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    Hi Kids

    Time for a new episode of everyone's favorite:
    a. situation comedy
    b. quiz show
    c. mystery playhouse.
    d. reality show.

    Take your choice. There will be no commercials. No one will be seated during the
    final 15 minutes. Don't touch that dial. Stick around and smile.

    From the Looking at the News Dept. Why would investors pay over 2 billion dollars
    for a restaurant chain (Red Lobster) that is not doing well? Apparently one needs a Master's Degree in Business to understand these things.

    A recent study shows that women who carry an extra 10 - 15 pounds live longer than
    the men who mention same.

    YOLO is short for carpe diem.

    Change is inevitable unless you are dealing with a vending machine.

    And a tip of the hat to fellow Minnesotan Bob Dylan. How many roads must a
    man travel down before he will stop and ask for directions?

    Hope everydobby is having the bestest day possible so far.

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    Rock - Thanks so much for getting u started, AGAIN !!! Sounds like you are in great spirits today. Did you find some extra NRG? If so please send it my way, huh !! I know others would also like a little bit more too - or a lot !!!! Thans for the trip down memory lane :)!!


    I just got finished putting parts of the house back together after the cleaning lady :)!! It went fast today as she brought her college age daughter who is out for the year, to help. Geez, it seems like they are ending earlier and earlier ! I know here in the SW it is much earlier that up north. We also stared school later like after Labor Day. Down here it is much earlier, in August sometime - mid or somewhere in the last 2 weeks of the month.

    Gotta run for now. My check back later.

    Hope everydobby has a great weekend . Hope others will stop by this weekend if they get the chance to

    Love to awl,
    .Granni :)
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    Totally new topic: computers. I am, to say the least, not computer-saavy. I can use email and surf the web and that's pretty much it. My computer is ancient, Windows Vista. I need to start using a Password Manager but don't want to install one until I can install it on my new laptop. I'm pretty certain I would not be able to transfer a Password Manager onto the new computer. In the meantime, I'm desperate for a nice simple password vault. It seems like I'm constantly losing my passwords and having to re-set them. Yeah, I know I should one place to store them all, but I'm super unorganized . So, can anyone recommend the equivalent
    of Password Vault For Dummies?
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    I'm going to enjoy all the games Rockgor proposes. My fave game show is Jeopardy. Once - just once - I knew the answer to a final jeopardy question that none of the contestants did. Reality show : Chopped. I'll watch it any time I can. I don't have a TV so I can't see the new ones. I even enjoy watching the old ones because, thanks to fibro and chemo, I never remember who wins!! When I go to the gym and use the Nu-Step I always set the channel to the Food Network. I think it's so funny - a middle aged obese woman who detests cooking likes almost all the foodie shows and watches them while she's exercising !
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    sorry i went and posted on closed porch..gonna delete that
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hi ninkindy..welcome,

    wow...ive never heard of MCS!!! and here i was thinking my life is challenging..
    with my heightened sensitivities to emotions, and energies in the air.

    Laura, Windy, Gb, so sorry..i can only imagine how difficult it is..
    i empathise with the anxiety about going out..esp to places with lots of

    when i attended the prayer ceremonies for four days, i got a few very
    sharp pains, in my thigh especially..among short fleeting aches, a couple
    of very vindictive feeling jabs, insistent and intense...took me a couple
    of minutes of praying, visualising electric violet light (pranic healing)
    to make it go away. but go away they did. i feel like whatever negativity
    was troubling me has sort of lost its steam somewhat, (Mikie will know
    what Im talking about) and will eventually go away altogether. yay!

    i was doung pretty well on energy, even after all that driving to monastery
    mood wise too but it took just two bouts of road rage directed at me by my
    DH to have me spiralling and bed bound.

    we were going to this temple we go every year, on Lord Buddhas birthday
    but this time the excruciatingly high temps made everyone decide to go
    in evening five pm and hence horrific traffic snarls which set my DH off.

    today i feel better though..ive accepted my DH and me are two diametrically
    opposite people in personalities, thinking, likes dislikes who hv come together
    to work out karma we created in our past even though its been
    a lot more bumpy than smooth, this ride together, we need to get to the end
    of it and complete the journey...he too has to deal with all the baggage i come
    with, including the CFS, depression..

    oh by the way, what is happening i saw i had 'liked' Grannis post, but truth
    is, although i dont just 'like' but 'adore' Granni and whatever she writes, i
    hv not touched that button..this computer truly is..weird.

    i watched SYTYCD...these kids participants are SO talented and most of them
    hv such lovely personalities...theyre specimens of what God intended for all
    of us to be, healthy, happy, joyful, hardworking.
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    Hi Ninkinidy

    Welcome to the board. Let me give you a quick tour. If you click on "Forums" at the top
    of the page, you can see the table of contents for the different boards. The porch, where
    "The Porchlight is On" is a thread with no topic. Folks just drop by and talk about what
    is going on with them. A good place to chat about kids, relatives, pets, TV shows, movies,
    books, old music, new recipes, pet peeves, etc.

    You can find the board rules at the top of the page (blue line). We avoid contentious
    topics like religion and politics. Click on "Shop" if you want info about supplements.
    "Supplement News" has reports about developments; research; etc. There is a tool bar
    at the top of box where you type messages. You can change the font, add color, etc.

    At the bottom of the page, right hand corner, you can see who else is on the board. You
    can do an instant chat after you have signed in. I am still learning about this feature.

    If you click on a poster's avatar, you can get some info and pull up posts from the past.

    If you want to participate in games, most of them are on the Homebound/Bedbound
    Board. They were generally started by GB66 and Soul and Diane whose user name
    was something like "Confused in PA". Diane hasn't been here for the past month or
    two. I don't think I started any games altho I generally jump right in when it comes
    to playing.

    What comes after "Nu-step"? Two-step. Sounds like something from Dr. Seuss. (I am
    so old I predate most of his books. Used to read them to my son decades ago.)

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring - Wish knew how to move your post Don't feel bad about it. I have done that quite a few times. nite nite

    Love Granni
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hmm im trying to chat with Rock but his chat box has disappeared, sorry Rock :(
    i dont know how to operate this thing!!!!!

    Granni - tks..
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Springwater

    I was trying to chat with you to tell you that I could move your post for you. I'm just too
    old for the modern world. Don't know how to operate this thing.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good early morning, everyone,

    Sorry I missed all the posts about chemical sensitivities on the tail end of the last Porch. I must have been posting when the subject came up. I also suffer from sensory overload, including smells and exposure to chemicals and fragrances. I cannot bear to be within 10 feet of those scented dryer sheets. Every now and then, Barb wears some kind of perfume which makes me sick. She has given up wearing Red Door, which is the worst. Problem is that, like so many women, she wore it for years and, eventually, couldn't smell it on herself so she just kept spraying on more. AACK!!! :confused: Every now and then, I'll get near some woman in the store whose perfume is so strong I can actually taste it. I get myself away quickly.

    Rock, I've always loved "Jeopardy." Sometimes, I'm on fire and can question a lot of the answers but if the contestants are on fire and question rapidly, I'm sunk. Questions--answers, I feel as though I'm in a parallel universe. I love the sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory." I used to work with some geeks who would fit right into that show. I'm almost ashamed to admit I do watch a few reality shows including, "Survivor," "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," and "Joan and Melissa." Those are for the times I just want mindless diversion. I usually watch them on On Demand when I need to escape stress, pain, life, etc.

    Granni, I never made it to the store. I'll try to go today but need to save my strength for the symphony tonight. Actually, I may wait until tomorrow when Target's new ad comes out. I already bought the red chair on sale so, if the other Target store has black, I can just exchange it. Don't know what I'll wear to the symphony but I'm thinking of my Slinky pants and a top. That way, I can reach around and turn on the TENS unit if I need to. All this rest has helped my hip and it gets better every day. Glad your cleaning ladies got through fast. I need to do my floors and bath but am waiting til after tonight. Might stir up my back and hip.

    Ninkinindy, looks as though you figured out how to make your posts stick. So glad you found us here on the Chit Chat board. This website has so much to offer. Our members are so kind and generous. I honestly don't know how I would have made it the last 14 years without them. I'm not organized. Not sure if it's by nature or because every time I try to get myself organized, I get sick or injured. In any case, I wrote down my passwords and keep the paper in the same place all the time. I update it when I change a P/W.

    Springwater, AACK! Traffic and road rage, two of my least favorite things. I hope you aren't too stressed. I always think of Buddhism as a peaceful way of life. I know you have the tools to reduce your pain and stress and my prayers are with you. I start at my root Chakra and clear the Chakra column until I get to the violet crown Chakra, I let the light wash down over my body. Because I use crystals and gems for healing and forecasting, I also picture pulling them from the Earth and up the column until they spill over and return to Earth. I place my hand where I have pain and rub with gentle circles to "draw out" the pain. It really seems to help me.

    Julie, as always, please find some time to rest. You do so much. As much work as you do, I envy having family around. I live down here by myself with all my family in GA and CO. If they were nearby, though, I doubt I'd have the NRG for them so this is probably the best. Their visits put me to bed for three days as it is.

    I'm going to get into the shower this morning, do my hair and makeup and get dressed. This evening, all I'll have to do is touch up the makeup and change clothes. I hate to just lie around another day but this evening is too important to me to have to sit through it in pain. It's Dvorzak's New World Symphony (I know I misspelled his name). Used to be a good speller but not anymore. Good thing grammar and spelling don't count here. :)

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikey

    The correct spelling of Dvorak's name is B e e t h o v e n.

    Sorry, Kids, just don't have enough pep to respond to your posts. Gotta get me some of that
    pepsin gum. Wonder if they still make that stuff.

  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I like the idea of imagining healing come down into your body where it's most needed. And I'm like you on most perfumes. I do wear Eternity and have for years. It agrees with me and quite a lot of people used to comment on how nice I smelled! That was when I was working. I live near a HS and some mornings when I walk early the kids are going to school. OMG OMG OMG.....the strong, overpowering smell from both guys and girls. I was thinking the other day that the teachers must be overwhelmed with what their classroom smells like.

    Spring: I ALSO can't stand to be on a crowded street where the traffic is snarled. I'm afraid that the worst comes out in me! Several times a few fridays ago I totally understand how road rage happens. A few rude men tried to cut me off or get REALLY close to my bumper and it was all I could do not to do something I shouldn't.

    Julie: Keep your camera handy.......that sounds so adorable with little Lorraine trying to help Gr Gpa. When I get highly stressed, I find it good to just start making lists. It seems that if I see things written down it's not quite as bad as swirling around in my head.

    Granni: I believe your DH is due for his eye surgery? And how wonderful that the cleaning went quickly.

    The cleaning situation isn't going good at our house. I don't like it when this cleaning lady tells me NO.....that she couldn't clean the mirror doors that I had originally told her I wanted done. So this morning another recommended lady is coming to give me a price on the cleaning. I can't fire one without hiring another one though since I cannot vacuum and with 2 cats shedding something awful it has to be done at least weekly ......I have asthma. I did find a thinning comb with a razor I used at least 30 years ago on my DHs hair......OMG it's working wonders on removing the underfur on the cats. But they're not happy so yesterday we trapped each cat in the hallway with all the doors closed!
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, thank you. Now, if only we could clone you into a spell checker...I was only off by one consonant but I knew it just didn't look right. Sorry that you're not up to posting more. Your posts are always interesting and entertaining. Feel better. :)

    Sunflower Girl, there are a lot of fragrances I can tolerates and some I even like. Barb is very considerate and only wears what I can tolerate now. Back in the 80's, when my kids were in HS, it was a trend for the boys to wear LOTS of aftershave or cologne. I remember the stench of Chaps emanating from them. AACK!!! :eek: Under certain circumstances, I can be affected by all the assaults to my senses. If I'm driving in busy traffic and there is a lot of lane switching going on in front of me, it puts me into a slight panic mode. Hope you find another cleaning person. I have asthma too and know what it's like. I had it a lot in CO but here in FL, the humidity keeps it in check most of the time. It was CO's thin, dry, dirty air in the Denver area which caused it to flare.

    I think resting all day yesterday and today was the right call. My back feels better and I'm sure I'll enjoy the symphony tonight. Barb and I sat out and had coffee on the Balcony. We had a cold front go through and it's dry and breezy today. A neighbor brought her adorable little dog up and had a cup with us. Tomorrow will be the day to clean everything off the Balcony so the painters can prep the handrails starting on Mon. Just got my ins. renewal on the condo and compared it with the neighbors--same co., same unit in same bldg. They had a year built surcharge (on bldgs. older than 20 yrs.) on her policy for $116. On mine, it was $190. I'm going to be looking for another ins. carrier. Either that or make a stink with this co. It's always something I have to deal with.

    I sent a damaged pair of earrings to HSN and instead of replacing them, as requested, they refunded my money. The C/S woman I spoke with was very nice and they are sending my earrings out. Unfortunately, it's too late to wear them tonight. Now, I'll just have to go someplace else to dress up a bit. I also had to call to have my colonoscopy prep info e-mailed to me. One can either get the info or buy the kit from this separate co. My doc's office used to either sell it or give me the info after my initial appt. It's $30 for the prep kit. Costco usually sells the prep products and I'm guessing they will be less than $30. Last time, the prep included Ducolax which I have on hand. I really don't mind the whole thing, including the prep. Guess I'll go check my e-mail to see whether they sent the info.

    Hope everyone else is having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  15. ninkinindy

    ninkinindy Member

    Sunflower - a friend of mine ho has heavy-coated dogs takes then outside every day and just lets the fur fly away. That's no an option for those of us with cats, however, is it?

    Mikie that you for the welcome and the info about using the board. As for learning how to reply to posts, sometimes I can do it quickly and sometimes I have to fiddle around. Isn't it just like us - forgetting something that we've done many times earlier.

    Re:MCS - I avoid the laundry/cleaning products aisles and also an area with gardening chemicals. I hang most clothing out of the balcony before I bring it into the house, whenever possible. I also wash clothing before I wear it to get some of the chemicals out of the fabric. That is pretty much exchanging one chemical for another. I ask my health care providers not to wear fragrances, especially optometrists. I knew they won't change their habits over one person asking, but if enough of us ask, that may get them to think about. A lot of medical offices now have a policy about no perfumes/colognes.

    About storing my passwords, it's a matter of discipline, or rather lack of discipline. I guess it's "too much trouble" to keep one notebook, write them down or change them, hide that notebook when I turn my computer off, and then retrieving it the next time I boot Izzy up. As I actually write this down, it sounds ludicrous. But I want a password vault anyway.

    To everyone: I've tried FB for about 6 months. It doesn't work for me. I don't post often but when I do one one responds. I hope that over time here I'll get to know people on a more personal level, and there will be some actual interaction with (mostly) women who a warm and funny. My fingers are crossed.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    Sorry but I haven't sat down long enough to think about welcoming you properly. Not sure if I did or not so I am dong it now. Yes, this is a great board with lots of great people . It also has lots of if of wonderful info and sups to help you to, if you need that. What is good also that you don't need to post to everyone every day or every time you post. Lately I haven't been so great myself. You can vent or just listen to others. As you can see we all talk about whatever we want and maybe what is on our minds at the moment, and with or bodies.

    I just got back from good old Wal Mart and getting some food along with a few things I was looking for the bathroom vanity. DH had a broken glass and a soap pump that no longer worked. I founds some things that will work but was hoping for something that had a touch of pink in it. Couldn't find exactly what I wanted but it will work. After walking around WM I am pooped. So, as JULIE said this is my rest or at least part of it.

    So glad to see another another new Porchie here and hope you will love it as we do and stay, at least on the Pro Health board and find what is comfortable for you.

    Mikie- Enjoy your concert. It sounds wonderful to me. That is a great score. I think his name is spelled Dvorak but it isn't pronounced that way. He is or was Czech as my mother was. Hoping your pain continues to go away little by little and then just disappears :)! Wouldn't that be great? I can't imagine life without pain all the time -yuck !

    Julie - Hope you have a great weekend. I am just exhausted thinking about all you are doing and planning on doing,, even if you are still a youngster :)!! That was too cute about Lorraine HELPING grandpa walk - precious. Nothing exciting happening here just getting ready, as ready we can for DH's first cataract surgery next Wed. I start his antibiotic drops 3 days before his surgery 3x a day and the day of surgery 2 other drips 3 x a day. That should be interesting as it has been so long since I have done so and DH has a terrible reflex when anything gets close to his eyes. These bottles are so tiny and are supposed to last for both surgeries. Two of the drops are for 30 days 3x a day. I am tired just thinking of all that. They are also not cheap !! Hope we don't waste any.

    Rock - Hope you get to feeling better soon. Sorry to hear you were in a funk or whatever you call it. I kow that is not fun.

    Hi to Sun, Dar, , Diane, SW, Jam and everyone else I may have forgotten to mention.

    Enjoy your weekend and I may try and get back later. BTW, DS is on that awful journey again today sometime soon in KLP. Hope he gets home safe and sound. Don't think I could make 14 hours on one leg and 7 1/2 hours on the other leg or visa versa.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: As I recall the kids gets the terrible twos, then closer to 3 they're so good, then approaching 4 it's bad again, so I guess it's every other year that they "test" their parents....or grandparents. My GD is 6 also and even gets a bit mouthy to me and I have to set her straight.

    Well, the possible housecleaner that came yesterday put me in a terrible funk! She came into the house with a scowl on her face, and there it stayed the entire time I walked her thru the house. My house is NOT dirty, there was a little bit of dust here and there but she told me it would take her TWO days to get my house cleaning, working all day. There is no way I would hire her but honestly I felt like I was living in a dirty hovel. I had even put away unnecessary dust collectors. And the best part NOT is that she would charge me $500 for a deep cleaning and $l80 each week after that. I don't have $ like that to start with but her whole entire demeanor was a downer to me. Another recommended one can't even come to look for at least a month, so I'm going to have to stay with the one woman who charges me $80 to vacuum, change my DH's sheets, and clean up his bathroom.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Ninkinindy, so glad you are able to post. I know how hard it is to use a new format until it becomes second nature. What I've found, though, is that with my pea brain, nothing becomes second nature. Did y'all know that Jack Daniels (of whiskey fame) once forgot the combination to his safe that he had been using every day for years? He got so frustrated that he kicked the steel safe, breaking his toe. He eventually developed gangrene and died of it six years later. That is why the label on Jack Daniels is black. Even when I'm watching mindless TV, I can't help but learn something new. I have to write down my passwords, especially if I have changed any, or I'd never remember them.

    Granni, the date for surgery draws near. I also have a strong blink reflex and had to overcome it to wear my contacts. Yes, Dvorak was Czech. Eastern European names throw me for a loop. The music was exquisite. I managed to sit through it without much pain. My resting paid off. I pray DH's surgery goes well. I thought when I got rid of my FMS pain, I was home free--NOT! :mad: This situation with my back is just like every other old person I know. We just wear out after decades. I will see a doc if I can't handle it myself as I'm sure there are things which can be done.

    Julie, I'm not surprised that you are tired. Dear one, please, rest and take good care of yourself. I know you love to give of yourself but if you get too exhausted, you won't be able to help them. Lots of people who love you and depend on you.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry you had to put up with that horrid cleaning woman. Geez, does anyone hire such a grump? My condo needs a cleaning but I've been resting up before the concert. This morning, Barb and I had to remove everything from the Balcony and I had to lift the heavy flower boxes to remove them from the railing. Barb has a back which is worse than mine plus two hip replacements. She tried to carry things down the stairs but couldn't. We got it all done. I pruned a big plant which had some brown leaves on it and which would have been in the painters' way. Then, I pruned our two bromiliads. The flowers had died as had the outside leaves. I've been told that once the dead stuff is removed, the new little plants inside will produce flowers. If there are more than one, they can be separated. I was in pain so didn't bother to do any more than necessary. I did dig up a small Tai plant for a neighbor to pick up in the morning. The dark red Tais lend such a beautiful spot of color against the variegated arbicolas (sheflearas). I came inside and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up feeling so much better and my pain is much better too.

    I just used my remote control to order some Adrienne Arpel vitamin C skin products. In Dec. and May, she offers double kits for about 1/4 of what it would all cost if bought separately. What I paid for all I got is less than what a comparable jar, one jar, of product at the dept. store. She always throws in some kind of bag, usually a tote bag which is so ugly I end up giving them to Goodwill. This time, the bag looks really nice. It's a canvas tote which almost looks like a Gucci bag. Woo Hoo! :D It was sooooooo easy to order using the remote that I can't believe it. We just got this ability. QVC doesn't have it yet but I use HSN most of the time. Diane, I think of you when I shop there, especially when I buy Adrienne's products. I hope you are OK. Check in with us when you can. We miss you.

    Last night was wonderful. There was one piece of music to start and I wasn't crazy about it but this orchestra maestro wants to introduce the audience to pieces we wouldn't ordinarily hear. Well, each time, I know why these pieces aren't popular. I can do without them. The second piece, Cello Concerto in A Minor, featured a world-class cellist, Christine Lamprea, who was amazing. This piece of music is so difficult that even this musician had to refine her technique in order to learn it. The first movement was too technical and almost irritating but the second and third movements were beautiful.

    After intermission, we got to hear Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 In E Minor, "From The New World." I never get tired of it. The second movement is hauntingly beautiful. It is almost as though we are introduced into a peaceful new world through the music. I hope I haven't bored anyone. Many people don't care about this kind of music. For those who do, it's readily apparent that I am not knowledgeable about music but the beauty is that one needn't be that knowledgeable; one only needs to love the music.

    Maybe now, I can clean my condo but the painters will be making a mess just outside my door so I don't know how much good it will do. My lanai will not get cleaned until the painting is done. It looks like a greenhouse. All the outdoor plants, like the flowerboxes, are in front of one side of our bldg., away from the railings. My UFO pepper plant is up to my neck and is flowering but I don't see any peppers yet. It's a beautiful plant in its own right.

    Rock, my friend, I hope you are feeling better. The Porch just isn't the same without you.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - That cleaning woman sounded like something else - what a grouch !! Who needs someone like that plus she surely did charge an awful lot. Forget her. That was some price she was asking and I am sure that your house is not that bad !! Hope you find someone to your liking. Did you say $80 to clean a bathroom, remake his bed and something else, I forget what it was. That also sounds like a bit much but a lot better then that other grumpy puss person. Good luck in your search !!!

    Mikie - Geez, you surely are a busy one and hope you don't wear yourself out again moving plants and such. Glad that you enjoyed your concert last night. That is beautiful music and I am sure you enjoyed it.

    Yes, tomorrow I start the drops but not to bad yet. Just one drop of antibiotic 3x a day for 10 days. The day of surgery I add two more and each eye says 30 days - groan !! Not sure if they waver on any of the others timing wise. One is for pain I think and I forget the other. It has been awhile since I looked at the information.

    Yes, I miss DIANE too and hope she comes back soon. She did lots of fun stuff on the boards and lots of peeps like the games and I just like her cute personality. Plus she is such a caring person and tries to reach out to people. She also was and still is a good cook !! I take help wherever I an get it :) !!

    Rock - Hope you are feeling better soon too. Yes, there are lots of people here that I would miss if they left as well as those who have been gone for some time.

    Julie - Hope you can get a break somewhere some time soon before you collapse kiddo. Sorry for Lindsay and hope she starts to feel a little better soon. She has had such rough times with her pregnancies.

    Spring Water- Was just thinking of you too and hope you can post soon and are able to get your amt. of electricity to post along with having the time and NRG to post.

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit. I have been so bad with getting to the Porch lately and when I get there I either don't have the time or NRG to post much. Hope the surgeries don't interrupt anything much. Most peeps who have had it say it is a breeze except for all the drops.

    Thinking of everyone !! Will try and pop in tomorrow. Hope to get to Line Dancing tomorrow- we will see !! Haven't been there in some time plus the teacher was sick one week that I was going to go and she was gone a few weeks too. Hope I remember the steps :)!!

    Lots of love,
    Granni :)
  20. Checking in......I have been in a bad way since neighbor sprayed weed killer on his pasture last Thursday ..I feel like it has really set me backwards.