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  1. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Time for a new volume. "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives."

    Not much going on here. Gordon is doing laundry. I just woke up from a nap. The B & W cat was here around 2 AM last night and was given a 2 course meal. So if it came at 3, would it get a 3 course meal? Nope. No workee that way.

    The previous post closed with posts from Dar and Sunflower. Hope everydobby is doing the bestest possible.

  2. Is this a daily? Weekly? Check-in type thread?
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Laura

    This is a unique thread. It has no topic. Folks just drop by and post on whatever they like:
    pets, kids, TV shows, meds, problems, autos, relatives, recipes, jokes, and things too
    fierce to mention. (But not contentious topics like politics and religion.)

    The porch was started a decade ago. When we get to about 30 messages, some volunteer
    starts the next volume. Glad to see that you found us.

    Here's a bit of humor to brighten the day. "How many surrealist painters does it take to change
    a light bulb? Answer: A fish."

    Hugs Everydobby
  4. Mikie

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Welcome, Laura, glad you found us. Love your avatar. There IS always something to be thankful for. I'm thankful Rock started a new thread.

    Rock, thanks. I don't think I'll remember who said what on the last Porch so will just start over. Glad your little B&
    W kittie showed up. Simon was here at 4:00, when I got up. He was sleeping in my chair and when I opened the door, it woke him and his little eyes were like slits.

    I was going to post when I finished the newspaper but Ilona came up for a cup of coffee. They are leaving in the morning and had packed their coffeemaker. They went out for breakfast after Frank woke up. Barb came out on the Balcony for her coffee and we were off to the races. Barb offered me her $10 coupon for Bealls and I had $5 in Bealls bucks. Long story short, I got a $44 hoodie for $12.60. Ah, the couponing/sales saga continues. I also stopped at Target cause they had a $5 coupon for $20 spent on beauty products. I got some hairspray and root goo.

    Yesterday, when I was picking up my Rx's at Target, I found an IcyHot tens unit for only $29.99. Didn't know whether it would work but nothing was helping with my sciatica. Well, this little unit is amazing. It interrupts the pain signals and feels warm and nice. It turns off after 30 mins. but I can keep turning it on as much as needed. There was a coupon for replacement pads for it so I also picked up a couple. The pads are reusable but, eventually, must be replaced.

    When I got home, I planted the pink purslane in our flowerboxes, alongside the purple petunias and variegated dortheanthum, which trails down the sides of the boxes. They are absolutely beautiful. I was so hot and tired afterward that I sat and had shrimp salad and some red wine. Ilona came back for a few more minutes and then, another neighbor came up so we moved into the shady part of the Balcony we call, The Lounge. It was a beautiful day and we just rested and relaxed. My back, hip and leg are still iffy so I am really pacing myself.

    Some nasty crows have invaded our hood and are intimidating the smaller birds. I hate to see that. We are used to being serenaded by the mockingbirds. The crows have run them out.

    It's time for "60 Minutes" so I had better get going.

    My love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sun - sorry to hear your DH is having problems...keeping him in my prayers..and you too.

    Laura - welcome..nice to hv someone drop in on us..:)

    Mikie - i hv never liked crows..when i go up to terrace to feed our brood, they come squawking
    but are chased off by the pooches.

    Dar - its a wonder you still drag yourself around with that full fledged flare! i wish you a
    really good restful trip.

    Julie - i know it seems difficult to manage but do try and get in some rest inbetween
    looking after everyone..

    Rock - you were awake at 2am? i like the sound of your home, lots of plants, and wildlife
    dropping by...

    well, some time to unwind now. yesterday i dropped in on MILs to give BIL a birthday
    bouquet and some present money...i got stuck there coz it poured and poured after i

    The sky went incredibly dark, like it was too, it is raining...the weather is
    cool, so thats nice.

    lots of cleaning waiting to be done, organizing, sorting laundry, that sort of thing.

    take care, all

    god bless
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  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Dar, I'm so sorry about this prolonged flare. Don't give up, though. I had some CFIDS/ME relapses which put me back in bed for weeks and I eventually recovered from them. With enough rest, sometimes, we can climb back to functionality. It's such a strange condition but relapsing doesn't necessarily mean it's permanent. I pray your check comes.

    Springwater, we had one of those unseasonably cool days with rain and it was wonderful; however, we are back into the high 80's and low 90's again. At least, it's still cool at night.

    Sunflower Girl, you and DH are in my prayers.

    Rock and Granni, hope you guys are well. I'll check later to see whether y'all popped in.

    Julie, hope all is going well with GPA and all the ones you care for.

    I reallllllly need to go over to the pool this morning. So far, my sciatica isn't so bad. Even if it is, being in the water may not hurt so much. I really need to get my heart rate up and walking is out of the question right now. If I can do it, I want to climb up on the ladder to trim our hibiscus trees. The gardeners miss them and even if they did do it, they don't know how and would make a mess of the whole thing. The professional tree trimmers, who will come in June to trim our tall palms, don't do little trees like the hibiscus. No one cut them back last year and they didn't bloom like they should. They have beautiful double hot pink blooms.

    My folding chair on the Balcony finally broke. We've had a few pretty hefty people up on the Balcony and I think it finally just gave out. I hope Target still has some of them. If not, I'll have to pay more for one at Bed Bath & Beyond. Oh well, I've certainly gotten my money's worth out of this chair if I amortize it over the years I've had it.

    My poor condo is suffering as I work outside, which makes me too crippled to do anything else. The condo can wait but the work in the yard cannot. It's time to hit the weeds with Weed B Gone again. Oy! It never ends.

    Hope y'all have a wonderful, pain-free day.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I slept till 4 AM today. Kitty was still waiting when I checked the back yard. Gave it
    some kibble and canned Friskies. I don't know if they had canned pet food when I
    was a kid. I never saw any. Our cocker spaniel thrived on a diet of table scraps, a
    hot dog now and then and milk bone biscuits.

    Mikie, I thought of you at Trader Joe's yesterday. They had lots of exotic plants for sale
    including pale green calla lilies. I remember when they only came in white. Now I see
    them in pink and yellow too. Several neighbors have beds of them.

    Here's a bit of humor I found on the net. A gal tells her boyfriend he has to stop spending
    all his time playing on line poker or she's leaving. He asks, "Are you bluffing?"

    Dar, sorry you are feeling so poorly. I think your plan to cash in some vacation days
    is a good idea. Are you also taking time off or will that be this fall when you go to Tenn?
    I don't mean to be intrusive, but I wonder if your daughter is eligible for some sort of
    disability aid. When I was a Social Worker half a century ago the 4 categories for
    aid were families with children; the disabled; the blind; the elderly.

    Julie, great pic of Gpa and Red Mittens. Is that the cat's actual color? Never seen such
    a rosy shade of fur before. About half a century ago I bought a used fridge from a gal
    who had half a dozen cats or so. They were all polydactyls (extra toes) and came in
    exotic shades of pink and orange. I remember the price of the fridge was $600. The
    reason I remember is because I had dental work the same week; same price. Note
    that both expenditures were for objects that were hard, white and rectangular.

    Sunflower, sorry to hear about DH's knee problems. These illnesses are hard on both
    partners. Gordon has to do more and more around the ranch. As his mother said
    a decade or so back, "I'm no good any more." That's the way I feel.

    Springwater, I used to go to the movies every Friday night when I was a kid. It
    was always a double feature. Usually westerns although now and then it was
    a monster movie or a gangster flick. Gordon and I visited the home of William
    S. Hart a couple decades ago. He was a star in the silent era. Had a remarkable
    face. Sorta long and horsey and austere. He left his property to Los Angeles; now
    it's a park.

    We also went to the Roy Rogers Museum in Apple Valley. It was moved from there.
    Don't know if it even exists anymore. (I'm not stopping to look stuff up anymore. I
    used to do research in the middle of my posts to refresh my memory. That's why it
    took 40 minutes to do a post.) Do you have any festivals that are sorta like our
    Halloween? Maybe you could dress up like Dale Evans.

    Hugs to everydobby including Barry, Diane, Jam, Granni and Mrs Calabash.
    Laura, drop in when you can.

  8. Good morning!

    Thank ou for the welcomes!

    I am 50 years old and live in rural Oklahoma with my husband of 29 years. We live on 60 acres of woods/pasture. We share our house with a solid blue-grey cat named Maggie. We share our 60 acres with a clowder of outside cats in all colors and dairy goats (and sometimes chickens, guineas and cattle).

    I have MCS/CFIDS/Fibro. I was diagnosed 13 years ago. I am mostly homebound.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi to LauraElizabeth and WELCOME,

    DH needs the puter so I can't stay. More later. THAT IS THE QUICKEST POST EVER:) !!! Try and get back later today or tonight.
    Love to everyone,
  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Welcome Laura. Tell us more about yourself.

    Spring: that was a huge deluge you had. If only Mother Earth could share the rain for the whole planet. We're so dry out here in calif.

    Jam: darn, I missed the program last night but I agree that a tad more pounds on our body helps us. I think for every pound my husband has lost (he's down to l27 from a high of l50) I've packed it on. Saw the doctor today, got tested for B12, doesn't have a clot (that's good news) and will be put on antidepressants to help his overall well being. The most important is for him to EAT.

    Julie: It sounds like Gpa is fitting right into your homelife, and probably sis is thrilled that she has the house to herself. So glad you got to enjoy the wedding with your little girl and watch your big one too. And I gather Den is putting in a new staircase? I hope they will now be able to get the mold under control. Soon the new baby will be here. My DIL is due in one more month.......Honestly I don't expect to see this new one much. Talked to my son the other day and he confessed that my DIL is very "moody" and snaps at him. Should be interesting living in a one bedroom apartment with a new baby. His MIL is planning on taking at leastd a month vacation to "take over" duties. He was planning on taking a maternity leave but I told him it would be best just to go to work and let his MIL enjoy the baby she's waited so long for.
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Julie, between my sore back, and your added job of taking care of GPA, both out of the blue, it reminds me of a saying I heard (can't remember where): "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans." I guess we are lucky if we are flexible enough to be able to work around or problems. I do worry, though, that you have too much on your plate and not enough rest. Sounds as though GPA is very thankful to be with you and is trying to do as much for himself as possible. That is good for both of you. Bless his heart and bless yours. Bless Red Mittens, the little furry healer, too :D . Think I'll ask ProHealth if we can have some kitty and doggie emoticons.

    Laura, so glad you decided to stay and tell us a bit about yourself. I'm so sorry you are afflicted with these conditions but this is one place where everyone knows just how you feel. That can be difficult to come by out in the world of "normal." We love jokes, puns, trivia, plants, and animals. I'm sure I'm missing something else. There isn't much we don't like except that we do love to keep things peaceful. This group of people are so kind and generous that it feels like we are all just a big group of friends sitting out on the Porch chatting. The show on "60 Minutes" mentioned the importance of socializing as we age. Well, this is some of the finest socializing I get to do. Again, welcome aboard. It's sooooo good to have you with us :).

    Granni, come back when DH is finished with the computer. Or, better yet, get one of your own. They have become so inexpensive now that I can't believe it. Some of the 90 plus agers on "60 Minutes" used computers to keep their minds active. Believe me, if they had to learn to use Windows 8.1, it would keep them sharp. Maybe I'm making way too much over it. It's not really that difficult--it's just that nothing is where it used to be on Windows 7. If I'm stuck inside and my sciatica won't allow me to do anything, I may just sit down with the new Surface2 and try to figure it out. My poor pea brain could use a workout too :confused:.

    Rock, I've seen those green calla lilies too. At Christmastime, I bought a HUGE pot of them in a terra cotta color, which goes so beautifully well with the floral printed pads on the chairs on our Balcony. The Lounge area is usually in, at least, partial shade and lilies and orchids grow well there. My new orchid is terra cotta and yellow and is very unusual looking. It is doing well in the Lounge area. I now have some knowledgeable gardeners at both Home Depot and Lowe's who help me sooooo much. One woman told me how to replant the orchids once they come home and, so far (knock on wood), the orchid is thriving, thanks to her advice. Lowe's guarantees their plants for a year, even if it is neglect which kills them. It was this woman who suggested the purslane for our flowerboxes. It is beautiful.

    I also used to go to the movies as a kid but the double features were on Sat. It was usually Westerns. In the summer, I would wear my short shorts, my six shooters, my cowgirl boots and, of course, my cowgirl hat. All the kids dressed up for those movies. We also saw a few gangster or monster movies. If I took a quarter, I could get in and get a snack. We had three theatres right on our main street; one was more of an art house theatre. The county courthouse was right across the street, complete with a fountain, lawn, trees, and benches. A great place to play before and after the movies. There were always old men sitting on those wire grid benches just talking and getting some fresh air. My ex called them the waffle-ass club. In keeping with your joke--What a card!

    Did you see Trigger stuffed at the RR museum? I watch "Joan and Melissa Rivers" and after Joan had to put down her little dog, Max, she considered having him stuffed. Fortunately, she changed her mind and just got a nice urn for his ashes. It's hard to believe how this 80 year old woman has the NRG to keep working as hard as she does. I know a lot of people want to live looooooong lives like the ones on "60 Minutes." I do not. My Crystal is constant in telling me I'll live to between 81 and 82. That sounds about right. I love my life and have no death wish but I don't want to linger too long. I have loved ones I'm anxious to see again on the Other Side.

    I slept all day yesterday and, so far, the sciatica seems to be gone. I'll hop into the shower and go to the condo mtg. this morning. Then, while I'm decently groomed, I'll go to Target to seek a new chair for the Balcony. I'm not going to work outside. It can wait until I'm sure this sciatica is gone. I know it can come back. Hmmmmm...come back to my back :eek:. I want it to go back where it came from and not make another appearance.

    I hope everyone is doing well today.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Never heard of purslane before, Mikie. I found some pics on the net. They didn't help
    much though. The plants in the pics are so different they don't look like the could
    all be purslane. They had a plant new to me at Trader Joe's the other day. The flowers
    were made of pink tubes. The label said it was some kind of heather, but I forget what
    kind. Anyhoo they reminded me of lilies of the Nile.

    Gordon is going to an orchid auction tonight. It's in Santa Monica, Jam's neighborhood, right
    next to our biggest ocean. Although if you look at a globe you can see there's only one ocean.
    He wants to buy some vandas.

    Oh yeah, lots of pics from the Roy Rogers Museum on the net. Trigger, BTW, is not stuffed.
    As Roy used to point out in interviews, Trigger is mounted. I think that means the hide is
    stretched over a steel framework. Anyhoo Trigger and Buttermilk (Dale's horse) were there
    and Bullet, the German Shepherd, and Nellybelle (Pat Brady's jeep).

    Gene Autry left money for a western museum in Griffith Park (LA; country's biggest
    city park). The museum has a big display of Roy's stuff too. If I were healthy I'd
    be a volunteer docent there.

    I got a book last night at the library on the Old West. Has a terrible error in the chapter
    on Calamity Jane. It says she died in 1902 in the text. But in the caption under
    a picture of Wild Bill Hickok's grave it says she was buried next to him in 1876. Shocking!

    Laura, never heard of a clowder of cats before. I have seen lists of collective nouns for
    animals groups. I remember a group of crows is called a murder. It's also the name
    of a book and a movie.

    Julie, sound like you have wretched teeth as do I. But my son was like Den. Never had
    a cavity. At least not while I knew him. On the other hand I have fast growing nails
    that never break or chip. Wouldn't you think the two would be similar?

    Gotta go, Kids
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: your work schedule sounds like you're running on empty. PLEASE be careful, take those little cat naps every chance you can get. If you get ill and unable to do, what will the rest of the family do? I'm not sure if you saw my post to you about possibly getting a goat or two to keep at Gpa's farm. I know sis is getting around now and was thinking of a llama (?) but with two goats they could be tethered to eat all the grass instead of you having to mow for 6 hrs. Just a thought. When my oldest son was a baby he couldn't tolerate milk or formula so I knew a lady who had goats. Every 3 days I would get fresh goat's milk and he thrived on it. How far away is Gpa's farm from your house?

    And one more thing: God didn't make woman to be a super human! LOL I had to learn that lesson years ago.

    Mikie: I've been meaning to ask about your "lounge area". I assumed it was reached thru your condo, but with all the people visiting it, how do they get there and exactly how big is it? Is it meant for your whole section or what?
    Sorry you're still suffering from back troubles. I overdid it big time on saturday morning. I walked outside to get our paper and saw all that needed to be done in my front I bent over and pulled a few things....HA Now I'm wearing my back brace and trying to forget what I did.

    Granni. Mikie had a great idea.....get a second computer so you can also use it. We bought an Ipad over a year ago, took me awhile to learn to use it, since it's small, but now I love it, and the fact that I can even go to Starbucks or anywhere there is WiFi. Think of how much your DH would also love this? He would be able to check his stocks anywhere and not have to run home.

    Rock: I hope Gordon gets some really good orchids. Wish you could take some photos of all his orchids and post them for us to enjoy. It's been years since we've been to the Gene Autry Museum, but it really impressed me. I've also been out to the Roy Rogers Museum years ago. I think it finally closed about 20 years ago, didn't it.

    Have you given your "visiting" kitty a name yet? He/she must have one! We have two old female cats and there's been a young male cat "mooning" over her thru the window! I talked to his owner a few weeks ago and told her she had been be sure to keep him in at night. Sometimes I've seen him at 2 a.m. and we have coyotes roaming around. And now there's another young cat from behind us hopping the fence to explore.
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi SG

    Speaking of WiFi, I saw a joke on the net yesterday re: same. Can't remember it and can't
    find my note. My notes just seem to evaporate like the snows of yesteryear. Re: goats, we
    had a poster for some years who used the name Goat Lady. She raised goats. Had a
    charming picture of a smiling goat for her avatar.

    Gordon has a cactus in bloom. The flowers are big. The size of a baseball. They
    are a pinkish orange. In the late afternoon the sun is behind them and the petals glow
    like stained glass windows. Unlike most orchid blooms, the cactus flowers only last a
    few days.

    Nope, haven't named the cat. At our previous place we had something like a dozen cats
    the dropped by over the decade. I only named the friendly ones that liked to be petted
    or would come inside and nap.

    Julie, was looking on the net for books to put on hold at the library. Came across
    one titled "The Opera Houses of Iowa". Alas, the LA library did not have same.

    We have cattle egrets in the nearby park now. They look like miniature storks.
    They are about 2 feet high and have white feathers. You often see them in nature
    documentaries. They walk around the plains of Africa with the gnus and buffalo,
    etc. The big animals stir up insects which the birds eat.

    Like most predatory birds, they will eat anything they can catch. Frogs, snakes, fish,
    etc. I saw one about 30 years ago. It was all alone. Walking down a residential
    street in the San Fernando Valley. Wikipedia says they apparently spread from Africa
    to 5 continents.

    Oh, here's joke I wrote down. Saw a sign in some business that said: This is a
    velociraptor-free workplace. It has been 165 million years since the previous incident.

    Mikie, I saw Publix in the news yesterday. It was about a shoplifting incident. First
    time I've seen a reference to the place other than in your posts. Ha Ha!

    Oh, I just found the WiFi joke on the net. Sign in a coffee shop: No, we don't
    have WiFi. Talk to each other.

    Laura, do you live "Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, and the wavin'
    wheat can sure smell sweet When the wind comes right behind the rain."?

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another quick HI to everydobby :)!!

    Ran around with DH this morning to another Home Depot to brig our power washer that didn't want to start. It is cheaper than buying a new one. Then grabbed a Subway sandwich to bring home. Then started a wash and checked some on line but then DH needed the puter again :)! Yes, I would love my own computer but somehow I don't see that happening any time soon.. DH is worried about the monthly "fixed costs" and might get rid of the fancy phones and go to flips again. H doesn't use his much other than stocks. I dot he chatting for and to all ! I will miss it but I only use the phone, some FB but just to catch things mostly on family. I do most of the posting on the computer.

    This is crazy. It seems to hap just o PH with this keyboard. It takes forever to write anything and keeps on skipping letters. I has taken some time to write this, in between my daughter texting me that are about to star tomorrow on the renovating - caulking spackling, I guess before the painting ceilings.

    Gee it seems like I am missing all the stuff happening he spammers and such. Good job MIKIE and all the moderators.

    Gotta go and try and check on that pre op apt for DH. Haven't heard back so need to call

    Mikie - Thanks for getting us started again !!

    Julie - You need a helicopter with its own helipad :)!!LOL

    Love to ALL my dear Porchies !

    Granni :)!!
  16. Yep, that's the place ;-) Although the spot we live is a bit less plain and more wooded valley.

    Good day today. I was able to take a shower.....something that was very much needed but I do not have the energy to do everyday. I was also able to help two friends-something that rarely happens with my current circumstances. They were small helps. Encouragement for a seriously ill friend and a bit of internet research for another. Probably sounds silly but so uplifting to me to be able to do a small something for someone else.
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Rock, thanks for the clarification. I never knew an animal's skin could be stretched over a frame without having to stuff it. Hmmmm. Learn something new almost every day. The purslane I got has small pink flowers with yellow centers on long stems. They close up at night and open during the day. The long stems eventually drape over the flowerboxes and the gardener said they would then stand back up toward the sun. Most unusual and happy looking little flower. It reminds me of wildflowers. You and Gordon have the most unusual plants. Mine aren't as exotic but I enjoy them. We have cattle egrets here. Sometimes, they will stand on the backs of the cattle and ride around. It is quite a sight.

    Sunflower Girl, our condo bldg. is two stories. All along the top floor is a balcony. Barb and I have chairs and little tables just outside our doors where we drink our morning coffee. Friends walking their dogs often join us. The sun comes around in the afternoon so we move down the balcony where some trees provide shade. We jokingly call that "the lounge," because that's where we have our afternoon drinks. Friends often join us there too. We have lanais on the backs of our condos which look out on our pond and fountain. I'm so sorry your back is hurting. Mine started up before I even left the condo for our mtg. this morning. So, I put on the tens unit and turned it on. It helps a lot but having to turn it back on every 30 mins. is a nascence (I spelled that word four times and it's still wrong, but y'all get the idea). I hope you feel better.

    Granni, I don't know whether you have a roach coach at your Home Depot but ours is great. They serve hot dogs and Italian sandwiches. Barb and I never miss a chance to lunch there. It's cheap too. Granni, do you have Firefox or Chrome browsers? If so, you might have better luck here. Or, do you have an Apple? I can't read our newspaper online with Explorer. I have to use Firefox. You can download them for free.

    Laura, I'm glad you live in the woodsy part of OK. BTW, "Oklahoma" is one of my favorite musicals. I think it's soooo important to us when we are able to help others. It is uplifting. I think that is why this website is so important to so many of us. We help one another by just sharing our lives. We come from all over and have diverse interests and some common interests too. I'm so glad you're here with us.

    Went to the condo mtg. and signed some checks. Nothing too interesting going on. Since the gardeners didn't figure the removal of my diseased palm tree in their original proposal, they said it was a freebie. Our assn. wouldn't be on the hook for it anyway but what saves our POA money, saves us money in the long run. I decided to run to Target to replace my balcony chair which broke after many years. Target had no black ones but I did find a beautiful inside/outside area rug. I put it under my coffee table against the sofa. It looks magnificent. It adds some color and helps define my living room space since the living areas are all open. It's very Nate Berkus in turquoise and white in a geometric pattern. It updates the whole area.

    I had already bought a covered basket which could serve for a coffee table but I put it at the end of my loveseat. It has a cover. The basket I had there was much smaller and looked like a mess. I have my blood pressure cuff, magazines, and books all in there. Now, with the cover, it's out of sight. I just got it all cleaned out and organized. I feel as though I got a lot done, even with my sore back.

    I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got a folding chair there. It's not black; it's beige. Still, it goes well with everything and was cheaper than the ones at Target and I used a 20 percent off coupon. We have matching floral seat pads for our chairs, my Christmas present to the bldg. I also got some filters for the water supply to my coffee maker and a replacement paring knife for Barb. I had 20 percent off coupons for those too.

    I just found out that one should never allow anyone to jump their dead battery in their car off of your battery. Even when done correctly, which almost no one does, it can destroy your car's electronics and the car's computer. My ex always told me never to let anyone have a jump but I've now researched it online and he is right. I have AAA and they are great. When they come out, they hook up to the computer to ensure the alternator is OK and can find out what is wrong with the battery. They can also install a new battery if needed. It's worth every penny. I take really good care of my car but it's 11 years old and I never know whether I'll need a tow.

    I came home, turned on the tens unit and curled up on my bed to watch "24" again. I fell asleep during parts of it last night. I've also been binge watching "Joan & Melissa Rivers." It's mindless TV--my favorite escape which requires nothing on my part, not even thinking. Then, I got up and took my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster area and got my mail. I paid a couple of bills online and am resting. I'm about to go back to vegging in bed.

    Julie, I hope you are finding some time to veg.

    Love, hugs and prayers for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Laura - How wonderful that you were able to help a couple of people today. I am sure that you feel real good when you are able to do so , even if it is just a little cheering up .

    Hope you are feeling even better tomorrow and get to finding even more NRG. I you find any extra you can send us some to hand out here on the PORCH :)!! Got back this afternoon from our singing practice and ran around this morning with DH. I know that JULIE can use some extra with all that she does for everyone n her family.

    A little history on me is I do a lot of singing including assisted living and other Sr. facilities and gatherings, as well as church choir. Feel free to click on my name and you can read my bio, such as it is.

    How is your weather? Hope it is getting warmer for you and no bad storms. Ours is surely getting warm fast here in TX. but I would take it to the COLD. My body cannot handle it.

    Mikie - I'll bet you are sorry that your friend is leaving for the summer from FL Where does go to cool down, to see her family??? I know you will miss her.

    Be back tomorrow while DH goes to his meeting and possibly lunch.

    Love to everydobby and all our many MIA's,
    Granni :)
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    This is a test MIKIE on Firefox and it seems to be working and not stopping every two or three letters. Now I have to figure out how get here every time.

    Guess I will try and figure that out tomorrow. DH is hinting he needs the puter and I need to take a shower.

  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I did a search on the epiphyllum.......and found this wonderful link of photos. I have a hot pink (almost fluorescent) , a pale pink, and the white (I think it's called overature from the pic) and I think a red but haven't seen it in a few years. The flowers only last a day, although for some reason the white I'm able to pick and put in a vase and it will last almost 3 days. Go figure. Perhaps it's more hardy.

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