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  1. ckball

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    OK hope no one else was in here. Carla
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  2. bevy2most

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    It feels like forever since I have seen my daughter, and tomorrow I get to. Graduation is on Fri.

    I have been a bit, okay, A LOT emotional today, I have been crying on and off all day. I made my daughter a scrap book with pics and quotes that I found on the internet. If I weren't so fogged all of the time I would have gotten it started sooner. The project is done and I am worn out.

    Thanks sooooo much for all of the compliments and congrats.

    You all make my days better.

    I gotta run, our company that is going to Dallas with us will be here anytime now.

    I will try to check in while I am away, if not on Mon.

    Hugs to all,

  3. jole

    jole Member

    Seems like everyone has been busy, and the porch people are moving soooo fast I've missed a LOT. Sorry to see we lost a member of our family.......

    Bevy, your daughter will love the scrapbook you made for her! I can't think of anything nicer. My kids all love the "from the heart" gifts better than anything we could give them (except maybe a check..LOL). So happy for her and you. Don't let the trip tire you too much, and enjoy your time.

    Carla, don't you ever slow down?? Gee, I've done a lot of things in my life, but never been down the road in my nightie (yet) after our doggie. Never know what tomorrow might bring though. Sorry about your yard. You're doing such a good job with it..saw the pic.

    Elaine, always enjoy your sense of humor, along with the others. I also want to thank you for your kindness to Candy while she was here. You gave it your all!

    MrDad, glad to see you're ready for the beachies. You know, it was near 80 here today, so I put on an old pair of shorts and top, went out to water my flowers and get a little sun.

    Of course NOBODY comes by to visit, but today when I had on shorts they sure did! Also, I'm always sooo cold, so even though it was that warm I had goosebumps....can you tan through them? My question of the day.

    Rock, hope you get to feeling better soon. I enjoyed your spunk, spirit and humor a vol or two ago. Hate those down days, which I have often too. Between the pain and depression, my life can become just too much at times. But the "better" days keep us going, right?

    Annie, I am so sorry to hear about all of Danny's problems. No child should have to endure all his trials. I hope a solution comes soon. Like you, I am not a fan of steroids, but if they work it's worth it. As a mother, I know your heart must break for him.

    Georgie, I wrote down your strawberry bread recipe. Just have to try it as soon as I can get the strawberries. I am also a lover of banana bread, and whenever the kids/grands come home I have a couple loaves in the freezer. It's always gone in no time.

    Granny, as so many others have said, I admire you so much for your caring ways with our little Candy. Bless you for your effort. I know she will continue to get many prayers said for her.

    Marta, Mickey and everyone else.....will try to do better next time.

    Sunday our youngest daughter, fiance and parents were here to discuss wedding plans for September. Didn't get much further than the guest! Our side is small, since she was married once before. But he's a chiropractor and his dad a carpenter, so they have lots of friends.
    Thankfully they are going to foot half the bill...their decision. They are wonderful people, and we are very happy to gain a new addition. He's been part of our family for a year now anyway.

    Then on Monday we went 2 1/2 hours to my doc appointment, which was discouraging (other than being put on Lyrica and not having to pay for it).

    Has taken me since then to recoup. Today I honestly did enjoy being outside though, so hopefully things are looking up.

    Love you all, and it's good to be back on the porch. Brought you some double fudge brownies and lemonade....
  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Elaine I live in Fredonia, we drive via Jamestown and Busti to Sugar Grove which is on the PA border.

    Thanks for well wishes re Danny from all otehrs.

    I will post/reply tomorrow, hafta go gotta play wheel with Dan!!!

    Love Annie( Nos Dar)
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So, I do not have much time to post after my shower, etc. Also have to leave tomorrow morning for a meeting. So probably not be able to post till later on tomorrow.

    Pain - I am sitting here laughing at you gals who are cold in their shorts. Well, I am another one too and I run around with a sweater on i the house or if I am in a/c anyplace and it could be 100 outside. Believe me I understand - Pain and who else was it who said they were always cold ??

    Annie - so sorry to hear about Danny. I hope his face gets better soon along with his other problems poor kid. At least you have the skills to work with him and seem to have thet ime to really work with him. My daughters both work and one weird hours and divorced so cnanot really spend alot of quality time with their sons with autism and PDD-nos.

    These are two different families. One is really bad who is divorced which also makes it worse too. Not that the dad did much anyway and he still really doesn't.

    Bye for now and nitey nite to all.


  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I will tell you my little umbrella anecdote. I've posted it before, but I want to make sure we can all share in the fun of Alzheimer's.

    Couple years ago I stepped outside, said to my neighbor, "Oops, it's starting to rain. I'd better go back and get my elevator."

    Bevy, this may too late for a graduation gift, but if your daughter has not read Thomas Lynch, she might like one of his books. He has several books; some poetry and some essays.

    He is a funeral director. So was his father and so are his brothers. The boys embalmed their father. Their view was that it was the last favor they could do for him.

    In one of his books it says, The undertaker is your friend. He is the last one to let you down.

    Hugs and waves to all my friends.

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    busy trying to get thru school and have somewhat of a social life. plus getting cody ready for school....

    you all hang in there.

  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---80 degrees in SF today or close to it! Went to the Park
    with my Son and found a picnic bench in the shade to play
    Scrabble! He won and claims it was the first time he beat
    me. I don't think he was right about that. He was indeed
    surprized when those two Girls in "bee-kee-knees" came by the
    table to say, "Hi MRDAD"! Had to explain that they were just
    a couple of young friends! (Slightly embellished story)

    Jole, really hot back in Kansas too? I have a friend in
    Kansas City who is related to me via a divorce. She is my
    "wife's" husbands daughter, a CPA, who works for a nationally
    recognizable Company. A real sweetie, pretty and so smart!
    Known she and her sister since they were little girls. Say
    hello to Dorothy and the Scare Crow, "K"?

    Bevy, how special this weekend will be for both your daughter and YOU! I'm sure you were very instrumental in
    her successful completion of College! You too should
    rightfully share the honors! Have lots of fun. Say hello to
    JR and Linda while in Dallas for me!

    Thanks Pain, for your herbal suggestion! I just finished
    doing about five days of Echinacea-Goldenseal and it pretty
    much "knocked it out". Still have the cough, but it's not
    as bad now. The board DOES move quickly and don't feel you
    must "keep up" as no one can! Just come by and participate
    as you can, "K"?

    Mickey, I sirgot to take the binoculars wiff me!! I usually
    have them and "spot the BBQ" food options b-4 making a de-
    cision to dine. Ya know what I'm sayin? Don't wanta' dine
    wiff a bunch of Veggies!! Wanta' see a Cow or a Pig on that
    grill! Or at least a "tube steak".

    Hello to Granni, keeping busy as per usual!

    CK: Sent ya an email!

    Hello to awl I missed, but are still in my fondest thoughts!
    Nite 4-now!

  9. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    cold here today but dry.

    My daughter Shelley is off to the races today - it's Ladies Day in Perth and 3 years ago she won $600 for being best dressed. She is wearing same outfit this year so won't win but they have a great time anyway.

    Rock I am losing so many words these days too - 'fish the feed' is one of my kid's favourites. I just say 'I've lost the word' now and let the other person find it for me...

    Mr Dad, I'm on the echinacea for a few days, my son's fiancee has horrible sore, chesty throat and I dont want to get it. How nice to have your young

    Bevy I hope you have a great day at your daughter's graduation - the scrap book sounds wonderful, a lovely memento for her to keep.

    Jole - wedding plans, my son just got engaged and though they are waiting a couple of years, wedding plans are already being considered!!! When is your daughter getting married??

    S-Elaine - do you take Vit D and Calcium and CoQ10 supplements, they are also very good for us.

    I have to go uptown today and my hair needs washed - but if I wash my hair I won't have the energy to go uptown - so I think I'll just shake a little talcum powder on it and brush it through - needs must!

    Hope you all wake up to sunshine and energy. Love to all I've missed.


  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Ha, I waited till someone changed volumes before putting this up. I actually had this almost done yesterday. Pretty smart, huh. I will come back in a little bit. I have to brag about Ashley regarding the awards ceremony at her school last night.

    ELAINE - I hope you are feeling somewhat better. I feel for you that you are having to go through those lazering sessions. I am sure it is so exhausting for you. By the way, read my message to Granni below because that includes you too honey bunny. You described the front desk here at my work exactly. It is boring at the front desk at that time of day.

    MARTA - I have to say, I would have never thought Bumpershoot would have meant what it does. I really like that word and think I just might start using it. Okay, I guess I believe your story. LOL

    MRDAD - I feel like I am living in Seattle with all the rain we are having every single day. I don’t know how people can live there; I would be depressed all the time. So, you are scoping out the bee-kee-nee girls huh. Well I guess that is okay, I am just a little bit jealous. Just be careful you don’t fall out the window with those binoculars. Well, are you going to let us know the count on the beekeenee girls????

    CARLA - I feel for you with all that rain, we are in the same situation. We have so much to do before the grad party, I don’t know how it is all going to get done. We need to trim all the landscaping bushes, and there are a lot. We need to stain the deck, open the pool, power wash around the pool area, put all the patio stuff out and lighting. Jeez, I am starting to panic. If it would just stop raining, we would be able to get it done.

    Now, my husband is going on his fishing trip with his dad and brother this weekend, so that leaves 2 more weekends to get this all done. He doesn’t want to go because he knows we need to get this stuff done, but I told him he needs to. It has been planned for awhile and the guys need to get away. He has been working so hard lately he needs a break from everything.

    By the way, what did you mean when you said that your neighbor, Bill hit both of your girls when they chased him down the road. What did he hit them with and why???? He didn’t hurt them, did he??? He better not or I am coming over and beat him up. LOL

    GRANNI - You really are such a wonderful person, do you know that?? What you did for Candy was unbelievable. I don’t know how you had the patience to deal with her. You and Elaine. You two are saints. I was always nice and respectable to her but I just didn’t want to get to close because of the way she was. I truly hope for her sake that she gets some professional help and thank you so much for explaining as much as you could to us about the situation because I do believe that we are the Pro Health family and it is our business to know what happens to our friends. So thank you very much.

    ROCK - Well it is about time you came to visit you porch family. Shame on you for making us worry about you and Gordon. You know I am just kidding I hope. Anyway, I hope that you get to feeling better because you are really missed around here. Who is Nakiti Khrushchev???? I guess I want to know. Hey, I guess the elevator would keep you dry. Don’t worry, I am only in my 40’s and that happens to me all the time. My husband makes fun of me about it.

    MARTA - Don’t blame you for wanting to get out of here before you get caught in the door, that is why I am not putting this up until Volume 238 is born.

    ANNIE - I am sorry about Danny’s face, darn it. Just when it was starting to get better that had to happen. Well, at least you know why it happened and you can correct it a lot faster this time. Sometimes I wish I was brought up the Amish way, their life really is so much easier than our if you really think about it.

    BEVY - That is so neat what you are doing for your daughter, great idea. Do you mind if I steal your idea and maybe do that while Ashley is in college. It would probably take me 4 years to get it done. You have fun and enjoy your time with your daughter.

    JOLE - That happens to me all the time, I never see anyone at the store when I look decent, however, anytime I go to the store in my grubs and no makeup, or hair done, of course that is when I see everyone I know. Urgggg.

    Take care Porchies and all the porchies that I missed, a big hello to you too.

  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Cannot believe it! Well, no gardening today. Oh my nose is the thing that is always cold! Like a black lab!!!

    Gosh the lab we met yesterday was a doll, made me yearn a little. He was one of those big guys too! Still no dogs just yet!

    In brain fog today. Bev glad for your graduating daughter and have a great time.

    Rosie glad it is dry.

    Now Dan is talking non stop as I am writing so brain for even worse. Granni I hear you! The child we took in for that three months was because her mom just could not work with her. Ok woman, considerate, yet needs someone else to raise a not perfect kid. She has another person doing that now who is close in to her.

    Joe, watch you don't get a burn 80 degrees ooolala! I am jealous, yet actually I complain when it gets hot!!! I loved WA state due to the nice temperate climate. We were in the rain shadow so it was dry.

    Jole and others I forgot the posts with Dan rattling on here-if I see I am busy he just yaps away!!! part of his brain injury I think. Well he is a sweetie so I will grab him and start building a little trellis wall in the laundry room to block off view of water heater etc. THEN when it warms up we can cement the flagstones and do the front border(HA .... he is a procrastinator but I have the plan!)

    Rocky glad to see you. Is it actually alzheiners you have or what my FIL has, short term memory loss. I hope the latter as this means you can enjoy your life except for forgetfulness. MY FIL can still speak 5 languages but cannot recall what he just ate.

    Have a great day y'all and hope your MRI/xray went OK yesterday, Monday Linda.

    Love Annie
  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh Elaine, I am so sorry about what happened. I had no idea, fortunately I didn't read any of the posts regarding all of this, because it would have really made me mad and I don't know what I would have done. You are one of the most decent, cheerful, uplifting, caring person I know and can't believe anyone would ever put you down.

    Well I am glad we have pro health to make sure these people that don't belong on here are gone.

    Take care Elaine and thanks for explaining. I think we can all put a closure on this now and go on being happy and cheerful on the Porch and on the website itself.

    By the way, I think Jerome needs to clean up the porch as there was a lot of wind last night and there is debris all over the place.

    As soon as the weather clears up we should have a barbecue on the porch. MrDad and Rock can do the barbecuing and all of us girls can bring the side dishes and desserts.

    What do you all think about that.

    Getting ready to go to lunch soon so I will catch you all after lunch.

  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good job getting things off to a nice start.

    Bevy, I'm so glad you'll have the special day to enjoy with your daughter - and a gazillon other people, probably. Give her a congrats hug for us.

    Rock, I don't THINK I have 'Zimers but I say the wrong words all the time. I've heard that it's par for the course with CFS. And would you believe I spelled that wrong??

    Good to see Jodie here.

    Georgia, hope your new wheel arrives soon.

    Mickey, that's bumbershoot, with a B, but no matter. You won't find many people who know what it is anyway. ;>)

    Elaine, I for one know all about searches by user name. I chose to ignore what I found. I wish people weren't taking this situation as a personal failure. You tried incredibly hard to make it work for her. There are simply some things that defy logic that we must let go. You have your hands full, girl.

    Very tired today so just a hello to Jole, Granni, Joe, Rosie, and Annie. And hugs, of course, to all near and far,

  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I opened the porch and am just now getting back-really.

    My life is never boring, but tiring, is that a word? or should I say exhausting.

    See my new pic and maybe you will understand why I haven't been around. It is me just a while ago.

    I went out last evening to take the girls a ride and collect my rocks, everything fine. Came home and unloaded them and was going to go back out to let the girls walk more. But Twy got loose AGAIN. I had her harness tied to her collar so she couldn't get lose, but the rope came untied.

    So I decided to put the cart up and give up as Twy has been a little priss miss lately. I drove around in my back yard to turn around and got stuck in the mud ruts that the nice trucker man left when he gave me 2 big loads of dirt.

    I won't even go into it all but I did get it out a hour later, then shoveled mud some more trying to make a small ditch for water to run off as my yard still has a low spot, it was better, but the big truck changed that.

    I came in at 10 pm, washed off, too tired to bath and went to bed. Got up to the sound of big truck again and this one dumps a big load of cement gravel, it has dry cement in it with the gravel and when it gets wet it hardens like concrete.

    They brought it for ME and re-did my busted up driveway. I didn't know it at first, since they are still working up the road now. Then I hear the dozer CLOSE and looked out my window and he was spreading the gravel in my driveway.

    Oh I was a happy girl! So I got dressed,put my teeth in :)THEN went outside to thank them. That is when they told me what type of gravel it was. But it still needed to be raked and made move even before it rains, which was suppose to start in an hour.

    So yep I go out and rake, and rake and rake. Still no rain so decided to use the free dirt to use to fill in the low areas. I used 3-5 gal buckets and garbage can and used the cart to get it from the back to the front. Next thing I know it is after 3 and started to rain, so I washed my cart off, mud/gravel stuck to the tires and was about 1-2 inches thick from the constant running over the dusty drievway then in mud MANY times.

    So I am beat and and only scanned the posts as I was not able to grasp or retain any of it. I'm going to eat dinner then take a lonngggggggggggg hot bath and may try to come back later.

    I did see painawarenss came back, hang in there- this porch can fly somedays, but you got the hang of it, so glad you joined us.

    JOle it is good to see you back too. Hello to Bevy,Mickey,Granni,Linda,Marta, Rock,Mrdad,Jodie,Elaine,Monica, Julie and anyone else I can't think of right now. I just wanted you all to know I didn't slip in the mud and hit my head on a rock, or wasn't caught in a rock slide, or "captured" for aquiring said rocks. See ya'll later- Carla

  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You are a very very funny girl. When I opened that picture up I was laughing so hard that one of the employees thought I was choking at my desk.

    I was not expecting that at all. Actually, it looks like kind of fun, all of us porchies could have a mud party and play in the mud. I would love that. I am sure I wouldn't love all the other stuff you are doing though, you poor thing.

    My gosh, you look like you were wrestling a pig in the mud or something. You crack me up.

    Well I have to go for now, but I will be back I really have to brag about last night regarding Ashley. I just don't have time right now.

    I just had to post about Cara though, I am still laughing.

    Thanks Carla for making my day.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Carla - I just peeked at your picture in the bio . I just saw it just now. Wow, you look really lovely (-: !! Apparently it was just after your playing in the mud !!! I hope that you will finally get some sunshine your way to dry up your mess in your "sinkhole.", or whatever you want to call it. Again Ilove that funny Newspaper heading" that Annie wrote. Was it her now, I forget . Maybe it was Linda. Darn, there goes my memory again.

    How WONDERFUL of those guys to come and fill in your mudhole for your with dirt, rock, cement and whatever else. That is fantastic. Hope that takes care of that problem for you and your driveway too.

    Mickey - Thanks so much for you sweet words about helping Candy. I was surely not the only one as you know but I think I was one of the first ones who met her on the FM side, when she came aboard. I really did like her and felt sorry for her,.. I knew that she needed help big time. Elaine and I tried our best as did MANY of you to numerous to mention. Yes, it was very time consuming and worrysome also. I know we all continue to pray for good things to come to her and hopefully some help also.

    You must be so proud of Ashley along with someone else here who I can't remember whose child is also graduating.

    My eldest grandson is alsoo graduating and we are going to it. It is such a shame that he will not go to college and he is not sure what he is going to do esp after the divorce and all two years or so ago. He lives with his dad who is lazy too so who know what will happen. His story is long and sad as well as his brother, one with LD's and other with leukemia and is mom trying to work and make ends meet. She is now going with a dear friend of hers who has been a big help to her and they are now engaged. He does so well with the boys but they only see the oldest on alternate weekends if all goes well. BTW, hid dad never did graduate but went back for his GED. He is a printer which I feara is a dying trade due to computers, etc. taking alot of their jobs away.

    DGS was never made to do anything unless DD was there to see to it. Enough of that, just be thankful that you daughter is going to college and has gotten a scholarshopr too. They have little money and and she never got anything from her DH or the kids either. To long a story and depressing.

    Elaine - do you have more of your zapping sessions to go or are you finished? I forget. I know theis was bad time for you between your zapping and trying to help out Candy in between - very tiring I am sure. Plus you are such a busy gal anyway.

    Hi Rock and Mrdad - glad to see you both back again. Mr dad is read or getting ready for the gathering of the Bee Kee Nee girls again (-: !! Miss you both when you are not here.

    Annie - Hope Danny's face is doing better. There is always something, isn;t there??

    Well, all sorry I have to gix dinner for Dh before he leaves to go to a meeting.

    Hope to check in again tonight when DH leaves.

    Lots of hugs to everydobby !!



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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    No need to get all gussied up for us here on the porch. Just your usual downtown shoppin' outfit woulda been fine.

  18. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ...mmmm may have changed my mind about you sleeping over!!!(LOL)

    Thanks all for enks. re Danny's face, affer about two hours following the one prednisone he takes now, the swelling and redness rwellay goes down quite a bit, still swollen but not so bad. Then once it getys about 12 hours later the swelling is back in force, This kind of proves it has to be an inflamatory condition causing this to me. What does the nurse think?

    Bevy I think I sent congrats to the wrong grad parent, so re congrats.

    Elaine, you are really so sweet. The main reason I emailed Sharon was because I could see how predatory the posts were. You did a marvelous job and it must have been very hard on you and Granni too as you were the mainstays. Well nuff said. WE all know this porch is and always has been a very friendly and supporting place where we all do our best.

    Is anyone else missing Isweetie here? Where is she I wonder? She was on the porch when it first formed so I hope she is OK.

    Love and peace to all of you.

    Annie-(I am bushed was helping with setting up the garage sale for about four hours after building a wall thi morning. I ache everywhere).

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Or I should say that someone in the last couple of posts mentioned that it was your daughter (or child anyway) who is graduating HS besides Mickey's daughter, Ashley. You both should all be so proud of their accomplishments and especially if they are going on to college.

    I am just sad for my grandson who has no clue of what he wants to do. He could have had a partial scholorship from Jr. ROTC but he did nOT fill in the necessary paperwork as I understand it to get in. He needs to go into the Air Force to make him grow up but of course hope he would not have to go overseas. That is always a sticky one. He also needs a car and can't seen him getting one any time soon either. His parents can;t afford it and we really can't either without giving up ALOT..

    He needs to do what my DH and DB did at that point - go into the service and learn about the real world and get some training and also sometimes they also will pay for their extra studies. He needs to grow up big time !!

    Sorry if I already told you this sad story !! Venting again !!

    Carla - hope you took a nice hot bath after that lovely picture of yours on the bio - that is to funny !!

    Big hugs to everyone !!


  20. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    Carla - you poor woman, what a heavy job for you to do - love the photo and you don't look as miserable as I would be if I'd had to do all that. Up to your neck in muck and having a great time!!! Twy is certainly keeping you on your toes.

    Annie - thanks for the tips for the cat fencing. I'm sorry to hear Dan isn't responding well to the new meds, it must be so hard for you to watch him going through this.

    Pain - so glad you're son didnt get questioned by the police, shame on your neighbour for involving him though maybe he was innocent in this too.

    I have my hair to henna today, a horrible, long process but it works and there's no chemicals involved. My son is having an engagement party at his apartment tomorrow night, friends and immediate family. I will stay as long as I can and might even enjoy myself.

    Would love to write to you all but I do read your posts.