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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fibromickster, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hey gang, boy 279 went fast. What a great fishing trip even though Elaine, Julie and Erin wasn't able to fish. But that is okay they had drinks waiting for us when we got back.

    Well, I am headed out the door now for home. So adios and have a great rest of Wednesday.

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  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Did no one look at my fish in my profile? With Mickey's DD fish and mine it is close. But since she has to go off to college, I say I win the trip in Grannis DH suitcase.

    If anyone would like to contest, please provide photo of fish :)

    Thanks Mickey for getting a new one going. I posted them looked at computers on line and fixed dinner. When I came back the new one had opened.

    Well now I am on my way out the door for out ride. You should see Twy, well you will I just took a pic, the camera was right here,lol.

    Thanks for the great day with great freinds and glad no on got seasick, Granni you may need to check to see if you have all of your patches,hehe. Carla

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I left a fairly long post on the other side. I sitll do not how to move it. If anyone wants to go read it please do.

    Thanks Mickey for starting us up again !!

    Who was the winner of Alaska trip in DH;s suitcase? If it was mentioned I flashed right past it.

    Sorry I didn't connect to the new volume either, so I am at a loss as to what everyone said. More tomorrow I hope.

    Hugs to everydobby,

  4. jole

    jole Member

    Mickey, thanks for the jump-start! Yes, you can use my piggy bank idea....or any others I might have, although I must warn you that they are far and few between!

    I felt just like you do...dreaded like crazy the thought of my kids leaving home...and yes, people thought I was crazy, thinking because I had 5 kids that one less would be a blessing. Well, it wasn't, and I worried about each of them! We are very fortunate 'cause all of them are still close to each other and us, and love spending time together. Our grandkids feel like their cousins are all another set of "brothers & sisters". Hope it stays this way forever!

    Carla, I wish you and your daughter could regain the closeness again. Maybe some day it will happen. Never give up hope! I believe in miracles!!

    I agree it's close to a toss-up with the fish contest! (But I guess to get technical it IS your fish, compared to Mickey's daughters fish, right?)

    Elaine, Yes, that was a fast fishing trip. Guess the ones of us that were not fishing just got too loud trying to catch up on all the gossip...and they had to stop fishing 'cause we scared them all away!

    And yes, I CAN imagine your story to your doctor! Afraid it will definitely take ALL of us to back you up!!!

    Granni, WHAT??? Dust on your furniture??? You're always such a whirlwind I can't imagine it would be able to settle anywhere! Me, on the other hand, has dust on top of dust...I do manage to keep my floors clean, and sometimes the dishes, but dust is another story altogether. Just don't have the energy to do it unless company is coming..LOL..

    Julie, heres a little prayer going up so you can gain back your strength, and get rid of the pain soon! Please take good care of yourself!

    Georgia, so sorry your hubby is having allergic reactions. I know that's not any fun, and along with the pain just is twice as miserable. Best wishes to you two, and a prayer your way also!

    Mrdad, Rock........HELLO...can you hear me now??? Hope you're both okay and not just gone 'cause you're tired of us girls!! While I'm at it, may as well say a prayer for the two of you also, 'kay? Hope it is not offensive to you...

    Well, gang, gotta get a little Faith to bed (mainly so I can go..LOL) Gotta figure out an adventure for tomorrow. Love ya all****Jole****
  5. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I agree with Jole, I think Carla should win the fish contest, mainly because SHE caught the fish and I didn't. I just wanted to show off my daughter's skill as a fisherwoman. LOL So congratulations are in order for Carla, you are the WINNER!!!!!

    Elaine, I agree you should definetly give that list to your Doctor, we needed you there so the fish would come, you could of talked to them and we would of had all kinds of fish around the boat.

    Granni, thanks, Ashley has so many skills that sometimes it scares me. So when exactly do you leave for Alaska so we can all pray that your trip will be safe and fun??? Also we need to give you a "going away" party!!!!!!

    Lydia - Gosh, I am so sorry you are still in so much pain. I do have you on my prayer list here at work as well as Georgia, Mr. M, Annie and Sweetie (all my porchies).

    MR DAD AND ROCK - where are you two, just pop in and let us know how you two are doing????? I know it is tiring to address everyone and I hope you know we just want to hear how you all have been doing.

    Well, I am brewing some tea right now and have to go check on it so I will check in mid-morning with you guys.

    Bye for now,

  6. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    We can't be done fishing yet. No one took my fish off the hook. This is a 36" Northern Pike and they have teeth! Just take a peek at my profile pic. He sure was a mean one and gave a good fight. Well, as soon as we can get him unhooked back in he goes.
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Fight it out. So who gets to go on our trip in DH's suitcawe ? Let me know so I can make sure there is enough room for whoever got the BIG PRIZE !!

    Linda - Yes, I am getting excited and just wish I didn;t havae to pack. Would someone like to come and help. I know I always pack to much. How are you feeling my dear ??

    MICKEY - I know I saw you here this morning and Elaine to I think. Gee, I was in such a hurry I didn;t hook on to the volume. There is a P.S. down below.

    Julie - we will miss you if you do not have a computer to come to the porch. Hope you will be back soon and home you feel better !! Slow down my dear !!

    P.S - I was writing a note to CARLA, MICKEY, ELAINE and others on another thread but then found out after I was done I was on the wrong thread so I may have to completely redue. When I went to start over I could not find the thread so maybe it was deleted by Mickey. Gotta go check as I am not sure if it was or not.

    Just wanted to tell you all who replied on that thread how proud I a of you all for all you have had to go through in yur lives and how wonderful you have turned out.

    P.S. Mickey sorry I peeked and read your story. You are truly amazing as was Carla, and Elaine for all they have endured growing up , others to. I feel so blessed and thankful for my parents and upbring. We didn't have much money but alot of love and caring for sure. Sorry if that sounds so corny, I am so thankful for this board to help many of you get to tell your stories, which will hopefuly help to heal some of the scars and understand also that you were not the only ones going through such terrible home lives.

    BTW, I found your post (thread to Carla) and added to it. I think there was another post (maybe I was seeing things) where quite a few others posted also and I couldn't find it . So, I posted to this one for Carla (Sorry I peeked- I couldn't help it). I just love you gals to much not to!!

    Hugs to everydobby I did not mention today!!


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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon took his car in last week to be smogged, and it did not pass the test. So, it has been in the shop the past two days getting repairs, and Gordon has been home from work.

    He got it back yesterday, had it tested, and it passed. The $800 repair estimate was a bit high. Cost was $660.

    So to celebrate that he had wheels again we went on a mad shopping spree. We went to three(!) different thrift shops, spent $30 and got 4 shirts, 7 paperbacks and 4 bowls. What a couple of wild and crazy guys.

    Mickey, I loved your joke re: MrDad and me. The two of us are one of a kind. Not only a joke but an oxymoron.

    Congratulations to all the catchers of big fish. My sister, who is sometimes a bit raucous, like someone else we know around these parts, was enamored of a singing fish she bought some years ago.

    It was mounted on a plaque and when you pushed a button it wiggled and mouthed to some hillbilly music. (I believe you can still find these on Ebay. Warning: not approved by Marthla Stewart.)

    Back later, aglagators.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Elaine - what a wonderful letter and so heart felt. It almost made me cry IF IT WASN'T ALSO SO CUTE. Maybe now you can only work 5 hours . Only you can decide on how many hours you need and can feel OK doing.

    It is OK if you only want to work 5 hours so you can communicate with all of us, etc. It is ot like you don;t do anything else my dear.

    Now, am I supposed to stick 4 people in DH's suitcase for the trip?? Now that willtake some doings. Any ideas, you usually can come up with a few (-: ::

    Hey Erin, how are you feeling today and have all the pounds been flyinf off you yet(-: )) Hope your diet is making you feel satisfied (in your tummy).

    More love to everydobby !

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  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Getting ready to go to lunch here. I have to do phones today for the receptionist so she can go to lunch so I have to go early, yuck.

    Wow Monica, that is a huge fish. I think you and Cara tie for 1st place, so you both win.

    Lin, yes, my daughter is a catch and release kind of girl when it comes to fishing.

    Elaine, you are definetly in the wrong business. That letter is great. You should be a writer or a stand up comedian (or I guess sit down comedian) LOL.

    Granni, I read your message on the other post and I replied to you, thank you so much. It really does help to talk about things. I probably should of went to a psychiaratrist a long time ago, however, you guys are better than one of those.

    Gotta run, so I will check in later porchies.

    Hi to everyone else too.

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I believe this is a historic time on the porch. Never before have we had anyone, much less three at one time, posting pictures of fish.

    I also believe this is the first time we ever skipped a volume. Or perhaps it's just my brain fog. Anyone seen volume 276?

    Tennis shoes for $11 sounds like a bargain, Granni. I remember explaining to my son that you can't buy athletic ability. Even if the $150 sneakers are endorsed by some pituitary case like Magic Jordan, they will not make you a better basketball player.

    Back in the 60s there was a shoe store chain. All pairs of shoes: $7. I bought some there. The shoes were just fine.

    You know, men can get buy w/ 3 pairs of shoes: black, brown, tennis. (Altho this may have changed. Younger guys seem to have several pairs of tennis shoes. When Gordon's brother moved out of the house he left behind 8 or 9 pairs of tennis shoes. How the heck many did he take with him?)

    Women, of course, never have enuff shoes. "Well, I'm going to Sue's wedding. I need pink shoes to match my dress...Yes, but the 14 pairs of pink shoes I already have are the wrong shade."

    Elaine, I think your letter to your dr. is just right. However, modern drs are so busy w/ their stockbroker, their financial adviser, their golf instructor, etc.

    Perhaps you would get his attention more effectively if you acted it out ala Lucy explaining to Ethel that Ricky gave her a mink stole.

    Haven't been to Arby's for decades, Elaine. Used to take my son there. Remember when kids were stranded on a desert island on the Simpsons? Lisa said, "I'm so hungy I could eat at Arby's."

    Carla, is that a picture of you holding the fish? (Why would Matt Lauer be looking for me?) Sorry to hear about your daughter. Families, especially mothers, are held in high esteem in American society. There is great reluctance to admit that many families are toxic; many family members unloving.

    My neighbor has said a couple times I should appreciate my parents, be thankful to them, etc. The last time he started down that trail I said, "We have discussed this before. I don't want to hear anymore nonsense. Get up and get out."

    So he dropped the subject for a couple years. Brought it up again in a phone call. I politely yelled at him and slammed down the phone. I much prefer no friends to abusive ones.

    Monica, that is an impressive pike. I wonder if the northern pike and the walleye pike are the same. We used to have wonderful fish dinners from native fish in Minnesota.

    My Dad was a wonderful cook. Drove my mother crazy tho. "Look at this kitchen. There are fish scales on the ceiling! He cooks and goes off. I'm the one who has to clean up, etc."

    Would that be "Person" overboard, Linda? Did Elaine throw you her boa and reel you in? Haven't had fresh peach pie for decades. Pies used to be a wonderful treat. The bakery stuff from the markets today is inedible as far as I'm concerned.

    Well, this is getting pretty long. Better post and come back later.

  12. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I missed the fishing trip...probably would have fell in anyway.

    Hope all are well...Gonna try to catch up with everyone and try to get back in my puter routine. I miss you guys.

    Been a long hard summer, I'll be glad for winter.

    The new baby is so precious, gonna try to visit with her this weekend.

    I've had bronchitis, took 3 weeks to get over that. Mom has been in the hospital twice in the last month, been canning and freezing beans, tomatoes, and corn. Daughter is getting ready to move back to college next week.

    I haven't had for anything lately. Hopefully things will quiten down now.

    Had to have my beautiful white German Shepherd put to sleep last month. He was 13 years old and I had him since he was 5 weeks old. I miss him so bad. The first week after he was gone I couldn't stand to be in the back yard where he stayed.

    Hope to read what everyone has been up to...Are we taking any trips or having any parties????

    love to all
  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hello awl- I didn't sleep well last night, had to keep getting up to potty. Then slept in and got up and David was already here working on the ramp. He is a early riser and I told him it was fine to come early but couldn't promise I would be up early.

    He just left and I still need to paint it but that will wait. I need the rest today as I have my day at the shop.

    Linda- yep that is me 16 years ago! Amazing what a good haircut and new dentures can do for ya. I had been out all night at the lake in FEB! to catch that fish. We would build a fire and sit on the bank to catch the Walleye's, so I wasn't looking my best in the pic. Bad mullet and perm,LOL.

    Elaine- I agree with Mickey you need to go on the road with with Rock and Mrdad with your act or be a professional letter writer- loved the Dr Doc letter.

    Mickey- thanks so much for sharing, I will get back to you later, you are a wonderful mom and your girls will always have your memories even if they are far away at school.

    Monica- wow that is some pike I don't know how we will settle this one, so I think we both can go. I know those pike have some teeth for sure, plus put up a good fight.

    ROck so glad to you back in your chair. Why wouldn't Matt Lauer be looking for you? Aww who knows why I say the things I do sometimes lol. Just glad you are ok and thanks for your comments about my daughter.

    Lacey I am so glad to hear from you! You have been on my mind. I am so sorry about your dog, I know you will miss him for many years. How do you like being a grandma, you will have to post a pic if you can. It sounds like you have had your hands full this summer. I hope things calm down and you can come back to us more often, we missed you.

    Granni you are such a dear lady, you care so much for all of us and always here to support us. I do hope you enjoy your trip, but with most of us with you- you are sure too hehe.

    Well I need to lay down awhile as the heat and humidity got to me today. Maybe eat a freeze pop first- I haven't had one today yet.

    I'll be back later-a big wave to awl I missed-Carla

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  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hey Rocko, your the man!!!!! I am glad you made it to the porch today, us girls really miss have a male figure around. You and Mrdad need to come by more often buddy.

    Hi Lacy - I am glad you made it too. I am so sorry about your German Shepard, I am so not looking forward to that day when my Jack goes. I wish our animals could live as long as us. That is the only downfall of having a pet. However, it is so worth it, they are the most loyal, loving creatures around. They are happy to see you no matter what. I am also glad you are over your bronchitis and well again.

    At least you have that new baby to visit and spoil, I hope she/he will take your mind off of you loving pet who is in doggy heaven looking down on you.

    Carla & Elaine, I read your messages on the other thread, Wow what an impact. I replied to you on it. I can't say thank you enough for your loving, and caring words. You have helped me so much. All those feelings came rushing back when I was typing out that whole thing. I guess that is good, maybe it is the beginning of healing since I haven't really ever really "talked" about it with anyone.

    Elaine, I am serious about your career, you would be awesome at writing. You have tremendous skills and it is very interesting reading what you type, kind of like Rock's posts. Maybe children's books would be good, especially with your imagination.

    Carla get some rest and try to have fun at work tomorrow.
  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Quiet here today, well it is almost 5:00 and I just wanted to say goodbye for today to all you wonderful Porchies.

    I am going to go home, eat, maybe get in the pool, watch a little tv (househunters) and then go to bed. That is if I don't have to run my youngest around anywhere which will probably be the case, but that is okay. I am glad she has tons of friends and things to do.

    One more day and it is TGIF, like Lin said. Wow, this week flew by. My sister and hubby finally bought their 1st house, so I will probably help her out this weekend with moving or watching my little angel of a niece.

    Goodnight, don't forget to leave the porch light on for me in the morning.

  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just a quick hello as I need to get ready for work

    Georgia you have you hand full and know we are all here to listen and support. I am sorry Mr M may need surgery, I would be contacting his office soon.

    BTW - Did you notice a BIG difference when you went to dial-up from cable/DSL??

    I am trying to decide betweeen going to cable as it is availbale now in a bundle with Dish Network or a new computer or BOTH-Geez- but things are really slow and I spend too much time on the computer WAITING for the the thing to do something- ANY advise would be great.

    DId anyone see the TOday show this morning? If so- why was Meridith wearing what seemed like a NIGHT GOWN???

    JUlie I hope you get some rest, I think you are in a major flair and you keep pushing, even a little, you won't be able to help others. just some advice from a "pushing" expert here :)

    DOn't know if I will be back until this evening late, need to go to Walley's after work- Love you all- Carla
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Went to my Emotions Anonymous meeting last night. For me the meetings are as good as a session w/ a therapist. Somewhat cheaper too.

    When the basket is passed I put in $3.

    Anyway, we have a financial problem which stems from Sacramento. Due to budget problems, the library where we meet is closing an hour earlier. But since I rely on Gordon as my chauffeur, and he doesn't get home from work till 6:30 PM, I am now missing the first hour of the 90 min. meeting.

    Guess I'll have to be content with the Sat. morning meeting.

    Lacey, have you read The Rainbow Bridge? Above is the site for an illustrated version. I'm sorry your old friend is gone. It is so hard when we lose a beloved pet.

    Springwater, now that you got the cupboard open, I'm surprised your keys haven't shown up. We had a goofy attorney at the firm who had a huge gun safe in his office.
    Pretty much the whole staff snickered when he had to have safe crackers come and drill holes in the lock.

    And then there was the time he bought another Samurai sword.
    Came to work the next day w/ his hand heavily bandaged. Since his normal practice was to snarl at people, he didn't get much sympathy.

    Hi Sweetie, good to hear from you again. Hope you'll feel up to visiting more often.

    Elaine, when you want to look business-like for a dr. visit, do you put your hair in a bun and wear glasses?

    What kind of bun? Sesame seed?

    Carla, love the picture of the fish w/ you. I mean, you w/ the fish. You look so full of pep and joie de vivre.

    Georgia, ask Mr. M if he'd like to post. I think we should all give our S. O. a change to post. Be sorta like take your kid to work day. (But I bet most of them won't jump at the opportunity.)

    I like the piggy banks scheme, Jole. Reminds me of a piggy bank we gave somebody's baby almost 40 years ago. It was silver. Didn't cost too much; musta been plated.

    One of the good things about CA, Granni and Julie, is the abundance of Mexican cuisine. My favorite place is called Mucho Mas (much more) in Burbank.

    When I lived in the Twin Cities, there were two Mexican restaurants. One in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul. One was a modest place; the other was on Hennepin Ave. downtown.

    Micky, Carla, et. al., just finished Julie Andrews' biography. She too comes from the dysfunctional-alcoholic family tree. Maybe it's part of the bond she has with Carol Burnett.


  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I did a bad thing last night. I took a lorazapam last night because i wasn't tired and I had to get to bed and I remember how it used to knock me out. (I had a prescription from a while ago but didn't like how it made me feel back then.

    Well, never again, I don't even remember going to bed last night, then I didn't set my alarm so when I got up I had 25 minutes to get ready. I couldn't walk straight, I was dizzy, and I felt like I had a hangover. Now I know why I haven't taken them, I flushed them straight down the toilet. My whole body feels like I slept on rocks.

    I am finally starting to feel better, whooooooo.

    I have Ambien still from a year ago, however, I didn't want to take it because you pretty much need a total of 8 hours sleep with that and it was almost midnight before I finally went to lala land.

    Rock - I am reading "The Sisters" right now, it is about a true family. It is in my car right now so I can't remember the author or the familiy's last name, but I know it starts with a M. Geez I am really getting bad. I will TRY and remember to bring it in at lunch so I can get your reviews on it as I am sure you read it.

    Oh by the way Rock, my DH would never come on the Porch and chat, and you know what I don't want him too either. I am being selfish but you guys are MY friends not his. LOL

    Julie - Sounds like you might start to be getting better. I am glad you came home to sleep in your own bed, I am sure that was a good decision.

    Carla - Please don't work too hard today, you have been doing so much better, don't want you to go back in your flare either. I am so glad I found you!!!!!

    Lincamp, you are up bright and early today, my DH and me are supposed to go see that movie too, wow, I didn't know it was that long of a movie, I may just tell him let's wait till it comes out on DVD. I love storms too (only if it doesn't cause damage) I think it is a beautiful scene and I am amazed at how the sky can react like that.

    Well guys and gals have a great Friday and I will chat later.


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