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  1. rockgor

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    Okay Folks, Here we go!
    Grab your gal and don't be slow.
    Click your heels and point your toe.
    Bow to your corner, then do-see-do.
    All join hands and round ya go.

    Take a trip around the square.
    You could end up anywhere.

    Cut the diamond and form a chain.
    Later on we'll try 'er again.

    Chicken in the barnyard; pecking at a bug.
    Grab your gal with a great big hug.

    Allemande left around the ring.
    Makes ya wanna dance and sing.

    All go home, soon as you're able.
    See ya next at the 'freshment table.

  2. Granniluvsu

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    Thanks for starting us up ROCK, on the new volume. See you all in the morning, if I can but it will be a very busy day to church and then to DD's. We're getting picked up by our SIL ! How nice to have chauffeur service.


  3. Mikie

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    Happy Mothers Day to everyone. Either you are a mother or you have/had a mother, so celebrate. Without mothers, we wouldn't be here.

    I didn't get here yesterday and here we are, a whole new Porch. So glad to see everyone posting. Granni, you look mahvelous! Seriously, you look great. All that activity seems to agree with you.

    Julie, I pray the woman from Belize gets to the baby's birth. You don't need someone else to look after. Glad GPA is doing so well. Also glad he is getting a bit more realistic about SIL or, at least, doesn't feel the need to defend her. There is no defense for how she acts.

    Rock, thanks for starting up our new Porch. I remember all those kitchy knick knacks from the 40's and early 50's. Some of those old post cards are collectibles now. Yes, I did work hard on that tree, trying to save it and I have the scratches on my arms and legs to prove it. It's trying to recover on its own, putting out some new little branches and leaf clusters on the bare branches. I hope the African Tulip Tree recovers too. Landscape companies spread fungi with their mowers and tools as they can't possibly sanitize them from one neighborhood to the next. This climate is the perfect place for fungi to spread. So far, knock on wood, my orchid is thriving. Thank God for that lovely lady gardener at Lowe's. Also, the gardeners at Home Depot who have helped me select and care for the plants around our bldg.

    Big surprise--Simon showed up for breakfast after a few days of not coming. Either that, or he has had to get used to my sleeping later on some days. I slept almost all day yesterday due to sciatica pain so woke at 3:30 this morning. I looked out at 5:00 and there he was, looking beautiful. I know he is eating somewhere else too. I'm glad because a homeless cat needs all the help he can get.

    I did manage to do a little work in between bouts of pain yesterday. I put away all the things I had bought at the store, like tissues, hair products, etc.; ran the dishwasher; and moved my beachy things from the sitting room to the living room. All the small things are on the shelf just behind my sofa and I hung the beach pic over the sofa. It all looks great with that new area rug. I'm soooo glad I got it. Sometimes, I just need a little pick-me-up around here. I'm not one to rearrange furniture and in these condos, because of the layout, it's not easy to rearrange furniture into a useable traffic pattern. One would think our homes would all look the same but, because we all decorate in different ways, they don't. So many in here are spending a lot of money putting in new kitchens, baths and floor coverings. I can't afford to do that but putting in the stone countertops a few years ago updated my place to where it looks newer. I'm so glad to see so many planning on staying and improving the condos. We have a wonderful location so, if we keep up the hood, our condos will maintain their value.

    There isn't much to tell as I've been rather a slacker the last couple of days. I hope to do a little work in here today but if my sciatica starts up, all bets are off. The tens unit helps if I get it on in time and if I take some acetaminophen before starting out. Otherwise, I have to lie down in order to stop the pain.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, just playing with my Surface. It doesn't like to be ignored. Still in my jammies. I prefer my Toshiba for posting here but thought I'd give this tiny computer/tablet a workout. Actually, it's giving me a workout. :)

    OK,that's enough.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Happy Mothers Day to all mom's grandmoms an mom's at heart. Will be leaving for church in a few minutes. Then home, change cloths and dsil will pick us up for the Mom's Day gathering.

    Mikie- I am guessing when you by an I pad or Tablet you then have to pay per month like a phone. Is that correct for your data used?? Trying to get rid of costs not get more unfortunately. May have to get rid of or change phones. Great phone this Samsung Galaxy 3 but there are also lots of things on it I don't; use. I use it to get email, some free texting, and FB and of course the phone. I would love to get something portable for me but isn't that more $ besides the gadget used. I try and send most messages on my computer, if possible. Sorry your sciatica is bothering you again- not fun I know.

    Gotta run !!

    Love to awl,
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Quiet day here. Gordon made carrot juice. Well, we've been doing that for decades, but this
    time he added half a beet and a cucumber. The beet made the color darker. The cucumber
    added a refreshing tang.

    He is busy repotting orchids. And it's laundry day. That's all the news from our casa.

    Granni, was your chauffeur wearing a uniform? I always have a driver since 1) I don't
    drive anymore and 2) Gordon likes to drive. Says he gets motion sickness if he's a
    passenger. He's lucky he wasn't a pigeon.

    Mikie, I used to have lots of old postcards. Mostly that I found in thrift shops. A couple
    times a clerk told me they didn't sell those. I would suggest they look under the counter
    or in the back room. "Who knows? There might be an old shoe box full of post cards."
    And sometimes there was.

    I used most of them up during the last year or so of mom's life. Every work day the
    first thing I did was send her a post card. She spent her last two months in a
    nursing home. She wrote and said she was the envy of the other residents since most
    of them seldom heard from their family.

    One of my postcards was from WW I. The picture was some sort of Jewish
    symbolism. Can't really remember the details It had a message written on it. And
    one was from WW II and did not need a stamp because it was mailed from an army base.
    Some were from foreign countries. Mostly Europe. Lots of sites were you can find old postcards. And many have categories: movie stars, foreign countries, natural wonders, famous buildings, silly cartoons, etc.

    Glad to hear our boy Simon is OK. The black and white kitty comes every night now.
    Last night there was some shaggy animal at the water bowl. Wasn't till I opened
    the door and it ran off that I could see that it was a large raccoon. I'd be happy
    to feed it if it would come back.

    Julie, find a good spot for your wisteria bush. The biggest wisteria in the world is
    here in an LA suburb. It's in Sierra Madre and, according to Wikipedia, covers
    an acre and weighs 250 tons. I seriously doubt those statistics. Well, maybe it
    had a growth spurt since Gordon and I went to the Westeria Festival a decade or
    so ago. BTW, some of the photos of wisteria look very similar to the jacaranda
    tree when it's in bloom.

    Hope all you Moms are having a great day. Hugs to everydobby.

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good morning, everyone. I slept til 4:00 today. Yesterday, I took my acetaminophen early and put on the tens unit. Still, I could only work so long before I had to sit or lie. I keep meaning to look online for Yoga or other exercises for sciatica. There are a lot of ads on TV here for back pain clinics which claim to be able to help it but I've never met anyone who was helped with sciatica by a doc. I did get my most dreaded job done; I cleaned out my pile of junk mail. I won't recycle it until I use my little stamp to cover my name and address. ID theft is so rampant that I just don't want anyone to even have a name and address to start with. I changed purses just for the heck of it and have to cut out my coupons for my little coupon book I carry. It's a small one but I've seen the coupon queens carrying three-ring binders full of coupons. At some point, it isn't worth it. I love to save but am too lazy to put too much NRG into it.

    I cleaned my kitchen countertops and everything on them. I also cleaned the grill/griddle plates on my little grill and cleaned the glass top on my stove. It's actually ceramic and it's hard to clean it so it doesn't look smeary. Still, I like it a lot better than having the electric rings. We don't have gas down here. We heat our pool with a huge propane tank buried next to the pool bldg. It costs an arm and a leg to heat that pool.

    One DD called and we talked for more than an hour. Other DD didn't call til late and I was asleep. Their house is on the market and there were back-to-back showings yesterday and they got an offer. She sounded terrible; she has a cold and sounded exhausted. They have all been sick for months with one virus after another. I hope they can get this house sold and find one in the Dallas area they like.

    Rock, I'll bet the little B&W kitty will eventually want to come in and be part of your family. Simon probably never will. I don't know what happened to him but it must have been very traumatic. I just put some food out so he won't miss his breakfast this morning if he comes by. I always worry about the possums and raccoons finding his eating area as we aren't supposed to put any food out. Racoons will always live near dumpsters and across the street is a park/wildlife refuge. I have shooed away a possum more than once. My favorite antique post cards are the ones depicting Niagara Falls and anywhere in FL. The artwork is amazing.

    Julie, Lakeland is close to Tampa on Hwy 4 to the West and not too far on the same Hwy to the east to Orlando. So, you aren't far from Busch Gardens, Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. I used to find I could get my babies to move by lifting my shirt and letting the sun shine on the part of my stomach where I wanted the baby to go. They were little sun worshipers even in the womb.

    Granni, my Surface is just a little computer. It's a convertible which will act alone as a touchscreen tablet or, I can snap the keyboard on and use that. I have to have wi-fi to get online. It doesn't work on 3 or 4G so no monthly fees. It's so small and light that I can take it with me and use it where there is public wi-fi. I do all my banking on my Toshiba, using my encrypted wi-fi here at home. The Toshiba is a big 17 1/2" laptop and too large to want to take it anywhere. I have a TracFone smartphone and it will convert my minutes to 4G but I never use it for anything except calling. It refuses to work with wi-fi as it's supposed to. I hate even texting with those tiny keyboards. It's a crappy phone but it only costs me between $12 and $16 a month so I keep it.

    I had planned on redoing our mulch in the stairwell where they gardeners removed our sick palm tree but I forgot they will be here mowing so will wait. I can find more things to do inside. I am anxious to get the outside done, though. My poor car is filthy and needs to be cleaned but it's a bit further down the chain of to-do's. Before I got sick, I worked many hours each week, kept my condo clean, washed and cleaned my car weekly, dated and went to parties and thought nothing of it. Wow, now everything is a challenge. Glad I'm retired so I can rest a lot in between chores. It sucks but it sucks less than when I was bedridden most of the time. For this, and all my other blessings, I'm thankful. Yes, the glass is more than half full and it's more than half full of red wine, for medicinal purposes, of course. ;)

    Hope everyone has a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Good morning everyone!

    I survived another Mother's Day....the hardest day of the year for me. It was a quiet day. Husband was working. I did call my Mom. I am so thankful for her! She is 84 this year and the last few months have been challenging for her. I miss her so much. She is only two hours away but I just cannot physically go there and she cannot come here. I am so thankful we are able to talk by phone alnost every day.

    Mikie, I have thought about a Surface. 97% of the time I use my Fire HDX tablet for internet stuff. I love it. Every once in awhile I will sit at our desktop computer but it is physically difficult. I have considered getting a laptop or Surface to do the 3%. Our desktop is old so will need to do something soon. I use the wifi at home for my Fire. Rarely go anywhere else. Our cell phones do not work here so we have what I call dumb phones. Cheap $10 per month phones we use for emergencies when out.
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi AWL,

    All is well here and had a great Mother's Day at DD and then on to dinner and conversation with DSIL's parent's home. Everything was wonderful !

    Just need to go get dressed before DH gets back from the store. I just wanted to pop in for a bit to answer. DH has plans for yard cleanup this morning.

    Mikie - Glad you have been seeing Simon more regularly. He know which side to go to get his bread buttered !

    Sorry I cannot answer to all individually !!

    PS MIKIE - Where did you buy your Surface and about how much did you pay for it.??n I never did hear of it !!

    Love to you awl,
  10. Julie, I am so sorry about the loss of your Mom. My son (only child) died at the age of 20 seven years ago.
  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: When I saw the orthopedic surgeon about my neck I also told him about the terrible sciatic pain in my hip/leg. He took me thru all types of contortions and then told me it was bursa troubles. So when I went thru neck traction I also was given stretching type exercises for that muscle to loose it up, along with some leg/knee lifts. I try to do them every morning, and find when I get lax it starts hurting again.

    Stand sideways, holding a door jam, put left leg over the right, then when holding onto the jam with your arm high, lean into the right, so you feel that stretch in your hip/leg, Repeat by turning around, doing the same thing with your other leg. I've also read you can do this stretch, lying on your bed flat. Hope you start to feel better. I sympathize with you.

    Laura. I'm so sorry you lost your son. I'm sure Mother's Day is VERY painful for you. And you too Julie. Always thinking about the little one who left for Heaven too early.

    My DD seemed to be in a funk so I made lunch for the family yesterday, and also enjoyed my youngest coming to spend the day with us. My DIL is due in about 3 weeks, and went to her mother's house. And in the evening my oldest son called and we chatted for awhile.

    Wasn't sure if I was "super charged" yesterday since both my hair dryer AND my outside blower both started smoking on me......tossed them both in the trash after they cooled. I was almost afraid to touch any other electric item yesterday. LOL I'm now heading for Lowe's to buy a new blower to clean up the mess I've made this morning from raking and weed pulling.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everyone.

    Laura, I'm so very sorry about your losing your son. We never expect to survive our children. I can imagine how this makes Mothers Day so difficult for you. My thoughts are with you. I have a Kindle Fire HD but not the new HDX, which is pretty much a full tablet. If I had that, I might not have gotten the Surface. My phone is supposed to be smart but it act dumb. Still, it's cheap and I really don't need all the "smart" features so I'm OK with it.

    Julie, glad you had a good day with your big family. I lost my Mom 12 years ago and I still miss her every day. She died on July 11th and I am often compelled to look at the clock at 7:11. I did yesterday. I said, "Hi, Mom, thanks for coming and happy Mothers Day." I talk to her all the time. I don't like the idea of closure as I don't think there is such a thing. We never close that door to our loved ones. Time doesn't heal but the pain of loss isn't quite as acute as it was for the first few years.

    Granni, they advertise the Surface on TV a lot. The new one is for business people and it is called, the Surface Pro. There are a lot of convertible laptops with detachable keyboards and touchscreens so they can be used as tablets too. Mine is the Surface2 RG which means it comes with Microsoft Office built in and I didn't have to buy it separately. One chooses the model, which is basically the tablet part. Then, one can choose between a molded keyboard without individual keys; a keyboard with movable keys, like a regular keyboard; and a keyboard with movable keys which lights up. I got the latter. It was more expensive but I decided I will want to use it for a long time and I got what I wanted. All in all, it came to just over $600. There are cheaper convertibles out there. This one is made by Microsoft so I can't use Android apps. I have to shop in the Microsoft store. I haven't even had time to do this yet.

    Sunflower Girl, thanks for the exercise. It wasn't one I saw when I looked them up so I really appreciate it. Evidently, one has to deal with the cause of the spine problem before one can get rid of the sciatica. Oy! I'm going to do my best until my doc appt. and will ask about a referral. If it gets any worse, I'll call him. I know that stretching and taking the strain off the spinal column are good. I should never have given away my tilt table but there just isn't room in here for it.

    Jam, glad you got to eat with your family. Enjoy the roses. One can live a simple life and still enjoy some excesses once in a while. In fact, it's good for you.

    I managed to color my hair, rub on some tan from a bottle and run to the grocery. I was in a lot of pain walking in the store so came home and took a nap. My tens unit wasn't working for me. Before I went, I did some exercises recommended for sciatica and they may have initially made it worse. My other DD called but she didn't have long to talk. They are in negotiations on their house with offers and counter offers. It's sooooo stressful. Her Mothers Day consisted of their having to get out of the house all day long for back-to-back showings. If they get the sale, it will have been worth it. It's really difficult to keep a house show ready with a huge dog and a little boy.

    Barb and I have symphony tickets on Sat. I will have to find a way to be able to sit through it. I want to go visit CO this summer but I can't possibly sit through a long flight, even in business class. Whine, whine, whine! With us, it seems that even if we get one thing cleared up, another takes its place.

    My love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good evening to everyone ! Almost time to start thinking of trying to get ready for beddy bye. DH already has his jammies on, after dinner but I am not usually in that much of a rush.

    Laura, Julie, Jam - What a terrible thing to lose a little baby ,either your child, g child , miscarriage or whatever. Losing any chlld is an awful thing. I can't imagine that, even age 20. A friend of mine lost her son when he was probably in his 30's or older I guess from cancer.. I It was such a terrible sad thing for the family.

    I have been so lucky that way, no miscarriages or death of children or grand children. Yesterday at the dinner I as reminded of how small and precious those babies are. My daughters MIL and FIL just became g grand parents for the first time. That baby was just so sweet and precious. I think he might have been a week old or so or maybe a little bit more. Don't think I will have any other little ones like that except maybe a few years from now my g daughter and her boyfriend may get married and have a little one. However, I am afraid she will probably live not to close to us, either Austin area or maybe CO where her dbf lives now. Our eldest daughter is planning on moving with her DH to the TX Hill Country maybe Fredericksburg after her boys graduate HS. Then we will probably see them even less ):!!! The area is so beautiful there but they have water problems and it doesn't make to much sense for us to be moving and spending all our money having to move again and buy another house.

    Plus, our other daughter, husband and dgs plan on moving in our area soon. You just can't keep trying to keep following your kids around. The area they are moving to is definately not to cheap !! Hopefully, after dh has his cataract surgeries done he will feel better about driving longer distances, and maybe at night too.

    Mikie- I do not remember seeing any ads for the Surface. We have a Best Buy not to far away that might have it but don't think if I buy something for myself it will cost that much. DH will talk to DS to see what he thinks as far as replacing the windows 7 to the Windows 8. BTW, how do you like your Windows 8? I know you said before it as so very different. Sorry for your sciatica. Hope it gets a little better for you soon. Not fun, I know.

    Glad most of you had a nice Mother's Day in one way or the other but I know those of us who loved and lost our dear Mothers or children were a bit sad on that special day too. I lost my DMon Mother Day 2004 . I cannot believe that it was already 10 years ago. It was very sad to be so far away from her at that time, thousands of miles away.

    Tomorrow will be a very busy day. I go to the hair dresser and the to the doc for pre surgical workup for DH and then go singing practice. Only 2 more gigs till probably Aug. or Sept, unless something special comes up. YAY !!

    Better get off here for now.

    Love to everydoby,
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    Sun - I forgot to mention that I pulled a bunch of weeds this morning. No, it was NOT fun esp dressed in my long sleeves and pants in the heat and humidity. Sorry to hear about your hair drier and outside blower (I think that is what you said. What a pain for sure. Why do a bunch of things ( or at least more than one) always seem to blow u at once ):!! How exciting that a new baby is due so soon. That is so very exciting !!!!! Hpe your DH is dong better. Hs he gained some more weight?

    Not sure I will get to the PORCH at all tomorrow. The day is much to busy.

    Love to SW , Dar,Diane, and so many I haven't mentioned.

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    what a lot of newsy posts! happy Mothers Day to all of you..

    Laura - sorry to hear about your son...bless him, im sure hes always
    with you in spirit, and visits on Mothers Day even if you dont know it.

    Granni - Is the Texas Hill country where lots of wildflowers grow? i
    envy your DD. i would love to live in the hills. Hope yr DH eyes
    are perfect after surgery.

    Jam - roses - what a lovely gift!! i esp love those orange roses with tinge
    of pink at edges..yr right about peoples minds changing as they go thru
    different phases..i changed ny mind about a lot of things as i grew up

    Sun- your hair dryer smoked out? lol...when i am on the phone with
    my daughter, the phone always gets disconnected..i hold it with a towel
    its a joke in my family...moms hands emit something...

    Rock - like Julie i sang out your opening..and felt so happy! i loved
    that you sent your mum those special postcards...every day...i miss
    expecting a nice airmail envelope or stiff card with handwritten uptodates
    from friends in family...there was something about holding an unopened
    letter from a dear one..and savouring what was in it..

    Julie - in yr next life you are going to be superwoman...Lord knows
    you hv enough practise at it, only you wont be tired then..I know
    having Grandpa over whilst he is still chair ridden must be such
    an extra burden..with Lindsey in her condition...maybe we should
    write to oprah or ellen to send you and Den on a month long vacation
    after the DDs and Gradnpa and everyone is settled down.

    Mikie - i needto give my counter tops and fridge a good clean..
    im glad to know you got a lot of stuff done..i wonder how working
    people manage! When i was working mum dad brothers used
    to take care of most things even laundry..

    these past few days ive been going to attend prayer ceremonies
    in the monastery an hours drive away in the hills, my cousin
    the monk is officiating. getting blessings is supposed to purify
    one and help one cross lifes obstacles. begins 7am and ends
    same time eve. but i go to reach around 1pm.

    ive been trying to take my family members. juggling
    their time. the first day we took a cab and 3 /4 of way
    it stopped in middle of nowhere. was not starting. i was
    anxious about missing the blessing part..after 5 mins
    i remembered to invoke angelic help and called upon
    Archangel Michael. And a white butterfly came
    fluttering by, (i was hopeful, but i see white butterflies
    a lot everywhere so wasnt sure it was an answer) :)
    and then immediately afterward another taxi came
    from opposite end and the driver happened to know
    our taxi driver and he stopped, even tho he had passengers,
    came over and helped look the problem over, the oil wasnt
    passing thru pipe or something, took about five mins,
    the cab started...yay! and we were off.

    Very grateful.

    Need to go off now. Take care all

    God Bless
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Was up shortly after 4:00 this morning. Simon was lying across the top step. I opened the door and told him I'd bring his breakfast out in a minute. I had to add a bit more food, some catnip and a few treats on the top. I also had to fill his water dish with fresh filtered water. When I went out, he was sitting up on the top step. Of course, as soon as I went out, he ran down to the landing until I came back inside. I always talk to him a bit because he seems to like the human contact even if he's too traumatized to let anyone too close.

    Granni, I know Best Buy carries the convertible laptops, including the Surface. If you want to be able to use Android apps, you should not buy a Surface. I've seen the convertibles very reasonably priced in the ads. The Surface is small, thin and very light. I like that. I also like it that the keyboard doubles as a cover and it keeps the screen from being scratched. If I just want to use it as a tablet, it snaps off. Both the keyboard and the charger stick to the tablet with magnets. I am getting more and more used to Windows 8.1. My DD told me she is too. It's just a change and now that I've found the desktop page, it's more like Windows 7. XP and Windows 7 always worked very well for me and it wouldn't be worth it to upgrade on an old computer. Only problem is that M/S no longer supports XP. DD does all her work on the PC and DSIL does all his on his iPad. I think it's just all one's personal preference. I still use this old Toshiba for most everything. I take my Kindle Fire to doc appts. because it has games on it or I can read. If all I needed were a laptop, I'd buy one of the HP laptops in the $200-$400 range. They are basic and reliable. Check with friends to see what they like, or don't like, about their computers.

    Springwater, I have a strong belief that if we see something, like a butterfly, feather, etc. while we are praying, it has meaning. I wish I could do more around here but this back pain is really bad. Guess I'll have to bit the bullet and see a doc. Only problem is that I don't know a back doc. Maybe I'll call my orthopedic surgeon for a referral. I don't think they do backs. Most back problems are seen at back or pain clinics. Most people I know have gotten very little help from all the tests, rehab, shots and surgery. It's almost as though that is worse than bearing up under the pain. I'm going to do some stretches, designed to help with sciatica, and see what happens. Today, after the condo mtg., I'm going to spread our mulch, only two bags, in our little stairwell atrium area. That shouldn't do me in but I may have to rest afterward. I would like to finish cleaning out my closet. Think I'll go to Target to see whether they have some sweater bags. I keep some cold weather clothing for when I visit CO in the winter and my sweaters are on the top shelf, gathering dust.

    We are not getting any rain and it's in the low 90's already. DD and DSIL in CO got snow. The dog was out burrowing into it. I hate having to have the A/C on all the time. It really dries out my skin and sinuses. On the other hand, with the Snowbirds gone, the roads are navigateable again and no long lines at restaurants. One can even drive to the beach without traffic jams. Snowbirds are like family; ya love to see them and ya love to see them go.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: you sound sooooo much like me....we both keep pushing, trying to ignore the back pains. You MUST stop all that gardening type work, stop moving anything, lifting, whatever, because you have to give your back a REST. Trust me.....been there so many times it ain't funny! Another suggestion I have is to wear your back it a rubber type against your skin or what? I have a neoprene one and then I apply a heated rice sock.......or a heating pad when lying down. The trick is MOIST heat on your back. It helps the healing much faster.

    Spring: Good to see you posting. Your life always sounds so interesting. A friend has been suggesting I call the electric co since she said we could be having power surges. Last summer we had the air conditioner company out at least 4 times because our unit keep blowing. They even put in a surge protector on the unit and then installed a new "button" on our old circuit breaker. That was around $250. I asked, well how much is a NEW circuit breaker and he said around $l,200 so I paid for one button. Anyway, the electric co. will be out tomorrow.

    It's up in the high 90s today and even higher tomorrow. Last week we were freezing. STRANGE weather all over the world.
  18. We had lots of thunderstorms yesterday and the power kept going off. Thankfully it dit did not stay off long. The storms brought unusually cool for May temps! I am enjoying every second of it as it will back to normal soon and we have no air conditioning.
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. It is supposed to be in the 90s here today. Doesn't feel that
    way to me. In any case it's a sunny day with a clear blue sky. I was going to say the
    sky was cerulean. Never have used that word. Anyhoo when I looked on line, the
    sample was too dark for what we have overhead today.

    Laura, used to have storms with thunder and lightening back in Minnesota, but we
    don't have that here in California. Almost never have rainbows either. Despite the
    song, rainbows are not "getting back in style". The power would go out now and then
    when I was a kid. My mother would get out the kerosene lamp if necessary.

    Sounds kinda primitive, huh? But kerosene lamps were high tech about 150 years ago.
    Kinda like news papers or video stores. Science and technology made them possible.
    Now science and technology are putting them outta business.

    Jam, just read the book "SuperFreakonomics". It has a whole chapter on global
    warming. Such a complex topic with evidence and studies that suggest widely different
    conclusions. One thing I remember is that the authors said that human activity
    only contributes slightly to greenhouse gases: 2 % or 6%. Something like that. Glad
    to hear you had a nice mom's day dinner with family.

    Julie, thanks for the report on Joan (which she pronounces Jo Anne). BTW, used to
    work in an office across the street from a JoAnn store. Their corporate management
    was in our building. Do you know yet when Gpa can have his casts removed?

    Mikie, it's been years since I read about a tens unit. They used to show up in medical
    reports and records regarding bad back cases. The reported results varied considerably.
    I always figured treatment should start off slow with a ones unit and work its way up
    the ladder.

    When I was a teenage cave guide, we sold lots of postcards. They came in two styles.
    The older linen finish which was slightly textured with a soft finish that looked a bit
    like a painting. The newer postcards were Kodachrome finish. Like a photo. Much
    more dramatic. I think they cost a nickel more; not sure about that anymore. But
    for a dime or so you could buy a postcard. What are they now? A buck? Do people
    even send them? I sometimes see really old one for sale priced at prices up to ten
    or 12 bucks. Well, you know how crazy collectors are. (Speaking as one who was
    once an avid collector of LP records. But I was only crazy in that I wanted a lot of
    them. I wouldn't pay crazy prices.)

    Well, have to come back and post more later. I think Gordon might want us to
    do some watering later. Right now he's busy in the kitchen. I think he's cooking

    Mikie and other connoisseurs of puns. Here's a bit of dialogue to ponder that I
    bumped into on the net.

    BOSS: I just found out I have cancer. I'm gonna have to slow down. Do you
    think you can work longer hours?

    EMPLOYEE: I can, Sir.


  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, if you SIL doesn't leave GPA's wound alone, it could get a resistant infection and that would be a horrible setback. I think this is one time someone needs to stop her. She is destructive in a physical way and in an emotional way. She's gone too far. When I worked in an ortho's office, we had a kid with a staph infection in a wound on his casted leg. It finally healed but if it hadn't, they were talking about amputating it. This is serious. Someone needs to shake some sense into this woman. I know you walk a tightrope between her and GPA but he needs to understand how serious this is and not to let her touch him. Good luck.

    Sunflower Girl, I have one more little task outside before I can stop. I have to spread two bags of mulch and then, I'm through out there. I do rest my back but am anxious to get back over to the pool because when I was doing that, my back was much, much better. I've done some research and it said inactivity was the worst thing. So, I figure I'll try to do what I can and rest my back at the same time. I do know that if I take a couple of days off and rest the back, it is worse. I think the new exercises are helping a lot. At some point, I'll probably just give in and see a specialist. AACK! Thanks for your help. BTW, I love that doorjamb stretch you mentioned. It has helped. I have a good back brace which Publix gives its employees. It helps to wear it.

    Rock, I'm a bit stymied with the pun. Is it that an hour is always 60 mins. and you can't work any longer within the hour or is it a sick joke in that the boss may be gone and the employee will be working a lot more? Sorry to be so dense. Tens units (tens is actually an acronym for something) use an electrical pulse to interrupt the pain signals from the brain/spine. I liked your joke about a ones unit. Some days, I think I need a twentys unit.

    I did manage to finish organizing my closet yesterday. I had done it not that long ago so it wasn't too much work. I have a little white wire shelf unit with white wire baskets on the shelves. I have my flip flops organized by color so I can easily find ones to match what I'm wearing. I have regular shoe shelves for my more substantial shoes. Now, everything is in its place. I had bought some sweater bags for my sweaters which are on the top shelf. I needed to get them covered to keep dust off of them. Y'all can imaging how often I wear sweaters down here. Organizing the shoes meant getting down on the floor to put them in small piles before putting them in the baskets. I found that I was more able to move with less pain than usual. Maybe the exercises are working. Hope so.

    We are supposed to be getting some rain coming across from the Atlantic and Caribbean from our first tropical wave of the season. Yesterday, it spit a little but nothing much. We need a soaker. I'd like to get the mulch spread before the rain starts today. After today, I need to take it easy so I can sit through the symphony on Sat. Don't know what I'll wear but it'll be something comfortable. HSN hasn't returned my damaged earrings so I doubt I'll have them in time. They are so dressy that I don't know when I'll have a chance to wear them again.

    Well, Dear Ones, I'll get going for now. It's only about 4:30. I hope everyone has a great day. Going to go check on Simon again. If he's not there, I'll just put his food out in case he shows up.

    Love, Mikie