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  1. ckball

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    Hello everydobby- I know you have been just sittin there waiting for someone else to get caught- so come on and sit a spell.

    I put warm blankies as it is a little cool out for the end of April. No cookies tonight but hot coco with smarsmellos-enjoy-Carla
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  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    and get things rollin. I have been rollin all day so might as well keep on going.

    The phone woke me up and wouldn't stop as everyone I called yesterday returned my calls today and I had to go into town to sign papers, other errands so I left the girls at home and even went shopping at the mall but was a bust.

    Got home and my mower man showed up and fixed my mower for $20 in 5 minutes, It was something I knocked loose when I changed the tire. So i cut part of my yard.

    Had a few emails to catch up on and still have more but will take care of them in the morning and catch up on all of you.

    I just saw the porch was falling to the middle of the board so I did my good deed today- Have fun and see ya tomorrow-Carla

  3. Granniluvsu

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    I got caught in the door. If anyone is interested in my long post or sorta long go check the last volume please.

    I was even thinking of closing this volume but I see that Carla beat me to it - darn it and I was even starting to figure out the process (-: !!

    Thanks Carla for the SMarshmallows and the sweet and clean blankies.

    Gotta go do some stuff before getting ready for bedy bye.

    Love to everydobby !!!

    Blessings n hugs,

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  4. rockgor

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    Where'd everydobby go ??? 04/29/08 06:16 PM

    Hi there all,

    Wel I just saw, LINDA, MICKEY, and ROSIE today. Everyone just up and disappeared.

    Well I didn't get to paint like I thought I was going to. I even changed into my paint clothes when I finally got a hold of my beautician. She was going to call me back about her bad hand with Carpal tunnel syndrome. She already had the surgery and it is still giving her lots of problems. So, I was busy calling people and beauticians in the area that I knew of.

    I know that where ever I go it not be cheap for all I usually get done. That is about the only thing I usually get for myself other than some occasional clothes. We are going to be out of town this weekend for the State KC Convention in Dallas. I haven't had my hair done in quite awhile and really need HELP. Well, I will end up going back to the same hair dresser that I went to some years ago. I had left her due to her prices going up and went to someone else much cheaper. However, if I cannot go to her I will probably go back to my old hairdreswer who was not as high as the other ones I had called. So, how's that for a crazy story. She is also pretty close too.

    Oh well, I will do some packing and washing tomorrow for the weekend and possibly do some painting in the afternoon. I will be so glad when it is al done (the painting).

    Mickey - any time you are free to paint please come and do so !-: !!

    Linda - glad that you seen to be doing pretty well after your surgery.

    Rosie - so sorry to hear about the oil refinery strike. Hope things are settled soon so you have no problems where you are.

    Mick and Rosie -Yes, I know what you mean about missing your girls. However, it is also a little different when you have 5 children and 4 girls 2 years apart and then the boy about 5 years after the last girl. I was always busy and didn;t have time to be sad when one left (-: !!

    Well I guess I had better take off now and say night night to all unless I decide to close this volume. Don't know if anyone was posting while I was. It was awfully close !! Hope to see more of you tomorrow, not that I will be here alot, not sure. Depends on how much I get done tomorrow in prep for the trip. We are leaving early friday morning and getting home on sunday late afternoon probably.

    So much for closing this volume as I see Carla beat me to it (-: !!

    Lots of hugs and blessings to ALL,

  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ...oh I have no idea how to move my post on the lat door closed porch to this one-can someone do it?

    Well hi and bye.

    Love Annie
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Lace 04/29/08 07:11 PM

    ...Georgiac-I used to make lace many years ago, was never great at it though. Lost my pillow and bobbins somewhere along many journeys and moves.

    Rosie-Know what I miss most REAL Dandelion and Burdock drink. When we were kids it used to come in bottles with a pottery top that had wire springs on it. Also, I loved the icecream (not Walls the real stuff) that they used to sell on the Italian Icecream vans, and the chippy vans too (these sold fish and chips(fries). I love real cornish pasties as well and do try and make them here and sometimes even make Scotch Eggs! Now Rocky WHAT do you think Scotch Eggs are?

    Jodie I am glad Cody is going to college, I remember when we first met and he was playing his sports but a little up and down on that, so all good things come.

    Lin, it was sunny here today but it was a wee bit chilly.

    To all you cat people. We spent time today installing netting above the fence we just built on sort of bent hooks in order to stop the cats getting out of the fence by climbing up. It is black bird netting, so you cannot really see it unless you are up close.

    Danny and I built a composter later on using scrap wood. He was proud to use a hand saw and the drill and hammer. He also put together a table for me (had to bolt on the legs) he is getting so much better at being able to follow directions. Took a LOT of time and patience but he DID it.

    His presentation at the University went very well plus he played his keyboard for them and got clapped and a certificate-he says he thinks he will have a job travelling about telling people about autism.

    Well everyone else, hello, hafta go, brain fog etc.

    Love Annie
  7. Danille

    Danille New Member

    I'm new here and this looks like a nice place to sit and get to know a few more people. Do you mind if I join you here? I love making new friends and I love hot coco.
  8. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I'm up bright and early this morning, have a few errands to run - another dull, wet day. Why do we Brits complain about the weather so much? Why do we never get used to it?

    Rock - I hope you get your hair fixed and enjoy your convention. I thought you only had one son Rock, I didnt realise you had FIVE children. That constitutes a big family these days.

    Annie, never tasted burdock wine though I have heard of it, yes the ice cream man - still goes round some places but not my area which is just as well as I'd just have sweeties every night. Bent hooks to put the wire up - we are having problem keeping our kitties in - we have huge 9foot hedge on one side and Tom has put chicken wire up there - the other side is a wall about 7 foot - he put wire up there last year but it wasn't secure - I must tell him about the bent hooks.
    Good for Danny putting the table together, his presentation and good for him to have ambition for his future.

    Linda, hope you get some sunshine today too....welcome to my weather world.

    Carla thanks for the mallows and blanket, I love toasted mallows mmmmmm - just right for my sweet tooth.

    Gran, Jody, Mickie, Elaine, and everyone else, have a good day.

    Danille, nice to meet you.


  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member


    We are all good friends here and always ready for a new one!

    You will NOT believe this, not only do I NOT know how to copy and paste BUT my puter is so old, the copy paste bar never lights up, it is a mere shadow. TX Rocky!

    One of these days I will get a new puter-if you see pigs flying overhead, then you will all know that will be the day(LOL)

    Lin, glad you seem more perky though I know with all the pain you normally have you will just be grinding through I am sure. Yes, I thought American Idol was a little idling last evening. Part of the problem is I think, is that these kids are being made to sing songs that were 20 years old when they were BORN. I think as we all know who will win eventually (between the two Davids???)then this is just drawn our agony-I remind myself that it does raise a lot for charity, at least1% that it raises for the network I bet!!! (Maybe I am being too cynical on that one-it does do good work)

    Boy Lin, it is COLD here this morning, 40degrees on the outdoor thermometer.

    For all you kitty lovers google onto "Affordable cat fence" and either buy theirs or make your own that is similar. It really does work. You can even screw wall flagpole holders onto the fence and staple the polypropelne bird netting (fruit netting) onto that so it is on a slope. Cats cannot climb up sloping inward floppy stuff. When I can afford it I will send for the actually kit from Affordable cat fence, but meanwhile I added plus DIY cat fence and got the plan for the one we made. I actually bought cattle tooth scrapers to use as "posts" but wish now I had just done dowlels in flag pole holders. In tyhe UK you may npt be able to buy those. Acvtually if you go in the dollar store they have the holder with the flags and all you need to do is staple. They can work on wire fence too. You can also tack roof flashing onto the bases of posts first three feet so cats cannot climb up.

    Dandelion and Burdock was a fizzy soda made by fermenting the roots of both herbs. It tasted like coke a little but with a lot more bite and tang- I suspect the taste gave coccola their first trials. There is an artificial one out in the UK now, but nowhere as good.

    So Rocky WHAT ARE SCOTCH EGGS (not to be confused with teh scotch mist you have in LA)

    Danny is doing OK-the test showed more demodex and he took the Ivermectin Monday and I am using Permethrin on his face twice a week. There is actually a school of thought that ALL rosacea like facial eruptions are actually caused by demodex mites. How he got them I will never know, I suspect from filthy floor cushions at school last year. Old people's homes have them too. I see the MS specialist in May, but meanwhile I am doing OK.

    Love to everybody.

  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ..did anyone see Angel's Gate on TV? It is an animal Hospice. You can google for details. I know there are many animal lovers here and I am hoping to spread the word.

    Love Annie
  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    The sun is shining here but still a little cool.

    Hello Danille, welcome to our little place. Linda explained it all very well. There are several tricks to posting and reading the current vol as most of us can't remember our own names sometimes, let alone 10 others,lol.

    You can open a new window with the post and post in the second window while reading the orignal post. OR open your email progam and copy and paste. You will catch on to who is who quickly tho. So settle in your chair with your blankie and get to know us.

    Granni and Annie- so sorry to get you caught in the switch, but thanks to our Rock he moved you over here.

    Linda sounds like things are moving along for you, hope it continues. Thanks for the cinni buns, ooohhhh all gooey too, yumm

    Rosie sorry to hear about the clouds and hope the sun comes out for you soon. Can't wait until your son proposes to his GF, when is it. Good luck on the kittie fences.

    Elaine glad everything went well with your zapping. Everydobby was Rock's word that we adopted. Good job getting your sales up and hope you get what you want for you items.

    Annie I see you popped in while I was writing. I have never heard about the dermodex mites, eewww. My mother had rosea about 10 years ago but can't remember what made it go away.

    Well I have a ton of things to do today so a big hello and queen wave to all I didn't mention, Come on out of the bushes and sit a spell, the cinni rolls are going fast so I will take one for later,hehe- Carla

  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Wow, this volume is really going fast this morning. I am the 14th post. Thanks Carla for moving us. Sorry everyone kept calling you and waking you up yesterday morning. You probably needed your sleep. Well hopefully tonight you will be able to sleep good, turn your phone off, you had a busy busy day.

    Granni - I can't imagine having 5 kiddos (although I wouldn't mind), but I can totally understand how you wouldn't have time to miss them having them all pretty close together and 4 girls. Wow, I bet that was expensive, LOL. Your poor son too. LOL I think Rosie thought your post was Rock's. Read hers it is so funny. Did you find someone to get your hair fixed.

    Rosie - I think the post you were reading under Rock's about the 5 kids and hair getting fixed was Granni's. I was laughing so hard at your post to Rock. Rock had moved Granni'e post from the last volume to this one and wound up under his. Funny girl.

    LIN - My family usually always helps with the food, especially since I am the one that always has the parties. My brother lives to far for everyone to drive to, my sister has a little apartment, my Dad is getting up there and my Mom and her husband just don't do parties. So if I want the family to stay together, that is why i give the parties.
    I used to wonder about the bed bugs biting too. Who ever started that?????

    Annie - I really hope Danny's face clears up poor guy. Just another think he has to hurdle. He is an Angel after what he has gone through, but I have to say, he is so fortunate to have you for a Mom. It makes his like so much easier with you there for him.

    Danille - Welcome to the porch. I love it here too. I have been here for about 5 months. Everyone is so so nice and they all care about you and what is going on with your life as well as listening to what they have to say. Lin explained is perfectly. Aren't her iced cinnamon buns delicious.

    Elaine - I loved your picture of your "Main Man", how cute. I do have the prom pictures, my daughter was supposed to email them to me at work so I could put them up. I will remind her again today.

    Well everyone, I better get some work done here. Talk at you later gaters.

    I want to say a big hello to Rock, Julie, Jole, MRDAD (miss you, hope you are having a good time with your dauther), Lacey, Bevy, Kylob, Marta, Candy etc....

  13. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I'm in fits of laughter - I thought, I'm sure Rock only has one son and here he has FIVE kids - silly me.

    Thanks for enlightening me Mickey.

    Sorry about that one Rock.
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Danille - Welcome here to our great Porch. Linda and a few others (maybe also Annie) explained it so well. You say and do almost anything here as we ae all "friends". No need to post to everyone individually as I tHINK someone already mentioned but an gererilc HI or BYE to all will do. Has anyone ever called you Dani ?? Just wondering cause a friend had a daughter named Danielle and they called her Dani.

    You can vent, talk about recipes or whatever you are doing or not doing that day. We will be flying I believe to Vancouver in August, on our way to a trip to Alaska. Maybe we could just "drop in" to say hi on our way (-: !! I just checked your profile, it really helps to understand who you are tlaking to. Feel free to check mine if you would like of course. Well, enough of my blabbing sweetie !!

    Oh, when the volume hits about 30 someone will "turn off the porch light" and close that volume and will start up the new one with alnother volume number as you will see. Don't know if you knew that or not.

    Well, I just screwed up and now I can't go back to check to see what everyone has said . As they say I am up the creek now - duh !!

    Rock - Thanks so much for getting us started as well as moving my post from the last volume to this one.

    Annie - You must be so proud of Danny with all he has accomplished so far. I could use you here for a few of my grandsons. You are a gem my girl !! My daughters are so busy at work and don't either have the skills or time to work with their children that much. One daughter, the one divorced however will be getting married and he is so good with the boys. Unfortunatly, he works alot too and some hard hourse but at least he will be try to helpo the boys and do some things with them. His father wa always worried about the almight dollar and blaming my daughter (his wife ) for everything. Sorry if you have already heard this rant.
    I forget who mentioned it but no I did not paint the porch railing last night in the darak (-: !!!

    Candy and Elaine - I left a note on the other side for you. Glad you are both feeling real perky today !!!

    BTW ELAINE, I did not make up the EVERYDOBBY thing. Wish I did as I think it is really cute so jhave been using it quite a bit lately. I cannot tell a lie (-: but I stole it from our dearly beloved Mrdad !!

    Well, since I have lots of stuff to do and I can't remember who said what I will sign off for now.

    Bye to you ALL and EVERYDOBBY I forgot to mention inc those hiding in the bushes. You know who you are lurking and sneaking around out there (-: !!

    Blessings and BIG hugs to ALL,


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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    My big goal for today is to visit two libraries. One is 3 blocks away and the other is 9 miles. I haven't had the energy to go to the one nearby for the last 3 months, but who knows. Maybe if I take some more Vitamin D pills.

    I am listening to Michael Feinstein. Poor thing has no voice to speak of. But like Bobby Short, Tony Perkins, Noel Coward, he can deliver a song. Michael got his start in show business as assistant to Ira Gershwin.

    Hi, Danille. I wrote you a welcome message on the "Would this upset you?" post.

    You got it, Mickey. "My" post was really Granni's cause I moved it from the previous volume. Five kids! Yikes! as Jack Benny used to say.

    We have a certain amount of built-in confusion around here, Danille, on account of the prevalent brain fog. I think I'm at stage 3 for Alzheimer's, so that adds a certain amount of goofiness to the proceedings.

    Rosie, have never seen Irn Bru (Iron Brew) at a store here. I will have to check w/ a store in Eagle Rock that sells all kinds of soda/pop/carbonated beverages. Gordon and I went there some years ago. Bought various exotic drinks. They cost a dollar apiece then. Maybe more now.

    Mickey, I think it's wonderful Ashely is getting so much financial help. On the other hand, the buying power has decreased so much in just my lifetime.

    When I was young $39,000 would buy a house, a car, a college education and money left over. (My folks bought their house in 1960 for $8,000.)

    Linda, did they take bone from your hip for your graft? To what extant can you get around now? Thanks for the rope; can always use a helping tug.

    "You can lead..." sounds like W. C. Fields, but, of course, the expression has been around for centuries. Allegedly Dorthy Parker was asked to use horticulture in a sentence. She said, "You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think."

    My answer to your bear riddle is in the last paragraph of my last post on the last (previous) volume.

    I heard of Scotch eggs decades ago, Annie, but forgot all about them. Had to look it up. Hard boiled egg covered w/ a breaded meat mixture and deep fried. Sounds pretty good to me.

    That's great that Danny was able to give a presentation. Do you have a video camera? Maybe he could do a brief bit on Youtube.

    Thanks for getting us started, Carla. Did you know purl and knit and tat are often in the crosswords?

    Wishing Cody great luck at SJ state, Jodie. Hugs to Marta and Kylob and Candy and the red, red robin and the old grey mare and the man in the moon and everydobby.


    P.S. John Lennon used "everydobby" in his book (1963). I picked it up from J.L. Who knows where he picked it up.
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Danille and all newbies (sort of) -

    Sorry I got the saying from Mrdad (I think) and then possibly Mrdad took the idea from Rock. Then Rock probably got it from John Lennor or whoever said it in his book. Gee, this is getting confusing. I really don't know.

    Gotta run now. Getting nothing done !


    Is that right Annie and some of you starters of the PORCH ?

    Love , Granni
  17. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    it is decidedly chilly here, still only 48 on the thermometer despite a sunny sky. I am resisting turning the heat on, just have the gas fire running.

    We are not sure if the demodex is what is actually causing the red face and terribly swollen eye area with Danny. This is just a hope. His biopsy tested negative for rosacea, which ticks me off as for 9 months they insisted on giving him the doxy for it when they could have tested up front. We kept saying "This looks nothing like rosacea, can we have a biopsy".

    If you google those demodex in humans and images, you will get the creeps-they are horrid. Strangely, what DID come up in the biopsy was the infiltrate that causes alopecia-now SOME docs are believing that hair loss is a demodex issue too. He has no scalp hair loss.

    Granni I hear you on the help needed. We actually LOVE and accept Danny the exact way he is,autism and all, he is a lovely, charming, great kid and just a real pleasure to be around. You know where it says blessed are the pure in heart, well we say that about him. Look he has affected the whole school, he got over 200 signatures from kids promising to include those with disabilities-he has had other kids coming up and saying how they have invisible disabilities. It is a bit like us all here, the more we speak out and explain, the better the understanding will be.

    I will sneak out to the store now, was going to walk but I am too cold-anyone else get cold nose-my nose is often freezing, like a dogs!!!

    Love Annie
  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    It's coooooold here too, Annie, even though the sun is shining brightly. We had a light freeze last night. (How can a freeze be light? Isn't something either frozen or it's not??)

    Carla did a good job opening up the door. WhoRay for working lawn mowers - and for people who use them.

    Granni via Rock the Mover: hope you found someone to paint your hair or your porch, whichever needed it. I got confused.

    Linda, it sounds as if you're doing well and wish you were moving faster. Can you enjoy putting your feet up or are you too used to going full out?

    Annie via Rock the Mover: What a good idea about the netting on the fence! Great job Danny did on the composter and the presentation. He's doing well!

    Welcome Danille. I see that Jerome already has your chair and blanket waiting for your return. I hope you enjoy it here and can follow along better than I'm doing today.

    Rosie, I hope you have a sunny day today.

    Elaine, hello to the busy bee - and

    Mickey, "get to work!" ;>)

    Rock, there you are as yourself. It fits you much better than the other two personalities did. Yep, vitamin D helps with almost everything so I hope you got some good books.

    Via Rock to Jodie: I'm also wishing Cody luck at State.

    The girls (cat girls, Danille, vs. Carla's dog girls) are still at status quo. Sophie growls, hisses and chases and Honey runs and hides. Their peace zone is the screened porch where today neither would admit to being cold and wanting to come in. I'm absolutely sure they communicate out there.

    I'm thinking of Joe on his trip and hoping all is going well.

    Good to see everydobby, even those not here yet. I'm leaving a big thermos of hot chocolate - and ice tea for the folks in the warm south. Warm. Imagine!

    Hugs to all, near and far,
  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    After three years our one girl cat actually touched noses witht he interloper male who came with our last house for the first time! Afterwards she did box his ears.

    Then because they were out on the grass with the new "Catio" I found them both together hiding under some trellis we had piled against a wall. Wonders.....

    Hope same gets to be with you.

    Well, *I am bored, wanted to start digging the new veg and flower beds. Dan is reseeding the front lawn I think where the dozer ripped it up due to burst pipes over Xmas.

    I wonder how JUlie is doing?

    Candi how is your brother?
    Love to all
  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hahaha, Marta, you sound like my husband. I really do work hard here. I just have to take a couple of breaks throughout the day otherwise by brain might go into overload and explode. Thanks for the hot cholocate, I needed that this morning and now thanks for the ice tea, it is 80 now, this morning it was about 40. Weird weather.

    Rock it is so funny when you think about it, how much inflation has gone up over just a few years. It is almost unbelieveable. I can remember gas being 60 cents a gallon and movies being $3.00. It is a crazy crazy world. One of Ashley's friends had to be in the ROTC in order to go to college, which there is nothing wrong with that, I think it is great!!!. But, I really feel sorry for the kids that can't afford or do not get scholarships and therefore cannot go to college. I just hope Ashley knows how lucky she does have it. I think she does, she tries to be consertative with money, especially her own. LOL

    Well, my HVAC guy is here, I have to up and meet him about some offices in the building. I will be back later.