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    A quick HI to awl this afternoon. Nothing to new here really. Went shopping without DH. Rushed by myself to WM as DH was afraid of these storms that we heard were going to hit this afternoon.

    A special shout out to Mikie, Jam, Rock and anyone else lurking about.

    Mikie - It is so hard when you HAVE to be around people like that. In your case I guess it might be worse as she ( the grumpy person) is supposed to be friends and she depends a lot on you. Glad you are getting a break from it and I hope that she comes home much better than she has been. How old did you say she was, was it in her 80's? That is what I seem to remember but that might not be correct. That todays was not as bad as the last one.

    Jam - This person you play Bridge with, is she ALWAYS there to bug everyone, during the games? Do you know if she bothers everyone else too during your bridge games. I she does bug everyone maybe some others need to step in too to tell her not to be talking the ways she has been about whatever. If it bothers others too you all need to speak up and tell her to quit or she is no longer welcome. If the topic comes up that bothers most of the participants they need to be stop talking about that subject. It always helps to have other on your side especially the gal who is having Bridge at HER house :)!! The only thing good about it is it is once a month, I think that's what you said..

    A very quiet day today all things considered, Hope JULIE is enjoying herself. I saw a pic or two on FB.

    Have some stuff to do so I need to get off right now. H also to Spring Water, Rock, Diane and or many MIA's.

    Hugz to awl,
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    Mikie: I know where the points are for FM but I've never been able to find the small trigger points. How do you do that? That's good the PT went better for you today. My DH went for consultation and treatment today. Seems it's the thigh muscle that's causing all the problems along with the arthritis in the knee so he's got exercises he has to do at home to strengthen it. She used a tens machine and I asked if he could use the Icy Hot tens unit I have (by the way I'm loving it) and she said he could. The insurance pays 100% for as long as it's needed so that's good. He'll retire at the end of the year and I know Medicare isn't good. Sigh. Oh yes, I have a consultation in July for the colonoscopy for me......double sigh or should I say groan. I feel like we're rushing to get all the benefits from the insurance.

    I hope your friend will be able to "regroup" and that the change of scenery will help her. Grumpy people are not fun......just ask me! I talked to a friend the other day.....haven't in a few months.......and she's REALLY cranky sounding. She told me a few months ago that she's really in pain from arthritis she's developed........well......she had no sympathy for her mother who has it and she's in her 80s. I've always said what goes around comes around and the older I get I'm seeing where people I know are "having to eat their own words." Meaning we ALL get old, some of us age earlier than others, but eventually everyone gets there.

    Rock: so thoughtful and caring of you to feed the stray kitty. But am I feed her when you hear her meow? Can I say you're spoiling a little furry kitty? You SURE go thru the books quickly. I just can't seem to find the time to SIT and read. I am enjoying a series of VCR tapes I bought from the library for about $2. It's on ancient egypt, taught by an expert on it, Bob Brier, of Long Island University........OMG very interesting. I'm on lecture #23. The other night he talked about how he and his collegues made their own mummy after many years of studying up on it. These tapes were made about 20 years ago. So I figure the mummy is about 25-30 years old already, and has made some travels to various museums. I'm so grateful for the library much to learn daily. Next up is a college study of Ancient Greece.
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    Hi, Kids, I've bolded my responses to individuals but they are for anyone who wants to read them. I just want to be sure I address questions in posts. My thoughts are with everyone, here and MIA.

    Granni, Yes, Barb is 83. When I sat outside with another neighbor, who is fairly new to our bldg., she said she thinks Barb is rapidly going downhill mentally and has gotten worse in just the time she has lived here. I've noticed it too. It could be the start of some dementia or she could be having small strokes as she had a big one which almost took her leg and did take the sight in one eye. She was lucky to survive. She has always been a real trooper when it comes to her physical health. It's losing her husband which has left her so angry. We are all trying our best to help her but she has become so toxic that it's getting more and more difficult.

    I feel angry when I've been in unrelenting physical pain and I try to understand that she is in unrelenting emotional pain. The difference--I'm getting physical therapy for my pain; she refuses to see a grief therapist or join a grief support group. She's grown far too comfortable playing the role of the widow. She even uses it to get more help from customer service when she has to call for any reason for the TV cable or internet or, for that matter, anything she needs help with. I've also noticed that she almost immediately identifies herself as a "recent widow" when she meets someone. I'm sure 3 1/2 yrs. is recent to her because she hasn't moved forward in her grieving process. The process doesn't have a timeline and it's different for everyone but it's extremely harmful to get stuck in denial or anger. The longer she is in this state, the more difficult it will be for her to grieve in a more healthy manner. I am hoping her kids will see that she needs help but, as much as they love her and are concerned for her, they are too close to the situation. I also hope she will come back with a different attitude. Thanks for your support.

    Sunflower Girl, thank you as well for your support. Please read my comments to Granni as I don't want to whine on about this any more. Y'all have been so helpful and understanding but it's time for me to enjoy the freedom from the negative NRG around here and just hope for the best when she returns. You are sooooo right. Grandma used to say, "What goes around, comes around." It's also the Golden Rule and some of us believe in it as Karma. In any case, I try not to draw negativity to me through my actions with others. Still, it's sometimes difficult to empathize when we have problems of our own and we haven't had the experience of the other. I know one neighbor had back pain. I put a prayer in our prayer box and I prayed for her but really didn't "get it" until this wretched sciatica hit me. I do try to support others as best I can. Now, I know exactly how she was feeling. BTW, she is much improved. Her back problem is different than mine.

    I'm so glad you like the TENS unit. I have found that mine really goes through batteries if I need to use it too much. I'm doing so much better with this PT that I doubt I'll need to continue to use it as much (knocking on wood). I'm glad DH can use it too. Yes, strong leg muscles are the best insurance against joint pain and injury. If his OA gets too bad, they can clean it out with the laproscope. Three tiny 1/4" incisions. Has he asked the doc about the gel injections into the joint to lubricate it so it isn't scraping on the bone and built-up OA? I had them and they were great! Good for you for going ahead with the colonoscopy. It's nowhere near the worst I've been through and, now that I've had so many of them, they are like nothing. One silver lining--after the anesthetic, my sleep is deeper now and more restful. It must have reset something in my brain. I still often wake early but I'm getting good sleep and wake refreshed.

    We are lucky in that we have the FMS map for our tender points. Even that isn't cast in concrete. FMSers can have other tender points as well or be missing some on the map. Still, it helps to know why we are tender in certain areas. The facia is like a body sweater which holds everything together. Injury and, I believe, inflammation can cause the little "strings" in this body sweater to act as though they have been pulled, causing snags in the sweater. These are the trigger points and they can be almost anywhere on the body. They are usually near the point of the injury or condition. Mine are near L5 on my spine where the hip and pelvis muscles are pinching the sciatic nerve. They are called trigger points because they can trigger pain on down the line from the original point. I have them in my upper glut and hip area and in my right leg. It surprised the PT tech to see how affected my leg had become.
    Sciatica can often cause pain down the leg on the affected side.

    To find them, it takes poking around the suspected area. The PT techs know where to look, depending on whatever condition one has. I had already found some of mine by pressing into my glut. If you get a massage and the masseuse finds a knot, he or she will likely put a lot of pressure on it and tell you to take deep breaths. It's amazing how bad it hurts but how fast the pain goes away with the pressure and deep breathing. This may need to be done regularly. You can also roll around on a tennis or racquet ball and the trigger points will show themselves. This is also a treatment for them. I prefer to use my thumb or a knuckle to bear down on the points myself. My daughter uses the racquet ball.

    All You Dobbies (Everydobby), this has turned into "W&P" (geez, what else is new). Not much more to tell, though. I am taking my time before I get into the shower this morning. I'm taking 800 mgs. of ibuprophen upon rising and it pretty much keeps the pain at bay until close to bedtime. Then, I take 400 mgs., well within the limits. I've only used the TENS unit when I go shopping. I'm able to walk further and further without the pain so I'm getting a lot more optimistic about eventually getting rid of it for good. PT tech says if I faithfully do the stretches and exercises, my muscles will retrain and strengthen to keep them off the nerve. I also saw how he got my pelvis and hips back into alignment and it's something I can do at home.

    It's muey caliente here with lots of humidity thrown in. It's supposed to get up to 98 degrees in Denver this weekend. Yikes! That hotter than it's supposed to get here--93 degrees. Thank God for A/C. Hope everyone elseis comfortable and not too hot and not too cool but just right like Goldilocks.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have a lowgrade fever, cough, aches and pains, sore throat, etc. Went to doc and got some scripts which may come in handy if I get worse. The PA thought it was probably sinus. My throat I killing me now. Need to try and go back to bed. All I do is suck on cough drops.

    Mikie - I think sometime ago when you brought up Barb's problems I told you what you are thinking about now. I think it might have been at the end of the volume so you didn't see it. I mentioned about TIA's strokes, etc can make changes in her attitude and the way she thinks, her attitude and the way she interacts with everyone. Of course she may have some other anger issues also.

    Hope her family will notice these changes and try and do something about it.

    Hi and love to all the Dobbies as Mikie said and I think at one time SW had mentioned that - very cute,.

    Going to run to bed and take some more IBU soon.

    Granni :)
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    I was sick with something a few days ago, yesterday had a low grade fever and REALLY fatigued plus some IBS for a couple of days. My DD has been fighting the same thing, so I think it's a bug going around calif. I took some of my oil of oregano to help knock out whatever it is. And when I have a sore throat I gargle with the OoO and some applejuice concentrate first then swallow it.

    Hope you feel better Granni.
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    Thanks Sun, not sure where I can get O o O around here . I will have to check out a couple of Health Food Stores I know . I know the stuff is strong but might be worth trying. Also will have to feel like driving to get out there first. This sore throat is really bugging me !! Plus the low grade fever is really making me weary.

    Time to start thinking bout getting ready for bed, shower and all. Maybe that will help. Again thanks a gain. Hope You and DD are feeling better now, not to speak of your DH..

    Thanks for your encouraging words.

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    Granni: my son swears by gargling with salt water with a little peroxide in the water. You might try that. Peroxide kills all germs along with the salt.
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    Sun, I just did salt and warm water thing and have done peroxide but not together. May try that later on. It is a little better. Thanks ! I almost chocked tonight trying to swallow a Mucinex pill.:eek: I have sort of gotten used to them but not with a sore throat.:oops: I almost choked and got water all over the place - yuck !! Hope this goes away soon. This throat is really bothering me right now.

    Good night, Sun and everyone.!!

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