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    Hi Kids

    Note to newbees:
    The porch thread is like the old fashioned porches people had when I was a kid. There is
    no topic. People just drop by and talk about whatever they like: kids, relatives, pets, music, old cars, new recipes, shopping, movies, weather, pet peeves, hidden delights, the joy of chocolate, and whatever tickles your fancy. (If you are new, check the board rules on the blue toolbar above.)

    Everybody is welcome.

    Gordon and just got back from the library. Took some back; picked up some more. Stopped at the 99.9 store. I bought some of their excellent chocolate mints. Gordon got a few items including moth balls. Not sure what he's gonna do with 'em. For all I know it has something to do with growing orchids.

    I got a bio of Ralph Emery. It's about country music. Ralph was not a musician, but has been involved with country music and its performers for decades.

    Found a large plastic post card in the mail box when we got back. A Victorian home in the neighborhood is for sale. No price given. These places used to sell for a million until the crash in 2008. Now I see them listed at half that amount.

    Hope everydobby is staying warm.

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    Hi All!

    Thanks for starting the new Porch Rock. We are in a major cold snap here. It was 7 degrees when I passed the bank this morning for work. That's not factoring in wind chill. Brrrrrr!!! I can't fathom the mothball/orchid connection. I've heard, however, that if you have pests in your attic mothballs can be a deterrent. Do you, by chance, have bats in your belfry? ;) Hey look! My smiles are back! Woohoo. (It just doesn't take much to please some people does it?) I have bats in my belfry. I inherited them from my parents when I bought the house. Literally. This house has had bats in the attic for years. Since they tore down all the wooded land between here and the next town to
    build I-5.

    When they took out all the woods all the bats came into town and took up residence in most of the attics hereabouts. I asked a friend about pest control to alleviate them as I worry about what they're leaving in the attic, (bat guano), but found that they are "protected" and it would cost a mint to rid my attic of them. So we live a peaceful coexistance.

    In the 14 years since I bought the house, twice I've had to trap and release a bat. Both times from my bedroom. How does one trap a bat you may ask? Tupperware. That's right, Tupperware. Both times I caught the bats in a tupperware container, slid the lid under it, snapped it shut, took it outside and released the occupant. They're actually sorta cute. Like a mouse with wings. (No tail.) The variety we have here are harmless. They can't hurt you because their mouths are so small. They live on all the mosquitos they can catch. Which suits me just fine. Fewer mosquitos to bite me while I'm attempting to enjoy the great outdoors of my back yard is A-ok!

    I figured you would remember who June Haver was. And yes, she was married to Fred MacMurry. I don't, however, think I've ever seen any of her work. Any movies you could recommend that I might be able to look for? I'm curious. I've only seen her picture in the research I did for the facility that I printed out for the marketing event. I could google it, but I'm guessing your recommendations would be the "best of's".

    Mikie, Granni, Windy, Sun, Joan, Diane, Julie, Jam, and any "Newbies" who may be looking in:

    I just had to take a breath. Yes, I am exhausted from the pace at work. Last week I felt totally behind and overwhelmed. I was bordering on becoming "Grinch" like. I'm still not done. The dining room tree and front window display still need to be done and one more tree in the lobby soon as it gets there. I just could not face anymore decorating today. I have coffee filter snowflakes flattening out on my desk so I can attack anew on Monday. Coming to the Porch is so theraputic! By the way, I like brie with my whine. LOL:D

    Seriously though, the new homeopathics and supplements I added are doing a woundrous job of keeping me out of another flare. Yes, I'm very tired. And yes, a little more sore from the exertion. But still better than I've been in a long time. Oh, and FYI, the wine extract I take, because I do not care to drink a glass of wine daily as my doctor wishes, contains grapeseed extract. (Just read the entire lable since I need to pick up some more.)

    Well, I' ve got some serious relaxing to go do. So I will bid you all a fond adeiu. Sending you all my wishes for a peaceful night and a bright tomorrow.

    Love to all!
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    Woo hoo! It has climbed a couple degrees since I got is now FIVE DEGREES OUTSIDE!

    Thank you, Rock, for starting the new volume and for a "rules refresher." Good for new people to know they are always welcome on the porch, even though it may sometimes appear to be a "closed community" seemed that way to me, at first, but the more I visited, the easier it was to keep track of "who was who", etc...

    Jam, it is a 6 hour round trip to the chiro...but it is very much worth it, for some of the issues I have. Our local chiro is very good, and very caring, but he refers his patients to this other guy, who is a good friend, if the patient needs a little more "intensive" treatment.

    The one who is farther away does muscle testing too, but can somehow go a lot "deeper" into finding the source of pain and working to correct that. A huge "plus" to our family, is that he is a Christian...I believe that God has blessed him with an ability to treat his patients, not only physically, but also to help them see how sometimes their emotions can be causing physical symptoms.

    I don't try too hard to understand everything he does, and he has never given me any reason to be uncomfortable or feel like he doesn't know what he's doing. The other day he used that electric probe-like thing in my ears...actually on the earlobes. It makes a continuous beep that gets higher pitched when it finds the cranial nerve that is causing a problem. When the "correction" is complete, the thing stops beeping.

    According to the chiro, it delivers "energy" to this nerve...and the nerve only uses what it needs to heal or redirect or whatever it does.

    Yes, three hours there is a long trip, then the three hours back sometimes seems forever...but most of the time it is a relaxing "day off" for me :)...especially if I go by myself. Now, when I go up with Lindsey and all three's an exhausting day for all of us. But he treats all ages and has helped with allergies, and many other things that children come across.

    Dar, so glad you are holding up well during this busy season. In a day or two, I will share about how my day with my dad went...I spent several hours with him was really good, even though I can tell the Alzheimer's is advancing.

    I took 90 of the bigger clementines in and left them on the counter at the nurses' station...the residents would stop right there and eat one on the spot, lol! My little gal who thinks I grow them, fell and is in the hospital, so I missed getting some to her. Dad's roommate had also fallen and is in the hospital.

    As I was leaving, an ambulance brought someone to the facility and the staff was getting them settled into the Hospice room...of course, nobody could tell me who it was...but a sad time for at least one family.

    I'd better get busy..."hello" to everyone out there. Hope Mikie is making it on to Denver...
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    Hi Jamin,

    Lodine is not like Celebrex. Lodine XL, from what the Rheumatologist told me, was the strongest non-narcotic pain reliever she could give me. I was started out on Relafin, which was like spitting in the Grand Canyon. Then she put me on Lodine, which was somewhat more like spitting into a smaller cravass. The Lodine XL had the best results. It never stopped flares and I was still in pain, but at least there was some appreciable difference. It was enough to make the pain more manageable. Coupled with the Flexoril it made life somewhat tolerable and afforded me the ability to work through the pain.

    What has helped most, however, are the vitamin and mineral supplements, the herbal supplements and homeopatic remedies I added to my regimin. Slowly over time I have added one here and one there. About 3 months ago I stumbled upon a combination that has afforded me a much lower pain level and has staved off flares. I keep my fingers crossed hoping this is not transitory. It doesn't appear to be thus far. My quality of life does revolve around taking 4 rounds of medication combinations daily. But it's worth the inconvenience.

    It takes me about fifteen minutes to half an hour every morning to sort out my pills into pill packs so I'm ready for my day each day. Some things you take with this and some things you don't take with that. Some with lots of water, some with a meal and one on an empty stomach. I also take locally harvested raw honey twice daily, morning and night, to boost my immune system as well as all the other benefits it contains. For optimum benefit I've researched all this stuff and found combinations that go together and those that do not and take them accordingly.

    Regular Chiropractic visits are a huge help as well. However, not all Chiropractors are created equal. I went through 5 before I found the one I've had for the last 14 years. He taught at the Palmer College of Chiropractics in Davenport, Iowa. He does things other Chiros don't do. Pressure points and trigger points. He adjusts totally differently than the "generic" adjustments I'd received at the hands of prior Chiros I'd been to. He adjusts my toes, ankles, knees, fingers, wrists, elbows, every joint up to my neck, as well as spinal adjustment. He applies pressure to certain points in my neck and left shoulder. I had soft-tissue damage to that entire side of my body in the car accident. The muscle in that shoulder is always tight. If I get nervous, fatigued, or upset it turns into a knot and becomes so painful and produces spasms. I can't turn my head when it gets bad.

    The only remedy for that is medicate and extricate myself from whatever is causing my body to "go off". I burn a lot of candles, use warming oils for aroma therapy, HOT soaks, play calming music, use low lighting. This all contributes to "relax" mode. On weekends I only get out of bed for what I have no choice but to get out of bed for. If I do not "recharge" on the weekends, I build up what I refer to as a "pain debt" which means I'm not as well when I begin my next week of work.

    This is, likely, more information than you needed. But you see, it all only works in combination. I've been at this since 1995. Almost 19 years it's taken me to get here. The first six I was totally disabled. The next 5 were the hardest years working full time at the pace I do with only the Lodine and Flexoril for pain support. Two more years of seeing an Herbalist and finding that herbal remedies are really beneficial. Over the last 5 years I've achieved the level I'm at now. It's been a long learning process. But when you're in our kind of pain, you'd see a witch doctor if you thought it'd help.

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    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for the moral support. It's always so sad when people come in "hospice". I have worked with many of the hospice personnel in the area. I admire their ability to do what they do. It's difficult enough to lose a resident. But to know that, often, their demise is imminent is the worst. I've had many hospice residents over the years. It's always so saddening when you know they may not be with you long. Those who work specifically in hospice are special people. I'm sorry to hear that your Dad's condition has gone to another stage.

    When you have the time I'd be interested in how he's doing and the changes he's experiencing. I so feel for you. Alzheimer's is the most insidious of dementia conditions. It's heartbreaking to watch a loved one go through it. It's hard to watch the family go through it and grope for understanding. Love and support of family is the best medicine. I hope that the next stage is far off. In some, it can run it's course and take them out within 3 years. With others it can be up to 30. One just never knows. The best thing is not to change their surroundings unless unavoidable and create a daily routine they can count on not to change.

    My love and support go out to you and your family. I lost my Dad to Vascular Dementia which was a long, slow process. I have some idea of how you must be feeling. Oh! FYI, it's 1 degree outside here. I have to venture out to get more cat litter and wet food today. I am not looking forward to the sojourn, even if it is only 6 blocks away. Brrrrr!

    Love and hugz
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    Hi Kids

    I woke up to the sound of a buzz saw this morning. Turned out it was just Gordon shredding
    papers before tossing them in the trash. Although there is a city ordinance forbidding folks
    from going through others' trash bins, I doubt it has ever been enforced. Lots of
    people here going through trash cans.

    A couple years ago I gave a young fellow a box of clothes. Mostly used but a couple
    items that were new. Had been given to us, but were too dissizeable for our manly
    physics. Ha Ha! I told him, "Ropa para hombres". (Clothes for men.) A couple
    hours later I couldn't find my keys. (Every day for the past several years I have
    not been able to find stuff.) Anyhoo, I eventually found my keys. They had
    apparently fallen into the box; the young fellow brought them back and left
    them on the gate.

    Dar, great to see that you have the energy to do long, newsy posts. Thanks for the "fond adieu". For a "cheese to go with your whine", may I suggest fondue? Your bats in the attic reminds me of when I was a kid and would go to La Crosse, WI. La Crosse is a very old city on the Mississippi River. While my mother went to shop and my father to drink, I would go to a
    friendly shoe store and get a shoe box. Then I would go catch bats.

    Honest! La Crosse had lots of old brick buildings and many of them had bats sleeping on the walls. Only 5 or 6 feet off the ground. (I didn't think they were very bright.) Anyhoo, I used to pluck them off the walls and pop them in the shoe box. They weren't fussy about the size or style. Let 'em go shortly thereafter. I had never heard of bats and rabies. Guess my folks hadn't either; or they didn't care. Either or both is possible considering the wing nuts I grew up with.

    Your chiro was a professor at the Palmer Chiropractic School in Davenport?! Wow! Pretty
    impressive. That was the first chiropractic college in the world. Founded late in the 19th
    century. It has a beautiful campus overlooking the Mississippi River.

    My mother used to go to a chiropractor when I was a kid. We had none in our village. She
    went to a hamlet even smaller than ours I think it was Burr Oak, halfway between our village and Decorah, Iowa. A treatment cost $3. It helped what she called her sinus trouble. She made me get a treatment when I was just a kid. No special tables in those days. You lay on a
    leather sofa. When the spooky old man grabbed my head and wrenched my neck, he scared
    the dickens outta me. I thought my neck was broken.

    There was a dance hall named Matter's near Burr Oak. For some reason it was pronounced as
    thought it were spelled Madder's. It was not in a town, but on a farm. Built during WW I,
    it was a popular place. And lots of big names played there including Lawrence Welk. Not
    only big band, but rock and roll (Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis) and country (Johnny Cash,
    Kitty Wells, and Roy Acuff). I used to go there now and then during my High School
    years. Never had a date. Just went with a car fulla kids. Place burned down a decade ago.

    Burr Oak is in Winneshiek County, IA. Evey year at the beginning of the school year we had
    to fill out an index card for the High School "Office". Every year I wished I'd been born in
    a county with a simpler name. I believe "Winneshiek" is an Indian word meaning "Hard to

    Julie, I never heard of the chiro tool that beeps, but I have had chiros who used the activator.
    That's a tool that looks like a heavy duty hypodermic syringe. It makes little snapping noise
    and delivers a tap to push vertabrae back into place.

    You ever hear of Matter's, or are you too far away? Oh yeah, that reminds me. W/ re: 2
    Burr Oak, Laura Ingalls Wilder and family once lived there. The town now has a Wilder
    museum. The building was formerly a hotel; Ma and Pa worked there for a while.

    Funny, when I lived in SE Minnesota surrounded by several towns where the Wilders lived,
    I never heard of them or Laura's books. Eventually I read all of them and others by her
    daughter Rose and several other authors..

    Hugs to all
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    Hi All, hope your T-day was great. We had a good time here, and had three guests. One was my oldest friend from high-school. He brought pecan and apple pies. The homeless boy that we let camp on our property was there as well, as well as a new friend of his, a nice young lady from Lithuania of all places! A good time was had by all, and the giant roasting chicken was more than adequate. Also had roasted brussel sprouts, parsnips, yams, carrots, and three kinds of potatoes (fingerling whites, pink potatoes (yes, pink all the way through), and blue potatoes (blue through too.)

    Richard made a chutney with our persimmons that turned out delicious, and very spicy (not for you Rock!) In all, a good time. I gave thanks.

    The last few days a bear has been annoying us by getting into the rubbish bins and scattering garbage everywhere. Such a pain in the butt. Yesterday Richard said the wind was blowing hard. I looked out of my window and said "nonsense, it's absolutely still out there", which it was. Turns out he was looking out the kitchen window that looks out onto a golden delicious apple tree (loaded with apples). I looked. There was that darn bear in the top of the tree scarfing down apples! Well, there were plenty on the ground it could have eaten instead! So I yelled and screeched and banged a shovel (and prayed a little!) and it came down the tree backwards, as they do, and rushed off into the forest. My plan is cayenne pepper on the rubbish bins. Hope it works. First bear I've ever seen in the wild. Oh yeah, it left some piles of applesauce too . :p

    We have snow and cold today. Gonna stay inside all day.

    Love to All,
    Barry ;)
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    Hi Barry - Glad you had a nice Turkey day. Nice to see you on the Porch.

    Just wanted to pop in to say I am alive even though I haven't been on the porch much. Just terribly busy. Maybe I can elaborate later on other the un decorating, decorating and card writing.

    Great also to see Dar, Julie , Rock as usual. I am so tired and need to go take a hot shower. It is freezing or almost so outside. One of our daughters and family are coming on Thursday, or are supposed to in case a storm causes problems. They are wanting to look at a couple of homes that are for sale in our neighborhood. The will be moving here sometime next year from N.C. Hope the storm doesn't cause any problems for them. Her husband will be retiring and has already turned in his notice. He is so relieve - just mduch to much work and pressure anyone. You must love to drive or enjoy it. Glad that is it is helping you though.

    Julie - No way could I drive 3 hours to see a doctor o

    Have been so busy around here.

    Will try and pop in again tomorrow if I can. Glad all is well with everyone. Hope Mikie is enjoying her trip so far. I think Sun is gone to isn't that right?

    Love to everyone.,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Didn't do much yesterday. I did finish the bio of Vivian Vance. Started another book, but gave up on that one after a couple chapters. About to start on a bio of Marty Robbins. And I did the dishes and made tuna salad and that's about it.

    Granni, take the advice you always give Julie. Don't wear yourself out. HaHa! Are you eager
    to have your daughter move near you? I wouldn't want any of my relatives nearby. There used to be some who were wonderful people, but they are all gone now except for my aunt in MN. She's the one who's dad was born when Lincoln was Pres. She is 92. She's pretty confusiated according to my sister.

    Aunt Izzy was born in the Roaring 20s when liquor was out unless you went to a speakeasy, the Charleston was in, and Woodrow Wilson was President.

    Barry, such exciting neighbors you have. If I looked out my window and say a bear, I would think, "Oh oh, might be trouble ah Bruin. You sure had an array of vegetables at your T-dinner. Never come across pink potatoes. Had some purple/blue ones though. The inside was just a muddy sort of grey. No difference in taste. Anyhoo, good ta see yuh on the porch.

    Jam, haven't hear of that chiro tool you mentioned. I did have laser eye surgery several years ago. I wonder if that was the same sort of device.

    SG, I've been to Multnomah Falls. More than once. Multnomah times. Stood on that very bridge. Diane, hope Faithy is now fully recovered.

    Julie, I never heard of Clementines until the last couple years. Well, we did sing, "Oh, My
    Darlin' Clementine" in grade school. I remember the Christmases of my childhood. The
    only time of the year you could get tangerines or naval oranges.

    Life brings so many changes. Used to be fruit was seasonal, but delicious. Now it's pretty
    much year round but much of it isn't worth eating.

  10. Darrae

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    Hi Rock,

    I enjoyed your story about catching bats in shoe boxes in La Crosse. FYI, I love fondue. I still have my mothers fondue pot from the 60's and sterno for it. I've been through La Crosse but never got to actually spend time there. We drove through on a vacation when I was young.

    Palmer College is a hop and skip cross the river on the I-74 bridge from my work place. And, yes, it's a beautiful campus. Dr. McNulty taught some of the chiros I'd gone to previously. He says he adjusts the way one should. He laments that so many give "generic" adjustments and do not do, as he does, the extra work of a proper adjustment because he knows they know how. That tool you referred to that looks like a syringe is the one I refer to as "the thumper". LOL. Doc also uses another "tool" on me. It's hard to describe. It sounds like a dentist's drill and gets to the deep muscle tissue pain. Sometimes it sorta hurts, but it's a good hurt if that makes any sense. He says I have a "high tolerance for pain", so when I say something hurts he takes it very seriously and will work until relief is found. He also has put my collar bones, and shoulder joints back into place on many visits. My stuff seems to "float" out of place a lot.

    The knots and muscles are more relaxed when he's done. He also has a massage chair I spend 15 minutes in after all the "thumping", "drilling", trigger points and pressure points, and spinal issues have been done and my ankles, knees, hips and so forth have been put back in order. He even adjusts my jaw on occasion. I suffer from TMJ. Sometimes it gets so painful I cannot chew properly. I hate the adjustment but love the results later when I can eat a pain free meal. I joke with him and call him the Marquis De Sade of Chiropractics. He jokes and tells me, "But that didn't hurt me at all"!

    Doc is a wonderful chiro and a dear man. He is very compassionate and quietly, devoutly religious. He lives to make people feel better. When I hadn't the money to pay him during my divorce, he insisted I keep coming in and charged me nothing for 3 years of adjustments. I owe him great gratitude. For all the work he does on me he only charges $40 a visit. If you pay ten visits ahead he charges only $30 a visit. He has a lot in common with Dick Clark. The man doesn't age! He's in his mid to late 60's and still looks 35 to 40.

    Granni, Rock gave good advice. Take it easy. Hope the prospect of your daughter moving closer is a good thing and be a source of joy for you.

    Barry, Bears?! Really? Wow. What part of the country, if you don't mind my asking, do you reside in where you have bears in your trees? Where I live a loose bear would have to be a circus escapee. When we visited my Aunt Mavis's dairy farm in Backus , MN they had bears. I didn't see any on our vacations up there, but my dad always told me to be watchful when playing in the woods around the farm and down by the lake, that there were bears and they were not friendly.

    Well, it's almost 4 in the morning. I need to see if I can get some sleep. Rest well ye all. Hi to all the Porch friends I haven't mentioned.

    Love N' hugz to all
  11. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just thought I'd drop in but not to stay. Had no trouble getting to frigid CO and am enjoying the change. No problems with the cold nor thin air. I took a walk yesterday uphill and nary a huff nor a puff. Good seeing my kids and DSIL's Mom. We went out for some good Mexican food and the best Margaritas I've had in a loooong time. We all got a good buzz on and had fun. DSIL is smoking a brisket today and will be bringing the paper home after church and grocery shopping. I decided to worship at St. Mattress's this morning as I've not slept well here. Too much of a time change.

    As always, my love, hugs and prayers to everyone. I'll write more this week when I get home and resettled.

    Love, Mikie
  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi friends...need to keep this brief, so sorry if I don't address everyone. Mikie, so glad you made it okay and are having a great time!

    Barry, a little exciting and scary both, to have a bear so close?

    Dar, I guess it would be hard for me to pinpoint any particular thing, with my dad. But when I was there on Friday, he asked if I could take time to walk up and down the halls with him, so he could look over his "new place." He's been at the same care facility for over two years, but thought he had just gotten there.

    So, we took a little tour...and along the way I mentioned the staff what we were doing, and they all just went along with it too and said, "Great!" It never seemed to surprise Dad that everyone knew his name and greeted him by it...

    Ironically, he still pointed out things that he would only have known about by a memory...the window where he once saw a deer standing right by the bird feeder or that one of the ladies who lives there takes care of the plants in the sunroom...things like that.

    But so many things were "new" to him and he seemed amazed that their were Christmas decorations out "already." My dad has never gotten into the Christmas Spirit, so I didn't even have any decorations in his room yet. But when he seemed so excited about the ones in the halls, I ran to the Dollar store and got him a little tree and some other Christmas things to put around his room. He was absolutely thrilled...I am calling it my own "Christmas Miracle."

    Forgive me ahead of time, I won't be very "newsy" or chatty for awhile. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed this week...only today and tomorrow to get things done for my dinner on Saturday. I will be watching Lindsey's kids Wed, Thurs., and Friday...might see if she can have the neighbors watch them some of the time.

    I could cancel dinner, but I did that last year...was just too hard, the first Christmas without my mom. But this year I am just going to forge kids only see their cousins (on my side) maybe once a year as it is...and I do want Den's and my dad to get to see some family.

    So, I'd better get busy...take care and stay warm!
  13. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    Glad to hear you reached your destination safely. Sounds like a good time being had by all. Get that well needed rest and enjoy your vacation.


    Sounds like your Dad just had a little "memory glitch". Sometimes time is elusive. I've seen this a lot. For some, it's new one day. For others it's new every day. For even others there is no recognition and they think they are supposed to be living and doing what their lives were in the past, a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago or more.

    I once had a college professor who on some days knew exactly where she was and was "with it", cognizant of her surroundings and her "present" life--then on other days she thought she was supposed to go to work, swore her white car was in the parking lot, (it wasn't), and she had to get in and go to work. She didn't recognize her surroundings or staff. Sometimes the paradigm changes daily. One day they are "with it" and other days not.

    In that he still remembers so much detail about his surroundings, that's good. He may have just been having one of "those"days, or experienced a slip of time. Oft' times when one sees others so much in the spirit and all the decorations, it just seems in their minds, that they should be following suit even if it's not been his habit before. Helping him by providing decorations was a smart move. He will feel more like he's "fitting in".

    Remember to get your rest with all that you have going on and take care of yourself too. I'm sorry that this was a hard time last year. I know it's not easy. Been where you are. But I'm glad to hear you're diving back in again.

    Love N' hugz to all
  14. lydia1

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    Thanks, Dar...some of the staff also thought he might have been a little "off" because of his roommate falling and ending up in the hospital. Dad was in their bathroom and heard a "thud" and found his roommate on the floor. With his roommate gone, it is extra quiet in their suite...Bob watches TV all the time and his TV is situated so that Dad can also see it from his bed. But Dad won't turn his own TV on or ask the staff to do I keep mentioning it to the staff to see if Dad wants to watch anything.

    So, that takes care of my daddy. Now, I could use a little support and prayers for myself. It seems that we are going to be blessed with another grandchild! Yes, it is a blessing, but no, it's not Amy and Clinton who are pregnant.

    Mixed feelings, to be sure. Lindsey took a test last night...was afraid to tell me, but knew she wouldn't be able to keep it from me, lol! They were not "trying", so it is a bit of a surprise to us all.

    So, my prayers are for her and David and the kids, and her health. Also for is so hard on her to hear of yet another couple getting pregnant, when she and Clinton want so badly to have another baby. We did talk today, and the girls have talked. Amy is such a gracious woman of God...she is, of course, happy for her sister...but it still hurts.

    I pray for myself also...I am needing so badly to get myself back on track by getting my own work caught up, as well as rest. Lindsey is already working on keeping herself more "healthy" (hydrated, etc.) so she won't have as rough a time as with her other two pregnancies. And she has promised they are going to get more regular help so it won't be such a burden on me. (I think Den had a talk with her this morning.)

    With a new life, I don't think of it as "should or shouldn't have" is a blessing, period. And this child will be entering into a family full of love, with parents who care about things like discipline, nutrition, education, just plain having fun and so many other important things.

    So...that is part of my "overwhelming" feeling. I asked Den if we could just move off the farm ourselves, but he said, "no", cause he finally just got the wood stove pipe up high enough that it vents really good and our house is nice and toasty warm ;)

  15. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Julie, A new life indeed! How blessed. I will pray for your health and well being, Lindsay's health, and for Amy and Clint's sorrow to be eased. So much for you to absorb and you've been so on the go for such a long while now. Peace and tranquility I wish for you.

    Love n' Hugz,
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  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    It IS a blessing, whether it was planned or not. And your thinking was if you moved off the farm she would have to learn to deal with things on her own and not always rely on Mom? I'm sorry for Amy. I understand. We had filed for adoption before we had our first. We also found out two days ago that my son and DIL are expecting their first on June 7.

    We've been having Ipad troubles, and after a phone "fixit" with apple, and 3 in store "fixits" we've finally been given a new Ipad because apparently the one we had was just troubles. Then today my microwave went kaput but I had the foresight to buy a 4 year warranty plan 3 years ago so we've now got a new one this evening. They didn't have the white one like my broken one so had to take the silver one. That means we need to train ourselves to touch it holding a paper towel.......I know that sounds crazy! Those finger marks are a pain and all the times during the day I use it I don't want it to be a mess. We have a silver frig. and's so hard to keep clean and without fingerprints.

    Rock: we were down in Pasadena yesterday looking for antique stores but found something good.......a red passion flower vine growing along a sidewalk next to an antique store. I asked the owner if I could please have a few cuttings for rooting and he was very happy to oblige. If Gordon is interested, I can tell him where it is. I've never seen a red one.

    And today we were at the Americana Mall in Glendale. about upscale! Ever been there?
  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi glad to see you! Hope you had a great trip...did you just get back or have I just missed you if you checked in?

    Well, it was more tongue in cheek, about moving off the farm, lol! It would be a lot more work for me, if I had to drive somewhere to help Lindsey, instead of just walk across the driveway ;) I am just praying that she doesn't get hyperemesis so bad that she needs a PICC line again, like with the twins. (She probably should have had one with Lorraine too, but the doctor then didn't mention it.)

    Amy is doing very well, according to her last text. She loves her sister and BIL and all the kids...AND she did have the first grandbaby. She had Keira (after trying for 3 years) while Lindsey and David were still in their 7 year struggle to get pregnant and not miscarry. Lorraine came along almost 3 years after Keira, then Lindsey was basically alone the first year with a new baby because David was deployed to Afghanistan (she and Lorraine lived with us.)

    So, both girls understand how the other must feel...I am glad they care so much about each other.

    I just think that if I didn't have this stupid CFS...I could go on and on like so many other woman that I see...some of them work full-time, have a social life, and are still able to help out with grandkids. But, it's just a fact of I'd better really work on pacing myself, true?

    Will check in tomorrow...just happened to be still up and noticed some more posts.

  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Couldn't sleep, got back up and thought I should add something. The kids haven't officially announced anything yet...are waiting a little while before they tell David's family and any more of our family...just so nobody mentions it on facebook, etc.
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Kids

    Started a new thriller by a new author. Pretty good so far. Have to see if he has more
    stuff at the library. Also started the biography of Marty Robbins. Joke was on me. It's
    not a biography. It's a bibliography. 500 pages listing books and articles about Marty
    Robbins. I can't believe any publisher would put out such a book. How many copies could
    one expect to sell?

    There is a bit of good news. There are another 100 pages of interviews and photos.

    SG, I haven't been to the Americana Mall, but it's right by the Glendale library that Gordon and I have been visiting the last couple months. We go to a mall once or twice a year, and it's
    always the Glendale Mall. We do not spend hours shopping. We buy what we came for and
    leave post haste.

    Never knew passion vines came in more than one color. Looked on the net. There are
    400 different kinds, and they come in several colors. When we lived in Echo Park we had
    them growing on the back yard and along the fence.

    Dar, I am astonished that you've been to Backus. I would have bet I was the only person
    in California who had even heard of it. More than that, I've been there. My first job
    outta school was as a social worker in Cass County. A poor county in northern Minnesota,
    but a paradise for hunters and fishermen. Lots of woods and lakes. I drove all over
    the entire county to call on clients.

    There were several hamlets like Backus in the country with populations of a few hundred
    people. The two "big towns" were Walker and Pine River with about 1000 people each. That's the size of the village where I grew up. I felt right at home. Another little village was
    Hackensack which had a tourist attraction. A statute of Paul Bunyan's girlfriend. The
    big statutes of Paul and his blue ox Babe are in Bemidji which is a little farther North.

    Jam, never heard of chiropractors using all these high tech tools and procedures before.
    Cold laser doesn't sound too bad, but hot laser sounds dangerous. Dave Barry says
    the laser is a wonderful device, but you have to hope your doctor sets it on eye
    surgery and not "melt tractor".

    Julie, that is really interesting that your Dad could think he was at a new location and
    simultaneously think that he knew stuff about it. It's has been interesting to me to
    watch my mind deteriorate, but I'm getting a little tired of it. Actually, very tired of it.
    That's great that he enjoyed the little tree. Sometimes a small gift makes a big impact.

    Granni, did the K of C serve KFC? I bet Barry could enhance a fast food meal with
    persimmon chutney and all sorts of exotic vegetables and fungi. Not sure how cold
    it is here tonight, but it's not so cold as last night. It's colder where you are, I bet.

    Mikie, glad to hear you are enjoying the weather and food and margaritas in Denver.
    I haven't had a margarita for years. We have a frozen one in the freezer. Gordon
    brought it home several months ago. I have reminded him that we should drink it
    before it gets freezer burn, but somehow we never get around to it.

    Time to hit the hey. Gee, haven't heard anybody say that for many decades.

    Hug to absent friends Joan, Diane, and et. al.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Hi Julie, et al,

    You are right Sun and Dar, having another baby is a blessing for sure. However, I understand how it is to have someone in your family who has had lots of trouble conceiving and others no problem at all :)!!! Any baby is a blessing and she/he will be so lucky to being born into such a loving family. You are lucky to be close by to help although I know sometimes exhausting. Our son and DIL have had a terrible time and no babies so far and just lost another a few months ago. Guess they are planning to adopt. They are being very close lipped about it. Maybe we will find out something at Christmas time.

    Congrats to Lindsey and David. Now I know you all will be worn out :)!! May God continue to bless you all. Speaking of surprises, our son came along almost 5 years after the last girl . He was not "planned" either but was a wonderful change with all his sisters around (4). Maybe another boy will help to even things out with all those little girls :) LOL !!!

    DH is shopping and I am eating as I type. Need to get dressed and start al the many things I have to do before our DD#2 comes with husband and son later this week to look at a home they hope to move to in a few months.

    Right now they will have to sleep on the decorations and crap all over the bed. Also have more cards. The performance today was canceled due to a sick pianist. We are also supposed to sing tomorrow and Wed. this week with more to follow.

    Gotta run for now and will try and get back soon again. This week is just awful -to much happening. At least one thing was canceled. Sorry no time to address everyone.

    Love to awl,