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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from my nap. I don't dream much anymore, but this morning I
    had a long, pointless, rambling dream. I was back at work. Only my office
    looked like it had been abandoned for years, and the only furnishings were
    old, rusty, corroded washing machines. There was only one employee I
    knew. He's now in his 60s, but in the dream he was decades younger.
    What, oh what can it all mean?

    Got a most annoying e mail from my brother the park ranger. He is home.
    Even before he had surgery I was writing and asking about who would help
    him when he got back home, etc. So yesterday I got a two paragraph e mail
    saying he was home. The first paragraph was about Three Dog Night and the
    second paragraph was an Ole and Lena joke. And that was all.
    Yumpin' Yimminy!

    Mikie, I'm glad you liked "fluorescent obsolescence". We can do it again in
    October and call it fluorescent opal-escence. Glad to get the report on
    your exam and your financial windfalls. You deserve them and more.
    Hope you and Sir Vester had a nice nap.

    Spring, you're right. There's not much on TV and the political conventions
    aren't very interesting to most folks. The problem with politicians, well,
    one of the problems, is that their speeches are all about goals, but never a
    word about how they will be achieved.

    And they ignore the fact that a president is not a dictator. He can't do much
    by himself. He needs support from the Congress and occasionally from the
    Supreme Court as well. (I know we avoid partisan politics here, but this
    a not partisan. It's just basic info.)

    Julie, we don't mind returning the big box of fluorescent light bulbs Just
    glad the store will take them back. We were told that fluorescent lighting
    is on its way out. More and more it will be those new spiral jobs. Is that
    what LED is? I'd look it up, but I already have 2 windows open and don't
    want to increase the confusiationating factor. I have read that those new
    bulbs are not good for people's health, but don't really know the basis for
    that opinion.

    Granni, sorry your daughter is having problems. Even if you had a lot
    of money it would probably be difficult to help her. My sister has
    a very prickly personality. Gets mad at the drop of a lemon. Or a "G".
    And I am 15 years older so I was out of the house while she was growing
    up. So it's not like we were close when she was growing up.

    Gordon has an orchid meeting tonight. He's already picking out the
    plants he will take.

    Hugs to everydobby
    Barry, Diane, Sun, GB, Star

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    Hey, Rock,

    Thanks for getting us up and running again. Ooh, ooh, opals have chatoyance. It's usually called, chatoyancy. Another favorite word. Glad you slept and came clean about your dream. I can't even guess what it means. I often dream I'm at one kind of job or another and can't get anything done. I know what that means. It's just the story of my life these days. Another common dream of frustration is not being able to find a clean public bathroom. Don't know whether it's a nightmare or reality.

    Perhaps DB is taking some meds? Three Dog Night? You dream of washing machines and he dreams of a rock group. Hmmm! Don't know what that means either. I hope he is doing well. I have some osteopenia in my left hip; guess I'll find out whether it's worse when I get the Dexascan. Don't ever want any replacement parts.

    The spiral bulbs are on their way out now. Everything is LED. When the spiral bulbs broke, they put out dangerous levels of mercury gas. Yikes!!! I have recessed pot light fixtures in the kitchen ceiling. They are the regular old incandescent (another favorite word) bulbs. To change them out to new LED fixtures would cost $125 on sale. I seldom turn them on because they suck up so much electricity. Still, I could use them a lot before I'd break even buying the new ones. Think I'll just turn on my Himalayan salt lamp and zone out.

    Thanks again for the new Porch.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just posting for a minute. I need to get unto the new thread and then maybe wash y hair before going over DD's house.

    MIKIE - Joan tried posting. :confused: I found her on my profile and don't know what to tell her. Not sure if she will use the same UN as before or not. I am in a rush right now and so don't have time t o do much for her. Didn't try and answer her back or not. Not sure if she wrote something and then lost it or couldn't submit or what. Guess she tried on my profile. I forget what she said. Would be a nice to have her back again on our boards. She is such a dear lady.

    HI to awl. I need to get off and wash my hair as we have a function tomorrow night and tonight I will be late at DD's. Hope you are feeling better day by day and getting good sleep or as well as possible.

    Thanks for the new porch.

    Thanks for the nice words about my CD ROCK, MIKIE, JULIE they mean a lot.

    Love to everydobby and those I didn't mention today.
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Granni, I also got a message from Joan on my profile page, but I don't know
    how to answer her. So I'm posting here.

    Great to hear from you, Joan. Wish you felt well enough to post regularly.
    Miss ya.

    I found an old porch dated Oct. 15, 2014. It has posts from Joan, Mikie,
    Sunflower, Gordon, Springwater and Granni. I"m going to test
    this URL see how far it goes up the flagpole.


    OK, I tested it. No workee. Just got a response of ERROR.
    Shucks a Rootie.
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    Thanks, Rock, for starting us up again! I tried the link you posted and got an error message also. I don't blame you for being upset with your brother...

    Hey Joan...if you do happen to get on here. Would love to hear from you, dear friend.

    Mikie, you're right about the LED's...Den thinks they are the way to go, for sure. Put out a lot brighter light for less energy. I don't know...just want to be safe...

    Granni, hope your "hair project" went well...I love that you have your DD close by to do things with.

    I did get the yard mowed...the grass wasn't wet, but it still stuck to me because my skin was all sweaty and sticky, lol! I alternated between a tank top and shorts...and a long sleeve top (to cover up my bare skin) and longer shorts.

    Den called around noon and told me the Amish crew that finished up our roof a few months ago was coming back to finish installing these foam strips that seal the different "layers" of steel roofing. I guess they had ran out when they were here.

    I happened to be in "tank top mode" when they pulled in, so mowed around a building and quickly put on the long sleeve shirt. I know they are used to seeing "English" women and how we dress, but I try to be more modest whenever I know I'll be around any of the men.

    I was talking to their driver when they finished the job, so I ran in the house and brought out a big pitcher of iced tea...they appreciated it a lot.

    Den got off work early, so napped while I finished mowing. Then I came in, heated up an early supper for him, took a shower, then a short nap. Hope I can get back to sleep tonight....I think we are both pretty close to shutting down; I just need to finish his lunch for tomorrow.

    I'll just say a quick "Hi" to everyone else...we are to be in a heat advisory for a few more, fun.

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  6. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Another good night with Silly Sir Vester. At the doc's yesterday, they had me fill out five pages of info, much of it redundant. No wonder medical care costs so much; it's the paperwork. They ask a LOT of questions, many dealing with one's emotional health. One question was "What languages are spoken in the home?" I answered, "English and cat." I wonder whether anyone ever reads that stuff anyway. If someone does, that answer should provide a little humor. It's true. I'm not fluent but I manage to speak enough that the cats have always enjoyed conversing with me. One word is, "Mack." Said in a friendly tone, it is a greeting which elicits an answer and a love look. Sir Vester actually said a two-syllable word the other day. His vocabulary is growing as we continue holding our conversations.

    My Dear Old Friend called last evening to find out about what was supposed to be my cat scan of the kidneys. It was postponed til Mon. That worked out well because it allowed me to keep my appt. with my gyno. DOF sang a totally inappropriate song to me which made me howl with laughter. It was very sweet of him to check up on me. He is still dealing with balance problems. He had PT for it but the co-pays were $50 a pop. I told him about the PT videos on You Tube. I hope he can get it fixed; I worry about him.

    Joan, if you see this, send an e-mail to and ask for help in posting. Or, click on 'Contact Us' here at the bottom of the page. We are all waiting to see you here.

    Granni, hope you had a good time at DD's last night. It's so nice to wake up today and know I don't have to wash my hair. The older I get, the more I hate doing it. I've decided not to color it for a bit. That Joan Rivers hair powder covers the white roots on top. It actually looks very good with the roots just a shade darker than the blonde. I noticed there is a new root spray. I think I like the powder better. Come back when you can stay a bit.

    Julie, thanks for the cute poem. Funny, I have a mirror just like the one in the pic. It's on a shelf in my bathroom so I can see the back of my head. My arms are so pasty that I've stopped wearing tank tops for a while. I really need to get back over to the pool. Those LEDs are supposed to last for years. The new cars use them. The bank of LED lights on the back of Barb's car went out and the Lincoln dealer wanted $850 to replace them. Yikes! They then offered to do it for $450. She had it done but wrote a letter to Lincoln and they reimbursed her. We've replaced the Exit signs outside on our bldg. with LEDs so we don't have to replace bulbs. The heat and UV down here will destroy the plastic on the sign but the LEDs will still be working. Glad y'all are making progress on the roof.

    Gonna go read the newspaper online. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Last night was orchid meeting night. Gordon took several plants. Won a first
    place and two honorable mentions. For I don't know how many years he has
    been the dispenser of raffle tickets. The members get one for various reasons:
    they are wearing their name tag, they brought a plant to display, they
    contributed something to the refreshment table.

    He had a woman last night who wanted to buy $20 worth of tickets. He explained
    that they could only be purchased by members. She claimed she was a
    member, but the keeper of the records said she wasn't. Eventually she forked
    over the membership fee and bought the tickets. She won several plants in
    the drawing. Selling tickets is like protecting our liberty. Eternal vigilance
    is the key.

    Mikie, I never heard of the word chatoyance. I looked it up. Comes from French
    and Latin. Means shimmers like the eyes of a cat or some such. And I have
    an opal ring too.

    Well, I did. Just looked. No findee. It was one of those dramatic ones. I think
    they are called fire opals. Like all my rings it had an artificial stone. Lab
    made jewels go back over a century, but the synthetic opal is more recent.
    Developed about 50 years ago, I read. Wonder where that little rascal went.
    I bought almost all of my rings from Shavonne Jewelry on line. Most of them
    cost about 25 bucks.

    Never heard of cat saying "mack". Maybe Sir Vester is asking for a mackerel.

    Attention animal lovers. Just read Wesley the Owl by Stacey O'Brien.
    Wesley was a barn owl that she rescued. He lived with her for 19 years.
    Had a distinct personality and a vocabulary which she learned. Barn
    owls are easy to identify because of their gold-brown coloring and
    heart shaped face.

    You're right, Julie. If you're not Amish, they consider you English. I
    suppose they would call Gordon the same thing. The gal is the
    cartoon you posted looks familiar. Like a caricature of some
    actress. Maybe the gal who played the neighbor on the Dick Van
    Dyke show. What was her name; Millie?

    Gotta go. I have to turn on our big airplane propeller fan which is
    in the computer room. It's so loud I can't stay in here. Uff-da!

    Hugs, Kids

  8. lydia1

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    Good morning, Mikie and everyone! Woke up at 5:00 am because it was thundering and raining pretty hard. Den gets up around then anyway, but I rolled over and slept another three hours. I know sleep is important to our bodies...if I could just get to bed (and to sleep) a little earlier at night...

    Mikie, how sweet of DOF to call and check up on you. Glad you could still get one of your appts. out of the way.

    That same storm system is just working its way out of our area. I didn't even try to make Oreo go outside to potty...still too much thunder, even if the rain is done. And there have been a few pretty "sharp" streaks of lightening. She's going to have to go out when I leave for the chiro, though. I was going to make a big circle as I head over afterwards to see my dad, but can just as easily stop back by home to check on my puppy.

    All I have to do in town today is get groceries and visit Dad. And take a camera card to get some pictures developed off of it...the one Amy's friend used to take pictures of Gpa's funeral. Amy took it home for a week or so, then brought it to me. I also want to make some CD's to give to people, but can do that at home. We have the pics downloaded on both of our computers, but will be easier to take the card in to get prints made.

    I don't want to stay in town all day because Den wants to go to the home supply store after work. I told him I'd go with him if he takes me out for supper, lol! So we will be going back to the same town, but if I get my "running around" done ahead of time, we won't have to stay so long this evening. We are just regular "home bodies" these days...maybe once we get caught up with work and projects a little, we will feel "relaxed" enough to get out more. Yes, a person needs "R & R" mixed in with work, but it needs to be enjoyable or what's the point?

    News from my kids: Lorraine started karate lessons last evening...I would love to be a mouse in the corner :) And Amy and Clinton are so excited to get a "weekend away" of of Clinton's daughters is going to watch the girls so Amy and Clinton can spend some time by themselves tomorrow night. They have a hotel room in the town where the babysitter lives, in case Miley would happen to need them. Miley has been in counseling, and Amy thinks it is going sad that a sweet little five year old has to go to counseling...

    Hope everyone is doing okay.

    Oh, Rock...I see you've posted as I was typing...glad that alert comes up so I can chat with you too, before I go. Oh my, sounds like those members (and "maybe" members) take things very seriously. Glad the situation didn't escalate into something worse. It seems, in every situation, there has to be someone who tries to bend the rules, etc. Congrats to Gordon for his awards.

    I'd better get out of my jammies and go outside with Oreo while we have a lull in the storm. Then come in and get ready for my "big adventure." I know I was complaining about not having any other humans to talk to, but it just seems so much work to get myself looking halfway decent to go anywhere, lol!
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    Dear Porchies,

    I actually made it this am. MY DH let me have the computer so I could converse with the docs office about my thyroid meds we are trying out, a new dosage. So we will see, but it is a lot easier less frustrating then trying to get a hold of the dr's office .

    JULIE - You sound like me in my jammies half the day if DH wasn't around. If I get dressed right away like today I don't obviously don't have a problem. However, if I don't get dressed right away it could take forever before get dressed. DH always dresses right away and then goes out for his earlier breakfast than I. I usually sleep for another hour or maybe more depending on when he gets up. He is a very light sleeper and I am just the opposite if I am in a deep sleep. I do go to sleep right away usually after getting up a few times during the night to go to the bathroom.

    I know what you mean about trying to get dressed and looking half way decent before going out somewhere in public. I don't care that much when I got to WM or something like that. I know I fit in there no matter what I am wearing :)!!
    Good luck on your trip today and get back safely. Nowadays with the traffic , one never knows. How is your traffic in the country on country roads? Although I know you have to hit some city or bigger town traffic as you travels to get to where you need to go. With Den still working and you certainly doing more than your share at home and beyond you both have got to be exhausted when you both get home. So, it is nice to get home and just relax when you can. Going out to a restaurant on a date is really special if you don't do it often. Hope you get a special dinner with Den tonight. Just NOT having to cook is a good things. I know it surely is for me. Thanks for that cute cartoon of us older lady folks :)!! Have a place to go tonight and have to get gussied up tonight as they used to ssay :)! The make up too is a pain. Gee, I sure am getting old and crochety (sp???) !!

    MIKIE - Glad that your old friend called you and got you to laughing. We all need that once in awhile , even if it might have been a little inappropriate I think you said, whatever it was that got you both laughing. Nice that you only got to go yesterday I think to one dr appt at once in one day. One dr appt in a day is enough for me. I loved how you spoke about chatting and making conversations with SILLY Sir Vester :)!!

    Hope someone can help Joan get back onto PH. I wish I could but don't know how. I tried a little yesterday but it didn't work out.

    Hope SUN is having fun on her trip and doesn't come home warn out and sick like last time.

    STAR - Hope you are feeling a little better and have a bit more NRG I know the feeling of dragging ourselves around where you want to go but the body doesn't.

    ROCK - How nice that Gordon won another award for his wonderful orchids.

    Love to everydobby I may have missed like DIANE, SPRING WATER, JOAN, BARRY, etc.
    Granni :)
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Wondered why I had such a headache when I woke. Well, the answer soon revealed itself--I'm Herxing big time. The ABX the doc gave me is obviously causing a big die off of some nasty critters. AAACCCKK!!! I had a nice soak in the tub and changed the dressing on my incision. It still looks really good. It's itching and pulling. There's a set of sutures under the skin which will dissolve. The outer ones will be removed in a little more than a week. Not doing too much as Herxing really takes a lot out of a person--literally!

    I've been watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on On Demand. He did a big extravaganza the first night of the convention. Election years are windfalls to comics. Can't wait to see what he does next week. One way or the other, comics will have four or eight years of grist for the humor mill. Lewis Black will be on in a few minutes. I love him. He was here live but the tickets were just too much.

    Rock, good for Gordon. He always seems to win something. Also good that that woman didn't pull the wool over people's eyes. Some people just keep insisting, thinking that no one will check and will just do what they want to get them to go away. Don't know why everything seems to be so contentious these days. Can't we all just be nice? I didn't read that book about the owl but read about an owl which was a pet. Don't know whether it was the same one or not. Animals are soooo fascinating. Perhaps when Sir Vester says, "Mack," he wants a big truck. Or, maybe a big hamburger. He can't say, "Treat," but he surely knows what the word means. Tweety is a super smart cat but Sir Vester is proving to be soooo much smarter than I had thought. Next time the little black and white kitty comes by, say, "Mack" to her and see whether she reacts. Say it like you would imagine a cat would say it. Don't know whether feral cats speak the same dialect. "Mack nah," is another version. Yes, we old women who live alone with cats do go a bit around the bend after a while.

    Julie, how sweet of you to come home to check on Oreo. Can't remember; have you tried one of those Thunder Shirts (for Oreo, not for you)? The nat'l weather maps have shown all the heat and storm activity all over the place. I hope you get the rain you might need and no more and with no dangerous lightning. Glad you got some sleep. I do hope you can relax enough to have some fun R&R. I know it's hard for me to enjoy R&R if I'm thinking about what needs to be done that I'm not doing. It really is good to get out. I don't do it enough. Yesterday while driving to the doc's office, the sky was a beautiful blue with tall cumulus clouds to the west. It made me feel better just to look at it. Stay dry and unfrazzled.

    Granni, I'm with you. I'll get up and hang out in a tee shirt and my underwear until I have to get dressed. I've got the makeup down to a science but still hate to be bothered. Once I wash my hair, it usually looks good for two or three days. If I had the cat scan yesterday, I would have had to cancel the gyno but, since the cat scan had to be delayed, I was able to keep the appt. I just want to get everything outta the way. My gyno is a really nice guy and a good doc. I only need to go in every two years now unless there is a problem. My Dear Old Friend and I are usually inappropriate when we get together. For so many years, he couldn't talk dirty so he enjoys telling his jokes now. My ex was never appropriate but he was funny and made me laugh. So, I'm used to it. Life is too short not to laugh but I don't like cruel humor at someone else's expense. Stay comfey, my friend and I'll do the same.

    Think I'll get my paint and paint paraphernalia gathered so I can just get to painting. I can patch and sand ahead of time. I hope the white paint matches. It's the same brand but can is different. I usually use flat paint but will use semi-gloss in the entry way. It's gotten pretty beat up over the years. The kitchen is semi-gloss. I need to get rid of this headache. Until I do, all bets are off.

    Have a good one, everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Finally got some info outta my brother. Got an e mail. He has a gal
    named Cindy who spends some time at his house helping him. He
    also has edema in the legs and constipation, apparently a side
    effect of the surgery. (The info was a bit on the sketchy side.)

    Went to Youtube yesterday to hear a singer. On the same page there were
    barn owl videos listed. Probably because I copied the picture of the barn
    owl earlier in the day. Anyhoo, should you have the desire to see or hear same,
    (in slow motion too) they are available.

    Mikie, that black and white cat reacts to all stimuli with the same
    hiss. Didn't see her at all yesterday. I expect she'll be around for
    breakfast in a few hours. Hope you feel a lot better today.

    Granni, looks like it's gonna be hot in Texas and here and everywhere.
    I saw a map of the U.S. It was red and orange from coast to coast.

    Very entertaining video, Springwater. Do you know the actress Candice
    Bergen? She played Murphy Brown on TV. Anyhoo her father Edgar was
    America's most famous ventriloquist when I was a kid. Had a radio show
    for several years. Used to drive by his office in Hollywood often. Never
    dropped in though.

    Got another book catalog. Our library didn't have two of the books I
    wanted, but I was able to put one about Lincoln on hold. I also
    made a note to look up something. Forgot what.

    You guys see the article about the lady who is 113. Born in 1902. The
    country only had 45 states and a population of 80 million. Teddy
    Roosevelt was President. Subsequently the first teddy bears were made.
    Average wage was $300 a year. Well, coffee cost 15 cents a pound and
    sugar was only 4 cents. It would be the next year before the Wright
    Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, and the model T Ford was 6 years away.

    Funny how those years fly by...faster and faster.

    Hugs, All
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  12. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hello from the great South land.
    Or so I've heard it called.

    Rock- I thought when your brother mentioned 'three dog night' in his email,he was referring to the cold, not a rock band. Didn't know that. A person of few words,I gather. At least you heard Something I guess. I only hear from mine when someone dies,if he's feeling generous.
    Yes,rooibus is a kind of tea. Red bush apparently. From Africa. Caffeine free too.
    You can get vanilla flavoured rooibus,but a bit sickening for my liking.
    After reading about 'Miss bold faced liar',I shake my head at the lack of shame....Or p'raps they were some pretty awesome orchid, must- haves. ??
    Over here the government had a scheme where people would come to your home and exchange existing light bulbs for the long life ones. (Toxic Spirals, ).because I found the light not as clean or bright,I resisted the Many invitations we received during the telemarketing bombardment,I'm sure the whole of Australia endured.
    I've noticed a few stores have restocked the old reliables. Guess it wasn't environmentally friendly after all.
    I felt really put out having to cough up around $40 for some muscle relaxants, but then I read about your $400 anti depressants!

    Mikie- I've been thinking about you and the various health scares you've been dealing with lately. I'm really glad you have family who are willing to take care of you, as I understood it.
    Sounds like you're a real battler.
    I hope the whole kidney worry is well and truly put to bed now.
    I was concerned you may get a call from the shrink due to your being able to speak Cat, but in this day and age, you'd probably earn big bucks as a cat whisperer to the rich and famous instead.
    Seriously though, I believe we are blessed to be in a position to form such beautiful bonds, where often times,our desires and needs are expressed and perceived without sound. As with our animal friends. All so clever and exactly the kind of thinking that drove me to be a vegatarian in my greeny-tree- hugging years...
    We had a rag doll once. She was the most noisiest,talkative,bossy little ball of fluff ever. (Despite her being brain damaged and cross eyed),I miss her still.
    Better change the subject.

    Julie- what sort of lawn mower do you have? Please tell me it's a ride-on. I reckon with all that mowing, you'd do enough exercise for all of us!
    I was thinking about the sad story of the girl Jessica,you mentioned. About her broken life,family and heart.
    It reminds me of the words 'we have all fallen short' and of how we are ,all of us ,in need -and of Gods amazing love and His way of looking beyond our mess and to our hearts and to our potential.
    I wish I could do that.
    Yeah. The last time coffee made me sick like this was when I was pregnant too. Funny hey? 'Cause no, I'm not.

    Barry- you'd be about ready for your appointment wouldn't you? Hope all goes well and you get some answers.
    I imagine you chill in' out in your backyard wilderness surrounded by gorgeous birds and butterflies, but tell me, what of other creatures? Ocassionally we get a kangaroo hop past, or a hare...And would it be normal to assume the critters probably have rabies?

    Dianne- thanks for your kind thoughts. Hope things are going well your way.
    My mother in law was over while I was at my worst, so felt pretty lousy about that too.
    I usually manage to keep our home as the 'safe zone' and get out only when I can at least fake it through. (Brain fog etc)
    Nope. Not this time. I believe if I was a fashion statement, I'd be 'warehouse raw'.
    Well, my insides would be
    On the mend now.

    Granni- took a leaf out of your book and went and Almost got my hair done. What a wrought! Fancy forking over $120+ depending on the weight of the colour/product used! I was wondering why I colour from a box and not splurge on the hairdresser...Its all coming back to me now...Well, I did get a cut and the layers bring out some extra curl, meaning I don't have to 'do' anything with it. Alright. I admit it. I can't quite Get 'the look' the hairdresser sold me, but I'm still pretty stoked with the change. I mean let's face it. I was pretty happy I could keep down lunch!

    My dad sounds a lot like your CD. I guess we (5 of us and mum), are fortunate that 'severe mental slipping' occurred more-so after our really young years,as we no doubt would've been placed in care.Separately. My dads delusional aswell. He also read a lot of spy books in his youth, which I believe has fueled his many fantasies.
    I have to say. Most of the time he actually believes his own stories. I say Most of the time, because I've 'caught' that fleeting self-doubt cross his features before.
    Anyway, that was when he was still talking to me, before he thought I was involved in a conspiracy to poison him...His existence is a fearful one. Very sad.
    I'm sorry for your pain and the tension caused.

    Spring- I got a text late last night asking me to help out in the soccer canteen.
    Well, I can tell you I was panicked. I don't know which way is up half the time and I never know how I'll wake up. It can change from one day to the next,as Im sure you'd understand. As would everyone here.
    My hands got a good work out that's for sure! Preparing oranges, serving food and coffee, selling raffle tickets...oh joy.
    Yes. Look at me. Excited because my fingers worked, despite the cold and I could cut oranges...
    Simple pleasures.
    No Epic Fail. Woohoo.

    Sun- hope your holidays are magical.

    Mother in law is back in town.
    Hopefully my success at being normal-ish/(competent at simple tasks) , today at soccer is a good sign.
    Maybe I can redeem myself somewhat?
    Na probably not.

    Ok guys. Nearly lost All my typing Again, so will get off and post.
    Take care

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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Sun's not quite up yet. I think I can sense that it's rising just a wee tad later now. We got about an inch of rain yesterday afternoon with lots of lightning and thunder. There is a woman living here with two rambunctious boys about eight and ten. They stay at the pool with a black sky and thunder and don't leave til the rain comes. Good grief! There was a big family who visited a few years ago who did that. One day, lightning stuck somewhere nearby and they scrambled out of the pool like rats deserting a sinking ship. I'm glad no one was injured but was glad they got a good warning about being so careless before one of the kids was struck.

    There is more blood in my urine now. I'm a bit worried but there is nothing to do but pray until the cat scan on Mon. At least, there is little discomfort 'cept for the aching in my lower back. I'm drinking a lot of water. I finish the ABX tomorrow and I'm glad of that; they are making me feel sick. Whine, whine, whine!. It's hard enough for all of us to try to be as healthy as we can be, considering our health issues, without extra problems. I'm at the age now where health problems seem to crop up. My doc begins a lot of his sentences with, "At your age..." Again, whine, whine, whine!!!!

    Harriet's young bald eagle is flying in his cage at the rehab center. They put dead mice on roosts and he swoops down and picks them up in his talons. He's very good. Next, he'll be hunting live prey in his cage. This is all getting him ready to hunt on his own when he is released into the wild. I wonder whether the parents recognize their young once they leave the nest. This young eagle was attacked by a large owl and lay on the ground a long time before the wildlife rescuers found him. I wonder whether Harriet worried about him after the attack. Being a Mom ain't easy under any circumstances.

    Rock, hmmmm! He's got a gal, her name is Cindy. And she don't make him windy (as in talkative). Guess with his lame hip, he won't be dancin' the Lindy. If he's on pain meds, it could 'splain his constipation (also his talking about Three Dog Night). Remember the old TV game show, Concentration? I think Hugh Downs was the emcee. My older DD was very little then and called it, 'Constipation.' Funny how the kids' humorous sayings stay with us. Same with funny movie lines. We repeat them and laugh every time in our family. Too bad about your black and white kitty. Poor feral cats never let their guard down; their survival depends on it. I've seen tiny feral kittens hiss at people. After generations, it becomes an instinct. When I fed Simon his breakfast, he never hissed but he wouldn't let me get close to him. He'd sit down on the stair landing, giving me love looks as I put his food out. He seemed to like it when I talked to him. I never heard him speak except when he catterwalled for Jeff to feed him his dinner in the evenings. He also catterwalled for Tweety and Sir Vester to come out and play when they lived outside. I think he was once a pet who was abandoned and learned to be feral.

    You Tube is a treasure trove of interesting videos. There are a lot on Netflix and Amazon Prime, mostly documentaries. I've pretty much watched the ones which interest me. It's great you read so much. I'm still struggling to finish my latest book. It's not bad but I keep falling asleep. There has been nothing on TV that I want to watch. I don't want to watch the conventions. I don't have cable in the bedroom so am limited to networks or what I can stream. There isn't much to stream either. I surely am a whiner this morning!. We have all kinds of owls here, including the burrowing owls. Their nests are protected by law. In CO, there were two huge owls that flew in the evenings. We'd go for walks and often see them. They were so big that flying seems to be a real effort. They looked like big jugs with wings. Hope you've been feeling better. It's always soooo good to see you posting here.

    Star, same for you; I love it when I see your interesting posts. It just seems so exotic, seeing kangaroos outside one's window. Yes, rabies is always a concern with wild critters. I agree with you about those spiral lightbulbs. They have vastly improved the new LEDs so that they approach the old incandescent bulbs in terms of the light they emit. I've replaced two reading lamps with them. Those are the only ones which are on a lot. My kids are always willing to come down if I really need them but I don't ask unless I'm having surgery. DD, who is the nurse came down for my gall bladder removal. Good thing she did as the care I got in the hospital was horrible. I think I might have died had it not been for her. When they brought me back to my room, I was white as a sheet and my oxygen level was dangerously low. They just left me like that. She took care of it for me. For minor surgery and other small procedures requiring anesthesia, my friends have helped me. I've done the same for them. Thank you so much for you sweet good wishes for my kidney problem.

    I'm glad you are feeling better and were able to enjoy the game. It's true--we never know how we will be feeling. I am to the point now that I can rest up in advance of something and do it, even if I'm not at my best that day. I would not sign up for regular duties of anything. I was bedridden most of the time at one point and was on morphine for the pain. It is possible to get better over time but we are all different. I hope you can improve, especially so you can enjoy your family in good health. Funny about being a cat whisperer. I do make the same sounds to them that they make to me and they love it. When I go into a home with cats, they always come right over to me, even ones which are supposed to be shy. When I did insurance sales in people's homes, I often did presentations with cats or small dogs in my lap. Most of my insurance plans were for people on Medicare and it was often difficult for them to come to the office, especially if they were elderly and/or sick. Keep feeling better, Sweetie.

    OK, good thing I'm only responding personally to two people as this has already turned into a W&P response as it is. My love, hugs and prayers to everydobby, especially our MIA. I'm going to go read the virtual newspaper. Wish the news in this weary old world were better. Hope the news for all of us Porchies is better.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rather than make a loooong post even longer, I'm just gonna drop in and post a short update. Despite all my whining, I am cleaning and doing a lot of little things around here before I start the painting project. I cleaned out the fridge. If anyone here is tempted to buy the Rubbermaid produce containers, which are touted in ads to keep produce fresh longer, resist the temptation. The minute anything is put into them, the mold starts to form. I'm going to write to Rubbermaid because I spent a lot of money on them. I just threw out the produce which was ruined in them. I hate to live a wasteful life, especially when it comes to food. So many around the world are hungry.

    Roomba is doing the carpets. I'll just sweep the kitchen and entry tile; it takes less time. I'll be sanding in there before I paint. I got the garbage down to the dumpster and that's always a chore I detest. I cleaned the kitchen countertops and refilled the liquid soap dispensers. Again, no big deal but all this accumulates when I ignore these little jobs when I feel 'lazy.' Lots of junk mail so I inked out my name and address and put it in the bag to be recycled. Gotta renew my, and DD's, subscription to Vanity Fair. I get science mag for other DD and my science soul mate DSIL. Other DSIL gets auto mags from me. This isn't expensive but is the nicest thing to do. It's soooo wonderful to get new mags in the mail once a month. We don't exchange birthday nor Christmas gifts anymore, except for DGS. On Mothers Day, I usually get gifts. We donate to causes instead of gifts none of us needs nor wants.

    Rock, I always enjoy it when you post about things in days gone by. I'm especially interested in what things used to cost. Think how rich we would all be if we could buy things at those prices today. My Mom would have been 107 this year had she lived. News just had a story on a 92-year-old woman who has terminal cancer. Her kids are taking her on a cross-country trip in a travel home. She is amazing and having the time of her life. So far, she has no symptoms nor pain. She wants to live a quality life instead of a quantity life--no chemo. The changes these people have seen are amazing. I always like it when they continue to be of good humor and keep up with modern living, unlike me, the whiner; however, I do use humor to cope. Actually, if I couldn't come here and whine to my Online Family, I think I'd internalize it and it would make me sicker. It's good to vent!

    When my Mom was a young girl, living in rural NE, many people were still using horses and not cars. She never mentioned the Dust Bowl. The family raised what they needed to eat on the farm. My grandmother fed the hobos who stopped in to ask for measl. I just found out that the transients would mark the gate posts to indicate to others whether it was a good place to get fed or not. Mom got a good job working with Ma Bell and worked there 44 years in NE and CO. She often talked about how hard it was on the farm when she was growing up. There was soooo much work. My grandmother died at a young age of a heart attack after giving birth to eight children, seven of whom lived. I wish Mom would have written her story down. I asked. I think I'll write my own story for the kids but it won't be as interesting as Mom's would have been.

    OK, I've taken up enough time rambling on but I'll be ba-ack!

    Love, Mikie
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Mikie,

    Rock has been telling me about your currently medical bouts. I hope your
    doctor can help clear up the situation. You're are the backbone of this
    board and contribute greatly in keeping it going (why does it seem that
    either you or Rock is opening a new issue? UGH).

    It's going to be hot again today, 99 degree - AND IT'S ONLY JULY. What are
    we going to do for the rest of the summer?

    Went to my monthly orchid meeting and brought 7 plants to show. I'LL
    NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. Part of the problem was one of the larger plant
    is in a clay pot (from the seller) and I had just watered it - SOOO heavy.
    One of the plant won a first and two other one got honorary mention (close
    but no cigar).

    Again, I hope you'll get better soon.

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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there to GORDON as well as ROCK, MIKIE, STAR who have already posted as well as others still lolligagging :)!! LOL .

    DH is gone right now and so I am trying to make hay while the sun shines, as they say :)!!! However, he may be home very soon.

    GORDON - You are so right about MIKIE and our board would probably have some real problems without her. Of course our PORCH would miss her very much if she were not here with her W and P's and good advice. Also, congrats to you on your special prizes on your lovely plants. The pictures you sent to us via posts post are beautiful to see. Keep on posting them and hope it cools off for you guys as well in a lot of places, like us here in TX.

    MIKIE - Sorry you still have blood in your urine. Glad you will be having a scan done Monday so they can see what is what and take care of any problems. Hope it is nothing serious and you take care of it right away with little disruption, pain , worry and cost to you.

    STAR - So nice to hear from you again and glad you seem to be up and ready for your MIL I think you said. Glad you can get up and go to the kids games, that is so important to them, I know. We went to many football, baseball, softball, some basketball games while the kids were growing up.

    Hope our friend JOAN finds here way back here. I wish I knew what to do for her. She posted on my profile and I answered but not sure what else to do for her. Wonder if she tried ProHealth's Tech support to get her back to us??? Do they have that MIKIE? I would think they would have some kind of help for her.

    JULIE - Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far and can get some things done for yourselves without wearing yourselves out ( you and Den).

    Thinking of everyone. Sorry I haven't had the chance to chat with everyone this time but glad I make I just needed to pop on to see what was going on this morning since I haven't been able to get on most mornings and some days. I like to do most correspondence by computer and not phone or i pad.

    Gotta run and check on some other things on this computer, like my new thyroid meds to see if it is on their site yet, where I usually get my meds. I hope to check back later on today. Almost time to put in a new wash and switch over the other one. Sorry , no place to hang any clothes here.

    Love to everydobby ,
    GRANNI :)
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Been outside watering a couple of plants and sweeping the balcony area. It's got soooo many cobwebs. Found out that Barb's DD and DSIL will be here on Aug. 6th overnight. I'm not moving things until just before Barb comes down on the 21st. It's cooler out today but I'm still sweating like a farm animal (or a sweaty farmer). :D I've gotten everything done 'cept to give the bathrooms a quick clean. They don't get really dirty; I clean as I go along. Once they are cleaned, I can start getting my paint and supplies ready to go. I'm amped up about this project. BTW, I've figured out how to deal with the valance problem without having to lengthen the sides of the valance hardware. Woo Hoo!!! It means a wee bit more stitching but well worth it. That's a concern for a later day, after the paint project.

    Gordon, how very sweet of you to send such kind good wishes. Thank you soooo much! I also appreciate your saying I'm the backbone of the board but it's really Rock who deserves that title. I just come here and rant and whine. :) It's always so nice to see you here on the Porch. I'm so impressed with your skills at growing orchids. Can you post a pic of them? Yes, they can be quite heavy when just watered, even with bark medium. Those clay pots really soak it up. The orchid that my friend gave me before she died has eight blooms on it. It's a purple dendrobium. I keep it as a memorial to her. Good thing it thrives on neglect. Since we lost our tree, in which I used to hang my orchids, they aren't doing well. It is HOT all over most of the country. I expect it to be hot here this time of year but it's even hotter in other places. Again, Gordon, thanks for stopping in and for being so kind. Hope to see you here again soon.

    Granni, thank you too for your kindness and good wishes too. I just did some more research online and am a wee bit more encouraged. If the bleeding is caused by renal dysfunction, it's a good thing the doc is finding out what is causing it before it causes end stage renal disease. On the other hand, it could be the kidney stones or inflammation from my autoimmune diseases. I hope it's not inflammation as I don't want to have to take steroids. In any case, the kidneys seem to be functioning and I have no edema in my body--all good signs. I hope Joan can find us again too. I PM'ed her and told her to try Tech Support. I don't know that they can help until she asks for assistance. I've also been making hay but not while the sun shines--while I still have the NRG. NRG is such a wonderful thing. Wish I had more of it. Hope you can get your thyroid fixed.

    So glad I've been taking good care of my health. High blood pressure and diabetes are risk factors for kidney disease. My BP med is one they give people with kidney disease. Since my BP and sugar are controlled, those should not be factors for me. Otherwise, they would greatly complicate the issue. I saw that with my insurance clients. Many didn't take care of their health and, when another health issue appeared, it was next to impossible to get it under control. My docs are always so happy that I keep on top of things. I'm glad to see this grass roots movement to take our health into our own hands and control our diets, exercise, sugar and blood pressure.

    Sending prayers for NRG, no pain, lotsa love and happy days to all our Dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, good grief. Just noticed the Springwater's post and the video are
    gone. If you want to see the the charming Frenchman and his dog Wendy,
    go to Youtube and look for Marc Metral. He and Wendy were a big hit
    on Britain's Got talent.

    I was gonna move a Marc and Wendy video here, but one has an ad at
    the beginning and one was taken with a cell phone, and one is too long,
    and some are in French and in some the dog doesn't sing, and...well,
    you get the picture as to why you don't get the picture, oui?

    C'est la vie
    Bon Appetit

    Last edited: Jul 23, 2016
  19. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi y'all ...

    I didn't see Springwater's post, but here's a youtube video.

    Rock, is this the video??? Oui? ou Non? :) (yes or no)

    étreintes , mon ami (hugs, my friend) or mes amies (plural) :p


    PS: I just happened to be on youtube while playing the new movie game, so I searched for Marc and Wendy. They are adorable. :D
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  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hey Y'all, I hope you are all feeling a tad better.

    Star: good to hear from you! I had to chuckle over the three dog night remark. I hear you were/are having some three dog nights there, eh? Read that there was snow in parts of Vic. near you. True? I would want my three dogs to be St. Bernards I expect!
    My appt. to see the Doc has been canceled (he's outta town) but I'll still be getting my carotid ultrasound next week. I did see the cardiologist who said I was GREAT! As for animals in my paradise, right now there are mainly deer and grey foxes. Seldom see the bobcats or bears, but they are very nocturnal. Very few chipmunks this year (last year there were scads of them), but lots of moles, voles, shrews, and shrew-moles. OH yes, and the deer, damned deer; if only they would stay away from the garden plants. We also have lots of grey squirrels -- see them all the time -- and flying squirrels, which are totally nocturnal -- only see them dead now and then. Have you any interesting reptiles in your neck of the woods? As for rabies, only some foxes and skunks, and the occasional politician!

    More orchids for Gordon! Yay! I was going to throw away my Phalaenopsis but noticed that it was going to bloom on a flower stalk again!

    Oops, must run; Richard home from town so I'll love you and leave you,

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