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  1. rockgor

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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    All jump up and don't come down.
    But if you do, well, stick around.

    Turkey in the oven, chicken in the pan.
    Circle once as nice as you can.

    Ladies to the center; form a star.
    Gents, stay put right were you are.

    Allemande left, then the other way.
    The band is sittin' on a bale of hay.

    Do-si-do and all go home.
    And that's the end of this little poem.

    Let's have a hand for the band and the kind ladies who provided our
    refreshments: Gladys Peterson and Myrtle Harstad. We'll see you
    all tomorrow night at the Ladies Aid Church Supper and Quilt Raffle.

  2. Mikie

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    Hi, my Porchie Friends,

    Dar, I'm sorry you are in such a flare. I've had swallowing problems which seem to be almost spasm like. I've found that sitting up as tall as I can and stroking my throat before I eat something, or take a pill, often helps.

    Rock, thanks for opening the new square dance on the Porch. I'm sitting this one out on a bale of hay as I'm still not all that perky. This crud is five days old and getting really old! It's still stomach problems and a cough. What a combo. Don't we all just come up with the most unusual things?

    I'm laughing about the nutty woman with the cats being a nurse. My daughter is a nurse and she says she has met sooooo many of them who are nutzo and who don't practice cleanliness. AACK! My dear ex-BIL was a teacher and, from what I can tell, teaching is full of nutzos too. I've come to believe that nutzos are out there everywhere. They live next to us, nurse us in the hospital and teach our kids. And, they vote! Yikes!!! No wonder we are going to hell in a handbasket.

    Thank you all so very much for your sweet prayers and concerns regarding Tweety and Sylvester. I am sure they are well and being loved so I, at least, don't worry about them. Simon was sleeping on my chair this morning. I think he likes the new puffier cushions. I decided to change up his food. He dug right in to the Meow Mix. I switch off with Friskies. I didn't have the NRG to lace it with catnip and treats this morning. I can't believe how good this cat looks for one which lives outside all the time. It must agree with him but it's heartbreaking to think he misses out on petting and scratching his belly. He does enjoy my talking to him so I guess that's as good as it gets.

    I've been binge watching Showtime's "Weeds." It's about as quirky as "Breaking Bad" and "House of Cards." I guess the new thing is to get us cheering for the bad guys. "Weeds" is an old series. The premium channels sell their old series to other channels and Netflix. Until the Olympics is over, there will be nothing decent on TV. Today is the last day for the Presidents Day sales. I have a $10 coupon for $25 spent at Bealls. Even if I don't need clothing, I can use it to buy Keurig Cups in my favorites, either Hawaiian bold brew or Dark Magic. Mmmmmm, love those brews with brio. The newspaper yesterday had a $10 off $40 spent on groceries at Sweetbay. Publix redeems Sweetbay's coupons so I'll redeem it at Publix. I also have coupons at Stein Mart. I usually don't buy much there but, every now and then, they have something I need. My rule is that buying the newspaper has to pay for itself in coupons and sales notices. It always does, in spades. Hope I can muster some NRG today for some retail therapy. In the meantime, I'm going to read the paper online. I only get the actual paper on Fri., Sat., and Sun. I read it online the rest of the week.

    BTW, am I the only one having problems with internet Explorer? I have to us Foxfire to read the paper. In my estimation, that's the paper's fault. They should be compatible with the most used browser; however, I've had other problems with Explorer's acting up. If it ain't one thing, it's t'other. Hey, this is the South, Y'all :confused:

    Happy Presidents Day to all y'all. I didn't address everyone but you know I think of everyone and keep you in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Mikie

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    Springwater (and Everyone),

    I just went to Wikipedia to look up Nepal. I have been wanting to learn more about your lovely, mystical, exotic country. I know Wiki is the "fast-food" version of research and info but it didn't disappoint. I saw some photos of rural mountains, lakes and fields and all were breathtaking. I know you have been grieving your dear brother's passing but when you can, please enlighten us about your life in Nepal. It is fascinating.

    Love, Mikie
  4. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    I wish I knew how to post a video here, but even though I've read how to do it, I can't
    understand the instructions. Anyhoo, do yourself a favor; go to Youtube and watch
    a video called "The Best Coin Ever Spent". It's one of those "makes ya feel good" vids.
    Your money refunded if it doesn't.

    Ha Ha! Reminds me of my old 12 step program. Newcombers were told: try the program
    for 3 months. If you don't start to feel better, your misery will be cheerfully refunded.

    Mikie, never heard of an angel wing begonia. I found pics of some on the net. The pics
    are pretty small though. They look pretty much the same as the other begonias. I did
    see a tuberous begonia years ago. As I recall it was a very dramatic blossom. Some
    dark color like red or purple.

    Hope you find something wonderful at Stein Mart. Is that a store that sells steins? Or
    a store owned by Steins? Could be both, I guess. Our law firm in North Hollywood
    was near a shop that had a window full of steins. You could have them personalized.

    Dar, thanks for the info on non flushing niacin The computer says Wal*Mart sells the
    Spring Valley brand. The cost is ten times as much as the regular. I've only been taking
    the stuff for a few days. My reaction ranges from none to mild to unpleasant. Well,
    that's sort of everything everyday, I guess. Hope you are feeling better. Think you're
    going to take it a little easier at work? I bet you tell yourself that and then forget all
    about it.

    Springwater, if you want an orchid that is easy to care for you might see if you can
    find an epidendrum. Most orchids bloom once a year, but epidendrums bloom the
    year round. They come in several colors. Have clusters of small flowers.

    Yes, I agree. Frieda's writing is melodious. Taking into account her photo and her
    musings on winter, I'd say her writing reminds me of Aaron Copland or Alexander

    SG, thanks for the suggestion re: counting flower pots. That's kind of funny because
    Gordon has been working in yard for the past couple weeks. He showed me a stack
    of flower pots at one corner of the house. They are small, square, and made of cheap
    plastic that wears out in a few years and becomes brittle. The joke is he has dozens of
    them. All empty.

    Another piece of music that evokes the Civil war (like Ashokan Farewell) is by Aaron
    Copland. It is called "A Lincoln Portrait". The final movement has quotes from
    Lincoln. My favorite version was narrated by Carl Sandburg. Several versions
    on Youtube including ones by Walter Cronkite and Katherine Hepburn. Alas, they
    were too old when they made the recordings; their voices frayed.

    Jole (Jo-Lee), great to see you back again. I had cataract surgery sometime back. Maybe
    20 years ago. Instant success! As I was being wheeled out of surgery, I could read the
    clock on the wall. I had worn glasses for over 40 years. After the surgery, I only needed
    reading glasses. This gave me a new hobby. Looking for my reading glasses.

    I solved that problem at the 99 cent store. Bought 6 pair. I have them scattered
    around the house. Can always find a pair. Did you see the book I recommended?
    About growing up on a farm during the Great Depression. Something you might
    want to read?

    Julie, sounds like the folks at your Dad's place had a good Valentine's Day. I hope
    the rest of the winter weather is routine. Too many storms these past few years.
    I don't every expect to visit MN again. I'm too old and feeble to travel. Especially
    with the deterioration in service on planes and the outrageous prices. Next there
    will be a separate fee for looking out the window.

    Granni, are you still hunting for that Shark cord? Which is harder to find? A Shark
    cord or an F major chord? HaHa. The notes in Taps make up an F chord. (Well,
    that's the way I remember it anyhoo. C, F, A)

    Jam, your observation that you are a daughter of the Depression reminds me of Hamlin
    Garland whose biography was titled "A Son of the Middle Border". ("Middle Border" meant
    the Mid West.) My father in law was a son of the Great Depression too, I guess. He
    worked as a city bus driver in Minneapolis most of his life. Didn't much like the job,
    but he had that Depression mentality. If you are lucky enough to have a job, you don't
    give it up for something else that might not work out.

    I think I have to try that non flushing niacin. I took a pill when I started this post, and
    now my skin is red and my arms itch like Billy Sunday.

  5. Granniluvsu

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    :):)My Dear Porchies,

    Sorry that I have not been posting. Have been busy and will get worse this week and next with performances, mammograms, scans, Dentist visits, etc. Meanwhile, this is the first time in awhile I have been able to check the porch on the computer. DH has been on the computer a lot and he upgraded and gave me his old smart phone which was better than mine. So, now trying to figure it out and find the Porch and Porch Pals on it. Haven't had that much time lately to check it out.

    Thank you ROCK for starting us out and having another square dance call which I haven't heard in some time. Yes, I still need to find the Shark cord for my sweeper but haven't had much time to search or get on the computer.

    Mikie - Sorry you have been having swallowing problems too. That is terrible and I hope that leaves you soon. Have you had to go to soft foods and soups to eat? Hope you get to feeling better soon. This stinks when you are up and down like yo yo. Gee haven't heard that word in years. Have any of you ever played with a yo yo- maybe ROCK or JAM and myself. ??

    Jolie - Sorry I missed seeing you . I probably missed you and didn't go back far enough to read all the posts I have missed. Rock said you posted so I believe him. Hope you are doing OK. Miss you and so many others, sweetie. Wish we would hear from Joan, Elaine and so many others.

    Diane - Hope you are feeling a little better now that you have had your counselor appt. Hope your weather is warming up a bit for you. Did you get that last snow storm that his a day or so ago? Seeing the sun for a change and warming up can do a lot for ones soul and mind too. Actually had some the last few days.

    Julie - Are you around my YOUNG friend? I imagine you are busy taking care of all the young ones and Lindsey. Sorry I have been missed reading and posting and I miss all the comings and goings of you and all. When I read what you do I really am worn out :)!! Hope to hear from you again soon. If I have time I will go back and try and see what I have missed. Hope Lindsay is doing OK with holding that baby in. Hugs and prayers to you all and say.

    Spring Water - Have missed hearing from you too. I love hearing about you and you lovely culture.

    Sang this morning at a local nursing home and they were appreciative even if some of the couldn't interact very much. Afterwards we go around and talk to the residence and they were happy to hear those old songs we sang. Some were love songs this time for Valentines Day even though it is over. How about Chattanooga Choo Choo , I even get to blow the whistle. Yes, that is not a love song :)!! he he DAR - sorry you are in a flare and I know you understand about these residence. You are a very special person to be doing what you are doing.

    Hi also those not mentioned, inc Sun, Jam, et al.

    Granni :)
    Gotta run. DH is calling. Have singing for chorale practice this evening.
  6. jole

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    Ahhhh....I've really missed sitting out here on the porch in my own personal lounge chair...kicked back nice 'n comfy with my blankie spread over my legs, listening to the birds sing and visiting with good friends! I remember the weather on the porch being perfect year 'round, flowers in bloom with all the beautiful colors and aromas, and the lake a short path away with soft floating rafts. Just the thought makes me smile :) Is Jerome still around to manage all our 'wishes', like keeping the fridge stocked?

    Quiet day here. Just had a visitor a few minute ago. A neighbor girl selling Girl Scout Cookies! We haven't had anyone nearby selling in the past few years, and yes! They still have the Mint Cookies (which I'll donate to the porch stash), so I'm happy. Got hubby a box of coconut cookies, so he's happy also.

    It's great seeing everyone on here again! Tomorrow I go back to the eye doc. My headaches are really bad this past week, and will be glad to get the prescription for my glasses. I could have gotten permanent corrective lens put in for $1,200/eye, but they don't work for everyone and we really can't afford to throw money away at this point.

    Rock, I didn't see the post about the book :( but will try to find it. And you remembered how to pronounce my 'name'
    Leah, I've thought of you often and am glad you're here (again). I'm sure my throat problems aren't the same as yours, but I was having problems swallowing/choking a few years ago. Doc did an EGD (upper endoscopy) to make sure it wasn't cancer. I was pretty sure it was just esophageal spasms and told him that. Turns out it was a slight stricture (which he stretched), and yes, spasms. He said "You know too much". Lol.... Well, I'd done transcription for him for years, plus anyone with our conditions learn to do their homework. Anyway, I don't know the cause of your problem, but know how very frustrating it is to choke when swallowing, and I'm sorry you have to go through that. Everyone else, I'll try to post to each of you the next time I'm here. Hugs to all.......Jole
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, I think the "Angel Wing Begonia" name is derived from the shape of the leaves. The blooms on Barb's are a really pretty pink, small and delicate in clusters. I once saw a big garbage truck with a sign which read, "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Twice Your Garbage Back." Love it! Stein Mart is a nifty store which sells nice and nicer clothing and home goods at about half what you would pay at full retail. I got a beautiful purse deeply discounted and a little cat made of rustic metal. He's sitting up reading a book and wearing glasses. He's only about four or five inches tall. I love to have inexpensive little doodads in unexpected places which bring whimsy, and a smile, in my home. I got two swim suit covers at Bealls which retail for $38 for $12.80 each due to a sale and my coupons. Now that I'll be in the pool so much, it'll be hard on my swimwear. These can also be used to sleep in and are soft and very pretty. Finally, I saved $12 at Publix with only two coupons. I was down to no food because I've been inside for a week with this virus. Feeling better today but likely overdid it a bit.

    Granni, I think when I have swallowing problems, it's due to spasms. I was on the phone with Comcast today and my throat simple closed up. I had to grab a glass of water and try not to cough and gag in the woman's ear. She was sooooo sweet and saved me a bundle by bundling my services. Woohoo!!! I think that by sitting up straight, it lengthens and straightens the esophagus. Raising my chin and gently stroking my neck seem to calm the spasms. Now and then, when I've swallowed something, it hurts like the dickens and I have to try to stroke my throat and calm things down. Thank God it doesn't happen often.

    Jole, glad you're back, all bundled up nice and cozy under your blankie. I imagine new porches from time to time. I posted about my last Fantasy Porch. BTW, thanks for the cookies. It's good they are virtual so my doc doesn't throw a fit. I would love to have cataract surgery and only need light reading glasses. I'll likely never need mine removed and will have to continue to wear my contacts or glasses which continually have to be strengthened. It's making wearing monovision contacts difficult. I don't look good in glasses per se but I've found some which are clear in the front so they look good. I can change out the side pieces and have several colors I switch around.

    Met the new renters at the other end of our bldg. They seem like such nice people. I am very, very happy with all our condo mates in our bldg. Geez, feuds are breaking out all over in the other bldgs. I swear it's something in the air or water. Speaking of nice people, I just got a gem at Comcast. She bundled me up although, not in a blankie, but she saved me more than $41 a month for what I have now. If y'all aren't bundled, call to see if your cable company can save you some money.

    Have a condo mtg. tomorrow. Again, I am finding some of the people getting rude at the meetings. I don't like it. Those of us on boards serve at the pleasure of our residents and, if for no other reason, we ought to treat them with respect. I think we all ought to do that regardless. It makes life sooooo much easier and more pleasant. Thank God for our sweet Porchies here. Love you all!

    Love, Mikie
  8. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Just popping in to read posts and try to keep up.

    Mikie, Rock Granni, Sun, Frieda, and all..........thanks for the kind words of support. This flare will pass. It's some better the last two days than it was. I've had the swallowing issue for some time. It just seems to be more aggravated of late. I appreciate all the helpful advice though.

    Freida, I did start massaging my neck and have been doing more gentle stretching in that area. Thanks.

    Yes Rock, I tell myself all the time I will take it easier at work.....and, no, I never do. LOL. :D
    's the song go?...........Oh yeah..."I can sleep when I'm dead". Yup! That's me alright. I know I should try and slow down, but when I do I find myself bored. Like Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit, I need "input". LOL. :)

    The Niacin flush was too uncomfortable for me to deal with. The first time it happened I didn't know what it was and thought I was "havin' the big one". Very disconcerting, I must say! I pay a little more for the Flush Free, but I prefer not having the flush reaction. I get mine at the Walmart here too. Cheapest place in town to find it.

    Jole, I don't believe we've met.......I've only been posting here for around a year give or take. But we do have something in common. I love those chocolate mint Girl Scout Cookies too. Yum! :)

    Well all, am going to get horizontal and ice the aches. Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful night.

    Love n' Hugs,
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    My little granddaughter is a daisy.....used to be called a pixie when my daughter was in the Girl Scout organization. What a business it's become. The little girls are asked to sell about 150 boxes!!!!! When I was a Girl Scout back in the late 50s we just tried our best. Anyway, I gave her an order for 40 $4 a pop that's $80 toward the organization. I hope I get a receipt. No, I won't eat all of those but will pass them on to some food banks. My grandson told me his favorite are the savannahs.

    I've done some gardening cleanup today, listening to Paul Simon's Graceland. I've come to the conclusion that I need to wear my walkman with upbeat music playing in my ear. It really energizes me!!!!!

    My mom tried niacin once......AWFUL flushing, and I remember her calling the pharmacist back in the 70s. He told her it was from the niacin so she stopped it.

    Granni: lucky you, getting to blow the whistle! I've mentioned this before but sure wish I had a voice that I could sing for others. Don't stop!

    Spring; I've also asked before for you to share about your country. I've seen pics. and it sure looks beautiful. I hope you'll take the time and let us know more about your country.

    I see my doctor tomorrow........first visit since I started taking gabapentin. I sleep much better at night for the most part. Lately I've got heel problems so need to talk to him about that. I''ve done a lot of internet research and I'm almost positive it's bursa foot problems. I watched a video on youtube today re: exercises I can do, and I also bought a Dr. Scholls shoe inserts today......big help! Twice this week I was hit with really bad pain in my heel that almost dropped me to the floor. I'm debating about buying a cane.......anybody use one?

    Rock I did a search for the Lincoln piece by Aaron Copland.....very beautiful. Then I found a favorite of mine by Aaron Copland.......Applachian Spring. That one really gets me. In fact, I played it at my mom's memorial service. Then I found Ashokan and it took me to "a soldier's farewell letter to his beloved wife". Now that was one wonderful letter! So moving and sad. People lost the art of writing over 75 years ago. I have NEVER received a letter I would want to save. I know you will understand this.
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just popping in. Nothing has happened since I was last here. Took care of one reported post which didn't need to have been reported so that was easy to handle. Do favorite activity!

    Since bundling my Comcast services, one of my HD boxes won't work. Says it's not "Authorized." So, during this busiest time of year, what with all the Snowbirds turning on their cable, I have to call and either switch out the box or have a repairman come out.. Think I'd rather take a run out to their office and turn this box in for another. Always something. Seems I can't get a space of time without these little irritations.

    DD called me last night. They are at their CO ski condo. Seems DGS took a bad header off a jump and landed on his shoulder and head. I told her to take him to the ER because he couldn't remember doing it. She decided not to and was checking his pupils and for confusion and nausea. I would err on the side of caution myself. I pray he is OK. Remember when the actor (his name escapes me at the moment; he was in "Schlinder's List.") went skiing with his wife Natasha Richardson (she was Vanessa Redgrave's daughter). She hit a tree and went back to their room to rest. She died the next day. I don't think head injuries are anything to mess around with but I haven't exactly set a good example myself as I didn't go to the ER when I had both head injuries, even the bad one.

    My little metal cat is sitting on the edge of an antique time card clock on the wall. He looks sooooo cute that I have to smile when I look at him. Six bucks is cheap for smiles. I wish you all smiles all day long.

    Love, Mikie
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    The niacin reaction I mentioned yesterday just got worse and worse. My whole body was red
    and itched something fierce. Like having hundreds of mosquito bites. Lasted about 45 minutes. Calamine lotion helped some. The worst spot was my ankles. What in the world?

    Anyhoo we went to the Wal*Mart that opened up last year in downtown LA. Found the non-
    flushing Spring Valley Brand that Dar reported. According to the tag on the shelf, it was just
    under 6 bucks. Took it to the cashier who rang up a charge of ten bucks. When I pointed out
    the discrepancy, she pressed more keys and now the charge was 9 bucks. After further discussion and overriding the computer, she eventually let me make my purchase at the advertised price. Seems like nothing works in this country anymore.

    At least you know what to do to get your electronic mixup straightened out, Mikie. OMG, I
    would be so worried about DGS. That is really scary. Yes, you're right. Smiles are worth
    something. I am, however, unable to visualize your little cat. Please send me 6 bucks instead.

    SG, I'm with you. Always wished I could sing and play some instrument really well. When
    I put a CD on the machine, I often fantasize that I had a voice like so and so. And I would
    like to have been songwriter too. People love and remember favorite songs even if
    they don't know who wrote them. It's no wonder people like to believe in reincarnation.

    Dar, regarding "I can sleep when I'm dead," Dave Barry has a book called "I'll mature when I'm Dead". I see people posting about Girl Scout Cookies from time to time. I never thought any of them were worth eating. There was a computer article some years back about how unhealthful they were. Had to buy 'em from the boss when I was working.

    Jole, the book was "Little Heathens" by Mildred Kalish. BTW, I was pretty much gone too. For about a year I hardly posted. Maybe 5-6 times. I just sat in front of the computer w/ no energy; couldn't think of anything to post anyhoo.

    Yup, Granni, I remember yo-yos. The famous brand was Duncan. I never had the necessary
    dexterity to work those dang things. But you can see amazing yo yo tricks on You tube.
    Ya know what famous singer was an expert with the yo yo? Tommy Smothers of the
    Smothers Brothers. He's on Youtube too.

    Hugs to Springwater, Barry, Julie, Joan, Jam

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So nice to see or hear from you again JOLIE. It has been so long. Yes, things have apparently changed a lot about the Girl Scouts and all their cookie sales. I just love their thin mints and could eat a whole roll of those things at once If I really didn't try :)! I put them in the freezer and they are great that way at least for me. My daughter started in the brownies, then later I heard of the mini brownies. Now it is Daisies or something like that. The parents end up selling for them or buying a lot too.

    I am out of time and need to go pick up a gal in our group no more car. She is 91 or 92 - amazing !!! We all meet at the parking lot and form a car pool or sorts. Glad this one is very close by.

    Gotta run and see you all later.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, since you can't visualize the cat, I'm so sorry that you can't visualize the six bucks I'm sending you. One year when my daughter was in college and broke (is that redundant, redundant?) she sent me a fax of a flower arrangement for my birthday, stating that if she had any money (hint, hint :) she'd have sent real flowers. I faxed her a pic of five twenty dollar bills. That got a good laugh out of her. I haven't heard from them so spose DGS is OK. He may have some residual symptoms from hitting his noggin, though. Short-term memory loss, insomnia, headaches, having problems with sight and reading and the inability to see colors are only a few of the ones which tagged along with me for months. I remembered the actor's name who lost his wife in the skiing accident--Liam Neeson. They though she was OK too. So sad. Vanessa Redgrave lost her daughter and sister in the same year, if memory serves. Glad you got your niacin at Wally World at the right price but you shouldn't have to go through all that to get it. Just like I shouldn't have to go out to Comcast to exchange HD cable boxes. I now have Streampic which allows me to watch everything Xfiinity offers on any of my wi-fi gizmos. Woman said they have a lot of the same things as Netflix--NOT!! I'll not be giving up my Netflix account any time soon.

    Granni, how sweet of you got give your friend a lift and what a good idea it is to carpool. So many older people never get out because no one thinks to make sure they have a ride. You've got some good Karma, my friend.

    Speaking of friends, I got a terrible hankerin' to eat at the Cracker Barrel today. I asked Ilona and Gracie to go with me and we had a ball. Of course, I couldn't buy all that delicious old fashioned candy so I had to compensate by shopping in the gift dept. I found ceramic eggs which look for all the world like real ones, white, brown speckled and green. I've always admired Martha Stewart's fresh eggs in a basket in the kitchen. Well, now I can be as chic without spoiled eggs. I also got Elvis' old time gospel CD for the car. I have one in the house. There is nothing good on the radio either unless one subscribes to a streaming service. More wasted money. We played the CD on the way home and really enjoyed listening to it.

    After we got home, Ilona and I trimmed some date palm fronds which the landscapers never get to. They are all short and don't realize that the fronds smack normal size people in the face. Then, I hooked up our new fertilizer canister which screws onto the hose and fertilized our plants and watered them all along our beautiful garden which runs along one side of our bldg. I need to do a little pruning over there before I start another garden along the other side. My friend, Jeff, the cats old legal guardian, started our garden with his leftover plants. It is beautiful. No one is taking care of his side so I watered that too. Unfortunately, no one is pruning the dead material on his side.

    There is a huge feud in my Mom's old condo bldg. down the street. A nice couple, who only stay 2 or 3 months a year, are spending upwards of $17,000 for a new kitchen. The young woman downstairs is having a hissy. She claims their new tile is too loud. They went to tremendous expense to underlay the tile with a noise dampener which dampens 97 percent of the sound. Today's mtg., like last week's, was a knock down, drag out fight. It's really unfortunate for people to fight like that. There are at least three issues like this in that bldg. Same thing next door. At least, Jeff got out from that stress. You can't satisfy everyone but, in our bldg., we try to do our best and we handle things with kid gloves. Our members seem to really appreciate what we do in the service of a calm retirement life. I'm a no-drama mamma.

    When I came in from sweating out in the intense afternoon heat, I took my BP and it was 124/74 with my pulse only 120 under heavy activity. I was sick and haven't been to the pool all week; I'm going tomorrow. The benefits from working out are paying off even though I've slacked off a week. I'm really motivated now and just hope what I'm doing helps my cholesterol too. It's still not bad at all but is trending downhill at each lab report so I'm happy my doc is being proactive. If it weren't for his peptide injections, I wouldn't be able to work out at all. The workouts are helping my hip and back and that is one thing which is worse again now that I haven't been working out. Heck, if a few years, I'll probably be over there with my walker in the shallow end :confused:

    OK! Enough "W&P!" My love to everyone here and MIA and my wishes for a pain-free night.

    Love, Mikie
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I'm sure your DGS is good otherwise you would have heard something. He's around 11 right? Is he just learning to ski or what? I tried "skiing" when I was around 20. Some friends and I drove to the mountains, I rented all the equipment, including the chair lift pass. This was only after about an hr or so instructions. DUMB move. I was scared to ski off the bar, fell, several people piled up on top of me, swearing! I drove home with a injured tail bone and suffered for weeks afterwards. Never again. I've been watching some of the olympics and am full of admiration. Funny about the flower FAX and your reply! I'll have to remember that one.

    I guess living in a condo has good points but some bad ones too. Of course living in the wrong house with bad neighbors isn't a picnic either. And good job on the BP etc.

    Saw my doc today just for a 4 month check up. He did ask how many ibuprofen I take......told him sometimes 8 or more in a 24 hr. period. Now he's told me to try tylenol instead. I thought tylenol was BAD. Of course too much of anything is bad.

    I've drug my feet getting some baby back ribs into the oven so I'm trying to steam them instead and then putting on some sauce. I HATE to cook anymore. Does anybody do them? I haven't the faintest idea how to cook them. I'm also going to do some oven baked sweet potato fries. I've been in an awful cooking rut lately.........stir fry everything and it all ends up tasting the same.
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  15. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Late getting out of work. Looonnnnnggg hectic day!

    Left for work 7:30 a.m., arrived at 8:00. Changed shoes, checked e-mails, printed out Wii Tournament rules, went over my existing list of things to do, called the smoke shop to check on a rolling machine for a resident, called a hospice to arrange a DNR/Living will In-Service for the residents, rearranged the furniture in the office to accommodate our Wii bowlers, posted the elevator signs for the day's activities, and called two other facilities to check on references of a potential entertainer.

    At 8:30 a.m. Director's Meeting, at 9:30 a.m. our monthly Quisine Committee Meeting, (To give our residents input as to what they are eating, like and don't like), at 10:00 a.m. our first AALC Wii Bowling Tournament games (2).

    At 11:30 took 8 minutes of a 15 minute break and rearranged the furniture in the office back to it's appropriate arrangement and read the printout I'd printed earlier, at noon covered the front desk for the concierge, at 12:45 (she takes long lunches), back to my office to enter bowling results online, back to 1st floor to punch out for my lunch at 1:00, punch back in at 1:30, at 1:45 put in the movie for the residents in the t.v. room, at 2:00 p.m. Euchre club, at 3:00 p.m. took 5 minutes of a 15 minute break and ran back in to prepare for the 3:30 Resident Council Meeting which ran late. Punched out at 4:45 p.m..

    In between, umpteen little odd and end requests fulfilled, 1:1 visits performed, listened to complaints from residents unrelated to my department, (soothing "ruffled" feathers), passed out a hug here, a smooch on the cheek there, pats on the back where needed, read the talking book titles to a vision impaired so she knew what she'd received, consulted with the Dietary Director about menus for March to go in my monthly newsletter, and took down and stored the Valentine decorations from the lobby, t.v. room and coffee area.

    Didn't feel like cooking when I finally got outa there, so I hit Lolita's and got myself some beef tacos, rice and beans to scarf while sitting at the computer. Ahhhhh! Peace and quiet!

    To some, this might sound like complaining. It really isn't. It's just my day. The way my days are. Oddly, I love this crazy job. It makes me stay organized and keeps my thinking more organized. Some days, though, it can be really tired making. No wonder I'm in a flare! (I just re-read it myself) :eek: LOL! I hope there are "brownie points" in heaven for tolerance and perseverance!

    Speaking of brownies, Sun, I was a Girl Scout 50 years ago and a Brownie Leader for my oldest daughter 30 years ago. We didn't push the girls like that, nor was I pushed like that. I abhor the notion that the girls don't do it themselves anymore. Their folks take order blanks in to their jobs, to their friends, to their relatives, and the girls get credit for sales they have nothing to do with and it's all about money instead of the experience. Doesn't seem like it should work that way does it?

    What a kind thing to do, buying all those cookies to donate. I know they're not good for me and I shouldn't have them, but when I do buy a box or two, my favorites are the caramel delights, (I think they still call them that). I like the chocolate mint ones too, but they really don't like me so much. I fought similar heel problems too for a long while. Changing to new shoes and having my ankles adjusted helped.

    Granni, I remember yo-yo's too. I did a pretty good "walk the dog" years ago. Keep singin'!:)

    Mikie, I can picture your lil' kitty cat. Simple smiles are the best aren't they? Hope your DGS is okay and no repercussions later. Will pray for that.

    Rock, I refuse to grow up! Let alone mature. LOL :D Your Walmart story made me laugh. Glad you finally got it for the right price. I had the same very uncomfortable reaction to the niacin. Good luck with the flush-free.

    Well all, I'm off to the pumpkin patch.

    Love n' hugs to all on the Porch and wishes for a peaceful and painless slumber.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Sunflower Girl, I have both Acetaminophen and Ibuprophen on hand. Tylenol (Acetaminophen) is broken down through the liver so if one is taking it regularly, one needs to have the liver function checked when labwork is done. My liver isn't bad but the report is just outside "normal." I only take that for headaches. I take Ibuprophen for body aches and pains. It is broken down through the kidneys. I've been trying not to have to take any NSAIDS but I think it's more important not to let inflammation run rampant in the body. I guess there is a price to pay for everything. I have one of those "Set It And Forget It" cookers. It does ribs so fast and really well. Both of my DSILs do ribs so beautifully that I could never come close to how good theirs are. They have smokers and that makes all the difference. Yes, I take it as a good sign that I've heard no more from the kids in CO. They may even be back home by now. Andy is eight and has been skiing since he was two. Like his Mother, he knows no fear (well, maybe now he does). He can ski double black diamonds with his Dad. I skied all my life until moving down here. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. You didn't get enough of a lesson. With the new easy-turn skis and good ski schools, people have a much better experience.

    Dar, thanks for your prayers. I really appreciate them. As I mentioned to SFG, I think no news is good news. Head injuries are so worrisome. Even if there is no bleeding in the brain, the bruising causes the brain to have to slow down to heal. That causes it to function at less than optimal power. Once it does heal, though, it's like magic. I hadn't realized I wasn't seeing colors in their full range. Then, one day, I looked out the window and it was like Technicolor. The effect on me was like in "The Wizard of Oz" when it goes from B&W to color. I'm slowly recovering my short-term memory since the second injury. I had several serious concussions when I was junior high age and I worry that the cumulative nature of head injuries will catch up with me. I'm being so much more comfortable now not to fall. I think on the days I'm not in the pool, I'll work out more on my BOSU ball. Geez, your schedule is dizzying. I'm glad you enjoy it and I know what you mean about the pleasure of a job well done in a challenging job. It will keep you young.

    Today is pool day so will laze around having my coffee before heading over. If I go too early, the water is so cold. If I wait too late, all the kids down here at Grandma's for Spring Break will be in the pool. So far, the kids have behaved really well. Actually, better than some of the adults. For a month, we will be inundated with kids, from toddlers to college kids. As hot 'n humid as it is in the summertime, there are some benefits--not so many people. I love our Snowbird neighbors and miss them when they are gone but from now til Easter, it is wall-to-wall people. In the summertime, visiting college kids try to swim after dark and party at the pool. I have to throw them out. I could write a book about the excuses I get as to why they think they can swim after dark, despite the sign on the pool gate stating that they can't. My favorite thing in the summer is when we get huge rain storms in the evening. It clears the pool.

    Still haven't found something to put my little eggs in. It has to be just the right container. I've had to deal with so many problems in every area of my life recently that finding an egg container is a welcome challenge. Wish I still had the drive to work but I just don't any more. Keeping my affairs (no, not that kind of affairs :rolleyes: ) in order and cleaning my condo is about all I can handle and, some days, I can't even handle those things. I am truly a retired person. I hope whatever all y'all do in your lives gives you pleasure.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A sunny good morning to you awl for a short while. I need to leave very soon and have my mammogram and bone scan. Hope they both come out well. I am especially concerned about the bone scan to see if there has been any sign of improvement , at least not getting worse.

    Mikie - I am giggling at your pool "duties" when it gets really crowded and full of teens who think they can do anything at almost any time. Are you just a board member for your condo ?? Hope you and all are having some sun and getting some warmth. Hope you are starting to get back a little more NRG and sleeping less.

    It appears to be doing so hear or try to warm up. Supposed to be in the 70's today they said. Going to the hospital today I am bringing a sweater as it is freezing in there most of the time. It has been a busy day and the next week will be just as bad with something every day . That stinks.

    Have to go to the potty and get ready to go to the hospital for those dang tests. Have to drop off DH first to his meeting.

    Hugz to everdobby inc Rock, Julie, Sun, Dar and all my Porch pals. Need to run for now.

    Julie - Hope you are surviving and Lindsey doing OK with the kiddos., and holding that pregnancy.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Your DGS is only 8 and can ski like that!!! I was watching some of the skiing last night. It was mentioned that the gold medal winner of one competition started skiing at age......18 mos. Unbelievable. But skiing was in his blood. His grandfather competed in the ski olympics in the 50s

    Cool about getting such realistic eggs. I understand about looking for just the perfect container to hold them. Us "decorators" know what we want! My SIL has been pushing for us to get rid of the very large TV and the oak cabinet that holds it. This cabinet is soooooo long gone in decorating, but first I need to find the perfect strong cabinet to hold a new one and the componets. I've been balking because it's such a hassle but I've secretly started looking. Won't tell him just yet, because he'll crow!

    Dar: I really ENVY the energy you're able to muster to do your work. And the satisfaction you receive from helping so many people I'm sure fuels you to do more. You're obviously a nuturer/mother and as a Christian we would say you have the gift of helps, healing, and organization with some compassion thrown in also. Keep it up.

    I've been up early, doing my stretching on my body. I watched a Youtube video on the type of stretching to help of them is using a frozen bottle of water under your foot......that does feel really good.
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    What a pleasure to come here to my Online Family! Despite everyone's problems, there are so many good wishes for each other. I really appreciate everyone's praying for Andy. I'm sure he is going to be OK or the kids would have called me. I think they may be feeling a wee bit guilty cause I thought he should have been taken to the ER and they decided to wait it out. Thank God there were no complications but I doubt they are keen to talk to me. I'm not the kind of parent who would ever try to press my will on them but I think they are not really feeling that good about the chance they took. Oh well, all's well that ends well.

    Granni, I hope and pray your mammo and Dexa come out all right. I just had mine and had minimal loss of bone. Still, I believe I have OA in one hip. Working out in the pool really helps with that. Still, I think I'll see the doc about it. The 70's would be welcome here as we are now in the 80's--way too hot for this early. I'll bet we are in for another scorcher of a summer. I am on the board for our mini assn., our bldg. I do not serve on the overall big board though I've been asked to fill a vacant seat. It's too much when I can't guarantee how I'm going to feel. We have a Neighborhood Assn. in cahoots with the sheriff's dept. and the pool is my area. So, it's up to me to monitor it. We don't have adequate lighting for night swimming and the health dept. could shut us down if we don't enforce the rules. Also, our insurance carrier would likely drop us if we didn't enforce them. I've never had a problem when I ask people to leave but I am very nice about it. I carry my phone, my car panic button and pepper spray, just in case. Also, I've had hand-to-hand combat training so I'm not too worried but you never know where some nut might be hanging out. I'm so glad they held that guy responsible for shooting into the car and killing that kid. I hope they do reinstate the murder charge against him. He had no right to shoot and was misusing the Stand Your Ground Law to hid behind. I would never take my gun with my to enforce the pool rules. NRG is returning.

    Julie, praying for Lindsey and you SIL. I laughed at the looth tooth. I remember those days. I was the "tooth puller" in the family. In our family, we got to a certain point where the tooth was ready to come out and it made no sense to leave it hanging. Also, the sooner out, the sooner the Tooth Fairy would visit. I was also the splinter remover. I could take out a splinter almost painlessly. It was legend among the kids in our hood. Please remember to rest and take care of you too.

    Sunflower Girl, yes, those of us who love decorating worry over every detail in our homes. I'm never satisfied until it's just right. My DD and SIL also skied all their lives so it's only natural that Andy would take it up early. He's like my DD--knows no fear and is "Jackass" bold. My only regret is that I haven't been able to ski with him. One of these days but he'll have to slow down for Gradma who prefers the intermediate slopes. I'm a cruiser now. I have nothing left to prove and am all about enjoying the journey. Picking out a cabinet for the TV is such a personal thing. My armoire can be closed and the TV, and all the add-ons are out of sight. If I ever decided to go for a bigger screen, the armoire comes apart and the lower half could hold the components and the big screen could be mounted above it on the wall. Probably won't happen because my livingroom is small and I only sit about 10 feet from the screen. The 42" screen is just about right. Also, the top of the armoire is beautiful and I'd hate not to use it. Wish I had a high wall mount in the bedroom, though. I have the same size TV in there in an armoire but I have to crane my neck to watch it. Whine, whine, whine! I think stretching exercises are some of the best for us. That was the PT I used when I was finally able to get out of bed and stop being bedridden most of the time. Those exercises strengthened my muscles and helped with being flexible. I still do them.

    Diane, thanks so much for your prayers. I pray your doc can help with the anxiety. Sounds like it could be a touch of OCD. Thankfully, that can be treated and so can anxiety. I also found CBT good for my anxiety which stemmed from my catastrophizing. I learned how to shut down those scary thoughts before they got a grip on me. Takes practice but can be done. I still do some OCD things, like making small movements with my fingers and making sure I do the exact same movements with both hands. I can always tell when I'm stressed because I want to count things, no matter what (buttons on a blouse, bricks on a wall, whatever). I've learned to use my quirks as an early warning system to figure out I'm stressed and then try to figure out what is stressing me. When I get to that point, I try to put the stressor in perspective and just how important it is and whether I have the ability to handle it. What I often realize is that what is bugging me is really minor but my tendency to catastrophize blows it all out of proportion. That realization gives me the confidence to just deal with it and get it off my radar. I don't know whether this will help you but it's really helped me. Well, that and my Special K ;)

    My NRG returned in spades today. I worked out at the pool and found it so much easier. Despite taking the week off to be sick, I found it much easier to get through this morning. There wasn't a soul in the pool with me. I came in, did my makeup and dressed and took Barb and another neighbor, Gracie, with me over to the Cape to visit a New Age store. I found just what I had been looking for. I got a shaman's feather, which is decorated, and some sage smudge bundles to light. You use the feather to disperse the smoke to purify an area and chase away any negativity. I'm working with my crystal again and I wanted to be sure I'm safe. So far, so good and Crystal is still giving me good info for the most part. It isn't an exact science.

    Then, we went to an Italian market. I got boneless chicken breasts for $1.77 a pound but had to buy a ten-pound bag. I'll separate them tomorrow and freeze them. I'll give my friends a couple of them too. I bought the HUGE avocados for only $1.19 each. They are about three times the size of the little ones which are $1.50 each. I gave in and bought some Panettone bread. It's OK if I don't scarf it down. I wore a tee shirt from the Junior section today for the first time in ages. Hope I keep losing weight but the BP, pulse and cholesterol numbers are the most important. It'll take time but I'm already stoked with the results I've seen so far.

    My love to all of you.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Leah,

    We must have been posting at the same time. I'm sorry I missed your post. I am glad the apple pie turned out yummy for you and DH. I'm sure so many are sick of the snow and cold. My prayers go out to all of you. Just think about how welcome Spring will be.

    Love, Mikie