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    Oh boy! Thank you all for caring about is good to know there are people who understand all aspects of these stupid DD's. Trying to pace when it is nearly impossible...crashing because you care about your loved ones...

    I left home at 9:00 am, drove to town to pick up the kitties, was back home by 10:15. Packed up the bake sale stuff, then left to go get Gpa at 11:45. We had time to run an errand (exchange an oxygen bottle) before his eye appt. at 1:45.

    Got out of there at 3:00 (good news is that his remaining cataract doesn't need surgery yet.) He held on to me as we walked around one store, then I pushed him in a wheelchair at another store. Then he stayed in the car while I went in to two grocery stores for him.

    We had supper around 6:00, then he thought of one more thing he needed back across town at the grocery store.

    Headed out of town around 7:15, got back to his house around 8:15. By the time I unloaded everything and got it all in the house...then changed a ceiling light was almost 9:00. I got home around 9:30...ready to crash :)

    Funny that he didn't have any problems breathing until we got back to his house...then I found him gasping for air as I was unloading groceries, etc. I had him use his rescue inhaler right away...

    Could it be the stress of his living situation that aggravates his breathing problems?

    Gotta get to bed...hope everyone is doing ok...
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    Just popping in. I did get to Target yesterday morning to get my Puffs tissue deal and a box of hair color. I had a $2 coupon for the hair color. Ended up paying 30 cents per box for the Puffs. That might be a record for me. After I got home, I fell apart with pains all over my body. So, went to bed and slept. Seems like a waste of a day. Will be glad when the AV finally drives my virus into latency.

    I hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Today is moving day. Gordon's hulky brother and somebody with a pick up truck are
    coming. We are going to move stuff from the storage unit to the garage. The pick up
    owner is getting our old washer and dryer as a quid pro quo. I dunno. Is it true that
    appliances don't work after years in storage, or is that an urban myth? They've been
    in that storage warehouse for over a decade.

    We're only moving half a dozen big items. There's a table and a smoker. The smoker
    looks like a giant ceramic egg. It's big as an end table and heavy. The fire goes in
    the bottom. The food goes in the top. And then you close the lid. It used to turn out
    great stuff, but now it seems like too much trouble. Well, with my current lack of
    energy, almost everything is too much trouble.

    SG, I never heard of a Barbie Center in LA. What sort of contest was your GD in?
    I remember when Barbie and GI Joe were new. My younger siblings had one of each.
    That's too bad about your son's back. He might benefit from a lumbar support. Mine
    is a DR MED brand. About 7 inches wide in back. Fastens with velcro. Cost about 35 bucks.
    Makes me feel much more secure when I'm on my feet.

    Mikie, yes, onomatopeiaic words are fun. We learned about them in Mrs. Ingersoll's 9th
    grade class. Best H S. teacher we ever had. Anyhoo, puff is an onomatopoeia. Coupon,
    however, is not. So are buzz, hiss, arf and bam. They mean what they sound like.
    Reminds me of Horton the elephant. "I meant what I said, and I said what I meant."

    Gotta go resume my search for the missing glove. I wore two to bed last night. Seems
    one of them has escaped. Reminds me of an old riddle. If you have drawer full of
    black and white sox, how many would you have to pick in the dark to make sure you
    had a pair? And what if the sox were gloves?

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    Julie: whew.....your day WORE me out. I know that sometimes since you're the "designated" person to do everything its hard because you're a good consciencious person (can't remember how that's spelled) and you feel the pull from everyone, BUT you need to make everyone understand that you only have so much energy. I feel for you.......and I understand.

    Granni: My DH talked to his oncologist on thursday.....he felt that DH had picked up a bug which is common while going thru chemo, and was having trouble getting rid of it. Yesterday was a banana/white rice day.....but by evening he was doing better. I've got a can of protein powder, blueberries, bananas, milk, cream and he knows how to toss it all in the blender. It's up to him to help himself get well and not just rely on me. I'm not a nurse or a dietician and at times I feel so at a loss as to what to do.

    Rock: Maybe Gordon needs to really ask himself if what he's storing is REALLY NECESSARY to keep. I've been to some storageunit sales in the past and probably more than half is just useless things that were put there. A smoker! what a great thing to use......maybe he can start putting it to good use for the two of you at home.

    As to my DGD, it was just a luck of the draw thru the Girl Scouts. I used to win a lot of contests, then my DD was always lucky, so perhaps this "gift" has now been passed to her. I had never heard of the barbie design center either but had to look it up. There's a short Utube video on the 50th anniversary.

    Yes on the back support.....I bought one for about that price and sent it up to him along with the pills. My dad suffered terribly from back troubles, I've had them for years, and now he's being bothered. I guess we all have something we've maybe inherited......a weakness in our muscles.

    Granni: I forgot to your SIL going thru PT or wearing a back brace or what? I've got stenosis, bulging disc, etc. and have to be really careful

    Mikie: I always love reading how you put to good use your coupons. And how is the "antsy" feelings?
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    Good afternoon awl,

    Just thought I would pop in for a bit before starting to get ready to on an "outing" of sorts to the racetrack in Houston. DH's investment group suggested we all get together and do something. So this was suggested and e will eat dinner there to. I have only been once in NY to the racetrack with my girlfriend during the day. I am guessing we will be placing some $2 bets. Have no idea about the horses but they sure are pretty to watch.

    Sun - As far as I know, he is not wearing a brace or going to PT. Maybe he will later on but God knows when he will have e time to go . I know he was scheduled to go OOT on Monday on business. Not sure if that will be postponed or not. Last I heard last night he thought that the shot may have been just staring to kick in, I sure do hope so. He got the shot yesterday morning. That is a good idea though about PT .

    Julie - Hang in there girl. Hope you are not to rushed today as yesterday. No way I could do what you have been doing. Of course you are much younger too :)!! How is Lindsay doing? Has she been bleeding or having cramps? I surely hope not. Have a nice weekend and hope the little ones behave for Lindsay and do not get ill so you do not have to help out as much. I know that is very hard especially when all the little ones are so young. I think soon that they will have 4 babies under 5. When will Lorraine be 5 years old? I think she is 3 now. When will she turn 4? I am worn out just thinking about it. I wonder how I did it but I was young had a lot more NRG then.

    I had 4 girls 2 years apart and that was hard enough and the last one, a boy came about 5 years after the last girl.

    BTW, I would think grandpa could be having symptoms of stress (his breathing) from living in his home with all the goings on.

    Rock - I am sure if I really tried I would have found my fair share of stuff to get rid of.

    Hugs to Diane, Mikie, Dar, Spring Water, Jam, Jole, Joan , Elaine and everydobby else I forgot to name. Will try and heck back tomorrow.

    Love to everyone,
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    Hi everyone...just poping in to say I am still alive, lol! I slept till after 10:00 am, then took an hour to "wake up" :p Was just heading out the door to feed the cats when our Amish neighbor showed up to ask Den some questions about his tiller or something.

    Then here came Lorraine...she assured me that her mama had given her permission to come to Gma's house. She was "crossing her legs" so I had her go sit on the potty, then here came Lindsey...looking for Lorraine! Turns out she did NOT have permission to leave her house, but waited till Mommy was busy in the bathroom before darting out the door :eek:

    I walked back over with her and entertained the twins while Lindsey and Lorraine finished their lunch. Now Lorraine is watching cartoons at our house while Lindsey, the twins (and Gpa Den) take a nap :)

    Lindsey managed just fine while I was gone yesterday...Granni, she keeps having cramps, but no spotting. And this baby has an anterior placenta (instead of the more common posterior, I guess) so feels a lot different than her other two pregnancies. And she is just worn out...but I am not doing too much extra for her because she needs to learn how to manage. I am going to help her bathe kids this evening and probably help her get everyone loaded in the van in the morning as they head for church. But I don't have much else I can offer right now and she understands that.

    Twins will be 2 on June 21, Lorraine will be 4 on July 9, baby is due August 16. Yep, busy household for sure.

    I think I will rest on the couch while Lorraine is being quiet...and just take it easy most of today. Dishes can wait, right along with everything else I haven't gotten done :rolleyes:

    When I was telling Den about how his dad didn't have breathing problems till he got out of the car back at his house...Den said he noticed that too, the last time we had him over here and Den took him back home. But how would we ever prove anything...and it could still be a coincidence...:confused:
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    Hi Julie, et al,

    Gad you are trying to take it easy a bit while you can. Lorraine sounds like a little"stinker" LOL. You have to watch those little ones., and some more than others. They will try and get away with whatever they can and you have to be 3 steps ahead of them . I am worn out just thinking about it :)!! She is a little miss smarty pants I think - hehe and I think she knows it too :)!!k

    Just had to put in my two cents about Lorraine's prank (of sorts). I need to go and start getting dressed for our tri to the horse races and dinner with DH's group an their wives.

    Love to everyone,
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    Normally, at night I sit and knit/crochet while watching TV. I caught a bug at our local germ factory (aka "hospital") and I just can't seem to concentrate on my next knitting project...feeling too icky. Yes, I have my difficulties like so many here, but (thankfully) I seldom get sick. I decided to bop in to see what all of you are up to these days.

    My DH wasn't feeling well and his doc suggested going to emergency 2 nights ago. It took them seven (yes, 7!!!) hours to determine he has a mild bladder infection. But, part of this is his COPD...he had a dry cough and thought that was the main problem. My DH's main problem is...he flat doesn't drink water! I've bugged him for years to no avail. He also tends to get kidney stones. But, I think he's now finally gotten the message. His bladder infection is a recurrence. I think of SF's DH and his cancer battle and I'm finding it hard to feel sorry for my DH under these circumstances.

    I just had to go look at SF's garden photo...beautiful!! Not unexpected. I visited her in CA several years ago and she has the most fantastic front and back gardens. It's a lot of work and truly admire this about her. This is only one of her many talents. The town she recently visited that was so crowded but ended up feeling worse then left was near where I used to live..."City of Orange" Orange County. I gather what used to be a quaint area (with a circle) is now very commercialized. Glad I'm not there to see this.:(

    I was going to comment on other posts, but am already running out of steam. But, I do have one thing I want to add...

    Mikie...What size shoe do you wear? I have a very nice pair of white ice skates I've only worn twice. I had bought them planning to start lessons, but life got in the way. I found skates run large and a snug fit is necessary. Please post your size...

    Good night all...sending hugs to all of you. Stay as well as possible...

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    Hi Folks

    "Well, the day is winding down like a tired clock." ("Our Town.") Too bad it was not a
    productive day. Gordon and I went to the storage unit and brought back a carload of
    stuff. Poor Gordon has to do all the heavy lifting and lugging.

    Then his brother and his brother's co worker showed up with the truck. It turned out
    to be some sort of mini truck. (I never did see it.) It was too small to haul the
    stuff we wanted moved. Gordon is just too nice. Instead of saying, "Sorry. This is
    not what we agreed to," he let the guy take the appliances anyway. So now they
    guy might come back some day, or we might have to rent a truck. Even if he does
    come back the truck is too small to haul a table that is narrow but 6 feet long.

    And then when I woke up from my nap, the worthless gardeners were here. I wondered why the neighbors were talking so loud. Sounded like they were just outside the window. Well,
    it was the gardeners that were just outside the window. On the roof. They were
    attempting to trim a yucca tree. The one was flailing around with a clipper mounted on a
    ten foot pole. Had no idea what he was doing. Rammed the wall of the house with the pole. One foot higher he would have smashed the bathroom window.

    Ordinarily only one guy shows up but today we got the entire crew. Two incompetents
    for the price of one. Usually the one who speaks no English at all walks around the yard with
    his leaf blower for ten minutes or so. Does this twice a month. For this Gordon pays $60
    which works out to a rate of at least $120 an hour. I keep telling him we do not have a sign
    on the house that says "Illegal Alien Assistance Provided Here". He doesn't bother to argue.
    Just keeps paying them; year after year. Oi Vey!

    I think my timing is probably bad. One shouldn't post when one is in a snit, and one
    shouldn't eat tuna salad that's freshly made. One should put the stuff in the fridge and
    let the flavors get to know each other as some author, maybe Peg Bracken, used to say.

    How were the races, Granni? Reminds me of the time I took my mother to the track many
    decades ago. She and some nice man about her age got to talking. She bet $2 on every race
    in accordance with his advice. Won almost every time. I took her again. Without her
    adviser we were clueless. Didn't win a single bet.

    SG, I don't think Gordon thinks about what is really necessary to keep. He inherited his mother's pack rat gene. His sister recently told us about the time she and another sister (adults) tossed a bunch of mama's old worn out clothes and shoes into the trash. Mama was outraged and hauled them all back in. They are probably still here in one of the
    dozens of cartons that clutters up this old house.

    Lorraine sounds like a pistol, Julie. I guess your Amish neighbor is dealing with a tiller
    that turns the soil for planting as opposed to the tiller that steers a ship. BTW, the Amish
    moved into the area where I grew up after I moved to CA. Here's an Amish joke
    my brother passed along to me. An Amish woman got a little annoyed with her husband.
    He was driving her buggy.

    Hugs to everydobby


    Oh, Hi Windy. We were you know what simultaneously. Nice to hear from you.
    What project are you working on? Gordon used to do lots of knitting and crocheting,
    but tapered off a decade or so ago. Last year did a grey shawl. And I'm wearing
    slippers he knit. I have 4 back up pair. Need those since the slippers are not
    sturdy. Wear out after a few months.

    I remember a TV show from about 50 years ago. The show began with a
    quick shot of the featured players in their dressing rooms. One gal was
    knitting. She said, "Knit one, Pearl Bailey."
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    HI Windy, so glad to see your post. It is almost ime for church but I wanted to tell you I was happy to see your post. Keep on posting when you can. I just need to leave for now. Will try and get back later on.
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    I am going to close this porch and start a new one...please post over on that one :)