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    Hi Kids

    Not much goin' on here. Just the minutiae of everyday life. Yesterday we went to the
    market. Today we are going to the library in Pasadena.

    Springwater, shall I send you a yucca branch? How big is your mailbox? Do you
    have a mail box? BTW, Yucca is a small town in California. It's in the Mojave desert.
    Yucca is also a small city in Arizona. It's in Mohave County. Perhaps yucca would
    grow in your garden if you designated part of it as Mojave: western United States.

    Mikie, thanks for the nice comment on my butte. I was so surprised I was knocked off
    my feet. Had to sit down.

    Jam, I have never eaten cheese curds. Except when they are part of cheese. My sister
    went to some nice restaurant a few years ago. Ate deep friend cheese curds. Sounds to
    me like something peasants would eat if they owned a cow. However, kawinkydentally,
    the current issue of Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer contains an ad for Poutine which
    is described as French fries, cheese curds and gravy. Wikipedia says deep fried cheese
    curds are popular in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

    Poutine is pronounced poo-teen and comes from Canada. Eh!

    SG, yes, the elephant man is probably a member of the Merrick family. The family
    was originally from Wales. Although he is generally referred to as John Merrick,
    Wikipedia says his first name was actually Joseph. Not every Merrick is actually a
    Merrick, however.

    The producer of numerous Broadway hits David Merrick was actually a Margoulis.
    And a writer of novels, plays and movies that I recently wrote to (Monte Merrick)
    replied to my e mail and said this grandfather changed his name to Merrick when he
    arrived in the USA from France.

    Mikie, couldn't find the pop tune you referred to, but I found some with similar
    names. The composers of movie music and pop tunes were always being accused
    of borrowing from the masters. Was listening to the main theme from a Disney
    movie the other day. Some commentators on Youtube said it was based on
    Rachmaninoff's horn concerto.

    Better go before this goes poof.


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    Hi All,

    Sorry I've been noticeably absent. Am not doing so well. Due to financial constraints, have been unable to refill my meds & supps.. Have been without my synthroid, flexoril, lodine xl, and most of my important supplements for over a month and a half. Am taking what I do have left. Have been unable to refill them. Caught up with me. Major flare.

    Was counting on tax return to replenish my "running" money as I do most years. It keeps me in what I need from tax return to tax return. My meds, supplements and chiro visits all dependent upon those funds. Due to the Identity Theft and ensuing delay of my tax return, I am without. Bad news.....IRS conversation today informed me it may be up to 180 days before I see it. Six months. Not good.

    Am still working at usual pace, smiling through it all for my residents sakes, but after work...........pain level through the roof. Majorly exhausted, but unable to sleep. Muscles don't relax....ever. Waking every couple hours. Muscle twitches, major spasms in the upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, hips and legs, ringing in the ears, foot cramping, restless leg, IBS in full-on mode, left ankle & foot trashed, right ankle not so good, knees clicking-stiff-agonizing to walk, NO RELIEF. Praying to God to take away the pain.

    Thank you to those who have inquired and wishing me well. I appreciate that you all care. It means much. Just have to tough it out. Please Pray.

    Love to All,
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Rock, I just saw a message that you wanted to chat. I tried to click on something which would allow it but nothing worked. I simply do not know how to use this feature. Then, you were gone. Poof! Sorry. I will e-mail PH to find out how to use this. It would have been fun to chat. Liked the use of the word, minutiae, in your post. It's one of those words which sounds like what it means. I'm just sitting here watching a gold show on QVC with things I can't afford. I do like to see what's in fashion. I have enough jewelry but, sometimes, I can add one piece of costume jewelry to bring my look up to date. I've been too busy lately to wear jewelry when I'm just around the house. In fact, after I was so sick the other day, I decided to clean in my underwear, a tee shirt and a pair of boy short skivvies. They look like shorts. I had just gotten down on the floor to reorganize under my messy sink cabinet when a neighbor rang my doorbell. You just know when you're not dressed and on the floor, someone will come. It takes me a long time to get up when I'm all the way down. Then, I had to peek around the door so he couldn't see I wasn't fully dressed. I'm sure he wondered what I was doing when I told him it takes me a while to get up off the floor. In any case, I had a spurt of NRG and cleaned the whole place except for dusting, which I will do today. Allergies are so bad and dusting doesn't help but it has to be done. Glad you are feeling up to doing the minutiae of daily life.

    Dar, Sweetie, you cannot go without what you need. Contact the Salvation Army to see whether they can help. If not, they may have a contact with another nonprofit which can help you. I am praying for you. Please get some help; you need it and deserve it.

    We had our tennis courts pressure washed due to some mold spots where there are low areas on the surface. The guy cleaned the bench I am going to paint. I think I still need to go over there with my wire brush on my drill to knock down the high spots. If it doesn't need it, I'll get a coat of primer on the bench today. Then, I'll simply paint it with outdoor white paint. Tennis courts should look fresh and clean. I noticed the metal wire door to the courts is rusty. I have some paint which will turn the rust into a primer and I have green paint. I'll likely paint the door later. Those of us who can still help out volunteer to do projects in order to keep the hood looking good and save money. Other than these things, I think this will be a regular weekend.

    I'm getting my teeth cleaned on Mon. My Medicare Advantage Plan no longer covers eye exams nor preventive dental care. Very sort sighted in my view (pun intended). People will stop going for cleanings and may eventually get infected gums. That can lead to a heart attack. Advantage plans were meant to be preventive in order to stop spending on illnesses which might be prevented. Medicare spends billions on people in the last days of their lives and on those whose illnesses might have been prevented. No long-term planning, just trim the budget on the backs of the old and poor. Subsidies to big oil and big farming continue. AARP is supposed to be the lobby for the elderly. Well, they sell United HealthCare insurance so I'm sure they aren't too anxious to increase benefits to Seniors.

    OK, that's my rant for the day. Hope everyone has a good day and, Dar, please get help wherever you can. I pray you find a way.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dar: You can't be without meds your body has gotten used to. Scour every agency you can think of who might husband used to volunteer for the St. Vincent DePaul society at his local church. You might call them for some don't have to be catholic, just in need. They will interview you and then decide if they can help with some $.

    It's soooooo beautiful here today, though they're predicting more higher temps. But I was just out in front watering my garden, and enjoying all the birds flying around, gathering stuff for their nests. I posted on "housebound" about the hummingbirds who have a nest near our bathroom window. I've become a voyeur!

    My GD's 6th birthday party is today. At first it was going to be just a little tea party with two friends, so I ran around to 5 thrift stores looking for tea cups. Then one had to cancel due to a funeral today, and now it will be more of family. My DD bought little tutus for the girls, fairy wings and a wand because it was going to be centered around fairies and butterflies. I have a set of wings I bought months ago for her to wear when she comes I'm going to wear them with a floaty blouse and scarf to cover the straps of the wings. I'm grandma fairie......and my son and dil will be there also. She's 6 1/2 mos........we don't see them often and I do miss my son.......can I say NOT her!
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    Hi to everyone here. Not much time to post really. Need to get started on my early Corned Beef and Cabbage. It is not my favorite meat but DH loves it and I will have a few pieces plus all the veggie. Finally put on my not Christmas tablecloth in the dining room. I took it off a few weeks (like a bit late) but always needed another around to change it out. It is a long table. Also did some washes.

    Dar - So sorry to hear about your being unable to get your needed supps and meds. Being low on $ for us is not good, not that it is god for anyone. Also sorry to hear about your flare and hope you get to feeling better soon. I hope you can get some assistance.

    I have he Navel Jelly on my oven bottom pan and will wait at least one more day before checking. It is or can be a slow process. Will let you know what happens.

    Hi to Sun, Julie, Rock, Mikie, Diane and whoever else I have missed. Gotta go cook - yuck where'd the cook go? Hey JULIE, do you8 have some time to help me cook :)??? LOL

    Bye for now.

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    Dar, sorry to hear of your troubles...I went thru bank account hijacking last Dec....cleaned out of my account...a good dear friend floated me $2000 until the bank did the fraud thing they do and put my funds back into my account, she got her money back in about a week....I'm not sure of the experience you had but it may be similar, don't know.

    I couldn't make it without a credit card and care less about paying interest, etc....just don't care, it's only money and it comes and goes in our lives and then before you know it, we're gone.....if the govt and so many others can do the debt they do, and debt that I don't approve of, my little debt is nothing in the whole scheme....I need things now (supplements and good shoes) to make it thru my life..... I buy nothing else, I need nothing else....this is my plan anyway.

    When I think of the old folks who paid cash for everything, no crredit cards, etc.....they went without a lot but of course, things were a lot LESS $$$ back then, but still..... I don't have this mentality on money, I will use other's money any day....they have far far more than I'll ever have......some I'm sure don't agree, and that's OK...this is my plan on my life.... Hope things work out soon and you can get back on your meds/supps....

    I take Zyflamend for inflammation and have been taking it for probably 6 months and wasn't sure how much it did, so when I ran out about 4 days ago I didn't buy more....I've been in a lot more back and knee pain and it hit me, the I just ordered 2 bottles and can't wait to get it.... Called whole foods and it's almost 3 times the price, so I'll wait for my order as it comes from CA, hopefully early next week.

    I know so many with so much money and they worry worry worry....guess they think they can take it with them, it's really funny. jam
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    Hi Kids

    Been a goofy sort of day here at the ranch. Gordon and I ran around the house looking
    for a library book for 20 minutes. Turned out I was looking for the wrong title, and he
    wasn't looking for any title; just the author's name. Eventually we got that all sorted

    Then when we got home from the library I fell getting out of the car. I think I fell
    because there's a chunk of the curbing missing. The City of Los Angeles is several
    million dollars in debt. The amount of the debt keeps bouncing up and down. One
    month it's 7 million and then it's 30 million and then no specific amount, but said
    to be improving.

    At any rate, unless you are a city council member, the city is unlikely to repair your
    streets and sidewalks.

    And we have a "large pick up" that Gordon has called the city to come and get. Twice
    he's called. It's been 4 days, and they still haven't picked it up. He was told, however, that
    they came out once but couldn't find it.

    I'd tell you what it is, but I can't figure it out. It's large enough to fill most of a trash
    bin and it's made outta carpeting, metal and wood. A piece of art? A home remodeling
    project. A prop for a Sci Fi movie?

    At any rate, when I fell I landed on the mystery object. I was lucky. The rows of carpet
    tacks (pointing up) all missed me. Otherwise all the air would have escaped, and I would
    have zipped around the neighborhood like a demented balloon.

    Other than that, we didn't do much. Gordon took some stuff to the nunnery, and I wielded
    the dust mop. And I listened to the new CD from Iris Dement. She has written some great
    songs, but I didn't hear any on this album.

    Jam, hope your med arrives and continues to work. That name looks like some sort of
    Zydeco music.

    Granni, hope you get your corned beef ready for St. Patrick's Day: Lá Fhéile Pádraig.
    Trader Joe's had shamrocks for sale today. First time I've ever seen any. Of course they
    look like a 4-leaf clover, but they are much larger. And I was surprised to see they
    have white flowers.

    SG, please post pics of the ballerina-fairy tea party. Reminds me of the old joke about
    the ballerina who got so fat she gave up her tu-tu and wore a four-four.

    Well, Mikie, we tried. Just no workee. After I tried to reach you for chat I got a pop-up
    that said, "Waiting for response." After a few minutes an icon for a padlock appeared with
    the notice that "This chat is private". Well, I guess you can't get more private than a one
    person chat.

    Dar, take a day off from work (if possible) and call churches and the welfare dept and
    charities and the health dept etc. Get a notebook and keep track of who says what. Have
    a book to read while you wait. Can you get any samples from your doc? I have read that
    some drug companies will provide free drugs in emergencies. (Kinda hard to believe, huh?)

    Hugs to everydobby
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    Sorry to hear you had a fall Rock, we cannot take our eyes off the ground below friend who is in misery with OA and hip replacement mess, and more fell AGAIN walking on our street in SM, pavements are a mess everywhere.... she's been down and out since this recent fall and even went to her orotho doc to see if anything was broke, knee cap was broken.....she fell hard, tripped over major lift in the sidewalk....trees also do a job on the sidewalks...

    And YET these cities can spend $100K's adding toxic fluoride to our public waters....boy if I were in charge of it all......and what I know. jam

    Rock, all cities are trying to operate with major deficits and $2M is nothing in it all.....this is one major reason many are saying about legalizing MJ is for tax revenues, CO made over $2M in Jan in MJ sales....the cities are grabbing for all they can to fill the coffers to operate on and MOST refuse to tax the corporations and wealthy.... think about the revenue made from gambling and lottery....those are pretty NEW avenues in the last 20 some years....there are casinos everywhere and the lottery everywhere...
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    Just a quick pop in to check on all my dear Porchies. Sorry some of you are not feeling very well or worse than normal. So sorry DAR and hope you can get some help to get those meds you really need. It is the pits when you don;pt have the money for things your really NEED.

    Geez Mikie, you need to come and help me clean :)!!!

    Spent the afternoon trying to get out tickets to fly to LV in Oct. for our Nursing reunion. We figure that we had better go as each time we meet there are less of us. We should have some fun though. That won't be for some time though, towards the end of this year almost. Glad we had the points or we might not have been able to fly.

    BTW, it looks like my oven plate is getting cleaner little by little. Some of the alum. came off but have to wait some more time for the bigger spots. It is a good thing on that blog the people that used it said to put it on thick and leave it for at least 24-48 hours. Hope I will have my oven in a couple of days. I sure do miss it.

    Rock - Sorry you fell but glad you are OK. We all have to be so careful especially now with getting older plus when you have bones like mine you really need to be careful :)!! Still waiting to find out about my bone density scan.

    Thinking about all of you - Jam, Julie, Sun, Spring Water and so many others but can't post not to all. I feel that I may have a sinus infection or at least it all clogged up there so am going to try and a doc apt tomorrow or so as we will be going to NOLA for a few days with a few other couples next week.

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    Hi everyone...I am going to go start another volume, so don't post any more on here...see ya 'round the bend!
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    Hello Kids

    Here's a copy of my post from the tech board:
    "Hey! I did it! I chatted with 2 people. I got a popup saying someone wanted to chat
    with me. But I was posting at the time. So a few minutes later I clicked on the
    chat box and typed in the space at the bottom. I hit "enter" when I wanted to send the
    message. All worked just fine.
    I'd give you more detailed instructions, but it's the kinda thing where you need the
    box in front of you to demonstrate. Haven't tried to initiate a chat yet.
    This teaches us we must all keep plugging away. Eventually the pyramid will get built.*
    *Though not necessarily in our lifetime.

    The next time I'm on the board, I will try to chat with any of you who are here

    Yes, I was lucky I didn't break anything in my fall. I've never had a bone density
    test. I wonder how they do that. Just squeeze your arm hard, Granni? I know Alz
    is making me denser in the upstairs dept. Guess they measure that some other

    Well, it was a quiet day for me; generally is. Gordon and his sisters went to
    two cemeteries to visit family graves and leave flowers. I don't understand
    the whole ceremony. They take food with them. Then they come back here
    and eat it, I think. Or maybe they eat it at the cemetery?

    I am reading some books by pretty good authors, but there are frequently
    some startling mistakes. I found all these last night.

    If you're going to write a crime book, for example, you ought to know that an
    old revolver has no safety. And you should further know the difference between
    an autopsy and an autopsy report.

    And the famous Rubin's vase optical illusion which is a century old does not show
    two vases or two faces. It shows the outline of a vase or two profiles. And manta
    rays do not attack people and don't have the ability to rip a scuba tank from
    a diver.

    Actually manta rays are a lot like me. I have only a few teeth, and they are all in
    one jaw. Mantas have lot of teeth, but they are all in one jaw. So neither one of
    us is in a good position to take a bite outta things.

    That's shame about your friend, Jam. We have a couple sidewalks in our neighborhood
    where the tree roots have pushed the sidewalk up a foot or so. Been that way for decades.

    Oh, I see Julie is here. Maybe she's posting too. I'm going to try and send her a

    Hugs to all

    Tried to chat with Julie and/or Windblade. I got the "This is a private chat" message.
    I guess I need some tutoring.
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