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    We've been home since last monday but so many troubles with the Ipad so I haven't tried to log in. They exchanged it on friday, my husband set up my email addresses, etc. and deleted all my saved emails on one account. He's denying it so it must be the mysterious 3rd person who apparently lives in this house......I really wish he would move out and just leave us in peace!!!! LOL

    Saturday was my BD and then yesterday we met our son and DIL at the Americana mall. By the way, Rock.......dont go there! Very youngish oriented! I stumbled into one shop because it looked intriguing. It's called Gilly Hicks. I thought it was a BAR, it was soooooo dark. And I do mean stumble......I could hardly see the wood floors, small dark rooms everywhere with cheap lingerie. I actually watched as one lady shoplifted!

    OK......I hit caps locks and it made it sooooo tiny I had to post just to get out and then come back here. What happened?

    I do hope this pregnancy for Lindsy goes easily this time. With my first it was a problem from start to finish and even afterwards. My second was a breeze, and 6 days after a Csection (had all 3 children thru C) I was up and dancing at a christmas party. She was born one day before my BD.
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    Julie , Sun, et al - Yes, I surely do hope that Lindsay's pregnancy goes better than the last one. That was like my DMIL who was sick every day she said, carrying my husband. That makes it very hard. All my pregnancies were great, no morning sickness or anything except once when I think it was probably a virus. All were normal births, thank goodness and did not need a CS.

    I need to go get ready to go to the new GI doctor . I was referred and so will DH to go and get a Colonoscopy. We'll see how much that will cost. Not sure I can get that into this year. I know DH's won't be this year either. I was trying to get DH to have it done for a few years but he was to chicken and also probably didn't want to cough up the $.

    Did a bunch of cards today and yesterday but I know there are still a few more plus I am out of stamps.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    hello all

    just wanted to pop in and say hi.

    running on inverter power cuts are up now n need to save power for night time.

    julie - understand yr mixed feelings about lindseys pregnancy..any baby is a blessed
    baby if he she is going to hv a loving nana and granpa like you and den, i was wishing
    you could hv gotten stronger and rejuvenated tho, before this had happened.

    a bit tired to address everyone

    past few days been in n out of hospital for brother...draining fluid from his
    stomach and now his scrotum is swollen and they recommend giving him albumin
    which is so expensive...

    i think granni was asking about the expenses ..we ve spent $21,000 so far , its
    been 19 months since diagnosis. nrs. 21,00,000 in our currecncy. people
    hv been kind, relatives, friends pitching in some thousand dollars, but prognosis
    isnt good, so it came to nothing. its emobtionally draining too.

    well, we did what we could.

    in between i did attend a golf ball of my dhs. i guess no point putting a hold on
    thev rest of my life...which has to go on..

    i did hv an interesting experience...theres a stretch of road i cross near the
    hospital and every time i hit a certain patch of road, the energy shifts and
    i feel lightness and calm. i did think there was some temple or something
    around , the last time bout week back? i felt the energy shift so acute..from
    tired and depressed to suddenly light and stoic, i looked around outvthe
    cab window, and spotted it - a wooden cross on top of a drab grey three
    storey building...and a banner with jesus said i am the light in nepalese!!!

    we ve learnt about auras and i understood immediately it was the aura of
    the peace and prayers people were bringing to the church, and maybe the
    Divine energy radiating out of that little place of worship which was hitting
    me every time i came within a certain radius.

    so i ve been there twice..just to pray and 'be'. the peace in there is just incredible.

    i did visit another bigger church but unfortunately felt worse later at home...
    had spoken with a lady who was very fanatical about jesus being the 'only' way
    and i got a few weird pains in my arms instead of relief as i came out. i hv
    felt similar beautiful spiritual experiences in my own places of worship too,
    a tangible 'lifting' of weight from the shoulders...and on one occassion, a
    indescribable feeling of bliss in the pit of my stomach...

    well its taken me 10 edits to write this much...ipad jamming...

    so take care

    god bless
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    Oh Springwater, it is so good to hear from you! I'm sorry the treatments haven't helped your brother. I can't even begin to imagine how you all must be feeling, but I guess our turn will be coming, if my sis-in-law's doctors are right.

    Her genetic testing biopsy results haven't come back, so there is not a treatment plan yet. We are waiting to see when would be the best time to go younger brother (who lives in Iowa) and his wife are planning to go down to see this brother and sis-in-law in Texas sometime over Christmas. Of course, we wouldn't want to overwhelm them with too much company, so will just hold off, I guess.

    So neat that you get such a good feeling when in the vicinity of the church.

    Thank you for the kind words regarding me and Den...of course, this baby will be loved as much as the others, but I am already so tired...maybe after the holidays I will feel better. I'm not even doing much to "prepare" for Christmas, but it still wears me out.

    Lindsey figures she is four weeks along...already feeling sick, dizzy, weak, etc. I am trying so hard to pace myself and not just run over and do things for her...but I don't want her to get worse.

    Will just say a quick "hi" to everyone...better get to bed.
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    Hi Springwater, Good to hear from you. I've been meeting to mention something I read about Napel on the net. Can't remember what now. I did find a website that was all news from Napel. Today there was a story about local honey at a Katmandu market; black topping a street which had been widened (Lazimpat Road, I think); starting a tunnel; a collection of poems; someone's funeral. and lots and lots about politics. I hope your politicians are better than what we have here.

    That is pretty amazing about feeling a change in energy and wondering if there was a temple nearby. And then: there was! I'm sorry to hear about your brother. Yes, modern medicine is amazing, but what good is it if people can't afford it?

    When I was working I was covered by Kaiser Permanete's health plan. When I retired they sent me a letter telling me I could keep my coverage. Only $7,000 a year for me; $25,000 to include a family. As seven thou was more than half of my Social Security retirement (my only income) I cheerfully declined their offer. Hope you get to feelin' a little more peppy. Wish we all would.

    Many Happy Returns, SG. I looked that up a while back. It means, may your birthdays return. In other words, may you live many more years. Remember when it was Ethel's birthday and she and Lucy got into one of their squabbles? Lucy said, "Happy Birthday! And I hope you live another 75 years."

    According to the bio of Ethel that I just read, they really did have a wonderful, loving relationship with occasional tiffs and spats. When Ethel was dying from cancer, her last visitors were Lucy and Mary Wicks (the ballet teacher).

    Hope you have a wonderful visit with your daughter and grandson, Granni.
    Do you and DD divvy up the cooking?

    Heard a big thump this afternoon. Figured a truck with a loose load hit a pothole or
    there was an accident. Went outside. A new silver pickup truck went through a stop
    sign and hit the mail carrier's vehicle. The mail lady was pinned underneath the
    little truck. The neighbors were able to life it off her. Her leg is broken.

    In ten minutes we had an ambulance, 3 fire trucks and two cop cars in our intersection.
    Standing in front of our house was a young Mexican. The copy told him to turn around;
    then handcuffed him and put him in a car. But he was not the driver; just a passenger.

    Four hours later we still had a police car, a fire truck and a big truck outside. The big
    truck contained the wrecked mail truck. The 14 year old driver ran away after the
    accident. Very likely was already back in Mexico.

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    Hi, Kids,

    So good to be back home. When I went to check in on my kids' computer, the message was that my flights had all been cancelled and I had to call a 1-800 phone number. YIKES!!! However, when I called, the woman was soooo nice and helpful and put me on two different flights. I had to leave at 7:00 a.m. instead of after noon so we had to get up at 4:00 a.m. just to drive to the airport and make sure I was there early enough. I upgraded to business class and just melted into the big old leather chair. Had a fascinating seatmate and we talked all the way from Denver to Atlanta. I'm not usually a big chatter on planes. Not quite so lucky from ATL to FL as I had the aisle with a woman next to me who couldn't sit still. I finally put the arm rest down as a hint that I wasn't enjoying being rubbed on every few minutes. I always fly coach between here and ATL because it's such a short trip; however, I had been sitting all day, including my three-hour layover in ATL. Food in the ATL airport is expensive but I found a turkey wrap in a newsstand store and it was delicious--Mediterranean basil wrap with cheese (popped a Lactaid pill ;)), black olives, lettuce and tomatoes.

    It was nice to get home at 5:30 instead of 11:30 at night. How strange to get off the plane with my jacket, coat and scarf to a balmy 84 degrees. I enjoyed the snow in CO but really loved seeing the green grass and palm trees at the airport. So, it was a successful trip and sooooo good to see my kids. I got a Denver Nuggets oversized tee shirt to sleep in cause they were half price. The Broncos are still hot so would have had to pay full price for that merchandise. The shirts are always well made and this will last for years. I love to sleep in big tees.

    Unfortunately, all that sitting and a bit of dehydration has brought back my UTI symptoms. I'm going to do three days of three capsules of the ABX to see whether I can get rid of it. I see my PCP tomorrow but don't see my urologist until next month.

    Other DD's neighbor, whom I've met on several occasions, got sudden onset crippling RA. The docs have pumped her full of steroids to no avail. She finally went with DD to an herbalist who told her that the flu shot she had taken a week before the onset of the RA caused it. She's seen quite a few cases. She gave the woman some herbal meds and the RA is gone. Docs won't admit this happens, even though their patients come forth with their symptoms following the shots. This is yet another reason I never get the shots. This is criminal--the steroids just give these patients another problem and don't fix the RA. This woman always thought my DD was nuts with her campaign against too many vaccines but she has apologized to DD for her disbelief.

    Thank you all so very much for all your good wishes for my trip. Unfortunately, I can't go back to read posts so will just have to pick up here to respond to everyone. This is post #29 so think I'll go start a new thread. Wasn't sure we would have a Porch 666. Let's get rid of it. Not that I'm superstitious or anything...

    Love, Mikie