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    Saw it was time to open a new Porch. Please feel free to throw yourselves on the
    mats and rugs and i also put out some 'sleep sacks' fashioned after Tweety and
    Sir vesters, I myself just got out of one, (theyre very snug) and help yourselves
    to the steaming mugs of coffee, tea from the thermos..and wine and brandy for those feeling in need of a litte
    kick and for the truly adventurous ...theres a bottle of 'tequila'. please have at your own risk, tho.

    God Bless All you Fine Folks
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    I hope I can remember the posts from the last Porch. Glad the post I lost wasn't a Warren Peace. I slept til almost 5:00 again but haven't been feeling very well. Even tho I'm taking my AV, it still feels as though my Whatever Herpes Family Virus is still with me. I also have an inflamed Achilles heel. Don't know what to do for it. Will have to go online to see. Also, am seeing my doc on Mon. and will ask him. He's often worthless about these kinds of things. I have to ask him about my raspy voice and dry cough which has been with me waaaay too long. I'm sure he'll refer me to an ENT. Fortunately, my heel only hurts when I first get up and try to walk. After I'm up a bit, it feels OK. I'm glad because we will be doing a lot of walking at Universal.

    When I turned on the TV, there was a program on PBS about the Klondike Gold Rush. OMG, what those miners endured. They had tons of B&W pics of the men, and women, who participated in the rush to wealth. PBS makes history come alive. A woman was looking for info on her great uncle who was there. Turns out that he died in an avalanche which took the lives of 60 of the miners. Now, there is a show for quilters but this is no ordinary quilting. The woman is using her sewing machine to make pictures which look like fine embroidery. At the Art Fest, there was an oriental woman who had pics done in embroidery but she used such fine thread, and made such small stitches, that you couldn't tell her finished work from a painting. It was amazing. I don't know whether this is an oriental art of whether it was coincidental that she was oriental. As I walked from booth to booth, it struck me that it would be wonderful if the artists had looped videos of them while they worked on their pieces.

    Springwater, thanks for starting a new Porch. I'm snuggled up in my little warm sack. It's cold here this morning. The cats came in all ready to eat and play. They wore themselves out and are curled up asleep. With the exception of Barb, who now claims to want to be friends, I don't really have people who are jealous or feel angry with me. All the angst in da hood comes from people's dealings with the old board. We still have most of the people from the old board on the new one but when a new pres. takes over, it's considered a new board. It's my job to give them hope that they will be heard and things will change. It'll take time but I need to move slowly enough so that I'm not overwhelmed but fast enough that people see improvement. I do feel up to the challenge, though, and I'm enjoying it. How's your weather? I hope it's pleasant there. It's cold here in the mornings but pleasant in the afternoons.

    Granni, I am smiling at how busy you are but still pop in to keep up. Are you doing love songs for you Valentines Program? Do you and DH have big VD plans? Come back when you can sit a spell.

    Julie, I am having a difficult time remembering what you wrote on the last Porch. I'm going to have to go back and come back here to edit this post. Be back in a jiff. OK, I'm back. It was the pic of your beautiful orchid. It is just like the one a friend gave Barb and hers is getting ready to bloom too. Gordon is the one to ask about keeping the orchid long after it blooms until it blooms again but I can tell you what I've learned. When you buy orchids like these, they are usually potted in a medium which needs to be changed and it needs to be repotted in an orchid pot. Orchid pots have holes around the outside bottom of the pots. This is to let air in so they don't get root rot. Orchids are basically air plants and they should not be over watered nor allowed to sit in wet soil. Home Depot sells the orchid pots, I like the clay ones, and they sell orchid bark for potting. When repotting, one should remove the packed soil around the roots and put the orchid in the new pot with bark chips.

    Don't overwater and do allow all the water to escape through the holes. I tilt the pots too ensure it all drains out after I water them. Don't allow the pot to sit in water in the little saucer beneath the pot. I usually water mine once a week. I put them in the sink and water thoroughly and make sure it all drains out. The ones hanging in the tree get rained on almost every day in the summer but, because they are hanging, the water all escapes through the holes. You can buy orchid fertilizer at HD but use it watered down and don't fertilize every time you water. Barb's orchid was failing so I offered to repot it for her. The roots had been soaked from overwatering and sitting in wet soil. I repotted it as described here and the roots took off like nothing I've seen. They raised the plant up about 3 inches from the top of the pot. It looks like it's standing on many little legs or like a banyan tree with all its roots around the trunk of the tree. I've never seen such healthy roots and it's going to bloom; it has two stems ready to blossom out with the deep purple blooms. They bloom slowly from the bottom to the end of the stems and they last a long time. Enjoy!

    Guess I had better go read the paper and then shower before I go to my eye doc. Seems as though I was just there. With the new Clear Care system, I'm able to keep my contacts going about twice, or more, as long as I used to. My right contact is going on 8 weeks! Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for arranging the porch, Springwater. Just what I wanted. A cat
    nap on a cat sack. I was meaning to tell you, I saw some pics on the net
    from around the world yesterday. One was a man on a prayer mat in
    Katmandu. Apparently there is a month long festival in progress.

    There was also a Buddhist Bean Festival in Tokyo. Seems it's
    good luck to throw and catch beans. Well, the captions were only
    a sentence or two long. A bit "exiguous". That's a new word I
    learned yesterday. Means "scanty". Sorry to hear you lost a previous
    post. The current format has saved some of my posts when I forgot
    to click on "Post Reply". I came back and found my post patiently

    Julie, what a gorgeous orchid. It looks familiar, but I'm not sure
    what it is. Gordon will know. I'll say, "Oh, yeah". Too bad
    you were uninvited to the gas guys' dinner. Now if you were Lucy,
    you would have gone anyway and jumped out of a cake. Like
    Debbie Reynolds did in "Singing in the Rain".

    Sun, I listened to "My Lighthouse" by Rend Collective. Reminds me,
    well the title does, of the old hymn "Let the Lower Lights Be Burning".
    (Looked it up a long time ago. Related to a ship wreck in Cleveland,
    I think.) Anyhoo, nice cheerful song.

    As for crosswords, I started doing them about 20 years ago to ward off
    Alzheimer's. Clearly it didn't work. I find it impossible to find puzzles
    of medium difficulty. Most are too hard or too soft, but not just right.

    Diane, glad to hear that you and Kevin and the kitties are all fine. And
    glad that the pesky dental work is done especially. Drop in whenever you
    feel up to it.

    Mikie, I remember Mamie's bangs. Do you remember the bangs when
    there was an attempt to assassinate President Truman? I think the
    White House was being refurbished or something, and the first couple
    was living in Blair House. (The Vice President's mansion across the
    street from the White House.) Some Filipinos tried to shoot him.
    Or maybe I'm mixing that shooting up with the shooting in the Capitol
    building some years later. Well, I'm not going to research it. Takes me
    too long to post as it is. It's not that I don't enjoy babbling. It's just
    that anything that isn't lying down is hard on my back.

    Did you get your landscape walk in? I bet you could move
    mountains if you just had a big staff and a large budget.

    Sun and Julie, thank you for your kind words regarding my declining
    state. Your TLC was much appreciate.

    I feel more chipper now. Yesterday Gordon and I went on an
    excursion. First time we've been anywhere other than the library, market
    or chiropractor for years. Anyhoo, I will post about it later. What cheered
    me up was I sent a thank you note (e mail) to our host with a 2 line
    verse. At least I can still do that. Reminds me. Have to write something
    for Gordon's Valentine. How about "Be Mine or Else!" It's terse and
    to the point.


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    Good morning dear Porchies! Wanted to pop in for a minutes to say HI. What ice posts for SW and ROCK. Hope to come later after DH gets of. Busy day. Thinking of awl !!

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just checking e-mails. This #%&*# keyboard is slow and my caps key isn't working. In fact, about every sixth key I hit doesn't work. ARRRRGH!!! :mad: What causes this? It'll do it for a while and then, it starts to work again. Verrrry frustratin'. Had my eye exam and everything was tip top. My Rx has changed for lenses but the health of my eyes is even better than four yrs. ago. Unusual for someone my age. Doc has a new eyesight EEG which measures speed of info between the brain and the eyes and the quality of the signals. He always has the latest in technology. It was one of his hi-tech tests which showed that I had Sjogren's. His computer was acting up too. I think the machines know it's Friday the Thirteenth!

    Came home and watered orchids, other plants and our flowerboxes. That's about all I have the NRG to do. If anything ever happens to me, all these plants will die. After I finish up here, I'm going in to take a nap.

    Rock, you are one of the sharpest, smartest people I know. I know that, like all of us here, your body is letting you down but your mind seems to me to be waaaaaay above average. That you have a great sense of humor and are caring and sweet just rounds out the picture. I've done crossword puzzles since before high school and you are right. They are either boringly simple or so obscure and difficult that I don't enjoy them. I've heard other people say the same thing. Goldilocks was correct; they need to be just right!

    How about: Roses are red, Violets are blue;
    Orchids are lovely, Just like you.

    Hey, I ain't no poet! :oops:

    Granni, glad to get a glimpse of you. Come back soon.

    Julie, Geez this business runs in the family. I hope you all get everything done but also take some time for yourselves. If Clinton's shoulder still isn't up to par, wouldn't Workers Comp send him to the doc? Not all surgeries are successful. He may need something else, like more PT.

    I'm gonna go take some time for a nap. Sleeping so much yesterday really helped me to feel better but these allergies are zappin' my NRG. Same for everyone else, everywhere I go. I'm putting this computer to sleep and hoping the keyboard will work better. Hope everydobby has a great Valentines Day. :p

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Julie. The word is dwam -- means either a stupor or more commonly daydream. Comes from the old English dwolma, which means confusion. To me it means memory storm!

    Hope everyone OK . Richard and Shorty just went to the vet. Shorty was attacked by two large dogs on his walk today. He was on a leash, the dogs ran down the road, Richard picked Shorty up but the dogs ripped him out of R's arms and savaged him. I hope it's not too bad. New neighbours with no fences.:mad::mad::mad:

    To upset to write anymore.
    Thanks for letting me rant.
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    Barry: I'm soooooo sorry to read what happened to poor Shorty and Richard. I hope he's going to be OK. What type of dogs are these new neighbors? My mom was attacked by a dog while she was out walking. She screamed and screamed and the dog did make some bites on her before he owner ran out. Same fences. I get really angry when I see people just letting their dogs run lose.

    Years ago I was out with my dog, Katie, and at almost l/4 mile away I saw a white akita lose, and start running towards us. I couldn't believe how fast it was able to run...much faster than I could pull her along back to the house. I had a little can of the "generic mace" which I sprayed right into the dog's face and nose. It snuffled and ran off but was back again in a minute. It attacked poor Katie who stood her ground, the leash broke and the two of them were going at it. I took my walking stick (an old 2 iron) and had to hit the dog several times until it ran away and I got my dog home.

    A day later I see signs up about the "lost dog". So I called. The owner said it was a very sweet gentle dog UNTIL I told her we had been attacked, then she said, well, he did have a tendency toward this. HA! It took me months before I would even go for a walk with her.

    I'm off to my art group so will be back later.
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    Hi everyone,

    Just got back from our performance. All went pretty well all things considered. Where the singers were standing we were sort of tucked away in a little like a stage. The old piano ( I think it was sort of an electric one was off in the corner. So we could not all always hear the piano correctly. So in some sports we were a bit off but ended up pretty good. They all did seem to appreciate the music though, mostly old love type songs along with Love Me Tender, Heart and Soul and some hymns. It was their Valentines Party. You should have seen the long table of chocolates and sweets they had on the table. Most of us took a cookie when we left. You could really smell the chocolate !!! YUM

    SUN - Glad you are going to your art class. I know you just love it. It is good to keep as busy as you can and do what you enjoy. That was scary too when you had to chase that dog away from your sometime ago and hit him with the "walking stick". Nowadays I think everyone walking a dog needs to have something for protection from another animal or person ):!!

    BARRY - I am so sorry to hear about poor Richard and Shorty getting attacked by those dogs. Hope they especially Shorty will be OK. How scary is that???

    MIKIE - You should be tired from all that you do plus the watering and taking care of all the plants and then take care of Princess Tweety and Sir Vester and whatever else happening in your hood:)!!

    JULIE - Are you going to take a break and rest from all you do - NOT !! Gotta run for now. DH is calling. All have a great weekend. Hope to be back again soon.

  9. Granniluvsu

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    JULIE - Sorry Amy and Clinton didn't get the loan for the new home but fixing up what they are living in now, if the owner is letting them do some renovations sounds good. Maybe later on they will be able to mover to a bigger home closer to things, that they want to do. You sound pooped. Hope you get to rest tomorrow so before going of to help Amy and Clinton on Sunday. Sorry he is still having pain and needing therapy for his shoulder.

    I would have liked to go to church tonight for free concert of one of the men who writes a lot of hymns for our church but DH didn't want to go and waned me to stay home and I was pooped anyway. So didn't go anywhere tonight. Gotta and and go take shower.

    SPRING WATER - I forgot to tell you thanks before for starting up the new porch again. Than also for all he yummy drinks you had laid out too.

    Going with DH and DD and DSIL to our club for a special Valentines Day dinner. It should be very interesting tomorrow. Hope we make it to church the next day after all the wine :)!!!. he he

    Bye for nw.

    Love to al,
    Granni :)
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    Barry - i hope Shorty is all right and not too traumatized. I hate when dogs come after other dogs,
    What is their problem? I was terrorized by a dog who would come at me when i walked the street
    up from our house..i used to tease him when he was our neighbour, just sort of hide behind the
    fence as i walked along but he held a grudge for was stupid of me. I think the dog had
    issues because not just me, if he saw my DD or DS walking with me, next day he would attack
    them even if they were alone. i didnt walk that road for like several years, luckily we had another
    road in the opposite direction so i used to take that..we had named him Devil Dog. I think
    however, Devil Dog has gone on to Heaven..he is no longer there and i am free. To walk wher
    I want.

    Julie - you always have a full day or full days booked ahead..with the house, and kids and
    Older people in your family. I once saw an 'Elvis' in a hotel..he was from LA and i think since
    he was coming for a holiday, the hotel persuaded him to perform , for a fee of course, for
    Guests. Im not that much of a fan, especially after i read his biography. He was a bit
    debauched. I read Priscilla Presleys book and the photographs of her when she was fourteen
    When Elvis first saw her...what a beauty!! No wonder Elvis fell for her.

    Diane - good to hear from you. I hope you recover soon from the dentist trip as well
    as the didnt seem like the trip upset you too much? Are you getting
    over that a bit?

    Mikie - do you run Antivirus? I try n do that every day. I hope whatever it is
    that hit you is over soon..and you are back to your normal busy self..soon enough.
    Oh, did you notice it sounded like i wanted you to run Antivirus to get over
    your crud?

    Life is full of debacles and nasty surprises designed to bring us down. This last one
    has left me feeling empty and hollow and thinking life is dreary. I found
    out from google that my favourite character in Downton Abbey gets killed off. I dont know if Mikie is watching new seasons or the old so i wont say which. But here i think its season one. I felt like the
    joy has been sucked out of my life. How can the universe do this to us? Every day the
    thought that there was a new edition of Downton and this character waiting for me
    late night would keep me going and, pfffft.! Even that is gone. Humph!

    Rock - the Tibetan New Year is coming up..i dont know what the month long
    festival is..the man on the mat was probably on of those meditators who
    congregate in the stupa and do prayers..lots of them..they pick a spot anywhere
    inside the enclosure around the dome, and do their practise. They pick
    certain dieties, like Lord Buddha or pAdmasambhava Or Kuan Yin and
    recite the prayers related to them. I suppose like Jesus, Jehovah, or Mother
    Mary, Archangel Michael in the Christian faith.

    I envy you your doggie visitors, they sound so sweet..we hv a gate so any
    by passers would hv to knock..or bark, which sends our dogs rushing
    out in a barking frenzy. Not the welcome any man or dog wants.
    Nice to hear you enjoyed your excursion. Waiting to hear about it.

    Sun - that was terrifying what your mum went thru. With the dogs.
    Ive had a couple of close shaves myself. Always seemed to hv a bag
    or a gate between me and snapping teeth. Hmm reminds me of
    our Tibetan Teacher in school who tried fending off a bumble
    bee with his leather bag by flapping it in front of his knees and doing
    a little dance. Comical it was at that time but he was so sweet.
    Hope you enjoyed your art class.

    Elaine - nice to have you drop in by again. I remember you
    Were up to your ears in the selling on ebay business. Those days.
    Good to hear you are still busy. We bought some stuff from ebay.
    Daughter bought old college text books, the new ones cost a
    fortune, i bought books, comics, our ipad, DH bought an iphone
    for son...never regretted it. All the stuff was good.

    Yesterday i went down for some shopping to the stupa and also
    visited a monastery..a different one..i love discovering new
    monasteries..especially those older ones with old architecture.
    The novices quarters with curtains on the doorways with
    Tibetan motifs on them. The little stairways.

    I also ducked into this little restaurant with a garden to
    satisfy my hunger pangs..had veg dumplings and tea.
    Unfortunately i think there must hv been an 'unseen
    visitor where i was sitting, the lamp above me started
    Flickering and then i got a sharp jab in my upper shoulder
    and feelings of discomfort. I waited for a while for it
    to subside, the flickering as well as the jab and when it
    didnt, i changed tables, and sent some white light towards
    whatever it was. Unfortunately, yesterday was my day
    to be bothered so when i went into another place
    tbuy tea leaves, i was assailed by a stinging sensation
    in the eyes and some jabs in the leg..ive had that before
    in this tea sellers before but i had forgotten. Some
    earthbound for some reason clinging onto that place.

    Was glad to get home. And have my own nice strong cuppa
    homebrewed tea.

    God Bless
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    he is a Tibetan mastiff

    when he grows up he will become this..

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    Hi Kids

    We went to visit one of Gordon's fellow orchid club members at his home in
    Pasadena. Gordon said the fellow, Jim, lived in a historic home. And he does.
    It's historic because it was built in 1905. It also has a plaque saying it is on
    The National Register of Historic Places.

    The man who first owned the home was a business man named Edgar R
    Braley. He owned several businesses in Pasadena. About the same time that
    he built the home he put up a building nearby and opened the first car dealership
    in Pasadena. It sold electric cars. Over the years it has been used for various
    purposes. It is also on the National Register. Jim informed us it was recently
    purchased by the Scientology people. Wikipedia has an article about Edgar
    R Braley.

    Anyhoo, it's a big house. Two stories and an attic and a basement. Jim bought
    the place in the 1970s and has been accumulating stuff therein ever since.

    After being greeted by two noisy Scotties, we had a tour of the garden and the
    greenhouse. The dogs were very friendly once we were inside the gate. The
    yard was almost filled with flowers plus statutes, birdhouses, birdcages, fountains,
    ceramics, and what not. Various decorations hang from the trees. The
    birdcages BTW are spacious. Jim raises small parrots. Had 6 babies in one
    cage. There is also a greenhouse containing hundreds of plants.

    The inside of the home reminded me of San Simeon with its old fashioned
    overstuffed chairs covered with print patterns ca the 40s. The place looked
    much like the homes in my home town. Built early in the century with lots
    of dark woodwork and molding.

    And every surface is covered with objets d'art, statutes, ceramics, candle
    sticks, glassware, and ship's lanterns. There were five of the last named
    on the front porch. And on the walls old posters, pictures, newspaper items,
    paintings, etc.

    There are five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Two of the baths have
    high tank toilets meaning the water tank that fills the bowl is about ten
    feet above the toilet. To flush, you pull a very long chain. To my
    surprise I found a site that sells these modern antiques. Prices range
    from $600 to $800. I guess if you want a blast from the past, you have
    to pay for it. But in earthquake country? I'd be afraid the darn thing
    would fall on my head. Uff-da!

    It was kinda like visiting a museum only you were allowed to sit on stuff and
    pick up stuff and you had a personal guide.

    OK, the actual visit was fun but wore me out. Typing this has done the
    same thing. Back later.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, My Beloved Porchies,

    It's always soooo good to come here and know my Online Family is here and I can catch up with everydobby.

    Barry, I hope and pray Shorty is OK. Did Richard get bit too? If it were me, I'd call animal services if you have them where you live. If there has already been a report, when these dogs are caught, they can legally be considered dangerous and the owners can be made to control them or get rid of them. Please let us know how Shorty is doing.

    We had a member here whose mother had a Pomeranian. A large dog took it and shook it severely. Then, the dog buried it. It was barely alive when found. Fortunately, the vet was able to save the little dog. It was so traumatic for everyone.

    Sunflower Girl, how was your group? Good I hope. Akitas can be very sweet but they are considered an aggressive breed. A friend had one and it attacked her daughter. They don't belong in families with kids or other pets. People without fences need to be sure their dogs do not get out. People who let their dogs run wild are irresponsible and should not have dogs.

    Granni, how wonderful to have chocolate and old love songs and hymns for Valentines Day. Your program was likely more appreciated than you'll ever know. I think I'm just extra tired 'cause of the allergies. You do far more than I. DH is right; you need to rest when pooped. Hope your NRG has returned.

    Springwater, that dog is gorgeous. I've never seen one. I'm sorry that you have been bothered by physical discomfort. What do you think is causing it? You would appreciate this: A good friend here had been put off by both Barb's and Ilona's meanness. She pretty much cut all ties to them. Night before last, her deceased sister came to her in a dream and told her she needs to put that behind her and move on. This was her favorite sister who died more than 20 years ago and she still misses her. She realized that that day was her sister's birthday. She is now a believer and called Ilona. She hasn't called Barb but I think she will. If I can forgive her, anyone should be able to. I hope this discomfort leaves you alone. Yes, I'm still on Acyclovir. Eye doc said it is excellent for staving off viruses.

    I had better go. My keyboard is still not working like it should. My virus software is running a scan and found more than 90 infections. Hope everydobby has a wonderful Valentines Day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I've decided to get a "booster" peptide injection when I see my doc on Mon. That means no meds or supps today through Wed. My BP will go up and I'll get a headache. I can take acetaminophen, thank God! Between that and withdrawal from my Special K, I may not be up to installing the new router. I can hobble along on this one until I can make the exchange. I want to have what wits I still have with me when I have to do it. Suddenly, the keyboard seems to have healed itself. Hope I can do that with this shot. I want to feel well when I go to Orlando.

    I've had plantar fasciitis and, when I get up, it feels as though I have a nail in my heel. OUCH!!! :eek: I went on You Tube and got exercises and they are already helping. The extra movement with my feet before bedtime have stopped the peripheral neuropathy at night. Thank, God.

    Hi, Rock, we must have been posting at the same time. Thank you too for suggesting the exercise to help with the neuropathy. My computer scan had finished and I had to tend to it so missed your post which wasn't showing up yet. The virus software fixed some of the problems but not all of them. I paid for this software and now, when I want it to fix all the problems, it tells me I must purchase something else. Bait 'n Switch! GRRR!!! :mad: Keyboard is still possessed. GRR!!! again!

    Sounds as though you and Gordon had a very interesting tour of your friend's place. Yes, it does sound as though it's a living museum. My kids bought a house in Galveston which withstood the big hurricane back in the early 1900's. They have to get permission for any changes to it, even paint color.

    I would love a big old house with all that woodwork but I don't like dark places. I would have to paint the woodwork white and that would likely destroy the historic value. When I watch fixer upper shows on TV, I love the old homes with lots of big white woodwork. Saw one on "This Old House" this morning. It had a bay window with pastel and leaded old stained glass at the top of the three panes in the bay window. They showed how to fix cracked and falling plaster from the ceiling. They used fiberglass screening, like one would use in a window, to keep the plaster in place. That's no different than using the fiberglass mesh tape to fix cracks in walls but on a bigger scale. It looked perfect when done.

    OK, Porchies, I'm outta here. Don't know whether or not I'll be back today. Weekends, I don't have to check my e-mails three times a day. Again, Happy Valentines Day.

    Love, Mikie
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    My subconscious has been working on the "create a Valentine for
    Gordon" project. I sat down at the computer at 2AM this morning
    and the following immediately popped into my head. I only had to
    change one word. Note. You are free to use this verse as I have not
    copyrighted it. Note #2. That's a joke. I can't image this verse would
    be appropriate for many people.

    Won't you be my Valentine?
    'Cause I think you're really fine.
    You've such a handsome, winsome look.
    Now Please! Put down that dim sum book.

    Great pics, Springwater. How old is the St. Bernard puppy? Note to dog
    lovers. Picked up a paperback copy of James Herriot's "Dog Stories" at
    the library yesterday. Herriot is the All Creatures Great and Small vet.
    I read all his books when they came out. They are worth rereading.
    Wikipedia says his old home in now a museum.

    As for the name of the month long festival, the name was in the article,
    but it was 3 words (I think). You can search for "Images of the Day".
    There were 153 pics. The festival pic was fairly early in the series.

    Spring, yes,I know it's not a St. Bernard. I was just joking. I realize it's
    a massive, stiff Tibetan. Sorry you are upset about your TV program
    Downton Abbey. Maybe you can find an appropriate therapist downtown.

    Barry, that's terrible news about poor Shorty. The neighbors with no fence
    should get one. It's stuff like this that Robert Frost had in mind when he
    wrote, "Good fences make good neighbors." I guess Richard will have to
    start carrying a weapon: some sort of dog-effective spray maybe. I carried
    a spray. Twenty years when I got mugged, the blasted thing wouldn't blast.
    Uff-duh! Anyhoo, you may also want to notify the county as Mikie
    suggested (And as Sun did.) Hope things are otherwise OK at your casa.

    Granni, glad to hear you concert went well. The problem with the piano
    reminds me why the military always wanted people who could play
    something portable like the guitar or the accordion. Did you say you
    are going dancing? Save the last dance for me.

    Mikie, thank you for your encouraging words. Your suggested verse is
    both apt and classic. Especially if you use colored pens or a colored
    font to print it out. Good luck with your peptide booster shot. I'd
    like to give it a try, but my current doctor does not want to try anything
    new. I'd have to find a different doctor. Would take way too much

    Illustrating that my Alz is still alive and flourishing, it took 3 tries
    to type "like" in the above paragraph. First I typed "life" and then I
    typed "look". A lousy state of affairs that sometimes leaves me limp
    and livid.

    Julie, Gordon wants to see your orchid. Yesterday he was busy with
    errands (he has to do everything now) and then the handyman came
    and finished the work on the chicken coop so he was buys w/ that.

    If Clinton is not happy with his med treatment, etc. he can file a
    Worker's Comp claim. If he doesn't have an atty, he can get one.
    (The atty gets paid at the end of the case from the Judges' award.)
    The fee us usually 15 percent of the award. And if Clinton is not
    provided with the legally required bemefits, he can file a separate
    claim for that. But as I said before. I am only familiar with CA
    law. And I know of one big change in that since I retired.

    Sun, how was your art group? How big is it? And what
    are you working on? When I used to hang around the art
    department at school, I liked to watch the folks who were
    throwing pots. The people drawing and painting were not
    much fun to watch since they did everything so slowly.
    Hope you can post another pic here.

    Hugs, Kids

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, again everydobby,

    Just HAD to come back to tell y'all that my new router is up and running and I'm connected to the net with it now. It's super fast but, unfortunately, PH isn't. Whine, whine, whine. I'm pretty sure I can hook up all my devices to the new router, save my old printer. That will be the challenge. If not, I have two choices: I can hard wire it with an Ethernet cable to the router and put it on a shelf in the TV armoire; or, I can buy a new printer which is much more user friendly to hook up. I'll give it several tries before buying a new one. I have several unused ink cartridges so would want to use them up before I get a new one which would likely use a different type cartridge.

    I fixed Valentines for everyone who is here in our bldg. I sneaked out early and left them on windowsills. I didn't tell anyone it was I who left them. A little mystery is good for the soul. So is a little chocolate so I put some in the pretty little Valentine boxes. Trying to put off the inevitable, I dilly dallied around and put all my contacts from my old phone in the new one. Verizon does that for you if you buy your phone and service there but at Wally World, you're lucky to find someone who knows what he or she is doing and can successfully get you connected to the service provider. Due to my relatively easy success with the router, I'll likely try the printer today. I definitely want to hook up my new Amazon Fire TV streamer to it.

    Rock, since I'm no poet, I had to use the "Roses are red..." but it's such an, as you say, classic, meaning that those with no talent can use it and normally come up with something which rhymes. I like what you wrote much better and, I'm sure, Gordon will too. Thanks for your good wishes for the peptide booster. These injections have no side effects but I'm not sure they have developed one for Alzheimers. The one I get is for immune and autoimmune diseases and syndromes. It's either right away, or within a few hrs., that I know the shots are working, mostly by increased saliva and less pain in my arthritic hands. The difficult part is finding a doc who does them and affording them. I have only had to get one booster a year now so it doesn't bankrupt me. I think there is a doc or two in the LA area who does these.

    I like your dog pun and your fine alliteration with "L" words. I am watching the current season of "Downton Abbey" but it doesn't come on til 9:00 p.m. and I am often in the arms of Morpheus by then. Fortunately, they rerun last week's episode at 8:00 p.m. every week so I can catch up. I can almost always stay up til 9:00. It's after that that my eyes start to droop (to match the rest of me :) If I'm reallllly tired, though, I may drop off at 7:00.

    OK, I'm going to brave the challenge of hooking my devices to the new router. Let's hope it works.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: that dog is enormous! Is that the breed of dog who was after you when you were young? I look at all that FUR and think how much work it must be to brush it. I pray that that evil spirit stays away from you. Every morning when I get up I pray and ask God to watch over me and my family and keep us safe. There are good angels and fallen angels (the bad spirits) all around us. I suppose it's a good thing we can't see them.

    I received a new "one year bible" from my DD in dec. I've never read the entire bible from cover to cover, and this makes it easier to get thru it since it gives you the date you're supposed to be reading, gives a passage from the old testament and then the new testament, a psalm, and a proverb. No matter how hard I try I always seem to be about 3-4 days behind and have to make time to do catch I am at Feb 12! And I've developed a routine and that's important.

    Mikie: yea......things are working right with the computer! I bought a new printer which was delivered this past week. However, I'm a complete dummy when it comes to that stuff so I have to wait another couple of weeks for my DS to come and install it. I have a photosmart by HP and apparently it's designed badly, per a man who works with them all the time and sells refurbished ink cartridges. They have tiny tubes where the ink comes thru and they clog easily. It would have cost me $109 to have it repaired so I just got a brothers on sale for $59. And I've learned how to copy photos onto a memory stick and take it to CVS to print colored pics. I really just need the printer/scanner for documents, etc. I need to print.

    Granni: Your DH sounds so thoughtful. Have a wonderful valentines day.

    Julie: the orchid is such a beautiful color? Maybe you might look for a lamp that gives out the correct light requirements for the orchid since you said you don't have good light where you will need to put it. My DH gave me a brilliant purple blue about 3 years ago, but I think it had been given a special fertilizer to turn it that color. I don't know if it will produce anything close to it whenever it decides to give out a flower. I'm NOT very good with orchids.

    Gordon: Am I correct about the blue orchid?

    Barry: how is Shorty?

    Rock: that house sounds WONDERFUL. this computer is giving fits! Has a mind of it's own.....actually it's the programming that PH has done. I husband used to be a program analyst.

    Getting back to the house, has he bought another large one to move to or is he selling most of his treasures? And how soon must he vacate it? And even moving his orchids will be a giant undertaking. I wish I could see the house. I'm a big fan of restoring homes and appreciate all the details. Did you see any stained glass windows?

    Love the valentine verse! So appropriate.

    My art group I try to attend is for senior citizens, all of us struggling to create. Yesterday there were about 15 or so, a smaller group, since most of the time it runs about 25 in there. I'm using this time to experiment with various techniques and paints. I've been using some white masking fluid this week which helps you save the white areas. Two of the ladies came over to watch what I was doing.......HA! They now want me to give a few lessons. I'm just happy to share what little knowledge I've learned.

    Last night I did a search on youtube, typing in painting daisies in watercolor, and came up with a two part video which was wonderful. I'll have to share the link with the ladies who are interested.

    I've got my DDs dog this weekend.......a weimeraner. She's such a loving dog but the cats aren't too happy about her being here.

    It's to be up in the 80s again today. I've got a large try full of blue/grey succulents I broke off some large plants that have done quite well. I'm trying to do my front yard in waves of color, using succulents which don't require much water. So I need to get out and do a bit of gardening.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2015
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Need to go get dressed really as it is almost 11 a.m. DH went to the bank. Made omelets for breakfast. I seemed to take forever to get all the stuff ready to put in it. We don't have eggs often but this was a change. I used the Nordic ware omelet maker for the microwave. Cleaver littler gadgets.


    ROCK- Love your little poem !!! No we are not going dancing - I wish. I LOVE to dance but DH is something else when it comes to that. H will very occasionally if the moods strikes him but everything has to be perfect. I will dance at any time :)!!! We are going to a special wine dinner for Valentines Day. It should be fun with DD and DSIL.

    HI to SUN, MIKIE, JULIE , DIANE, SPRING WATER ,DAR, JOAN and everydobby else I really need to go get dressed.


    Granni :)
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2015
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I just had to tell you what I use my nordic microwave omelette pan for........a painting pallet for when I leave my studio. It comes in very handy. I used to take my large pallet which has little partitions all around to fill with paints, but it's not handy, so to save even more space I use those little pill containers, that you use for a whole week. Very compact and I carry a variety of paints in 3 of them. Even with that I don't seem to need all the colors I originally filled them with. Your wine dinner sounds like fun.

    Diane: It could be they accidently knocked those two teeth with some dental equipment while you were sedated. It's always something isn't it. Nope, no apples for awhile.

    Julie: I love the cute pics Lorraine has made for you.

    I overdid it out in the yard. Sooooo many weeds that had to be dug up. I spent 3 hrs., came in famished. Took my shower and ate so now it's a well deserved nap.
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello Folks

    popping in for a tiny bit. Glad everyone liked the pics of the huge stiff Tibetan poggy woggy.
    It made my day, that 'little'big one.

    Granni - you were typing in the nude? :D

    Rock - that sounded like an interesting sounded quite lovely. but a bit of work to

    Mikie - woah, about the dream..its so important to forgive, if we are to move on..the ladys
    sis in the spirit world knew that.

    Sun - i wouldnt categorize those energies i felt as 'evil'. They might ve been angry or fearful.
    They didnt bother me so much although i wouldnt hang around where they are.i suppose
    i shouldve tried to send them into the light but..i was kind of tired. ive run into the very
    negative energies, but its best not to feed those energies by talking about them. someone
    even told me not to hate them, coz they hv their place in the great scheme of things and
    'are' for a reason. not that i agree. my prayers always include one for the earth n beyond
    to be cleansed.

    Julie - love the ceramics in your cupboard and of course the orchids

    oh the DH is hollering for his tea..bbl

    God Bless

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