy all the time. :(

    Diane - Enjoy your staycation with DH :)!!

    Granni :)

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