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    Saw we had reached our quota on posts on the last volume (not a rule, just that we usually "start over" after 30 posts.) I'll get this one on the board then come back to visit.

    Be sure and go back to read the last posts over on #694...and see the picture of Sunflowergirl's beautiful garden!!! I love those colors too, Sun :)

    Granni, hope you aren't too worn out from all your weeding and other yardwork...I need to get started on our yard, so I can mow when the grass starts growing.

    I am one pooped grandma tonight. But I think the chiro did help with some thing I really like about him is that he can take care of emotional issues that cause physical symptoms. He did some acupressure for my low back and neck...then checked for allergies. Told me I do have "allergy symptoms" but they are from emotional causes. Then we went over some things that could be the culprits...and he did some more treatments and retesting.

    I made another appt. for next week, but can cancel or reschedule if necessary...they are so kind and understanding about that.

    Had to stop several times on the way home...just walked around a store or got a cup of coffee to keep myself awake. I did lay my car seat back and just closed my eyes for about 10 minutes...that was enough to recharge a bit.

    Got Den a sandwich for supper along the way, and have his lunch made for tomorrow, so am just gonna "chill" a little till bedtime. David is working, but Lindsey seems to understand how tired I am and told me that she was fine with the kids.

    Hope nobody got "April Fooled" too bad today...I don't do anything myself, but know people who really get carried away.

    Will check in tomorrow...
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    Hi, Porchies,

    I read the posts on the last Porch but can't remember who said what. I remember a few topics so will just reply to what I can remember.

    Rock, don't think Gordon is a true hoarder or he wouldn't be able to let things go. I'm glad he is able to give things away. Why not get rid of almost everything so you can park a car there? I know--crazy talk! Imagine using a garage for a car!

    Barb will be leaving at the end of June and returning at the end of Aug. Basically that's July and Aug. away. She does this every year. I haven't been up to sitting out on the Balcony lately. I have to rewash all the clothes I used Method's fabric softener on. The smell is faint but just makes me sick and starts up all my other sensory overload problems. I took it back to Target and got a refund. It's supposed to by hypo-allergenic.

    I've never slept in my car but wouldn't rule it out if I needed to. I'm so tired now and just can't seem to get rid of that horrid fabric softener smell on me. AACK!!! I understand why people want soft clothing but why do people think they need to smell like FS or perfume? I woke early and may go back to sleep this morning.

    Simon wasn't here earlier but just checked and he was on my doormat just outside my door. I opened the door and talked to him through the screen for a while. Of course, he still runs down to the landing while I take the food out. I'm just happy he's OK and looking nice and healthy.

    Nothing new at the condo mtg. but we are having to spend a fortune removing diseased palm trees, including one in our outdoor stair atrium, and big old live oaks whose roots are threatening the foundations of homes. Builders always put trees too close to everything. In our own bldg., we will be having our railings electro-statically painted. It's about the only way to put them back to looking like new with a finish which will last quite a while. It's expensive but it has to be done. It's pretty neat. They charge the paint particles with neg. ions and it sticks to only the pos. charged railings. Can't wait to see it done. The cost is mostly for prep work. It's pretty labor intensive.

    I called the ice arena and they will be getting a shipment of new skates at the middle of the month. I'll go out then to buy a pair. Doesn't sound as though they will be too expensive. I know serious athletes and pros can spend more than $400 just for the boot. Yikes! Still need to dig out my old roller skates to see whether they are still in one piece, or, two pieces in this case.

    That's about it. My love to Sunflower Girl, Granni, Julie and Rock from the last Porch and to everyone MIA here.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    The temp here is 63 according to the weather site. My hands are so cold I'm wearing
    fingerless gloves Gordon knit for me. They help some, but that's all. I turned the
    electric heater on too. Uff-da!

    The story of Babe Ruth hitting the home run in the 1932 World Series is in the news.
    That was when Babe pointed to center field and then hit the next pitch for a home run to
    that spot.

    The reason it's in the news is because there is a book out regarding same. I wrote
    about the same incident 40 years ago. My father was 21 in 1932, and lived in a
    village in Iowa (New Albin). He and a pal hitched a ride on a freight train and
    traveled several hundred miles to Chicago, and saw the game. The only professional
    baseball game he ever saw.

    I wrote up the story for one of those nostalgia magazines. It wasn't printed, but
    my dad was pleased. He said reading the story was just like being there. I remember
    because it was the only approval I ever got from him. One of my therapists said
    parents who can never be pleased create perfectionists.

    And here's one of those incidents that point out that sometimes at least, history is
    just around the corner. Babe Ruth's daughter is still alive. She was born during
    WW I, the same year as my mother. Julia Ruth Stevens is now 97.

    Mikie, I'm really happy to hear Simon is alright. I put out some kibble last night after
    the rain. It was gone this morning. No idea what critter ate it.

    Granni, are you doing your painting in plain air. "Plein Air" painting is also done
    outside. As opposed to a studio painting done to a photograph. Anyway the term
    popped up 3 times in the last month. Twice in mysteries I'm reading and now with
    regard to the paintings of Kevin Davidson who did the pic I posted yesterday. My
    mother used to say that if you learn a new word, it often shows up shortly thereafter.

    Julie, I hope your monster headache has moved on. Possibly to bother some real
    monster. The Frankenstein monster always looked like he had a lot of room for
    a headache. ("Frankenstein' as we all know is the name of the doctor. The monster
    has no name.)

    GB, doncha think Yupo is a funny word? Looks like it should be the name of some
    character in Pokemon or the Hobbits. I looked at the Youtube video of George James
    and his Yupo techniques. I used to play bridge with a George James. A nice guy
    but his technique at the bridge table didn't match the technique of the painter.

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    Howdy everyone! I didn't have internet all morning, so just now getting a chance to check in...

    Just got back from driving our Amish neighbor, Kathryn, around to look for some plastic pie pan lids. They are shipping out a small order of pies (only 54, lol) this afternoon and were short a few of the clear plastic lids. We didn't find any, so they are going to figure out something, but they insisted I take a fresh (still warm from the oven) pie for my trouble. I chose peach, as I knew Lindsey has been craving a peach pie :) Yes, I did share...but saved a few pieces for Den. I had to have a small piece right away with vanilla ice cream on it...

    Rock, sorry you are so cold. Even though I would welcome anything close to 60 degrees today :( We are only at 47 (early afternoon here) and won't see any 60's or possibly low 70's till the end of next week.

    An interesting thing I noticed when I started eating more protein, especially at fingernails started growing better, and my hands were no longer cold. I used to be embarrassed to shake hands with anyone because my hands were so cold, even though I didn't feel cold anywhere else.

    Thanks for asking about my is better today, but glad I have another appt. next week for further treatments on my neck and low back.

    Mikie, Lindsey and I use those wool balls that you put in your dryer with your wet clothes...helps a lot with static electricity, especially in the dry winter air around here. I think Amy uses the dryer sheets, but has to use unscented since Clinton has lots of allergies.

    Well, today is my only chance to do some serious housecleaning, so I'd better get back at it. Tomorrow I am taking four of our little girl kitties to be spayed...have to have them at the vet by 7:30 am. Then will go see my dad.

    Friday, I take Den's dad to a doctor appt....anything with him takes most of the day because he lives so far from us and his appts. are back in the opposite direction.

    So, that's my week, lol! I really didn't want to take time to run around this morning, but it wasn't far and Kathryn and I always have a fun time...

    Thinking of everyone...take care!
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    It sounds like you've got a very special chiro to help you. And what's surprising is that allergies can be more emotional related. I developed some allergies in the last year along with breathing problems....of course I'm up to my ears in stress from one thing or another.

    And from what I read from your posts, I can see all the different directions you're pulled from various family members. It's a hard row to hoe. Too bad your chiro isn't closer. The peach pie sounds yummy!

    Rock: it WAS cold here this morning. I took our visiting dog out for a walk at 9 a.m. and it felt like it would snow! Of course we're just not used to cold weather. And I wish I had thought to get some gloves before walking.

    Mikie: Windytalker is VERY VERY sensitive to all smells and detergents, including dishwasher det. She's always suffering and after doing checking finds that many times something has been added or changed to something she used with no trouble. I can wear perfume but can't even walk past a nail salon because of the strong smell. A few weeks ago I had bought turpentine regular not odorless turp since it was much cheaper for cleaning brushes. OMG OMG. I used a tiny bit to clean something and I could smell it in some rooms for days.....the smell had traveled. I marked the can and put it out in the garage and will now have to take out a loan to buy some odorless turp.

    I went yesterday to order some cancer pills for my DH at CVS and find they don't have them. The pharmacist put in an order for be delivered tomorrow afternoon, but in the mean time I had to purchase only 3 pills of the brand name for $45 ......our share. I thank God that my DH still works and has good insurance. No wonder so many people lose all their life savings. It just feels like I'm overwhelmed daily from stress of one kind or another.
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    OMG JULIE, you need a helicopter :)!! for all your errands !! Thanks so much for starting up a new Porch thread. Glad your headaches is better today.

    I was going to pop in before and post before but DH needed the computer so I only got to read some but not post.

    SUN - So sorry you had to pay so much for 3 little brand name pills for your DH. That is ridiculous. Right now we have fairly good insurance through DH';s work where he retired from. I shudder when I think of what I will have to pay for mostly my stuff if and when we are dropped, probably next year I am guessing. Others will have the same or worse problems I fear. Glad that you can get the rest of the pills in generic when the pharmacy gets the others thy ordered.

    So sorry that WINDY is having so many problems and wish she would come back and chat with us. Miss her and so many MIA's.

    I need to get started with dinner since I have choir practice with one of the pianists since we still do not have a choir director. This will be for Good Friday and Holy Thursday. Hopefully the rest will come later but it is rough without a director to do it properly :)!

    Mikie - You talking about skates reminded me of my teens when DH and I would roller and ice skate. It was so much fun. I would be afraid to do so now especially with my osteoporosis but speaking of OP I got my bone density scores back and the doc said I was now Osteopenia which means I am doing something right since starting the Strontium Citrate and other minerals and vitamins not just Calcium and then D3. I need to get my scan numbers from the doc. I keep leaving messages but think I will just go there one day and hang out till I get them :)!!

    Bye for now.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Ready to wind down for the night...went outside and brought in any food that the cats hadn't eaten. The girls can't have anything to eat after midnight...hope none of them catch a mouse before I get them in their carriers in the morning :eek:

    Sun, yes you surely have had your share of stress lately. How outrageous for meds. My sister-in-law was not doing well at all after her chemo, until they discontinued the "day after" injection...I think it was to keep her immune system healthy during the treatments. Don't know if I mentioned this before or not. She would break out in a rash and she said she wasn't sure if she was "alive or dead" for a couple days.

    They thought it was just the chemo doing it, but realized that it was the injections afterwards. Her doctor said he had a handful of patients who reacted that way, and it got better when the quit those extra injections.

    Granni, hope you all find a choir director before too long...I can imagine it makes practicing and performing a little more difficult.

    Lorraine came over this afternoon and "helped" me scrub my kitchen floor. Then I made a casserole for supper and shared with Lindsey and the kids. Lorraine and Den were in the middle of writing their own comic book (Lorraine got the idea because there was one in the cereal box.) She ate supper at our house, then we went home so I could get her in the tub...preschool tomorrow.

    Lindsey has been feeling pretty rough the past few days. Her doctor requested to see her tomorrow to see if there is anything that needs to be done...maybe some labs will tell them something?

    Well, got to get up early in the morning, so I had better get on to bed. Take care, everyone!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, I have also found that words seem to show up in clusters, even words which are not new to me. Oculus is one which I've heard on TV shows and read in a book. I love the word. It sounds like what it is. Cascade is another word I love and it also sounds like what it is and what it does. I have always loved reading and the English language. Sometimes, a word I haven't seen in a while will show up, like an old friend, and I enjoy it all over again. Simon isn't here this morning but the sprinklers are all going off so he probably doesn't want to get his tootsies wet. One morning, he showed up in pouring rain and he was all wet. I assumed he was really hungry to endure that. I always feed him in the early morning before dawn and try to get the food inside as soon as he's finished. I don't want the possums nor the raccoons thinking I'm running a kibble kitchen for wayward critters. Over at Jeff's place, a raccoon climbed a tree next to the balcony and when a woman came out to walk her dog, the coon was eye to eye with her. Yikes!

    Jam, I know I have to be more careful than when I was younger but I'm not going to let fear of injury keep me from enjoying exercise. I used to feel so free when I skated. I want that feeling again. I am going through a spiritual and emotional crisis right now and I need to break the cycle. Being in physical crisis isn't helping either. I'm still sick from that fabric softener and whatever Herpes-Family Virus outbreak which I still have. It was worse last night. Yesterday, I had to rewash all my laundry which had the softener on it. I can buy Publix softener with no allergens in it. I used to use it but stopped because I was afraid it would mess up my washer. Think I'll just use the "free and clear" dryer sheets and call it good. Can't buy skates until after the middle of the month when the pro shop gets their new shipment. I'm excited about it and, believe me, I haven't been excited about anything for a long time. Thanks for your concern.

    Julie, it isn't static electricity I have a problem with. I just like nice soft clothes and towels. The dryer sheets only do a so-so job. We have an Amish community up the coast in Sarasota. They own two large restaurants. I'll go up after our tourist and snowbird season is over. It's next to impossible to get in right now. As always, take care of yourself while you are taking care of everyone else.

    Sunflower Girl, you must use oil paints. Have you ever tried using acrylics to which you add something to make them perform like oils? I love acrylics and I use the pink soap to clean my brushes. It takes out all the paint and leaves the bristles soft. Good for cleaning hands too (I'm a messy painter :) Most pharmaceutical companies have a program to get needed meds to people who cannot afford the high prices. Even if one is not at or below poverty level, the company will often use a sliding scale to reduce the price of the meds. All they need is your income tax return; assets, like savings or a home, don't matter. You might check the doc's office to see whether they have the forms. If not, you can contact the company directly. Good luck.

    Granni, good for you on your bone density. I have osteopenia in one hip with very slow bone loss. My doc doesn't want me to take calcium. I'll question him about it again when I go. I really am getting excited about skating. I still need to get my roller skates out to see whether or not they are still good.

    Tues., I have to see my gastroenterologist's asst. for the appt. before the colonoscopy. I can't get it until May but might as well get the initial appt. out of the way. I have had pre-cancerous and benign polyps removed, and my biological father died of colon cancer, so I have to now have the colonoscopies every three years. Used to be every six, and ten for people with no family history nor polyp removal, but they have lessened the time in between. My neighbor missed her PAP one year and now has severe dysplasia and has to have the lesion removed. I've been praying for her. She is young and has a mildly mentally challenged grown daughter to look after. The daughter had a seizure at a young age which cut off oxygen to her brain. At my age, a catastrophic illness would not be so critical but I hate to see young people with illnesses. Our neighbors just lost their son to cancer and he left a 12 year old son. Of course, they didn't come down this year.

    On a happier note, it's supposed to be in the 80's and sunny all week. It'll get close to 90 later and I'm just not ready for another looooooong hot summer. Only compensating factor will be that we will get our area back from the tourists and snowbirds. In the minus column, many of our friends go home. Also in the minus column is that many people let their children and grandchildren use their condos during summer vacation and, generally speaking, these kids are not respectful of our neighborhood and our rules.

    Guess I had better get going before I write "W&P" with an addendum! Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    OMG! I decided to try my Surface2 one more time before taking it in. VoilĂ ! It's working! It's also charging so other outlet must not have charged it sufficiently even tho little light on charger was on. Just had to share good news.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - I missed what you were trying to use the Surface 2 on and that it is work. However, what is it working on? Glad to hear that it is doing what you want it to do :)!! finally !! Make sure you have good balance for the skating as Jam mentioned. It can cause lots of problems but then you are still YOUNG :)!! Be careful my dear and maybe pad yourself with lots of pillows and padding (LOL) he he !

    There are so many schools of thought out there now regarding taking calcium but you also need to take more than that especially if you have osteopenia or OP. There are lots of opinions and discussions also on other Health Boards. Even dr.s have diferent opinions and some know so little about it. You definitely have to be your own advocate on that one. Right now I am no longer going to an Endocrinologist. She moved and then came back farther away from me I just started doing my own thing and getting the bone scan checkups. Don't think my PCP really understands the SC but he has not told me not to take it and he lets me take all the vits and minerals I want, more or less.

    Have a man here who is putting in some new fixtures , brushed nickel facet and handles for the tub in our bathroom from gold. The old ones were very pretty but were getting all pitted. Had also changed the vanity sinks' handles some time ago to the brushed nickel.

    DH is out getting the car checkup and will be home soon.

    Julie - you surely are a busy one again !!! Sorry you had no internet for awhile. That can drive you crazy when you are so used to having and using it for so many things nowadays.

    Hi to everyone - Jam, Sun, SW, Dar, Joan, Diane et al.

    Gotta get off here for awhile.

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    Hi, Granni, yes, I think I'll have a discussion of my osteopenia with my doc. I gave him my reports from Dexa but he's sometimes off in his own world. That's the way with highly intelligent people sometimes.

    I bought a new Surface2 RT computer. It can be used as a tablet with a touchscreen or I can snap on the cover which is a keyboard. I love it but am totally out of my element when it comes to Windows 8 or 8.1 (I think it has 8.1 but am not sure). I can click on the Explorer tile and do most everything but there are so many other features and I want to learn how to use it. It appears to be great once one learns it but it's totally different from Windows 7 or XP. Evidently charging is a problem as there is a lot on their troubleshooting page regarding this. I ruined the battery on my big Toshiba laptop leaving it plugged in all the time. I'm supposed to let the battery run down and recharge it. I got a new battery and that's what I'm doing. Was trying to do the same with the Surface but am having problems. The whole thing is alien to me.

    I'm hoping skating will improve my balance and strength. I have my BOSU ball to help with balance and my aerobic exercise in the pool helped. It's finally getting warm enough in the mornings to go to the pool now so I think I'll get going on that again. It seems to be the best all over exercise for what I'm trying to achieve.

    I've changed out all my fixtures to brushed nickel in both baths 'cept for the shower in my master bath. I would have to cut through the wall in the dining room to get to the valve in the shower. I have a very nice chrome and white ceramic fixture in there so think I'll just leave it. I have frosted shower doors so it doesn't show anyway. I have the brushed nickel light fixture and sink fixtures. I have a HUGE mirror in there so used wide framing molding to frame it out and it looks so expensive and attractive. Didn't cost much--certainly less than a new mirror.

    Went to bank and finally got my mortgage straightened out. It's only taken three months! They are sooooo nice in there. Then, I went to Publix and got a few groceries. Nasacort is now sold OTC and I got one. I have one from my old Rx but it's running out with all the allergies I've had this year. I think my co-pay for it as an Rx was $54. The OTC one was $16 and change. Woohoo! I've also had to buy a new Abbreva so it's been a bit of an expensive allergy season, not to mention the Corcidan HBP I have to take daily. I buy it in bulk when it's on sale (like I do with everything else :) Winn Dixie bought out all the Sweet Bay stores here and Publix is now honoring their coupons so I saved $5 on my groceries today. Another woohoo!!!

    C'mon Porchies, come sit a spell and get us all up to date with you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi gang...been on the go all day and just now getting to the computer. Only two of the girls came out in the rain this morning (Peace Sign and Jude 2.0)...Mama Kitty and Patches stayed in their hiding places.

    So, I got the two into carriers and to the vet before 8:00 am...30 minutes away, and I wasn't tracking my best this morning. A couple hours later, I was still in town getting groceries and the vets' office called that they were out of surgery and doing fine. Will get the other two gals spayed when I get a chance...I love kittens, but can only feed and take care of so many...

    They wanted me to make an appt. for when I was picking them up tomorrow, so the doctor could go over their "at home care"
    . I was going to make it for late afternoon, since Den's dad and I would be there anyway at his eye appt...but decided not to chance our schedule not working, so will go get them mid-morning and bring them home. Then head to get Gpa around noon...we will be gone till after supper...he has several other errands and wants to also stop and get his blueberry waffle at one of our favorite restaurants :)

    I may not be on here much for awhile...David leaves tonight or very early morning for Guard Drill, then starting Monday will be gone for a two week training for work. Not sure how to get out of being so busy right now...Den's sis is still not functioning due to her broken leg (which is one of the reasons Gpa wants me to drive him around) and Lindsey is having some problems with the pregnancy not due till Aug. 16, so she has quite a ways to go.

    I am going to crash while I have a chance this afternoon...maybe that will help with the cold/allergy symptoms. I have gone from being congested to having my nose run continuously, lol!

    Hi to everyone...would chat more, but I am fading fast...

  13. springwater

    springwater Member

    hello everyone

    we had a terrific windstorm yesterday, didnt last long but the sky grew dark and splatters
    of big raindrops and the temps came down by almost half, actually got cold..

    the doggies were excited, loping after me, as i put away our plastic chairs, and laundry from
    tmhe clothesline. their fur was blowing around and ears flapping back.

    i just calculated and found out Poopsie, our grande dame' is at least fifteen years old, we
    got her around '98 end. and i thought she was younger, i was thinking for a fifteen year
    old she looks pretty spry...lovely fur and can walk three floors back up from garden
    inspite of being blind and deaf, after ive taken her down to do her business.

    my a/c compressor got fixed, they brought a new one, and fitted it, yay..

    yesterday was a stay at home day but day before i went with my middle brother
    to this tenple we never been to before and then walked up to this other one
    big stupa which we normally go to. its riddled with monkeys, and theyve
    become very aggressive, i actually saw them intimidate two young girls into
    relinquishing their just bought ice creams, they advanced menacingly and
    one just took the icecream from her hand. about time authorities did something,
    im thinking.

    mikie - the computer stuffs sound so complicated, but real glad you got your
    surface working, not even sure what that i know to surf, email and used to
    know to post pics, however, right now its, email or post on this
    o and i learnt to save utubes on my lap top. get all my mantras from there.

    yay! Simon came back..the vagabond..roaming over all creation and giving his
    adopted aunts heart burn.

    last time, i had met my healer friend..we met up for a chat ans snacks and i told
    her about this episode, not once but twice, when i went into our supermarket and
    suddenly felt horrible, bloated stomach, dizzy, sick when negotiating a certain area
    near the bread n meat section, (not once, but twice on another day, but same area)
    i showed her, keeping safe distance away, and she went there to scan for entities,
    but she didnt get affected same way i did tho she told me, she felt so much sadness
    energy...apparently, the firm who supplies baked goods uses disabled people, she
    told me could be from there. im pretty sure it was some very angry energy which hit
    me, not random ones, which she felt. in the past, ihv felt suddenly so low when
    shopping there and never attributed it to outside, not so sure. my
    aura seems unable to prevent me from soaking up any kind of energy....!!!

    julie - mmm peach pie..last time i tried a pumpkin pie, they dont often make those,
    i guess not enough customers know about them, liked it. theyve been introducing
    blueberry nowadays..anyway, with power going off more than staying on,
    baking must be difficult esp for stores.

    o i just noticed youve posted! While i was hving to edit. you have baked a lot!!
    bless you. glad lindsey got an okay report, and bless yr pastors for the good work
    they do, you all, too.

    granni - your bathroom must be looking real nice..i remember you had got the tiles
    changed some time back..and now the fittings..

    im glad youre feeling upto going out and practising, et al. your group does
    sound very organised and proactive.

    rock - im out of energy too. i hv to force myself to do mundane stuff,
    and even going out takes coaxing, from my tired self to my responsible
    self. everything seems so much easier, when it comes naturally than

    hope we both regain our energy soon.

    sun - your pic of the garden is so beautiful. nice to know you got out
    and made a important to nurture your soul. totally get it about
    stress bringing on aches n pains and other health problems.

    jam, dar, diane,barry, jole and all - hope you all doing good

    god bless
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Thursday evening...Springwater, glad to see your post pop up, just as I was beginning to type :)

    Good for Poopsie...15 years is a good long life, and so great that she can still make it back up the stairs. And your A/C fixed! I am trying to imagine the day when we can actually turn off our heat :eek: We have been lax about keeping a fire going, so the boiler has been coming on more often.

    Oftentimes, we can go from heat one day, straight to air conditioning...I would prefer a few more days where we could just leave the windows open and air out the house. But with all the allergies in our family, and when they are spraying the fields, we can't have open windows too often anyway.

    Mikie, glad you got your new Surface2 to work. We have had this laptop for so long...used to take it to Belize with us and haven't been there since 2008. Did have to replace the hard drive last year...thankfully Den had backed up the pictures, etc. before it crashed.

    Granni, your bathroom is getting a facelift! Always fun to get stuff like that done...

    I took a two hour nap this afternoon (had a roast and veggies in oven while I snoozed) then took some over to David and the kids. Lindsey also brought some supper home after her doctor appt. She got an okay report...just has to work on getting more nutrition into her little body. Sometimes she just can't "stomach" food and sometimes she feeds the kids, then gets busy or distracted and doesn't get to eat her own food.

    Dennis helped David work on his truck so he could take it when he leaves at 4:00 am for Guard. But it still wasn't running quite right, so I guess he is going to drive my little Neon. Not exactly up to pace with his 4WD four door pickup, but beggars can't be choosers, right? :p

    I am sitting here, looking at the mess I made in my kitchen this evening. I almost forgot I had signed up to bring stuff for our church bake sale on Saturday. There is an "International Festival" at our mall...our pastors go to Jamaica on missions trips, so they are serving Jerk Chicken and several of us are bringing baked goods.

    I'm not sure if I will be there Saturday, so am dropping my things off at the church while in town tomorrow. I made cinnamon rolls, two 9 X 13 banana cakes and a batch of chocolate chip/peanut butter chip cookies.

    Of course, will have to save some of everything for my family to eat, but will still be a nice assortment. I only signed up for cookies, but decided to do a bunch of baking while I had the oven on. Now, if only I had someone to do the cleanup for me...for sure, it will wait until tomorrow.

    I think, because I don't feel good, none of it turned out as good as usual. But I think it will all pass, at least I hope so. My cold symptoms seem to be getting worse...well, wonder what I am supposed to make of that, since they started out as (emotional) allergy symptoms. Might be my body dealing with the emotions and going through a sort of "detox"?

    At any rate, I need to get off of here and get to bed...busy day tomorrow. Den's dad told me he will need to bring a walker, in order to get around tomorrow. This is a first, and we are wondering what has happened to bring this on. He is on oxygen and I asked him if he ran out of "air" or out of energy...he said energy.

    This does help with a situation we were going to have to deal with. He has been telling me that on one of his trips to town he needs to get fencing supplies, because Sis keeps insisting he build her a fence so she can have llamas, like she did at her farm in Missouri.

    All the family knows that she is not able to take care of them, and Gpa certainly shouldn't be (he has had to take care of her dog and cats on different occasions, when he shouldn't even be outside.) I was dreading having to tell him "no", because he has been so good to us, and it would seem like we were just being mean (to her) about it. But now that we know he doesn't feel comfortable walking around a store without a walker, there is no way we will let him try to build any fence.

    If he wants to hire it done by someone else, we don't really have any say in the matter, but I'm certainly not going to get the supplies and have him try to get out there and do it himself.

    Anyway, that is just an on-going saga...and it doesn't do any good to whine about it...but we do have a responsibility to do (or not do) the right things for him...

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I see you're as busy as ever, if not more so. I agree about GPA and sis. She must be trying to manipulate him as he is in no condition to be building a fence. Good grief! This kind of stress isn't good for you and probably uses up more energy than all the physical activity. Rest up, my friend.

    Springwater, I'm glad you got the A/C compressor. I honestly don't know how people lived in Southern FL before A/C. That, and mosquito spray. Right now, condo only gets uncomfortable late in the afternoon into evening. As soon as it cools down outside, the A/C shuts down. Soon, it will run all day and a good part of the night. A Surface2 is just a very small, lightweight laptop computer. It can be used alone as a tablet with a touchscreen or I can attach the magnetic keyboard, which also serves as a cover when closed. The keyboard is made of something very light. I chose the one which lights up but there are two other, less expensive choices. For most of my computer work, I use my big old Toshiba laptop and it's been a workhorse. I wanted something smaller and lighter I could carry around if I wanted to. Problem is that it uses the new Version 8 of Windows which is a whole new way of computing. Everything is still in there but it's an education to learn to navigate. Yesterday, I actually found the desktop and downloaded new Windows updates. The desktop is like what we see when we boot up. What one sees with Windows 8 is a bunch of different sized "tiles." You can tap on them for different apps. All very confusing but, I'll bet, once I get used to it, if I ever do, I'll love it. It worries me that the negativity at the store is able to penetrate your aura and make you sick. Do you have any kind of exercises to strengthen the aura?

    Am sooooo tired today from recovering from my recurring Herpes-Family virus and the toll the AVs take on a body. I have some big couponing work to do at Target so had better get into the shower and get ready to go. The cash registers spit out a fistful of their coupons and I usually don't pay much attention--big mistake! There was one for $10 off a purchase of certain things, including groceries, costing $35. I've decided to get two of the Puffs tissue deals where you get a $5 gift card if you buy two. I'll simply buy four and get another $10 in gift cards. I can use the $5 gift card from my last purchase along with the $10 coupon. My $36 purchase will cost me $21 but I'll get another $10 in gift cards. That means my $36 purchase will end up costing me $11 for 32 boxes of Puffs. Oh, almost forgot, I'll use my Target card and save another 5 percent. Is this a great country or what! I should have enough tissues to last me a year. Well, with these allergies, I'll need them.

    That's my sole purpose in life today--shopping and couponing. Not that exciting but probably all I can handle. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Julie - You said that Lindsay is some problems wit her pregnancy. Is she spotting or cramping any or both? Oh that s so hard for a young mother of 3 ( and twins no less) to try and ret and put her feet up when she is having any problems. Oh my two weeks or close to it during the week anyway for David to be gone. Wow !! So hard for her and so hard for you not to try and help even if you are falling apart yourself at times. Hope you got a nice nap in this afternoon.

    MMMM, those fresh fruit pies from the oven wit ice cream sound so wonderful. Hope you taking care of Lindsay while David I gone won't make you feel any worse than you have been feeling at times. Hope all goes well with you and Lindsay and the family while he is gone. I can just imagine those little twins. Are they into everything now? How old are they now? Does she use the playpen at all for them. I did but this is a different age and time. How is Lorraine with those twins? Is she a little mother and try and "help" them all the time?

    Hope everyone on the Porch is doing well or as good as can be expected. . Hugs to everyone. Will try and check in again tomorrow. Not sure what will be going on tomorrow other than DH working on the fish fry again for Lent. He I already complaining as he is 75 yrs old. There is so much work involved. He has been doing it for years an has grown tired of all the work.
    Bye for now. Hugs to Spring Water, Sun, Diane, Rock, Jam, Dar, Jole and whoever else I have forgotten to name.

    Love to all,
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Geez, I wrote the last post yesterday and thought it posted. Guess I didn't. I had to click reply to really read it before.

    DH went to the bank but will probably want the computer when it get back. Hope to check in again later, maybe afternoon he has left for the Fish Fry.

    Julie - I imagine you are running about and as well helping Lindsay. Hope she is OK and holding on to her pregnancy OK.

    Nothing much else is new here. My eldest daughter's husband has been suffering with sciatica but just found out that he has a bulging dish on L5 I think it was. Not bad enough for surgery they say so he will get shot today. This pain has stopped him in his tracks and cannot do to much. He is so busy with work and is supposed to fly again on Monday I think. Curious how many shots he can get of corticosteroids and the shots will help the pain but wondering if he can get more and how many. I know that stuff is also not great for bones and there are probably other side effects. Right now they are just hoping it will help his terrible pain.

    Our son will also be having to travel right after Easter to Kuala Lampur (sp) Malaysia to try and fix a mess at work. Hope all goes well on that trip. Also hope no more disappearing planes.): !

    DH is back so need to leave for now.

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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hello, Dear Friends

    Well, the computer has been acting up, and I'm feeling poorly. I've decided to wait until I
    am fully recovered before posting anymore. The audience laughs uproariously and this
    patently absurd remark.

    Akshully, my mind is kinda on comedy as I just finished Peter Marshall's book about
    Hollywood Squares. I never watched it, but it was reportedly a great hit and was on for something like 16 years. The book was entertaining. Lots of comments about the various guests and stars.

    Gordon and I are going to the doctor this morning. We've had the same internist for a few years. Gordon's cardiologist told him he needed to have an internist and recommended the doc I've been seeing for a long time. Even in a huge city like LA, you get these kawinkydinks.

    Lately I've been feeling extra cold; pretty much been cold my whole life, but now it's worse. Jam suggested my thyroid needed adjusting. I strongly suspect she'd right. Gonna talk to the doc about that.

    Granni, yes, we don't want any more disappearing planes. Remember "The President's Plane is Missing"? A book and a movie 50 years ago. The problem, of course, was not so much that the plane was missing, but that the President was on it.

    Julie, all that baking sounds wonderful. I hardly eat any sweets anymore. Bad for diabetesand irregularity. Don't even drink soda because it doesn't taste right. I guess that's due to high blood sugar. And don't eat meat or cereals cause I can't chew them. I mostly eat fruits and vegetables, but nowadays they don't have much flavor. Maybe that's why I've lost about 25 pounds. Can't really say I look or feel any better though. Ah, well.

    Springwater, glad to see you were up to doing a long, newsy post. It's amazing how Poopsie and Zippy were able to get around so well. I read a biography recently about a young woman who is blind, but went Yale and studied music. She was able to appear in an opera. All the furniture on stage was kept in the exact same spot, and she was able to memorize where it was and navigate around it.

    Well, time to go. Dar, Jole, Barry, Diane, miss ya. Come post when you're able.

  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Spring: That's wonderful that your little dog has made it to such a long age. I've read that one person's age equal 7 in a dog, so she's over 100! What ever you;re doing, keep it up. Glad you liked the photo of my garden. Since I can't do much gardening anymore I started putting things in years ago (planning ahead) that had colored leaves or as in the case of the purple statice, the heads will last for at least 3 months.

    I was reading today about a woman in the US who was badly/severely attacked by a friend's monkey. She went thru numerous surgeries and actually had her face put back on. She's blind now, and suffering innumerable problems, lives in nursing home. Poor, poor woman.

    Julie: I hope Lyndsey is able to manage on her own for the most part. I know how you're jonny on the spot, but you sound very depleted of energy. You really need to take care of yourself too. That's a ton of baking you were doing!

    Granni: I hope your son gets some relief for his back. My son just went thru those sciatic pains, but he has no insurance so he does a lot of reading up for help. He said he lay on the floor for over a week, and did a ton of stretching daily. I sent him an extra bottle of muscle relaxants I had along with a back brace I bought for him.

    Over at our house, we're just going along with whatever the day brings. My DH has been having some digestion problems and talked to his oncologist yesterday. Today he's eaten a banana and some white far so good. Keeping our fingers crossed.

    My DGD found out she's a finalist in a contest.......she her mom will be going to a special party at the Barbie Design Center in L.A. They will get a tour of the place where barbie is created and also a special barbie doll.
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    :)Hi Sun ,

    Sorry that your DH doesn't have that much of an appetite. Hope he doesn't lose to much weight. You might want to try BOOST there are different kinds for different things and flavors. If he get worse you might want to try them. You can of course mix up your own shakes or something for him. Hope he can digest them . I would think so but they might be a bit heavy or sweet. Ensure is the same thing I believe.It was my SIL who has the bad sciatica. Eldest daughter said he was resting and thought the shot was starting to help. I hope so for sure.

    How wonderful for your DGD. How old is she?? She and her mom must be so excited :)!!

    Rock - Gad you got to post even though you might not have much NRG, etc. Also sorry that your computer is misbehaving again or should I say STILL :)!!

    Hi to anyone else just lurking about and not posting.

    Julie - Yes, please try and take of you too !! I am sure you are pooped with all you have been doing and all the plans plus helping Lindsey.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)