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    Thanks to Julie- Please go read 203 for the EARLY morning birds looking for the worm-Carla
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  2. ckball

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    Julie was up at 4 am backing chocolate chip and butterscotch chip cookie, so get em b4 they are gone.

    I love cookies for breakfast.

    I thought I would start the new volume as Mrdad must be sleepin in this morning.

    I am starting my day a little late too, but that is what "retirement" is all about isn't it. I do feel better than yesterday. But plan on taking it easy today.

    I left hot chocolate to go wiff the cookies and sent Jerome in the lodge to stoke up the fire. So come sit and enjoy- Carla

  3. rockgor

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    I am having left-handed meatloaf for breakfast. That's what Gordon whipped up this morning. It's the same recipe he always used.

    The "left handed" was a reference to his Workers' comp injury. He cut the tip off a finger yesterday. You might think he works in a saw mill or a meat packing house, but he's actually in the mortgage business. Like so many workers today, he never moves anything heavier than paper or computer data.

    Not a serious injury, he says, but he does have a thick bandage on his finger which makes some motions rather clumsy.

    He also has beans and onions simmering in the crock pot so he can make frijoles refritos. He adds cheese and garlic and a bay leaf and a secret ingreediment.

    I am typing this in my mailbox. yesterday I was sending an e mail to my disabled aunt in Rochester, MN. Since she can no longer sit at the computer, and we have no printer, I send the e mail to Gordon. He then prints it out and sends it to her.

    Anyway the computer froze up. I was able to send the e mail, but could not type anymore. You might say it stopped before it ended, to quote Irvin Kolodin.

    Linda, I do not stay up to do crosswords. I cannot sleep; therefore I do crosswords. Supposed to help ward off Alzheimer's, but I make so many mistakes: like putting the right word in the wrong place. I think the process is just exposing my Alzheimer's.

    How did the fruit pulp bread turn out? I suppose a good source of fiber (which was called roughage when I was a kid).

    Bevy, what are fritas? Looked on the net. All I found was fritas is a Cuban hamburger and a band from Boston. Wonder if they were banned in Boston.

    Annie, can Danny read music? (Great singers like Luciano Pavarotti and Ezio Pinza couldn't.) Did he have lessons?
    What kind of music does he listen to?

    Better post this before it blows up. Back later.


    When I tried to copy this from the mailbox, my post vanished from the screen. Seems to have worked anyway. Computers are so frustrating!
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The meatloaf was delicious as usual. Gordon is now boiling unshelled peanuts (it's a Chinese thing) and talking about making a cake. Some weekends he cooks. Other weekends he cooks a lot.

    No, Granni, I'm not writing any verses at the moment. I used to write verses at the office for birthdays, when people left, etc. I had some published in poetry magazines and a book, but if you read the masters of light verse you see that my efforts are pretty modest.

    (Masters like Dorothy Parker, Richard Armour, and Ogden Nash.)

    Georgia, are you going to post your writing about your mother on the Alzheimer board? 9When I wrote about my parents it was for therapy.)

    Carla, you're right. Recalcitrant means difficult. More specifically, it means refusing to cooperate. I had thought it meant stubborn myself.

    About half a century ago The Metropolitan Opera presented Offenbach's La Perichole. Cyrill Ritchard sang a song about recalcitrant husbands.

    Joe, do you put orange juice or pulp or both in the pound cake? You could put orange icing on top. Just mix powdered sugar, butter and some orange juice together.

    Elaine, what is a template in terms of Ebay? Is this vendor selling the same sort of stuff you do?

    Candy, I always make lists of people and what I intend to say, since my memory has gotten so bad. But it frequently happens I can't read my notes anyway.

    There is no need to address everydobby individually. I only do it when I have lots of energy. Otherwise I just say hello, here's what I'm doing at the moment, see ya.

    Back later

  5. Cromwell

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    Hey guys, boy the food all sounds so good.

    BTW whilst I was gone, thanks for painting that old rocking chair of mine, I brought a new cushion today as I think Guido must have "borrowed" my old one.

    Rock you asked if Danny read music. No out of the blue in November, he asked what I wanted for birthday gift and I had said Pachabels Canon, and the next day he had taught himself to play it on the keyboard he had hitherto never shown the slightest interest in or talent upon!!!

    So we were very proud when at church today he played the Hungarian Dance which is a hard piece really. We were going to ask about for a cheap piano for him, as we are very low income, and low and behold, without even asking, impressed church members came up and one offered a piano another transportation and repair and help moving.

    We are trying to locate a piano teacher who will work with this savant quality he has rather than destroy it. When he was six he developed a sudden talent for drawing and painting, wonderful stuff, and as soon as a teacher at school tried to get him on her wavelength that was the last of the art. Also, when very young and not able to even get food to his mouth in a straight line (he was about 3 and pretty autistic then-had only just got the knack of walking)he began to build incredible towers using anything-towers of our shoes all laid on edge, towers of soft toys balanced on top of a tower of dominoes, even an arch!!! We would find it impossible to build such things. We would turn away for a short moment or three and we would turn about and there would be a tower!!! He also cannot do this anymore, it was as if it never was.

    Wow I am deep into reading Steven King's new book, it is kind of gripping-those who know me know I often read highbrow stuff, but I have to say I am really enjoying this Duma Key book, plus he mentions our village in it which is doubly creepy as we live near Buffalo no where near Florida.

    Love Annie

  6. bevy2most

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    This morning we went to mil house for Barbacoa and homade torillas, and I saw ingredients on the counter for cake making, so I asked Mom if she was baking a cake today, she replied no Meja, not me.....she found a recipie in a magazine at the Drs. office and pulled it out....not for her to make but for me.

    I am very flattered that she loves my baking so I just finished baking a Black walnut and Coconut pound cake. She wanted me to make it to see if it comes out well, if so I will be making another for Easter.

    Rock, sorry to hear about Gordon's finger, I had stitches in my thumb once, and it drove me insane. I hit the stupid thing 8000 times it seemed before it finally healed.
    Fritas are not Cuban burgers, the are frozen Margaritas, after tending bar for several decades, just a little bar slang. I think they may go well with the Cuban burgers that are probably banned in Boston.
    What does Gordon put in his Meatloaf? I make my grandmothers recipie, and put it in a muffin tin so everyone gets the crusty/saucy top that seems to be everyones fav.

    Julie, I love cookies, especially homade ones I don't care what kind I love them all. I make a great oatmeal cookie, but usually only around Cristmas time the recipie that I have takes too much prep time, but they are worth is. I am glad I am not the only one baking today.

    Candy, just try to enjoy the people here, and the stories that are told, no one here is out to get anyone. Hope your fil is doing well.

    Carla, thanks for getting us started, and for the hot chocolate, after having temps in the 90's yesterday, today it is in the 60's and really windy, so sounds good to me.

    Sweetie, I too was confused by Candy's post, I had missed a couple of vols. and marked it off to that. I like coming to the porch because there is no drama or negativity. I appreciate you being a founding member of it. I have only been on it for a couple of months, and sometimes it is the only post I read.

    Marta, Mr. Dad, Lydia Elaine and the rest of y'all come out to play.

    Enjoy the day,


  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm getting here a little late today but I went to the shelter for a minute and stayed for two hours. That's the way it usually works and every time I think it won't. D U H.

    Rock, I'm so sorry to hear about Gordon's finger. Yes, as someone said, he'll bump it 1,000x before it heals. Any chance it's the middle one so he can "show" everyone he doesn't like? You may remember two years ago when I torn the tendon in my middle finger and had to wear a splint. I used it to its full advantage. Find fun where you can, I say.

    YC1, you've heard it from the best. Let go of whatever got your panties in a twist, find your chair and relax. This is a place of friendship. See the white flag flying on the post next to the porch post? Here's a cup of decaf tea in a pretty mug. Enjoy.

    All the good food you're all talking about is making my mouth water! Guess it must be time to eat so that's where I'm going next.

    Hugs all around, to those near and to those far,

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Candy and all,

    I just have a few minutes efore I go and finish fixing dinner. I hope to be back later on. I just ready Candy's and everyone's posts about posting peoples names at the end and all.

    I must confess, when I first came to the Porch I felt al little that way and I tried to rmember eeryone. However, now that I have been here awhile I don;t even worry about it. It sjust comes with time and just try not to worry about it.

    Also, just wanted to mention just forget about all that other stuff and it will go way, I hink it is bothering you more hon than it is us !!!

    I or Carla have to show you ( Carla did to me I think when I came but can;t remember which one) how to tag onto the new volume and you can post at the same time. That is the only way I can keep track of anyone for sure and wht they said. I tried notes too but this is better.

    If you want I will tell you what to do - (easy really) but on another post so I don't clog the porch unless someone else wants to do it.

    Gotta run and finish with dinner and hope to be back after that. Everyone has been so busy around here. I have to I tell you about my curtain fiasco later on. I am ready to scream !!! AAAck !! Please forgive all the typos I am busy as usual. I thought this would be a quiet day - hah !

    Love to all,

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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey! I've been posting for 6 hours. Well, it's intermittent,
    not continuously.

    Gordon has put aside the idea of baking a cake. He is now involved w/ corned beef. He doesn't put anything unusual in the meatloaf, Bevy. We had meatloaf at a friend's house in Hollywood; he put mushroom soup in it. I liked it; Gordon didn't so he's never fixed it that way.

    Anybody like Rita Coolidge? Our friend was her manager.

    We went to the market earlier and got a big bag of cat food. Some of the neighbors are complaining about the cats hanging around. So I quit feeding them. (The cats; not the neighbors.) Then Gordon took over.

    Poor Squeaker is so stupid she can't keep her mouth shut. Does everything she can to attract attention and annoy the neighbors.

    Too bad they aren't all as lady-like as Mama. She is a big ball of fluff and quiet as a cotton ball.

    Do you like Mexican cuisine, Granni? I remember the Mexican restaurants in the Twin Cities. This was over 50 years ago. There was one in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul. Delicious food. I never hear of a margarita tho, until I moved to Calif.

    Annie, that is amazing about Danny. Oh, I'd better end this before it disappears. You got it, Marta; middle finger.

    Hugs to all
    (I do not anticipate any further parts to this post.)


    I have carefully explained all this to her, but she doesn't seem to catch on.

    Why do you have to get up at 4:15, Julie. Is that when the sun comes up? Do people go to bed when it gets dark?

    Oops. The computer has outfoxed me again and disinorchestrated my post. Oh well, I guess the computer also has to find its fun where it can.
  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    when you sleep in late,lol.

    I just wanted to pop back in see what everyone is up to today.

    Julie the cookies were to die for and mini-marshallows are always allowed. Glad things went well today. You are the one that amazes me of all the things you do.

    You see, all I have is me and the girls, so if I spend a half a day in the mud, then I spend the rest of it in the tub then the bed it doesn't matter.You have so many others to care for, I admire you for all you do.

    Bev-a black walnut and coconut pound cake??? That sounds good, you have to make one for us,hehe. I never bake, I have lived alone since 1994, except the 3 years I cared for my mom-who is diabetic, so the most I do is a snack batch of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies.

    I use to make a mean batch of butterscotch brownies but haven't made them in years.

    Who is that in your profile pic- I haven;t been able to retain all the info about each new person lately, but he/she is a adorable mug with the tongue stuck out :)and pick satin pillows. Too cute.

    Rock I am sorry about Gordon's finger, did he get to close to the electric stapler? Or a mad customer who got turned down for his $500,000 one bed room townhouse. I am always amazed about the price of real estate in Ca. I watch a lot of Flip That HOuse, My First House, ect. All I need to do is haul my house on a flat bed trailer and I would be a millionaire, but I think that might be a little too recalcitrant to go over the Rockies.

    Sweetie- are you ok down there? I heard about the tornado in downtown Atlanta. It really is good to see you here more often. You have been threw so much you deserve to be able to just sit back and enjoy each day as best one can.

    Annie- that is great about the church, Danny and the piano. That is odd how Danny had different talents as different ages. I thought you had said he painted. My 12 yo grandson has always been a builder. As a toddler he would build the most incredible things with leggos and such. He still loves to build things, maybe he will be a archetic one day. I hope Danny loves his new piano.

    Marta I figured you were at the shelter today. Any news on William?

    Granni- oh no not another curtain fiasco!! You have the worst luck when it comes to curtains. What did you cook for dinner today?

    Twy is doing better today and I even got a wag out of her tail. After we all came back in the house and I had cleaned all 8 paws, I took them off the leash and went to wash the rag out and tidied up the kitchen then heard that familar noise from the bedroom.

    Yep there was Missy and Twy getting ready to play wrestle mania. So she is starting to feel better but the Dr said all is takes is one wrong move to injure it any more.

    It is not easy to keep an eye on them all day, so I have started shutting my bedroom door, that is their favorite play spot, my bed.

    Poor Missy wants to play so bad so I have been playing fetch in the house, then Twy gets that sad look like "why can't I play" so I give her more hugs.

    YC1-My trick to posting is I open wordpad so I can type it and still read the post. Then I copy and paste it, that why no posts lost in space, unless I forget to do it and just reply.

    Think I shall sit in the tub for awhile, spent some time on the ditch today and my right elbow is feeling like tendonitist is trying to sneak in on me. Hello to everyone else not mentioned and hope your having a good day-Carla

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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thought I was going to have a quiet day after church, Well, we had some leftovers for lunch and I put on some corned beef and cabbage with potatoes, carrots and onions for dinner and thought if DH would help me put up the curtains I bought sometime ago in the master bedroom I would do so.

    Carla -Yes, another mini curtain fiasco but still frustrating. First of all the people that built this house originally and put up the lovrey cornice above and over the curtain rods obviously did not do any of it them selves. Just changing the curtains is a major feet. It is like 4 windows all together with some wall in between each two, enought for about 6-8 panels. I have to wait and see if I need to get more. However, if I finally get them up it will be a feet to put any more up. Could not even remove the cornice.

    Of course the stupid cornice was attached to the wall. DH had a great idea which did not work and so tomorrow, after I finish ironing the other 3 panels he is going to take down the rods, which I had suggested to him earlier. Just have to loosen up the other side of the rod as well as unhooking the rod from the brace whih I mentioned for him to do originally.

    He thought it would be to much of a big deal. Well, everything else we tried didn't work. I already ironed 3 panels and will do the other 3 tomorrow and hopefully we can get them up. I was hoping to at least get half of them up (he had undone one side of the rod but had trouble with the other one. ) So tomorrow will be interesting. Did I mention BTW, that DH is not that patient and is not that great for putting things together, etc????

    He is a very smart guy when it comes to dealing with numbers, money, econmics, and lots of other all that stuff.
    However, he is not one for putting things together. If the stupid curtain rod hadn't been so high up and taken up so much space I would have just done it all myself. In between, he was also trying to watch some ball games. Need I say more. BTW, YEA ROCKETS !!!!

    Oh, in between I of course had to vacuum and clean the area behind my desk where part of the curtains were. I had to really clean those blinds. I made him help me do some of it. It was horrible, the worse part. I hate cleaning blinds esp when they are bad like I let them get. However, it is also such a project. After all this they had better fit !!! You can tell they had them done professionally and put the curtains , cornice of coursen rod and all.

    If it were me I would have just put up individual curtains or put two of them together instead of 4. You can't even get to the rods with the cornice there. It is just the right colors or I would have told Dh to remove it. I would have thought that it would be easy to remove but it is not.

    Sorry for my rant. I hope they finally get up there tomorrow. They have been sitting under my desk for so long just waiting. I knew it was going to be a project and I was right !! UGHH - where were you Carla when I needed youto help me. You probably would have had it all figured ou what to do and got it done lickety split (-: !! If they do not get up there by tomorrrow I will be calling you - OK ?? Did it sound like fun??

    Gee this porch got busy all of a sudden. Now to try and remember who said what. I did connect to the new volume this time but it is not the same way you told Candy. Anyway whatever works is good.

    Elaine - you are so busy with your e-bay stuff. Hope it works for you. That was kind of weird someone else using your logo/template or whatever you call it or whatever you call it. Glad to hear that Twy ks doing better and can almost wag her tail. Poor little thing.

    Julie - Hey do you have any of thoses cookie left??? MMM sounds good. What time did you say you got up and were baking? Gee, you are like wonder woman or maybe you couldnt sleep or that is your normal routine? Not sure. Sorry I have been doing to much scimming of porch post and not sure how much is getting assimillated. Yes, my dear I think you do need a nap with those hours (-: !! Oh yes, I am also NOT and never been a morning person ! either !!

    Rock - Oh yes we love Mexican food although alot or most of it here is probaboay Tex-Mex, a combo of both but we love it anyway. Sorry to hear aboaut Rocks finger. it doesn't sound like it had kept him from cooking any. Gee, I could use a good chef around here. I do all the cooking and always have the occasional steaks on the grill If I didn't cook we would all starve to death (-: !!

    Marta - Glad to see you hear again. Hope all is well with you and THE FC. Glad she is behaving a little better for you and letting you sleep (sometimes).

    Bevy - glad to hear things are going well with you. I trust DH is feeling better after his surgery. You can bake for us anytime. How about some warmchoc chip cookies tomorrow straight from the oven OR does Julie want to do that ???

    Annie - Hi there. I was so happy to hear that all of your family is doing well after so much time. I was really thriled to hear about Danny and his new found skills on the piano. That is fantastic. I have a friend of mine who has two special ed children, one with Downs and another autistic but he is SO smart. I believe he will go in a special program nedt year where he can do college work. I forget his age, - young teenager I think. I wish one of my grandsons who are special ed would show some signs of some great skill. The youngest is 3 1/2 or so and was dxed with slight to moderate autism. So much going on in the home of the other child, the parents divorced and he was really not giventhe right help or dx early enough (PPD - nos).

    Mrdad - where are you hiding? Checking out the gals in the bee kee nees again . Is it warm enough yet. Our weather has been crazy ,earming up but a bit chilly and windy today. Back to my turtleneck shirts again.

    Sweetie - Hi there hon. Glad to see you back again . Hope you are not feeling to badly today. Great advise as always.

    Mickey - what have you been up to lately?

    Candy - If you can't figure out how Carla told you to hook onto the new volume as you post let me know and I'll tell you my way. Just as long as one of them works (-: Hope all is well with you and the family. Just keep smiling and try not to worry so sweetie. That is all there is to it.

    Remember that old tune or whatever you call it - DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY !! Oh, I know sometimes it is not that easy but that is why we have the porch - you can come on here and get happy almost right away most of the time (unless someone is venting) (-: !!

    Like someone else mentioned. Sometimes I can come here and that is the only place I get the chance to visit for the day, or whenever I get on.

    Bye for now. Sorry about this book. It seems like I haven't been writing that many notes to people lately so I thought I should work at it tonight (-: !!

    Blessings and hugs to all inc those peeking thru those bushes again !


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  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yea Granni! Cool and windy here today! I could see across the Bay for 50+ miles it was that clear in the City today.
    'Posta 2-B very cool tonight all around the B.A. Ya know, I'm
    like your Hubby and worse if I pull out the Instruction Bklet
    and found that they wrote the darn thing in English!! Whatever, happened to the ones they got us use to, Chinese,
    Japanese, Spanish and French.("Genni-sey-paa") FR. for "I do
    not know" Very useful in my H.S. French Class!!

    CK, I'm glad Twy seems to be doing so much better! Poor Puppy!
    Poor Mommy!

    Julie: I may consider a volunteer Mission just to get the morning breakfast! The "troops" get well fed in the Field!
    Even the Army of the Lord fights on it's belly! Hello to sweet 'Lil Keira.

    Rock, I'm gonna try that simple frosting recipe for the
    Orange Pound Cake. Hope the Gordon is doing ok with that
    boo-boo finger he has! Tell him I said, "hello".

    1Sweetie, It's so GREAT to have you and Annie back in your
    chairs with us! Hope that the horrible "mold issues" etc
    have been resolved by now and that the tornadoes are far
    out of reach from you!

    Annie, St. Pat's parade was here on yesterday! It's always
    cold and/or raining for the Parade. It came close to that
    yesterday. 'Posta be the 2nd biggest parade only to N.Y.
    City! (There were "hundreds there" yesterday) according to
    the news reports. It use to be ten's of Thousands some decades ago. Most of the Irish fled to the suburbs years
    ago! (My 'Lil Guys made me a green rock 3 years ago for good
    luck) on St. Pat's Day! I still carry it with me and present
    it to them often. "See boys, the luck it brings. I got to
    see YOU today"! They just laugh and think it's great.

    Hey Bev! How are things in Texas! Maybe someday, you and
    Granni will have the opportunity to visit. Has it cooled
    a bit down there? Hope so for comfort sake.

    Well kids. Got slowed down yesterday (March 15th), by a little incident in the Senate! But luckily, I missed the
    point! "Et te Brute"? or was it "No No Nanette" (??)


  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    you are all making me so darn appetite has been nearly existent lately...nerves. men etc.

    i got my math homework done...i have to focus on me for some time now. this math stuff is hard when you are mentally challenged w/depression and anxiety.

    annie nice to hear things are going well.

    marta, ck, lydia, bevy, rock, and georgial oh of got grannie mom. sorry if i forgot anyone elses name...i seriously have not been eating since wednesday that marc guy got me bent out of shape....

    he basically said something i thought was rude in front of me. and he did not get it or was playing me....but he asked a chef from another restuarant if he needed to make reservations if he brought a girl we played the texted message stuff and he finally apologized said he was making a general statement...mind you i just spent three nights at his house....he has called to take me out for dinner since the beginning of oct.2007.. he has invited to super bowl party and friends place...but basically it is when he sees me at local irish restuarant...he will call me to come over and watch t.v. play chess etc. but he made it clear to me he is not looking for a serious relationship with anyone at the moment....cause of him moving etc. movie thing , work school.....blah blah blah...

    well i need to get my butt in bed for school at 9 am....

    just wanted to let you all know i am alive. and i have some serious pondering that has been going on in my mind....

    casual relationship w/him and i still go date others and i guess he can do the same...i don't know if i really want a boyfriend...but i do enjoy his mind and company...but he just seems to make plans w/his friends but not me...

    well gonna go now.

  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    May the luck of the Irish be you today.

    I just wanted to stop by on my way out. Have to go see the vampire and give another pint of blood this morning then to see mom.

    It seems her phone is not working, so I will take her one of mine to see before I buy her a new one. It could be the jack or the cord. She has one of BIG BUTTON phones and those are hard to find but she can't see the smaller buttons.

    Julie -I don't see how you so do it, getting up that early and do all that cooking. I feel if it is gods work, he will provide you with what you need to do it.

    Granni I hope you get your curtains up but call me if you need to and I'll get JT to fly me down to teach that hubby a trick or two.

    Georgia I will go read your writting as well,good luck on the bread making.

    Rock I hope Gordon is doing ok- is he going to go around the the office showing everyone his boo boo with the "salute"? How many times has he banged it already?

    LInda what are you up to today?

    Marta hope you are recovering from the shelter today

    Mrdad is it going to be warm enough to go to the park>

    Jodie sometimes it is best to leave things alone and not force them, sounds like Marc may not be the one for you. You deserve better, work on your school work and focus your energy there. The more you push something or someone the farther you push them away.

    Elaine glad you straighten that seller out, the nerve of some people. Hope you hear something from your resumes.

    I will be gone all day with appt and errands. Twy is improving everyday, tail is getting higher. Still dealing with Missy's foot but she is on abx so she should be fine.

    Hello to all I miseed-hope everyone has a great St Patty's Day and wears their green-Carla
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is going to out and play golf this morning but it is so cloudy and dark out. Not sure if it is supposed to rain or not. I really need to be upstairs ironig the other three urtain panels. Ugh I am not looking forfrwards to doing te cutrains but it is annoying to see things half done or not at all. Now I guess I am somost hafl done or so. (even if I really do NOT hae the enrgy to do so). If he comes back early he I will have to be ready to help with those curtains. The stupoid rod is so long it taes two people to control is and it is high up also. GROAN !!!

    Jodie - Yes, I do agree with CK and Elaine. I think it might be a very good thing for you to make at least a little bit of space between you , at least until he might change his ways. However, somehow I don't see him doing that any time soon. The way I see it, you are being too accessible to him and he does what he wants when HE wants to. I think you deserve ALOT better than that !!

    Yes, continue all that school work and I to envy you for what you are doing in respect to your school work. I could not really try and study anything now !! I can't concetrate with a toot anywore. Also go ahead and date plenty of others if you have the time. I would think with all you have going it would be hard to concentrate esp with some of the "drama" or whatever you want to call it. Sounds like he is thinking all abaout himself most of the time. Sorry !!

    Maybe he would get the message if you weren't there for him all the time.

    Said hi to almost all yesterday (last night) so I won't try and do so again. DH just came back and gave up on golf. So I need to go and start ironing curtains.

    Georgic - Guess you are buslly making banana bread this morning. MMMM, sounds great a for breakfast !! Not much of a baker but used to make choc chip cookies when the kids were little.

    Candy -- I will try and check the porch again today . Hope you get to take some time out to be with us . Hope all is well sweetie.

    Bye for now. Blessings and hugs,

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  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ,,come into the parlor, there's a welcome on the mat

    Happy Green Day guys-just popping in with a quick shamrock, a jug of guiness and a wee leprechaun

    Thanks for the paint job on the chair-Mr Dad, I noticed my new cushion has been replaced yet again with another ratty one-can you keep an eye on Guido please!!!

    Today, I put a green one there and tied it on! Plus enjoy the batch of soda bread I just left next to that big pot someone brought that smells so good.

    Knock Knock

    Who's there?

    Irish Stew

    Irish Stew who?

    Irish stew in the name of the law (I arrest you in the name of the law)

    Love Annie
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  17. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ..oh I forgot to say that at church yesterday a man announced that our local dog rescue (no kill) managed to adopt 390 dogs in their dogathon this weekend-isn't that great?

    Thanks to those here who work at shelters. Hugs from all the furry people.

    Love Annie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH just took off again to try and get some golf in again (9holes0. I finally finished the ironing of th curtains. I think DH ia trying to forget about the curtains but I hope to catch him afer he gets back (-: !!

    CK - how could you miss me? I was on here a couple of times already (-: !!

    Jodie - Elaine just mentioned what I was thinking and didn't have the nerve to say. If you are going to be friends that does NOT include physical contact. Forgive me if I am wrong but I did get the impression that more was, or has been involved.

    Please remember you are better than that and you should not be treated that way. He sounds like he is out for himself. Sorry kiddo. There come the red flags again !!

    Linda - sorry I keep forgetting for some reason to say hi to you on the porch. Not connected to this volume now. So I have to wing it. Was at the porch before so I should have almost mentioned everyone - I thing (-: !!! Hope your neck is doing a little better or at least not so painful. Mine hurts all the time to but ot the sae as You I don't think. Mine is arthritis as well as fM.

    Annie - How wonderful the local shelter managed to adopt so many doggies. That is fantastic !! You also really lucky that you got or will be getting that piano from the church for Danny. What a break !!

    Gotta start working on those dumb curtains again and get them on the rod. DH at least took them off the rod. Getting them up again will be something else I think !!. If yuou hear any screaming in an hour or two something else wrong with trying to hang them.

    I won't be here tonight as I have chorale practice . May check again later depending on those curtains !!!!!

    Blessings and hugs to EVERYBODY,


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  19. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    Happy St. Paddys Day.

    Well I now know why it is called pound cake. The cake that I made yesterday weighs at least 6 or 7 pounds, I am not kidding. I could barley manage to flip it out of the pan. I guess with a pound of walnuts, and a pound of coconut and all of the other stuff makes sense. I am sure it will also put quite a few pounds around the waist as well.
    I gave half of it to my mil, and before I got home, she was on the phone with dh singing the praises of the cake and me. I think I have the best mil in the world!!!!

    Granni, I washed and re-hung all of the curtains in the house 2 weeks ago, what a pain. (literally) It looks like it is time for us to batton down the hatches again. It looks like the really bad weather may stay to the North of us, but that makes me worry about my daughter up in Dallas.

    Elaine, I snuck in on your post to Kjade, and I hope the new guy is working out for you, everybody deserves to be treated well.

    Jodie, hang in there school, and dating and all that stuff is never easy. I hear it from my daughter all of the time. Be patient. Good things will come to you.

    Georgia, hope Mr. M feels better soon, maybe he just needs more banana bread...lolol

    Annie, wow almost 400 dogs, San Antonio will be a no kill city by sometime next year. I foster animals when they call me. I had a little kitten last year that nearly broke my heart to give up....she was only a week old when I got her, it was like having a baby again, we had to feed her every 2 hours, and rub a papertowel on her behind to make her go potty. We gave her back when she was 4 mos. old, I admit I cried when I gave her back. I have a cat and dog and am looking after my sisters cat and daughter, while she is deployed. My dog is my pic in my profile.

    Mr. Dad. I lived in Ca for 15 years and never made it to S.F. I will make it there one day.

    Rock, I hope Gordons flipper is doing better today.

    Hi to all I missed,

    Pinch to all that aren't wearing green,

  20. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Hope everyone is having a good day. The Porch looks lovely with all the decorations. Every thing is green...the rockers, the blankets, the hot tub, and even my favorite swing. There are shamrocks everywhere. Even Missy, Jack, Rocky, Twy, Sophie, Rocky's cats and Georgia's goats are GREEN. We've over done it this time methinks. Can't imagine what Georgia is going to do with all the green wool!

    There is plenty of ale for everyone but there is no food. I'm sure it will arrive before the festivities begin.

    MrDad... The mold is gone and the remediation for payment of damages is over but we have not been compensated yet. The whole event has been quite an ordeal. After the remediation, we lost over $4,000 in actual cost incurred and have yet to pay the attorney bill which is not going to be cheap. In N.C. you cannot include the attorney bill in your cost for cases like ours. This entire event has been a nightmare for us. Will be glad when this case is closed!

    I will try to get back to The Porch later. There are others that I wanted to reply too but I've had so many phone calls that I'm going to lose what I have posted if I do not send it soon.