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    Rosin on the bow and here we go!

    "Swing the other gal; swing her sweet!
    Paw dirt, Doggies, stomp your feet."

    "Ladies in the center. Gents round 'em run.
    Swing your rope, Cowboys, and get you one."

    "Swing and March; first couple lead.
    Clear round the hall and then stampede."

    Authentic square dance calls from a dance held at Fort Hays, Kansas. From the book
    "Pioneer Women: Voices From the Kansas Frontier."
    The dance took place sometime between the end of the Civil War and 1889 when
    the fort was closed.

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    Hey, Julie, That's exactly what I was trying to post. They don't make a very neat
    border, do they. Kinda scraggly lookin'. Thanks for the assist. Hope you guys
    have a wonderful trip.

    Jam, we learned in grade school that a civil war was fought between citizens of the
    same country. There was no discussion of the contrary meaning of civil as "polite".
    I don't know, but suspect that civil and civic have a similar derivation
    meaning having to do with citizenship, community affairs, matters pertaining
    to the city, etc. Civil engineers build stuff you find in cities (buildings, bridges,
    roads) that benefit the citizens.

    When I looked up Civil Wars the sites that came up all dealt with our Civil War or
    England's Civil War in the 17th century that led to the execution of King Charles. Or
    is that more response that you wanted. Ha Ha!

    Just fed the feral cat. She had an earlier meal 6 hours ago. Saw a possum in the
    backyard a couple nights ago. It scurried away as soon as it heard me open the
    door. I wonder where they spend their days.

    I see Mikie is here now too. Probably creating one of her wonderful Warren Peace

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just changed the title of #721 to Closed and posted at the end please to not post any more there but to come here. I did read the last couple of posts I hadn't seen before. I'm having a problem typing because I have always crossed my legs. Actually, in HS typing class they told us to keep our feet on the floor and never to cross them as it caused typos. Well, my feet are flat on the floor and I'm still making typos one after another. My "new" way of walking, sitting and going up and down stairs forbids crossing my legs. AACK!!!

    I can't remember whether I posted about my PT or not yesterday. I came home exhausted and slept most of the day. I did two sets of my exercise which I was shown as homework. I am sooooo excited that the sciatica is from periformis syndrome (one side of my pelvis bone sits quite a bit higher than the other. This puts strain on the muscles which pinch the nerve. There was manipulation and exercises. Stretching is at my discretion because it only relives the symptom of pain and does nothing to help the underlying cause. I will have to do these exercises to retrain the muscles and, hopefully, get them to stop pinching me. Of the three main causes of sciatica, this is the best kind to have because it can be fixed without surgery. I cancelled my lumbar MRI because the sciatica isn't coming from the spine. The spinal x-ray looked good. If this PT doesn't fix the problem, I'll reschedule the MRI.

    Simon was here again, waiting for his breakfast. Barb often wakes at 3:30 a.m. too and she looks through her sheer curtain. Simon is usually there. It's the only time she sees him as he's gone by the time it's light out. He's like a little ghost. He still looks thin to me. I put the catnip and treats in with his food. The catnip falls through to the bottom of the bowl and the little scamp will burrow down to get to it. At least, the catnip and treats entice him to eat. He's probably high when he leaves here and goes to his lair to sleep it off. At least, those who suffer from Reefer Madness haven't made catnip illegal. Medical Marijuana is on the ballot for Nov. It's now legal for a doc to prescribe it for medical reasons but if this passes, it will become easier for patients to procure it from a reliable source. I hope this is a step toward making it legal for recreational use. I also hope CO doesn't screw up and make it impossible for other states to get it. It's so much safer for people to get their Mary Jane from a regulated retail outlet which gets it from regulated growers. The taxes on it help the state and keep our taxes down.

    Springwater, that is amazing about the angels telling us to write down our prayers and put them in a God box. Our old birdhouse/prayer box had angel wings on it and it was inscribed, "God Answers Prayers." The squirrel ate the corner off the box. I couldn't find another angel type of birdhouse but I found a lovely one decorated with a little ceramic bird. It's cream colored with a little orange and green on it. It looks lovely hanging in our cassia tree, which, BTW, is recovering from the fungus and is leafing out all over. Guess my pruning did something to let it know it is loved. Our prayers continue to be answered in amazing ways so I guess the angels are right. It just seems to me that if one prays, writes the prayer down, and makes some offerings, good things happen. I also light candles. In olden days, it was thought that the smoke from the candles took prayers up to Heaven.

    Rock, I laughed at the line, "Paw dirt, doggies, stomp your feet." If you have never seen the animated movie, "Puss 'n Boots," it's well worth watching. The new animated movies have many levels of humor and there are always things for adults. The animation is beautiful. Puss' voice is done by Antonio Bandaras (brrrrrrrr! yummy, but I digress...) Puss has a dance-off with another kittie, a female, and the cats do the litterbox dance. It's hilarious. Andy laughed and laughed at it. I have the Wii Puss 'n Boots game and should play it. I'm soooooo bad at these games.

    Julie, again, I hope you have a wonderful trip. Praying for a good one for you.

    Granni, I've always loved that song from The Sound of Music. What a great song to do when you go out and sing for others. I've enjoyed reading about everyone's favorite things in the game post.

    Well, gotta go take my shower to get ready for my 8:00 PT appt. I'm in pain today from being worked on but I suppose that's normal. Maybe before the male PT tech I'm seeing today starts, he'll put a nice moist warm pack on my back to soften me up a bit.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hey, Rock, you early bird! I hafta go or we could chat.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock - Thanks for starting s up with square dance call. You must have more NRG !! Hope so.

    Wow, MIKIE another W and P post. Can't stay on cause DH will be back soon from the bank.

    Julie - We will miss you but please have FUN and try and relax for a change !!!! Will try and get back later.

    Love to AWL ,
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    Hi everyone: Been busy here, but reading.

    Julie: I hope you have a wonderful, fun time with Amy and Keira and your visiting. I'm sorry though you have to travel in pain. Thanks to Mikie and all her talk about the Icy Hot tens unit, I bought one and though you can't put it on your neck I do use it on my shoulders and it REALLY helps. I believe most of my neck pains come from muscle problems in my shoulders. Sound like you?

    So sweet/sad that Gpa feels happier at your home than his own. I think he's telling you he would really like to be back with you two.

    Mikie: what type of exercises did the PT give you for your sciatic/bursa? I'm most interested and I hope you get quick relief from the treatments. My DH has a PT appt. on thursday. I told him probably just consultation but then again she might show him a few things to do. He's VERY stubborn listening to's made for a very stressful life. I've showed him some things he can do to strengthen his knee and legs. Yesterday I remarked that he wasn't limping as badly!!!!!!!

    Spring: Mourning takes time but eventually the emptiness fills with other people and it doesn't hurt as much. And who is the other person you mentioned?

    Granni: I sure wish I could do some line dancing! Great exercise! Not only for the body but for the brain since you have to THINK.

    Rock: That pic. of the orangy red plants is beautiful. What color did Gordon get and I'm assuming it was for a border? My SIL bought a ton of yellow ones for several areas around the house. They're soooo tall....about 3' and gorgeous. I've tried one plant but I lost it.....guess it needed some water! I might try some again since I believe they should have a good selection in the garden section. I try to conserve water but I forget that every plant needs, even if it's drought tolerant.

    My new cleaning lady started yesterday......5 hrs.......a little longer than she expected since my house needed a good going over. I've always hated cleaning! I AM going to buy a swiffer for dusting today at target though. It sure looks like a breeze. And 5 hrs. here meant I HADto keep going I tried to make sense in the garage. We've also got one kitchen cab. door that has turned very very messy so I worked on slightly stripping and sanding it. I did our kitchen cabinets about 15 years ago.......a white/beige distressed look......but I think this door right next to the sink was getting water splashed on it and turned gooey. I'm just trying hard to keep up this house because down the road it will be sold.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Geez, Granni, my last post was only one sentence!

    Rock, sorry, I forgot to answer your question about knife sanitizers. Rinsing, or even washing, knives after each use doesn't get the germs off of them, especially when cutting raw meat. My sanitizer is a metal box about the size of a large book. It stands on end. Across the top, are slots for scissors and various sizes of knives. You can just rinse a knife off and put it in its slot wet (I always dry mine first) and turn on the sanitizer. A fan blows the knives dry and a UV light sanitizes them. I had e-Coli a few years back and I still wash my knives well unless I've just used it to cut a lemon which was washed. The sanitizer will run off and on all day or you can put it in manual mode so it cleans the knives instantly. I only use it in the manual mode. Wood knife blocks are germy. A better way is to either use a sanitizer or put up one of those magnetic strips the knives stick to.

    Sunfower Girl, the first exam yesterday was an evan and manipulations to force my pelvis and hips into alignment. She had me do an exercise in which I lie on the floor with my legs bent, feet flat. I hold a small ball between my knees and I hold onto an elastic strip which is tied to the doorknob. I take a deep breath, clench my glutes, squeeze the ball between my knees while pulling the elastic band down next to my bod. The same stretches for my hip are what I'm to continue doing. They want me to strengthen my leg muscles because they have been so abused by my misalignment in my hips. My hips evidently sit high in the back and one side sits higher (the side which hurts. Today, all I got was deep massage which was very painful but painful in a kinda good way because I knew it was loosening up my tense muscles and facia. It's like myofacial release. I've done the same thing with my thumb on the tender points; it can also be done by lying on a tennis ball. I didn't have PT following my knee surgery. Exercises for the knees are likely to vary from those I'm doing. I also do situps to keep my core strong so it's supporting my back. People with big bellies (not me ) have a problem because those bellies pull the spine forward. I hope the PT helps DH. If it hurts worse afterward, it's normal. It can take a while for the PT to work and the exercises to help too. Good luck.

    My hip and back feel better this time. I think the massage was really good. I need to keep up the ball exercise but, right now, I'm famished, so will go eat..

    Love to everyone.

  8. Granniluvsu

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    Mikie - There aren't many of those posts- one sentence and that was NOT the one I meant :)!! LOL Hope you feel better soon after all this PT.

    Sun - How is your DH doing with his new med and his PT? Hope they are helping him. I don't think OI can get into my other program , so I have to keep going back over what I have already written. What a pain and it takes forever to write a sentence.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK. I forgot what you spoke about before. You have so much to deal with,. Just those electricity black outs would driving me nuts and the heat :)!! aaack !

    More later.

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    Hi all,

    Catchy opening Rock!

    That is a beautiful plant Julie. I see why Rock liked it. Would love to have that in my flower bed.

    Sun, hoping your "empty spot" becomes filled with so much love that your heart grieves no more but simply cherishes the memories. Praying that DH's P.T. is going well.

    Mikie, Ouchie! Poor hip. Hope you gain ground and it begins to continue to feel better.

    Granni, keep on truckin'.

    Long day at work. Long workweek this week to come. Aches and pains abound. Snooze time.

    To all mentioned and those not mentioned, but always thought of, A peaceful night and sunny tomorrow.


  10. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, in my defense, the "W&P" you were actually referring to was mostly answering questions from Rock and Sunflower Girl. I gotta give the people what they want. :rolleyes: bTW, thanks for your good wishes for my PT and back.

    Dar, so good to see you here. Thank you too for your good wishes. From your lips to God's ear! :)

    I'm still sore from all the elbowing in my myofacial tender/trigger points. OWIE!!! o_O Got up with a very sore back and glut. I hate the word, buttox, so will use glut instead. Butt and ass seem inappropriate too. I would hate to ever seem inappropriate. :rolleyes: Today, I'll do my exercises at least three times. I have to get my muscles up to taking the stress off the piriform and into my legs. Funny thing--I'm a lot more agile than my ortho doc and the male PT tech. I wonder whether men, in general, don't do stretching exercises like we womenfolk do. Both men were amazed at my agility (tacitly, they meant, "for a woman my age :) I've always stretched, ever since my first PT for FMS 14 years ago. I have to be able to paint my toenails because I have a morbid fear of nail salons. Seen too many segments on TV news about women who went to what appeared to be really clean salons and got bacterial infections which deformed their legs. AACK!!! :eek:

    We now have a flesh-eating bacterium in our river, the estuary and the Gulf of Mexico. Two dogs got sick after being on the beach and several women got really sick. They test for the presence of the bacterium but it can be in the water before the tests are run and it seems to come and go. Before the Army Crop of Engineers (in their infinite wisdom--NOT!) decided to straighten our river to bypass the oxbows, our river was clear with a sandy bottom. The oxbows cleaned out the debris and fertilizer from upriver sugar cane farms. Now, it just empties into the Gulf. The river is an ugly brown and the delicate salinity area is unstable. Water is released from Lake Okachobee in the summertime because, like in New Orleans, the dirt dikes the Army Corp of Engineers built won't hold the water back. They desperately need to be replaced. The Gulf is a sewer. I don't go to the beach anymore and won't go in the water for anything. We are now spending millions on replenishing the Everglades because the govt. has interfered in Mother Nature's plan. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature! :oops:

    Taking Barb to the airport today at 3:00. I love her but will be glad to get away from all her anger and arguing for a while. Aah, a peaceful Balcony, at last. :)

    OK, Granni, now you can call me out for a "W&P" post. This one fits the criteria. :D

    Sending my love to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Grief! Where are our Porchies. It's been almost 10 hrs. since I was here this morning. I got my garbage down to the dumpster with the recyclables and got my mail. I also came home and paid bills online. So glad to be caught up. I'm doing small jobs around here, like laundry, but my bum is screaming in pain. The PT seems to be making it worse. I hope it's one of those things which gets worse before it gets better. If not, I'll never be able to do anything ever again. Might as well be bedridden again. Whine, whine, whine! :mad:

    Gotta take Barb to the airport at 3:00 and can't wait to go and get back home and go to bed. I've done one set of exercises and will only get one more done today. I did get some clutter picked up and descaled my K-cup coffeemaker. I tried to do it on my steamer but it didn't work. I need to find the manual to see what else I can do.

    So, Porchies, no "W&P" here. Nuttin' to write about.

    Love, Mikie
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: sorry about the pain.......if it continues be sure to tell the PT.....he might be overdoing it. That's why I had to quit PT for my neck.......the traction didn't seem to be helping much.......and I got so I brought an ice pack to wear on my neck on the ride home. Not every PT person has "that magic touch"......I found that out when my regular one went on vacation and the fill in really messed me up.

    I slept in until 7:30......unheard of for me because I drag myself out by 6:00 or a bit later. I've finished the sanding on my kitchen cabinet door, done two loads of laundry, vacuumed the ceramic floors (I can do this with a lightweight vacuum) blown the leaves off the back patio, just finished my second breakfast and think I'll go meditate in my private corner in my garden. I'm sooooo tired today and my neck tremors seem to be worse today than usual so I fight that "off kilter" feeling. I don't allow myself a nap until around l PM.......I should have been in the army!!!!!
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    Hi Kids

    We just got back from the bank, market, library, hardware store and post office.
    Back in the Old West one building might perform most or all of those functions. I
    remember a gas station in a northern Minnesota hamlet back in the 60s that
    also sold snacks and provided a library. Help yourself to a paperback, bring it
    back, donate your own, etc.

    Am reading a book set in and around a village in N. MN named Aurora. Turns out
    there really is such a place. It's in a tall county bounded by Canada on the north and
    Lake Superior on the south.

    Am also reading a book by Gelett Burgess, American humorist, who was born shortly
    after our Civil War and died when I was in grade school. His most famous work was
    a short verse that he published in his own newsletter.

    The Purple Cow's Projected Feast
    Refelctions on a Mythic Beast,
    Who's quite Remarkable, at least.

    I never saw a purple cow,
    I never hope to see one.
    But I can tell you, anyhow,
    I'd rather see than be one.

    Some time later he wrote:

    Ah, yes, I wrote "The Purple Cow".
    I'm sorry now I wrote it.
    But I can tell you, anyhow,
    I'll kill you if you quote it.

    Sunflower, I think the kangaroo plants Gordon bought have red flowers. I suppose
    we can't be really sure until they bloom. No idea when that will be. Do you like
    your ceramic floor? Easy to clean? Hard on the feet? One always hears it's hard
    on the feet to work on concrete floors.

    Mikie, I had the intent of posting and e mailing my brother the forest ranger, but
    the machine no workee. I could depress the keys, but no letters appeared on the screen.
    Gordon fixed the problem with his all purpose solution. "Turn it off and wait awhile."
    Too bad we can't fix more things that way.

    I put out an old towel for the little cat to sleep on. After a couple nights she tried it
    and now she likes it. Hard to do much for her. Like so many wild cats she's just
    too fearful.

    Dar, glad you found the opening square dance catchy. The book on Kansas pioneer
    women was a 4 generation project. The compiler's great grand ma was a pioneer
    who eventually became the first woman attorney in Kansas. She started a project to
    collect journals and diaries and memories from pioneer woman. Eventually about 800
    women contributed. For many years the papers were read and organized, but it wasn't
    until the author got them ready for publication in 1981 that the book was finally

    Here's one story about a wedding. It was held in a sod hut. The only furniture was
    2 broken chairs and a couple barrels. The young couple were hidden behind a sheet
    in the corner. Apparently etiquette dictated they should not appear until the ceremony

    After the ceremony, the groom asked the justice of the peace if payment of his fee
    in potatoes would suffice. It did.

    Refreshments were served: "coffee" made with dried carrots, sauce made with
    wild plums, fried pork and bread and butter.

    The groom was Daniel Anthony who later became a wealthy publisher of several
    newspapers. In 1875 he was shot in the Leavenworth Opera House. He was not
    expected to live, and his sister Sue came from the East to visit him. But
    Daniel recovered. His son became a Congressman.

    But sister Sue was even more famous than her brother or her nephew. She
    became the first woman to have her image on an American coin. She was
    the abolitionist and suffragette Susan B. Anthony.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids, glad I'm not alone on the Porch. I'm on the tablet so it's sloooow going. It's one finger typing.

    Sunflower Girl, sorry 'bout your neck. Hope it's better.

    Rock, I love my ceramic tile floor. After I run my floor machine on it, it sparkles.

    I'm gonna go. This is just too slow and frustrating.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Geez, sorry wasn't on here today or at least I don't think so. I think I peeked in this morning but had to leave early when someone picked me u and then had to go pick up someone else or our ladies luncheon. I was afraid I would get started on a W and P post and not be able to finish. I never learned how to post and save someplace. Had to et dressed , do my hair and put o makeup - ugh If I m home and not going anywhere I usually don't do makeup, maybe lipstick if I am going to run to he store. Some people have to do their eyes and whole face just sticking their nose out of the door. Of course people who work in a store or office, etc. might feel they have do that along with the whole regime thing.

    It poured this morning before we left and I brought my umbrella and so of course it didn't rain any more all day. The luncheon we had was good and we all sang and then got the ladies to sing too. It was also an interesting program with a doctor/lecturer who gave an interesting talk on aging and , how you can at least try and keep young along with how important socialization and god mental attitude is for body.

    This evening we had pizza, I shouldn't have eaten any but I did as that s a food group, you know :)!!, at least for me it is. After eating it I feel in the very front of my teeth like there is something caught there. I have tried everything to try and remove it. Now I am not sure if it something caught in the or a very small chip or broken tooth. It is in my bottom teeth towards thee very front. Luckily Monday we go for or periocleaning. So they can see what it is. Hope it doesn't cost much to fix. We have enough medical bills already. it seems rather small but who knows. All I know is that it is very annoying - grrr !!

    Not gong to talk to everyone separately tonight. Hope everyone feeling badly feels much better tomorrow.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello porchies one n all

    lots of nice interesting things going on with you all, i had my early morning treat sitting on my
    couch by the window and sipping me tea and catching up...

    great way to start a day

    Sun - you hv been so pro active!! all that glad you also had the cleaning lady in..
    i love distressed wood look...funnily i feel they are more 'elegant' than shiny new furniture!

    oh, Hobbes was my sweet golden retriever/lab mix who went to his long home last year..
    it was a particularly gut wrenching time for me and son...he was the sweetest, most dopey
    mild tempered pooch ever with a small head and huge bottom...daughter called him Hobulus
    Bigbottom..we had to put him down..wasnt that old either...bout nine years? tumours.
    funnily, sometimes, i think he visits, i felt a distinct push against my thigh with what felt
    like Hobbes big butt, once and another time...and when i turned around nothing was there,
    but there was no 'negative' feeling about it...and then i was looking up angel cards, and
    it said i have my 'power animal' looking out for me, which could be one of my former
    pets or entirely another.

    Granni - great to hear you enjoyed yr day out and the line its raining in spurts
    and fits there...after a couple of heavy showers, we are getting measly amounts of rain with
    a lot of moist wind

    Rock - the name Aurora immediately rang a bell for me..ive read about his place somewhere
    but not the book you mentioned...what a lot of places to visit for you and Gordon in one
    day!! certainly had more energy than me that day..i kind of ration places
    i go to so i dont get drained...i havent read about the place where those scientists took
    pictures of the sky with meteors in guessing its a remote remote area where
    only intrepid foreigners dare to go, we locals fear to tread into the more utilities
    challenged places of oyr country, struggling with erratic power n water is enough.

    Mikie - grr, its about time your body started behaving glad Barb has left
    for the moment...since she was getting on yr nerves...i pray healing comes in sooner
    than later and you can resume your everyday life without having aches n pains..

    Julie - hv fun on yr trip n try and update us, we will miss you so much if you dont
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Sunflower Girl, how is your neck feeling today? Meditating in a garden sounds wonderful. I hope you are better. From what you've posted, I'll bet your garden is beautiful. Send some pics if you can. Until this back gets straightened out, no pun intended, I'm afraid I'm not doing anything in ours.

    Granni, I'm laughing at your wondering whether you were here or not. Geez! That sounds like me. Time has been going by like a blur and I can't tell you what has happened. I only know I go to PT and come home and hurt like the dickens. :mad: I'm also laughing at pizza's being a food group. Don't forget chocolate and ice cream. I don't know where they fall on the food pyramid but they must have their own section. You typed, "It was also an interesting program with a doctor/lecturer who gave an interesting talk on aging and , how you can at least try and keep young along with how important socialization and god mental attitude is for body." I know it was a typo and I know what you meant to say but I believe what you typed is even better. We should all have a God mental attitude.

    Rock, people often forget about the most technical thing we can do--turn it off and back on again. :D No kidding, though, it often works when nothing else does. Many laptops have a little hole on the bottom of them. It is a reset button up inside the machine. If you stick a straightened out paper clip in the hole, it will reset the computer. Of course, if it's not labeled, reset, don't stick anything in it. :) Another way to reset a computer is to completely remove the battery, put it back in and restart the computer. I got rid of the "FBI virus" that way. They thought they had my computer locked up but once I restarted it in safe mode, I reset it back to a date before it got infected, using Restore on my computer panel. Sounds more complex than it is. Rock, there is an Aurora, IL and, of course, the infamous Aurora, CO where the theater shooting took place. I love the word, Aurora, because I've always been fascinated by the Aurora Borrialis (oh why don't we have spell check here. All we get is a jagged red line under our typos). I, for one, don't want to go look words up. Y'all know what I mean anyway.

    Springwater, our family has been visited by our beloved pets after they go Home. When Andy was still in a highchair, he pointed to one spot on the floor and said, "Doggie." Then, he pointed to another spot next to that and said, "Doggie," again. DD had just lost her two beloved orange chow chows. After my beloved dog died, my elderly cat would go crazy every now and then, looking up and running all over the condo. A psychic told me that my dog, Taffy, visited me and my cat often and that I could tell when she was there because it excited my cat. This old dog and old cat had become best friends, living their days out lying side by side in the sun out in the yard when I still lived in my house. After the last chow died, I felt her jump up on the bed when I was visiting DD. I felt her pawing the bed as though to tell me she was there. I firmly believe our little animal angels, as I call them, watch over us from the Other Side just as do our family and friends. When Mom and I were looking for condos down here, I had a vision in which Taffy told me to "Look for the purple flowers blooming on the fence." I actually saw the flowers which glowed like neon before the vision faded. We looked at a lot of condos before we found one which as perfect for Mom. We had been looking everywhere for the purple flowers but hadn't seen any. Still, we asked the agent to draw up a contract on Mom's condo. When we walked out the front door, there on a fence across the parking space was the exact purple flowers blooming just as they had appeared in my vision. Before we left CO, a psychic told me that our move was divinely guided and divinely guarded and the angels were watching over us. I can't explain these things but I do believe. There has never been any negativity related to these events. On the contrary, they have felt blessed. Glad you are enjoying your tea.

    OK, Kids, I need to go soak in a hot Epsom Salt bath to get my poor ole bod mellowed out for the pummeling at PT. One more week of this and if there isn't marked improvement, I'm stopping it. In that case, I may reschedule the MRI so we can actually see the piriformis itself.

    I feel guilty but I am so glad Barb is gone. Speaking of feeling as though I've been pummeled. She just got worse as time when on. I finally told her that ever since her DH died, she's been stuck in the anger stage and 3 1/2 yrs. it too long to be stuck there. She is an angry woman. I didn't say it to be mean. It needed to be said but I doubt she will heed it. She acknowledges she is angry and wants to fight or argue all the time but won't try grief therapy. She has gotten far too comfortable playing the martyred widow. I love her like a sister but that doesn't give her the right to be so angry and mean to me. All of us in the hood have tried to socialize with her because she is so desperately lonely but I see her every day and I finally hit the limit of what I can take. We hugged at the airport when I left her off but I know nothing will change. I hope her kids will be able to see the pain she is in. She has a new GGD and I know that will give her some joy. I wish she would decide to live up North near the kids but she loves it too much down here. So, I will cleanse the bldg. to get rid of all of her neg. NRG and enjoy the two months I have with her gone.

    Sorry to vent but it really does help. I hope y'all have a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. As soon as I turned on the computer I heard the kitty calling. She
    gets fed 2 or 3 times during the night depending on how often she shows up.

    Springwater, we did visit a lot of places yesterday, but Gordon does all the driving.
    Sometimes I sit in the car and read while he takes care of the errand. Yesterday
    he bought, among other things, a saw. It's a small one shaped like an old fashioned
    dueling pistol for trimming small branches.

    Did you ever read the book "Aurora Dawn"? Came out when I was a kid. The
    title is redundant since Aurora means dawn. Somewhere I read that Aurora was
    the Roman goddess of the dawn.

    Anyhoo the book is by Herman Wouk who wrote lots of best selling books, some of
    which were made into movies and miniseries. He won the Pulitzer for "The Caine
    Mutiny. Wikipedia says he is now 99 years old. Who wants to live that long unless
    one is extroadinarily healthy and wealthy?

    Mikie, I never had a dog named Taffy, but I kinda think I read a book with such a
    dog. I recently read a book by Emily Toll that was pretty good. When I tried to
    find another one, it turned out to be her only book. Further searching disclosed
    the fact that she has written several other books using the name Taffy Cannon.

    Doncha think a taffy cannon sounds like a prop for clowns? Kinda like the buckets
    of popcorn they sometimes toss on the audience. Just searched for famous
    dogs named Taffy. Barbie has one. D"OH!

    Granni, I'm like you. When I'm home I don't wear makeup. I just rely on my
    natural beauty. Gordon and I agree with your umbrella observation. During our
    rainy season (winter) we often take take an umbrella with us so it won't rain.

    Oops. Computer problems again. Well, time to go. Hugs Everydobby.
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - I didn't think you would look good in makeup or that you need it. Gee, those computer problems can sure drive you crazy, can't they? Guess I will have to wait till our son comes here again some days. I did find out the other day how to get Google but I cannot get to Firefox where our son placed the Reader (I forget which one, to get videos). When I click on the bottom icon for Google it says it can not be found and may have been deleted. What a pain !!!!!

    Mikie - So so that Barb has gotten so grumpy and angry. It takes so much out of a person. Hope you enjoy the peace with her gone and hope she comes back with less animosity(if that is the right word.. Don't feel badly about venting. We all need to vent periodically.

    Speaking of crazy computers, I had better get off. It keeps on missing letters and I have to keep going back.:mad:

    DH is at a breakfast and so I need to get dressed. Will go shopping when he gets home.

    Bye for now to everydobby !!!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Dobbies, (there are only two of you so Everydobby sounds like too much for this post. Dobby was a house elf in the "Harry Potter" series of books. He was sooooo cute! But, I digress...

    Rock, Herman Wouk is one of my favorite authors. Years ago, I read his book, "Winds of War." The second one was called, "War and Remberence." (Oh, Lord, here we go again with the red jazzed lines cause I can't spell anymore). Both were made into TV mini-series. I remember Polly Bergen, a favorite of mine, played one of the main characters and Robert Mitchem was the male lead. He was always one of my favorite actors. This sciatica is soooooo painful and ongoing that it has really messed up my brain. I had to type in "Robert" and wait til I could remember the rest of his name and go back and insert it. My mind was bad enough before but now, I am struggling mentally. I will look for his Aurora book. Amazon probably has it as an e-book. Our library might even have it on loan as an e-book.

    John Irving is also one of my favorite authors. He can make the worst things in life funny to the point that I feel guilty for laughing when I read about them. "The World According To Gorp" is one of my all-time favorite books. I was just enjoying your post and you had to bring up clowns. I am couloraphobic, another word I can't spell. It means an illogical hatred and fear of clowns. It's much more common than I ever knew. My family thinks it's funny and they never miss an opportunity to point out clowns to me. Taffy was a rescue dog who had been beaten by her former owners. The vet told me to put her down as she'd never be a good dog. I told him, "Like hell I will," and I found another vet. Taffy turned out to be a great dog. She was white but did have a little taffy color on her ears. She might have been all taffy colored when she was a pup. She was 1 1/2 years when we got her so decided not to change her name. Bless your heart for taking such good care of the little kitty. Homeless dogs and cats have no one but us to depend on. Simon was here again this morning. He's getting like clockwork. I think because he's gotten a bit thin that he needs to eat every morning. He's really putting away the food.

    Granni, Thanks for letting me vent. I finally got to the point where I actually dislike Barb despite the fact that I love her. What was the last straw for me is that I have come to dislike the person I am when I am around her. She's become like a child who refuses to be ignored. If I try not to take her bait, she will manipulate things until she can push my buttons. The only way to tolerate her is to spend as little time around her as possible. Well, at least, I can do that for the next two months. I am hoping her kids will recognize that she needs help but they may be too close to the situation. Also, she's always been somewhat angry and argumentative so she's now just more so. I also hope they realize that she shouldn't be living by herself. She is really struggling to deal with a lot of things and she has Afib so her blood is really thin from Warfarin. She tries to shave her legs and cuts herself. She calls me and I go over and her place looks like there was a massacre. I have to help her stop the bleeding. If her kids knew what's going on, I don't think they'd let her be by herself. I'm going to use my sage smudges and do a cleansing of our bldg. to rid it of her negative NRG.

    I wish you could get your computer problems worked out. I know how miserable it is to have to deal with a stubborn computer. I did find that my Surface tablet is great for reading our newspaper online. It's small enough so that I can put it on my midriff and read it. It has a little kickstand which holds it up or serves as a handle. The screen is HD so it's really nice for the eyes. Even Windows 8 isn't bothering me anymore. I'm finally making peace with the computer and the Windows. Change, like Windows 8, isn't easy for me. I'm an old fart, stuck in my ways.

    All You Dobbies, had PT this morning. It was a LOT less painful than last time. Also, I got some new exercises which will help strengthen and stabilize my back, pelvis and hips. They are fun to do too. I'm not in as much pain as when I last had myofacial release. I've been doing a bit of it myself by pressing on the trigger points with my thumb. Trigger points are much smaller than the FMS tender points. Pressing on tender FMS points only makes for more pain. Pressing down on the myofacial trigger points releases the toxins in them and takes the knots out of the facia. The outside of my thigh on the affected side has a lot of very painful trigger points and the tech runs a suction cup on it to pull the knots out. Yowie!!! :mad: That hurts! Everyone at the place is very nice and that helps too.

    I was even able to stop at Lowe's to get a new fluorescent tube for a little light I have on top of my bedroom armoire. I've discovered that if I leave it on until I want to go to sleep, I don't drift off at 7:00. Last night, it was flickering and by this morning, it had burned out. I also got another LED bulb for the lamp next to my bed. I have one in the living room and I don't feel so guilty using lights. These LED bulbs are so much better than those fluorescent swirly bulb replacements. I don't like fluorescent lighting but I don't mind it if it's up high. I have it on top of my kitchen cupboards and I seldom have to turn on the old pot lights. They make replacement pot lights in LEDs but it would cost $250 to replace them. I don't use them enough to do it. I have to call our electrician to replace our halogen lights under our carport with LED's. We're paying him a fortune to keep coming out to change out the halogen bulbs; they don't last and are horrible to handle. This way, we pay more all at once but we should be good to go after that.

    Well, Kids, Herman Wouk has nothing on me with my own "W&P" posts. He's just a better writer than I with much more creative material. Think I'll rest, drink a lot of water to wash out the toxins which were releases in PT, and just enjoy the peace.

    Peace and love to you all,