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  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    And I have left hamburgers and chocolate chip muffins for all. I know unusal but that is be, I have never quite been the norm, and rather like it :)

    I'll be back later- eat, drink and be merry-Carla
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, Carla, you did a good job. Don't see anydobbies' heads caught in the transom.

    Eat, Drink and be Merry; Carpe diem! Got in touch w/ an old college roommate recently. He says, "Shar pei Diem". Pick up the dog.

    It is very easy to mix up names, Elaine. Well, it's easy for us guys to mix up anything. Anyhoo, books on how to write say do not use names in a story that start w/ the same letter. Readers often mix up the characters.

    Perhaps the worst example is Catalani's opera La Wally. There are both a Wally and a Walter. And BOTH are sung by sopranos.

    Remember the French movie DIVA that came out a couple decades ago. The big aria in that movie came from La Wally.

    Arturo Toscanini was a friend of the composer. Named his daughter Wally after the opera. Whatever happened to Wally Toscanini, you ask. Oh, the usual. She married a Count, got a divorce cause he was a good-for-nothing no-count, and lived to be 91.

    Well, better go fore I lose this like poor Mr Dad. A post that goes puff is the opposite of a day in Spring. And I hope by this time Spring has really come to the entire country.


  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Enjoyed the history lesson and learning new words.

    I have the worst time remembering user names that are not a name but intials or letters and numbers, just can't do it.

    I have been at it all day today, on the phone, went to town and made arrangements with one of my area nieghbors that owns a farm equipmemt store to come pick my golf cart up and replace the batteries, but can't do it until next week, oh well we are expecting 1-3 maybe 4 inches of rain in the next 3 days. Glad I got the tarps out to cover the mud.

    I ended up washing my car at the car wash because I had to wait for the guy to come back to the shop and the car wash is next to his store. Then came back and put armorall on the bottom of my Jeep, it is plastic and was getting dull so now looks almost new again.

    I can not change or edit my posts, any one else have that problem, I even went to the the AI thread and could not edit the post I made last night. But could edit the ones at the end of 216- am I in the twilight zone????

    I feel like it and my girl wants me to take the laptop off my lap so she can come sit.

    I hope everyone is having a good day, all of you are in my thoughts-Carla
  4. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You guys wouldn't believe everything I did tonight. I got home from work about 5:30, did all the dishes, cooked barbeque sloppy joes and baked french fries and had green beans for dinner. Did 2 loads of laundry. Took Jack for a 2 mile walk in 1/2 hour, cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, did another load of laundry. Whew, that wore me out just thinking about that. Oh, I also got on my hands and knees and wiped down the kitchen floor and vacuumed the upstairs area.

    I think that good night sleep last night did the trick. Right now i am on Ashley's laptop, so i better hurry before she needs it for homework.

    Rock, I love you DB.... post, you are so smart and funny. I wish i could meet you all in person.

    Right now me and hubby are watching my wonderful Cardinals and American Idol back and forth. I love baseball and could watch that all night long. Well I a a softball player so duh.

    Miss you all and have a good night. Talk at you tomorrow [This Message was Edited on 04/02/2008]
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say I am off to bed pdq. Just thought I would check the computer and you guys before I watch the news and fall asleep/ Just took my meds.

    Glad to see you and doing OK Candy was worrying a bit.
    Wanted to mention that I will be working outside painting the railing on that dumb little bridge on the porch with DH tomorrow so I won't be here early for sure. Maybe i the afternoon - my afternoon - whatever that is for everyone else.

    Hi also to Ckball and whoever lese I just passed by . I forgot tot tag onto the volume so now I am playing guessing games. I know I just passed Candy and Carla.

    Carla - PS thanks for the snack it was delisssh !! Hey are we having that Jammie party sometime this week?? I may have to go out and get some in style jazzy ones for the occasion. Sorry I do not have nay camoflauge ones Mickey (-: !

    Bye for now and hope to see y'all tomorrow afternoon sometime.

    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    OK thanks for the muffin-delish but what about my diet?

    Oh heck, I confess I gave up on it. Bought First and they suggest body type eating, so that is what I am doing, just avoiding sugar and eating 5 small snack type meals a day, which I prefer anyway, so the muffib counted as three meals(LOL)

    Love to all, Danny has his big speech at school today, we are waiting for the bus now.

    Love Annie
  7. jole

    jole Member

    Thanks, Carla. That's my breakfast, and Annie, hasn't anyone told you that diets don't work? At least not for me. I swear the less (and healthier) I eat, the more I maybe I'll have another muffin! LOL

    Rock - Loved the good-for-nothing-no-count. You are so funny! You have more knowledge in your little finger than I would ever imagine having! I too enjoy your history lessons...and humor!
    Also, thanks for the pointer on the low-cost meds. Will look into that.

    Mickey - Girl, I need a morning nap just reading about your evening! How do you feel today?????? That's a month's worth of work all at one time.

    Candy - Good to see you! Sailor side, huh? I think I have a little of that in me also, especially when something really upsets adult bullies.

    Granni - How's the painting going? Is it break time yet?

    Julie - Sounds like you will be one busy girl! As much as you've looked forward to going to Belize, I know it will be hard to leave your family behind, especially Keira, since she's with you so much. But with computers...can you use them over there?...phones, etc. it shouldn't be so bad.
    Also, thanks for the concern with my dizziness, and mentioning the Meclizine. Unfortunately, I can't take antihistamines, so it's out. Did use some guai though to dry up any fluid that might have been behind the ears.

    Annie - Thinking of Danny on his big day. Know he will do great! Isn't it amazing the progress that has been made with autistic kids in the past 10 years? I have a friend who worked with autistic kids for the past 30 years, and back then it just broke her heart because there just wasn't much to be done for them.

    My dizziness is doing better. I am now hitting the walls and furniture instead of the floor. So improving.... Am looking forward to the slumber party, if you don't mind my joining in...jammies are my favorite clothes anyway!

    Oh, Carla, by the way, I wish some of your rain could come this way. There are parts of Kansas that is so dry the wheat crop is already gone for this year, and the dirt will be blowing once again. The entire west side of KS is bone dry for about 7 years now. It's amazing to me how once it starts raining in an area it just keeps it up.

    Gee, I go from not being here to being a volume pig!! <Sorry> I had 2 hours of sleep again last night and am loopy now.

    Love ya all!

  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Once again I'm hugging you all together instead of separate hugs or posts.

    Joe, while I was right about no cat room for Honey, you were right about me. I'm headed back to bed for awhile. Hoping for some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

    Linda, thinkin' about you - and all the folks here who're feeling a little creaky.

  9. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    How is everyone this dreary rainy yucky morning. That is how it is here today and that is how i feel today. I think I way over did it yesterday. I couldn't sleep and it was so so hard to get up for work this morning. I was an inch away from calling in and staying home. I should have done that. Oh well, I am here, might as well get it overwith.

    Carla, thank you for the muffins, that helps my appetite this morning and good job getting those tarps out. YOu must have the same weather I do. I didn't have any problems editing or anything so I don't know what was going on with your computer. Hope it is working okay today.

    CAndy - Yes, we must have posted at the same time last night. Good minds think alike, LOL, I think that is the saying????

    Granni - I bet your "dumb" little bridge on the porch is going to look beautiful when you are done with it. Just think once you are done with it, it will be so worth it. LOL That is what I say now, however, I will be doing our railings on our deck when it gets warmer and I will be in the same boat as you saying "i have to go paint that dumb little deck with DH". Hahahaha

    JULIE- I bet you do miss hubby, I don't like it when mine is gone either. YOu are going to be one busy lady over the summer. I am sure Keira will remember her Grandma, that is going to be really hard being away from that baby girl. I guess you will be calling her every day.

    Annie - I don't blame you about that diet, I have never been able to do or stay on a diet. My secret is i eat all day long, honestly, that is what I do. However, it is small meals all day. Like in the morning, I will have either a breakfast bar and banana or apple or cereal. Mid-morning i will have pudding or an apple and crackers, lunchtime usually crackers and ham, yogurt and maybe some chips and so on. It keeps my metabolism up and that way I am never starving where I will just pig out. Good luck today with DAnny's speach. Tell him I said great job when he is done, because i am sure he will do great.

    Jole - Well, i explained up top how i feel today. I don't know why i do that to myself. Oh well, it was worth it, I did get a lot done, so now tonight when i get home from work i can just rest and relax. I would love to give you some of our rain. By the way, (my work) we have a lot of shopping centers in Kansas and Kansas City, MO. YOu probably have seen our signs "Walpert Properties" somewhere around there. That would be me. LOL

    Marta - you snuck in when I posted, hope you can go back to sleep, oh how I wish I could climb back in bed. It is the perfect day to just sleep all day long (rainy).

    Well all you other porchies, got to get to work now, so i will check in a little later.

    Adios amigos,

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  10. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    though hopefully you are all sound asleep as I write this.

    Took kitties to vet to get their 'booster' vaccinations - it cost £77 - $153 - I am appalled, it goes up every year. Never ever got my cats vaccinated before but promised the breeder we'd get them done so will continue.

    Came home and there was one of Carla's muffins left so scoffed it all to myself with a nice cup of tea.

    Good luck with the diet Anne, I wish I had some of your discipline.

    Rock loved the story of the opera singers - married a no count count, silly woman.

    Will make some Scottish shortbread soon.


  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It wasn't a very nice day yesterday, but the Sun is out this
    morning and I hope to advantage of it. Should be in the early
    '60's "they say".

    Julie: Your Hubby just retired and is busy already! I'm sure
    you are both very excited about your missionary work ahead.

    Carla: Thanks for starting the new Volume again! Any signs of
    Spring back there yet? It will be great for you and the
    Doggies to go out and not have to worry about the mud and
    mud hill out there later this Spring and Summer.

    Rosie: Is it Spring on the other side of the Pond? I'm sure
    that you look as forward to the season as do are friends
    here in the Mid-West and Northeast!

    Hello Marta. How is Honey's probationary period going?
    Do hope that it finally works out for the three of you!
    I'll send ya an email a bit later, "K"?

    Rock: Did you get any rain down there? I heard that it was
    coming down your way? We had a rather dry March up here.

    Hey Linda! Hope you are doing well today. I lost track of
    what day your operation is scheduled to do? I'm sure that
    Kylob and the family will be right there for you when it happens!

    Hello to Jole, Mickey, Candy, Elaine, John Boy, Elizabeth,
    Ben (ya home from the Dew Drop Inn yet?)

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mickey - Hey do you want to help. I'll find you a spot. The other days I washed down one side of the railing and probably should have finished the other side to. DH was painting the floring of the bridge while I was painging the white railing this Morning. Ip pained as much as I could without getting all over his stt and will have to wait till it dries. I get it all over myself no matter how careful I try to be. OMG Mickey you have worn me out for the day with all your work last night. If I am going to anything I TRY and do it in the morning.

    Tomorrow, they say it is supposed to rain. If it rains I won't do anything and if it doesn;t I will have to either wash the other side or paint the little bit I didn't get to do since Dh was painting the flooring on the bridge. We would have been in each others way or stepping on wet paint to try and do any more. I already got paint on my jeans but tied to get a pair that I hardly ever wear. Of course, I DID get paint on it. Spryed them right away and stuck them in the wash and will see if any of it comes out. Somehow I doubt it - OH well !!! In another couple of weeks DH will power wash the deck so I don't have to wash that off. However, there will be quite enough to paint.

    Rock - Thanks again for all your little tidbits of historical ( and hysterical) information and trivia. We do not know wht we would do without you and Mr Dad to enlighten us !!

    Candy - Hi there kddo. Glad to hear that you are doing OK. I think you hace a few more days before your rheumy appt, right? Oh oh, watch your sailor side hon I'll be watching you, Litte Missy (-: !! Oh DH was a sailor so I know about those words but has matured finally and is a pretty good guy now (-: !! His words though are pretty clean but he does lots of streteching the truth and "telling storeids" as I would call it. Is that just a man thing??? I know quite a few wives whose husbands do the same thing. TTYL sweetie .

    Julie - Hi there. You have worn me out to . Of course alot of you are alot younger than I am , oh dear I hate to admit that-other than Mrd, Rock, Joan and maybe a few others I haven't checked their bios or they haven't fessed up !! I forget when you are leaving for Belize. I admire you so much and Den too.

    Rosie - Sorry you had to pay so much for your kitties vaccination. Wow !! Oh well, I guess you want to be healthy and don't have to much of a choice. Hope you are doing well also. Will I think Spring may have passed us buy and we are almost into summer !!!

    Marta - Hope you feeling alittle ore chipper than before . Sounds like you were getting ready for anp. Did you say you took Honey home. How is she doing and you too. Is she getting along at all with MS Soapie ??

    Mrdad - Take advantage of the sun while you can your . Arre your surfboard , sunglasses and speedoes ready for that BEE KEE NEE watchin??

    Hugs and blessings to all,


  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hi all, it is about 2:00 p.m. and I just got back from lunch, or should i say errands, that is what i usually do on my lunch breaks. I went to Sam’s and got Dog Food, water, ketchup, etc.... boring stuff. Although I did get my husband some plugins for his office at work.

    It was so funny, he called me yesterday and asked if we had any smelly candles at home and I said why and he said because they smell better than farts. LOL he had me cracking up; he shared an office with another guy and I guess the other guy can’t hold it in or go to the bathroom to do his business. Okay maybe that was too much info for you guys, but i thought it was funny the way he told it to me.

    ROSIE - Yes, those shots can be expensive and they do go up every year. I took Jack (my yellow lab) in to get his yearly shots and check up (he is consider a senior citizen now and he is only 5). Anyway, for everything including his monthly heartworm/flea medicine it was $200.00. Luckily it is only once a year i have to do this.

    MRDAD - I am glad you are having a nice day today, i sure wish it was here. Enjoy it, however, i guess the beekeenee girls won’t be out if it is only going to be in the 60’s, bummer.

    ELAINE - I don’t think I am going to be able to make the slumber party, i have to get up way too early tomorrow. I guess I could go, but i would have to be sleeping by 10:00, LOL. That is usually when i finally lay down and read for about ½ hour. Oh well, I am a party pooper. I will try not to step on you, anyway, i will probably be right next to you sleeping already too.

    CANDY - Everytime you post, you make me smile or laugh. Don’t take that wrong, that is a good thing and I love it. You are so funny and cute.. You are right, it is “Great minds think alike”, what was I thinking, i hate my fibro fog. I am all for making things up as we go along, sounds great, lets do it. LOL There is nothing wrong with your posts, hahahaha, it doesn’t need to be nice and neat, hahahaha. Yes that is me laughing, you are hilarious. I can just see if we were sitting at a table and having lunch together, you would get me giggling the whole time. I wish we could really do that, don’t you.

    GRANNI - Oh how I wish I could help you. Honestly, I would love to, call me crazy, but I like painting the railings. Why, I have no idea, I just do. LOL. I am the same way though, I am very messy and get paint everywhere on me. I am not very graceful that is for sure. Oh well, who cares as long as the job gets done, right, right!!!!

    Hugs to you all and to all the Porchies that I did not mention, miss you guys too and hopefully will get to chat with you soon.

    Oh my gosh, I just did my spell check, and guess what, I did not make any mistakes, Yoohoo, Hooray, I can’t believe it.

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I didn't know you coud do spell check from the Porch, only when writing letters e=mails, etc . Maybe you can give me a clue cause I type very fast most of the time and make lots of typs? Bye for now. Guess I will see you tomoorrow. Hope to be back for the others later on. I know you are going home !!!

    Hugs and blessings,

  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Granni, you can't on the Porch, but off the porch you can. Haha

    I type it in a word document, spell check, highlight what I typed, click copy and paste it in the reply section on the porch. I type so fast that I am surprised there weren't 100 mispelled words. Sometimes I don't spell check, only if I remember.

    Are you done with the bridge yet???? Just kidding. I am sure you are not.

    Love ya

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  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I got a call from the Opthamologist today and the MRI of brain looked fairly normal except I have a large cyst up near the eye that is bothering me. Whew!!!

    Thanks for all your wishes for Danny. He did great and after GIRLS came up to say HI!!!

    Tosh to dieting. I have NO will power at all. I just wanted to do something controlled for a couple of weeks to check out whether I am actually over eating and boy if I still gain weight eating what I KNOW is 1,250 then to heck with it! I agree Jole!

    Mrdad: glad you are doing better. I mailed you last week. Dija get it? Give you another try today, know you have been poorly.

    Love to each and all-watch the dizzyness take meclazine it does help a great deal and is cheap store brand.
  17. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have been busy girl, again, all day. It is like I get up and going, I don't want to stop. I may feel like dying sometimes but I get threw it. Then die in the tub,lol.

    Julie, wow I can't imagine how you feel right now knowing you will be gone that long, esp with Kiera growing everyday.

    Do you have a video camera or a digital camera that you can make videos with a memory card? I know you don't have phone service but you do have your laptop. Then when you do get to go into town, you could download the videos and watch them over and over.

    I use my $140 Kodak digital to make my videos that I post on youtube. But having dial up limits the amount of minutes I can transfer. A one minute clip can take up to 8 hours to upload! But can download one in about 10-20 minutes.

    Will you have Amy log on and tells how you are? We are going to miss you so much, I know I will. I think you know how to find me if want to, I just wanted you to know it is a option and it is up to you. You could send me one of those pretty post cards of the area your NOT in,lol I admire you for what you do and I know how hard you work at it to make it work. You are a strong lady in every sense of the word. Ok enough with the mushy stuff,lol-I do wish you the best.

    Speaking of did anyone watch Oprah and Dr Phil today? You don't see a pregnat man everyday. I applaud them for coming out and tell their story before the tabloids got a hold of it.

    The 2 moms on Dr Phil, reall momzillias. What was wrong with the first mother's upper lip? It never moved the whole show! Poor kids, I do beleive in pushing them to do their best and don't give them everything, they need to work, do chores, ect for cars, ins.

    Annie - how did Danny do today- What is he making speechs about? I know how proud you are to sit there and watch your boy growing up into a young man. I got on the scales today for the first time in a week and it was not good.

    I have a antique Dr's scale with the slider, I always leave it where it was the last time I weighed and I did gain 5 pounds in a week. I really need to stop my junk food, i did really good for a long time, walked 4,5,6 days a week, and no night snacking. But the last few months have been so stressfull for me, I started having my comfort foods and 10 pounds later I don't feel better. Maybe we could start a lose weight, life style changes thread to help support each other.

    Sweetie- please let us know how you are? I am starting to worry about you K?

    Mrdad glad to see you back, was startin to worry about you too, thought the two of ya snuck off in a sleepin bag someone left on the porch. Check in wiff the Dr info when you can.

    Rock I do think you need to write a book, you know more in your pinky than I have blocked in my brain cells. I'm sure it is in there somewhere, maybe it just is shy, maybe the lines of communication are severed in places.

    I recently received a email of my high school classmates. We are having a 35 year reunion, telling my age here,lol. But I only reconized a few names. Scary huh? There were about 250 in our class.

    Well I need to move on, I see others have posted to my landscape-grass thread, then need to get in the tub. Will be at the "teak" store tomorrow.

    I hope no one has to deal with the heavy rains in the mid west and us tomorrwow, they are saying 2-4 inches of rain. Glad I got the tarps down.

    Candy-did you get good news today?

    Hello to everydobby else I didn't mention, I gues I was making up for lost time. I haven't had much time for the puter lately- Take care-Carla

    Annie you snuck in on me- Glad Danny did well and your MRI was a good one- what do they do about the cyst? [This Message was Edited on 04/03/2008]
  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Annie, Carla: I don't apologize about my weight! I just tell
    people who are rude enuff to ask, "I'm not skinny, I'm just
    small boned". Ya know what I'm sayin?

    Beautiful here today! Gonna meet "Lil Guys" Dad for brunch
    tomorrow as well as a great guy that I use to do furniture
    work for in his shop. He's a great American Business success
    story! He now has five shops spread throughout N.Calif. He
    works very hard lives well owing his life style to his
    1.5 million dollar indebtedness! (I think I'm buying Brunch!)

    Annie: Good news about the MRI and Danny's performance! I'm
    sure the Cyst can be taken care of and may be the source of the "eye floaters" ??? So nice that Danny's received Kudos
    from his Lady friends! I did get your email the other day and will reply later to your question(s). I haven't forgot
    I've just been detained with distractions.

    Granni and Mickey: I did take advantage of the nice day and
    took a walk to the Park! The Bee Kee Knee girls are there
    most days over 50 degrees! They're both from the North-Mid-
    West remember! 50 degrees is like 75 there!

    Hello and Huggles to Awl!

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  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Thanks Lincamp for saying I remind you of how you used to be. I take that as a compliment because you are awesome and a very strong person.

    By the way, what is you annual esophogoscopy. I hope it is not too serious and also your neck surgery. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

    You know that does make sense about watching tv and not being able to fall asleep, however, my husband sure doesn't have a problem. Every night he literally falls asleep in his chair in front of the tv, haha.

    I usually go to bed about 10 and read for about 1/2 hour and that puts me right to sleep.

    Annie, I agree with Lin, please keep us updated on your cyst. Did the doc say it is not serious and is it something they can just lazer out. I hope so

    Oh, got to go, daughter needs her laptop to do homework again. Ugggg I cannot wait to get our computer back.

    Mrdad, you snuck in on me, Hello to you too. I am in the Midwest and you got that right, your 60 is like 80 to me for sure. I would take that weather any day over this crappy stuff. I have an Uncle that lives in Escondito (spelling is probably wrong) and my cousins and he keeps asking me to come for a visit. Are you close to Escondito???

    They actually lived here in St Louis all their lives, but moved to CA about 15 years ago. My 3 cousins (his kids) are around my age and I miss them so much. He usually comes to visit once a year and I will give him a big party with the family when he does. I call him Uncle Monkey, he was one of my favorites. He has his own business, I believe it is office furniture, like cubicles and things of that nature and he does really good.

    Goodnight Porchies and Take care and hopefully everyone can get a good nights sleep.

    [This Message was Edited on 04/03/2008]
  20. jole

    jole Member

    Don't know what happened to me, but I slept for 12 hours last night.....the first time I've had over 2-4 hours/night in about 2 weeks! Today I still hurt all over, but my mind is clearer.

    Elaine - I honestly don't know how I functioned, and maybe that was the cause of the dizziness. Time will tell. I just know I was on the verge of tears a was soo frustrating to be so tired and not be able to sleep.

    Hey, I don't think you missed the slumber party....isn't it tonight?? Or am I wrong??

    MrDad, good to see you...I "use" to have small bones, but they've grown in the past 6 months! haha

    See you all later for that party...I still plan to bring food so we can gain a few more pounds, ya hear me Annie?????

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