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    Going to make it fast-don't blink
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    Please go back and read 214 for the early bird entries

    Candy don't get a speeding ticket and put that seat belt on!! The cops love to catch you on that one.

    Linda-enjoy your day at home alone and take a long nap iffin you want or need to

    Sweetie- I am sorry to hear about your son- how is he doing. I hope all this has not put you back in a flair

    Julie- wow is all I can say, I don't know how you do it all, so many other people to take care. I do well to take care of me and the girls. I do hope you get a break before Belize

    Micky-glad to to see you back, hope you get your computer fixed so you can visit on the weekends.

    Annie- If you makes you feel better, I bet I gained 5 pounds this week, when I am in a flair I crave carbs and breads, then found a cereal called Cookie Crisp so have been eating it dry as a snack, really need to leave the box alone!!! Hang in there, are you doing any walking? How is the piano thing coming

    Elaine- did ya get all your chores done? I thought about you Fri-The shop I work at has a lot people come in to sell stuff to us, the owner does buy stuff sometimes.

    This girl came in with a 5 peice Longerberger basket set, new still in the box and the box said 2000 Special Edition and something else now can't remember. She wanted $120 for the set. I called my boss and she wasn't interested without looking it. But I thought "Where is Elaine"-I know you would have taken it in a minute. It had two shallow rectanglar baskets with handles and smaller ones that matched. I admit I don't know a thing about them, but the price was good. The young girl just needed money to pay bills. We have a lot of those in this town.

    Monica- can you please come over and tell me what to do with with the mess I have left after the ditch guy was here. I will post a pic later. I do not enjoy gardening and can not afford it either, so I don't know what to do but it is ugly right now.

    Mrdad-where are you? Baking more cakes I hope. Glad the ferritn was down.

    Rock you amaze me of how much you read so many books, I rarely can keep up with the porch these days.

    Joan- I am sorry you are having such a hard time, I pray things improve soon. It has been a hard road for you lately.

    Georgia- you popped in while I was finishing up. Glad you got your garden started. As you will read in my Landscaping post, I don't do gardens, but hope you are blessed with many goodies for you and Mr M. Now get busy making that banana bread :)

    Well the ditch is dug, I have a new driveway which is great- BUT there is a large area between the driveway and the hill, esp in the front yard that is nothing but red clay, no grass, no nothing. It rained hard Sat night and the ground there was already saturated so he really couldn't do much about it and grading it. The dozer would get big hunks of mud and clay in it's tracks so he had to leave.

    He really is a nice guy and will come back when things dry out, the back yard is far worse but I am not worried about it now, it is over behind the hill and I don't use that part or even cut it in the summer, gives it that "forest" look,lol. Now it it 2 ft ruts.

    But I will have to tarp the front yard again until I figure out what to do. I did do research on growing grass in clay and it was not good. There is no way I am going do it on my own, it would take me until fall!

    I had no idea there were so many types of grass, it said to use manure, I don't think so. I have done many things but lugging bags of manure, seed, and an assorted mix of other fertilizers is not going to be one of them.

    I will look into hard scape first. Larry had a very nice young man that doesn't live far from me and he gave me his phone number and said to call him anytime and he will help me cut grass, weedeat, and other chores I need help with for FREE. I said no to the free but will call him when I need help. Larry said he comes from a really good family and is the real deal. Hard working.

    Well I have to go to Wally's for food and meds, I am out of both. I should have went yesterday but my legs were killing me from the walk I took sat, felt like I had been run over but a truck. By the time Larry left I was wiped out and was too tired to even get in the tub, now that is tired. So now have to shower and get my but out of here.

    I know I missed a few so hello to all I did not mention, I agree with Linda-rain rain go down Sweeties way. Have a great day..if you can :) otherwise just stay in bed, I vote for that- Carla

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    Not sure when and if you mght be on here to check but did want to tell you that I leftt a message for you on the worship board. So sorry to hear about your grandson.

    I believe he needs some treatment and threapy right away, possibly meds. Sounds like he has depression going on and needs help right away if he has lost 25 lbs and won't eat or anything after his girl friend left him. Please talk to his parents right away.

    Of course they and you all have a good reason to be worried about him. I think he needs help righta way. I know no one wants to admit depression but it surely sounds like it. You al must be so afraid for him. Check my message on the worship board hon.

    Also so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Yes it doesn't take much for us to get worse off that we are in the first place. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family inc your DGS at this time.

    Hi to all again. I really didn't read what all was posted very well as I wanted to get this of to Jaon in cse she might come by again. Go to the worshop board and read her pleas for prayers for her grandson.

    My brain is not with it either. Just wanted to check in this morning and how all was going before DH comes back and we have to d do something or another (-: !! It was raining some last night and so it is wet outthere so I don't think painting will be done today.

    Carla - Thanks for starting us up again. My you are busy lady. Hope TWY has recovered from her accident by now( and you too).

    Candy - Hope your doc visits all go well and helps you with your latest flare. Yeah, don't you start to feel better before you have to go to the doc(-: !! Don't go to fast and hope that you make both of your appointments on time. One Half an hour between visits is not much even if they are in thes same building, I know !! Drive safely - ZOOOOMMM!!Don't do that , K?

    Georgia - Hi there. I have lots of nanas that DH bought from Sams. They give you so many in a pkg. Even if you buy them green they all get over ripe at the same time and then no goo. If yu lived closer I aouls send you some very ripe bananas. Hope all is weil with you amd Mr.M.

    Jodie - How is school coming. I hope you are feeeling a little better than the other day. Oh, I thik it was your Spring Break and you were getting to go back today (I think) !!! Or was it last monday. Stay cool sweetie just try and c oncentrate on your studies if you can.

    Love n Hugs to everyone.,


    Hi to all inc Marta, Mrdad, Rock, Elaine, Lacey, 1Sweetie and everyone else I cannot think of at this moment.

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    Wow Carla, that seems like a lot or work that is going to take a long time to get all done. I feel for you. I remember when we built our house about 8 years ago and it was all mud everywhere. What a mess. Then we put sod down in the front and back yards and then 5 years later, we tore up all the sod in the backyard to put a inground pool in. That was a waste of money for the sod.

    However, we had to put a pool in, my daughter Lindsay (younger one 15), was diagnosed with advanced Scoliosis when she was about 11, her curves were 36 top 42 bottom and we had no idea. I took her in to the doctors office for a cold and when we were leaving he asked Lindsay if she was having any other problems. Well she said her back hurt, and that was how we found out. I fealt horrible for not catching it sooner. She wore a brace 24/7 for 3 years. Her curves are 48 top and 48 bottom now and will probably have to have surgery in a couple of years. We shall see

    Anyway, that was why we put the pool in so she could swim as much as she wanted to and not have to wear the brace. That was the only time she could have it off (showers, softball games). She how doesn't have to wear the brace anymore as she has pretty much stopped growing, the doctor said, and the brace will not help anymore. She still likes wearing it to bed though. It makes her back feel better.

    Well that is a long story about Lindsay. I have some scoliosis too. I think that is why I have this DD along with my fall down the stairs. Who knows????

    Talk at you all later gals and guys.
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    Ya done good! The new volumes come up so quickly as of late.
    It's nice that so many of us know how to switch over when need be.

    It's been Sunny but cool here the past few days. Spent a few
    hours at the Hospital for my "blood letting" yesterday and
    came home to sleep in my recliner most of the day and evening!
    Couldn't seem to stay awake! Have an appt. with my CNP tonight
    and hope She has some better word on my Lyme protocol. Gonna
    try to have Her find me a specialist at UCSF (if there is one)
    Ya know what I'm sayin? Oh boy.

    Sounds as if everyone is busy as usual,especially the weekends it seems. Have some research to do and an outline for my
    appt. tonight with the CNP. Trying to avoid the napping all
    day syndrome if I can! A big hello to awl, hope your week is
    starting off well!

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    MRDAD, I am so sorry that you are feeling lousy, I hope you get better and that your appt tonight does help and she is able to refer you to someone that can help you. Just get some rest because we want are old MRDAD back.

    Elaine - You are right about those longberger (sp?) baskets, I know many people who would pay a mint for those. I wouldn't, but I do know some people that would. Also, you are right about tuckering yourself out throughout the day, if I am running around all day and when i walk my dog 2 miles after work I sleep like a log at night. When I don't I can't sleep at all, like last night, I kept waking up. Not enough exercise throughout the day yesterday.

    Granni - I always get stuck painting the posts on the deck too. Actually i don't mind thought, I get a little tan whle doing it and can jump in the pool if i get too hot. I paint the spindels white and the rest of the deck is cedar looking.

    Well just got done with lunch so it is back to work for me. Talk to all you porchies later. Mickey
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    Hi is warmer, rainy and dreary...I like the warm!!!! Had therapy this morning and I really like the therapist...he validates my pain and gives me exercises and stretches to try to decrease it as well as strengthen the muscles...I can't believe how tiring it is

    Mickey - We do miss you on the back problems originate from having scoliosis diagnosed at age 4...wore a brace for years and did curves were more the time, I had the only surgery that was available and the vertebre above the instumentation and below have deteriorated, herniated and the like....the treatment they have now, 40years later, is so much better...back then, we were the guinie pigs for future generations!!!

    Joe - I sure hope you can find a have not been yourself lately...there must be something out there for you...I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers....By the way, OJ instead of sure are living on the edge!!!!! I am sure it was tasty...

    S-Elaine - sorry about the cold sore...I think the blue remedy you were referring to is called gentian violet...we used to paint it in the mouths of babys that had a yeast infection (thrush) worked great, but was very messey and suggestion is to stop wearing pants and no one will even look at your mouth!!!

    Annie - the siesta rule sounds good....I too am trying to lose weight, esp. since my surgery, I realise that the several bags of chocholate eggs over easter didn't help, but it is not coming off at all...there is this new show called "I can help you lose weight"...this british gentleman gives you tips on how to eat what you like, but just eat less of makes good of the ways he tells you to get rid of your cravings is to systematically tap on pressior points and count to 5....I tried...I need to do more than tap and count....I need my jaw wired!!!! By the way, my girlfriend has a dog that looks just like Winn Dixie...

    Julie - sorry you've had such a hard time lately...your body needs rest...congrats to Den on retirement...I hope in Belize you are feeling better and your work will do wonders for your body and soul...

    Candy - sounds like you will have a rollercoaster of a day!

    Carla - Larry the ditch guy sounds like a wonderful neighbor...I know you don't want him to work for free, but occasionally, letting him do it without paying him, may be good for his soul...there are people who want to help and doing just that can be payment enough....

    Joan - I will read the worship board and offer prayers

    1 Sweetie - I hope you have some answers regarding your son...I can imagine how frightening that must have been...he is in my prayers...I agree, the porch is a wonderful place....

    Have to pick up D#2 from school....Later gang, Kylob

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    Wow, so are you telling me you have the metal rods in your back. They still do that but, you are right, they infuse it now and the surgery is much better than back then and the down time is only a few months instead of a lot longer. You poor thing. Did you have to wear the brace most of your teenage years too.

    Hers was just a vest like brace that velcroed across the front to make it tight, she was 1 vertabrae away from having the brace that goes to the neck. She lucked out there. I remember when she first got it she cried and cried and didn't want to wear it. She could only wear sweatpants and tshirts to school, so it was hard. But she made it and still likes to wear it even though she doesn't have too.

    I tried everything to help her. I took her to Shriners and an Orthopedic Doctor every appointment, just so I could get 2 opinions each time. I have to tell you Shriners was the best. I even took her to a chiropractor for about a year. That was pretty gruesome, but I think it might of helped.

    It is rainy dreary and warm here too. Tornado weather, but at least it is warm and my poor body doesn't ache like usual when it is cold.

    Candy, you don't have to thank us thats what we are all here for, to help each other, so thank you too for all the kind things you say and your advice. You are so sweet.

    Take care Porchies and have a good rest of the day.

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    Good job with the light, Carla. I see you swept the floor too and dusted off the chairs. I think you'll be happiest with a kind of hardscape in your ditch and it will be less troublesome than any grass.

    Georgia, I love gardens of all kinds. I used to always have a vegetable garden until I got sick. Have you ever planted in a circle with the center plants climbing up a pole? I did that once and was amazed at all I could get in a small space.

    Candy, it's always nice to have fewer appointments and that way you don't have to hurry so much.

    Granni, thanks for telling us about Joan and her grandson. That poor woman is getting it in spades lately (no reference to the garden.)

    Mickey, my son has a slight scoliosis that the doctor said was caused by growing too fast. I've often wondered if that was true....

    JoeDad, maybe you need to go to bed and do that sleeping if you can. I find that every now and then I just SLEEEEEP a lot. I feel better when it's all done.

    Elaine, you sure saved the day for your mom with her hair. Good job!

    Kylob, I'm glad therapy works for you and that you feel better afterward. I do some simple stretches, a bit of yoga, then some easy things on my Pilates bench. LOVE that thing. I can exercise lying down!

    Of course, I didn't go back and read the old volume yet so I'll just say hello to all who wrote there. Including Rock, Linda, Sweetie, Jinlee, Bevy, Julie and Jody.

    Does anyone remember the lady on TV who had a children's program in which she used her magic looking glass to say hello to many children. "I see Joe and Granni and Elaine and Candy....." This reminds me of her.

    Hugs alllllll around,
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    Marta, wasn't it Romper Room? You made me smile.

    Hello to all, too tired to say any more.

  11. rockgor

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    Jack Benny used to say, "Jello, Folks". that's cause his sponsor was Jello. What if his sponsor had been...never mind.

    Elaine, you promised not to tell!

    What do you mean you had a refreshing sleep? Boy, are you lucky! People w/ CFS seldom have refreshing sleeps. Today I slept till 5PM and woke up feeling groggy. Am going to go lie down again pretty soon.

    Kylob, I think gentian violet was what the farmers put on wounded horses when I was a kid. It was a startling violet color.

    Who said something about Cadbury eggs? My brain is extra foggy today. I am having one now, but it is really not a good idea when one is typing.

    I wonder if the verb "keyboarding" will replace typing now that the typewriter has taken its place alongside the slide rule and the phonograph.

    The reason I have so much time to read, Carla, is that I let the landlord do the landscaping. Had no idea batteries for a golf cart cost so much. I ever tell you guys the story of Glen Campbell's golf cart?

    Linda, you brother sounds like my kinda guy (or vice versa). A real wit!

    Didn't know it was a holiday, Georgia. Looked up Cesar Chavez. Yup, that was it.


  12. ckball

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    been gone all day, and feel it.

    Medium is on and I am off-

    Will catch up in the morning-Nity-nite-Carla
  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ......There are a lot of tired folks here. I see people snuggled down in their bankies and chairs everywhere I look. Good thing I brought this Kona Hawaiian coffee and some bagels. Doesn't it smell good? Oh, and here's some whipped cream cheese.

    I won't answer everyone but I did read all the posts. So hello to Linda, Carla and Elaine who posted here so far.

    Bevy, yes!!! Romper Room was the show. Thanks for being my memory. lol "Hello to Joe and to Kylob and Candy. I see Mickey, Granni, Annie and Sweetie. There's Jodie and Jinlee and Julie and Monica, too......."

    Georgia (and Rock -), about that round garden, I went hunting through my books and found my original sketch and info from 1979! Who, me? A pack rat???

    It's called a Ring Garden and I'd forgotten that it has a compost pile in the center surrounded by five fence posts (the metal kind) all contained by wire mesh. Rock, it was developed by the Ringer Corporation of Eden Prairie, MN! That was back when they wrote MN as Minn. It came from a Family Circle magazine.

    I see I planted marigolds, early radishes, bibb lettuce, sweet peppers, herbs of all kinds, plus tomatoes, pole beans, 3 squash plants, winter squash and three zucchini plants. What fun to see this!

    I should post this in Monica's garden thread but if I don't get there, the idea will be here for anyone interested. Monica, as you can tell, I loved gardening too when I could still do it. In fact, I've taken many landscape classes and enjoyed them all. Do it! Could you do it? If your thumb is green, you gotta use it.

    By the way, I have some clippings (I was big on clippings) of Jerry Baker's column in which he's a young man. Wow..... feeling a bit long in the tooth here....

    That's it for me for now. Off to visit Honey at the shelter a bit later and doing a chunk of resting afterward.

    (In honor of my gardening comments, I used the worm icon.)

    Hugs all around to those near and those far,
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    Marta, that was what Lindsay's doctor said too, that she grew too fast and she did. About the time she was diagnosed she must of grown 2 to 3 inches. The doctor said if her spine was straight she would be 3 inches taller than she is now. Wow. She would really be good at Volleyball (she plays for highschool).

    Elaine, I think a slumber party sounds great, however, we cannot let Rock and MrDad play those tricks on us, you know what I mean. Sticking our feet in water to make us go potty, etc....I better stop giving ideas. LOL. I will bring the Van Halen CD's and the popcorn.

    Georgia I think I am finally going to plant tomatoes this year, I have always wanted to do this, when is the best time to plant them?????? It is cold here still and should be getting warmer soon, I hope. My grandpa used to take me down to his garden when I was little and we would pick the tomatoes off the vine and eat them right there with salt and pepper, which he always brought with him.

    Rock, I am the same way and I have no idea how I can work like this, I am in a fog most of the time because I never sleep through the night. I wake up constantly and never feel rested in the morning. Usually I have to take a pain pill and hot, hot shower right when I get up because my whole body feels like it has been twisted and broken.

    Lin - I am sorry about your brother, that is sad to lose a sibling at such a young age, especially when you are so close. My husband lost is brother and best friend at 36 (stomach cancer), it was the hardest thing I have ever been through. It took a long time for my husband to get over the grieving process. He was such a healthy guy. It was really unexpected.

    Carla - I like Medium too, it was part 2 last night and was a really good one. However, the end was sad.

    Well I am pooped already and it is only 8:30 a.m. Hello to Candy, Julie, Granni, and all of my friends on the porch. Have a wonderful, pain free day and I will check in later.

  15. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ...I think my ear lobes definately looked about an ounce thinner today, day seven of my 1,250 cal diet!!! (LOL)

    I give UP!!!

    Was looking forward to a great walk this morning as it is about 57 and it is blowing and raining. Sheesh. I like to try and get in about two miles a day.

    Played a great April Fool's joke on Dan and Danny this am.

    Got up and made "tea" about 5.45am and then said, WOW, we have a baby skunk in the house, what shall I do.

    Dan just froze in bed saying he did not know and Danny quickly closed his door and climbed back under the covers!!! Talk about avoidance! When I yelled April Fools! they were so happy! Danny said "Mom you got me" he was sooooo excited. Then he said "But where is the skunk now mommy?" just typical autism! Even if the skunk was not in the house it had to be somewhere to have figured in the joke!

    Then I just got an email from his teacher who said "Can you come and pick Danny up from school as he has this strange smell emanating from him, decidedly skunky!" Cute HUH?

    Georgia-remember to plant zucchinis, as if you like banana bread I have a great recipe everyone loves for Amish zucchini bread that I also put bananas in. It is a whole meal in itself.

    It is far too cold here to even think about planting. We have also to put a new roof on the patio and screen it all in then build a fence around a portion of the yard there prior to planting. I think we shall stick to pots this year-I actually use those big rope handled toy buckets and 33 gallon storage containers for pots (Drill holes in) as they work great.

    Mrdad, sorry you are feeling so fatigued and hope you feel better soon, you may have been overdoing it or maybe herxing from the doxycycline? (feel worse before you feel better syndrome?)

    Everyone else, I cannot recall the posts now, but all have a great day and may your troubles turn into better things. There were crocusses out here in Upstate NY this weekend, that HAS to be a good sign and robins singing. OH I just read that city birds are having to sing louder and sing at night now because of the traffic noise. Isn't that sad?

    Love Annie
  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Okay Elaine, my name is Mickey, not Monica, LOL, I don't think your fatigue medicine kicked in yet. Yes, I will bring the Van Halen Cd's, they are definetly my favorite.

    I think the pajamas you are trying to describe are camoglauge pajama's, my daughter has tons of those kind of clothes since she is a hunter afterall, so I will wear something like that too.

    Georgia, I am in the midwest, Missouri. I always thought you were supposed to plant them in the heat of the summer, but I am not sure. I am glad your back is doing better. Nothing worse than trying to do thinks and your back is just out of wack.

    Take care porchies and I will chat later.

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Elaine. Here's your chance to wear camouflage while a deadly hunter stalks the premises. I suspect Mickey's daughter is somewhat more deadly than Elmer Fudd.

    Zucchini and bananas? Doesn't sound promising, Annie. Are your husband and son planning to get back at you for your fiendish April Fool joke?

    My mother grew African violets, Georgia. Did I already tell you this? I told somebody recently. Anyway, the point is, what is the point, oh yeah...they were hard to grow back in Minnesota, but they thrived in CA and grew much larger.



  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ya know, we are going thru about a Vol a day! It's 'Posta
    rain a bit but we could use a little more b-4 the Spring
    really sets in.

    Kylob, sounds as if you are doing well! I'm so happy that
    you appear to be on the mend after your operation. Now I
    guess it's your turn to be there for Linda. So nice that you
    good friends are close by.

    Georgia, what restaurant did you have lunch at when in SF?
    There are so many great places and a very basic industry
    here as well! Most people I know work in the Service Industry.

    Annie: Love the April Fool joke ya played on the Danny's.
    I can still smell that skunk. When I lived in the Sierra,
    occasionally a friends dog would encounter one. Never happened with my dog thankfully! Porcupines could be a
    painful problem as well. CNN has been doing some stories
    on Autism and believe they are to be ongoing all week.

    Mickey, if you have a med for fatigue, pass the name on
    to me! From your description, don't see how you are able
    to work a regular schedule?

    Joan: How are you doing today? Do hope things have improved
    there and that Hubby continues to do well.

    Hey to Julie, Rock, Billy Bob, Arnold & Maria, Jodie, Mickey, Bev, Roy & Dale, Rocky, Carla, And all that I've
    missed but are within my very best intentions!


  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I forgot all about the CNN autism shows this week. TX for the reminder.

    Zucchini banana bread (and I used to make these two dozen at a time and then feeze them, they are great)

    4 small loaves

    3 eggs
    2 cups sugar
    1 cup olive oil
    1tsp vanilla
    1 tsp cinnamon'1tsp salt (if desired)
    1 tsp baking soda
    1tsp baking powder
    3 cups flour (can do half and half with wholewheat)
    1 cup raisins
    1 cup chopped nuts
    2 cups zucchini (any colors)grated and drained
    1 cup mashed banana
    (or one cup zucchini and two banana

    Mix everything but last 4 ingredients together then add the last four

    1 hr or so at 350F if you double the recipe, you'll need a little extra flour and don't add more salt and only add 3 cups sugar)

    and for you gardeners

    Carrot marmalade

    1lb carrots
    1 lb plus sugar
    2 lemons

    wash carrots and cook through. Mash and add sugar lemon juice and the grated rind of one lemon only.

    Cook 20 mins stirring.

    If you make both, each loaf spread with the marmalade contains all five servings of fruit, veggies and grains(LOL)

    These taste wonderful. You can also substitue all sorts of different fruits or squashes in the breads.

    For you Brits Zucchini is courgettes.

    I am all set for the slumber party BTW, have my hot water bottle too.

    Love to all Annie
  20. ckball

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    go look for 216 and a sumber party.

    I can not edit/delte this vol for some reason-the option is not there- See ya at the party-Carla