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    Rosin on the Bow and Here We Go!

    Bow to the left,
    And bow to the right.
    Ladies, curtsey.
    Whatta sight.

    Right and left Grande,
    Then weave the ring.
    Dance all night
    Till the birdies sing.

    Chain of eight,
    Circle round.
    Keep those feet
    Right on the ground.

    All hands up.
    Pass on through.
    Now all go home.
    Our dance is through.

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    Hi Kids

    Who'd a thought that the porch thread started ten years ago would reach 700? At a
    minimum of 30 message per volume, that makes at least 21,000 messages. Uff-da!
    That a lotta sharing of laughs, advice, problems, recipes, jokes and love.

    Mikie, I saw two puns on the net I wanted to pass on to you. Can only find one.
    I have a system that seldom fails. I write things down that I want to remember.
    They then vanish. Works almost every time. Anyhoo, Lawrence Welk's program
    was on TV for 20 years.

    Eventually, however, he was cancelled. It was determined his program had too much
    sax and violins. (Rimshot!)

    Springwater, your "do drop in" message to Diane reminded me of a roadside tavern
    in our neck of the woods when I was young. Its name was the "Dew Drop Inn".
    Glad to see you had the energy to put together a long post. I can't seem to manage
    that much anymore.

    As for how much junk Gordon's mother accumulated over the decades, the precise
    answer is: Too Much! Three rooms were so full you could only walk in a couple
    feet, then turn around and walk out. The master bedroom alone has roughly 24
    square feet of space crammed with cartons of old clothes, fabric, and who knows what.

    Diane, did you make your crab dish? What was it called? Lobster thermidor? Ha Ha!
    I looked on the net. There actually is a recipe for lobster thermidor made with
    something other than lobster; it's mahi mahi. That was a popular dish in restaurants
    when we visited our 50th state a couple decades ago.

    Honolulu has a great acquarium with mahi mahi among the denizens. They are
    a beautiful silver with a long dorsal fin and a high forehead.

    Oopps! Somebody wanted to chat, but I didn't dare try while I was mid-post. Last
    night I tried to initiate a conversation, but couldn't get any response. All too tricky
    for my small brain.

    Hugs everydobby
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    Hello Porchies,

    I'm pasting Springwater's last post on the former Porch. I'm afraid no one would see it.

    hello porchies all

    diane - nice to see you, pls do drop in sometimes...share whats going on..nothing
    you dont feel safe putting in a public forum tho..i deleted a vent i wrote out on
    my post..just in case..feel all the better for having vented, however.
    my pals here always put things in perspective..and i felt immediately better.
    Thank you, you all.

    mikie - funny, i felt this bindle of ache and angst for so long and yet there was a
    time i (bundle, not bindle, cant get my ipad cursor to move back) felt okay even
    when thinking of the episode (i had done twin hearts meditation just before)
    in fact felt sanguine enough to text friend msg thanking her for returning the
    dish, and the asparagus and juice she sent with it, and she texted back saying
    what i cooked was delish and gave me tips on how to make the asparagus...
    just as if a fight never occured. however, the next day (yesterday) i thoguht
    about it and the old feelings of anger and bitterness welled up and i mentally
    promised not to connect again on a level where she can scream at me.

    she prolly dont want to lose me as a friend otherwise who will she have to scream at?
    lol!!! how uncharitable of me.

    (the screaming i could prolly take, given she is going thru her own thing, but its
    the hurtful things she says and not wanting to even LISTEN to what i have to say
    and her unreasonable way of thinking and wanting to steam roller over me. This
    baby aint takin'no mo crap, no siree...this baybeh got eno' crap on her own, to
    act as a dumpin bin fo' some disgruntled mean ego maniac on a ego trip.'

    Did I sound mean and no nonsense? :D

    better work on my forgiveness skills, i HONESTLY dont want to have to come back
    and interact with some people who are present in my this lifetime, to work out karma
    , issues. i want to let it all GO and start afresh with some new people. Hopefully
    not so taxing relationships.

    love visualising all your plants in bloom, im sure they gisve you great joy, one
    can 'hear' it in your posts. :)

    sun - tks for the perspective on my episode...i ve been finding we are not connecting on
    same levels these days, my friend n i. im going thu crisis after crises having to dig deep
    survive, and find peace in spirituality..she is still out there, competing, trying to be one
    up on others, keep up with the joneses etc. and unable to accept that others go through
    different things, have different priorities,

    i also uploaded a nick ortner EFT video he did with louise Hay what a wonderful
    wonderful strong tender reassuring voice he has! just listening to someone with that
    much compassion and strength of conviction is uplifting and that too with Louise
    who does a WONDERFUL affirmation at the end assuring us we each have an
    angel with us who will get us through any situation.

    Louise actually had a step dad who held her head under water when she was
    five years old to punish her and she did some tapping to get rid of the fear of that
    in the video. !!!

    Rock - youre not alone - i cant remember my husbands cars license plate nummbers
    neither sons nor his bikes. i cant remember sons new phone numbers, for that matter
    have to get out diary to check...such is my brains memory retention status.

    HOW much stuff has Gordons dear mum collected and stored? you seem to hv been
    de cluttering a long time now, has Gordon and you. Glad he has his brothers and nephews
    to take some of the stuff offa your hands.

    Julie - that recipe sounds just right for me to whip up a meal for my son and husband
    when we make too much rice n curry and tortillas. i like that it doesnt hv meat in it,
    im always trying to get them to eat more non meat but looks like i could stick slivers
    of chicken in there too to add some variety sometimes. tks for posting.

    i hope you and the wee ones are a little better from the crud.

    Granni - You too. Are you going to new orleans anytime soon or did you go.
    Didnt quite get that. What is UN? I got it about the portal. how many new
    things are cming up nowadays with the advent of the internet.!! Hope your
    DH enjoys his meal out. what was the event he was attending?

    Dar - sorry to hear of your continued struggle with the flare. This latest
    big flare up. No doubt some of it caused by the hacking into of your
    accounts..praying you come out of it soon and can go on with your
    good work in a healthy frame of body mind and spirit. For me, some
    emotional crisis often precipitates a breakdown in my day to day health.
    Not that i remember a really 'normal' pattern of health except when i
    was really young.

    well, yesterday was a stay home before went to
    this restaurant which healer friend is doing consulting for, we decided
    to do our meditation there instead of going to a monastery coz i ws
    feeling wiped out. The owner of the restaurant is into social work and
    organises a Farmers market on saturdays where groups bring organic
    veggies, baked goods, meat goods, handicrafts and the proceeds go
    half to a charity for kids. i saw exquisite little paper handicraft mud houses
    set in a fence with creepers wounding up n down. villge houses suppose
    to be. all made of paper and so lifelike down to the thatched roofs.
    also some lovely hold all boxes...i wouldve liked to buy one or two but
    am very short on money just nowfor extras...owing to all the relatives
    coming etc.

    The restaurant also has four rooms for B & B. and my friend and a partner
    are planning to set up a plastic bottle recycle thing.

    Amazing thing which happened was after we went upstairs into one of
    the rooms and did our twin hearts meditation, all my exhaustion magically
    disappeared!! i mean i went there dragging my steps and yawning and after
    an hour of just sitting talking trying not to fall asleep, after meditation, viola
    i felt light and energetic like i just woke up. amazing stuff. doesnt happen all
    the time tho, have to be honest.

    i had to go visit a old acquaintance of DHs who has fallen on hard times
    after that, (she looked after him for a bit as a baby, since his mum died
    early) and give some monetary help, and in the 100 degrees heat i and
    my friend were able to go in a cab, meet the lady, talk and then walk our'way
    to the monkey temple nearby up this steep flight of steps. I was telling my
    friend, what is this what is this. She is normally hale and hearty but was
    sweating like anything.

    A good productive day.

    Wish all days were like that. Life gets in the way. Yesterday was spent
    trying to get thru it. lol.

    Everyone sorry for the W & P tome.

    Keep well, Jam, Freida, Jole, Soul, Barry and all MIAs a hello toyou all

    God Bless
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    OK, my housekeeping chores are done here. Now, I can post although, I don't have much to tell. Woke up feeling a bit groggy. I found my last Special K Rx and it was the older, more potent generic (clonazepam). Well, I definitely have to cut back by 1/2 mg. Splitting pills is something I hate doing. Don't know why--just do. I slept til 5:30 and Simon was stretched out across the top step of the Balcony. He climbed up and sat, giving me his best love look until I had prepared his dishes. I hope he is drinking the filtered water. It's cold, though, and some cats don't like it chilled. Think I'll fill the water bowl the night before.

    Springwater, I think I'm building some good Karma in the cat world. Geez, you described exactly what I've been going through. One friend mentioned to me that when she goes to bed, her mind spins around the insults Mrs. Grumpy throws at us. I told her she has to learn to let it go or it will make her nuts. I absolutely loooooved your Gangsta-style vent. You could be a rapper, my friend :cool:

    Julie, I'm so sorry everyone is getting the crud but the best news I've heard from you is that you are taking it easy. I know that's difficult for you to do. Hope everyone is feeling better. I have some kind of crud, HFV or some other evil thing. I'm back on my AV. DD in Atlanta says they all have it. Get better.

    Rock, loved the pun. I could call it, Rhapsody in Blue. I bubbled over in laughter when I read it. It was music to my ears. I continue to try to do the NY Times crossword puzzles. On Mon. and Tues., it is too easy. Wed. can be difficult or relatively easy. By Thurs. and Fri., they are difficult. Sat. is the most difficult of the week, not Sun., which is usually a puzzle within a puzzle. What I like is that the creators usually like to give a clue which can have several meanings or be a noun or a verb. It really puts my poor pea brain through a lot. Over the years, the puzzles have definitely gotten more difficult. DSIL's grandmother thought she was losing her faculties because she can't do them anymore. I told the kids to let her know that it isn't her; it's the evil creators who bedevil us with these crazy puzzles. I no longer feel bed if I can't finish one. Like you, I love puns and language. I should be doing Soduko but I just can't stand those puzzles. I've tested at 60/40 percent right brain/left brain. That makes me better at word games but worse at math. Even though language is in the left hemisphere, creativity, needed to do the crossword puzzles, resides in the right hemisphere. It took everything I had to get through my math classes in college but I managed.

    My poor DGS is taking the hated Iowa tests in school, third grade. The school has put so much pressure on the kids that he didn't finish his math part and broke down in tears when he got home. DD says he is just beaten down. He has gotten fantastic grades this year but, obviously, he can't think under that kind of pressure. We have a lot of arguing here in FL over how much pressure is being put on kids to succeed on these tests. It comes from the top on down. These poor little kids are really paying the price. I think we are desperate in this country out of fear of being left in the dust by kids in other countries. Well, throwing more money and pressure at the problem isn't going to fix it. Soooo destructive and futile! :(

    Our newspaper had a great method to dye Easter eggs. You put 1 inch of whipped cream in a cake pan. You drop food coloring into it and swirl with a toothpick or popcycle stick. Don't over swirl. Then, roll each egg from one end of the pan to the other. Put the eggs on the bottom side of the carton to dry. The longer you leave the mixture on the eggs, the darker the colors. They look like tie dyed or really mystical. Reminds me of the moon when the eclipse turned it orange. This sounds like so much more fun than the usual way. If my spray whipped cream is still good, I may try it. I could also use shaving cream. It is supposed to also be safe as it's on the outside of the shell and the eggs can be eaten. I need something to do to take my mind off this crud. BYW, if one uses raw eggs (without blowing out the innards) they can be waxed, like the Russian Pysanky eggs, and they will usually keep forever or until broken. Right now, I'm watching "Too Cute" on the Animal Planet Channel. Filled with clips of adorable cats and kittens. :)

    Wish my life were more exciting so I could thrill y'all with my exploits but on a good day, my life is very mundane. I actually like it that way. Just to be able to function at any level is a blessing for me, considering being bedridden most of the time 14 years ago. I think of those who are so sick every day and pray for them and give thanks for the blessings in my life. Even when I am sick, being in a state of gratitude helps with the pain. Seems this Spring has brought some viruses with it but renewal will prevail and I hope we have a fresh start in life.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am all worn out for prep work for tomorrow and cooked the ham and got most of it sliced. DH sliced the ham. It was already partially sliced and precooked so don't have to do to much. I bought ready made salads and will doctor the potato salad up with HB Eggs , paprika and maybe also shredded carrots if I have any more NRG. As usual there will probably be to much food. Ice cream is the desert and DDIL will be bringing goodies for the ice cream, fruit an choc syrup, etc.

    We will say goodbye to our son who will leave on Thursday for a trip to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for work, for 3 weeks. Please pray for a safe trip for him. Hope the plane doesn't go missing !! That was an awfully horrible thing for all on board as well as those left behind. The trip is also SO LONG !!!!!!!! One leg is 14 hrs and then other 7 I think.

    Is skimmed the posts but I know I missed a lot..

    Mikie - You have been a posting fool today. LOL

    Julie - Gad you are getting a little rest tomorrow. Hope Den gets well fast and all stay well. Hooray for Isaiah and peeing in the potty. Is he continuing to do so ? That would be wonderful especially with the new baby coming. How is Liora with the potty business? Does she really care yet? Most often the boys could care less. Mine was 3 before forced to have to take the time to go to the bathroom I the correct place :)!!

    Glad to hear from Dar, Spring Water , Rock, Diane and whoever else I may have forgotten and al the many MIA's..

    Hugz to everyone else not mentioned !! Got a few more things to do on here.

    Happy Easter to all celebrating !

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)!!
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    Hi Kids

    The jacarandas are in bloom. They are a little early this year. Usually don't bloom till May.
    They grow in warm places all around the globe. Southern USA, S. America, Africa, and
    Australia. They have been planted in Asia, especially Nepal according to Wikipedia. They
    look like lavender clouds. Here's a picture from LA.

    Bui | March 23rd, 2013, 10:33am

    Julie, I'm sure whatever you end up doing for Easter will be fine. The main thing is you will
    have your wonderful family together. May I drop by if I'm in the neighborhood? I could
    bring my no bake cheese pie. As I recall it had a crust and 3 ingreediments. Haven't made
    it for a decade or two.

    Mikie, enjoyed the cascade of puns stemming from Lawrence Welk. I read a couple books
    by Oscar Levant some decades back. He was a lotta things including a great wit and a
    concert pianist. He was a friend of George Gershwin and a champion of his music. Was
    the first to play Rhapsody in Blue in many venues such as Carneige Hall and the Hollywood

    One time he was leaving town to play for some event. One of his aunts asked what he would
    be playing. He told her. She reportedly replied, "Oy vey! Again the Rhapsody!"

    I agree, Jam. The older we get, the less we need drama and excitement in our life. At the
    conclusion of some therapeutic classes for children of alcoholics, the therapist wished us all
    goodbye saying, "I hope the rest of your lives will be nice and boring."

    Granni, your menu sounds great. We were at the market today. The deli section had potato
    salad for $5 a pound. Tuna or chicken salad was $7 a pound. I've turned into my mother.
    I can't believe modern prices.

    Gonna go see if the feral kitty is around. It came by several times last week, and I put
    food out for it. Haven't seen it for 4-5 days now.

    Hugs everydobby
  7. Mikie

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    Happy Easter, Everyone,

    Dan Warner, a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist whose column runs in our newspaper, did his Easter column on love. He is a Christian but his message was for everyone. It was on love. He said love, in any form, is a choice and not a feeling. I usually don't care for this man, whose ego is HUGE, but today, I found his column excellent. We can choose to love one another; we can choose love over hate, envy, phobias, etc. He said in these troubled, complex times, it may be more difficult but it's still our choice. Jam is right: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Ever since having to deal with Mrs. Grumpy here, I've decided that love is the answer. Unfortunately, in order to love her, and keep my own sanity, I have to withdraw from her and only interact superficially. When I chose love, it calmed all my feelings of anger toward her behavior. Love is renewal and the message on Easter is a gift indeed. I keep running into these affirmations that I'm on the right path where before, I felt uncomfortable in my skin and out of sorts. It also reminds me of: "Ask and ye shall receive." When I ask for nonmaterial things to help me in spirit, I am never disappointed. The answers usually come in spades.

    Jam, I'm sorry you are going to have to give up your evening bridge club. Seems to me that they might consider meeting earlier in order to keep you and your friend. Now that would be a choice stemming from love. I agree with you in that I had my run at excitement for many years. I'm content to live a boring life. Actually, the only time I'm truly bored is when I feel a bit better but not well enough to do something. Being a couch potato used to be antithesis to me. I usually find something to keep me sane, if it's not too late :confused:, by doing something easy, like looking at adorable cats and dogs on TV. I also learned a lot about the different breeds.

    Granni, I'm glad you got the salads from the store. I like to buy them and jazz them up for my taste. I always throw a little curry powder into the egg or potato salad and on deviled eggs. Yes, I was a posting fool (or just a plain ole fool :confused:) because I had run out of things to do. There's nothing I like better than visiting my Online Family anyway. I also wanted to share the egg coloring tip. I think I feel well enough to boil some eggs and give it a try. If it's a bust, I'll still end up with yummy eggs to eat. I do have plenty of the spray whipped cream and food coloring. I hope your get together goes well.

    Rock, glad you liked the puns. When I was a kid, I saw a comic in which Lawrence Welk was called, Lawrence Silk. I thought that was funny. In our family, we make up names of all kinds. DD calls Belk department stores, Bilk. Thanks for the beautiful pic of the Jacaranda tree. We have them down here and they are beautiful. Most of our towns have a street named, Jacaranda. Right now, the African Tulip trees are in bloom in a splendor of bright orange blossoms. As Jam said, we are lucky to live in such climes where magical plants explode in color. I feel so bad for those who underwent such a hard winter this year. Of course, that only makes spring that much sweeter. I do miss some plants which cannot withstand our subtropical climate. I especially miss the spring bulbs and the Lilac bushes.

    A neighbor bought a red Mandavilla plant. They are blooming vines. Only problem I have is that we are not supposed to plant anything which climbs and is in the way when it's time to paint. I'm going to ask at our next condo mtg. about putting up some wires which are screwed into the stucco at the end. When it's time to paint, all one does is unscrew the wires and pull them away from the wall. Red at the entrance is good Feng Shui. In many Latin countries, people keep superstitious customs and our gardeners were mucho impressed that we keep a little turtle statue to guard our end of the bldg. under our big plant in the open stair outdoor atrium. When I asked them to tilt the olla pot by the stairs, though, they were confused. I had to explain it was also good luck. Guess in Guatamala, that custom isn't upheld. I have a big pot of orange Guinnea Impatiens just outside my entry door. Anything in the red, orange, purple and pink range brings good luck. Barb has a beautiful Angel Wing Bogonia with trailing balls made up of little pink flowers. It hangs down over a plant stand out on the Balcony. My UFO pepper plant does indeed have some blooms on it. I can't wait to see the crop.

    OK, that's my Easter "W&P" post. Still wishing a happy Easter and Passover Season to Everyone or just a plain ole Happy Spring. I pray Spring brings us all renewal in body and spirit.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock: lovely pic of the jacaranda tree blossoms. I remember gathering up buckets of the blossoms to dry when I was into making poupourri.....I know thats spelled wrong but you get the gist. Anyway it dried lovely except for the very STRONG scent....overpowering. I had to toss them.

    Jam: I'm sorry you're having to drop what you love. I agree with Mikie, maybe your friends can just change it to noon time. That must have been fun for your GDs. It's been years since I've been to the islands though my heart cries out for the sound of palm trees swaying in the breeze next to the ocean. I've yet to find what I'm looking for at our beaches.

    Granni: What is it with us these days......all that cooking and then getting worn out by everything. I absolutely HATE to cook anymore and I used to be a gourmet cook. Yesterday my assignment was to make the green bean salad with the champagne vinegar dijon mustard honey dressing. Not too hard except for having to cut the tips off 48 oz. of fresh green beans. I also made a dozen worth of deviled eggs. My son and DIL are vegetarian and my daughter if serving spiral ham (which I don't eat anymore because of the salt) so at least there will be another source of protein. Lunch at l PM so I will actually eat something before I leave for my DDs home.

    Well, it's taken me a looooonnnnng time to realize that MSG is POISON to our bodies. Wed. night I broke down and searched in the freezer and found an old unopened container of Bryers ice cream. Pigged out and then 3 hrs. later had terrible muscle pains and charlie horses in my legs which I just couldn't work out. Got up at 3 a.m. and read the label.....hidden MSG. It got dumped and since then I've been reading up on how almost all our foods has it. Also found a really great website which lists all the side effects from MSG poisoning. Well, I think I'm convinced that FM CFS is nothing but MSG poisoning our bodies. Now to rid my body of all that I've consumed that's bad.

    I've also read that we ALL carry cancer cells in our body but something happens to "trigger" them to activate and multiply. My DH starts his 3rd round of chemo IVand pills on tuesday. He's been doing a lot of reading about cannabis oil so he's going to discuss this with his primary care doc. It's been a week since he stopped the last round of pills and he's been much improved.
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - Thanks for posting that pic of the beautiful flowering tree. Not sure if I have seen that before or not. I feel so weird today not having gone to church at all. Both of us are still coughing but DH is coughing worse. I finished my last antibiotic pill yesterday. DH and I didn't get much sleep last night till I forced him to take the cough med that really works at keeping you fro coughing for close to 10-12 hours. The sweet orange flavored not to cheep med that really keeps you from coughing. We just take a dose if we really need to sleep at night. Even the generic is not that cheap but it does work - Dexamethorphan Polistirex cough suppressant. Both of us are rather wore out even though all went well today.

    Or son and DIL was here along our X son il and the two boys 12 and alt 19. The 19 year old has multiple LD's but glad to hear he is in a program that s preparing him to work somewhat on his own after he graduates in May. He is working now in a yogurt place and I can't remember the name of it, a couple hours after school. Or x seems to have grown up a lot since he and daughter split. He also brought a copy of what is going on with him in school and ARD meeting. I answers a lot of questions for me about him. The other 12 year old is so quiet and hope he gets more of personality that his eldest brother who is now living with the other grandfather and working, of course. He is a sweet quiet boy but needs a bit more socialization. None have been in sports or anything like that so it I difficult. Also now living with the dad. Still do not know what is going on with his mom who is not speaking to us at this time. Think she believes we have caused all her problems. What a switch when she took over and he had problems and now everything has turned. Of course we didn't talk at all about their mother. It is such a confusing situation and hurtful too.

    We had a nice time. Actually I didn't do much cooking this time. Most salads were store bought with a few things I added for color and flavor like hard boiled eggs and green onions and paprika on top. They are to big for the egg thing but I gave them both a card with a small WM gift card instead of candy. I also gave the x sil a card with a gift card I in it for the eldest son who will be having b-day soon. So I don't send it. We had ham and asparagus and corn. The guys, except my DH didn't eat the asparagus but I knew the corn would work :)!! Then we had ice cream and choc syrup and strawberries for those who wanted it. After everyone left I even put the table cloth in the wash right away after spraying the spots. The boys,esp. the eldest is not that neat :)!!

    Sun - I really didn't do that much cooking but anything extra at this point in my life lately seems to be more of a project than usual :)! I know you understand what I mean. Glad your DH is feeling better and hope he can do better this time with the Chemo. Any natural information and sources should be of at least some help to him.

    Mikie - Glad you had nice day too. As you mentioned a very Happy Easter, Passover, Spring or whatever makes you happy to ALL !!

    Julie - Hope you had a nice restful day so you can recharge and Den will get better fast. too. Try and STAY WELL !!!! Glad you and Lindsay got to get out by yourselves even if for just lunch. I now I is good for you both and she really needs it with all those kiddos.
    Diane - Also thinking of you and Kevin and hope you are having a nice and relaxing day with those kitties.

    Jam - Did you find anything interesting today shopping? Glad you had a nice evening at bridge and glad they are gonig to try and so the afternoon Bridge game instead of evening. Sounds a lot better. Do you take turns going to different ladies homes or what?

    Dar - Hope you are feeling at least a little better and hope you get your $ soon from the govt. so can get what you need. That is a bummer to have to wait so long.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I'm sorry for all your family troubles. I feel your pain over your DD. I don't know her problems other than what you've talked about. I know it hurts,.....she has to come to the point where she has to accept responsibility herself and not blaming others. We all have hurts from our childhood. I told all my children years ago that if I did anything to hurt them to tell me and we could talk about it. None us parents came with a manual when they were born.

    Julie: I know how it must feel......slowly seeing your parent "disappear". But what I see is that you're doing the best for everyone in your family, spreading yourself thin, and always thinking of everyone else first. Hang in there.

    I listened to several Easter church services.......then went to my DDs gathering. It was also a BD celebration for my 11 year old GS. I get along really good with my SILs family.....kinda like my own......BUT my daughter in law!!!!!! She's a tough cookie. I love my son BUT I don't think she and I will ever like each other. This is so hard for me because I've NEVER had someone be intentionally rude to me.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    So many of us sick. I hope everyone starts to feel better. There are a lot of things going around. Bless everyone who stayed home from church so as not to make others sick. My ugly HFV is still trying to assert itself but I'm fighting it with everything I have 'cept the transfer factors. I think I'll start them again today and stay off the AV's for a bit.

    I made my whipped cream/food coloring Easter eggs yesterday. Only problem with using whipped cream is that, even after the eggs are wiped dry, they feel tacky. Also, one has to be careful to get all the extra color off of them. Some of them look very mysterious and other worldly. I made a nice blue one for Barb's DGD who is 20 months old. I made a little nest out of natural material. She played with the egg until it cracked and then, she at it. Then, she scattered the natural material all over but she certainly had a good time playing with it. I'm going to tell Barb that I'll vacuum her carpet when her kids leave as vacuuming is very hard for her. I think next year, I'll try some food color gel in water to see whether that works. I love the patterns but not the tacky surface..

    I once read, or saw on TV, that we "get" cancer 200 times a day but that a healthy immune system goes after those cells and kills them. It is the failure of the immune system to recognize, and kill, those cells which allows them to grow and spread. I believe this was in connection with taking probiotics because the immune system begins in the gut and probiotics help keep the gut healthy. As we age, after about age 35, our bodies produce fewer and fewer "good bacteria" to balance the flora in the gut. If we don't supplement, the "bad bacteria" will take over. This can cause all kinds of problems besides immune systems problems, like Leaky Gut Syndrome. This is a serious condition which allows toxins to enter the body through the walls of the intestines.

    On Sixty Minutes last night, they did a segment on a symphony orchestra in the Congo. As soon as they started playing, I recognized Carmina Burana. This is the second time I've seen something connected to this work since Barb and I went to the symphony here. I saw the abbey in Bavaria on Cosmos where the medieval Carmina Burana music manuscripts were found by the monks. In all my years, this is the first time I've heard of this particular piece and now, it's as though it's everywhere. Oy vay! Again with the Carmina Burana :) BTW, this orchestra in the Congo, from the most war- and poverty-stricken area, is going to be traveling to Berlin and Los Angeles. They also have a choir. What a nice piece to air on Easter.

    Another nice piece is a billionaire who gets all his wealthy pals to give to trying to help end poverty, mostly though education and jobs. This year, he raised more than 80 million $. Many kids, who would otherwise likely end up on the streets, get a great K-8th grade education and many of those get accepted to private academies to prepare them for college. One of the best advertising lines is, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." Some states are going to be making preschool mandatory. Barb's daughter is a teacher. She said kids from low socio-economic areas enter Kindergarten not even knowing how to hold a pencil. When I worked for the dental clinic for the indigent and working poor, it was the kids from Head Start who were doing the best. They were prepared when they got to Kindergarten. I hate to see spending cuts made to programs like Head Start.

    I was so happy to hear some good news for a change. There are all kinds of good people doing good work in our world. We just don't hear about them enough.

    Love, Mikie
  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I caught that program and it WAS wonderful. I recognized the music but didn't know the name. I'll have to do a youtube search for more of it and the the background. It was amazing how the orchestra and chorus came together from nothing.

    Wow......I've heard about the probiotics, have tried a bottle, but I guess I got bad herxing and stopped taking it. My DH will eat a little of the good yogurt, not the junk in the supermarkets, but he's having BAD gas again and he's been off the chemo pills for one week now. Since he had a portion of his colon cut out I'm wondering if this is actually the cause. I go thru spurts of anger and then depressed feelings. I'm on such a roller coaster.

    Julie: congratulations on getting all those strawberry plants in, and that's wonderful that Den did the tilling. I used to go to a strawberry field locally to pick after the field was opened up to the neighborhood. Lots of fun with all of us filling our pots, buckets, etc. I always loved to "get into the dirt" and of the things I sorely miss not being able to stoop or bend down anymore and garden aside from growing veggies and flowers in a tall planter area.

    I would also LOVE to see the photo of Granni. I don't go to face book......never could figure it out.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings to all !! Of to the docs tis morning with DH. He has had a cough too for some time but last night I took his temp and it was 100 degrees. That sounds like me with the low grade fever in the late pm and evening mostly. Maybe the doc will give him antibiotics. I do not particularly like to take them but when it goes on and on and this coughing is driving me crazy. Pus I have to be careful of anything I the URI category. Although mine this time was different more sinus I guess but still coughing up crap and continuing to take the Mucinex. At least he let me give him the orange coughed so he and I could both sleep last night. We'll be leaving soon to go but luckily it is very else. I am hoping next year we can stay on our same plan or at least our same doctors. What a mess !!

    Julie - Glad you had a fairly quiet day and got to rest some. Having little ones is so much fun. Our youngest is 10 and of the ones that came yesterday he was 12 and I am sure to old for egg hunt in our subdivision.. They also had a petting zoo.l They might have enjoyed some of it but it was bad time anyway. I remember years ago when our other family would come with the twins and they would do the egg hunt but it was over so fast -SWISH !! Luckily it was broken down into age groups.

    Sun - Sorry your DH is having more gas. Oh that can be so painful, I know. I know it is frustrating for you both and you are trying so hard to help him. Praying for you and so many others .

    Mikie - Hi to you and so an others to. Those whipped cream eggs sounded very interesting. Wish I old see one.

    Hugz also to Diane, Rock, Sprnig Water ,Jam, Jole, Elaine, Joan and so many other MIAS.

    Gotta run and try and get ready to go to the doc with DH.

    Granni :)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    I've had a nice post Easter day. It is absolutely beautiful here today. It'll get hot this afternoon, into the 80's, but right now, it's perfect with a balmy breeze which gently caresses my skin. I went to the store and spent about $30 more than usual but got a lot of good deals and BOGOs. Food lasts me a long time because I don't mind eating the same thing for several days. For lunch, I had the frozen Margaritaville brand calypso coconut shrimp with a mango chutney sauce. Mmmmmm! I decided to chase it down with one of those premixed frozen Margaritas. Whoa! Those things are strong. I sat outside in my own little Margaritaville and just soaked up this beautiful day. I found a pork roast on sale and will cook it in one of those cooking bags. I toss in a little flour and it mixes with the juice and makes a nice brown crust on the roast which keeps the meat juicy. Mmmmmm, again!

    Granni, I hope the doc can help your DH. You inadvertently made a pun. "Pus, I have to be careful..." Check out the expensive OTC orange cough syrup. I found the cheap one had the exact same meds, in the same amts., as the expensive one. My prayers are with you for healing too.

    Jam, I don't do social websites either because there is so much stalking and other creepy things which go on on some of them. I don't want my personal info out there for the world to see. Those who matter know what is going on in my life.

    Well, guess I had better get going and finish emptying the dishwasher. I could stand to change my bed if I get really ambitious :)

    BTW, starting tonight around midnight into the wee hrs. of the morning, there will be a meteor shower in the SE portion of the sky. There aren't as many meteors as in some other showers but these are supposed to have really good trailing tails. If I can stay awake that long... I slept til 5:00 today and Simon wasn't here. I opened up the door a little later and there he sat. There was a tear running from one eye and I was afraid he might have been clawed in a fight or got it injured on something but after it dried, he looked fine. He may have allergies too. I always check the door several times. If he's around and he hears the door, he'll run up for his breakfast.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone here and all our MIAs.

    Love, Mikie

    My HFV is in my sinuses and chest. My Margarita gave me brain and lung freeze. It is time to break out the TFs. I am tired and coughing a bit but, other than that, feel so much better. I hope and pray all y'all are feeling better too.

    Sunflower Girl, if you ever find pics of the inside of that abbey, be sure to check it out. If I ever get back to Germany, I'll be sure to try to find it. Mom and I found a medieval church in Saltzberg but it was very Spartan. It was near Mozzart's home. The abbey is much later and more ornate, even though the poems, from which the music is derived, were medieval. I'm so sorry for this emotional roller coaster but it's perfectly normal and understandable under the circumstances. I still think therapy might be helpful for you or even both of you. In any case, I hope you work through things with your emotional stability intact. As always, my prayers are with you.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Back from the docs and a hamburger out for a treat. The doc listened to his chest and thought there might be something starting to happen in the lower par of one lung, I think he said. Sometimes when he coughs he sounds just horrible, not that I sound that great myself. I keep telling him also to spit it out if he can but sometimes he is to lazy to get up from the chair. So he went for an x ray and says it might get worse later on. The doc put him on Mucinex DM and an antibiotic, 10 days worth. Some stores have generic but not the same dosage, I see.

    Mikie - I always buy the generic orange cough syrup but that is still more expensive than the other stuff I used to get but it really works when you need a break from coughing, like bedtime.. I buy generic almost 100% of the time, if they have them and I read labels ALL the time! Thanks for the help though ! Glad you had a lovely Easter day too. Ours was also warm and sunny . Our weather is getting warmer and warmer but that is OK much rather than the alternative !!

    Jam - Glad you and a nice quiet and restful day too. Sounds like most area seems to be having good weather than I can see. Just wanted to pop in to see if I had missed anything here on the Porch. BTW, how much GSE do you take?

    Julie- Hope you got to take a nap this afternoon . Finish all your dishes yet? I am guessing that you do not have a is wash besides you and Den. You of all people need one and your daughter :)!!! We have had one for years, and it was especially great when all or most of the kids were with us. Sometimes I run the dishwasher once a week. and do a lot off hand washing. We don't always have enough dishes.

    Hugs also to Rock, Dar, Diane, SW, Jole and all those lurking about :)!!

    Be for now !!

    Granni :)
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, glad you got DH to doc. It sounds as though it was just in time before he might get a lot worse. I wasn't sure whether you buy the more generic OTC drugs. I do too. There is one orange cough syrup which even docs tell patients to buy because they seem to think it's better. It costs a lot more than store brands which contain the same thing. Glad you are also a label reader. It pays off.

    I can't sleep and that is dangerous because Adrienne Arpel is selling her jewelry. I had to get a pair of earrings and a bracelet. All her jewelry are copies of pieces in her own collection or knockoffs of couture pieces. It is made just as the really expensive jewelry is made but instead of gold and diamonds, she uses goldtone and CZs. The materials are only the top quality in faux jewelry (is that an oxymoron). These pieces are a little more dressy so I won't be too hard on them. Even though they are dressier than my run-of-the-mill daytime jewelry, they have a kind of organic quality which I love. They look a bit like little gold sticks all stuck together with bezel set crystals scattered around. Can't wait to get them.

    There's a lot of crazy jewelry out there but, as in my clothing taste, I tend to stick with the classics which last from year to year. I'm just not trendy. When I cleaned out my closet, I realized how old some of my clothes are but are still in style and look great. Barbara Walters always looks nice and dresses appropriately. Some of her clothes are decades old but she buys good things which are timeless.

    My neighbor had her car sideswiped by a careless truck driver. She drives one of the smallest Chevy cars they make in bright lime green. She loves that car and has had it a long time. The ins. co. said it was totaled because the residual blue book value is so low. She is fighting to get it fixed. The accident wasn't that bad and she didn't get hurt. I feel so bad for her because I love my 11 year old Highlander so I know how she feels. I've realized for a long time that if I get in an accident, it might total my car. Mine is still worth a lot more than hers but car repairs as sooooo expensive that it doesn't take much to total one these days. My car only has 37,000 miles on it and hers was also very low mileage. My car has been taken care of mechanically like I take care of myself. Barring any accidents, or winning the LOTTO :), I plant to drive it the rest of my life. I can't believe how expensive new cars are. The new Highlanders run in the $40-$50K range. Yikes! :eek: I read that more and more people are buying cars they couldn't otherwise afford and are financing them for 7 years. Again, Yikes! :eek: So many are into the worship of the rich and famous that they've lost all perspective and are mortgaged to the hilt. The problem with buying an expensive car one can't afford is that if one has to sell it in the first few years, one is upside down in it and owe more on it than it's worth. I hate debt.

    I wouldn't mind being rich but forget famous. Those people have no privacy or life. I can anonymously go where I want with no horde of fans and paparazzi on my trail. I don't know how they stand it. Give me the simple life. Having a simple life is one of the blessings I thank God for when I'm in my grateful mode. I see so many people seeking the "American Dream" but are in debt and unhappy.

    Well, kiddies, I need to get to bed before I write another "W&P." Hope y'all get a good night's sleep and for those of you who are sick, or with sick family, my prayers are with you.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie -So sorry you are down again or at least somewhat. It is definitely not a tie for you to be out and about. You already did that . Please try and REST anyway. Gad you do have a dishwasher although for me I could probably do without at this time I my life. However, it is nice to have especially with company coming and more cooking. Gad yu had a nice day yesterday with Keira..

    Mikie - Sorry to hear about your friend and he accident in her car. Gad she is OK and didn't get hurt. Yes, cars are so expensive. Did you get writer cramps from the W and P you wrote :) ??? or tired fingers from pushing the keys ???? Glad you are dong pretty well.

    Hi Jam - That is close t what we take but usually 200 2x a day with maybe some more if stuff I going around. Then we might take some at lunch to. Glad you also have been busy and able to do what makes you happy .

    Have to get ready to go to singing practice this afternoon to get ready for the Kids Festival in our small neighboring town. We already ad a program planned but then h wanted us t sin a few more songs from an earlier era. So, we are singing "Alexander's Ragtime Band"," Ma He's Making Eyes At Me", and" I Love A Piano." This is the only practice we have wit the new people who may not even know these songs. Also we need to practice on a keyboard today as that is what they will have to use at the festival.

    Bye for now and need to get going.

    Granni :)
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Morning Porchies,

    Been up since 4:00. I couldn't breathe and had to get out my nebulizer and albuterol. I feel my chest loosening up a bit. I have COPD but only out at the very ends of the bronchii. It usually doesn't bother me but our pollen is sooooo bad this year; it's covering our cars. I should have used the nebulizer last night but was just too tired to bother with it.

    Yesterday, I was tired and decided not to go to the condo mtg. Frank, Ilona and Barb all went so they filled me in when they came home. Seems that the mgr. has interpreted our docs so that any bldg.'s board could decide to paint their doors in the bldg. without a vote of the residents. It would theoretically be possible to drive by one bldg. with purple doors and the next one with green. Yikes! :eek: I moved into this neighborhood with the expectation that it would remain tasteful without change. Our bldgs. are gray with white trim. It has the feel of old Southern gentility. I've heard people say they don't like the gray and feel as though they are living on a battleship or military base. They want "Florida colors," which means bldgs. painted pink, blue, lavender, etc. I've been in those kinds of neighborhoods and IMHO, they are not attractive. My question to them is if that is what they want, why did they move into a gray neighborhood. If each bldg. goes rogue, this place will lose it's continuity of design and lose value. We have a gutless POA board of directors who don't want to have to bother with the individual assocs. I think as this neighborhood ages, it's going to go downhill. Just like with the car, I can't afford to move into something newer. Some friends live in a newer hood and they have an active board with lots of committees to ensure things don't get out of control. From what they say, all these committees do is fight and nothing ever gets done. Seinfeld had it right; condo living in FL is just like where his parents lived in the mythical Del Boca Vista.

    I decided to take a soak, give myself a pedicure and put some tan from a bottle on. I slipped into my dark jammies because some of that tan always rubs off until the first shower. I decided to iron a few shirts I had laundered and when I collapsed the ironing board to put it away, somehow, it snapped and hit me hard in (you guessed it) the exact same place on my left cheekbone where I had two other injuries from falls. It knocked my glasses off but didn't break them. It stunned me and made me nauseated. I grabbed an ice pack and lay down because I didn't want a shiner. Perhaps I need a helmet or hard hat if I'm going to do anything around here. :)

    Julie, I hope you are better. My DSIL, who is a pilot, keeps bringing the stomach bug home with him after his trips. He gives it to my DD and DGS but it gives them symptoms of a cold. They can't seem to ever get well. I hope you can rest and heal.

    Granni, I do sometimes get tired wrists from the way I put my laptop on my lap. It puts my hands at an unnatural angle. How is DH doing?

    Jam, I switched to State Farm and cut my ins. rates about in half. I had been using the broker our whole neighborhood uses and they were sold to a nat'l co and there is no longer any customer service. There is no incentive for them to help us save money. Only problem with State Farm is that if both drivers in an accident are insured with them, they drag their feet in settling. That is what is happening to my friend whose car was in the accident. She is beside herself. Dealing with ins. cos. is so stressful.

    Weather here is beautiful. Should stay nice all week. We are in the last days of mild weather with balmy breezes before the heat and humidity sets in. I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

    Love to everyone,

  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: darn! another hit on your cheek! Hope you don't get a black eye from it. I've tried several types of tanning cream, but no matter how I concentrate on putting it on I always seem to have some streaks. I've also tried that hand cream with tanning stuff in it....supposed to slowly give you some color.....but I find it kinda burns my skin so I can't use it.

    That's too bad about people wanting various colors. Yes, its got to all look the same.

    Julie: Hope you're feeling better today. I think your immune system is fighting, so you pick up every little bug that you come in contact with.

    Well, the oncologist has given my DH a one week reprieve from chemo since he's on antibiotics for the bladder infection....I think the chemo pills is the one that's making his stomach upset and he's not able to eat very much. We asked about MJ.....he said he doesn't deal with it......that it was our decision (hey....I knew that) but that he has heard that it does help with appetite. So my 73 year old DH got his card and will look for a dispensary that sells cookies. Apparently the person running the place where you get the cards was very knowledgeable about why chemo causes the lack of appetite. Never thought in my wildest dreams this would all be happening to us.

    Today will be very stressful. I'm having the floors in two bathrooms ripped out and then new tile put down in as couple more days. Also bought a new dishwasher so it will also be installed today. Also the old ceramic tile around the tub removed and replaced. The tub is still in very good condition (50 years old) and I'm praying it won't be damaged.
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just got back from the Armenian market. It has a wide variety of breads, sausage, caviar,
    cheese, yogurt and liquor. Some of the liquors are over a thousand bucks a bottle. I
    wonder how many they sell.

    Julie, your house was built in 1848! Wow! Has it been added to over the years? 1848 is
    the year Iowa became a state. It's also the year of one of our country's most important
    events. Anybody know? Take your time. I don't want to rush you. You might win a
    a gold medal if you can figure it out.

    Jam, I've had State Farm insurance for over 40 years, but I can never talk to my agent.
    I suspect he died decades ago, and the employees are just pretending he's still there so
    they can collect his commissions. Good plot for a Hitchcock movie, huh?

    Sunflower, a 50 year old tub is pretty old alright. On the other hand, the baths at
    Caracalla are almost 2,000 years old. Remember the 3 Tenors? They gave their
    first concert there. Caracalla, BTW, was the name of the Roman Emperor at the
    time the place was built. See our old friend Wikipedia for more info.

    I hope the MJ will help your hubby. I had friends who used it in the 70s. I tried it. Never
    did anything for me. But there are lots of articles on net about its medicinal benefits.

    Mikie, another owie! Tough luck. I hope the effects are minimal and brief. As for colors,
    yes, why move into a place with a color scheme and then demand a change. Did I
    previously post about the brazen orange at the storage site. All the trim and signs
    and individual storage doors are orange. I hate going there. The staff is impossible,
    and the color orange sends out rays that provoke anger in the brain. At least that's
    my theory. Hope your various ailments all vanish pronto.

    I think today will be our last visit to the storage place. Been over a decade.