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  1. ckball

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    Hello all

    I am going to take a chance here hope no gets caught in the revolving door-Carla
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  2. ckball

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    Sorry I have been mia but it seems to be vwery, vwery , qwuiet today. I guess a lot of people getting ready for the big weekend or counting their pennies so they can buy a gallon of gas.

    I have been at work all day, it has been slow but Jeff came by and stayed about 2 hours, he is a freind of the owner and brings newspapers down for us to use to wrap the sold glass ware, ect. He was rather chatty today so I took my 3 envelopes of pictures that my daughter returned to me and sorted them while we talked.

    Before that balanced my check book and wrote a long email to an ole freind I hadn't chatted with in a long while. When I get home I have to work on my cart, I bought 2 more batteries yesterday for it. Then spend time with the girls, I left them alone from 9:30-5:30 today so I am sure they will need some time.

    I honestly haven't had time or NRG to get completly caught up so I hope everyone has a great weekend and a pay your respects to our service men and women that are fighting for our freedom.

    May god bless any of you that have family overseas.

    Granni I didn't ask you a question about scanning, maybe it was Elaine. I hope you get it figured out.

    Well it just figures, I get settled in and a customer pulls in, well I will be back sometime- Take care and hello to EVERYDOBBY-Carla
  3. Granniluvsu

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    I guess I was thinking about Kathleen too that was on that same thread. Finally got one on even if it was to small and dark. I did try and make it larger but somehow I didn't do something right, to make it take.

    Mickey had also asked me about putting my pic up I think swhile ago but I kept getting side tracked.

    Sounds like you had a busy day but not too hectic !

    Have a great weekend to you and all again. Gee, that was a quick volume we just got through.

    Got to go and get ready to go out.


  4. Cromwell

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    Very funny Lin, at least it warmed up today, but I guess it will go lowish again next week, below 60. Yes got the planting done. Cheated on the marigolds, bought wallpaper trays and planted them in those like long planters(drilled holes in first -they are cheap $2 each).

    Hi everdobby else.

    Danny has got a friend round today, this boy talks just like Rainman and he is 14 and over 6ft tall!!! Cute pair together.

    Yes, prayers for all who have people serving, and thanks to all those who did.

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooootired still. Had an argument this a.m. and it wiped me out.

    I should go a walk but my sciatica is at least easing up so I will skip another day.

    Hey all of you, going to take this boy home and go to bed-we have real furnit7ure (cat scratched and old) out on the roofed patio/catio and it is lovely to lie on-who cares if it looks like Ma Kettle's place.

    Chat tomorrow.

    Love Annie
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got back from the Foster Freeze. (For non Californians, Foster Freeze is just like Dairy Queen only a thousand times smaller.)

    Gordon thought we needed an excursion to "get outta the house for a while".

    Nice pic, Marilyn. I buy my glasses at 99 cent too. Couple years ago I bought 6 pair: reading and sun. I think I still have 5 of them. One of two may be misplaced, but I can always find one.

    People don't stay put w/ jobs anymore, do they MrDad. Of course the moving around is often not of their own choosing. Recent issue of the village paper from Minnesota reported 3 teachers were retiring. All had 32 to 35 years service w/ the village school.

    You brought back happy memories when you mentioned balancing the check book, Carla. I never could get mine to balance; just would get "sorta close". 2 or 3 decades ago I quit doing it altogether. So far there have been no untoward results.

    Lincamp, there may be more of an ending to the wedding story, but I don't know what it is. Never saw the happy couple before or since.

    Georgia, your pic in the nurse outfit is stunning. Tell the truth now; was it retouched? Today w/ photoshop, people can put the head of a goose on a gorilla, and the join is seamless.

    Did you think Ma and Pa Kettle were funny, Annie? I never did. I thought those movies were sad. And Pa needed a therapeutic swat upside the head.



  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It looks nice out there today. Rained early Sat. morning
    then cool and foggy! Up to 8ins. of snow in the Sierra! Too
    bad for all who planned for good weather and an outdoor week-
    end. It didn't start off well here but should be improving.
    Good thing s that the moister was a positive factor in fight-
    ing the Forest Fire in the Santa Cruz Mts. to my South.

    I had a fun few hours wiff the 'Lil Guys Friday night. I brought the Peetza and Ice Cream and Cookies; it was just
    fine with them! Hadn't seen 'em since the Crab "fishing"
    about a month and 1/2 ago! Amazing how they can grow and
    change in such a short period of time! They both have a
    B'day in July, they'll be 4 and 6 y.o. They are so fortunate
    to have loving and attentive parents who foster their natural
    curiousity to experience and learn.

    Linda: I'm glad the weather improved for you in the Northeast this weekend! Yea, the BBQ sounds great! Oh boy,
    and Choc. Cake! (Can we eat the "afters" first!!)

    Georgia: It's kind of nice that ya have some "ME" time for
    a few days wiff Mr M "gone fishin". We all need that no
    matter how much we love another! Gonna half two get ya to
    try the Capitol Corridor Train down from Sacra. to the Bay.
    Most likely much cheaper than driving, and very relaxing too.

    My Son was due to work at a Golf Course at 7 a.m. after
    getting off work at 9 p.m. from his Groc. Job the night
    be-4. The rain and fog put the NIX on golf for most, so,
    they gave him $4O bucks and sent him home! It probably took
    him 1&1/2 hrs. to get there! Ya just never know what to expect this time of year in the weather dept. It was 97
    degrees a couple of weeks ago!

    My adopted Squirrel seems to be doing fine. Brought peanuts
    again yesterday to the Park and it was waiting patiently for
    my arrival. It "churped" at me from a tree branch to let me
    know it was there. As I mentioned, the ONLY squirrel in the
    Park of about 12 acres! Still a curious mystery there.

    Well, hello to awl and hope you're experiencing a relaxing
    and comfortable weekend! I'll report in later, "K"?


  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone,

    That sounds like a great idea to me. However, we have to eat early cause we are leaving late this afternoon to go play Tripoli with another couple and then go out to eat, something simple and cheap since we went out last night too.

    Linda - Do you need some chips too, and some potato salad ?

    Georgia - I just love the pic of you in yur nursey uniform (-: !! I remember the days of the white, starched uniform. Now most wear scrubs that are so cute and Gasy to care for !! Hope Mr. M and you both are feeling better after your sciatica and your fall.

    Rock - Thanks for the compliment on the pic. To bafd there is no date on it. Don"t think it is to long ago though !!

    Well I can't remember who said what so I had better close. Nothing exciting going on here right now.

    So lets get the BBQ cookout going if any of you are free to do so.

    So, let's raise the flag and let's get going !!


  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I see it has been kinda quiet. But Linda is having a BBQ, I think that is cause to bring out the nuttery bipple and some amereto for Granni and some Absolute for Marta.

    Mrdad has the nuts covered, Rocky has the ice cream, which she should eat first so it doesn't melt.

    When I was a kid we use to go every Memorial Day for a cookout at my great grandpa's house, he lived to be 92 and drove to get his hair cut 3 days before he had a stroke.

    The kids were all in charge of crankin the old home made ice cream, ohhh it so good. I miss those days. The families got older, some moved or died and no more family picnics.

    That is the one bad side to being alone with no family to speak of, holidays are just another day now. But it is ok, I don't have to worry about anyone to take care of or pick up after.

    I want to ask how you all clean? Do you dust first then sweep or vac or the other way? I usually sweep the hard floors, dust then vacum. I dusted my bedroom on Fri, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad with all the paving and my mud hole is now a dust bowl.

    I don't have a large room, 12 x 14, queen bed dresser, and other furniture, so bascially it is just a path around the bed and the door way. I cleaned my filter on my vac first and what I got up was unreal. I have one of bagless vacs.

    I had to clean the filter again and vacumed the carpet again and got MORE dirt. But I was beat and gave up for the day. When I came home yesterday, you could write your name on my furniture! I do have the dark mahagony so it shows anything but it was bad.

    I like to leave the front door open and have a screen door to save on the AC bill but I don't know what to do about all the dust. Hopefully when I get more grass growing and the paving is done is will be better.

    I still need to vacum the rest of the house today. I am just taking a break right now giving my back a break. I stayed outside watering the yard until 9:30 and had to come in lay on my tennis ball. Then got up at 9 and have been at it all day.

    Yes it sucks that I have to wait until almost Sept for my shots. What gets me is I went to another pain clinic last summer for the same problem and they said there was nothing the could do for me because the MRI didn't show enough damage bone wise to cause me this much pain.

    He even felt the same tight band of muscle but sent me on my way anyway. He was a stuffy 3 peice suit kind of guy and had no bedside manner.

    The Dr I have now I love, he did mom's injections about 5 years ago, he is just a swetie so hopefully he can fix me.

    Annie how is Danny's face today, that is so cool he has a freind to visit. Can you really go jump in the lake? Is there a beach area to go to?

    Linda how bout you, aren't you close enough? How is your neck doing? Did hubby get your weeding done so you can enjoy your garden.

    Granni what a lovely pic of you and hubby, I didn't quite have you pegged as the lil ole granni from Red Riding Hood but you look fabulous darlin for 5 kids and 8 GKs, You just keep doing what your doing as it seems to be working for you. I do know what you mean by it's your turn now. That is how I have been feeling myself.

    Mickey have you got that pool open yet, we could come to your house for a cookout so we can swim to. I hope you have the NRG to get threw all the goings on that you have coming up.

    JOle I bet you are having a ball with all your grandkids, but glad when they go too :)You are so lucky to have them so close.

    Georgia sorry to hear that your spinning wheel is already giving your back a hard time. Maybe Mr M can figure out a way to rig it so you can do it without too much pain. I know how you love it. I hope you are enjoying your quiet weekend and that Mr M brings you lots of fish to cook.

    Bevy what are you into this weekend, still recovering from your trip last weekend?

    Rock i balance my check book on the computer, but it is only as good as the person that puts the info in the computer. But overall it really does make it so much easier.

    Mrdad glad you have a new buddy, that is very strange that he is the only squirrel in the whole park. Glad you had a good time with the lil guys.

    Marta you have been very quiet, did the tigers get you? I know how hard all of this has been for you. Why don't you invite your GD over to your place and let her help you with the painting of your door, would be a good experience for her.

    Is it bad that I just ate a 4 serving size of a Hersery's bar as I have been writting this? It was so good, they had them at the Dollar store. There is a great one not too far from me and I had to go return a cordless drill from the tool store that is in the same shopping center so went in and spent a few bucks.

    Well I have written a major novel and need to get up and get busy then take the girls for a ride/walk, my nieghbor helped me replace 2 batteries this morning so we should be able to take a nice ride and maybe get a few rocks.

    Hello to Elaine, Lacey, Monica, Sweetie and anyone else I have left out, I thing the chocolate kicked in, hehe. I hope everyone has a great, safe holiday- Take care-Carla
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hope you are all having a good Memorial Day weekend.

    I remember Memorial Days from when I was a kid, in the 40s and 50s. the main street in our village was two blocks long, and we had a parade that marched the entire length.

    I marched in the band, my brother marched w/ the boy scouts, and my dad marched w/ the American Legion. My mother watched. We never had too big a crowd of onlookers since most of the town was in the parade.

    The parade ended at our only park. Children would place wreaths over white wooden crosses, a trumpeter would play taps, and the firing squad would fire 3 volleys. Little boys would scramble to pick up the empty cartridges.

    then we would move to the adjacent High School auditorium where one of the three clergymen would preach, and the Lutheran Choir (the biggest and best) would sing Battle Hymn of the Republic.

    Folks who had not already visited the cemetery at the edge of town would drive out and clip weeds, leave flowers, etc.

    It was the same every year. May still be the same. Have not been back for Memorial Day in 50-some years.

    Gordon's oncidium orchid Turtle Back is blooming. It is hanging on the fence, mounted on a branch of driftwood.

    It is a small plant; the flowers are a clear yellow, about the size of a nickel. The name comes from the appearance of the flower. The spotted markings are on the back of petals. With all the other oncidiums, the marking are on the front.

    I hope you are happy w/ your markings, wherever they are.

    Hs and Ks


  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Joe I love that you feed the squirrel? My friend who died used to have tame squirrels come into her patio, they wouod even sit on her shoulder in the end. Glad you enjoyed your day with the lilones.

    Rock no I did not like Ma and Pa Kettle movies. They came from the movie The Egg and I, and people in that part of Wshington where she lived (the woman who wrote it) were really upset at how they were portrayed and then to have the Kettle movies on top!!!

    I heard a review of her work and it turns out she was living in Seattle when she wrote the book(s) due to having left her husband who was a wife beater. Lots of make believe I guess. We used to live near the Egg and I road in Washington.

    Thanks for laying on the BBQ Linda, and others for the goodies. I want to sling a hammock up if I may as I am jiggered, and I need some vegetarian food-oh I see you brought the tofu burgers for me, thanks!~!!

    Georgiac that is a cute pic of you, you look a lot like me when I dress nursey style!!!(LOL)

    Lin I just mailed you as I am worried about the meds etc, if you get time can you read? TX.

    The weather surely improved. We have been working on the cabinet sanding scraping-at that stage where we are sorry we ever started it.....

    Think I will rouse the troops and go out for a drive and walk.

    Love you all, Annie
  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well, didn't see the Squirrel at first when arriving at the
    Park. But it "Churped" at me from a tree branch to let me
    know it was there. Linda, this Park was one I grew grad-
    uationing from swings and slides to the baseball field! It's
    rather large for a neighborhood park at about 12 or 14 acres
    I would think. My Father was raised about block west of there
    where he watched the City burn down from his backporch in '06.
    The Park was a Cemetery when he was a Boy. Kinda' a "Boot Hill" as it overlooks half the City and the East Bay from
    the top! NEVER, saw a squirrel there and didn't think about
    it until I saw this one. It must have been releashed there
    after being nursed back to health somewhere else. There are
    a few Pine Trees with copious amounts of fresh cones forming
    and it will have plenty of food to find this Fall. It's still
    very young, however, less than a year I would guess.

    The 'Lil Guys may be in the City tomorrow to go boating for
    opening season in the Park. If energetic enough, I may try
    to go and meet the family there. Ya know what I'm sayin?
    Weather is very unsettled, mostly cool and foggy.

    Granni, I enjoyed the Pic of you and Hubby! Glad that the
    two of ya have so much fun and can make "light" of circumstances! Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Rocky, thanks for your written pictorial of an Americana
    moment! Your description was a written "Normal Rockwell"
    and equally as descriptive! Your poignant words give us
    pause! Thanks so much!! Do hope you and Gordon are having
    a peaceful, relaxing Holiday.

    Georgia, yes, you would LOVE the train ride! The train comes down on the side of the Bay not seen much via auto!
    A unique perspective! It can be boarded in Sac. or Davis.
    I would greatly enjoy meeting both you and Mr M.

    Well, the Martian Prob landed safely. What an amazing ac-
    complishment to travel all those miles and touch down safely! Congrats to all involved !!

    Better close this for today! Hope all have a restful and
    comfortable night!


  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, it will be a quiet day today. DH is playing golf. I got up late and am still in my PJ's. So, I had better get moving and get dressed at least.

    Before I forget, I wanted to mention that we will e leaving again for another casino in LA on wed morning and will be back on thursay probably late afternoon .. It is a new one that we hae been t once or so. So, I am not coundting on winning much tere. I will be surprised. However, one never knows, I suppose. If the machines are ready they will produce, if not forget it !! It will be a fun get away anywho.

    Hope everyone has a wonderul day to day and puts out their flags, etc. and remembers our service men and women, those who have and others now sacrificing for us.

    Blessins and hugs to y'all,

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    We were going to go out to eat tonight but one of our friends isn't feeling well, she caught her DH cold !! So, we are going to say hoome and make steaks on the grill. That is not to much work, I guess esp uf DH is doing them./. HOwever, I do the seasoning, marinatin g and all and the other stuff too. At least I now just cook mostly for 2 every day instead of 8 like I used to (- : !!

    I really should be doing something productive like cleaning the other blinds in the room that I hung up the first half of the curtains sometime ago. I did vacuum them but still have to get the sticky stuff off there that doesn't want to come off with the vac. I am just so achey and lazy (as er usual). Like I say, I do push myself - groan.

    Linda - Yes, we will be up brignt and early on wed a.m. if you want to come with us, c'mon down and come with us to the casino. However, be prepared for humidity and warm or should I say hot weather which has descended upon us. Hope your neck is feeling better too. Oh, I did see that it was doing OK but you need your epidural which you cannot have yet. Sorry about that !!

    Well, hope everyone is having a grand time with family , friends or just by themselves. Yes, for those alone we are thinking of you too, K?? I'll put on some extra steaks for you (-: !!

    Love to everydobby.


  14. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I am baking a Pina Colada Pound cake, and it is due out in a few mins.

    Carla thanks for asking about me, I am up to no good as

    I have finally recovered from last weekend, emotional stuff wears me out.

    We had people in from out of town. Thur-Sat. Yesterday we went down to Canyon Lake and spent the day on our friends boat. SOOOOOO much fun and so relaxing. No one got burned we had a plethera of 45 sunblock. We ate dinner at a marina we just docked the boat and in we went. The food was fabulous. The could have served bologna and it would have tasted like filet. Being on the water always makes things taste better.

    Today we are going to sils house we will lay by the pool and be even more lazy. I will take my book so I can finish it hopefully.

    I will leave cake for all of is a new recipe hopefully it turns out..

    Love to all,


    Oh I just want to add, Thanks to all that have friends, family serving our country....My sis and son serve.
    So here is to all of them......
  15. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Linda the parades were Saturday-why not on the day? We missed them but could hear them. We had to keep Danny out of the sun and he had a friend who has Fragile X around to play.

    The storm sounds bad and we too are thinking maybe we need to bring the pots under cover. Keeping an eye on it. Danny's face is very red and very swollen today and he is totally fatigued, I think it is the meds, we go to Buffalo tomorrow and see the endo and immuno docs.

    Hello to everydobby else and granni gambler-hope you win. You would like it here we have several casinos fairly close - ahuge one on an otherwise very scenic highway -Salmanca :Linda, have you ever seen that-talk about harmony with nature (NOT)however, we may go the back way to Buffalo for the cheap gas tomorrow as it is $4.05 here today.

    The sanding is going OK, six doors to go and none of them over 18 x 24, then the heat gun work to finish. Maybe by weekend we will be ready to paint. Danny turns 14 on June 2nd and is very happy about it. I think we will get him a new freestanding hoop although he already had a lot of gifts. We live close by a court in the park but this way he can be shaded better.

    Well, that's all ffffolks. Nice visiting with you.

    Rock I read your post on the other thread and so glad you are liking the blizzard of 1888 book. I did check my witting letters and would ya know, the ones for 1879 to 1889 are the mssing ones-maybe they got lost with the bad weather? I wil have to check if my MIL has that set she forgot to pass to me.

    Love to all, Annie
  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    It's hot here in MI today - 80 degrees and very humid after a 50 degree day yesterday - and tomorrow. It's nuts.

    I seem to be in a flare so I've been keeping a low profile. Cats are the same but I foolishly decided to try to switch sleep meds. NOT a good idea.

    I hope you all are enjoying this holiday day.

    Hugs to all, near and far,
  17. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I am pretty wore out, but I wanted to check in again before I go nighty-night.

    I love my in-laws, food was excellent as always, and the company pleasant. There were a lot more people than I expected, so it was a little hectic. We took our dog as we always do, and some of the cousins were afraid of him. So I had to keep a stern eye on him. I can see why some would be afraid he looks like a bruiser. All he really is, is one hundred forty pounds of pure loveableness (new word)
    He thinks he is a lap-dog.

    One of my sils rattled me a little. I am not sure if she knows that I have fm as I have never told her. I know that her husband knows, as he is very close to his brother, my dh.
    I ask how she is doing and I get "I think that I have that chronic fatigue thing, I am always tired." She continued to tell me that her friend has it and she has all of the same symptoms. I suggested that she see a dr. that maybe it isn't something as severe as me/cfs. Possibly hormonal, or dietary issues/vit. deficiency. Here is the kicker, "no I am just going to get put on Lyrica, because that will cure it." I told her good luck with that, and politly excused myself. DH said that he was surprised that I didn't educate her in a day in my life. I said that I didn't have to she doesn't need to know. Everyone else in his family knows. I am pretty close with both sis's and Mom.

    I know that I shouldn't get rattled over ignorance, but it does test me sometimes.

    I hope all had a great day, and I will post to all tomorrow..

  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope everyone had a good weekend.

    I worked in the yard and am seeing progress, once I get this part over it will be much easier to maintain.

    Monica you would be so proud, I actually have new grass growing, still have a long way to go but am getting there.

    Elaine where are you :-( I hope the bad neighbor guy didn’t kidnap you. Or off chatting with your new freind :)

    Rock Gordens orchid sounds beautiful, I just discovered I have 6 irises in my yard, they are on top of my hill, lived her 4 years have never seen them, so strange.

    Linda thanks for the burgers and chocolate cake, sorry I took the last piece :-O Yes, I did move dirt today. I actually use a hard hoe rake to bust the dirt clods from the bad part to the back yard and used to fill in the front yard patches. I have to admit I am addicted to my water hose, lol. I washed the front porch, the front of the house and the yards. I am using water as my weapon again to get my driveway back. You see half of it is buried a foot under the mud.

    Annie sorry to hear Danny is still having the swelling and redness, that must be so difficult for him to endure. When does he play his next round of chess?

    Georgia did Mr M bring some good catches home. I love to fish but haven’t done it in years., my ex and I had a small boat and had a beautiful place called Lake Anna to fish at.

    Mrdad does your park have a lake, there was this small park in VA that had a lake that rented the paddle boats, never did that one but drove past it 5 days a week for 4 years.

    Granni you are a class act lady, love the current pic in the black mini, great legs, you look taller then 5’5. I guess the dancing pays off. It is a shame you ladies don’t have room in one of yours house to practice in. Hope you win some bucks at the casino.

    Sweetie I hope you were able to have a nice holiday in spite of everything. How is your son doing. Don’t you overdo while trying to take care of him, he is a grown man, but when they hurt they are 5 again. ?

    Bevy I envy your weekend on the boat at Canyon Lake, is it part of the Grand Canyon? I spent my weekend ourdoors and had the 45 sunscreen too but keep sweating it off and now have a nice “farmers tan”.

    Marta sorry to hear your not up to snuff, anyone want to take that one one, what does it mean?

    I hope you get some sleep. Do you lock both of them out of the bedroom now?

    Rosie where are you, I hope in you garden enjoy it. I haven't been here much this last week, mostly now late a night then I got spammed, someone spammed hundreds of people using my address, I have 120 messages in my inbox to deal with. I have been thinking about, hopefully by the end of the week I should be able to slow down and take time to breath. I don’t know where all this is coming from but I am able to get up and do what I need to do everyday. It hurt’s but that is why they make meds. This yard is my last big project for the house. I have rebuilt this entire house and ignored the yard so it is a big job but I may have someone to take care of my back yard issue..

    Well I am about to nod off here so better sign off for now. Where is Lacey, monica, mickey, jole,jodie who else am I missing, well the brain has left the building and Twy now wants out too.

    So it’s nity nity for now and will see ya soom-Carla
  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    That was a joke Lin made about the lake....we both live very close to Lake Erie (I live less than two miles from the beach, but the ice is only just melted on it (it piles up in huge ice hills in the winter) and also the Great Lakes on this side are pretty poolluted. They do have a swimming beach or two but they are often closed due to EColi, also the lake does not really warm up till August and is still chilly then!!!

    I will be missing Borg Warner pool in Ithaca as they allow anyone over 50 to swim for $3 for an all season pass, and also the Finger Lakes, both very close to where we used to live. There are a couple of small lakes nearby but they are weedy and also high in coliform at times.

    I am sitting here gobsmacked as I called the eye doc early this morning to let him know Danny tested positive in bloods for ocular trachoma (that can and does lead to blindness) and the receptionist just called me back and said "the doctor does not need to see him." Gosh, why not? Well I guess I will discover the rest later on at the hospital, Lin and mrdad already know how fraught I am with worry over Danny's latest tests, plus back on the Doxy his face gets livid red within 30 mins of taking it and twice as swollen. I swear he has allergy to Doxy. They are good docs at Childrens Hosp.

    Will report in later today. All pray for us will you? I just hope I do not cry at the hosp. as I am in that crying jag today with all this.

    Lin what happened to the storm-it never happened and I did not water the plants expecting at least rain.

    Love to all Annie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, DH is gone now so I had better do my writing now
    (-: !! Had a nice but very quiet day yestday, which is a good thing. Have my small singing group today (that has the three of us gals that tap) BTW, there is apic of me tap dancing on my bio. It is probably about 2 or so years old, maybe a bit more. It was a copy of a copy so I can't tell. Sorry also that my face does not show up much in that one.

    Annie - So sorry to hear about the continuing problems for Danny. I am so sorry to hear it and hope he doesn;t have to wair long to see the doc. Yes, doesn't that drive you crazy when they dont tell you much over the phone and you have to WAIT and they acat like there are NO problems!!! Sorry that the Danny seems to be allergic to the Doxy. Is he supposed to keep taking it anyway and when is your next appointment?

    BTW, all the length is in my stride, if you know what I mean, not my legs. Someimes I can even wear petite pants.

    Linda - are you going to come with us gambling? If so be ready bright and early !! Hope you ae feeling OK today and had a nice weekend. I know it was mostly you and I yesterday on the Porch there for awhile.

    Bevy - So glad tht you got to get away on your friends boat. That is alot of fun I know !!We have gone out on frineds's boats and really love it too.

    Marta - Hope you can get your cats to behave themselves !! Geez, they sound like kids to me !!

    Mrdad - Hope you had alot of fun with the Lil Guys. I am sure you did especially since you sound like one yourself (-: !! That is like my dear Bro who I don't think eer wants to grow up. They are trying so hard to have children but it hasn't been woring. The are thinkking about fostering to adopt. RThey have gone through most of the process already.

    Jodie - Hope youa re doing well. I guess school is over or almost over. Hope yyou are doing OK. Are you taking any summer school. this year?? Stop by and let uskow how you ae doing when you can sweetie.

    Can't really think of anything else right now. May check in later. Howver we will be gone tomorrow and will b back on thursday afternoon, late most likely. I hope we win some $ as i really could use some with graduatiaons, brthdays and other things around here comoing up.

    Special hugs also to those who whve either been lurking in the bushes or out having fun !!. Hope all are feeling OK (or as much s could be expected shall we say.)

    Blessings also to Rock, Carla, Elaine, Georgia, Julie, Lacey, Joan etc. etc.