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    Rosin on the Bow and Here we go!

    Bow to your partner, (not too low).
    Promenade, then do-si-do.
    Allemande left; go once around.
    Bring her home to the stompin' ground.

    Ladies to the center; form a star.
    Gents, make a noise like a Model T car.
    Swing your corner nice and sweet.
    Nobody step on nobody's feet.

    First two couples, out and back.
    There's lemonade and some old hardtack.
    Side couples, forth and back.
    The cows go moo, and the ducks go quack.

    Once more around and then go home.
    And that's the end of this dandy poem.

    Our thanks to the band. Myrtle Harstad on the piano.
    Tollef Anderson on the fiddle. Sally Ellis on the accordion.

    Happy to report Sha is back. See the last couple messages on the previous thread. Sha's
    daughter got married, and Sunflower brings us up to date on various topics.

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    Thanks, Rock, for your square dance opening post.

    I had written a nice Warren Peace post on the last Porch and never hit the Post Reply button. Typical of my day yesterday! I'll copy it here. Y'all please go back to also read our other Porchies' posts.

    Hi, Porchies,

    Springwater, yes, that was quite a coincidence but, then again, I don't believe in coincidences. My friend/neighbor has been struggling with a lot of issues spanning a lot of years. I think she needed to hear something positive in her troubled life. To know that her sister was so beloved seemed to ease her grief. I was only the messenger. I do think God uses us in each other's lives. I just feel blessed that I was able to give her the message. Hope you get the tree problem taken care of. I have another cashia tree coming up next to the big one. If it has its own roots, I'll transplant it. If it's coming up from the main tree root, I'll destroy it. There are baby cashias coming up all over. I usually kill them as weeds.

    Ooh, Julie, an omen of things to come. Lots of snow north of the Mason-Dixon Line right now. Evidently El Nino will be responsible for a lot of snow this coming winter. Enjoy Keira today.

    Rock, that is an amazing coincidence meeting that man. There was nothing psychic in my talking with my friend/neighbor but I did have a psychic warning when that abusive man was killing his wife and I changed my path to avoid what I perceived psychically as a horrible, dark threat. I could have been on the sidewalk right next to where he shot her and himself. Our family has had empathic experiences and, believe me, I listen to that little voice, gut feeling, or even a hunch. Beautiful Veterans' Day sparkly card. Does everyone know that the truce ending WWI was signed at 11:11 a.m. on November 11? Eleven eleven is the number of the angels if you're into numerology. They add up to 4, which is the most sacred of all the numbers. There is a belief among some Hispanics that 4444 is the number of the angels. I once read a book which stated that 444 is the number. One of our lotteries cuts off 1111 after a certain number because there are so many people who play it. Just a bit of historical gaming and metaphysical trivia.

    Granni, our weather has been outstanding for this time of year. It's usually not this nice til later in Nov. We did have that much needed day of rain. The sky is bright blue and cloudless and it's in the 70's. We have balmy breezes and I have the condo open front and back to let it blow through.

    Barb has been officially released from rehab here. Her DIL, Pam, picks her up tomorrow and will bring her home for the night. A cousin will come with her to help get Barb up the stairs. They will fly back to Boston, weather permitting, on Thurs. Kids are saying they don't see how she can ever live on her own again, even if she makes a complete recovery. I think that's wise. Don't know what they will do with her condo. I've been praying for her complete recovery but I also pray she never comes back to live next door to me. Seventeen years is enough. I am glad Pam is here as she is a sweetie. She and her DH, Barb's son, Michael, will likely come down to stay in the condo for a couple of weeks in Dec. Michael is a contractor and, I imagine he will do some work in the condo, especially the bathrooms. Barb just had it painted but the baths need work.

    I didn't see Sylvester sneak into my little front office and I went to the meeting. When I got back, he had shredded the carpet in front of the door I had closed. The carpet will eventually have to be replaced. I'm in no hurry to get it done until we find out when or whether Julie will ever be able to take the cats back. Once I start leaving that door open, I will put a runner in the doorway to cover the carpet where it meets the tile and is ruined. I was so angry at him because he knows he's not supposed to go into that room. I showed him the damage and said, "NO!" He knew what he had done. He's been keeping a low profile ever since.

    I've been on the phone with condo business and responding to questions about Barb from the neighbors so much that my phone actually ran out of minutes. I freaked out and bought another 1,350. I was worried because if you let them run out, you can lose your phone number. I guess because I wasn't out of time for using my minutes that I didn't lose everything and was able to replenish my minutes. Whew! I have a really long-winded friend and I'm gonna have to tell her I can't do long phone calls. She lives right near me and walks her dog every day, so she can tell me things in person. It's never current or vital stuff; she is just a talker. I love her and she's funny so I do want to hear her stories. She does Warren Peace phone calls. :) My backup plan was to go to Wally World to get a "no limit" plan for $45 a month and buy a really nice new phone. Well, I'm glad it worked out like it did but, at least, I have a plan B. I just don't ever want to lose my number. Imagine the number of people (no pun intended) I'd have to contact. Yikes!!!

    When I took my glass of water from my bedside table, I spilled it in my bed. I quickly bunched up the sheet and mattress cover. It didn't have a chance to get through to the mattress. So, I'm washing everything and changing the bed. Thank God it doesn't need rotating. That Epsom Salt soak will feel soooo good as will climbing between clean sheets. Mmmmmmm! Aaaaaaaaaah!

    Well, Porchies, I hope y'all celebrate and honor our vets. I am so antiwar but I do support the troops; we ask too much of them. My Mom's oldest brother served in WWI and was gassed. He didn't live long after he came home and was never the same. He died of a heart attack. I have a pic of him in uniform in B&W. He was so handsome. I plan to do a scrapbook page of our family members in their uniforms.

    Love, Mikie

    Nothing else to add so will just let yesterday's post be my today's post. I'll be taking Julie out to lunch at a tiny town called Matlache (pronounced Mat-la-shay). The main drag is all little shops, galleries botiques and cafes. It's on the intracostal waterway area where the Caloosahatchie River meets the Gulf. There are no beaches but Mangrove trees along the water so it's a natural bird sanctuary. We're gonna have fun. I doubt Barb will be back to her condo when I leave so I'll see her later in the day. It's got to be very difficult for her to be leaving but she's in denial and thinks she'll be back here living alone. She'll likely be back in Jan. for a month when her DD, DSIL and DGS's come down to a rented house. I hope she'll play nice but I'm not holding my breath.

    Seeing isn't believing; believing is seeing

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    Julie: OMG!!!!!! A possible PG scare? I'm sure you were shaking with "fear" of what was up for YOU. Yes, babies/children are wonderful but only when a family is ready to receive them. Send me a private message if you want to talk.

    Mikie: That little time along the stretch of a bird santuary sounds wonderful and relaxing. So I'm assuming Julie is much improved with her surgery? You haven't mentioned anything. I hope and pray you get a NEW condo neighbor that is perfect for you and everyone else. Scary, not knowing who would come in. That little stinker Sir Vester! My one cat was notorius for doing the shredding bit on carpet when she was locked out of a room. It took a lot of sticky tape to break her of it.

    Sha: you've certainly been dragged thru the wringer, but it hasn't dampened your spirits. Good for you.

    I'm off this morning for a one on one 15 minute consultation/instruction at Apple store. I've made a list and I know I have to talk FAST. I'm also bringing my little tape recorder so I can refresh my memory. And I'll need to ask them to say exactly what they're doing rather than just showing me. I have a terrible memory and there's sooooo much going on here. Half of it I haven't even talked about.

    I got a call a little while ago from the local L A times, wanting to get me to subscribe. I relented and will start up just the sunday paper for a buck a week, and they're throwing in a $10 target gift card.....and I can cancel anytime. Woo hoo......I've learned a ton from Mikie over the years on how to get the most bang for my buck. Thanks, Mikie.
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    Wow, it looks like all my dear Porchies have been very busy lately !!!! HANG IN THERE ALL OF YOU - Julie, Sun, Sha, Mikie! , and Rock !!!

    Thinking of all of you. I just got back from a lovely ladies luncheon and fashion show with my DD. Thy even had clothes you could buy. They're really dressy tops and sweaters, etc. and weren't really cheap for sure. DD bought a cute sweater that looks like a football jersey in the Houston Texans colors. She HAD to buy it since she is such a football fan. We had a yummy turkey dinner will the trimmings and I am so full. However, soon I need to go a fix dinner for DH and I will have to eat some too - burp :)!!

    Rock - Thanks for the great square dance call !!! Love it !!!! Keep them coming !!

    Julie- Feel free to vent at any time as Sun said, but privately is best on some things. Yes, dear Lindsey really needs to think about a VERY BIG BREAK if decides she needs or want any more children. I agree with you. Hope Amy gets pregnant soon if that is what she and Clinton wants but of course it will be hard on you too with all of Lindsey's little ones even though you and Amy do not live that close..

    *****Oh no, I just reread what I wrote. It was Lindsey who thought she was pregnant. So glad she wasn't. Those babies would be ever so close and hard on everyone even if you are a baby lover like I am. I have to learn to read better and not so fast :)!! I'll get all my factsWRONG.

    Sun - Hope you get out as much info as you get from the apple store. Yes, I definately would need a pad with all my questions as well as to take notes from the instructor. I can be so dense when it come to that stuff :)!! My memory can be iffy too on remembering other stuff too. We aren't taking the papers any more lately but I an see getting the coupons can be a great help.

    Sha -Hope you are doing OK after going to the wedding, etc. Hang in there sweetie.

    I had better get of here and do something productive. At least I put in a wash when I got back this afternoon, Wish I didn't have to fix supper. Would hate to give DH soup and salad again like last night. Having to plan meals has gotten to be much of a chore. I have gotten so lazy about it. When I think of how much I used to cook when all he kids were home I shock myself :)!!

    Love to awl,
  5. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids, I just got back a while ago. I drove up north and took Julie out to Matlacha and we had lunch at a great burger bar and sat right on the water. We could see Ft. Myers and St. James City from where we sat across the water. It really is beautiful here and I need to get out more often to remind myself just how lucky I am. Julie's doc ended up making fake bone out of some kind of clay and it has to harden like bone. She finds out Mon. if it's hardened. If so, she can start PT for a couple of months and then, have the second surgery to try to fix the other two nerves to give her back a complete rotator cuff. I'm so glad she has such a great doc.

    I stopped at the bank where a teller was so rude to me. When she saw how horrified I was, she said she was sorry if I was offended. I told her I wasn't offended but it was her tone of voice. She said she's been told she has an offensive tone of voice and she tries to watch it. Well, it wasn't just the tone but the confrontational behavior over nothing. I was willing to just let it go but she kept pressing it. I couldn't wait to get outta there. I was there to order the pack of 100 new one-dollar bills for Andy's Xmas present. One other teller had a new pack so I just wrote a check and took them with me. I got to thinking that the nasty woman knows who I am. I'll probably find my accts. empty. A man standing next to me said, "This is one of the nicest branches in town." I said, "I always thought so too until just now." He looked at the nasty teller and said, "Oh!" I think that kinda scared her that I would make a complaint. I hope so because I don't want nasty repercussions. For all she knew, I might have been the wife of a Sr. VP with the bank or someone with connections. It never pays to be nasty to customers.

    Then, I went to Publix for the last day of BOGOs on cat food. The shelves were empty so I had to wait in line at customer service for a raincheck. I got a Powerball and FL Lotto ticket because I had such a rotten time at the bank and no cat food that I figured I might as well give the Universe a chance to make it up to me. I know it doesn't work like that but what the heck.

    Barb was home when I got here and I went in to see her. She acted so happy to see me and gave me a kiss. I am soooooo happy to see her like this. I told her I would take care of the orchid I got her while "she's gone." I think the kids will bring her with them in Jan. but I doubt she will ever come back here to live. Her DIL, Pam, is great with her and I look forward to her and her husband's coming down in Dec. I like Barb's son, Pam's husband, too. Barb's speech is better than I expected. I do think she'll make a complete recovery but not enough that she can live on her own. She isn't eating and is bone thin. I don't know whether she has lost her appetite or whether it a manipulative play for the benefit of her kids.

    Julie, no wonder you're pooped. I hope Oreo and Keira are OK. I sympathize, actually empathize, with Clinton, having had my shoulder surgery. Mine still hurts from time to time and rest is the best thing for it. He can get one of those little Icy Hot TENS units (Wally World has them on sale for, I think, $28.99). Those can be put anywhere and I've used mine on my shoulder with great success. Glad you dodged the pregnancy bullet cause there comes a time when caring for children can't be stretched any further no matter how good and loving one is. You have soooooo much on your plate now.

    Sunflower Girl, yes, the day on the water was great. I gave an update on Julie above and she's doing great--looks great too. With the door closed to that room, you can't see the carpet. It never occurred to me to tape it as he never goes in there except when he manages to sneak in. I have to be more vigilant. Of course, I could just leave it open but it's such a mess, I don't want to look at it and, God forbid anyone else sees it. I am always nervous when one of our condos sells or a new renter moves in. That is why I want to get on the board and help ensure this place stays as nice as it is now. We once had some renters in the bldg. across the pond who were fencers for stolen goods. One of the neighbors kept a record of the license plates of the cars coming in and out of there and the cops made a bust. We all thought they were selling drugs but it was receiving stolen goods. They were only in here about a month. Nosy retired people are the best insurance against illegal neighbors. BTW, kudos for your newspaper coup!

    Granni, glad you enjoyed the lunch and fashion show. I brought half my hamburger and cole slaw home with me. Loooove leftovers. Nothing to prepare--just open fridge and eat. Easy peasy! Ugly Xmas NFL sweaters are all the rage this year. I can't afford to be trendy. I still like to look good so stick with the basic classic pieces. I wore a vee neck tee shirt with 3/4 length sleeves to lunch. It was expensive but on clearance for 70 percent off. Who can resist that? It's white with beautiful black, white, green and turquoise beads in a nice design. I wore it with turquoise Capri pants.

    Well, Porchies, I had better get going. Have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Nice to hear from you today again. Glad you had nice day or afternoon by the water. That can be so relaxing. Good luck to your friend Julie. Hope all goes well with her shoulder mending. Sounds like you are doing pretty well today except for the grouchy lady. That can get hr n a bunchf touble, as yo kw.

    You are like me with spending money. I usually like to get good things on sale, or I go to a resale shop. I have gotten some good things at our craft show where the Assistance League sells things much cheaper than if they were new. Some things you can also get new or almost new or very gently worn as they said. Your T shirt sounded very cute that you were wearing. In fact the sparkly top that I wore today was from there that I ad gotten a few years ago. I got quite a few compliments on it. I forget how much I spent but perhaps $25 or less. My MOM was like that. She could never afford to buy the good things at full price so she shopped those good sales and really new a bargain when saw one.

    Glad that Barb seems to be doing better but I m sure it will take her some time to be able to put on some weight and get back to close to where she was before the stroke. Also glad that she gave you a sign that perhaps her attitude may be getting better. Hope it is not just temporary !!!

    JULIE - Glad that you had a good time at Keira's. Hope she isn't getting sick. Take care of yourself to sweetie..

    Almost time to hop in bed with DH while he watches TV, some basketball and clicking back and forth during the commercials. I'll do some reading and go through my mail and catalogs. DOES ANYONE GET AS ANY CATALOGS AS I DO ESP NOW AT HOLIDAY TIME?????? I KEEP THEM FOR AWHLE ANTHEY TOSS THEM.

    Good night to everyone !! Love you all !
    Granni :)
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    So glad you find nice clothes without spending a fortune. Thrift shops here do a good business. Often, people down here die or go into nursing homes and their kids sell a lot of their clothing, some with the tags still on them. I find enough on sale at Bealls that I don't do the thrift shops. I'm afraid I'll find a piece of furniture or some d├ęcor accent piece and, believe me, I have no room for more. I had bought the most beautiful pearl necklace. It's almost like a bib of pearls. I was shopping for a plain white sleeveless blouse with a vee neck to wear with the pearls. I found it when I got this clearance tee shirt. It was 25 percent off and another $10 off from my coupon. Now, I will have to find someone besides Barb who likes to go to Broadway shows and symphonies so I can wear my dressier stuff. I'm going to look to see what is going on when she comes back in Jan. Maybe there will be a show we can go to together. She has no warm clothing and I'm going to see whether she has a warm coat when she gets to Boston. I have a really cute red parka with fur around the hoodie. It's really warm. I won't need it even if I go to CO. I have another warm coat.

    It's in a sucky bag under my bed so it's nice and clean. That would force me to clean under my bed and clean up Sir Vester's hairball under there. He's back in my good graces and lying next to me on the sofa as I type. He woke me from a deep sleep last night to ask me to put him out on the lanai and close the door. I left Tweety on the loveseat and later, she came in and wanted to be let out to be with her brother. I am a servant to these fur balls.

    Does it bother you when DH keeps changing channels during the commercials and breaks? It's funny because I do that but it drives me nuts when someone else does it. No wonder I'm single. If I ever remarry, I will have to have a prenup where I get control of the remote. :)

    I think both Barb and Julie will make full recoveries. I pray they do.

    Today, I will clean my masters' litter boxes and the tile floor on the lanai. Tomorrow, I get my oil changed in the morning. It's been almost a year since my last oil change but well within the mileage req. I'm just not used to going that long bet. oil changes. Using synthetic oil allows one to go a year if there are not a lot of miles driven. It's more expensive but, because I can go a whole year, it ends up not costing that much more. The real savings are in having an engine which is almost clean as new. New Highlanders are sooooo expensive now that, even if I ever have an expensive repair, it's worth it to do it. My biggest fear is getting in an accident and having the vehicle totaled. After 12 years, it's now a challenge to see how long I can keep it going. It still looks almost like new. I cleaned the inside but need to wash it and throw on a light coat of wax to feed the clear coat.

    Well, Porchies, I hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    Just popped in while DH is gone to the men's breakfast . Nothing to exciting happening now. However our LR is now covered with boxes of lumber to be installed hopefully sometimes soon. Wish they would let us know. Anxious to get it down and back together again.

    MIKIE - You are so sweet and forgiving, thinking of giving Barb your heavy coat. Hope things go well for her and hope her disposition STAYS sweet from the other day. Please come here an help me clean :)!! It sounds like u have some NRG !! I really don't get to resale shops a lot but an occasional sale at JCP, or Palais Royal. Dillards and Macys are no longer that close.

    This computer is typing here SO SLOW! I had better get on here and try again latter.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Glad to read that Barb was almost her old sweet self with you........well, she was welcoming to you. Perhaps she's had time to think. Her DIL sounds very special and she's lucky to have her in her life. I have to agree with you about giving her your unneeded coat. I'm sure she will appreciate it since it's turned really cold up there. What a drastic change to our weather everywhere. My son in Portland said they were expecting snow.

    Granni: So you haven't been given a hint of when it will be installed? Call the powers that be and ASK so you can plan your week.

    I made it to Apple store with 5 min. to spare......whew. I parked in the handicapped space (did I mention I now have a hang tag) walked all around the Macy's store to find Apple and then realized I was incredibly close. I could have saved my energy. Anyway, the guy showed me the things I wanted to know how to do, so now it's just practice. I also want to find a writing app to download and he said to go first to the Pages app that is free from Apple. My kind of price.

    I have two heart tests scheduled for next week, trying not to think about them. One on wednesday is a 3 hr test and at one point they give me an IV and put in some med. into it. She told me I would feel really awful for about 5 min. Said some people get dizzy, a headache, nauseated, etc. Gee.......wonderful to think about that. Then the day after thanksgiving I have a special lung test. I'm praying to get thru these 3 tests with ease.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    I've already been here once but this place is like eating potato chips; I can't just have one. Barb is on her way to Boston if not there already. She didn't want my coat. I told her to remember I offered when she is freezing her a** off. Thank you all for your kind words about my offering it to her. She was in a good mood again today. I feel so much better that we parted on good terms. I'm hoping to get her to go to the symphony in Jan. They are doing Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue on the 17th. In Mar., they are doing Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2. It's my favorite piece and I love Russian Composers. Soooooo passionate!

    I took my outdoor rocking chair out on the Balcony and ate lunch and drank a frozen Blue Hawaiian in the shade of our tree, enjoying the beautiful orchids. Our weather is ideal. I'm so sorry for all y'all who aren't having good weather. I was able to rearrance my lanai with the rocker gone. It still functions for the cats but looks so much better from a human standpoint. I love it when the lanai is clean. I decided to just open the front room and let the cats explore the mess. Funny thing--neither seems interested now. I have so much cleaning needing done inside but don't know whether I have the NRG to do it. I'm pacing myself.

    Granni, that's so sweet of you to send your best for Barb's healing. Every little good wish and prayer helps. I would gladly help you clean but I think my NRG is being drained from trying to clean a little bit in here. Actually, I did clean off the Balcony too. I bunched up some of our flower pots in an outside corner of the balcony where they are out of the way. I hope you get your floors soon. Down here, where it's so humid, they just install the flooring right out of the boxes.

    Julie, sorry it is soooo cold. I hope everyone stays well. I also hope you are moving at a snail's pace. It's better than crashing. Be careful driving in the bad weather too. They are showing Denver on the news. I hate to think of my kids driving in that. Actually, it's sooooo cold there that it probably isn't slick out. When it's that cold, though, just taking a breath hurts the lungs sooooo bad. Brrrrrr!!!

    Sunflower Girl, good luck on your tests. They told me that about the IV med too but it didn't bother me. I think some people are sensitive to it. I did notice a funny taste in my mouth. I've had very slight palpitations when I lie down to go to sleep. That must mean my hormones are out of whack. I see my doc next month and will ask him about it.

    I'm sooooo sick of Comcast's lack of service. Every time I want to watch something on On Demand, I have to have a refresh signal sent and, sometimes, that doesn't even work. They made an appt. for a tech to call me and help me troubleshoot it over the phone. He never called. Prism now uses fibre optic lines and has really fast wi-fi and their TV is far superior to Comcast. We can't wait til it gets to our area as long as it's affordable. TV is my life!

    I just ordered new headlights for the Highlander through Amazon for $81, including taxes and H&S with two-day shipping. I've given up on trying to get the haze off of the old ones. This will make the vehicle look like new.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: can you tell me a little more about the test you had done? They told me it takes about 3 hrs. And that I would be sitting at times in the waiting room, off and on. I have to fast so it's first thing in the morning. I need to eat protein right away otherwise I get shaky. The lady scheduling it told me to bring something to eat, and maybe I could have something after a few tests have been done. I'm sure you're aware that a lack of magnesium will cause palpitations. I've been trying to take my magnesium since that BAD charlie horse I had. Darn, it's so hard to keep up with everything we have to swallow to stay healthy.

    There's superfast fiber optics all around me BUT in my city.......go figure.....that's why I've got wifi with Verizon. .........they just haven't put it in my area yet. Great idea on the headlights. I didn't know they could be replaced. I know that on my DHs car that I sold had very cloudy looking ones. The guy who did the detailing said there was nothing he could do but bright shiny headlights really make a big difference. And who installs them for you?
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Lots of posts to go through..mmm..i like that.

    Sha - you have been through a LOT! I salute you for keeping strong and resilient. I love that you are enjoying your DD and had a wonderful time at her wedding. The wound
    on your abdomen was due to Lyme? I honestly didnt know and dont know about so many
    things that can happen. So what advice would you have for someone to avoid this? Do
    you know? I love the open and wilderness. We dont hv deer roving wilderness areas
    as such here, except a golf course which used to be a park and and has deer and monkeys
    in the wooded areas but i would like to know if we can do anything to avoid Lyme etc.

    I pray you get some miracle and all your illnesses clear up or improve to the extent you
    are able to lead an active healthy life. Well, i pray that for all over here who are getting
    some kind of health scare or other from time to time.

    Granni - if you looked at an astrology column Im sure you would find it says.."your
    social life is abuzz". Honestly you seem to have been on the go a lot past few weeks.
    And enjoying it too. Im sure you must be looking forward to your new floor being

    Rock - I remember you asked about bitter gourds. Yes, i looked at the Nepalese
    cookbook we both have and it seems bitter 'gourd' is also bitter "melons" . It
    is truly bitter but it is very addictive to some people. They love that bite the bitter
    gives them. Its supposed to be good to keep sugar levels down. So i make them
    almost daily. I just use some vegetable oil, fry some onions and then fry those.
    I actually also like the taste but not too much of them at a time. My help said she
    loved bitter gourds so much she used to gorge on them and then one day she
    just felt dizzy and fell down into the paddy while she was planting paddy and
    the doctor at the health post told her she had too low bp and hence should
    avoid bitter gourds. Paddy fields are wet and muddy and it cant hv been fun
    to fall into one. But the planters here make it a kind of occassion and sing
    ditties while planting and then after theyre finished they sit in a group and
    eat a celebratory fare of boiled and spiced buffaloe meat, curried potatoes,
    radish pickle and beaten rice. Somtimes it can be fun to be a rice planter,
    of course,only if youre healthy enough to bend down for hours at a time
    over days.

    Julie - you had a 'scare' you say? Let me tell you i would hv jumped out
    of my skin had i read a post from you which said 'you may be becoming
    a grandmother yet again and no, it wasnt Amy you were talking about. '

    Its tough if you cant unload when there is too much happenening. Getting
    things off the chest is so important. I notice people who yell a lot dont get
    depressed as often as people who keep it all in. Well, yelling isnt done either
    but there has to be a way of getting rid of anger so it doesnt stay in and fester.

    If only i'd known that as a kid.

    Sun - Imagine having to keep to a time limit like 20 mins when wanting
    something fixed and explained.! I wouldnt even know what to talk, probably
    blabber and splutter and unintelligible things coming out of my mouth when
    asking the guy about troubleshooting.

    Good luck with your tests. Expect the best. Not the worst. Who knows it
    might not be as bad as you fear.

    Mikie - love the sound of your trip out with your friend. Ive not been
    near the ocean too many times. Once in Pakistans Karachi beach but the
    sea was dirty brown. And once in Bostons harbour and it was heavenly
    blue, my goodness what a contrast.

    Nothing puts me off like a rude civil servant or any service personnel
    actually. Though with age i am getting better at believing it isnt aimed
    at me personally and has more to do with the offenders own state of
    mind at that point. When young, i had very low self esteem and Im sure
    some nasty people picked up on that and behaved in an aggressive manner.
    But now, hah. Let them try. ive had a few run ins. And could see the surprise
    in those peoples eyes that this mousy person could actually stand her ground.

    Im so glad Barbs attitude has mellowed and you have been kind to let her
    previous unpleasantness go. I hope you two do make it to the music program

    Not much happening here. I did go the other afternoon to the monastery.
    A few rounds of the stupa does wonders as a pick me up. besides giving me
    some needed exercise. I heard a nice soothing chant of our diety Guru
    Padmasambhava coming from a CD shop so i bought it. I played it
    yesterday. On repeat. Prayer music is supposed to cleanse and energise
    the place where it is played, after all music too is energy. Sound waves.

    God Bless

    Last edited: Nov 13, 2014
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    The repairman was back. I think he is done in the bathroom. He's coming
    back Monday to fix new screens for the first story. Although he appears to be
    Mexican, "Mexican" in LA is a very inclusive term. It means "From south of the
    border but not necessarily from Mexico". Gordon heard him on the phone talking
    to someone, but not in Spanish. Turns out he is from Guatemala. They
    use lots of languages in Guatemala.

    Guatemala is in Central America and shares a border with Mexico. Also with
    Belize which is where Julie and Den used to do missionary work. From Julie
    I learned that Belize is the only Central American country whose official language
    is English.

    Springwater, there was news from one our our pizza chain stores a few days ago.
    I wrote it down, but of course I can't find my note. Anywhoo it made me think
    of you. They have some new flavors. One is curry. "Come in and get 'curried away,'
    they say. You think they'd be interested in a bitter melon pizza? :rolleyes:

    Sun, a test that may make you dizzy, headachy, or nauseated sound pretty scary.
    Are you taking a book to read while you wait? I was supposed to have a cat scan a
    year or two ago. Well, I also had an MRI and a sonogram. I used to know the
    difference, but now I get everything mixed up. Anyhoo I said I would do the cat scan
    if it was an open machine. Not the kind where you are enclosed in a big garage can
    (as a friend described it to me) and listen to what sounds like people banging on the
    can with sticks for 20 minutes.

    Anyhoo the testing people insisted I have the test, and I insisted I wouldn't
    because it was the old fashioned sort of machine where you are totally
    enclosed. Anyhoo I didn't have the test. Didn't pay 'em anything either.
    The place was poorly run. The manager was trying to give me an informative
    pamphlet, but couldn't find any. D'OH! Too dumb to realize that if he
    would close the front door of the lobby the noise from the repairs next door
    would be greatly reduced. How come with jobs so hard to get, so many
    incompetent people are still employed?

    Mikie, did you see the news on the earth's magnetic poles a week or so ago?
    Scientists say the magnetic field is weakening which indicates there will be a flip
    in the next few thousand years. They now think it may take only a century or
    two for the flip to take place.

    So does that mean that while this flip is taking place, the arrow on one's compass
    might point E or W, rather than N? All too complicated for my befuddled brain.

    And yes, I remember the sequence of elevens in connection with the end of WW I.
    My dad seldom talked to us kids, but he did mention that a couple times. He was 6
    years old when the USA got involved in the war. I guess the young men catching
    the train for La Crosse, Wisconsin with the crowd and the band made a big
    impression on him.

    Well, have ta come back and post more later. Hugs, everydobby.

    Last edited: Nov 13, 2014
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I don't have time for a Warren Peace (I picture all of you doing a happy dance :) Just waiting to go to get my oil changed.

    Sunflower, perhaps we are talking about different tests. I had a complete cardio workup and it took about three hrs. They had me do the treadmill and then, did a scan. Then, they put in the IV, had me on the treadmill again and did another scan. They checked to see how fast my BP came back down to normal. I had an EKG and pulmonary tests too. That was about 10 years ago. Actually, there are places here who refurbish headlight lenses but it doesn't last. I bought some stuff which was supposed to make them clear and it made them worse. Good luck with the tests.

    Springwater, you walk sounds lovely. Seems to me the music selected you. Music and books select me, not the other way around. Yes, I'm happy that Barb left on a good note. I sat out under the tree to enjoy my orchids last evening after my soak but two neighbors came up and one is not pleasant to be around. Both smoke and I couldn't take that. I made the excuse that the evenings bugs were biting so I went inside. It's almost a sin to me to smoke in such a lovely and peaceful place.

    Rock, I did see that about the poles flipping. I have the same questions as you. Just to complicate things, Magnetic North is not in the same place as True North, as I'm sure you know. Pilots have to account for declination or variance between the two even though they use Magnetic North for navigation. Close to the poles, the declination can be so severe that the compass can actually point south when it should be pointing north. One needs GPS for navigation up there. Before farmers had knowledge of such things, they built fences which run true north, south, east and west. No one knows how they knew how to do it. I don't suppose either of us will be around for the flip but it's fascinating to contemplate.

    Gotta run, Kids. I'll be back to take care of the spammers.

    Love, Mikie
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Just back from the market and the library. We went to a branch we seldom visit. Got
    a buncha books.

    Granni, how's the lumber project coming? Here's a kawinkdink fur ya. I got a western by
    Robert B Parker (who usually writes mystery-thrillers). Here's a quote from Chapter 3.
    "I could see most of the town from where I stood. It was new. Raw lumber; mostly
    unpainted. The boards warping as they dried."

    Mikie, regardless of Barb's reaction, it was very nice of you to offer your coat. I never
    heard about the farmers arranging their fences with true north, etc. Maybe they just
    followed the surveyor lines. :p

    Illustrating the same sort of confusiated thinking, a commentator on Youtube once
    asked how rag time music got its name. I posted what I had read several times. It's
    because the rhythm is ragged. Somebody posted, "No, it's because it says rag time on
    the sheet music." A shame our schools don't teach analytical thinking, but then
    people who peddle things (like politicians) would not approve.

    Julie, got the home town paper from my brother in SE MN. Things is, as you say, cold
    and snowy. They have a food pantry. I notice it's open more hours now than a couple
    years ago (even though our government claims the recession ended in 2009). I
    thought it was interesting that donations are requested, but they will not accept anything
    in glass containers. Also, no peanut butter.

    The ornery stray cat comes around more and more in the daytime now. She is
    looking much better than several months ago. No longer scrawny. And her
    fur coat is beautiful; B & W.

    Think I'll go read some more. Probably take a nap. Hope things are going as bestus
    as possible at your casa, Dear Friends.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Rock ,

    Sorry but the lumber project, as you called it will not start until the week of Thanksgiving. So the LR will stay a mess until then and until it finishes and until I have to try and put things back together again.. What a mess but I am glad we will not be having Thanksgiving at our house. I need to put things sort of back together since they will want to come and see how the floor looks. So it cannot be to much of a mess !!

    Hi also to SW and MIKIE. Not much time now to write but I wanted to answer Rock's question about the wooden flooring. And we WAIT !!!!!!

    Julie - Hope all is well for you and all. Stay warm. It was in the 30's a lot of the day today until it went into the mid 40's for a bit It is supposed to be colder today than yesterday.

    Need to run for now and hope to check in again tomorrow.

    Granni :)
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: walking the stupa.......are those the prayer wheels I've seen in videos? And you're NOT to call yourself are a very elegant lady who must learn to think in those terms. So much of everything is in the perception we have of ourselves.......what energy do we project, and you come across as a very sweet, kind, caring person and very pretty from the pics. I've seen of you. Now my question: how does one enjoy a bitter melon taste? You've got me intrigued. I may go purchase one of those just to try it and see how bitter it is. Of course anything is made wonderful with the addition of garlic!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Mikie: I look at the paperwork for the upcoming heart test. I think it's the same, it's just this time I won't be doing the treadmill since I flunked it royally last time. And yes, Spring, I'm EXPECTING to come thru this with flying colors. I refuse to let any anxiety affect me.

    Rock: ah and Gordon are branching out to try some other libraries to see what they have to offer. I've done that a few times, only going to local city libraries which don't come under the umbrella of our wonderful county one.

    Granni: All the flooring will soon be over and just a dream. Hang in there.

    I have no idea what, if anything, I'll be doing for thanksgiving this year. It's almost 4 months since my DH passed away. My SIL's dad is recuperating from eye surgery, reattaching his retina. I've usually been invited to his mom's house or his sister's house, but there's so much sadness connected with both families this year. My oldest son won't be coming home for thanksgiving this year.......too much going on up in Portland, and I'm trying hard not to feel down about everything. I do have some good things that have transpired so I need to concentrate on those. I'm turning 70 in a few weeks and months ago had thought I could celebrate someplace else to make it memorable, but don't think that will happen.

    I went to Walmart this afternoon to look for some christmas toys.....OMG......I'm so confused as to what would be good to buy. Obviously won't be spending as much as I have in the past. I'm trying hard to live on a fixed income.

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Sun -

    The video shows one of the stupas and the whole 'kora' perambulating experience. Earlier
    i never did understand the significance of going around the stupa pushing prayer wheels
    with 'Om Mane Pema Hung' (may all sentient beings of all seven realms achieve enlightenment
    and liberation from reincarnation/suffering) and inscribed on them or those prayer flags with
    the same printed on them, but i noticed after doing the Pranic healing course and after i had
    turned veg and all that, maybe about a year after, I began seeing auras and when son used to
    come back after doing perambulations, his aura would be noticeably bigger,brighter. It may
    have to do with the energy, all those people chanting prayers and doing their prayer beads..
    and the general atmosphere of worship, but i have learnt not to pooh pooh things our elders
    knew, handed down from thousands, hundreds of years.

    I guess the fact that i always return from one of those trips to the stupas/temples around
    the city with mood and energy levels elevated also helps reinforce my belief that something
    good does happen.

    I also love this monastery (there are hundreds in this city/area)

    perched on a hill. the mantra is to Lord Buddha...(oh wise one, wise one, greatly
    wise one, hail)

    its away from the city about 45 mins north of city and very tranquil unlike the

    Sun, Im sorry about the difficult things happening in your DDs family, it does
    seem like sometimes everything seems to happen at once..but you sound very
    resilient and upbeat and yes, things ARE going to be fine. You are going to
    come through all this with flying colours.!

    About how does one enjoy 'bitter' taste, i guess its a bit like that limburger
    and other smelly cheeses which some people like while others almost faint.
    I think its a bit like that. I remember hating tofu as a child, and celery.
    I used to find those 'smelly' and now i like them.

    Actually when one soaks the bitter melon for half an hour in salt
    water and deep fries it and puts some lemon juice on it, it tastes
    pretty good.

    Oh, and thank you for the lovely things you said about me.

    Im just sitting down for a spell, its 2 in the afternoon and i was digusted with myself
    because i yet again, for second time, made a mistake making DHs spinach with
    cottage cheese dish. Im supposed to boil the spinach first before blending
    and making a paste to fry in clarified butter with spices and fried cottage cheese.
    I again forgot to boil and made raw spinach puree. it changes the whole taste
    into a more bitter one. My help was here, and started laughing, because all that
    cutting washing blending come to nought and the look on my face when i realised
    the mistake. Im more upset because of the waste, it was lovely spinach, fresh
    crunchy and a tad expensive.

    Luckily, I had saved some cut spinach for myself to put in a soup
    later on and i am going to boil those but for the time i am knocked out
    of the cooking zone and trying to recupe. Doesnt take much to
    knock the wind out of my cooking sails. I had me some of last nights
    boiled rice with milk and butter and sugar to comfort myself and sat me
    down at my computer.

    Mikie - what will happen if the poles flip? Lol. Physics never been one of
    my strong points. it didnt help that the teacher in grade 10 was an absolutely
    scary man when he was in a bad mood. He was known for his 'bad' moods.
    Once the other section had two periods of Physics with him, and we were
    passing them as they filed out of the class, because our class had two
    periods with him right after. and my friend from the other section told me,
    he said "now, the other class, the sickening fools". wow. not very conducive
    to any learning i guess.

    I do think it would be really cool to come back in a body with a lot of
    science and math brains...because of not having those in this lifetime.
    How nice not to have to hide and shrink from catching the teachers
    eye when it is time to answer questions and work out problems on the

    Rock - ive gone into an MRI machine once, bout 14 years back when
    i was really sick, forced myself to take every test possible, even when
    the doc said it wasnt can tell how ill i was if i tell
    you i insisted on a colonoscopy and endoscopy when the doc told me
    he didnt think it was necessary. I was terrified of the enclosed space
    but more terrified of having something and not finding out.

    curried melon pizza...hmm..who knows, those computer geeks from
    Mumbai or Delhi down at Silicon Valley might just make those a hit.

    The sun is becoming very watery...these two days...not too pleasant.
    After getting used to clothes drying in one day after a good hanging
    out in the bright sun all day.

    Take care all

    God Bless

    Last edited: Nov 15, 2014
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I had to use Firefox to get into PH this morning. Explorer worked for a while but quit. There's more than one way to skin a cat! Speaking of cats--these two are wild after being out for the night in 50 degree weather instead of our usual 70's. The huge cold spell stops about half-way down the state (we are waaaaaay down in the bottom half) and it only causes our temps to fall a bit. The cats chased each other and jumped in and out of some boxes I have here and in and out of my cloth shopping bags. They are tired when they are through chasing around and are snoozing. I found a leaf from one of my plants covering their food dish when I went out on the lanai. It is pure Tweety modus operandi. When I used to put food dishes down in the front yard for them when they lived outside, Tweety would eat as much as she wanted and then would kick dirt and mulch into the food so no one else could eat it. She's a bit of a sociopath.

    The new headlight assemblies for the Highlander came yesterday evening. I checked them out and they are the right ones and are beautiful. I'm so glad I chose to replace them instead of having the old ones treated. I just have to call the mechanic to schedule their installment. These are original equipment manufacturing (oem) so are not some cheap after-market junk. These have been treated to keep them from getting that haze on the lens. My old ones lasted 12 years so these ought to be good for a long time. I only have less than 38,000 miles on the vehicle and I keep it looking almost as good as new. The bright shiny new headlights will really make it look new. I'm so excited. Had an oil change and needed a new air filter.

    I feel so blessed to have an honest mechanic whose work is guaranteed by AAA. He is very religious and walks the walk. He volunteers to help building homes for the poor and goes where natural catastrophies cause people to lose their homes. He has religious tracts in the waiting area and he says he gives away about 400 of them a week. I took one with a very nice little prayer in it. I like to use them for bookmarks and say the prayers on them.

    I think I was a man in a former life. I just love being in the office at the mechanic's place. You can feel the manliness and testosterone and I'm not talking about sex; I'm talking about what it is like to be around the other half. You can smell the oil and grease and they talk about other things than women do--interesting things (not that women don't talk about interesting things; we just talk about different interesting things) Men and women are different and Viva la difference! The dog has a blanket in the corner where he sleeps. There is nothing fancy about this place; it's a mechanic's Man Cave.

    I stopped at Target and Dollar Tree afterward. I needed an ink cartridge. My printer is acting up and I hope that by removing the ink cartridges and replacing the black ink, it will shape up. I'll pull the power too just to cause it to boot up. I need to get my resume printed out to run for the board. Joan, the current president, is my "campaign mgr.," and she is doing a bang up job. If I get elected, she's lined up enough votes to get me elected president. But, I digress... I don't know whether it was walking around the stores or our current cooler weather but I came home pooped. I went to bed and fell into a deep, deep sleep. Around 3:00, Sylvester came in to alert me that it was time for their treats. I was so groggy and I put him out on the lanai until I got my wits about me. I don't mind his reminding me that it's treat time, but I don't want him to think it's OK to pounce on me when I'm asleep.

    Rock, thanks for your kind words about Barb and my coat. I've always rewarded her good behavior by being friendly and walked away when she is in a foul mood. She's been so good since coming home. I hope and pray that she makes a full recovery. I think she will but will not be back here to live on her own. Yes, the schools concentrate so much on passing standardized tests that they forget to teach critical, logical thinking. How many library branches are within driving distance from you? I laughed at Sun's branching out pun. Good one! Glad your kitty is looking so healthy. Simon has only been here once in two weeks. Someone is obviously feeding him something more to his liking. Tweety and Sir Vester will eat nothing but original Meow Mix, the little purists. Oh well, kibble type food is better for them. Neither ever has bad breath and I've never seen them brushing with tiny tooth brushes.

    Sunflower Girl, your pun was a good one! I wish you well with the tests. I opted for the treadmill and not the chemical because I was able to do it. Actually, they didn't even make me work very hard. Maybe it's the chemical which they were referring to as making people feel sick. My palpitations are gone. I always take extra magnesium and get more of it when I soak in Epsom Salts. I know what you are going through with the whole gift thing. My kids and I stopped the gift giving madness years ago. I now only buy for my DGS and, this year, I'm just sending him the pack of new 100 one-dollar bills. I found a candy bar which is a dollar bill with Santa instead of George Washington on it. It states, "In Santa We Trust." I'll put it on top of the money and hope it doesn't melt.

    Springwater, I agree with Sun; you are a beautiful, smart and kind person. Everything I have read leads me to believe that when we pray, if we write our prayers down, include movement, ring bells, or light candles, our prayers seem to carry more weight. The Oprah/Chopra meditations don't seem to be working as well as the last ones but I know I am changed in a good way when I do them. There are so many common rites and beliefs in our different religions and I have benefited from learning, and practicing, many of them.

    Granni, I'm sorry for your long wait but it's nice to know the installers are being so careful. The wood must be good quality for them to take such preventive measures. When it's done, it will be beautiful! I'm now leaving that door open to the front office. Sylvester is sleeping on the back of the loveseat in there. I wish I had never shut that door and my carpet would no be ruined. This is why I never wanted pets at this stage in my life but now, I love these kids so much, I wouldn't part with them for anything except Julie's wanting them back. I have a feeling that she's going through so much that she may just never feel like taking them so I'm prepared for the duration. That's OK but I am praying for a full recovery for her too.

    OK, I'm making up for my last terse post with this epic Warren Peace. Have a grand day, everyone.

    Love Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon dear Porchies !!!

    JULIE - I hope you get to rest some this weekend and get to feeling better. Yes, Keira is getting to be so grown up and can help you out, I am sure. You don't need to be around the little ones, for both of your sakes. W aren't doing much of anything this weekend. It is to COLD out and DH and I went to Sams to check out their sales. They had special sale with all kinds of big stuff but we didn't buy any of that. We did pick up a heavy shirt and PJ's for me ( for Christmas). Then we came home and I struggled with the computer and printer that didn't want to print after I had put in some new cartridges in the other day. It was fine that day and quit the next day. I fooled around with it again and then it started again. Then it quit yesterday and this morning after I kept removing and putting in the cartridges it refused to behave itself. After I put in another blk cartridge it finally worked. That gets me so aggravated when one of them don't work right, and you have to waste one almost full one.:mad:

    MIKIE - I hope that your new black printer cartridge works for you. These printers can be so persnickety and the cartridges too.

    Now that I printed out my Christmas card list I will need to get started soon - ugh !! One nice surprise I got an e-mail from my DS who said that we were having Christmas at THEIR house this year again. So that s OK with me . Last year we spoke of having a German Christmas this year. It should be fun but interesting especially when you have to bring the stuff somewhere else. We are going to make Sauerbraten and potato balls or dumplings. How can you keep dumplings warm or warm them up after they have gotten cool in the car??? You don't want to get them hard as a rock in the microwave esp. with a large number. Problems, problems !! Well first things first. I only have to brig a few things to DD's for Thanksgiving. Now I just have to worry bot gift giving !!! YIKES !

    It is the 40's now but feels colder and feels like SNOW -very damp out. All of you in the cold areas, try and stay warm !!

    SUN- Good luck on your tests. Hope your whiz right through them and the come out real good.

    DIANE - Thinking of you too and hope your crazy sleep cycle clears up soon after changing the clock back.. Good luck on your dentist appointment. Hang in there. I know you will do well !!

    Thinking of all you dear Porchies not mentioned.

    Granni :)

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