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    Hi Kids

    Pull up a chair. Or whatever is handy. The porch was modeled after my great Aunt
    and Uncle's front porch which provided a glider, a rocking chair, a couple lawn chairs
    and an old upholstedred chair that was brought inside during the winter.

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    Hi Folks,

    No square dance call today. Don't gots no energy. Looks like some of us are
    feeling the end of the year blues. Plus the reality that there isn't much hope for
    improvement. I came down with CFS 36 years ago. After 6 years I couldn't work
    full time anymore. And the new health problems just keep piling up. I now have
    10 or 12 serious medical problems. With my Alz I can't really keep track of them.
    I'm 74 (despite my stunning and youthful good looks) and am ready to go to
    my Heavenly Reward. I don't say I think there is a Heavenly Reward, but I'm
    certainly willing to go to one.

    Mikie, maybe Mildred can bring her rocking chair over to your place and just
    sit and enjoy your tropical garden view.

    Now What?! There's somebody knocking at the door. Well, I'm not answering.
    Millions of people in this vast metropolis that I do not want to encounter,
    especially after dark.

    Gordon went to the library today. The branch we usually go to. I stayed in bed.
    Last summer we took cherry tomatoes several times. Today he brought the
    staff a bundt cake. It's the made with two boxes. One a box of cake mix. The
    other a box of Jello. The modern bundt cake, BTW is like me; a product of
    Minnesota. Goes back to the 50s.

    Sun, glad to hear your inhaler is of some help. Too bad so many conditions can't
    be cured, only treated.

    BCT, in response to your inquiry, I just finished 'The Brass Verdict' by Michael
    Connelly. An excellent story about a murder trial. Two of his regular characters,
    Detective Hieronymus Bosh and Atty Mickey Haller are featured. Am also
    rotating some show biz bios: Harpo, Neil Patrick Harris, and I can't remember the
    other two. The Harris book is like some kids' adventure books. "If you want
    to read more about auditioning for a Broadway show, go to page so and so. If
    you want to learn how to make a fabulous cocktail, go to page etc.

    Well, the knocking stopped. Many years ago I stupidly opened the door late at
    night in response to knock. I said, "Who is it?" When the response was, "Your
    neighbor.", I opened the door. Dumb thing to do.

    Anyhoo it was a con man, not a violent criminal. Claimed to be outta gas and
    wanted "a loan". I've encountered this scheme 3 times in LA. I'm still not
    contributing. I guess the crooks are still running out of gas. One of them
    assured me he wouldn't harm me. I assured him the black cylinder in my
    hand was tear gas.

    Better go. My back is moaning low.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Sorry I lost count on the last Porch.

    Rock, thanks for starting us up again. I put a closed sign on the last Porch. I wouldn't answer the door after dark either but then, after dark, I'm usually in bed. If I did have to answer the door, I'd have my gat handy. I have to put in a claim for my bedroom TV as the second HDMI port is going. The other one is already dead. It went out last night as I was watching "White Christmas." I can never watch it without feeling so sad for Vera Ellen who had anorexia. Back then, people didn't know what it was but the cast and crew on that movie knew she wasn't OK. It's a horrible, and little understood, illness. My ex and I though we would lose our DD to it when she was 14.

    Granni, I also don't have kids nearby and don't see them often. I had always thought I'd have Thanksgiving at my home with a big table full of in-laws and grandkids. So much for the plans of mice and men (and me). We had years of great Thanksgivings and Christmasses so I do have those memories. I've adjusted to my new reality and it isn't so bad. In fact, I usually enjoy my holidays just doing whatever I want to do. I don't push myself to make everything perfect. I do as little as possible; my health and well-being are more important.

    Sunflower Girl, my pulmonologist also gave me a dx of COPD but said it was only at the very ends of the bronchii. When it's cold, I have problems breathing but I use a nebulizer instead of an inhaler. My inhaler is a rescue inhaler for asthma. I hope that yours works to help your breathing. I've tried Advair and other daily inhalers but they all gave me blinding headaches. I'm not a headache person but certain meds cause them. Good luck with the scan.

    I still have to go pick up my new Rx. I've just been doubling up on the Losartan I already have. Yesterday, I just wasn't up to it. I'll go first thing and it won't be bad. Traffic and shopping crowds are awful later in the day. Our Snowbirds are coming early this year and really impact traffic. One thing I don't understand is why older drivers pull up to a light and leave one or two carlengths between them and the car in front of them. If several of them do this, it blocks the turning lanes both left and right. Arggg! I still haven't adjusted my headlights and need to get on that.

    As I mentioned, I got things done here and there yesterday. I washed the cushion covers on my white slipcover sofa. I evidently scratched or cut the calf of my leg out gardening and sat on the sofa. It got a little bit of blood on the cushion and it dried. I used pre-wash products and it came out. The slipcover, cushion and pillow covers are made of heavy-duty denim in a natural color which looks white but not bright white. It's a HUGE job to wash the main slipcover and I only do it about once a year. The rest of the time, I just wash the cushion and pillow covers.

    I'll finish the "earthquake" closet today--yea! I need to clean the floors, especially the tile on the lanai. The cats throw their poop and litter all over in their frantic efforts to cover their messes. Sylvester is especially enthusiastic when it comes to the litter box. As I mentioned, he likes to play in his water dish. When the water meets the clay litter on the floor, the clay hardens. I have to use my floor machine, with the whirling brushes, to get it up. The last couple of mornings, Sir Vester has been leaping about like a kitten, playing with his catnip-filled mousie.

    Well, Kids, I had better go read the newspaper online. I'll catch y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Finally go to speed read the posts here on the Porch . So much to read and not much time to answer.

    JULIE - That has got be something to see with Lindsay at e ball with baby Josiah :)!!! I'll bet she will be a pretty mama carrying around that chucky little one. Does e eat an baby food or solids yet or just breast milk. I know so much has changed in baby care since I had mine. Mine were on baby food at 3 months of age esp DS who came in at almost 9 lbs. unlike his 6 lb +sisters :)!!! Almost looks like a steak and potatoes man with already with his cute little chunky body :)!! Hope all goes well for you as you watch the little ones as Lindsay and David go out to their special ball.

    Whoops I need to get of and send another -email. So hope to get back tomorrow. Going to the 4thDegree K of C party tonight. Sorry I need to run.

    Love you ALL
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    Hi, Kids,

    I forgot to post in red that the last Porch was closed so there were some more posts after Rock opened this one. Y'all might want to check some of the posts over there.

    Julie and Springwater, I am copying a paragraph from there in response to your question regarding, "What's the point?" It may not satisfactorily answer your question but it's what I was thinking after I read your posts..."Julie and Springwater, it breaks my heart to hear you ask what the point is but I certainly understand because I've asked the same question; I think we all have. When we want to do more than our bodies allow, we seem to focus on what we can't do rather than all that we manage to do despite being ill. Our families love us, not for what we do but for who we are. We are loved and we love others. That is the most important thing in the world. We just lose perspective now and then. We need to pamper ourselves from time to time or we forget what is important. Stop and take a deep breath. Your families love you and are lucky to have you. That's the point; however, if all we do is work, we lose sight of the point. We need to do something fun or interesting. Seems selfish when we have so many things which need doing but it's really not. When we take care of ourselves, we can engage with our loved ones at a deeper and more meaningful manner. Please don't distress. It'll get better." I think the holidays exacerbate our feelings of inadequacy. How strange that a Season which is supposed to fill us with hope and meaning often leaves us feeling hopeless and without meaning in our lives; i.e., what's the point?

    Julie, some here really resent the Snowbirds, especially long time residents (as though they own the place). I don't. The Snowbirds are responsible for our economy, along with the tourists. Many of them volunteer at our hospitals and other places while they are here. It's such fun to see them reunite with friends when they arrive. I just take the crowding in stride. Our hood is really quiet during the summer and I enjoy it when it gets lively. I don't like the crowded roads, restaurants, etc. but, again, I take it in stride and go when I know it's not as crowded. Hope the kids enjoy the party. Is anyone taking pics?

    Springwater, I did read about your finding the book on angels. I've heard of tree spirits and other types of spirits but I'm not too sure about them. I do respect living things, like the plants and wild animals. I believe everything is related. Don't know whether I mentioned that I wrote, "Love," backwards on my clear plastic watering jug. I try to impart love to the plants and the water which nourishes them. I hope our pansies don't get too limp and leggy when it gets hot. During the hottest part of the year, it can be difficult to have flowers. Right now is when everything looks beautiful.

    Granni, hope you enjoyed the K of C party. Is it formal? Are the men wearing their costumes? Is anyone taking pics?

    I took pics of the shutters and flower boxes but in order to get the shutters in frame, the flower boxes are so small. I'll have to take pics of just the boxes. I still need to paint the wood supports gray to match the bldg. but it's been so cool. It's to warm up and I can do it then; however, we are expecting rain so I have to watch the weather reports.

    Got nothing done yesterday. Out of the blue, fatigue hit me so I went in and got in bed. Tweety joined me and we slept the day away. What a luxury! I think it's the increase in the Losartan which is making me tired. Info with the med said it might do that until one gets used to it. The new Rx is to be taken just once a day. I can only imagine how I'll feel when that hits. I've been taking 50 mgs. twice a day. If I take 100 mgs. once a day, I'll be a zombie. Think I'll continue with the twice a day regimen until I get some of this work done around here. BP rises as the day goes on so, when I go to once a day, I'll take it in the evening. One good thing is that I'm sleeping soooooo much better.

    I'm about to decrease my 1 mg. tablets of Special K from 1 1/2 to 1 1/4. I think the increase in Losartan is helpful somehow. I walked through the detergent aisle in Target and didn't get sensory overload from the smells. Also, screaming kids in stores irritate me but it doesn't give me sensory overload to the point I need to put some Special K under my tongue. I never thought I would be able to wean down or off of it. Dr. Cheney always said that when one has recovered sufficiently, one can more easily wean off. Yea (knocking on wood)!

    It's still dark out and the sliver of moon is lit at the bottom like a bowl. Lore has it that it doesn't rain when the moon is in this phase. It's supposed to rain later in the week but not today. Tomorrow night is the eve of Winter Solstice. I've always loved the marking of the seasons. After Sun., the days will begin getting longer again. Personally, since living down here, Winter is my favorite season.

    My Dear Porchies, as the week ahead gets more hectic, please take time out just to be. This is actually what meditation is--just being. Strange how such a simple and ancient practice can be so helpful but medicine is now proving its worth. If you don't meditate, take a few moments every day to find beauty in nature and be grateful for God's blessings in your lives. It's easier for me than for all y'all who have hectic lives but that makes it all the more important for you. I wish lots of love, NRG and peace for all our Dear Porchies and for your families and loved ones.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Saw a holiday card with a picture of a lamb. The greeting was: FLEECE
    NAVIDAD! Makes for a mildly amusing story. Or should I say: an
    amusing yarn?

    Gordon went to his orchid meeting. As usual he brought home more plants.
    He took a vanda (orchid) to the meeting. He divided the plant sometime ago. He
    thought he would sell it for a modest price, but there was no buyer. Some
    lady asked him for it, so he gave it to her. Most of the members are
    pretty generous about giving away plants or selling them for low prices.

    Gordon had a call yesterday from his old employer. He was in the mortgage
    business. Anyway they wanted him to come back temporarily while somebody
    is on maternity leave. But he's not interested. Not with the long commute.
    He's gotten accustomed to being a man of leisure, I guess. He deserves his
    retirement. He became the man of the house while still a teenager. Five
    younger siblings and an immigrant mother who could not speak English.
    The bank immediately made him sign the mortgage. Twenty some years
    later the mortgage was finally paid off.

    Mikie, I never heard that Vera Ellen had anorexia. Wikipedia said that she
    developed arthritis caused by the stress of dancing and anorexia. (I have
    no idea if that's true.) She died from cancer. She had a great career.
    Started out as a Rockette; then Broadway shows; then about 20 movies
    and some TV.

    Julie, have David and Lindsey been to the ball yet? I hope you can post a
    picture of Josiah in his tux. I used to have a tux. I wore it when I
    ushered for musicals, the symphony, operas, etc. I bought it way back
    in the 60s for $30 from a rental place. In those days good tickets cost
    about $6. Now, I've read, they can cost hundreds! Yikes! Anyhoo, it was
    the best bargain ever. And the tux made it possible for me to go backstage.
    I talked to lots of musicians, stars, actors and etcs. during those years.
    A famous baritone sang a high A flat for me in his dressing room, and
    a bass demonstrated how he could whistle. Yup, the score indicates
    the performer should whistle while playing the part of Mefistophele.

    Sorry to hear about your mother's problems. Lucky you had a good dad
    to take care of you. My parent were both toxic. The Mormons say we will
    be reunited with our families in the hereafter. I certainly hope they are wrong.

    Sun, Diane, Barry, Granni, Joan, hope you guys are all OK.


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    Mikie - sorry, my bad. I knew a new porch was opened but i had opened two
    Prohealth pages so i could reply to posts and then in my fogged up state,
    went and posted on the wrong page.

    so here it deleting the ones on the previous porch


    Sun - cherished? hmmm..thats a difficult one. i think i feel its mostly kids
    who are cherished by their parents. Parents are hardwired into cherishing
    their offspring. So no matter what kids do, say, think, feel theyre always
    given unconditional love by the parents. And of course grandparents. That
    goes without saying.

    But other than that most relationships except soul mates who've found each
    other after having worked out the kinks in their relationship in other lives,
    sort of 'grow into some sort of fondness or needing each other.More than
    anything else, we become a 'habit' in each others lives and so we are afraid
    of losing the other or the consequences we face should that person no longer
    be in our lives. So the caring is there, but theres also lots of taking for
    granted, or neglecting due to the flesh being willing but the spirit being weak.'

    By and large most of us seem thrown together for the purpose of testing
    our skills in patience and compassion and adaptability.

    God Bless
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  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hiya All

    Julie - i would call what you hv with your DH 'being cherished'. From what
    all you have written. I love it. The way you and he are.

    Lindsey is going to look like 'something else' in that slinky gold dress and
    its NOT a mama of four. As it is she is so pretty. I hope she/D have a good time.
    And that you also manage the kiddies during her absence with minimum of
    fuss and trouble.

    Granni - i can hear the sound of relief in your voice as you approach the last
    of your committments regarding performances...but i can also tell you love
    that they are well received. Now that you have family close by Im sure you
    want more time to yourself so you all can do things together.

    Rock - I was listening to the 'rockin chair' song as i typed. took me into
    some nice safe place of long ago, where you didnt hv smog and traffic
    jams and gunmen wielding weapons in classrooms. Just lovely. We
    used to have a lot of conmen coming asking for donations at the gate
    posing as some political party or other during the height of the maoist
    agitation..thankfully, no longer.

    Mikie - So you got your black shutters at last. Your building must be
    looking spanking great. A lot of effort goes into getting something nice
    done but once its done...ah the rewards. Those flower boxes at the
    windows when the flower season is in ful swing is going to be a sight
    to behold! When i think of all the things coming undone at my home,
    the repairs etc, i feel like crying so im not going to go there.

    The kitties are getting frisky are they? frisky as in playful, heh heh.
    I find myself getting like that sometimes when im ascending the
    stairs and my dog is at the top of them and starts mooning and pawing
    in the air and wagging the whole of himself while growling and snuffling.
    It catching... that playful energy.

    God Bless
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    Julie: I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of the little guy in his tux! When my DGS was about 9 months we went on a cruise with the family over new years holiday and my DD bought the cutest little suit and black oxfords for him to wear. I thing he was the best dressed on the whole ship. What a difference in baby/childrens clothes compared to when my children were little. And I hope you're doing good with energy to spare with watching the remaining 3.

    Thanks for sharing that about being cherished. I've always felt that you two have a special relationship and you're very blessed.

    Spring: And thanks for sharing that also about your marriage. I guess if you haven't had a good family life when you were a kid it's hard to have a good role model. That's actually what parents are to do.....model for our kids.
    My DH and I were married 46 years.....for better or worse......he brought a huge amount of emotional baggage to our marriage and no matter what, he couldn't let down his wall he had built up. Yes, I would have wanted to feel cherished but it just didn't happen. There's no way in the world I would consider being married again though. In the bible Paul tells men to LOVE their wives and for wives to obey their husbands. If husbands would just do this then a wife would automatically want to obey him. This doesn't mean for her to be a servant though. I believe the word love here is actually to cherish Solomon writes.

    Rock: I was scared for you when you wrote that someone had knocked at your door wanting $. Scary. DON'T open the door for anyone unless you know specifically who they are.

    Mikie: I'm happy for you that you can sleep the day away. Even when I'm at my awful, worst time of being sick, I just can't sleep more than 30 min. at a stretch. Good luck in weaning yourself off the special K.

    I took my first inhale yesterday morning from my steroid inhaler. I "think" I felt good, at least for a couple of hrs I seemed to be breathing better, but then I started getting a strange sore throat, which lead to aching glands, post nasal drip, etc. and I read in the warnings section about the side effects. I had rinsed good afterwards and brushed my teeth, but this morning I'm feeling like I've picked up a bug, so won't use the inhaler again until I'm well again.

    Diane: I'm wondering if all this pain is actually TMJ now. Don't forget your mouth was open for hours while having this procedure done. TMJ can cause all kinds of havoc. Did you get a rice sock made? If not, seriously.....the warmth from the heated sock will help.

    Yes, I did drive the freeway at night......had to leave at midnight to pick him up.......he had missed his flight and had to pay $25 to take a later flight. I slept for about l l/2 hrs. before having to leave to pick him up so that might also be contributing to feeling awful this morning. I find that the lights on the freeway are very hard to see, since I wear tri focals.

    I had been listening to the song, "when you wish upon a star" yesterday which brought up memories of when I was a child. Years ago my son had found a Disneyland video from 1956, the first time I visited Disneyland. I had been watching it was me as an 11 year old driving a little car on the Autopia. And YES, I would bet my life savings on the fact that it is ME. I had saved it, then my DH had deleted it.....was I angry!!!!! Anyway, I found it on the internet watched it again. It seems more grainy than when I watched it years ago. If anyone wants to see the early years of Disneyland, do a search for People and Places Disneyland 1956. I'm at 27:15 Boy, looking back over the 59 years since I was that innocent girl!!!! So many wrong turns I made in my life. But can't redo anything, just have to go on the best I can.
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  10. Mikie

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    Hi, Everydobby,

    Just taking a break and decided to pop in again.

    Springwater, nothing to be sorry about. I also didn't realize how many posts we had and, when I did, forgot to post the "Don't Post" sign in red. No harm; no foul. I just didn't want anyone to miss anyone else's posts on the last Porch. I'm sorry I forgot and confusicated everyone else. I'm always confusicated myself. :confused: I think I did answer you on this Porch.

    Diane, is it possible you have an infection? Are you on ABX? I think I'd call the dentist just to be on the safe side. I didn't have that level of pain for so long. Of course, it's possible my cleaning wasn't as severe as yours. Geez, this is a rotten time of year to be on liquids. My old boss once fainted and fell on his face. He broke his jaw and it was wired. His wife put everything, including pizza, in the blender and he drank it. I hope and pray you are better soon.

    Rock, I was aware that Vera Ellen had other illnesses but if you look at her waist, it is obvious that she was painfully thin. People with anorexia have behavior which is specific to their illness. At the time of the making of "White Christmas," people described her behavior but back then, no one knew what it was. It is a heartbreaking illness because painfully thin people are convinced that they are fat and any effort to help them is seen by them as a conspiracy to keep them fat. They look in the mirror and literally see a fat person. The illness distorts their self-image. Loved ones stand by helpless to do anything. Watching the movie always brings back my own daughter's struggle with anorexia. She was 5' 5" and weighed 74 lbs. at the worst part of the illness. She was convinced she was fat. We had to come to grips with the fact that our child may have a terminal illness and we could lose her. We all went to therapy and, finally, something clicked and she started to get well. Her cousin also had it. It can run in families and often runs in families with FMS. Gordon sounds like such a good guy. Yes, he deserves his leisure.

    Sunflower Girl, we were posting at the same time. Glad you were able to catch a few Zzzzzz's before driving to the airport. I hope the inhaler isn't responsible for the sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. It would be great if it helps you.

    OK, I uploaded some pics so will try to post one or two. I'm not good at this stuff. I was able to upload three pics but there were two copies of each. Gonna try again. OK, here's a full pic of the window. The 2x4's under the box will be painted gray to match the bldg. and it will visually disappear. The box has pansies in purple, blue, yellow and yellow/orange. The ivy in the corners will eventually train over the corners and hang down. Finally, just threw in a pic of my front door since it's the only decorating I did. :(

    IMG_20141218_093537_812.jpg IMG_20141220_122231_364.jpg IMG_20141220_122111_679.jpg
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Diane,

    I hope there is no infection but if he did a root canal, there was likely infection under there already. No one likes ABX but when there is infection, they are necessary. I hope this clears up for you. Chances are that they used a rubber dam to keep stuff from going down your throat. They might have used the sucky thing too. I'm so sorry you are having all this to deal with. I'll put a prayer in our box.

    I wish the pics did our shutters and flower boxes justice. They look rather bland and uninteresting in the pics but the windows were really uninteresting before the shutters and boxes. The flowers haven't had time to really fill in but they will look beautiful when they do. There are shutters on the same windows upstairs and it makes the bldg. look taller. I got ahold of the handyman and he will pressure wash our sidewalks after Christmas. Now, if only the painter would call...

    Today is one of those days when I do a burst of work and then sit down for a while. I've been making healthy drinks in my Nutri-Bullet and I think they do give me more NRG. I've replaced everything on the shelves in the "earthquake" closet except for the little area I call my larder. I want to go through my cans and other food to see what I have in there.

    I took my shop vac and cleaned the bath tile floors and the tile floor on the lanai. I cleaned the tiles on the lanai with my floor machine and they are all clean and shiny. I'm going to enjoy it while I can because these little fur balls can make a mess faster than lightening. They have a place mat for their dishes to sit on in the kitchen and they never make a mess. If I use one under their dishes on the lanai, they tear it out from under the bowls and move it all over. In the process, the water and food go everywhere. Heaven only knows what they do out there all night. Tweety has been horrid today as she's jealous of my time when I clean or get on the computer. She has been getting up on things she knows she isn't allowed to be on and just looking me in the eye. I put her in time out and squirted her with the water bottle. Finally, I picked her up by the nape of the neck, like a mother cat would, and she finally got the idea. I feel bad for the cats because, when they lived outside, the whole world was their oyster and now, all they have is me. Still, I can't spend 24/7 catering to them.

    I took my first dose of 100 mgs. of Losartan a couple of hours ago and it hasn't made me sleepy. Yea! I am used to taking it with the Clonidine at half that dose and it can knock me out taking it like that. I feel well and my BP is good so, so far, all is well. Since increasing my dose, I've been sleeping so much better.

    Talked to Frank and Ilona and he is home and doing better. She is his full-time nurse. It is sad that they are having to sell their winter vacation home. It gets so cold up in the NE. It's so nice down here. I hope their ex DIL buys it and lets them use it. Ilona's been like her old self when I talk to her and I miss that. Thank you who prayed for Frank. He wanted to thank everyone who is praying for his infection to clear up. Folks in the hood are praying. We may not all get along all the time but, when one of us is down, we pull together to do everything we can to help. I took a few little Christmas cards around to my friends here and wrote nice notes in them. One called me back and, I guess, she didn't know how much her friendship means to me. She was choking up on the phone. I think she felt cherished.

    Just so y'all know, I do cherish all of you and am so glad you are my Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    You guys are posting like house afire. When my son was in Jr. High, we used to
    watch wrestling. They had an announcer who would go into hysteria mode and
    scream "House Afire!" whenever the actor-wrestlers would pretend to be killing
    each other.

    Did you hear the news some years back? The state of New Jersey was going to
    impose some restriction on the World Wide Wrestling Federation because of a
    state statute designed to promote the safety of professional athletes.
    To prevent the restriction, the company had to admit that the fights were
    choreographed and staged. About a spontaneous as a kabuki performance.

    Just had an incident that illustrates the deterioration of my mind. Worse than
    I thought. Anyhoo, I may have mentioned once or twice (or a hundred times) that
    my family of origin was seriously dysfunctional. For the past several months I
    have not been getting any e mails from my sister. Even in the best of times she
    seldom writes. She sometimes sends out pictures or jokes to a dozen or so people
    and she includes me on the list.

    Well, I've been sending her financial help for many years. When I got a job
    that included a company car, I gave her my old one. Anyhoo I sent her a
    fairly substantial check a few months ago. Then I thought maybe she didn't
    get it, so I checked with the bank. Yes, their records show it was cashed.
    And I found the old check register. It wasn't a few months ago that I sent
    the check. It was two and a half years ago! I knew my sense of time had
    been off for the past few years, but had no idea it was so bad.

    Maybe my next stunt will be to go to the market with my pants on inside
    out. My neighbor did that several years ago. He came back laughing. The
    pants were gym pants. He said it was a bit tricky under the circumstances
    to get the money outta his pocket. Probably would have been even more
    difficult if he had been wearing jeans.

    I think we all deserve a medal for coping with stress, donchu? As
    somebody pointed out (for whatever good it does), remember that
    STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!

    And while I'm at it, here's a mnemonic device I invented for remembering
    how to spell desserts and deserts. Desserts has double letters just like Jello
    which is sometimes served as dessert. (If it has whipped cream on top it's
    probably dessert rather than a salad.)

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another quick hi to awl. Haven't been able to get n the computer much all day. Sorry that I have been missing out on proper posting lately. I know also that I have missed a bunch from you all !!.

    We are supposed to go out to with another couple soon so I need to write this quickly.

    We went to the doc the other day and just got or results of the lab work...I guess I am OK but my stupid TSH went up to 5 even on the Armour. He want me to take another test in 6 weeks . Great, I hope I an stay on the Armour Thyroid. We'll see, I have felt more sluggish and achy but that can be partly from that and getting off the Klonopin too.

    DH Ac1 is the same 5.7 and his cholesterol LDL is up and total cholesterol too. Great more veggies and green leafy veggies and greens. What a pain for us and the red meat thing which he loves and we have cut down. Planning meals is a real pain nowadays. He goes back in 6 months for that test.

    DIANE- I would have thought that during your procedures they would have had the suction on most or all of the time so as to suck up all the saliva, mucous, and other junk. However if you are still in a lot of pain you might want to call the doc just to make sure in case he doe want to give you any abx.

    Sorry no time to post to everyone. I have to keep on going back to fix all these words that aren't getting spelling correctly.

    JULIE- Yes I could love t see Josiah in his little "TUX" and Lindsay I her ball gown.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock! - lol.. thats the kind of thing i go through, no sense of time. The other
    day when i got a call from the Pranic healing Centre, I blanked out on the name of the girl who called although i hv interacted with her forever. It was so embarassing, listening to her and trying to recall her name and trying to talk
    without making it sound curt because i wasnt using her name.

    The guy who went out with his pants inside out made me laugh out loud.

    Julie - woo hoo! beautiful Lindsey portrait. she is so very pretty. and her the lace, the trail, the way the sleeves just cover the top of
    her hands. muy eleganto! David and Josiah are no less. very smart in
    their uniforms.

    Diane - Im glad kevin is going to be home to take care of you. Isnt it good
    the actual procedure is over? Now i wish you speedy recovery from the
    aftereffects. Is Kohls a cosmetic store? yesterday i tried to smart myself
    up some by using sme make up while visiting and i used this two year old
    kohl pencil i had bought when i was in the U.S. I think i need to chuck it,
    made my eyes water and itch.

    Mikie - your condo is SO well its brand new. Yes, the flower
    boxes look a little small for the window but when the flowers bloom
    completely and spill over, its going to be an eye catcher. That wreath
    is exquisite.

    Granni - hope you have fun at the dinner out with the other couple.
    I and all the others here, im sure, have to admire your energy and
    your practical approach to everything. I know you fight aches pains
    energy slumps like us, but somehow you seem to manage to get stuff
    done and done well.

    Sun - i looked. What a beautiful young lady you were! So sweet and
    solemn somehow. Were you a very calm person. your face is so serene.
    I cant believe how clear that video is. Thank you for directing us to the

    My DH too has walls around him. but i get what made those walls go
    up. His parents were on the run from the Chinese invasion of 1959.
    And he was only two, when his two siblings and mum died. Of diarreoah.
    he was left to fend on his own. with his father off trying to earn a living
    carrying loads.

    take care all

    God Bless

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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Hope everyone is having a nice Sun. Or, will be having; I forget about the time zones. It's the wee hrs. in the morning Pacific Time. I'm waiting for my Sun. paper. It'll probably be HUGE with all the last-minute ads. There is a long line of clouds which are turning neon copper color on a light blue sky just before sunrise. Soooo beautiful. I slept til 5:00, waking a couple of times but was able to go back to sleep each time, which I couldn't do before.

    Granni, when I first weaned down on my Special K, I felt tired and achy all the time. Now, I am better. Has the doc considered adjusting your Armour just a tad? It might improve your thyroid results. Hypothyroidism can also contribute to your feeling tired. BTW, new research is showing that eating steak, eggs, butter, etc. isn't what gives people high cholesterol; it's sugar. Does DH have a sweet tooth? In studies, people who had high cholesterol did better on a low-carb diet than those on a low-fat diet. Good luck to you both.

    Rock, only you know how your memory is doing but everyone my age in the hood has memory loss and loss of sense of time. I'm not so sure it's all illness related but those of us with CFIDS/ME and FMS also suffer memory and cognitive issues. Some of it, I'm sure, is just age. The only time I've heard of people wearing their clothes inside out is after a tryst when redressing in a hurry. It's hard to tell if one's clothes are inside out or right side out in the dark in the back seat of a Chevy--or so I'm told. :rolleyes: I watched Jeopardy last night. It is so frustrating knowing something and not being able to get the word into my pea brain and out of my mouth. I used to be so fast at that game. I also zone out on people's names and it's sooo embarrassing. In French class in college, we were always saying we ate the desert. It's a bit dry for my taste.

    Julie, Lorraine is so beautiful and the dress is just perfect. David is so handsome in his uniform and Josiah is adorable in his baby tux. Thanks for posting. Hope the ball went well. I love dress military events. Let us know how the evening turned out for them.

    Springwater, thanks for your kind words about our condo bldg. Our bldg. is about 20 yrs. old. We keep the whole hood in good condition but we are especially vigilant in our bldg. Keeping it looking good protects the value of our condos and keeps people out that we wouldn't want to live in here. Gangs look for run down hoods and rent an apt. for "one person." Then, in come the drugs, or whatever illegal activities they are engaged in. Some fencers of stolen goods slipped by and rented a condo in here but they got thrown out. Who knew that in this little backwater town of retired people and Snowbirds that there is a bad criminal element. I guess they are everywhere. There has always been something about a big, lush wreath on the door which appeals to me. I have several for the different seasons. I couldn't find this one until yesterday so it will serve short duty this year.

    Last night, I dropped my Special K dose to 1 1/4 tablets. It's going so much faster than it did when I tried years ago. I really had begun to think I'd be on it all my life. In another month, I should be down to half my usual dose. I want to take my health seriously this New Year. I'm going to join the free gym, which comes with my ins. It's a nice gym. I can't depend on the pool this time of year and I really need to do some aerobics. It should improve my HDL and, hopefully, my BP and heart rate.

    Without Frank and Ilona down here, everything falls on my shoulders and I'll be very busy if I get elected to the big board too. That's why I'm pushing to get things done before the middle of Jan. when we have our big annual mtg. I'm torn between painting those 2x4's today, as it's supposed to be warm enough, and cleaning inside. Everything is slow going because I have to pace myself but if I don't, I'll crash. Taking care of the outside usually wins out. One of our neighbors and her husband came down early and she whines nonstop. I guess they expect everything to be perfect when they arrive and don't realize that maintenance is an ongoing process. I do a lot of work around here myself and it saves our assn. a bundle. She's said more than once that, "Maybe it's time to sell." I like owner residents and not owners who rent out their units and I'd like them to stay but if she says that one more time, I'm going to say, "If you're really that unhappy, perhaps you would be happier if you sell."

    Well, I had better go check to see whether my paper is here and, if not, to call the newspaper office. Have a good one, everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Well, my neighbors' newspapers came but not mine. I called and they have me scheduled to get my paper sometime before 2:00 p.m. I'm close to stopping it altogether. We have a dispenser here in the hood but it's only filled during Snowbird Season. Otherwise, I'd have to drive, or walk, to the store to get my paper.

    Good news is that while I waited, it warmed up enough for me to go down and paint those 2x4's which support the flower boxes. Sho 'nuff, they visually disappear when painted the same gray as the stucco wall behind them. I'm very happy with the results and relieved to have that chore done. Now, if I can get some NRG, perhaps I can get some things done inside. I do have to rest between chores. I'm anxious to get my canned goods in that walk-in closet organized.

    I have an old show, "Johnny Belinda," on TV. I think Jane Wyman won an Oscar for her role. I love the way they used lighting in those old B&W movies. There are so many good movies out now but there are a lot of mediocre or awful ones. I still enjoy seeing the old ones. They are showing "Holiday Inn," followed by "White Christmas." I think the song originated in the first one. Bing Crosby was in both of them. I haven't watched "Holiday Inn" in years.

    Guess I had better get some lunch. Hope y'all are enjoying your day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: thanks for the pics. Josiah is a almost a spitting image of daddy! And what a beautiful dress and Lyndsey looks very lovely in it. And David........any man looks gorgeous in a uniform, but add his handsome looks. I'm sure they had a wonderful time. But I'm also sure Grandma is ready for them to come home.

    Mikie: I absolutely love the black shutters on the condo. It makes a huge difference. And once the plants take off it will fill in that space and really look stunning. By the way, is this a paid job to be on the board or voluntary? How many buildings would you supervise if elected?

    Rock: funnnnnny story about your neighbor who went out with his pants inside out. As I've gotten older I find I have to check myself before going out.....making sure I'm thoroughly dressed......pants, blouse, all buttoned up, etc.
    And I think you've mentioned that you have quite a lot of health problems.....I've read that too many inter reacting meds. can cause thinking problems. You might need to have an analysis of all the meds you take. The pharmacy where you get them can do a check on this........I believe the CFS where I get my meds do. However, even this isn't always foolproof. I once got a med prescribed by the doctor (I forget what it was) and I had read up on the side effects and interactions, and when I questioned the pharmacist she was shocked and contacted the doctor.....even their computer didn't catch it. You might also ask Gordon to do a computer search on every med you take and the side effects.

    Granni: Hope you had a good evening out. So far I don't have any cholesterol problems but the last lab test shows it creeping up, so I need to start adding more veggies and salads to my diet.

    Spring: What a story, re: your DH. Those of us who have lived all our lives in reasonable comfort compared to other countries really have a hard time grasping what life is like for others. And don't feel bad about forgetting this person's happens to me quite often but I just chalk it up to "brain overload". I once forgot my husband's name and couldn't introduce him properly. :D

    As to what happened to my DH, he was Polish Catholic, and 2 weeks before he was to enter HS his parents informed him he would be taken to an all boys catholic HS 3 states away for him to live there. I asked why he didn't protest and he said it was something you just didn't do. I realized early in our marriage that he had this huge wall around him (to protect himself) and it would never come down, even to the very end of his life he couldn't open up about his feelings, or anything.

    Thanks for the kind compliments. Yes, as a child I guess I was more introspect, determined to succeed at anything I tried. It's so funny how the memory works, as I was watching the movie it's like I was transported back in time to my feeling of being in control of that little car. It wasn't until I got to college that the "wild side" of me immerged. At times I'm a bit more like "I love Lucy", and love to laugh and crack jokes though my deep side is still there. People who talk to me on the phone think I'm much younger than I really am.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - The pics of Lindsey , David and Josiah are so neat. Beautiful mommy, handsome daddy and such a cute baby in that tux. Thanks for posting. Hope baby siting continues to go well for you and all. :)

    SUN - I missed when you were telling about your video on You Tube. I would love to see it. That is so sad about your DH who got put in a school far away from his parents and family. I am sure he was sad about that and apparently they didn't talk to him first about going. Poor guy ! However I guess many of us have some kind of thing that might have caused them to just shut don and not talk about it at one time or anther. However, that can be so hurtful an cause harm that might never go away from their memory and also possibly cause psychological problems to, at times. .

    Need to go and finish a wash and hang up what needs to be before the all get wrinkles. Sorry no time to address everyone.

    Please remember that I love you all - ROCK, MIKIE, BARRY, SPRING, and our many MIA's too - JOAN, DAR, TEACHER
    , ELAINE, ET AL !!!.

    GRANNI !!!:)
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2014
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm making up for my Warren Peace posts with more little ones. Was too tired after painting the 2x4's to do anything else. My paper finally came and I am beginning to wonder why I still want to subscribe. Never thought I'd feel this way; I've been reading the newspaper since I was six with my friends who were older.

    Sunflower Girl, thanks for the kudos on the shutters and flower boxes. It's difficult to find loooong flower boxes and I was lucky to find these. The one in the pic in the mag. didn't fill the entire sill either so I guess these are OK. Info with the flowers said they can attain 12" in height so I think they will look much better when they've had a chance to grow a bit. We have big showy flowers in other areas and I wanted this to be a bit more delicate. The areas in front of the windows are not showy but peaceful little spaces.

    Serving on boards is voluntary but it is traditional that board members help keep costs down by doing what we can. Each bldg. or townhouse cul-de-sac is a separate, small assn. under the big umbrella assn. If I'm elected to the big board, I will serve on two, that one and our bldg. It's common here as so few want to do anything. I think some don't care and others are intimidated because they don't really understand how a board works.

    That's sad about your DH. Sooooo many men of our generation were taught not to show emotion. Catholic schools were often more like prisons than schools. There was a lot of pressure to be ideal little students and not stick out. The best way to do that was just to keep everything inside where it was "safe." My ex didn't attend Catholic school but he got worse and worse over the years at keeping secrets from me, lying to me, and pushing me away emotionally. I was very lonely when I was married toward the end. I have not been lonely since my divorce, even though I'm alone. I need to check out the video.

    My older DD called and we talked for an hour. It was sooooo good to talk to her. Hopefully, she'll be able to come down in the spring. I'd like to be able to attend her graduation from college in May but, if it's like my plans to go to Dallas for Thanksgiving, I probably won't go. My little granddog is driving her crazy--he wants in; he wants out and then, he barks. It's like Tweety when she gets something in her mind. Both kitties are adorned with red collars for the Holiday Season. They look so cute.

    Granni, come back when you can sit a spell. It's always good to see you post.

    I hope all our Porchies will check in. I know how busy everyone is this time of year. Have a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Sun

    Don't know if I found your former self at Disneyland or not. I did a web search and
    found a video titled People and Places; Disneyland 1956. Couldn't view the video tho.
    Then I searched Youtube and found a video tour from 1956 with the same title.

    At 27:15 the camera shows an overpass. Then a couple cars including two driven
    by Black kids with big smiles. That's probably not you, huh? :) Then there
    are a few more cars ending with an older couple and then the last car (turquoise)
    which could be you but maybe not. It's a little past the 27:15 mark and the last
    car in the video. I guess one has to do like Joan Crawford and befriend the camermen
    to be sure of getting lots of close ups.

    Disneyland used to have a postcard of folks walking across the bridge to the Sleeping
    Castle. The picture shows the back of a young man with his tow headed son.
    Could be me and my boy. But again, maybe not. The next time we went to Disneyland
    that card had been discontinued.

    The last time we went to Disneyland was in the early 80s. By that time it had
    become so crowded and the lines for the rides so long, that we never went
    again. Same for Magic Mountain.

    BTW, it didn't cost $100 for admission either. In the 70s 10 bucks would
    pay for parking, admission, a snack, and a small souvenir.