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  1. ckball

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    We are moving closer each day to our big 300th Party!

    Hope no one got caught-Carla
  2. Granniluvsu

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    Well here it is late this afternoon. I haven't done a whole lot other than try to figure out what I am going to take and then help DH get his stuff or most of it in the suitcase. Oh, I know lots of men do it themselves ( ALL by themselves) and DH could too as, he says. However, if he did, everythig would be all wrinkled. Not that they don't get a little bit wrinkled in the suitcase. However, he is in a hurry when he folds stuff and all I can say is it is not pretty !! When I try to show him he laughs and says he never went to "folding school". He was in the service too. I guess his stuff was always thrown or rolled in the duffle bags. He was also an only child so his mom did everything of that nature for him.

    Well, tomorrow I will try and get it mostly finished up and at least put everything else where it belongsmand not thrown all over the room and the bed.

    Well, all the other posts are on the other volume so I am just going to try and guess who said what. I really did read them all.

    Carla - thanks so much for starting us up again. So sorry to hear about David and it is nice that you are trying to help him. However, as you know you can only do so much and if they think they are in love then - oh well it may be impossible to change his mind. Yes, love can be very blind but you are such a good friend to help him out.

    I forget who it was that mentioned long johns for me. Was it BEVY ? Sorry but I have forgotten. Yes, I did buy myself a pair. They are cute pink ones. I bought them from Blairs when they were having a sale on winter clothes not to long ago.

    Bevy - where are those apple pies. MMMM they sound and smell wonderful. Tha reminds me of my mom who who was great making apple pies. I don't think she ever used a recipe. I never made one from scratch. She also put a bunch of apples in them too.

    Mickey - How are you doing sweetie. I know you are asd thata Lindsay is going to schoo this coming weeekend I thought you said. Howeve, I am also thinking tht maybe this will be a really good time for you to give her some extra spcecial attention. Sounds like she wants and needs it (even if she acts cool about it sometimes. Now she will not have to compete with her big sister. Be brave honey , I amsure you will do well and if you get teary, so what. She will know you care about her. Now it is Ashley's turn even if Lindsay will hopefully be h ome fairly often. If she doesn't come home as ofter as you would like just remember she is growing up and everything is so new and different up there at college. !!! Thniking aout yout hon. Iknow youwill do well.

    Georgia - Oh dear, I hope Mr. M doesnt have demenia like you suspect. I am so sorry to hear that .. It could be some of the meds too as someone else mentioned. You both have beenthrough so much lately. Hope things straighten out for you both VERY SOON. Did you ever get to the layer for hisWC consultation?

    Elaine - Hey there sweetie. First of all I hope you are eeling a littel better and not so down as in your last post. Gee, that was a compliment to you from "John" that he thinks of you as a "coupe" or something like that. Obviously he likes you a whole lot. You were up front with him about your ilness, which is a very good thing. Hope everything continues to go well for you both. Cheer up sweetie !!

    Joan - Have a fantstic time at the wedding. Yes, that would be fun to see you and you DH "dance on the dance floor, even if you have a cane and he has a walker. That would be a sweet phote to take espceially for your grandchildren and children too. Hope you have a wonderful time/

    Springwater - I can't remember exactly what you saidon the last volume butaa hope you are feeling a little better and have some more energy. I know it iw hard to do alot of things that you like, espeially if you feel drained and listless. I have that too but mostly the pain which I think makes me that way.

    Rock - You sound like my DH. He is always reading but most of the are the HUGE books that would take me forever to read. He loves history and biographies and autobiographies especially of they involved history and WWII especially. That is reat that you have a library not to far from you to save money.

    Well gang, I can't remember anymore of who said what so Ill just send my big hugs to ALLl !!

    Wiil be leaving on monday for our trip so I hsould be back another time or two. I will miss you all when I am gone. It will be interesting to see who sneaks in my hubby's suitcase when he opens it the first night in Anchorage. Will be back almost the end of the month - the 29th.

    Toodles for now !!



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    MICKEY: Thanks dear one for the compliments.

    NO, I do not have to gfix lunch for 10! DH called our son and said that would be too much for mom as we are leaving right away so we will just eat and have something for son.

    I am now on Tropol XL and I think it makes me wobbly and doesn't help my eyes. May cut it in half tomorrow and see what happens.

    Thanks for all of the sweet "have a good time" thoughts to me. I plan to and the weather is to be perfect both days.

    Stay well and enjoy the weekend. I will be back (I hope) Monday with some news about the wedding and the "farwells". Think igt will be teary as we won't see them at Christmas as the babyh is due in Feb.

    God bless all of you.

    Gentle Hugs,

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    Well it looks like we all posted pretty close together this morning.

    Sounds as most of you are still hobbellying (is that a word) along today.

    LOOK AT MY PROFILE PIC to see what the girls caught for dinner :)

    I was taking a break in the house and I heard them jump off the porch and flew across the street and over the hill. So I got my rake and went over the hill, there the 3 of them, Butter and my 2, were barking and then biting at something. I used my beeper to get Missy and Twy away from it and saw the poor baby critter. It was dead but no blood, my guess a broken neck.

    I couldn't leave it there to rot as I know the dogs, so I picked it up by the tail and carried it back up the hill. I am burning stuff tonight anyway so we are having Coon Stew, so come on over :) Can someone bring the marshmellows as I am all out of them Oh the things I have to do sometimes, LOL.

    Mickey glad you are perky today, wow a double steak samich for lunch how do you keep your girlish figure? I am having left over baked spag, hmmm, it was so good last night, so am looking forward to dinner. BTW- the mustard joke was cute.

    Elaine- wow John Smith seems to be smitten with you. Must have been some nice gift for you to knock him down over it,lol. You told us what he asked but you didn't tell us what he said about your medical issues. Or did I miss it.

    JOan did you really cook for 10?

    You all won't believe this, I started this post after I opened the porch and got distracted and just came back and here my post is waiting, LOL

    So I will stop for now as my dinner is ready, then fire and to bed, work tomorrow- So ketch ya later-Carla

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    Life here on the farm is a little soggy right now. We had 4 inches of rain last weekend, which came so hard and fast that it washed out some of the roads. The lightening was terribly sharp and burned down a house about 10 miles from us. The poor people got out with nothing but the clothes they had on....and it was in the middle of the night at that!

    Last night we had another inch of rain, which finished putting down our crop of feed for the cattle. Thankfully, we had some left from last year which should see us through the winter. We really don't want to sell our cattle.

    Springwater, You are such a loving, giving mother! I bet you've always put your children and their needs before your own, haven't you? You know, I never could understand those mothers who would come right out and say that they couldn't wait for their kids to leave home so they could finally have a life of their own!

    Like you, I had a really hard time seeing my kids spread their wings and fly out of the nest, yet I know that has been our job, and we can only hope we prepared them well. It doesn't stop the hurt though.

    By the way, you have such a wonderful way of saying things, I think you would be a fantastic writer. Maybe you should do a book, or at least short stories?

    Joan, hope your grandson's wedding is fantastic and you have a great time! My daughter's wedding is Sept. 13th, so maybe you'll have some tips for's been awhile since our last daughter got married.

    I understand the dress and shoe situation. I finally got my dress/shoes this past weekend. Seems I never get in a hurry to shop 'cause I hate it so much...nothing wears me out and causes so much pain as shopping.

    But luckily, my daughter is a fantastic bargain hunter and found me a beautiful formal dress for $42 (tax and all) that was originally $168. I'm going to have it taken up in length though, 'cause I don't want a floor length one to trip over. LOL.

    Bevy, isn't it nice to have music in the house? My kids were all in band, and 2 of them even in college. They were also all in sports, but I enjoyed the band the most! I love music!!

    Georgia, I hope things are going well for you and Mr M. As someone else mentioned...I too wondered if he were on any meds from the accident that might mimic dementia...or had you noticed symptoms before that? You must be feeling very scared right now! Remember we're all here for you, and hoping it's nothing serious!

    Mickey, you seem to have handled your daughter's situation well. We had a similar experience with our one daughter when she was in college....the police called us to tell us that they had her at the jail with some other kids for stealing a nativity set off someone's lawn, and then destroying it.

    We were devistated. They asked us if we would be at the hearing, and we said "No. This is her problem to deal with on her own, but we WILL be calling her and there will be consequences." They were very nice, and said that the other parents had already said they would fight the charges, and they were impressed that we expected her to deal with it.

    We always told our kids if they were put in jail for drinking, etc. that we would not bail them out, and they could stay there until released. (I never told them that I would probably be sleeping in my car right out front though!!!)

    Anyway, I'm very proud of you for taking the stand you did. They may be upset at us at the time, but later on in life they will appreciate daughter certainly does!

    Yes, a little tough love is tougher on us than them, me thinks!

    Marta, I just love your always seem to know when a person is in need of a pick-me-up somehow!

    Carla, coon stew? Well, I think I could handle that as easily as I could roasting marshmallos in a fire knowing the coon was roasting as well! LOL...

    Julie, Hon, you call what you're doing "taking it easy"?? You did more at Grandpa's house in a few hours than I get accomplished in a week! Take care and slow down, girl!!

    Rock, I love to read also, but don't have a library nearby so the books aren't readily available for me. It certainly seems to keep your mind retain so much more than I do... And solitaire, well I really enjoy that too! Like the spider solitaire the best.

    Granni, have a wonderful cruise! We will all be waiting on you to come home and tell us all about it. My thoughts will be with you, since I'm not one of the lucky ones getting to sneak into the suitcase...

    Well all, enough for now. Have a good evening. My daughter is going to be here with my grandbaby tomorrow, then Sat. evening is my other daughter's bridal shower. To let you know just how often I get out....I still haven't gotten her a gift! How's that for last minute? Will pick it up right before the shower...

    Love to all...****Jole****

  6. fibromickster

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    It is about 9:20 and I just got back from my hair dresser. I got my 3 month trim and highlight. I feel so refreshed now. LOL

    That is the one thing I do for myself. I never miss my appointments and it makes me feel so good and is very important to me.

    Aren't you guys proud of me, I am actually posting from home and it is even during the week. LOL

    Anyway, Granni, I am doing pretty good considering what Jole said is so true. I think the punishments and what Lindsay did is tougher on me than her. It is so hard to punish your children because you just love them so much, but I am definetly sticking this out. I want her back the way she was. Yes, I am really going to miss Ashley so so much, but like you said, hopefully she will want to come home often I hope. I am really excited for her as I never got to go away to college so me and Hubby are really proud of her achievments and desire to do something good with her life.

    Thank you for being there for me Granni, I am going to miss you so much too when you go to Alaska. I already can't wait for you to come back.

    Elaine - John Smith sounds like a great guy, but I guess only time will tell. I really truly hope it works out for you if you want it to.

    Carla, your 2 little doggies remind me so much of 2 little kids. They are just so funny. At least it wasn't a bunny or something cute. They sure do know how to get into trouble, but I bet Twy is the instigator. LOL

    Jole - Thank you so much for your kind words about how I am handling this and you are right about no bailing them out. If my kids ever had to go to jail they would have to sit there until they are released. I will not spend my hard earned money on bailing out anyone (even my kids) for breaking the law. The deserve what they get for that. However, you are right, I would probably be camping out front too.

    Joan - I am so sorry you great grandbaby and grandaughter are moving. That is so hearbreaking especially since it sounds like you are so close to them. So did you think about the dancing with hubby???? I really think you should. I can't wait to hear the details when you get back. Have fun Joan and enjoy yourself.

    Take care everyboddy and nighty night, don't let the bed bugs bite.


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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The dang old* computer has been on the warpath as my mother used to say. Or sometimes she'd say something was "on the fritz".

    *bought it last Nov.

    Anyhoo I have been unable to get on line for two days. Gordon comes homes and does something to get it to work. (He says he slaps it around.) But then the next morning it won't work again.

    Who asked how many books I read? Carla? Jole? I read 6 or 7 books a week. However, (there's always a however) I don't finish many of them. Some I don't like, and quit after about 50 pages.

    And some I realize I've read before. So I actually finish about 4. Not remarkable considering I no longer work. Just read a biography by Steve Martin. It was a short book; only took a day.

    I thought it an excellent book. Last year I read his "Pure Drivel", and it was; one of the worst books I've ever stumbled across. Maybe he had a ghost writer. But for which one?

    I like Spider Solitaire too, Jole. We've had 2 or 3 versions; there are slight variations.

    Elaine, yes, good point. You'd have to be 21. That's what I meant. 12 was a typo.

    Granni, I predict you'll still be packing two days after you leave. Why don't you just get a duffel bag and make DH do the packing? It's his turn. Too late for folding school; he'll have to ad lib.

    Springwater, I read a book by Barbara Cartland once. I suspect she stole the plot from a Noel Coward operetta. Is she still churning them out? Someone should tell her no serious writer has used deus ex machina for 200 years.

    Marta, I always figured "laid down the law referred" to the fact that some court had written it down ages ago. But modernly, of course, we mean someone was very emphatic about some point or other.

    Georgia and Julie, I agree; missing posts are very frustrating. But all of us here realize the sentiments therein were significant, helpful, witty and charming. You get full credit for trying.

    Mickey, I wrote "ergonomic" by your name, but what I intended to say about the ergonomic keyboard has flown the coop.

    Oh, that reminds me. I meant to say "office" tonight and I said "audience". That kinda thing is gettin' more frequent all the time.

    Julie, I went to my EA meeting last night. One of the guys was wearing a T shirt that said "Belize-Hype". I asked him about it. He just said he bought it cause he liked it.

    Oh yeah, Mickey. I'm getting my paragraphs all mixed up together confusing tangle tilt-a-whirl. Does Steak and Shake mean the place serves steaks w/ ice cream shakes? What if one wants bourbon or coffee? Or both?

    What if you order a rare steak and a well-done shake? And what if the server gets them mixed up?

    MrDad, Annie, everydobby. Check in when you can.

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    LOL - you made me laugh Rock. You mean to tell me you don't have a Steak N Shake in your area. I thought they were all over the place. Well, they have been in Missouri since I was a little kid and at that time you drove up to a parking spot and they roller skated to you and brought your dinner to your car. That was a very special treat for us when we went there.

    No, they don't serve steaks, but they serve the best steak burgers and yes, the best milk shakes too, hand dipped shakes, yummy. You will have to google it.

    Lincamp, I wish they can get that darn basement fixed for you, that has to be a struggle and very frustrating, but you seem to be taking it very well. Lindsay in the little stinker, not Ashley. Ashley is the one going to college in 4 MORE DAYS. Yikes. Oh by the way, you didn't say TGIF TO ME!!!! What is up with that. It is Friday isn't it?????

    Lydia - Hey girlie, I hope you are doing better. Is there anyway you, Lindsay, Sheba and Den could stay in the big house all together so you don't have to stay in the cabin. Since Lindsay's hubby will be gone she might like the company. I don't know just a thought, but that is awhile away until January.

    Well people, it is time for me to get down to some serious business with this work thingy. Ugghghghhg. I am pooped and just want to crawl in bed.

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  9. ckball

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    Just a quick check in as I am at work. My new computer came this morning before I left for work and I have been trying to network them without luck.

    So when I go home tonight I have to load all my programs on the new one, then download my McAfee virus program and even tho I have a much better computer, I still have dial up so it may take most of the night.

    THEN the I called the const co that was giving me the free rock, well they have more to give me, I have a few weeks to get it, so I will be back on rock duty.

    I am sorry I haven't had time read the posts but will try to be back later- Hope everyone is feeling better and haveing a good day-Carla
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello Everydobby!

    I got the bright idea of printing out the previous volumes posts which i had missed so i could reply while referring to it and....ack! realised I'd be running out of printer ink pretty darn soon, (rather expensive item here in kathmandu)if i kept this back it is to copying/pasting on MS Word even if it sometimes just disappears with me hitting the wrong button....

    is there an epidemic going around evrydobbys computers these days? EveryProHealth dobby I mean...mine almost conked out this afternoon, really slow and kept showing no server no much so i even phoned my ISP people but it was ok their end..... but now its running perfectly well...I dunno whats what. Maybe my computer is bi polar moment non functional, the next overperforming.

    I just went to the movies, 6pm show today. 2nd show first day. Friend, (yes same one) called saying she had an extra ticket so i went off..late even tho given plenty of notice, rushing in a the rain..horribly mortified because got stuck in traffic jam, and arrived after movie started and found her waiting outside hall, while her sisters and son had gone in ....consequently we missed seeing the highlight of this Bollywood film, a whole song. Anyways, the movie was good and friend wasnt too miffed.
    The hero of the movie is the SON of a moviestar actor and actress, we grew up idolizing...and here we are watching the son, now making his screen debut....

    JULIE - that was a lightbulb moment statement you made...

    "I do believe that the more one tries to do for God, the harder the enemy works to cause trouble"!!!

    It just hit home, because i see so many wonderful people beset by problems, and i go "why is this happening to them, of all people?" The gentle good people do seem to invite more difficult challenges no matter what religion they belong to... this statement of yours really comforted gives an explanation for a somewhat bewildering question

    Marta - lol! I see someone has been having a rough few days changing banks! I havent worn purple for a very long time, but not averse to a few hugs in that colour, thank you.

    MICKEY - you and me seem to hav quite a few things in common. Hubbies we can push all the paperwork onto, among them. Its a longstanding and huge joke among my daughter and hubby that Mom "cant handle money for nuts". Son doesnt say anything...he takes after mom in the 'handling money' respect.

    Its nice to see you in a cheery mood. Countdown to Ashleys departure...and what with having had to deal with little Lindseys episode, you are having rather a lot on your plate. We moms...we are learning, and getting stronger, dealing with our sons and daughters and what parenting puts us thru. My daughter is very far away from me now...and will prob only visit after two years if she can earn her passage while at college...however, Im grateful for the internet and phone...we can communicate regularly.

    ELAINE - so sorry about the funk you are in....I call it 'funk' because i know you will come out of it sooner than hav the personality which cannot be kept down for too long...

    I think in addition to the job situation its also the excitement and stress -(they seem to go together) of a new possible relationship thats getting to is tough having to keep explaining oneself and ones illness to people especially people whom you like...he seems like a very nice sensitive person so far...and yes, the issues like you say, illness and children are rather difficult ones for mere men to face. Women are the stronger more resilient ones...(in general) sorry gentlemen, no offence meant.

    That story of how you forced your boss to make out the typing draft was hilarious! And so you.

    CARLA - yuor story about David and how he helps out and his situation is so sweet, its like a novel, one which touches the i am wanting to hear his surgery goes everything turns out...etc that i have an idea of where you live and seen Twy and the other little one...and your surroundings...makes the picture even more vivid...yes, I am a hopeless romantic, after all i hve grown up on a diet of M&B and B Cartland, like Rock now knows.

    I hope all turns out well.

    i agree with you about the kids having a sense of what my illness is like.

    The poor things couldnt not know what mum goes thru..there have been times during all these years when i havent been able to get out of bed and I just could not disguise it.

    My son and daughter have seen My Prohealth messages sometimes (inadvertently) so they know i come here and the nature of my posts. In fact, my son was talking to a classmate the other day and mentioned me and in response to a question said "oh mum gives out psychiatric advice on the computer" and i could hear her response...peals of laughter coming from his mobile phone...

    and daughter while filling out her college medical forms wrapped it up and said "mum, i had to tell a lie; i left it blank...the portion where they asked 'has any family member of yours ever suffered emotional/mental problems?' If i said yes, they wouldnt give me medical insurance"...and her dad and she laughed and so did I.

    So its safe to say they know it I guess. Sigh.

    BEVY - apple pie...I dont do a lot of baking but LOVE baked stuff. I once made a chocolate torte from a recipe book and served at a dinner party and it was a huge hit...sad thing is, i havent had the energy or initiative to make it more often, just twice or thrice in years...I love the crust of apple pie...yummy.

    When is your sons big day? I mean the band competition. Best wishes.

    Thats torn it!!! I just pushed the wrong button! And now i dont know who said what...ah i remember GRANNI

    lol i remember Rockgor said GRANNI wil prob be even packing two days AFTER her trip begins...and to let DH pack...NOT a good idea, I know DH will put two shirts, two trousers, shaver, few underwear and think thats packing...packing is very uncomplicated for men, but what fun....putting together stuff for a longish Elaine will be missed until you return GRANNI ..and we will be agog for details of what all you got up to on the trip

    ROCKGOR - I remember you said you were having some resentful thoughts about the past, sometimes, somewhere in one of the posts ...I have heard EFT is really effective for that sort of thing...EFT technique is available on utube...they demonstrate it really well.

    JOLE - thank you for your kind words about my writing...yes, we do our best for the kids dont we? and then we just have to leave it up to them and providence for them to make their way in life...hurting is part of loving..I learnt that a long long time ago as Im sure most of us here have.

    Lincamp - good to hear from you; thanks for what you said about my writing, also hope the roses smelt GOOD! but of course they did...

    Since i cant remember anymore, please forgive me anyone whom i might have missed....

    I hope MrDad is good and Annie is doing good, that Danny is coming along well...also sweetie1, lila, georgia, monica, all others

    hugs to you all...

    God Bless

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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Not much going on here. I am doing the dishes which means I am watering the plants. That's cause the hot water heater is so far away we have to run about 4 gallons of water before the hot water shows up.

    I use that 4 gallons to water the plants.

    Saw a video today of the Los Angeles Water Dept. at work. In view of the near drought conditions here, we have a city ordnance that prohibits watering lawns between 9 am and 4 pm.

    Not only does the Water Dept violate this rule, the video shows it is watering parking lots, streets ,sidewalks, etc.

    Some years ago we had strict rationing of water. So the people of LA really cooperated and reduced the amount of water they use. At which point the Water Dept immediately raised its rates.

    No wonder people don't get too excited about government programs. The leader of the City's anti-gang program was arrested last year for being a gun runner.

    Linda, haven't had peach cobbler in ages. About ten years ago there was a tv story about a tiny bakery in Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl, that sold home-made cobbler. It was owned by a Black Couple.

    We went there, and tried it out. Their cobbler was delicious. (Last time I drove by, the shop was gone; alas.)

    Yes, who doesn't like crumb-top apple pie. Reminds of the time 50 years ago I took my mother's pie to the church for pot luck. Made a fast stop and the pie slid off the seat and onto the floor.

    I just scooped it all together and delivered it anyway.

    Mickey, I sometimes wonder the same thing when I write to folks in Minnesota or Oregon or wherever. Do they have the same shop? Do they know what I'm talking about? Sometimes I can tell from online info; sometimes not.

    Springwater, I found some info and demonstrations on EFT on Youtube. Someone posted about it a year or two ago. I tried it and got zero results. Now that I can see how it's done, I'll give it another try.

    Glad to hear Mr M is better and going to get unemployment benefits, Georgia. Hope the therapy helps.

    What kind of farm do you have, Jole? A working farm? I think that is a funny expression. Like drug abuse. It's not the farm that works; it's the people. And it's not a drug that gets abused; it's the people that take it.

    Don't know what happened to the kitties, Carla. I can only hope some of them were adopted. Haven't seen any for two weeks. Hope your new computer works better than mine.

    Julie, 12 step programs talk about a "higher power". As in, "If your higher power wants you to do something, it will give you the energy to do it."

    I don't say this is true; just the way folks talk at meetings.

    Went to my last meeting of the Thurs. EA group last night. The new time is impossible for us. Still have my Sat. morning meeting though.

    Guess I'll quit. My typing which is usually very good is somewhat erratic today. It's making me grumpy. Or maybe I mean Sneezy. Bashful?

    Ha det bra

  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well it is just beautiful outside this morning. I can't believe how it has been the past few days in August. It is usually in the 100's. I have been able to drive with no air conditioning.

    I am going to go out and vacuum the pool for the 2nd time this year. I love this pool, you never have to do anything to it except just skim it every once in awhile.

    Anyways, Elaine I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I have an awesome idea for you. This is how I got my job 20 something years ago and I started out as a receptionist and worked my way up all these years and taught myself everything.

    Anyway, don't you have a place anywhere near you that finds jobs for you. It should be free and they do all the work. I am not talking about a temporary position, but companies hire them to find people to work for them. All you have to do is take a test. I am sure they even have them for part time employees. You ought to check that out.

    Springwater - I used to print all the posts out too and thought that would be easier and you are right you waste ALOT of paper that way. Now what I usually do is type in microsoft word and just go back to the post and copy it over, much easier that way.

    Lincamp - Your post put a big big smile on my face. You are so cute. Thank you for that!!!! More rain, you poor thing, I wish you could have some of my weather. I am giving all my energy that way so you will get this weather. Okay, are you getting it yet????? LOL

    Lydia - I loved singing to my girls to put them to sleep too. I used to sing eight of ice from the movie Sound of Music (my favorite movie of all times). There is nothing like it like you said.

    Rock - I do the same thing you do with the ball thing I pop it up high and click when it comes down, once you get the hang of it it is quite easy. what a dumb game , LOL.

    Granni, Mrdad, Erin, Annie, Marta, Bevy, Rosie, etc....where oh where are you all?????? We all miss you guys/gals. I bet Joan is having a blast at the wedding.

    Well, I gots lots of work to do around the house, so I will catch up to you all later.

    Love you guys

    Mickey[This Message was Edited on 08/16/2008]
  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I guess you are really busy this Saturday.

    Hi Julie and Georgia, I am glad you two made it, I was getting a bit lonely. Anyway, I am taking a break from all my chores and getting ready to go lay by the pool and do a little swimming.

    I am home all by myself and it is so nice (well beside Jack, my doggy). Hubby is working and the girls are at a youth group thingy today until 5.

    Julie - Wow, your FIL is 87 and still mowing. That is awesome. I hope I am like that at his age, but i really doubt with all my problems. Well I am glad everyone is back home safe and sound.

    Georgia, that is wonderful you have your first student. That sounds like so much fun and I think something you are going to absolutely love. How old is you student???? Will you get paid for teaching or is this also volunteer????

    Well not much to report except what I already told you all. The only thing is now it is only 3 days before Ashley leaves for college. I just went and got some sheets for her twin bed in her dorm room since we didn't have any twin sizes I had to buy some new ones. I get one regular sheets and one set of "TSHIRT" kind. Never had those before but they feel comfy. I also got her a memory foam topper for her bed.

    Don't tell me I am spoiling her now, LOL. I just can't help it. She is an amazing girl and has worked so hard to get where she is and she has saved us so much money with all of her scholarships. I am so proud of her.

    I am also so proud of Lindsay. Someone here told me to have her make her own new chores to do for one of her punishments and we did that. She has been doing those chores every day with no complaining and no reminding to do them. She has also been very respectful towards us and hasn't asked when she would be ungrounded, can I have my phone back, etc...... She is 100% accepting hher punishment.

    However, just because all of the above, we are not going to back down and go lax on her punishments. She will ride them out and then when the time comes she will get her freedom back. However, it will be a long long time before she will ever be able to spend the night with anyone (maybe never). With all that said, I am so proud of her too and I tell her that and tell her I love her all the time. I just want her to know that just because she made a mistake we still and always will love her.

    Okay, enough time on the computer, I am going to take advantage of my time alone and go out and take a nap by the pool and maybe read a bit.

    Have a great day All!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well I have my new laptop up and sorta running, still not anywhere close yet to having everything installed.

    Right now it is downloading 18 Vista updates, I guess where made after the computer was loaded. It started at 1 pm and says 4% complete, I do still have dial up,ugh- until next Thurs.

    I have been cleaning inbetween the computer and the couch, nothing too strenuous, just dusting 10 minutes with my wand static thing cramped my hand up so had to quit.

    It will take me weeks I bet to figure out everything this computer does, it is really cool, I just hope I survive Vista.

    I have not got my email up yet, I can receive mail but can't send it, so have been using my webmail and it is a pain. So that has been my 2 days.

    Elaine I left you a message on the board.

    Springwater, sorry you are still struggling I do hope things lighten up for you soon, I imagine haveing your daugter away dosen't help. It sounds as if they do have a sense of humor about your condition. At least you got to go out for awhile, even if the DH didn't want to take the other freinds home. Men-they do want they want to most times.

    Julie- you are on a never ending merry go around. My heart goes out to you. I really don't know how you handle it all, I use to be able to have many balls in the air but not anymore, I get stressed really easy and have no patience. Just keeping up with me and the girls is too much for me sometimes.

    Like last night when I came home from work. When I opened the door there was a smell and checked in what use to be there reg area and nope nothing. So let it go as the air had been off all day.

    Got my computers out and tryed to go threw mail and get coffee table visable, it is command central :) then I saw something on my couch throw and it was what was left over from the fried coon.

    I cooked him the night before and Butter pretty much took care of by the next morning. I didn't think when I let the girls out when I got up at 8, when and took care of my busniess and looked out the window and there they are chomping away.

    I like to never got them in the house as they would grab it and run. Finally got them and went about my day. So when I saw the stuff on the couch throw I went to pull it off to put it in the washer and turned around and nearly stepped in the huge pile of cooked coon- ooohheeeeewwwwwww.

    It just sent me over the edge. I had to change my plan and clean the rug, thank goodness for rug shampooers. But that totally stressed me out. I can't mulitask anymore, use to be great at it, now more than 2 things going on that's it for me. Anyway I so admire you and everything you do for everyone, you are a special lady and you need to take special care of yourself so you will be around for them for many more years.

    Sorry to hear about Den's dad, I can imagine how he feels without his wife and doing the big remodel. That was so sweet to hear Keira is saying I love you, you need to get on the video.

    Granni are you about ready for your trip, When you say land tour are you on a bus with your group and other groups from around the country?

    Then go to a different city to stay and site see then on to the ship? That sounds so cool, please take lots of pictures. I am sure your DH takes care of the camera and downloading them the computer, but if he isn't taking a laptop to put the pics on, you can buy a $10-20 SD Card, they are a small card that most digiatal cameras use to save your pics on so you have more storage and unlimited pics, they come in 1 gig up to 4gig which I think will hold several thoundand pictures, depending on the size or pixels. If I have totally cornfused you, just print this out for DH. My daughter did this when she went to Ireland, she took 1,0000's of pics then deleted the bad ones after she got home. I really wish I could go with you, I have always want to go there.

    Mickey I bet your getting Ashley ready for her going to college, be strong and now you taught her well and she will be fine, letting her go to grow into an adult is the best gift you can give her. I am sure we will be back. NOw it is time for you and Lindsey and some time just for YOU.

    Linda I hope it has dried up, I hadn't realized you had that much rain this summer. So are they saying the drain that goes out to the street may be clogged?? COuld have that been the problem all along? Oh my I hope not, but you have not had good luck with plumbing. If it is clogged hopefully they don't have to dig it up and can run a thing threw it, can't think of the name of the thing- oh a drain snake? Hope you get some good news soon.

    Rock- you never heard of Steak and Shake places?? They both come from the same thing so why not? How many books do you read a week? I bet that is some collection you have now. I had some thing else to tell you but my mind is fading fast.

    Joan hope the wedding went off well and goodbyes had smiles too. I hope you did dance just one dance

    Bev that was some bargin you found on your dress for the wedding, good job.

    Well I better get up my hands and my butt are numb, the updates are still running and not even half way done. Take care and hello to everydobby is having a good weekend. Carla
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    today doing lots of stuff. Sorry but I haven't had the time to visit till now and it is almost beddy bye time. I promise to try and write tomorrow, even though I may not have loads of time. I am pretty much
    finished packing except of course for the very last minute. All I can say this change in rules of what you can and cannot bring on board in your carry on is crazy and makes for some weird packing. Oh well !!

    Just want to tell you all that I will miss you too. Thanks to those who were being so sweet to me. I zoomed really fast through this volume. I missed alot today so I do not remember who said what.

    Elaine - I know you are frustrated and hope you find a part time job really soon sweetie.

    Georgie - Glad that Mr M will get unemployment. I think tha is what someone mentioned today.

    Rock - I will NOT be packing when I get back from my trip . That unfortunatly is called UN packing (-: !!! I knwo what you mean though. It seems like I have been packing forever. Have to wash the clothes first and then iron some although this time I didn't iron that much as I figured they would wrinkle anyway. Some of the stuff I have this time actually is knit and really doesn't need to be ironed.

    Then you fold and put them in the suitcase and hope that they won't get to wrinkled. I have been putting some stuff in the very large ziplock bags first and squeeze out all the air. That takes less space and the stuff stayes better without getting to messed up.

    Hope to see some of you tomorrow before I go to give you all a big Good Bye HUG !! Gotta go and take my nitey nite meds now.

    Nitey nite to all and don't let those bed bugs bite - K !!??


  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Sunday morning up very late as had a restless night...some anxiety...and one of the dogs seemed unable to make up his mind if he wanted to go do his business or settle down and sleep...

    I spent Saturday taking my nephew and niece to a movie...theyre 15 and 18 respectively

    my brother is one of the most dysfunctional people in this world..completely unable to handle being a grown up and very self destructive so these kids have really gone thru a lot. Theyve seen their mom cutting her wrist and bro threatening to hang himself and the mom beating up the dad...also infidelity on both sides...and their mom is away now overseas as caregiver but bro has made a mess of the repayment of loans and running expenses...and to top it all, he has taken to drink these days...theres times when i feel he is recovering but wham again he starts.

    Does anyone know of any good self help book i could give the daughter to read so that her self esteem doesnt take a beating with what she has gone thru...they are so vulnerable at this point...i want her to know she doesnt hv to measure her self worth by what her parents are or do....she is good in her studies as is her brother and is a very very quiet withdrawn girl. Both of them. I want her to know that because she knows what she knows and how fallible grown ups can be, she NEEDS to break out of that mould and give herself a better life, a better alcohol free, financially secure, independent self reliant future.

    On a lighter side,

    I got an email from my daughter it says..

    " how are you guys? daddy are you trying to lose weight? and mom are you watching your mood swings? I'm trying to be responsible here at cousin.........'s yes mom i'm keeping the bathroom clean!! in fact i'm the one who's pulling out ......... and her friends' clogged hair from the sink and bathtub. Honest. and I'm also helping out with the party. I helped Tina clean the living area, I fried the methi paratha cousin........ was making, I grated carrots for Tina's spring rolls, I helped come up with mocktails, I broke the said methi parathas into attractive pieces so they can be eaten like chips with garlic dip, I washed the dishes, put the dishes away, helped with grocery shopping and today my responsibilities include helping tin pack the spring rolls, cleaning the apartment, helping bake the mango chocolate cake and fruit tarts, helping sear the chicken breasts etc etc etc.

    Oh and there's really bad news daddy. I checked on the net and in (name of college) there are only two job openings. and these two job openings will likely be given to people who have gotten workstudy as a part of their aid. work study bhaneko college le admission letter mai bhanchha ke your family will have to pay yati amount and you will have to pay yati by working on campus. Mero ta international scholarship ho ni tyasaile maile first semester kaam garna paudaina jasto chha. plus the jobs are for web maintenance ani you have to be very good with computers re. Now I'm not very computer literate so I feel sad. I won't be able to help foot the bill. but I'll still go talk to the offices and maybe I can get a job next semester.

    ok so u guys take care hai.
    love you both a lot

    (daughter has got international student scholarship but work study is not part of it). We have to pay 25% of the fee.

    Well at least she seems happy now. I just hope she wil get a job on campus, in the later semesters. The party she refers to is at her cousins (doing last year of architecture and sharing a flat with roomies) in another place, she will fly out in a few days time and join her college.

    LINCAMP - I wish I could come watch the storm with you...and my fav drink is prob mixed fruit juice

    ROCKGOR - I love that they try regulate water we have to depend on our neighbours tube well for drinking water...the taps have run dry for about three months now in our area..those who can afford buy tanks of water regularly

    I believe in the 'higher power' thing but realise there are 'lower powers' at the same time who try their best to keep people throwing hardships at them

    Pls keep on with the EFT, its great stuff...really! and no side effects...and FREE!

    ELAINE - dont give up hope, just take a break and then again try....its better to be overqualified than under....I should know, i have three brothers and none of them passed school

    I understand how frustrating this can be u think americas recession is also to blame?

    JULIE - Did Keira say "IYUVU"? somethng like that....cho chweet...she is SO lucky to have you; yu seem to do a lot for so many people, even without going off to Belize

    MICKEY - nice to hear things flowing smoothly with Lindsey, she does sound so resilient and truly contrite....remember she is just 15

    how lovely to hav yur own pool, here you hv to be a millionaire to hav own pool...

    I remember yuo said daughter was taking a vaccuum to school; do they need that also in a dorm? if so i must email her; did remind daughter to buy a hot water bottle for her period pains..

    Carla - good luck with the new computer...putting in new software is something i CANNOT do, too complicated for me..

    Pet owners seem to go thru a lot of what u do...with the coon remnants....the other day i came back from a movie to find a bag of barley wheat which i kept on the sitting room table, fallen down and all over the carpet....and one of the dogs noses all white...i made son clean up the mess, since he was on duty that time; it did nothing to imnprove my mood which had been somewhat down

    Granni - thats a great idea about the zip locks!!! I wish i could hav told daughter when she was packing here....i can tell her now thru email..thanks.

    Georgia - Sorry to hear about Mr M. I think time wil tell whether it is truly dementia or other things lke the stress...meanwhile praying it is NOT.

    All right, did it again, pressed somethng and my reference page is no longer there, but i think i did about finish

    hello to everydobby who pops in and everydobby who is away MIA

    God Bless

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