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    Julie -So sorry you are down again or at least somewhat. It is definitely not a tie for you to be out and about. You already did that . Please try and REST anyway. Gad you do have a dishwasher although for me I could probably do without at this time I my life. However, it is nice to have especially with company coming and more cooking. Gad yu had a nice day yesterday with Keira..

    Mikie - Sorry to hear about your friend and he accident in her car. Gad she is OK and didn't get hurt. Yes, cars are so expensive. Did you get writer cramps from the W and P you wrote :) ??? or tired fingers from pushing the keys ???? Glad you are dong pretty well.

    Hi Jam - That is close t what we take but usually 200 2x a day with maybe some more if stuff I going around. Then we might take some at lunch to. Glad you also have been busy and able to do what makes you happy .

    Have to get ready to go to singing practice this afternoon to get ready for the Kids Festival in our small neighboring town. We already ad a program planned but then h wanted us t sin a few more songs from an earlier era. So, we are singing "Alexander's Ragtime Band"," Ma He's Making Eyes At Me", and" I Love A Piano." This is the only practice we have wit the new people who may not even know these songs. Also we need to practice on a keyboard today as that is what they will have to use at the festival.

    Bye for now and need to get going.

    Granni :)
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    Hi gang...feeling some better. Have actually been up for a couple hours, after sleeping most of the day. I sure hope I am the only one who gets this stuff...

    Heated up some chili for Den (I have only eaten oatmeal today) and running the dishwasher. Will head to the couch, even though I would much rather be outside in the garden or just playing. I did walk over to my strawberry patch...boy, did they ever take off after the showers we had yesterday! Hope I feel like getting the other 25 plants out in a day or two.

    Den's dad also asked me to take him to his primary care doc...followup from the labs he had done last week. I made an appt. for Friday...late morning, then we might be able to have lunch with Den again.

    Seeing me and Den seems to be a real highlight...and we enjoy spending time with him.

    Better get to the couch for now.
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    Morning Porchies,

    Been up since 4:00. I couldn't breathe and had to get out my nebulizer and albuterol. I feel my chest loosening up a bit. I have COPD but only out at the very ends of the bronchii. It usually doesn't bother me but our pollen is sooooo bad this year; it's covering our cars. I should have used the nebulizer last night but was just too tired to bother with it.

    Yesterday, I was tired and decided not to go to the condo mtg. Frank, Ilona and Barb all went so they filled me in when they came home. Seems that the mgr. has interpreted our docs so that any bldg.'s board could decide to paint their doors in the bldg. without a vote of the residents. It would theoretically be possible to drive by one bldg. with purple doors and the next one with green. Yikes! :eek: I moved into this neighborhood with the expectation that it would remain tasteful without change. Our bldgs. are gray with white trim. It has the feel of old Southern gentility. I've heard people say they don't like the gray and feel as though they are living on a battleship or military base. They want "Florida colors," which means bldgs. painted pink, blue, lavender, etc. I've been in those kinds of neighborhoods and IMHO, they are not attractive. My question to them is if that is what they want, why did they move into a gray neighborhood. If each bldg. goes rogue, this place will lose it's continuity of design and lose value. We have a gutless POA board of directors who don't want to have to bother with the individual assocs. I think as this neighborhood ages, it's going to go downhill. Just like with the car, I can't afford to move into something newer. Some friends live in a newer hood and they have an active board with lots of committees to ensure things don't get out of control. From what they say, all these committees do is fight and nothing ever gets done. Seinfeld had it right; condo living in FL is just like where his parents lived in the mythical Del Boca Vista.

    I decided to take a soak, give myself a pedicure and put some tan from a bottle on. I slipped into my dark jammies because some of that tan always rubs off until the first shower. I decided to iron a few shirts I had laundered and when I collapsed the ironing board to put it away, somehow, it snapped and hit me hard in (you guessed it) the exact same place on my left cheekbone where I had two other injuries from falls. It knocked my glasses off but didn't break them. It stunned me and made me nauseated. I grabbed an ice pack and lay down because I didn't want a shiner. Perhaps I need a helmet or hard hat if I'm going to do anything around here. :)

    Julie, I hope you are better. My DSIL, who is a pilot, keeps bringing the stomach bug home with him after his trips. He gives it to my DD and DGS but it gives them symptoms of a cold. They can't seem to ever get well. I hope you can rest and heal.

    Granni, I do sometimes get tired wrists from the way I put my laptop on my lap. It puts my hands at an unnatural angle. How is DH doing?

    Jam, I switched to State Farm and cut my ins. rates about in half. I had been using the broker our whole neighborhood uses and they were sold to a nat'l co and there is no longer any customer service. There is no incentive for them to help us save money. Only problem with State Farm is that if both drivers in an accident are insured with them, they drag their feet in settling. That is what is happening to my friend whose car was in the accident. She is beside herself. Dealing with ins. cos. is so stressful.

    Weather here is beautiful. Should stay nice all week. We are in the last days of mild weather with balmy breezes before the heat and humidity sets in. I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

    Love to everyone,

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    Oh my goodness, Mikie! Den has a couple of hardhats you could borrow...and Lorraine has a zebra patterned one (with a headlamp on it) that Keira and I got her from the zoo last year.

    Seriously, I hope you don't suffer any lasting problems from your fight with the ironing board. I do things like that all the time, actually...sometimes I find a bruise and have no recollection of where it came from.

    Wow, some of the neighborhoods you describe sound just like the houses in Belize. Only they use whatever colors of paint they have on hand, and the same house (or even the same board, lol) might be different colors.

    I could see just doors being a different color, but as you said, it would change the whole feel of your neighborhood...and they wouldn't want to stop at just the doors, would they? Very true, why move there if they didn't like the colors?

    Even the mobile home park where my parents lived had a "color dress code"...I hope it doesn't get too out of hand where you live. There is a "place" for all different styles, but if yours is Southern Gentility, it shouldn't be messed with.

    I am sitting here trying to decide what my stomach might be able to handle for's after 10:00 and I've only had a cup of coffee so far. Don't think I am up to the steak and eggs that I often eat...may just stick with oatmeal again.

    According to the computer, we are to start getting showers by noon, which means it would be smart to go get the rest of the strawberry plants set out right away....just one row, and I am on my hands and knees most of the time.

    And there is a small patch of yard that Den hasn't gotten mowed yet. Funny, Lorraine has spent more time on my new mower than I have, lol! I got some ear muffs that we use whenever the kids are with Gpa on the mower, tractor or skidloader. And he always goes extra slow, and there is another adult at the ready to take them when the "job" is done, lol!

    Thinking of everyone, and wishing you a good enough day!
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    Mikie: darn! another hit on your cheek! Hope you don't get a black eye from it. I've tried several types of tanning cream, but no matter how I concentrate on putting it on I always seem to have some streaks. I've also tried that hand cream with tanning stuff in it....supposed to slowly give you some color.....but I find it kinda burns my skin so I can't use it.

    That's too bad about people wanting various colors. Yes, its got to all look the same.

    Julie: Hope you're feeling better today. I think your immune system is fighting, so you pick up every little bug that you come in contact with.

    Well, the oncologist has given my DH a one week reprieve from chemo since he's on antibiotics for the bladder infection....I think the chemo pills is the one that's making his stomach upset and he's not able to eat very much. We asked about MJ.....he said he doesn't deal with it......that it was our decision (hey....I knew that) but that he has heard that it does help with appetite. So my 73 year old DH got his card and will look for a dispensary that sells cookies. Apparently the person running the place where you get the cards was very knowledgeable about why chemo causes the lack of appetite. Never thought in my wildest dreams this would all be happening to us.

    Today will be very stressful. I'm having the floors in two bathrooms ripped out and then new tile put down in as couple more days. Also bought a new dishwasher so it will also be installed today. Also the old ceramic tile around the tub removed and replaced. The tub is still in very good condition (50 years old) and I'm praying it won't be damaged.
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    Oh dear, Sun! I guess it would be good to have a break from the chemo, but sorry it is because of infection...

    I can only imagine that you and your hubby must still be in a bit of shock from this whole ordeal. Some people may worry about getting cancer, but I would bet that most of us don't really spend too much time thinking about it. My sis-in-law has told herself that it's not really "her" who is sick...just "someone else" and she is simply carrying the burden and going through the treatments. She got her chemo delayed a week this last time, because she was so weak and fatigued...her doctor gave her extra injections of some sort to try and build up her system.

    Please know that you and your dear hubby are continually in my prayers.

    Exciting and fun to have new stuff done in the home, but stressful too...and I bet you will be glad when it is done. We haven't started working on our house yet this year. Had to wait so long for winter to finally wind down, and now Den has told the kids he will work on their house a bit first.

    They need to move the stairway because when the carpenters moved it several years ago, they had to "bump up" the attic roof in order to have enough head room to go up the stairs. That spot has leaked off and on...we've had several different people look at it...Clinton finally got the leak stopped a couple years ago, but it still is in bad shape. We believe this has been the source of much of the mold problem, and just one step in correcting that problem.

    One of the drawbacks of living in a house built in 1848...but they want to stay on the farm, and can't afford to build a new house or really do a lot to this will just do as they can pay for it.

    I did get the last row of strawberries planted...must have been more than 25 in each bunch (I got four bunches of 25...two different varieties) because I have about 15 plants left. Might put them in the flower bed right next to my parents mobile home...had thought about saving them for Keira...might see if they have a spot where she can have a little garden.

    Then I mowed for about 1 1/2 hours...boy, this new mower has a lot of power. :D I could go fast enough to make myself bounce around on the seat, and the mower was still cutting the grass just fine. Sprinkled on me a bit, and was pretty chilly, so I only mowed what I thought needed it the most. I am so grateful that Den got trees trimmed and the yard picked up...and had cut up a couple trees that fell down over the winter. Nice to be able to just mow and not have to clean up the yard first :)

    Came in just in is raining pretty steadily now. Good thing...I forgot to water the last strawberries I just planted. :rolleyes:

    So much more to do, but gonna make myself take a little nap.

    Oh wow! Just realized how many posts we have on this thread...I will go start up another one right now. Please wait and post on the new one...look for #701
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    Hi Kids

    Just got back from the Armenian market. It has a wide variety of breads, sausage, caviar,
    cheese, yogurt and liquor. Some of the liquors are over a thousand bucks a bottle. I
    wonder how many they sell.

    Julie, your house was built in 1848! Wow! Has it been added to over the years? 1848 is
    the year Iowa became a state. It's also the year of one of our country's most important
    events. Anybody know? Take your time. I don't want to rush you. You might win a
    a gold medal if you can figure it out.

    Jam, I've had State Farm insurance for over 40 years, but I can never talk to my agent.
    I suspect he died decades ago, and the employees are just pretending he's still there so
    they can collect his commissions. Good plot for a Hitchcock movie, huh?

    Sunflower, a 50 year old tub is pretty old alright. On the other hand, the baths at
    Caracalla are almost 2,000 years old. Remember the 3 Tenors? They gave their
    first concert there. Caracalla, BTW, was the name of the Roman Emperor at the
    time the place was built. See our old friend Wikipedia for more info.

    I hope the MJ will help your hubby. I had friends who used it in the 70s. I tried it. Never
    did anything for me. But there are lots of articles on net about its medicinal benefits.

    Mikie, another owie! Tough luck. I hope the effects are minimal and brief. As for colors,
    yes, why move into a place with a color scheme and then demand a change. Did I
    previously post about the brazen orange at the storage site. All the trim and signs
    and individual storage doors are orange. I hate going there. The staff is impossible,
    and the color orange sends out rays that provoke anger in the brain. At least that's
    my theory. Hope your various ailments all vanish pronto.

    I think today will be our last visit to the storage place. Been over a decade.

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    Started a new volume, so moved Rock's post over there...see you all round the bend!