The Porchlight Vol 283 is KLOSED

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    Just a quick one so no one gets caught and I'll be back later! Carla
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    but can't stay. I am worn out and have one of those heavy fogged in head/eye thing going on. I am listening to the sycn diving on the Olympics and not the same as seeing it tho.

    Then I open my eyes to watch the slo mo.

    Georgia about MR M and his applications, wasn't he laid off due to lack of work in his business? That is what I would say, he should get unemployement or WC depending on his injuries.

    Elaine don't go chainging one thing about yourself- you got it?? We love you just like you are.

    Hello to everydobby and hope tomorrow is better. I had Dr appt, DMV stuff, Wallies, load -unload, so I am done for today-Carla
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    I'm at the tailend of the last vol. in case you want to read it.

    ELAINE: Please read the bottom ov Vol. 282!!!!

    Talked to daughter for long time tonight so ready to finally relax. Got E-mail from DIL and said all 10 men in the wedding party are coming to local golf course to play on Fri. before reheasal. I replied "do they wwant lunch" and she answered "How sweet you to offer!!!!!!!!!"" Oh my, I stuck my foot in my mouth. I hope her answer is negative.

    Talk later!!!

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    I can feel a down episode coming on....the calf muscles are tensing, the whole body chest area seems tight and it seems like a heavy cloak of lassitude is swamping my whole body and feeling downright sad.

    Those dag blasted chemicals in the glands going out of whack again.

    Im either PMS ing badly or its the effect of the approaching Full Moon (16th Aug Monday).

    Also the cold has gotten a little worse after appearing to get better.

    I have a function attending prayers ceremony of aunt who passed 3 weeks ago coming up and had even gone and gotten a new Tibetan outfit to be made to the tailor...i hope my body allows me to attend. The fact that i wasnt dressed traditionally at the last two prayer ceremonies when all my clothes were inside the locked cupboard with lostkeys didnt go unnoticed among senior members of aunts family. I spent most of my time explaining.

    Daughter is away spending two weeks with her cousin at another place before she makes her way to her own college and states she is too busy to be missing us....she expects to start when she is actually ensconsced in her college and begins studies.

    Here i am finding it deadly quiet already...and so is the hubs. Our son is too into his own life to find much of a difference. I wonder whether my present miserable feeling is showing clearly on my face, my son has asked me "Mom, you okay?" for the third time now...since yesterday. I want him to feel secure and feel he has a happy home...oh misery.
    But how to look happy when you are feeling as lively as a drowned rat?

    Oh Carla - i looked at the utube video of your two girls running along and also the other one - the "what the plant is this"? and the one where athletic brown doggie chases you and Twy and friend. That brown doggie looks like he should join the Olympics..what ferocity and speed! That countryside is beautiful. Lucky you.

    My son has come and has given me five mins to get off the computer because he has to do his assignments so i will close now...

    hi to lila, texangal, georgia,mickey, elaine and everybody else who dropped in and are yet to come by....

    God Bless
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    Good morning Porchies. Last night at 7 I went down to the office and started to post and guess what??? Yes, it went poof. Well I gave up. Here at work I have a curvy keyboard and at home it is a straight across keyboard and I am not used to it, so I always press the wrong button.

    I was so proud of myself for posting to you guys on a weeknight (which I never do). Oh well, the thought was there.

    Carla - Thanks for getting us going on 283, WOW, only 17 more Volumes until the big 300. I see another Party in store for all of us. I can’t wait.

    Elaine - you better not act your age on the porch, only if necessary. You wouldn’t be “Elaine” if you did. I am sure you act 50 when you need too (LOL), just kidding, I know you are ONLY 42. You are just a baby. My hubby is only 42 too. I married a younger man, well 11 months younger.

    Georgia - Pork ribs sounds delicious, yummy. Maybe we will have Mr M bring those to the party to celebrate the big 300.

    Lilclover - You can say DURN anytime you want. My Grandma used to say that all the time (that was the closest she ever got to a bad word) and we would just laugh at her because it was so cute. So how long have you and DH been married? By the way, I think you are so DURN cute, I love your posts.

    My Dear Granni - Sometimes I think I am getting paid back for all the bad things I did when I was a teenager with Lindsay now. LOL. I know that is not true, but I do feel guilty sometimes. Of course I would never let her know that nor tell her anything I ever did at the age (maybe when she is much older).

    By the way EVERYBODDY, my hubby, me and Lindsay last night all sat down and had a heart to heart talk with Lindsay. We were hard on her, but yet compassionate and we laid down the law. At the end Lindsay broke down and cried and cried and we all hugged and we told her how much we love her and that we would never give up on her. It was very heartbreaking, but it was good that she did this. I just hoped that she learned from this and that this will be it for the bad bad things to happen.

    She is to ride the bus to and from school until further notice, without any stops in between (LOL). She has made her own extra chores, which hubby and I agreed upon. She is without a cell phone/ipod/computer until further notice, except for homework of course and she had to apologize to her friend’s mother and her friend.

    Well I am glad that is over.

    BEVY - that is so wonderful about your son, I would do the same thing. He sounds so much like Ashley at that age. I remember running back and forth for all the activities. Music is so good for kids, I really believe that it helps with learning and that most kids that are in music are very smart. Ashley plays piano and flute, she was never in the band in high school, because of all the other things she had going on. She used to be in competitions for playing the flute and has lots of trophies. I am so happy for you, and I am so glad your son has you for a Mom. Way to go.

    Well, I will come back a little later I have to get something done for the boss.

    Love ya all,

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    Well, I have been kind of laying back and doing little things to get ready for the trip. I have a bunch of stuff all around the room that I might want to bring. I guess I should start trying to get stuff into the bag . Alreasdy did the small carry on which we will probably check so the rest of the bags will go to the cruise. The people in charge of the land tour will keep our bags to save, so we do not have to drag them everywhere. The count down is on. Have we ever decided who all is going to travel in DH's suitcase??? It might be awfully crowded in there.

    Springwater - so sorry you are feeling down. I know I really never have any energy either. I know you will miss your daughter when she goes to collge and hope she is enjoying her pre college trip. School will start soon enough for her.

    As JUlIE mentioned, perhaps you could tke on some ind of hobby or something that is alot of fun for yu (that is not very strenuous) . That will keep you busy and happoier. I am not saying you will not miss your daughter or it wil take away al your blues and give you loads of NRG but it will heip. I do not know what I would do without my singing. I sing for church choir , the County Choral Society and a very small group in our area that sings for Nursing homes, church groups, assisted living homes, ladies groups and the like. I am older and my kids are all gone ( I had 5 so when they left little by little I did not really miss them that much). I also felt so badly that I was happy for some peace and quiet. Yes, I try to smsile and be happy most of the time even if I hurt . It has been going on so log a anyway (about 25 years or so) so I am sort of used to it and a fairly good faker. As you also know people think you look good too. My doc even said to me yesterday I look good. I am not sure that if that is good or bad (-: !! Maybe I should cry and complain more.

    Please know that I know a lot of what you are feeling but think of maybe somethings that you can or might be able to pursue or do , even if it is occasionally that might help take some time and boost your spirit. I truly have called my singing MY THERAPY and it truly is. Good lucky to you sweetie and your daughter going to colege. I only wish my grandson would be going to collged. He is 18 and hasn't a clue of what he wants to do. That is aother long story. Oh BTW, after your kids get married you will then worry about your grandkids !! It never stops but try and start focusing some on yourself hon. You are a sweet and wonderful gal with great kids. Start thinking about yourself for a change. Special hugs to you !!

    Elaine - Yes, I can see why Rock and others might think you are closer to 12 than 42 (-: !! However, we do love you alot anyway and don't want you to change. No wonder you didn't want us to find out your real birthday and your age (-: !! Howevewr, as Julie said don't change a thing about yourself. Also, somehow I do not think you would be able to act age appropriate, quiet and shy for very long !!! However as I said WE don't really want you to change. We want you to bontinue to be YOU !!! That is why we do love you.

    Georgia - how did your visit with the lawyer go, or is it today? So sorry that Mr. M still isn't feeling up to par. Hope he starts feeling better soon.

    Julie - Hope you are resting some, even just a little bit. It seems like you never have the time to with everyone around. I couldn;t do what you do anymore. I did but now to old and feeling like - - - - to wait on everybody,. However, when the kids come over I try not to show how yucky I really feel alot of the time. However, they do try to help out and bring food or some of it when they come.

    Joan - I read what was on the last volume yesterday but now I forgot what you said. I am sorry. Yep, I guess you did put your foot in your monuth that time. I hope you do not have to cook lunch for 10 men. When is the wedding and did you ever find the the shoes to match the dress (sort of( ?? I know frustrating that cn be and I don't have a large foot. The typoes of shoes they show (many of them) are not necessary agae appropriate shall we say. I can wear them but they either feel uncomforatable or I am afraid of falling out of them and I don't need to fall with my osteoporosis.

    So glad you are back to visiting the Porch again. We really missed you. Yes, I know what you mean when it seems like you are doing all the giving and helping. Then , it doesnt always get appreciated or it doesn't seem so from what they say or don't say. Men aren't always very sensitive. I am sure he loves and appreciates you but finds it hard to say it or put it into words many times, esp if they don;t feel well. Then they (many men) are thinking about themself, and that includes my DH as well !! He is an only child. Need I say more. I still love him though even I want to strangle him at times. Try not to let it get you to down sweetie.

    Carla - I know you are being so busy and sorry that you are feeling foggy headed and such with so much to do. Thinking of you. Please take it easy on yourself, if you can do that (-:!!!

    Texangal - How are you doing? Hope you are continuing to feel better and dropping the pounds as we speak (-: !!

    Well everydobby I have to run and do something. There is so much to do.

    Hugs to everyone that I haven;t addresses today and know that I am thinking about you ALL !


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    Thanks for the kind words....I actually welled up.

    I have lots to do today, I have already done a load of laundry, fed the pets, inc dh. I have to go enroll my son, show proof of address, fill our dr cards and stuff like that.

    I have to vacuum, and that is the killer chore for me, well that and mopping. Oh wait laundry hurts also. I guess I could go on and on, and get nothing done at all.

    For dinner tonight I am making pork chops, fried potatoes, green beans, and homeade applesauce.

    I hope you enjoy dinner plenty for all.

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    MMMMMMM, you are making me very very hungry. Oh, I wish I had time to cook meals like that during the week. Well, I guess I could, it would just be 7:00 before we would eat, so I shouldn't have any excuse.

    No really, It is 11:00 here and I am starving. I love pork chops, green beans and applesauce. It all sounds wonderful.

    Mopping is my worst chore for me too. I did that on Sunday or was it Saturday ( i cant remember ). It takes a couple of hours for me to do because I have to take so many breaks. It is a huge area that I have to mop as our hearth room and kitchen is compined. I do it about once a month so it isn't too bad.

    We all take our shoes off when we are home so that helps a lot too. Of course I don't have our guests do that just us family.

    Well you have a good day too Bevy and all you wonderful porchies.

    I am going to go to lunch in a bit.
  9. fibromickster

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    I just received my 3 month shipment of the supposed to be generic Effexor (venlafaxine). Usually it is 25.00 for the 3 months.

    Well, they sent me 270 of the name brand Effexor XR instead. I called and they stated that was what the prescription was for.

    Well my question is?? I know you are or were taking this. Is this different than the generic and it also sais to tak 3 75mg a day. That seems like an awful lot. I thought I would ask you first before I call the doctor and have to go through all the hoopla to get an answer. It was also 87.00 for the 3 months instead of the normal 25.00.

    I am also afraid this is going to make me feel really loopy. I am used to taking 2 75mg of generic version.

    Thanks and sorry to be a pain.

  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Your former job sounds so so much like mine and we go to an annual Las Vegas convention too (well I only went twice). Hmmmm I wonder. Was yours a commercial real estate company too????

    My bosses do the same with me, they tell me to write a letter to so and so and I just do the letter myself and of course have them sign it unless they are not here then I sign for them and put my initials by it.

    I love love my job too and there is so many different things to do so it is definetly not boring. As a matter of fact I was in a meeting yesterday with all the bosses and they would say Mickey, put on the calendar to remind us of so and so. So after the meeting I come directly to my desk and start working on what happened in the meeting because I don't want to forget anything.

    I also make all travel arrangements, take care of the maintenance of this building we are in and assist in about 80 shopping centers. I also prepare lease agreements, terminations, etc...... well you get the picture. My title is actually property manager assistant, but it goes way way beyond that.

    I feel like I am putting a resume together right now. LOL.

    Even though I love my job I still wish I could go part time and I would in a heartbeat if I could. I hate working full time. Maybe if we sell 1/2 of our properties I could do this. LOL We can only hope.

    Last summer we would work 7 -5 and then get off on Fridays at noon, however, they didn't do that this summer, which I wish they would have. It was nice leaving at noon on Fridays.

    Since we aren't a very big company though, we do get off on extra days and they let us go early on Fridays sometimes, like 3.

    Well porchies, kind of slow this afternoon. Where are you all. I just had a chicken salad and a roll for lunch, oh and I brought some plums (3 of them), plums are my favorite fruit.

    Catch ya later.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Taking a break from trying to figure out what I am going to bring on this trip, washing, etc, so I thought I would stop by again this afternoon. Just got back from lunch with DH who took me out to an new Mexican food plate. Yuumm !! Boy tht could put the pounds on really quick . Thatis what I need before this cruise. I did get 2 enchiladas tho instead of 3 (-) !! Of couarse that came with rice and beans too. OINK !! Now I hae lots of gas but it was worth it.

    Elaine - Hmmm, that is interesting about what "John Smith" wantas to talk to you about. That would drive me crazy when someone wants to talk about something serious. If they say that, they need to blurt it out right way. I guess he wanted to talk to you in person , I suppose. Hope all goes well kiddo. Sounds like you have been busy with your resumes ! Good luck with that too. Hopefully you can get just the job that is right for you - without being to hard on you, and just the right hours.

    Mickey - I think I was editing my post when you came on the first time today. So I didn't say hi to you - sorry. Your job sounds really interesting with lots of responsibiilty which is a gaood thing I guess but could cause stress at times, esp. if you were not feeling really well. BTW, you are not being a pain !!

    You need to check that out with the doctor. It seems like to much in strength. Of course it being the brand name is something else to but I don;t think the mg came out the same . I just glanced at it really quicky and don;t remember for sure. You have to be very careful with that.

    Something like that happened the other day with my DH perscription for b/p meds. We usually get it mail order. However, we need some quick and so got some from the local pharmacay that did not have it in stock. It came a day later and it was very different looking in shape, etc. So, before I called the pharmacy I looked only and found pics of certain drugs and sure enough this was one of the different (versions) put out by different drug companies. It may be fine but I would check on it. Also, I hate that when you ask for generic and you the brand name and it is so much more expensive.

    Have that with my b/p meds. I do not have a choice. Both have to be brand name and they don;t have anything else in generic ,. My doc tried to give me a change in drug that might be generic. Well they did not have it (WM) and I looked online where weI get ours mail order and it was the same price as my other med. $90 but at least it is for a 3 mo supply. It could be alot worse but when you take a bunch of meds it surely adds up.. DH is only on one prescription and it is generic. Mr, I take the paharmacy it seems like !!

    Pass mw a plum will you. It sounds really good after that Mexican food. I am so thirsty !!

    Bevy - can I cvome to dinner to tonight. That sounds really good. BTW, how do you cook your prok chops. I seem to make mine the same all the time and am looking for some alternate but not to difficult versions (-: !!

    Hi again Julie and Springwater !!! Hope to get on again later if I can. Hope you are both feeling a little better.

    Hugs and blessings to all the porchies hiding in the bushes and elsewhere !!


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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sorry, Kiddo. Can't help ya. Too ignorant about drugs.

    I took Effexor for years, but it was very expensive: $419 a bottle. That was ok when I had Kaiser coverage, but once I retired, I had to pay the freight myself.

    I argued w/ my dr. about getting a new Rx. He was a GP, and was afraid to prescribe something new.

    Finally went to see a psychiatrist. Paid him a hundred dollars for a prescription. (He wouldn't take Medicare. Probably not reporting his income to the tax people.)

    Anyway he told me he was prescribing a generic for Effexor called Citalopram. But when I looked up Citalopram, it said it was generic for Celexa.

    Anyway I have been lucky. Over the last quarter century or so I have taken lots of antidepressants. They all worked. The only one that caused side effects was Prozac which put my sex drive in park.

    I don't know enough to tell you about dosage. My doc frequently gave me sample packages of Effexor that had pills with 3 different dosages. I took one pill, and if that didn't do the trick I took another later in the day. Didn't pay much attention to the dosage. Just went by how I felt.

    I 'spect the safe thing is to talk to the doc if you can actually get ahold of him/her.

    We certainly don't want you loopy.

    Have to rush off to the library book sale. Back later.

  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Yes, the best thing is to call the doc, although sometimes she forgets things and doesn't write things in her "book" and automatically tells her nurse to just tell me yes, that is what she want me to do.

    However, I know this is not right. They are probably closed now so this will be on my to do list for the morning.

    Are you sure you don't want me any more loopier than I am already, LOL.

    Well, in anycase, I guess I can't return it since it was a mail order so I will probably just take 2 a day (what I was taking previously on the generic), plus I don't think I need to go up in mg. I am pretty much doing fine in the anxiety part of the FM.

    However, once Ashley leaves in, oh my gosh, only 6 days I am sure I will need it much much more. So it may be a good thing she upped it. LOL.

    Well gang it is 4:30 and almost done for the day.

    Pretty soon Linda, you are going to say TGIF to me. I like when you do that.

    Lydia, I am glad you are giving some of your responsibilities to others, you need a little break. You must be a busy girl today, we haven't heard much from you. I hope you are okay dokay.


    That is the one thing nice about working, I am right by a computer 8-10 hours a day (minus weekends)and can chat with you all whenever I want.

    By the way Elaine, when I started working for this company it was a big big mess. I would work all hours of the night and weekends to get this place straightened up, and fortunatley for me the recognized that and have been very good to me here. Anyway, now that it is organized and straightened up here, my overtime days have ended, THANK GOD!!!! I do here and there stay late if I need to and I don't mind, but it is not very often.

    Love you all

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am back from the library. Got a few paperbacks. Good Grief! 90% of the paperbacks they have for sale are Romances. You should have to have a license to read those things.

    I am very much afraid many women think they contain an element of truth. Wake up and smell Reality, Honey. Those things are fantasy. If you expect your romance/marriage/life to be like that, you are in for a lot of disillusionment.

    This computer is on the warpath. Couldn't get on line at all yesterday. Sometimes I couldn't even play solitaire. AT&T is sending someone from the goon squad tomorrow. I asked Gordon what was the point.

    They were here 6 times last year and accomplished nothing. just blamed all our troubles on the nearby Mexican radio station. Funny, they didn't mention that when we signed up for their crummy service.

    Gordon says maybe we should get cable. I thought we HAD cable. This modern world is too much for me. Can't tell what's going on. Much of what I see looks like stupid, self-destructive behavior on the part of governments, businesses, individuals, etc.

    The world is changing too much, too fast. It used to take centuries for change to spread: like double entry bookeeping which was invented during the Renaissance by the Medici; or the wheelbarrow which was invented during the building of Notre Dame; or the improved plow from 1000 years ago which enabled more land to be plowed, thus more food, thus more people, thus towns grew to cities.

    But these changes took centuries to spread across Europe. They didn't come rat-a-tat-tat like bullets from an uzi.

    Now, well, you know what goes on now.

    Yes, Elaine, I had age 12 in mind. Serially you remind me of a fellow I met when I was in jr. High. He is still just as silly and full of life as he was when we were roommates in college. Staying kinda goofy has kept him young mentally and always ready for a good time.

    Like you, he was also serious and responsible at the right moments. Retired when in his 50s. Is a Lt. Colonel in the reserve Air Force.

    Joan, read your post(s) on the last volume. Good thing you didn't ask, "Will they all want a new car?"

    Annie, any progress to report with Danny? I hope he is feeling better.

    Well, I am typing this on the board and not in my mailbox. Better quit before it all goes poof.

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  15. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    To answer some questions!

    My grandson's weddingis Saturday! Our son is picking us up after thaat big golf game and taking us to the Courtyard where maqny are stayi8ng. Then we go to rehearsal and to the pizza dinner.!!!! The next day at 1 p.m is the wedding and the reception is at 6 p.m. I don't know why theyu do that....Maybe that was the only time available at the reception hall.

    No I did not find new shoes. I have some black sandals and a black beaded p\little purse (I used it for another grandson's wedding. They seem to go together OK.

    On Sun. or Mon. we send our granddaughter and DH and our 2 precious greawt-grandchildren to their new home in North Carolina. I think that will bring lots of tears from several of us, esdpecially her mom.

    I have felt awful today. I went to a Seniors potluck and sat verhy still. I took a nap when I got home and feel better now except my back and tailbone. Have felt a luittle loopy too. Didn't tell DH as he would worry so just say "I'm fine".

    My eyes are giving me lots of problems. I just can't read very well and when I GET IN FROM SUN, SEE A BIG SPOT. Thank goodness I have anm appt. with my eye dr.Hubbyu has one too. Hope I need new glasses that will help.

    I also have a tooth that I think might be giving me fits. Have a cavity and it hurts.

    Now I have told you all my trials and trbulations so will get my nightgown on.

    Hope to talk again tomorrow but if I don't you know it is because I am celebrating the big day for my grandson and new bride (just love her aleready) Thefre will be a dinn er and dance - no alcohol except for the toast) As for the dancing----hubby can not dance with his walker - can you chuckle at that sight - me with a cane and him with a walker----. LOL If a grandson might happen to ask me I will just stand still and go back and forth. Another chuckle LOL Used to go to big name bands back in the old days for dances.

    I thought I started to say GN a bit ago. So----take care and I will be back with stories to tell.

    God Bless,

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Wanted to report feeling much better than yesterday; I did some the night and got enough energy to go take a bath...before that i was sweaty and hot but my legs refused to take me to the bathroom...

    I also had a rather sound sleep without waking up too many times....usually i wake at least twice....

    we spoke to my daughter on phone; she is getting to know the new place she is at her cousins and has learnt how to use the buses to get around and is going around shopping and sightseeing. She said her cousin is giving a cokctail party on Saturday and she helped write out the invitations; the dress code is black and red and she is supposed to stay at the door and not let in anyone who hasnt abided by the dress code...hmmmmm...Im sure she was joking....and cocktails? I hope non alcoholic, cousins parents will fall down in a fit if she so much as takes a sip of beer. They are so conservative where women are concerned.

    Julie - thank you for your concern....altho i miss my daughter and have started getting episodes of anxiety when thinking of her I by and large am glad she is away from my depressive self. My lassitude is part of my disorder i think, and it rears its ugly head every once in a while in a more severe form than usual.

    I think you are feeling the effects of stress which have built up during the very very busy and tiring changes you have made in a short period of time.....a complete life change sort of, but what a worthy cause......its not everyone can gather up the courage to do what you are doing.....God Bless You for putting thoughts of yourself behind and putting others less fortunate than yourself ahead....I find sometimes wonderful people are challenged more than usual....i wonder if it is a test or what? Can you concentrate on destressing yourself by whatever means and see how that goes? Simple breathing exercises etc.

    Bevy - I missed reading your post on the previous porch since it came in at the end so i went back and read it.....congratulations on your daughters engagement!!! and also how wonderful for you to have a son with musical talents and be there in the midst of his activities. I know my heart would have burst with has always been a dream for me to have a child who can play keyboard, guitar os something but .....alas...neither of them do....

    Joan - Best wishes on your grandsons wedding! Wow..sometimes i wonder if i will live to see somethng like that....with all the aches and pains and mysterious ailments i go thru I think i may pop off before i get the opportunity.

    I too hope you dont get stuck cooking lunch for 10!!! But what an occasion! With FM it sometimes is more than a task getting lunch for oneself, never mind 10...!

    Also sending off granddaughter and family to a new place, well certainly this time of your life is going to be emotional! Best wishes to them too!

    Granni - thank you for all your advice...wen i read yor posts i want to be like you when im older and possibly a granni myself...I want to be all over the place, visiting my grandkids, being with friends, taking part in something or other ( I dont hav the courage to sing, so cant do that)and maybe taking a cruise (that boggles my mind)...I hav never been on a big boat...and never for more than couple of hours at a time on a small one. I think for someone with no energy at times, you do pretty durn good. Lila, dont mind, Ive borrowed your 'word',lol!

    Mickey - glad you got that over with...its always draining, having to settle disciplinary issues with kids. All those did sound hard on her...but one has to be i guess, so she doesnt forget. Poor Lindsey. Ah the pains of growing up. Try not to worry too much. You and your husband care so much about your kids, i know they both are going to turn out just fine....

    Rockgor - LOL! Why the rant against Paper back romances....they have mesmerized generations of women over the decades....I remember being so hooked onto Denise Robins and Barbara Cartland in my school days....there was no tv then....back and forth back and forth, me and my friends used to trade paperbacks all the time, put them in the school books and read them during lunch break; hahaha.

    Yes, the changes are too fast now... we need a time machine ....turn back the clock and go back maybe into 1890s...was that a good time? I just dont want to die of the consumption tho, when did they invent the vaccine?

    Okay the porch page i posted on MS Word so i could refer to it just disappeared, and i cant remember who said what now....

    hmmmm....aaah Elaine....Mr Smith wants to have a serious talk with you? Sounds exciting and slightly nervous making at the same time....good luck!

    Georgia...hope Mr M gets better soon....and that things proceed smoothly....I didnt get who exactly has dementia....but your doggie seems to be having a good time getting fed so many times a day, lol. I hope you were joking bout the dementia tho..

    Hello to all porchies I may have missed and who are passing by and looking in....

    God Bless

    [This Message was Edited on 08/13/2008]
  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I skimmed all TWENTY TWO posts so I'll try to keep mine short-ish.

    Georgia, maybe Mr. M. is very stressed out by the job situation. Stress sure effects me in a demented way. We'll cross our fingers.

    I see that Elaine had a birthday and is looking for a job. Are you very very sure about that?? I suppose so. Anyone would be fortunate to hire you.

    "Lila Clover" has herself a big job cooking for ten. I think I'd try to order out. MacDonald's anyone? Naw..... I suppose not.

    Springwater's trying to get used to her daughter being gone. Good luck with that - even after twenty years, I still miss my sons. The trick is keeping very busy for awhile, if you're able.

    Meanwhile, Mickey and her hubby laid down the law. Rock? I wonder where that saying comes from? I applaud your parenting skills, Mickey. And good luck with the brand-name Effexor. You'd think for the price it would be three times as good.

    Granni's planning another trip. Have big fun, Marilyn. I never knew anyone who went and did as much as you. I applaud your enjoyment of life.

    Bevy: yes! vacuuming is the hardest thing I do, too, and it's pending. Grocery shopping is up there, but I enjoy that a bit. Nothing to enjoy about vacuuming except being DONE - until the next time. Glad your ear is better.

    Hey Rock, good to hear you sounding so much better. And yes, we have far too many choices these days. I'm very happy with a choice between two kinds of whatever. Ten makes my eyes cross and my head hurt.

    Carla, you did your usual good job of turning on the light. Thanks for being on the ball. wink, wink.... I'm getting as punny as MrDad....

    It's still tired around here so I'm getting a lot of naps. I'm also going to try to make sure I cut way back on carbs again. They creep up there when there's a lot of stress. Good old comfort foods...... Of course, as I told some friends, it's going to be hard work eating them all up so I can go without.... ;>) The little girls (Carla has the big girls) are getting along a tad better now and then - until Sophie decides not to. She still smells Honey's breath and wants some of the "good" food.

    Hint for the day: If anyone is thinking about changing banks and you have CFS, think again.

    Today the hugs are purple (and plum in honor of Mickey) so you have a choice. They're nestled in that big white wicker basket there by the steps. Help yourself.

  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Good morning Porchies - I feel so cheery this morning. I don’t know why, maybe it is the new medicine my doctor gave me, however, instead of 3, I only took 2 just to be on the safe side until I hear from her. But even so, the way I am feeling right now, 2 is plenty and I will probably just stick to that.

    ROCKO - You are too funny, didn’t you know that women can dream and pretend that their spouses/boyfriends are from the old romance novels. LOL However, boy, can you imagine having a spouse like that in those books. I think I would die a happy woman. LOL

    I am the same way about what we have in regards to cable, direct tv, at&t, etc.... Boy, if my hubby would ever pass, I would not know what to do. I probably should sit down with him and go over everything. He pays the bills also, online, etc.... , I don’t even know half of our savings, etc.... that we have. I always hated doing that kind of stuff. When we were first married 18 years ago (wow), I used to do all the bills, however, as I got older, my memory started to fade already and I would mess the checkbook up so bad. So he took over, which I was happy about.

    JOAN/LILCLOVER - Oh, you are going to have so much fun seeing your whole family at the wedding and by the way, I think that would be awesome if you and hubby go out on the dance floor with the walker and can. Everyone would love it and they would cherish that forever to see how much in love you too are. So I think you should make hubby go out and dance with you.

    I hope you get to feeling better, and boy, I have to say, when I am your age I sure hope I have your wit and intelligence. With all my problems that I have, I just hope I am able to still be here when I have great grandchildren. You amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GEORGIA - I am sorry you lost your post, I hate when I do that. I always feed Jack in the morning before work and when I get home from work. That way i never forget. Plus I can tell the way he acts when it is feeding time. However, sometimes on the weekends I forget if I fed him or not, but usually he will let me know. LOL

    SPRINGWATER - I am glad you are feeling a little better. I also wake up so many times during the night, and I hate that. I will lay in bed and not want to get up to go to the bathroom and that makes it worse. I should get up right away and go so that way I am not awake longer.

    As you know, we are taking my oldest to college on the 19th. I really don’t know how I am going to deal with this, well I do know I am going to be a basket case. However, she is only going to be about 2 hours away so she will be able to come home often, I hope. How far away is your daughter from you at college?????? Hopefully not to far.

    Yes, my little one is getting a lot of punishments. This is not the first time she has done something wrong. She snuck out of the house a few months ago and was grounded for a month for that incident. So, apparently the grounding didn’t work so this time we had to add much more. Hopefully, this one will work. There is a pattern with her, it keeps getting worse and worse and it has to STOP RIGHT NOW. So she deserves everything she gets. I know I am being hard on her but I feel she needs it. I do believe she will turn out just fine and that she is going to grow up to be something special and do good in her life. But parents have to nip it in the butt at an early age.

    LYDIA - I am glad you are “chilling out”, you deserve and need it and I am so glad that you have Den in Lindsay to help/and understand.

    I love what you said, “I do believe that the more one tries to do for God, the harder the enemy works to cause trouble”. That couldn’t be any truer. That evil one will do anything to change your mind. You have to be a strong/faithful person to not let him in your life. That is the key.

    Well, this is a book, and i really need to start working, LOL.

    Elaine I can’t wait to hear what John Smith wanted to talk to you about, that is if you want to tell us.

    Love you all, and have a great day.


  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Sorry I have been mia but I have been "smelling the roses" so to speak. I had worked quite a bit on the computer tryin to "organize" the pis and files so when I transfer it to the new computer, hopefully I can find it all.

    Then yesterday took a walk on the logging road with the girls, piddled in my shed, some cleaning in the house and just relaxing.

    I did cook baked spagehetti and invited David to dinner and let him wash some clothes as he got a job for a lawn service under the table to get some money before he has his surgery on the 25th. I hope he is able to do it as he is going crazy doing nothing, has worked hard since he was a young boy, was raised that way. You don't find many like him anymore.

    We are just freinds, he still have feelings for the woman that he spent all of his money on, plus she helped herself to some too. He is just very confused as they had a 3-4 month phone relationship and then when he moved here, they did have a lot of good times, talks and such but she fell off the wagon so to speak and he told her he wouldn't put up with a pill taker and she was fine for a good while, then she started taking them again, then he realize his money was gone so he broke up with her. Now he is seeing her again and giving her a ride home from work as she has not transportaion. I have tried to help him understand addictions and more than likley she is not going to change as she was fired last week from a hotel, she was a cleaning lady, for being drunk in one of the rooms. I do feel for the poor guy because we all know that "love is blind"

    He has been helping me with things around here and I do need it, so I pay him some and feed him in return. But I am not looking for anything else.

    I have just been staying busy enough to keep my mind busy. I have mentioned that the 200 acres across the street is being cleared for housing, so I made a path from the road to the logging road, about 100 ft, the dogs made it actually but it is steep at one point, so I took a shovel and made some "steps" out to the hill so I can just go there and watch the sunsets. I have taken some beautiful pictures. I will post one in a little while.

    I am starting to feel more like myself so am just going to enjoy and not not push so hard. I also have been watching the olympics, May-Walsh volleyball, sync diving and of course Phelps swimming.

    Mickey I am glad you have worked on a punishment plan for Lindsey, it does seem like she is aware of how serious her mistake was. We do have to let them make their own mistakes but it is hard on the parents, but we did the same things too,

    Granni have you got all those bags packed yet? Did you buy a pair of "long johns". They make some cute ones for us ladies, that would be your best bet to stay warm, then just layer. I have a pair I wear in the winter when I walk or take the girls for a ride.

    Springwater I hope your spirits are lifted today, I know you don't want your children to see you when you are down, out sometimes we do need to share with them openly and help them understand it is not their fault. Instead of protecting them, educate them so they can educate others and if they meet the "right one" one day and the that person has a "hidden" illness then they would have more understanding and compassion for that person. This is just my personal opinion.

    Geogia- oh my Mr M may have demenita? Did this start before his injury? COuld it be his meds? Oh I hope it is just stress from all he has been threw. Well. at least Urs has enjoyed her extra feedings. Hope you are taking care of yourself too.

    Elaine what happened with Mr Smith last night. Good luck with the resumes too.

    Joan I hope you have a wunderfull time at your son's wedding and I would dance with my cane, maybe a slow dance with hubby, you couls stand with your but up against the inside of the walker and he could have one arm on you and one on the walker :)

    Bevy boy I haven't had pork chops in a long time, have you ever had stuffed porck chops, hmmmmmmm good, diced apples, dressing and I can't remember what all but they were good. Sounds like you son is doing great in band.

    Mrdad- did you find Peggy yet? I am sure she there waiting for the pool to freeze.

    ROck you are so funny. Just how many books do you read in a week? How do you find the time. I still have 3 art magazines I haven't got to yet. Are the kitties still around?

    Julie- I do hope you are getting some rest. How does the move affect your plans to remain in the cabin now. Won't Amy be alone with Keira in the big house now? I do hope things will calm down for you and you get back to your perky, happy self soon.

    Well I have blathered on enough and need to get up and move, my legs were aching this moring, probably from my walk yesteday. I hope everydobby is having a great day and hello to awl I didn't mention- Carla
  20. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I am making a couple of apple pies, my back has given me some relief today.

    So apple pie for all.

    I will catch everyone on the flip side.