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    Hi everyone! It will soon be midnight in my neck of the woods...thought I would get a new volume going before I head off to bed. Be sure and check out the last posts on the previous porch...

    I'll have Jerome get started on a lovely breakfast will be ready soon, so even if someone stops by in the middle of the night, be sure and help yourself.

    I'm thinking lots of fresh fruit, strawberry and blueberry waffles, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, bacon and eggs...and protein (soups, steak, etc.) for Jam and me...and anyone else who does maybe a "non-traditional" breakfast. Coffees, teas, Joan's ice water, juices...just let us know if there is anything else you would like.

    Maybe we can get Granni to bake some of her famous chocolate chip cookies for "coffeetime" later in the day.

    Pull up a rocking chair or hammock or join me on the porch swing! See you all in the morning!
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    Hi, Julie, thanks for starting a new Porch. I changed the title to close 690 and posted in red at the end so people will not accidently post there. Yes, those possums seem to like to hang around cats. Probably because cats are so good at finding food. Here, on a cold night, a neighbor saw Tweety curled up with a small possum on one of the steps, keeping each other warm. Tweety played with the possums. When I just went out to get Simon's bowls, there was the possum. I had to shoo it away. They aren't aggressive but I have to throw the food away and wash the bowls in case the possum has a disease. It's a shame the twins have eczema. Do you think the diet will help or has it helped already? My Mom got it just before she died. Never had it in all her 92 years. I felt so bad for her. I can't imagine dealing with it with kids. Hope it improves. Loved the Indian and the saying regarding DST. Sooooo true!

    Rock, used to be that the stars lived and died by Blackwell's list. That is, until the stars started drawing attention to themselves by looking weird or like bums. I miss the glamour. Red Carpet Events are about the only places one still sees glamour and even then, there is always someone trying to be "different."

    Jam, as I see it, both FL and CA are both nice places to live; they are just nice in a different way. We no longer have swarms of mosquitos as we spray for them now. It is still very humid in the summertime but at night, the air is like a nice warm blanket around one's shoulders. Housing is very reasonable and the people here are so friendly. We have our hurricanes and you have earthquakes and mud slides. CA is basically a desert and we are more tropical. I like it that one can grow more varieties of plants in CA than in FL. We don't have the traffic on our freeways like you do in CA. All things considered, I think both places are great. It isn't a competition. I could live on either coast.

    Sunflower Girl, nice score on the desk! Good for you! I think there are several groups of women who do Irish or Celtic shows. This one had three young sisters and a dancing older woman who played the violin. There was a young man and three young women who danced. There were five or six musicians as well. This group is called, "Women of Ireland."

    Yesterday, I picked up an Rx at Target. My doc had to get prior authorization for me to get 90 days of Clonazepam but I got them. Whenever one changes insurance plans, there are always bumps in the road. I found a pack of two pairs of Haynes boyleg undies. They are difficult to find but oooooh sooooo comfortable. I buy them when I see them. I also found the cutest little white vase on sale. It's ribbed and the white finish is like shabby chic. Don't know what it is about the vase but I loved it when I first saw it but didn't want to pay full retail (surprise, surprise). When I left the store, I stopped at the do-it-yourself carwash. Took $4 to get it clean. Probably could have done it for $3 but hate to feel rushed. I use a no-spot rinse so didn't bother to dry it off. I was feeling a bit weak and sick so just came home.

    We've had to cancel our lunch today as one can't make it and I'm good with that. I don't know whether it's allergies or whether I'm catching a cold. I feel rotten but have some things I want to do. We'll see as the day goes on. I still have to hang my tree face and put the sticker on my car. Such important chores--NOT!!!

    I've been taking my cold-pressed coconut oil and even put it on my skin to get rid of the dryness. I hope it's helping my cholesterol. It's supposed to be like avocados--lots of saturated fat but a good kind which helps with HDL, which is what I need help with. Have to wait 'n see.

    Hope all you Porchies have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie and everyone! I'm dragging today too, but figure if I can just keep puttering along, I will eventually get over this crud. Staying indoors, even though it is to be another nice day (until it rains, then snows tonight, lol)...I have plenty to do inside, and won't be tempted to do a bunch of crazy physical exertion like I would if I go out and see all the stuff that needs to be done.

    We got Den's dad one of those tree faces several years still looks good, after being outdoors in the weather for so long.

    I went over to Lindsey's (David had taken Lorraine to preschool.) Liora was really wanting to be held...I think Isaiah had been picking on her all morning. They both needed their fingernails trimmed, so I got that little job done for Linds. I set them on my lap and sing the "Where is Thumbkin" song while I work...I guess it distracts them..

    "Where is Thumbkin, where is Thumbkin?"
    "Here I am, here I am."
    "How are you today, Sir?"
    "Very well, I thank you!"
    "Run away, run away."

    Then you do the same thing for "Pointer", "Tall Man", "Ring Finger", and "Pinkie." On "Run away, run away", I fold that finger down and get ready with the next one. This works equally well when time to wipe hands after they eat...they actually grab the washcloth and hand it to me and point to their thumbs, lol!

    I know, I know...some people are solving world problems, and here I am...singing nursery rhymes to my little ones. I have the advantage...since I've been in this "season" before...of remembering how fast time really does fly.

    Well, time for more "puttering." I did go out and retrieve the load of clothes that I left on the line last night...glad it hasn't rained just yet :p

    Hope everyone is doing as well as possible. I am staying away from the care center awhile longer, just in case I am still "germy." Plan to stop and see my dad on the way to pick up Keira on Thursday.

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    Hi Everydobby

    Julie, that's some breakfast! Reminds me of the farmer breakfasts some restaurants used
    to serve. Maybe still do. So far as I could tell, it was the fried potatoes that qualified a meal
    for the term "farmer".

    The most lavish breakfast spread I even encountered was at the Disneyland Hotel about 30
    years ago. My brother was visiting from Minnesota. Treated us to the buffet breakfast at
    the Hotel. $25@! Wonder if they still serve it. Must be twice the price by now. Uff-da!

    Never heard of the Thumbkin song before. But I went to Youtube and discovered that
    the melody is an old friend. It's "Brother John" or "Frere Jacques".

    Mikie, you're so busy. Haven't washed my car very often in the last decade. Hardly use
    it. Every month that we've lived here someone comes by and leaves a card on the windshield.
    "We Buy Junk Cars." Good Grief! It's only 26 years old.

    Yes, what made entertainment great in our time is gone. Probably like most of America.
    Gone forever. So far as I know, nobody ever fell down at the Oscars until recently.
    Did you see the news the other day? Some star (with a weird name) said he thought
    the second fall was deliberate. Thank technology that we have Youtube. Last night
    I watched Debbie Reynolds and Johnny Carson do a brief dance on the Tonight Show.

    Jam, I think you're right. Walking is a more sensible exercise than running. I was never
    good at running or any sort of athletic endeavor. Well, there was one thing. I could
    turn a good cartwheel. One or two handed. Somebody said, "Now do it no handed,"
    which I thought was a joke. Decades later I saw acrobats who really could do them no-
    handed. Used to turn a cartwheel every birthday. Stopped that when I was in my 60s.

    SG, congratulations on finding a bargain desk. I remember buying one at a thrift shop
    about 40 years ago. Painted it primary colors. There were 4 drawers and I painted each
    one a different color. Last I saw that desk my ex wife had it. Well, that was a good home
    for it. Is DH over the pain of surgery? That's great that he can work at home.

    Well, regards to Dar and Barry and Joan and Diane and Freida and Springwater
    and Jole and Granni and everydobby. I wish you were all here and we could go
    have breakfast. I'd be happy to treat. :p

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    Greetings all !!

    Got back not to long ago from singing at an assisted living facility past our own neighborhood. Glad we had a couple brave drivers to bring us there. There weren't to many in the audience this time but they seemed to really enjoy it. Also one of the gals, not sue if she was the director or not suggested that we come at a later time , like around lunch time I think she said or right after, not sure. So I guess we try that another time. We don't like late in the afternoon either as we et stuck in the traffic coming home, not good.

    Speaking of germy JULIE many of us are fighting something and I know I am starting again so taking the generic Zicam I think it is called . I was off my vitamins for a few days due to the bone scan so am back on again. I am feeling it in my chest or not quite there yet. Wondering if I should use my inhaler that I had left over from another time.

    ******DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET MELTED ALUMINUM FOIL OFF THE BOTTOM OF THE OVEN.?? I GOOGLED IT THE OTHER DAY AND ONE OF THE THINGS SAID TO TRY THE STICKY TAPE METHOD. SO FAR HAVE GOTTEN SOME OFF BUT STILL A FAIR AMOUNT TO GO. I don't want to use the oven until I get it off. Stupid me I will never do that again. I should have tried to get it off right away but didn't. Darn it and the oven is fairly new one too. I did try some water and non abrasive sponge and soap but that doesn't seem to help at all.

    I finally got my bone scan done yesterday, so hooray for that. Hope I have at least a little bit of improvement.

    Julie - Hope you feel better soon. What a cute idea with those babies to get their nails cut. MMM choc chip cookiies sound wonderful for me. Sorry I wish I had the ingredients to make them or at least the refrigerated dough :)! Thanks for starting up the new porch. Lately DH has been on the computer a lot more than I . I have my phone but don't want to rack up my minutes or whatever you call it that costs.

    Sun - Glad you found yourself a "bargain" desk. I am always so happy when I get a bargain but lately I haven't really done that much shopping other than food, etc. Hope things are going OK for you and DH. More hugz and prayers coming your way.

    Mikie - Sorry you aren't feeling that great either. This is the crazy season. Here from day to day you do not know what to wear daily which doesn't help. The flowers and the people are confused. How much Coconut oil are taking daily and what have you been using it for ?. Lately I have been cooking with it sometimes when I can and I know it is good on the skin. Haven't done the oil pulling lately .

    Hi also to Rock, Jam, Dar, Jole, Freida, Spring Water Joan, and all that I haven't mentioned.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Back again you all !

    Rock - Thanks for the posting of that music video. I am not sure I had heard that one before. Lovely music and I love all those C and W singers even if dear Tammy is gone. Glad that I went back and read some of the posts and listened to the video. Such a sweet sound !

    Julie - Glad you posted in red about not posting on the old thread as I almost did when I went back to read.

    I am sad to hear that after our performance today some of the gals were still getting ready to go get the cars when we passed by in our car. Our oldest singer at 92, I think has gotten so frail and apparently fell trying to sit down on one of the benches while someone was probably going to get their car. On of the gals is an LVN and she insisted that they bring our dear friend to the ER. They had to lift her into the car. Apparently so far it is a hairline fx and she is in the hospital and they are going to do a CT scan to find out the extent for sure. She still can sing a tune but has gotten so frail after a slight stroke and other problems . She lives by herself in this big home with occasional kids and grandkids coming by, She is such a wonderful and sweet person, herself an army ( I think) nurse. who served in WWII. She really does need to be closer to family with someone with her. She should always take a cane which she doesn't do either. However, she is a spunky gal and won't leave unless probably made to. We will miss her though if she does have to go.

    Not to much else is new right now. I think DH will be gone part of the day but will go buy some plants or should I say flowers to plant. Lucky me I get to plant them - b00 !! My back really doesn't like that bending down and my nails are already horrible. I do wear gloves though. b

    Mikie - I need you to come and do my nails :)!!

    Need to run for now and will try and get back tomorrow.

    Granni :)
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    Mikie, or other sources of info. Is there someplace on the board I can read about how
    to use the chat feature? Somebody wanted to chat. I couldn't figure out how to send
    a message. Finally ended up typing a message to myself as the other two chatters

    Uff-da and Sacrebleu. Not to be confused with "Nel blue dipinto di blu" aka "Volare".

    (Famous Norskie crooner)
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    Oh boy, Rock, I have never used live chat. Don't like it. You can send a private e-mail to people by clicking on their avatar. Then, they can do the same to you. It's just like using AOL or Yahoo except you do it here. Tech Support, or one of our members here might be able to help you. As I sit here, I see "New Chat" and "General Chat" at the bottom of the page. I wonder whether that would get you into live chatting. Sorry I can't help you. Geez, your car is only 26 yrs. old. You're just breaking it in. I keep a liquid wax on my car, the wipe on, wipe off type. It feeds the clear coat over the paint. If you see a car which looks like a snake shedding its skin, you can bet it's a car which has never been waxed. It's the sun's UV rays which destroy the clear coat. My car has to last the rest of my life so I want to take good care of it. It still looks like new, except for a small scratch.

    Julie, when my DGS was a baby, my daughter had a changing table with changing toys hanging over it. She would sing a song which went something like this, "I'm picking out a didie for you. No ordinary didie will do. So, I'm picking out a didie for you." He never cried when he got changed like my kids did. She made everything a fun game for him, like you do. I think it's very creative and smart!

    Jam, I think GZ is a narssacist like O.J. Simpson. He'll trip himself up too. He thinks he can do whatever he wants because he does think he's a celebrity. What he did was not covered by the Stand Your Ground Law but he claimed self-defense and there were no witnesses. That poor kid probably did attack him after seeing the gun and thinking it was his only chance to keep from getting shot. I often wonder what juries are thinking. The minute GZ got out of his truck after being instructed by the police not to do it made him guilty in my book. Idiots and guns do not mix well.

    Granni, as I've said before, I admire what you and your fellow singers do for others. I'm so sorry that woman was injured. Most of my friends and I live alone down here but we look out for one another. That's why I call this my FL Family and our members here my Online Family. A family, to me, is a group of people who want the best for one another and care for one another. They don't have to be related by genetics. Bless you for the wonderful joy you bring to others. I'd do your nails if I could. I take about a tbsp. of the coconut oil unless I've rubbed in on my skin as it absorbs. Everything I've read is pretty much anecdotal except for one study. It does appear to raise HLD and that is what I need so will see what happens.

    My ex called me the other day. DD just got back from a trip to CO. She said he ate three or four pieces of cake and had candy all over the kitchen which he and his wife snack on constantly. It made her sick to see it. Ex had sinusitis and asked for a steroid. Doc told him he wouldn't prescribe it due to his diabetes. Ex told doc he doesn't have diabetes. Doc said his chart says he does and wouldn't prescribe it. Turns out that ex takes a med for Type II diabetes and, because it makes his blood sugar numbers normal, he thinks he doesn't have diabetes. He's in denial big time. I told him that doesn't mean he can eat whatever he wants. He lied to me and told me he doesn't eat any sweets. He always lied, about the big things and the little things. That's why I could never trust him. He is grossly overweight, even if his blood sugar is normal. Same with friends here who take statins and think that means they can eat whatever they want. I've never visited one of them but what there weren't sickly sweet pastries on the table. They have other health problems due to obesity.

    Lady across the street got bitten by a brown recluse spider and had to have surgery to cut away the dead tissue around the bite. She was in the hospital for about a week. She's OK now but when she went in for her followup visit to the doc, she saw where he wrote, "Morbidly Obese," on her chart. Bless her heart; she is in Weight Watchers and has lost around 25 pounds last I heard. I know how hard this is for her; she is a fabulous cook. It's hard for anyone to lose weight, especially as we get older. It's a downward spiral because excess weight weakens the joints, especially the knees. As the knees go, it's almost impossible to work out enough to lose weight and if one can't do something to work out, it's almost impossible to lose the weight. I had so many older clients who were in this position. Eventually, all they can do is sit. It is so sad. I'm determined to keep active. My running in the pool is to reduce my cholesterol but it's having other good benefits too. I'm lucky to live where we can use the pool all year round but with DST, I have to wait until later on for the water to warm up.

    Well, Porchies, here and MIA. I send my best to all of you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Granni: I'm sorry for your friend and the fall she took. I hope she'll be OK. At her age her family seriously needs to look to their mom/grandma and figure out how to help her. About your toenails, I sit on a chair with my foot on an opposite chair. It might take me two sessions but so far I can get things accomplished.

    Mikie: And your friend awful about the spider bite. I worked with a lady years ago who had gotten a bite on the tip of her nose.......after 4 surgeries.......she still has a dark spot if you look closely but at least she's got a nice nose. I was very surprised because I didn't know there were those spiders here in calif.

    Julie: I've always made little silly songs or games when I had to get my kids to do something....same with the GKs. You know Mary Poppins....."with a little bit of sugar........."

    My DH will start the chemo today, and I'm not sure what will happen. I think it's on both our minds. He went to a meditation/guided imaging class yesterday at a cancer center and said he liked it so he'll go back if he can. He's going to a yoga type class there today. When I get stressed then the fatigue hits me big time, so I'm really dragging. My daughter told me yesterday my grandson has been at urgent care twice for a breathing treatment, they took xrays, and today she sees his pediatrician .........the urgent care doc said 2 days of no activity......she told me he's acting like he found the "gold ring".......that means 2 days of using his Ipad etc. Of course WE worry.

    I was watching a program on PBS last night.....Dr. Perlmutter (don't you love that name) and he was talking about how important it is to DROP SGAR (SOE ETTERS AREN'T TPNG)
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    Hi guys! I slept half the day away...didn't get up till after is just past noon and all I have done is go feed the cats, check in on my kiddos and eat breakfast (sirloin and eggs.) Jam, I never have been able to do the "traditional breakfasts"...although I do cook them for Den on the weekends and for the kids when Amy and family are around or Lindsey needs some help in the mornings.

    On the rare occasion I do go ahead and have a waffle or pancake, I am so sluggish but feel "high" at the same I usually just watch everyone else enjoy and I "do my own thing." :p Den will go wheat-free with a lot of things...but asked me to please "not mess with his breads", lol! He is not on any prescription meds at all and no health problems to speak of...and his family on his dad's side has a long history of living way into their 90's.

    Granni, what a scare for your friend...and for all of you who were with her. Hope she gets along okay. I agree with Sun...her family needs to step in, don't they? Easier said than done, I know. Took me 1 1/2 years to talk my folks into moving to our farm.

    Sun, your hubby is in my thoughts and prayers today. My sis-in-law seems to tolerate her chemo fairly well...she hasn't mentioned being sick to her stomach, just very sluggish and weak for a couple days afterwards.

    She was going for an injection of some sort, the day after each chemo treatment, but they figured out that it was causing her to have an awful itching rash (at first thought it was just the chemo itself.) Once they stopped the injections, she hasn't had the rash again.

    Rock, of course! Brother John...I sing it to that tune, but forgot all about the Brother John song, lol!

    Mikie...I admire you for making sure you keep up the activity...would be great if we had a pool close, but the most I can do it set up a kiddie pool in the summertime, lol!

    I need to try and pull myself together today...really have been pacing myself, but I think sometimes these viruses just have to run their course. I need to at least get grocery list and menus made for when Keira comes tomorrow...Amy and Clinton will be here Saturday and Sunday and I asked for some ideas on what they would like to eat. Amy said ham balls and Clinton said chicken pot pie...both fairly easy, but I do have to pick up the ingredients.

    David has to work, but Lindsey and the kids will be here a lot too. They all know I'm not on my best game this week, so I will have them help a lot more than usual...even if I end up laying on the couch and giving instructions, lol!

    So, here I go...might be in "slow motion", but doing my best :D
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    Hi Kids

    Serendipity at work again. Just stumbled across a reference to one of my ancestors/relatives.
    There is a butte or mesa named after him in Monument Valley. The Valley is a National park.
    The director John Ford loved the place. Filmed 7 of his movies there.


    This is a photo of Merrick Butte names after James Merrick. He and another soldier/ miner
    were killed by the Ute Indians in 1861. There is also a mesa named after Ernest Mitchell.
    Note: all mesas look alike since, by definition, they all have flat tops. These buttes are
    over 6,000 feet high.

    Julie, funny how a song sometimes sounds familiar. Later you realize it's the same tune
    with different words. The Barney the dinosaur song is "This Old Man, he played one, etc."
    And The Eyes of Texas are Upon You is the same as I've Been Working On the Railroad.

    To be continued. Gordon has a yucca happening in the yard that requires my attention.

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    You are so right Rock when talking about tunes. There are so many that are the same melody but different words. I wonder if they have to pay royalties or whatever you call it to the person who wrote the original music.

    While my stupid bottom of my oven is soaking on the tub with hot water and Dawn soap, I should go and check the mail. Those of you who have not seen my other thread really haven't missed much/ However, do not put aluminum foil on the bottom of your oven to catch drips, that is unless you have it on a cookie sheet or something. It is so had to come off. I do not think you can use the self cleaning feature with the stuck on aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven. BTW, my bottom oven liner plate or whatever you call it can come off. I didn't have to submerse my oven :)!!

    Gotta run for now. DH should be home soon. How is everyone's weather. Some areas I heard were getting or supposed to get storms again.

    Julie - Glad that you got to sleep late for a change. I know you really needed it !!!

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    As I was saying, (about songs) the Italian song "O Sole Mio" was a top ten hit for Elvis when
    I was in college. The name was changed to "It's Now or Never." But it had been recorded
    a decade earlier by Tony Martin with still a different title.

    Never met Elvis. I did meet Tony Martin though. He was with his wife Cyd Charisse who
    was in her 60s and still looked slim and lovely.

    Anyhoo, Gordon wanted to discuss the yucca tree in the front yard. Some of the branches
    extend over the house and need to be removed. A crew will be here next week. So it was
    important, but not urgent.

    Granni, I am not familiar with Navel Jelly, but my uncle was in the navy. WW II and
    Korea. When I was a teen I used to wear his uniform on Halloween. I do remember
    seeing a mechanic smearing something like Vaseline on some car parts decades ago. He
    said it was to loosen the rust so he could get the nuts off the bolts or something like that.

    Freida, loosing electric power for short periods due to summer showers was common when
    I was a kid. We never lost power during the winter though. I wish you could find something
    to give you some relief. Even temporary relief is a big boost emotionally.

    Oops. Gordon again. The mashed potatoes are done. Well, I guess I'd better go eat
    some. Gotta keep my strength up.

    All best wishes for DH and GS, SG. Lotta abbrevs there. Looks like a memo from the
    Pentagon. Mikie, have you tried applying coconut oil to your car? It seems to have many
    uses. Wonder if it would help Granni's oven.

  14. springwater

    springwater Member

    Hello all

    Nice bright sunny morning here in this part of ze world.
    Right now im just enjoying the bright balmy sun and 20 degree c weather.
    Im guessing its gonna get uncomfy hot later if this keeps up.
    Yesterday i had to make an hour long trip out ofthe valley
    into the hills.

    Rock - as usual i bellow laughed at yr post and antics to get into chat.
    and yr suggestion to Granni to try coconut oil on her oven. Tried to grow
    one yucca plant in a saucer, it gave up after a few months. didnt like
    something about my house.

    Mikie - i like the sound of where you live. seems very busy and
    lots of activities going on. should one want to join. Must be decades
    now since i last painted my nails or toes. Somehow get put off that
    it wears off so fast with housework. A possum and cat playing.
    Ha ha. cute.

    Julie- glad to hear you are taking it easy or making a resolution to,
    at least. Hope the twinnies and Lindseys and your crud is over soon.
    It seems to be some sort of allergen doesnt it? My daughter used to
    get these stuffy nose temperature thing very often but it didnt transfer
    to us.Thank goodness she grew out of it, as the doc had said it would.
    The variety of food you cook, my son would be in seventh heaven, if
    he were there. he is a meat freak. but all i have been able to dish up
    past several weeks is normal chicken curry. with a trip once to Pizza
    Hut for their chicken drumstick and pizza on our anniversary.
    We also received a cake from DHs business place some of which i gave'
    to middle brother and his son and some for his daughters family. Cake
    came at the right time since i was going thru cravings for sweet.

    I did make myself some 'halwa'. it is a pudding made of semolina
    you fry semolina in hot ghee (clarified butter) till its brown and
    then add milk and sugar and if you want cashew nuts, cardamom.

    I had neither but it still tasted good. Like a mash potato consistency
    it is. Souffle? but souffles are lighter.

    Granni - when you tell us about the 92 year old who is living on her
    own AND singing (faint) i clutch my hair in amazement! I do believe
    this is what we all deserve. A healthy long life doing the things we
    believe in and want to do till we go.

    I never think of you as a 70 yr old. Inspite of the fatigue and issues
    you seem to do so much and keep on top of things. I love picturing
    you going out and singing and eating out with your DH. I hv got
    such vivid images now with all the porch posts.

    Jam - you seem to have led an active tho not overly so life.
    I wonder where these bone problems are coming from now.
    Was it the stresses of the past (worrying over daughter,
    I know she is doing fine now) etc..getting into the body?
    Kind of mind affecting body thing?

    I hope you do find some sort of relief. Whether meds or otherwise.

    Sun - you sound upbeat. That is so nice. Your dh seems to have
    taken it in his stride and getting on with life, making the changes
    needed to carry on with his work.

    Freida- sorry to hear your throat problems are acting
    up again. I wish for your sake too the weather would
    hurry up and change for the warmer. Thank you for
    still coming on and posting on the porch and letting us
    know. Inspite of your difficulties.

    Dar - these flares! I hope you get over yours real soon. Bet your
    family out there where you work miss you when you slack down
    a little because of the cfs getting in the way. but as soon as youre
    a little better youre up and off doing a hundred things.

    Diane- how are you? And the kitties. Last time i spent
    some time digging out cat antic videos on utube and
    spent a happy half hour laughing my a.. off at the way
    they spring around and bat things and scurry off with
    back arched when theyre scared. One or two of those cats
    were bullies bullying little doggies and making them yelp and
    scoot off.

    Love to all the MIAs..

    God Bless

    i had to do a bit of cutting and posting because some loser with
    NO life was hacking. Poor thing. Wish it would go out and make
    friends instead of sitting and sending viruses into computers.Tsk Tsk
    Or maybe do some community work.
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies, lots of new posts.

    Sunflower Girl, OMG! I can't imagine the pain and stress of going through the spider bite and treatment on my nose. I'm glad your friend's nose came out looking good. I have a very small nose and can't afford to lose any of it. I even have problems holding up my glasses. I'm praying that chemo is effective for your DH and that it doesn't make him sick. He is smart to do the visualization treatment along with the chemo. I think our emotional outlook is so important in treatment. Hope DGS is OK. We are having breathing problems here with all the pollen. It's all over our cars. I also saw Dr. Perlmutter on PBS. I'm seeing more and more docs coming out against sugar. We had a builder in Denver in the 50's named Perlmutter. He built little ticky tacky houses all in a row and they all looked the same. WWII vets were buying them up with GI loans. The name became synonymous with cheap starter houses.

    Julie, I think it's wise not to do a lot when you don't have the NRG. I actually never made it to the pool yesterday. My allergies are so bad that even being outside in the breeze was making me sneeze and breathing difficult. I missed for almost a week before when I was not well and it didn't seem to matter that much. As long as I keep to it long term. After my asthma attack, I'm not taking any chances. I have got to get out some of my old exercise tapes and find one with aerobic exercises I can do inside. I hope you feel better. Glad your SIL is doing so well on the chemo.

    Rock, I must say that after seeing your pic, you have a cute butte. I love those Western landscapes on days with clear blue skies and white, puffy clouds. On one co. trip from CO to AZ, we saw amazing rock features, one called, Ship Rock. It looked just like a ship sailing on the desert floor. We flew our little plane down into a canyon called, Canyon de Shea. There were actually some people living at the bottom and, I'm sure, they shook their fists at us for disturbing their peace and quiet. Speaking of tunes--"I'm Never Gonna Love Again," is from a symphony by Rachmaninoff.

    Granni, sure hope you get the aluminum off your oven bottom. What I do, if I need to catch any drips, is to put a cookie sheet on the bottom rack and the food on the next rack up. I don't use my oven often so it's not much of an issue. I did a beautiful pork tenderloin in my little toaster oven the other day. I remember pies used to bubble over until I bought a couple of little black birds which I put in the center of the pie. It vented extra heat out through its mouth and kept the pies from boiling over. I think I gave them to my DD. Can't eat pies now anyway. I no longer miss sweets. With these allergies, I don't have much of an appetite anyway. Maybe eating less will get me past my weight plateau (or is it a weight butte?).

    Leah, sorry your throat isn't doing well. When I had Sjogren's symptoms, it was scary not being able to swallow food. I keep watching the weather reports and feel so bad for everyone who has weathered storm after storm. Barb's kids are in the Boston area and in Maine. Our weather has been in the 80's but is supposed to cool down--probably into the 70's for a couple of days. I moved down here because I just couldn't deal with snow any more nor the horrible air from Jan. to Mar. in Denver. One of my neighbors down here has bronchitis. We've all been sneezing and coughing from the pollen. I have to take my allergy med every day. I hope you are better.

    Springwater, my toenails get chipped sometimes when I'm wearing flip flops and doing a lot of housework or gardening. Seems I never have time to do two coats of polish and a clear coat to follow. Every now and then, I give my nails a rest and leave them au natural. I haven't joined my friends for much this week. Allergies are making me exhausted. Neighbor has bronchitis and she's not doing much either.

    I did manage to get out and put the face on our tree. It looks great. I put small nails into the tree to hold up the main part of the face and both eyes. Then, I caulked it to the tree with clear silicon so it wouldn't fall nor could anyone easily steal it. It blends so well with the tree that a person could walk past it and not notice it. I hung it low enough so that we could put a few nuts into the gaping mouth for the squirrels. We don't feed them in front because they get too tame and would bother us. Two of them have a condo in one of our palm trees next to the Balcony. Sometimes, they make a racket, trash talking with a couple of other squirrels nearby. Yesterday, I saw a male and female cardinal. I love to see them in their red finery. Even just the little bit of red on the female's head is pretty.

    Just putting up the tree face left me totally exhausted and sweating so I knew it was not a day to do aerobics. I like doing them and don't look for excuses but it's not wise to push oneself when exhausted. As it was, I did nothing else but sit outside for a while and binge watch "Weeds." As the show goes on, it's less and less compelling. One of my remotes from Comcast isn't working so I'm carrying it back and forth from living room and bedroom. I need to call. I think they will send one in the mail.

    I kept looking outside and Simon showed up just as Ilona downstairs was leaving for her early morning coffee get together with her friends at Mickey D's. He was caught between me at the top of the stairs and her just below me. He decided to run for it and shot past her on her way out. Took her by surprise. Before she was even backed out, he was back on the stairs coming up for his breakfast. I got out and got his bowl before Missy Possum got to it.

    Just went to bathroom and thought I was going to vomit. Didn't but it was close. My stomach is very upset and I'm hot so this may be more than allergies. I had best get going. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Good morning ALL,

    Well I gave up on the aluminum foil disappearing after I soaked it in the tub yesterday and overnight. I guess I will have to look for thst Naval Jelly I was mentioning before. What a pain. I am hoping for a good answer from that guy who posted last night on the other thread who works with ovens, appliances. Enough of that for NOW. DH may want to go soon to work out. Who knows both of us are fighting colds or something. Just want we need for our trip to New Orleans in 2 weeks.

    Listening to you all but no time to chat right now.

    Mikie - Girl, you are worse than me when and If I have the time to write a nice news post - LONG ! However, that is a good thing. Take it easy my young friend and try not to overdue. May be able to come back later.

    Hope you all in the cold weather areas are nice and warm or at least not in another STORM.

    Love you ALL,
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    So many posts, so much to remember so I can respond. I guess I need to take notes since I can't scan up once I start to post.

    Rock: I've never seen monument valley but I would really like's been on my bucket list along with Sedona, Arizona. I believe the elephant man's name was John Merrick......any relation? Such a very, very sad story but how wonderful that your relative has a lasting tribute to him. Not many people can claim that.

    Spanish Bayonets! We/I planted tons of those yucca plants at our other house. I had gotten cuttings from someone so I stuck them everywhere. Yipes, they became a real threat.

    Spring: You're sounding so much better now that all the "mourning ceremonies" for your brother have ended. Did you ever get your furniture recovered? I believe your SIL or someone had taken them out of the house.
    Yes, my DH and I are going with the flow of things. I was telling my DD yesterday that I learned a long time ago not to make any plans because with FM and other things, and now with DH, things just don't seem to work out. He actually left a little while ago for a yoga class thru the cancer center........he's always been a "go to work, come home and don't do anything" so I'm sitting here dumbfounded.....this is the 3rd time this week for him to go to a class. Wish I HAD the energy to do something other than the necessary shopping and some yard cleanup.

    Granni: You're going to New Orleans????? How cool is that!!!! I envy you, I love that city and the smells of the old shops. Just thinking of the history gets me excited.

    Diane: I believe it's this week for therapy? I'm thinking of you and saying a prayer for you.

    Dar: I hope you're OK.....we miss you.

    I spent a good part of the day, cooking up chicken thighs, veggies and rice after shopping for it all this morning. My DDs dog gets only dry dog food and water......she's rebelling again and "raiding the pantry" of bad foods.......cookies, rice cakes, etc. I told my DD that she would be the same if she had to eat nothing but bran cereal and water daily. So I've cooked up a big pot of tasty, healthy food and I'm getting ready to package it all up in individual bags for the freezer. I'll take it all over on saturday so she can put it in their pac a night. They bring her over to stay with us when they go on vacation.....I know she loves to come here because she is taken out for 3 walks a day and some tasty food.
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Granni, by the time I sometimes get around to posting, there are a lot of others' posts to which I want to respond. If I were to take those out, my "W&P" posts would be much shorter; however, I enjoy responding to others. People can simply skip everything except where I name them and then go on to the last of my posts where I talk about what is, or isn't, happening in my life. Brevity simply isn't in my nature. I hope you find a way to get that foil off the oven floor. Let us know how you do it when you do.

    Jam, or should I say, "Little Miss Muffet," did you just have curds or curds and whey? I'm glad the curds were good. Why can't all our food be good. Most of it tastes like cardboard. We forget how good that good food tastes.

    Sunflower Girl, good for you for making your own pet food. Yes, dogs love to be walked. We have so many living here and it's such fun to see all of them and their people.

    So far, Simon hasn't shown up for his breakfast. Now, I'm starting to think DST is messing up his schedule, or mine. He hasn't been sleeping on my chair for a while. I keep checking for him but there is a limit to what I will go to in order to ensure he gets his breakfast. I'm pretty sure he eats at at least one other place. Either that, or he is a skilled hunter. A fresh kill beats dry food every time, even though I do add treats and catnip to his bowl.

    Tree pollen is soooo bad here. The yellow/green powder is all over our cars. I've been sneezing and stuffed up and then have a running nose and felt hot all the time. Well, yesterday, just after breakfast, my stomach started to cramp and I went running to the bathroom. While on the toilet, I started to vomit. Fortunately, I have a little stainless waste can with a removable plastic pail liner. It's handy in such situations. I vomited and had the dry heaves. I felt something burning in the back of my head as my whole body was convulsing with the dry heaves. When I finally got up, I was dizzy and seeing double. I wondered whether the dry heaves caused a small stroke. I kept moving my head and, eventually, it cleared and the double vision went away. I was able to speak, think and type so guess it was just some strange thing. In any case, I felt much better after the bathroom visit.

    I decided I didn't want to go outside or visit with neighbors. Once I started feeling a bit normal, I decided to try to do a little light cleaning. I cleaned out under the kitchen sink. Then, I tackled both bathrooms. I still had enough NRG to clean the tile floors and run the vacuum on the carpets. So, the place looks pretty good. I just need to dust. With my Swiffer, it doesn't take long. I have work to do outside, killing weeds. I don't let the gardeners do it because they get carried away and kill everything. I also have to prime and paint the bench over at the tennis courts but it was pressure washed yesterday so I'll likely have to wait until it's completely dry. I volunteered to paint it.

    As usual, there is nothing exciting going on in my life so will end here. My love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Kids

    Not much goin' on here. Just the minutiae of everyday life. Yesterday we went to the
    market. Today we are going to the library in Pasadena.

    Springwater, shall I send you a yucca branch? How big is your mailbox? Do you
    have a mail box? BTW, Yucca is a small town in California. It's in the Mojave desert.
    Yucca is also a small city in Arizona. It's in Mohave County. Perhaps yucca would
    grow in your garden if you designated part of it as Mojave: western United States.

    Mikie, thanks for the nice comment on my butte. I was so surprised I was knocked off
    my feet. Had to sit down.

    Jam, I have never eaten cheese curds. Except when they are part of cheese. My sister
    went to some nice restaurant a few years ago. Ate deep friend cheese curds. Sounds to
    me like something peasants would eat if they owned a cow. However, kawinkydentally,
    the current issue of Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer contains an ad for Poutine which
    is described as French fries, cheese curds and gravy. Wikipedia says deep fried cheese
    curds are popular in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

    Poutine is pronounced poo-teen and comes from Canada. Eh!

    SG, yes, the elephant man is probably a member of the Merrick family. The family
    was originally from Wales. Although he is generally referred to as John Merrick,
    Wikipedia says his first name was actually Joseph. Not every Merrick is actually a
    Merrick, however.

    The producer of numerous Broadway hits David Merrick was actually a Margoulis.
    And a writer of novels, plays and movies that I recently wrote to (Monte Merrick)
    replied to my e mail and said this grandfather changed his name to Merrick when he
    arrived in the USA from France.

    Mikie, couldn't find the pop tune you referred to, but I found some with similar
    names. The composers of movie music and pop tunes were always being accused
    of borrowing from the masters. Was listening to the main theme from a Disney
    movie the other day. Some commentators on Youtube said it was based on
    Rachmaninoff's horn concerto.

    Better go before this goes poof.


  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi All,

    Sorry I've been noticeably absent. Am not doing so well. Due to financial constraints, have been unable to refill my meds & supps.. Have been without my synthroid, flexoril, lodine xl, and most of my important supplements for over a month and a half. Am taking what I do have left. Have been unable to refill them. Caught up with me. Major flare.

    Was counting on tax return to replenish my "running" money as I do most years. It keeps me in what I need from tax return to tax return. My meds, supplements and chiro visits all dependent upon those funds. Due to the Identity Theft and ensuing delay of my tax return, I am without. Bad news.....IRS conversation today informed me it may be up to 180 days before I see it. Six months. Not good.

    Am still working at usual pace, smiling through it all for my residents sakes, but after work...........pain level through the roof. Majorly exhausted, but unable to sleep. Muscles don't relax....ever. Waking every couple hours. Muscle twitches, major spasms in the upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, hips and legs, ringing in the ears, foot cramping, restless leg, IBS in full-on mode, left ankle & foot trashed, right ankle not so good, knees clicking-stiff-agonizing to walk, NO RELIEF. Praying to God to take away the pain.

    Thank you to those who have inquired and wishing me well. I appreciate that you all care. It means much. Just have to tough it out. Please Pray.

    Love to All,