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    Howdy, folks! I just wanted to get a new volume going, then will come back later and visit. Hope everyone is doing fairly well...lots of health issues, though. It has been so hot here in Iowa and so many other places, but tomorrow our high is to be in the upper 70's...Woo hoo!

    Come on in and set a spell...we are glad to have any regulars, sometimers or those that just want to read.
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening the new thread, Julie. Supposed to be 89
    here. Will be hotter in the desert to the East of us. The
    weather channel changed its format. Harder to figure out.
    Hope you can stay inside today. Too hot to venture out.

    Just visited the site of Turner Classic Movies. Several movies starring Nancy
    Davis are running this morning. All from the 50s, About the time she
    married Ronald Reagan. Both of them are in one of her movies: Hellcats
    of the Navy. If Hillary wins the election, will that make Bill the First Lady?

    Star, you ever read any books by Oliver Sacks, the doctor portrayed
    in the movie Awakenings? He had trouble with his leg too. For a
    while he thought it didn't belong to him. Title: A Leg To Stand On.

    Sun, I finished the Maeve Binchy book. I've read all her novels. A few
    years back I started rereading the books of favorite authors 'cause it was
    so hard to find a new author I like. So I've most of Maeve's books twice.
    I think she had a couple of non fiction books. One about her grandmother.
    Or maybe she was the grandmother. (Had to post if either your computer or
    brain no workee rightee.) I think there was another non fiction book made
    up of columns she wrote for a newspaper. I've read most of Belva Plains
    books too. Can you post some of your Hawaii pics here on the board?

    Mikie, I hope you can have your surgery soon and heal even faster. Maybe
    before they do the surgery. Is it considered surgery even if there is no
    cutting. Some of my several surgeries were laser "blasts" to the eye.
    No cutting but it was called surgery anyhoo. I remember my boss had
    some kind of surgery where they just make tiny holes in the abdomen.
    Gall bladder? He was back at work in just a couple of days.

    Springwater, don't know what profiteroles are. Sounds like food
    from a restaurant with really high prices. I do know what Baked
    Alaska is, but have never tried same. Wouldn't surprise me if
    next year's Minnesota State Fair sells "Baked Alaska Hotdish"
    on a stick. Note: For an additional fifty cents, you can probably
    get the flaming version.

    Hugs Barry, Granni, GB, Diane

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Since I've been down and out with this lousy kidney pain, I've been basically doing nothing so not much to tell. I did discover that Amazon has the latest season of Suits so I settled in to binge watch it in bed yesterday. I had thought I might catch a bit of this historic political convention but I slept through it. I do love it when they drop the balloons. Oh well, I'll catch the clips and comments today which is easier and better. One poor convention worker had the job of bursting all those balloons. Good grief! Poor guy.

    Thank you all so much for you kind wishes for my kidney treatment. I see the nurse practitioner this afternoon and will know more then. My ankles are a bit swollen and my BP is up a bit. Not good signs. I'll be happy when it's over. From what I've read, recovery is a couple of days. I want to let DGS know when he and DD can come down for a visit. Also want to take DOF and Nancy, the friend who will be with me for the procedure, to lunch before school starts. The paint project has come to a standstill. No sense irritating my back by being on my hands and knees sanding the base board. Sometimes, my whole life is like being on hold for customer service. "Your life is important. Don't hang up. Continue holding and you will be next in line when a better life is available."

    Julie, thank you so much for getting us up and going again. I closed out the old Porch. I'm glad y'all will get a break from the heat today. My A/C has run nonstop for the last two days. My unit is a newer, more efficient model and my last monthly elec. bill was only $92. That's $20 to $35 less than when I had the old A/C unit. Everything runs on elec. here. If people want gas, they have to have propane. I hope you can come back to visit. Also hope stress is down for you.

    Sun, glad you got to paint a bit. Also glad you got pics. Can you paint from a pic? I once took a pic of fishing boats at San Pedro and had it enlarged for the wall. If I had any talent, I'd have tried to paint it. I'm glad you didn't try to plant those succulents. Something like that could push you over the line. It's so tempting to keep going to get things done. I've learned over the years not to feel bad about quitting while I'm ahead. How goes the pool pump? Is it scheduled to be put in? I hope it all goes well.

    Granni, I'm so glad you found that place to order phone and computer accessories. Thanks for the URL. I'll check it out. So far, knocking on wood, this old laptop is back to normal. I wonder what happened to the virus it had which was causing the pop-up blue screen. It was like those 'hostage' viruses. It wouldn't let me do anything until I called the number on the screen. I knew it was bogus. Finally, I took the battery out and let it sit. I had to do this a couple of times before things returned to normal. In the meantime, Firefox was working. Had my computer really had a problem, nothing would have worked. I wonder how many people fall for those viruses. Thanks again.

    Rock, Hellcats of The Navy is one of my favorite movies. Nancy Davis (Reagan) was the epitome of what was presented as the 'perfect wife' type back in those days. Remember the wives on Life of Reilly and Father Knows Best? They weren't great beauties nor sexy. The were just solidly attractive women. Same with Donna Reed and June Cleever. What role models we young girls had back then. To aspire to always look good for our hubbies and keep a perfect home and be good mothers. It wasn't any better for the young boys. Men had all the pressure of providing for the family singlehandedly and being wise husbands and fathers. Ah, the 'good old days.' I don't know what they call the kidney procedure. Perhaps a procedure. My gallbladder was removed with only three tiny incisions (3/4") using a laparoscope. My recovery time was only a couple of days after an overnight at the hospital. Glad you are enjoying your books.

    Gonna get going. My appt. isn't until 1:30 so have plenty of time to watch news shows this morning and take my shower. I'm going to switch to decaf for another cuppa. I'll be glad to find out what is going to happen at the doc's. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Evening folks.
    'Tis the evening for 'men with mullets'...starts with Macgyver, followed by Chuck Norris...
    Not much else on.
    DH is watching ' young wannabes' down a variety of chillis on you tube. Some weirdos out there, but entertaining none the less, in a wierd way.
    I think I've probably seen all the funnies involving animals.

    My friend Patricia is back in hospital.
    There's a few things going on, but mostly it knocked her for six when a nearby neighbour, (from her block of units), was found deceased. He died on Fri, but found Wed. His 17 yr old dog didn't make a sound. I think it was his heart, but he was only 62 or something.
    Anyway, she's getting taken care of and isn't alone, so that's the main thing.

    My spelling was a bit off last post. Muscadine. Huh? Stop it spell check!!
    Muscari. Is the grape hyacinth.

    Barry- many of the rabbits here have mixy.
    Every time People introduce a virus or new type of predator, in order to control the environment, it back fires.
    Infected rabbits look terrible.

    Rock- profiteroles are delicious. A desert pastry involving custard and chocolate. Yum.
    Maybe a different translation elsewhere though?

    Mikie- Thanks for the tip on lactose intolerance. Appreciate it.

    Julie- good to see ya!

    Sun- thanks for the link! Yes.Sleep and the lack there of, has a lot to answer for!
    Aww. That knee sounds awful.

    Granni & Spring- happy socialising!

    Spent all day making muffins for soccer tomorrow.
    That's my contribution done and dusted. Phew!

    My Treasures will be back from Youth group shortly, so best be off.

    Take care and sweet dreams
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    OMG! Y-day we hit 104 degrees. Today right now, noon, it is 99 degrees. It saps my NRG which is virtually gone anyway, all the time. So a short post....

    Star, yes I was referring to Muscari, I know they have no scents..... I've grown about five species and my favourite is the turquoise blue one; can't remember the name, to ga ga to look it up. Yeah the mixy is a pretty awful disease, but it does kill the rabbits a bit, eh? First heard about it when I was in England. Rabbits were introduced there, they say, by the Romans. All they had before were hares. Myxomatosis has been introduced to Britain, France, and other countries to try to control the bunnies. Mixy was first introduced into Australia in 1950. European rabbits have been most destructive in Australia due to the absence of predators there. What do dingos eat? Roos?

    Star, when you said "men with mullets" my first thought was fish....! I have a mullet myself because I cut my own hair and don't care!

    Rock, I've read several of Oliver Sacks books and like them a lot. Didn't one of his cases turn out to be the man who thought his wife was a hat, or something like that? He is a brilliant man -- Sacks that is. Al sorts of strange medical conditions; makes me feel at home. ;)

    Mikie, so sorry for your kidney pain. Hope it is quickly resolved. My former doc started to pass a kidney stone he didn't even knew he had -- excruciating agony he told me, had to go to ER and a specialist who blasted it. All better now. Best doc I ever had.

    Too darn hot (am I allowed to say 'damn' on this forum?). If so, I would have!.

    Gotta rest now,
    Hugs and no bugs to All
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    Mikie - so sorry to hear about the kidney pain...I was so hoping it would resolve. I hope a permanent solution will be had and it will be painless and as hassle free as possible. Ach..but I wish we all lived nearer each other and could come and help. I'm curious as to what causes kidney stones...I read in some books kidney diseases come about because of the emotion of fear and liver disorders because of anger..the Chinese chi theories n all..but you sound like the most fearless person to me..the prayers are continuing.

    Our internet was down in morning, the TV too is acting up, going off on its own..there has been really lots of rain..and I was too caught up in chores during come on and then I fell asleep because I came back from town on shopping and errands..
    I woke up just's..1:30 am, wanted to see what is going on.
    Will be back later...someone was asking if we had mildew when clothes didn't dry..well, not mildew but it starts smelling ..I use the iron to speed up drying..I've never thought we needed a spin dryer, I don't think this country has those yet, not homes at least, but this monsoon has been a very wet one.
    Rock - baked Alaska is rainbow coloured cake with ice is yum..I knew it because of the hotel days when I was working. It's a very popular dessert. Profiteroles is like a cream filled very soft chocolate covered roll. Yum..I love sweets. I love desserts.
  7. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Home from my appt. with the nurse practitioner. Good news is that, for now, I don't have to have the stones blasted. Bad news is that it's moved down the kidney and is trying to get down the ureter to the bladder and is partially blocking the kidney. So, the plan is to take Flomax to relax the ureter so the stone can pass. The pain is between the kidney and bladder once it starts traveling through the ureter. Once in the bladder, it is supposed to pass painlessly. Yeah! Sure! In any case, the ditzy NP called in my Vicodan and med for nausea but forgot the Flomax. I have to go back tomorrow to Target to pick it up. I'm disgusted with her. This is the second time she's screwed up one of my prescriptions. I have a horrid headache, swollen ankles, elevated BP, back pain and nausea. Whine, whine, whine.

    Joe called me to ask if I would take him to his endoscopy. He has a fatty liver. I told him I'd do it because he has a back-up driver in case I start to pass the stone. Doc told him he has to lose 25 pounds and change his diet. I hope he does. Food is about the only pleasure he has left. I think aging is a series of deprivations.

    Star, so sorry about your friend. That is a shame. Glad you could use the info on lactose intolerance. It isn't much of a bother for me. I drank milk all my life but a couple of years ago, I developed the lactose problem. I love the Lactaid Milk. The pills work well for everything else. I'm impressed that you bake muffins. I used to love to bake but can't eat most of that stuff so just don't do it. I am going to try to bake, using substitutes to make things healthier.

    Barry, I'm so sorry about the heat. That's the last thing you need, feeling as poorly as you do. I hope things cool down for you. So many people pass stones who didn't know they had them. I'd have not known had they not done an ultrasound for a bladder infection. Just found out that acyclovir causes them. I've taken it for years for my Whatever Virus. Good grief! Hoping for cooler weather for you.

    Spring, don't know about fear but, as I mentioned to Barry, evidently Acyclovir causes kidney stones. Guess I won't be taking that anymore. My internet and cable TV was out earlier in the week, last Sun., I think. It was down for a couple of hours. Comcast is crediting me $25 for my inconvenience. Even if you don't see the mildew, the musty smell can be a pain. I hope the rains let up for you.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm gonna go to bed to get my feel and ankles up. This edema makes my legs feel like logs. Have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Barry, Dingoes are a beautiful looking animal, but apparently can't bark like a dog.
    Up North , they were considered a pest in some places and for a while it was (maybe still is?) against the law to have one. This does not stop dingoes from breeding with domestic or other wild dogs though.

    Funnily enough, despite all the mistakes history shows us, involving introduction of predators or disease as a means to control environmental factors, the Victorian govt is tossing up whether or not dingoes should be bred up down here, once again.
    They'd help keep rabbit numbers down and maybe even foxes, but who's to say they won't start taking a bite out of the farmer's pockets? Like what's happening up North.
    I guess people never stop trying to play God and never really learn.

    Does the name 'Lindy Chamberlain' ring a bell?

    Years ago, her and her young family camped near Ayers Rock or 'Uluru' , as it's now called.
    Their baby went missing and she said it was dingoes. Her and her family were persecuted and dragged through the media-mud and she was jailed.
    Awful stories were made up. Being a Jahova's Witness, she was labeled as being a part of a cult.Another theory slapped all over news papers was that she'd performed some satanic ritual, offering her Treasure up as sacrifice...Really awful and of course the family couldn't endure it and they split.

    Years later, the case was re-examined and she was released and paid restitution.
    The conclusion being- a dingo dragged baby Azaria from their tent.

    Fraser Island has a lot of dingoes ( off the coast of Queensland). there are signs everywhere saying you're not allowed to feed them.

    Dingoes eat whatever they can I think. Rabbits,Roos,lizards, even fruit!
    When dingoes pack up to hunt kangaroos along the coast, the roo will run into the water.
    This way it is more likely to drown it's opponent(s). Interesting hey?

    Looks like my muffins were a success.
    Maybe too much so...

    Gotta go. Take care all
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Not much to tell. A couple of big stabs of pain but no stone passed last night. So, I wait and drink tons of water.

    Where are our Porchies. I hope all y'all are busy and not sick.

    I shall return.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - So sorry to hear of your pain and discomfort. Don't feel about about whining. Sometimes I would like to do it ALL the time but who wants to hear it,, right ???? Just wanted topop in to see if anything was really going on this weekend so far. I have so much to do, the regular stuff plus trying to get ready to go next week to see another DD in the FT Worth area. Will only be gone for a few days but long enough to make it a project. I will see you and all the rest of the week.

    To make it all crazier, some of the ladies from our church choir are going to sing for a Gospel Extravaganza involving other churches in the area. They were going t have a small practice just for us to familiarize ourselves some with the music and to pick it up. It was supposed to be inn the evening and that was very bad. He changed it to afternoon so might be more helpful to others unless they are working of course. The problem is this concert is on the 17th of this month I think. Not much time to learn it. I will be gone next week and probably won't even try and listen to the stuff that is on my computer.

    I need to go now and do some clothes switching and try to think about what I am going to bring on our trip. Should just need shorts, tops, pjs, capris and maybe a pr of jeans. We won't be dressing up, I am sure.. It will be as hot there as here I am sure :)!!

    Hi also to SPRING WATER, BARRY, ROCK, JULIE, STAR, DIANE and everydobby else.

    Gotta run and go work out some with DH and then more work. May try and check back later if I can.

    Granni :)
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OMG! How complicated can one simple prescription get? I went to pick up the Rx at Target and, instead of prescribing Flomax, she prescribed something else with a $200+ co-pay which has no generic. I left without it and put in a message to the doc on call. He called back and was sooooo nice. He called in the Flomax and the pharmacist called to tell me I could pick it up for a $2 co-pay. Finally! I got home and took one of the capsules. Then, like a dummy, I read the insert. Flomax is an alpha blocker. My doc once tried that for my BP and I didn't tolerate it well. I can't remember why but it might have given me extreme headaches. In any case, it's like doubling my BP meds with the ARB and Losartan I now take for BP.

    Guess I'll wait to see what happens and hope my BP doesn't bottom out. Good grief!!! She should have looked at what all I'm already taking and possibly adjusted my regular BP meds. It took three trips to Target to get it. Good thing I'm not out in the country. I want to get that stone outta there. I can deal with the pain and nausea but the swollen ankles and elevated BP concern me. I'm guess the elevated BP will cease to be an issue. If the stone continues to block the kidney, it could damage it permanently. Whine, whine, whine!

    Joe saw me drive in and came over. He has someone else to drive him to his endoscopy so I'm off the hook for that. He tried walking a very short distance for his health and it just about did him in. I hope he keeps it up. I think it will be even more difficult for him to improve his diet. He's Italian and used to eating rich Italian food. I wonder whether he'd drink green smoothies made in the NutriBullet. I'm about ready to harvest my basil and make some pesto. It's healthy and he could put it on a little bit of pasta as long as he doesn't eat a whole plateful. I'm so glad we all have each other here in the hood now that we're all getting older and falling apart.

    Granni, have a nice and safe trip. It can be as much trouble to go for only a few days as it is for a week. I hope it all goes smoothly. You're an old hand at packing for trips so I imagine you have it down pat. I've gotten pretty good at it myself. I still take a few more things than I need but not too much. I usually wear black because it matches everything and can dressed down or dressed up. We're a casual family and don't usually dress up much. A gospel extravaganza makes me think of all those gospel singers I see in the movies really gettin' into the spirit. Kinda like in Sister Act or The Blues Brothers. I still like the old standards when it comes to gospel music. Take care and enjoy the trip.

    It's been about an hour since I took the Flomax and I'm still alive but feel a bit drowsy. That was one of the side effects mentioned. It said not to do anything or go anywhere where fainting would be a problem. Hmmmm! Is fainting ever not a problem? Is fainting ever a good thing? I'm thinking it would be better avoided.

    OK, Kids, gonna go. Hope y'all are having a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: I've heard that drinking a six pack of beer helps pass a stone. Ask your doctor about it. Probably a lot more easier and fun than taking a med that's not good for you.

    Granni: those gospel singing groups are so much fun. I was in my HS choir and we participated in a big one, of course the black groups were REALLY good compared to all of white guys! LOL When I got into college, we sang one of the same songs.....I did the short solo part, same as in HS. SCARED to death!

    My pool pump is in and working. I got up this morning at 5:45 and the pump was working but very quiet and the sweep hardly moving. Then it kicked in louder about 3 hrs. later. My pool guy just told me it's supposed to run at low speed for so many hrs. then kick it up. Then it has to go off before noon....Edison requirement.

    I spent about 2 hrs. in the back yard blowing leaves and trying to clean things up.....of course wearing a wet bathing suit because it's VERY humid and hot. I'm going to a friend's 75th BD party in a couple of hours, so I'm doing a quick color touch up.
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    Hello All.
    Dear Mikie, so sorry for your pain; hope it is quickly resolved. That Flomax sounds odd with its side-effects. Don't faint, my dear. Don't fear. You are one of the strongest people I've ever met!

    Rock, I forget to mention how much I liked the pic of the giant Ficus in Santa Barbara. It brings back memories of my hippie days when I was going to UCSB. I've stood under it many times -- an admirable tree. In those days people (friends) called me Ching as a nickname because of my Mandarin mustache and obsession in the I Ching -- the Chinese book of changes. Fun times, protest against the Vietnam war, free speech, etc. I was NOT an agitator!

    Star, have dingos been eradicated around you then? Bring 'em back I say! And yes, I have heard the tragic story of the dingo and the baby and can't imagine the suffering the poor mum must have gone through. So sad.

    Y-day was HELL! 106 degrees. Hotter than was predicted. We don't have A/C --- most folks around here don't have them, just fans. We had every fan on the house on needless to say. Too damn hot. Very unusual to have a heat storm here, but you go with the flow I guess... The flow in this case was sweat and ginger-ale. Hot today too.

    The Emerald Triangle green rush has started. People on the street in town holding up cardboard signs saying "good worker", etc. It does bring some interesting people though; I meet some of them if Teddy brings them out. I met a nice girl from Israel, and a couple of Spaniards. They just camp for the night - or nights- and depart to find work in the Cannabis industry.

    Well I am pooped. Time for lunch (yoghurt with kefir on the side.) Stay cool everyone who's hot --am thinking of you Sunflower and Gordon 'cause I know your experiencing the same heat. At least we don't have humidity to deal with!

    Love to all
    Barry -- no longer Ching.
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greeting awl,

    It is almost time to fix dinner again. Gee, where has the day gone. I came on here before and checked out the Porch but had to go do something else. Have been doing wash and trying to figure what to bring on our trip.

    MIKIE - I am like you or our family is, VERY casual and we very rarely dress up much. That is probably partly becuse we live where we live. TX is VERY casual and I imagine FL is too pretty much. Not sure what to think aboaut CA. I guess most of those people go around looking like they are going to the beach half the time if they do live close to the water anyway. Most of our family is pretty casual and not worried about dressing up much unless we are going to a concert or something. However, most of them are fairly casual too. It is HOT HOT HOT here.

    I understand what you mean MIKIE about the docs office screwing up your meds. Mind has done the same thing a couple of times with my Thyroid meds. They just did it again. The nurse misunderstood the doc and called in my new script for what I was taken when he wanted me to take the new dose of Nature-throid. He upped it to the 1 1/2 GR from 1 1/4 GR. Now I am stuck with the old dosage . I will contact Caremark and see if they will give e any credit for the next order. Not sure they will do it . I do know they won't take it back for sure. I will keep it like I do almost everything else in case I have to go back down in dosage again. Hoyou pass your stone quickly without to must pain for you.

    SUN - So you used to like to sing or still do? I guess you are to busy painting. Sorry but you wouldn't want me to do that. I definately do not have any talent at all for painting or drawing but I do like to look at beautiful paintings. Have you been doing any painting lately? Glad you got your pool taken care of !! You are right that those back gospel singers really have the feel and perfect rhythm for Gospel music. Speaking of that I had better go and listen to them so I can sing them. YIKES.

    BARRY - Sorry it is so HOT where you are too. I guess most of us are broiling :)!! However, 106, is hotter than here ):!! WE, unfortunately do have humidity. That makes it worse. Hope it cools ff for you. Thank goodness we have a/c. Do you have any a/c in your home? I assume everyone does but they don't . I surely didn't when I was growing up and early on when I was raising my family, A fan was as good as it got.

    Gotta run. It is almost time to fix dinner again.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - hope the Flomax didn't do much harm..yes, how complicated can things get!

    I don't envy your friend his upcoming endoscopy..I don't know if they put people down under there before the procedure, it's ne of the most traumatizing things I've had to go thru!

    Granni - I like places where one doesn't hv to dress up formal..since there isn't anyone around, I don't bother too much..long as its clean..good luck with all the upcoming performances.

    Julie - thanks for opening up the new volume..hope you are getting in some rest, at the function i attended few days ago, I showed the cockatoo video to a cousin of DH, on her phone and she laughed so hard while trying not to, coz there were people around...hahaha. Thanks for introducing that video..I've shown it to so many people, the son was acting like it, thrusting out his shoulders sideways when I told him to do something he didn't want to.

    Sun - my DHs family consists of two uncles..FILs brothers..and their kids..and their kids uncle has a daughter by a former wife and she has four kids and he has three other daughters..two of whom are married with kids..

    My DH has a step mom, and a daughter and son by her..FIL is deceased.

    Our compound is looking very neat, if seem to stay on top of things at your abode.

    Barry - I've seen I Ching cards in the Book stores here, but never were drawn to them. You've had an interesting set of experiences I must college and all that..I came here to kathmandu in late 70s ..what a lively place, hippies everywhere, no many concrete buildings like now..businesses bustling, mostly tourist oriented, art and crafts, garments, thousands of restaurants..'twas golden age ..

    Yesterday was busy, went to a friends store the centre of town, they had their prayer ritual, to pray for good business, and then they fed us potato curry, chickpeas..rice pudding. Met a lot of people I know but have not been able to keep in touch with.

    Then I went and visited the temples in the area, some blocks away. By the time I reached home, half the day was gone..and the pile of chores waiting...

    Did the dishes, and cooked very simple. No meat, cabbage curry and lentils with rice. Lol, nowadays I even choose vegetables on basis of how much work it takes to get them ready to cook. I wouldn't get peas, or any vegetable needed deseding and with a tough peel..

    Watched a bit of the presidential race stuff on CNN.
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Did I tell you how I was viciously attacked in the comfort and privacy of my
    own home the other night? The intruder was relentless! There I was
    innocently looking to see what was on the menu at Turner Classic Movies
    when suddenly I realized, I was not alone. An ugly creepy crawlie had not
    only invaded my space, it was crawling up my leg. Uff-da!

    So I leaped to my feet and grabbed a weapon, but the savage beast raced
    away into the next room and was last seen disappearing under the
    dining room table.

    But not for long. An hour later it (or perhaps some other member of its clan)
    was brazenly strolling across the living room carpet. I instantly leaped
    to my feet and dispatched it with my lance. Well, actually a fly swatter.

    I guess it was some sorta beetle. Wow, those things are tough. I kept
    swatting and it kept wiggling. I started to feel sorry for it. After a dozen
    blows I wrapped it in a napkin and buried it in the trash bin. I shudder to
    think how many of them probably live in the walls or the basement.

    Granni, here in California we all dress in elegant clothes all the time. We
    never know when we might receive an invitation to a film premier,
    a ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theater, or an invitation to lunch
    with William Holden at the Brown Derby.

    Actually I did lunch at the Brown Derby. The one shaped like a hat. It was
    about a block from where I worked. But it's gone now. I guess the one
    in Hollywood that was shaped like a building is still in business. BTW,
    Gordon worked in the same building where I did. The population of
    the building was 3 times as large as the village where I grew up. Three
    years both of us worked there, but never met. We eventually collided
    at a bridge game in Hollywood, and have been partners ever since.


    Profiteroles sound somewhat akin to chocolate eclairs, Springwater.
    Note: one of the above pics is a theater, and one is aimed at the eater.

    Reminds me of the guy who was granted one wish by a genii, so he said
    he wanted to be irresistible to all women. Got turned into a box of
    chocolates. (That might be an example of dark humor.)

    Barry, when were you at the U. of California, Santa Barbara? I used
    to live there. 1967. Were you around when they had the big student riot?
    The Bank of America was burned to the ground, a student was
    fatally shot by the police, and over a hundred law suits were filed against
    16 different government entities: the school, the state, various police
    departments and counties and cities, etc.

    To simplify matters and maintain control, our office handled all the
    claims even though several insurance companies were involved.
    I left the job 3 years later to go back to school. Far as I know none of the
    lawsuits had been resolved.

    Be back later if the computer cooperates. It was outta commission almost
    all day yesterday. Couldn't get to a bookmarked page or the mail site
    or the Pro Health board. Couldn't do anything except read what was
    on the home page. Seems to be okee dokee at the moment though.

    Hugs, Kids
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Well, I survived the night. Now, I remember why I can't take alpha blockers. My head felt as though it would explode; my jaw ached like crazy, my chest and head were all stuffed up; and, I had a horrible cough. Yikes!!! I've never put alpha blockers nor beta blockers (these give me severe asthma attacks) on the list of meds to which I'm allergic. Mea culpa! From now on, I will. Didn't know drugs for purposes other than high BP were alpha blockers. Also, mea culpa for not reading the insert before I took the med. Just shows that I'm exhausted and getting desperate to get rid of this stone. Despite eating mostly carbs right now, my fasting blood sugar remains in the 70's. DD said I should shun the protein right now until the stone is gone.

    Sent e-mail to DD in TX telling her all the appts. I have this month. She and DGS are welcome to come down but our plans will have to take a back seat if the stone moves. I'm not sure it's safe for DGS to go fishing here either. People are getting sick from our waters. I will definitely make a visit to TX to see them before the end of the year. Life is just too short. DD in CO called me yesterday. She said she is missing me. I hope she and DSIL can come to TX when I'm there. Her thyroid is better and she's re-enrolled in her program to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. She works with children in family services now. She said it's amazing how children can survive such horrible abuse. She said most of the kids she sees are so sweet and smart but I'm sure many are severely damaged. Those may be in a different program. She is perfect for this kind of work and I hope there are many others out there helping abused kids.

    There's a new game over on the Homebound Board. It's a good one and one right up my alley. Check it out.

    Sun, so glad your pool pump is up and running. Wow! You are so multi-talented. Singing a solo? You're not only talented but also brave. If I were to sing a solo, the dogs' yowling would deafen everyone. I'll check out the beer cure. Yes, it would certainly be more fun. I wonder whether a joint would work. Medical MJ has been legal in FL for some time but hasn't been accessible. Now, there are outlets and growers approved by the state for the non-THC strain of it. Hope you can stay cool. Also hope you enjoyed the birthday party.

    Barry, OMG, 106! Don't know whether you've ever read my Mom's remedy for the heat. She put pans of ice water in front of our fans and they blew across the cold water and cooled us almost as well as A/C wall units. Ya gotta stay put in front of them but, when it's that hot, no one feels like doing anything but sitting anyway. Running cold water over your wrists, or putting your feet in a tub of cold water, will help cool you down for quite a while. Funny how we old hippies grew up to meld into the population. I'm from Boulder, CO, another hippie bastion back in the day. I'm still a hippie in my heart of hearts. Thanks for your kind words. Don't know about being strong but I am a realist, knowing that I just have to go through this. Others have before me and survived. Stay cool, my friend.

    Granni, hope you get your thyroid med fixed. Tiny adjustments in it can have big effects. I think hot climes are more casual than other places, especially where they are tourist destinations. Snowbirds come here for a three- or four-month vacation. Also, a lot depends on the area. There are a lot of wealthy people down here and they dress up for their hoity-toity luncheons, parties and fundraisers. They bring a lot of money to our economy and do a lot of good so I'm happy they are here. The rest of us can be as casual as we want but no one likes to see people dirty or too ragged. My friend dress like I do--in tee shirts, capri pants/shorts and flip flogs. When we dress up just a tad for our luncheons, we are almost unrecognizable. We clean up good. Hope you are staying cool too.

    Spring, I hope your friend's business is successful. The food sounds super good. I've not wanted to eat meat, fish or poultry since feeling so crappy. DD, the nurse, said protein is hard on the kidneys so it's just as well. Rice does sound good; think I'll cook some up in my steamer. I'm sorry your endoscopy was so traumatic. I had one and it was easy peasy because they put me under a light and fast anesthesia. That was back before I had my gallbladder removed. Hope watching our politics didn't traumatize you. It ain't easy to watch sometimes. One of my shrinks used the I Ching to help her. I found it interesting but prefer my Crystal Ally Cards. Hmmmm, I haven't used them in ages. I have used my pendulum. Glad things are ship shape in your home. Wish they were in mine.

    Good grief, Rock! I'm glad you escaped with your life and unscathed by that cricket. Did you know they are considered good luck? The ones I find inside are carried out and released into the wild. Chances are they don't survive due to all the spraying. Usually, when I find them on the balcony, they are groggy and on their way to a better place. I heard a version of your joke about the wishes but I can't repeat it here. I always picture you dressed elegantly in your tails and top hat, ready for a movie premiere or a glam Hollywood party. What are you reading these days? I'm still trying to get through a so-so book. Actually, it doesn't much matter as I can't stay awake reading nor watching TV.

    This is one of the most beautiful times of the day--morning, with the sun streaming through the trees, casting long shadows onto the lanai. Sir Vester is out there enjoying it. Our weather has settled pretty much around 92 every day with our usual afternoon/evening thunderstorms. We had a good one last evening. There are a couple of tropical depressions out in the Atlantic but it's too early to know whether they will escalate into storms. I hope we get another hurricane-free year. The waters are warmer now and any hurricanes may be intensified compared to earlier years' storms.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd best drop in briefly.
    It's getting late and it's been a big day.

    My Aunty and Uncle and their new guide dog pup came from Melbourne.
    They have this one for 15 mths and if it passes, it moves onto the next stage of training.
    The last dog couldn't handle stairs, so is now looking at being a 'companion' for an Alzheimer's sufferer.

    I'm 42 today and I feel like I've aged another ten years just in this one day!
    Seriously, I really wanted to cancel today. Sigh.
    But sometimes , for the sake of others, we must play the game...

    I'm so worn out, I can't really think straight.

    'The power of one' is on and to me, it's a bit of a tear jerker...

    My friend left hospital today and seems to have her peace back.

    MIL gets in from seeing her ailing dad in New Zealand ,around midnight tonight.

    Mikie, I can't believe you have to sit tight 'till that rotten stone passes! You poor thing!

    Rock- On guard!

    My thoughts are with you all -Sun, Spring, Granni, Barry, Julie, Dianne, Rock and Mikie.
    I'll catch up with yas again soon.
    Take care.
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: what is the pain like....dull, intense, sharp, rolling? I hope you pass it quickly before having it zapped. I'm sorry the med. caused such troubles. The last time I was prescribed a med for infected sinus it gave me TROUBLES, so I immediately called my doc. who told me to stop...ha, I did already, then called CVS for them to put it on my record. We have so many pains, etc. that we forget the bad meds so do it right away.

    Rock: what kind of bug was it? If it's a cockroach get a ton of "roach motels" and put them around. It's the terrible heat that's bringing all the bugs out. I've been seeing more spiders at night and just I'm assuming it's the hot attic that's driving them out. I had a small roach problem years ago, I think from something I had brought home from a grocery store which is notorious for them. Spotted one and then a second one and I FREAKED out. I put about 6 of the roach motels and every morning I would check, I think I found a couple then after about a month I tossed the "motels".

    Star: a big happy birthday to you. 42 is young!!!!!! I know when you're in a world of hurt it's hard to be happy or excited. So is your DH taking you for dinner or buying a cake?

    The BD party yesterday was huge! She was a preschool teacher for over 20 years in a small community and she also babysat many of the babies or toddlers, so they're now grown and have babies of their own. The freeway was awful going there (traveling about 2 miles an HR) so I managed to get off and find my way there going a different route, but luckily I got there before the big BD wish and cake.

    I'm really really tired and haven't recuperated from the trip. I think I might do some closet cleaning today to lighten up around here.
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Went online and found some home remedies to pass stones. I'm taking spoonsful of olive oil and drinking water with lots of lemon in it. I'm supposed to move around a lot. I didn't feel like going over to the pool so am bouncing on my big inflated ball. It actually felt as though something was moving down. If anything will move it, I figure bouncing is the way to do it. I'm just so over this whole thing and want it to be done with. At least, after the pain of childbirth, one has a baby to show for it.

    Sun, I remember the traffic in SoCal years ago and it can only have gotten worse. Denver is almost as bad. It can get pretty bad here in Season. I'm glad you didn't miss the party. It's good to know one's way around to find alternate routes. If I get in a pinch, I can use the nav system in my phone but I usually can find where I'm going. The pain started out a couple of weeks ago as ongoing lower back aches. Now, I can feel sharp stabbing pain and spasms. Funny thing is that it's on both sides. Something may be trying to move in both kidneys. I am getting the sharp pain when I bounce on the ball. I hope you can rest up and get some NRG.

    Star, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I know it's hard to celebrate when you feel crappy but try to enjoy your special day. It's a celebration of you! By my standards, you're still a kid. I hope you can find healing so you can enjoy your family and your life more. You're a Leo and that's one of the best signs in the Zodiac, IMHO. Leo is my rising sign and helps to mitigate the usual shyness of Cancer. I can tell from your posts that you have a real flair and this confirms it. I hope you are up to celebrating and enjoying it. Hope you get some NRG too.


    Think I'll go watch High Society. I think I was twelve when it came out. Grace Kelly wore a knit outfit and I got one like it. I thought I was the cat's meow when I wore it. Hope all y'all have a great rest of the weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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