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    Hi Kids

    I was reluctant to start a new thread. It sometimes is confusiatin' if the poster who
    started the previous thread also starts the current one. But what's a little confusion
    is a world that's already "A blooming, buzzing confusion" to quote William James,
    famous American philosopher, physician and psychologist. He was the first to teach
    a class in psychology in America. (My father was one year old at the time.)
    {He was not enrolled in the class.}

    Our handyman was back again yesterday. Gordon went back to the dentist. He left
    me with explicit instructions regarding 3 phone calls we were expecting. Guess how
    many calls we got. That's right. Exactly none. Anyhoo Armando appeared and
    repaired the back porch step and refurbished the window screens.

    In winnowing through stuff to throw and stuff to keep, I found a copy of "Poet's
    Review" magazine. Here's something I wrote over 2 decades ago and forgot all about.

    The Meaning of Life
    Invictus Revisted

    Fifty! It rings like a Rankian gong.
    I'm sure that I'm right (unless I am wrong).
    Middle-age is upon me. No longer the nifty
    young man of the moment. It's true. I've turned fifty!
    My hair isn't gray, though it's certainly thinning.
    And the fight to stay trim I am no longer winning.
    And yet, do I actually mind getting on?
    Aren't there some lessons to reflect upon?

    I now am the teacher, no longer the taught.
    And most of my fights have already been fought.
    I've accomplished some things; failed at a few.
    More often I take a less passionate view.
    Now and then there was drama, with storm and with strife.
    But I think I have measured the meaning of life.
    After searching and studying; prayer and devotion;
    I finally have reached this incredible notion.

    I don't have to mediate till I go blind.
    It's all up to me; it's all in my mind.
    I believe what I like. There's no ultimate source.
    I may go astray, but I chart my own course.
    My compass is set. No one else can now move it.
    And if I am wrong, how can anyone prove it?

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    Rock, thanks for getting us up and running on the new Porch. I have nothing new to add to yesterday's post so have moved it over here. Love your poem!

    Hi, Kids,

    Springwater, Julie's message to you is private so it won't show up on the boards here. It comes to your e-mail and if you want to answer her, click on her Avatar and click on "start a conversation." She will receive the message in her home e-mail. It's a nice way for us to private message each other without our having to post our e-addresses here. PH does this for our safety. Wow! You certainly have an interesting life. Your food makes me drool as it's more spicy than our usual fare. Better than the mac 'n cheese I just ate. I also love that you have so many temples and the towns are filled with colorful flowers and scents from burning herbs. Your wonderful descriptions are like a travelogue for me.

    Julie, write whenever you want and I'll answer. I'm glad my blunt honesty isn't offensive.

    Sha, my DSIL's mother has lupus and FMS. It isn't unusual for FMS to hitch a ride with immune and autoimmune illnesses. My neighbor has MS and FMS. I have FMS, CFIDS/ME and Sjogren's Syndrome. It seems that once we pick up one of these illnesses, more just keep coming. It's like the fruit of the month club but with illnesses. Lucky us--NOT!!! I miss my Martha Stewart days too but I'm glad I did all that before I got too sick to continue. I'm also glad, and lucky, that my illnesses didn't show up until my kids were grown. It breaks my heart to read about the sick folks here trying to raise little ones. Your kitty sound like a hoot! My cats grew up outside with only each other to cuddle with so they aren't cuddlers. I wish they were. They do like to have me pet them and talk sweetly to them. They gently purr and make little cooing sounds. They also give me big love looks.

    Rock, just read a critique on "When Lions Roar" so downloaded it to my Kindle. Kindle books are soooo much cheaper than the hardbacks, even new bestsellers. Of course, using the library is cheaper yet. This book tells all about the Kennedys' and Churchills' lurid sex lives and, of course, their places in history. The book critic made it sound very interesting and a fresh perspective we haven't read about yet. If I can ever read without falling asleep, I'll let you know how I like it.

    I took the kitty arch downstairs for Ponette, my neighbor's cat. If she doesn't use it, it's going back to the store. I put fresh catnip in the base for her. Her Mommy is French so Ponette must be a French name. We aren't having a condo mtg. tomorrow as it's supposed only to be in the 40's in the morning and we meet at the pool. I had to fill out my application to run for the board and I attached my resume. My printer did work to print the resume but when I tried to print out a puzzle from the newspaper, it printed in black and red. Oy! I may have to delete all printers from my computer's devices and download the driver from the Epsom website again. Something is wrong with the handshake between my computer and the printer. Yes, gremlins are busy right now.

    I called my mechanic to schedule having the new headlight assemblies installed in the Highlander. He said to just come on down so I did. It only took about 20 mins. and he only charged me $68. I said, "OMG, that's so cheap."

    He replied, "OK, then it's $108!"

    I said, "I'll settle for nothing less than $200." I love people you can kid around with. The vehicle looks sooooo good with its new wax job and new headlights. Even a nice wax job doesn't help a car with hazy headlights.

    I stopped at Publix to use my raincheck for BOGOs on the Meow Mix for the cats. I shopped a little for me too and made a donation to their food drive. I've never been hungry a day in my life so when Pulix has a food drive, I always donate. We have some very wealthy people who winter here in their gorgeous homes. Many are already here and the Jaguars, Mercedes and even Bentleys are showing up. On the surface, we look like privileged people.

    Inland is agriculture and we have some poor areas. I'm so pleased that there is now a program for children of migrant workers so they can go to college. For many, even high school has always been but a dream. So many of the kids have had to work in the fields to help out their families. People living in our traditionally poor areas have worked hard to bring their kids up to school stds. so they can go on to a higher education. I think people here are finally realizing that a rising tide raises all boats. When I cashiered at Publix for my little retirement job, so many of our customers were wealthy and gave all kinds of money at home but so many of them also participated in our various charity drives. Publix is a family/employee-owned supermarket chain and they sponsor a lot of good charities.

    Well, I'll have another Warren Peace here if I don't stop. My love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Everyone

    Just got back from town. Had to go get photograph taken (we need pp size ones
    all the time for official works n stuff and my camera had oh so many old photos
    just backed up and never printed..i chose which i needed to print and ended
    up ordering 170 pcs!! you see, there were photos from all of last year, the functions
    and everything, lots with DHs uncles family, even photos of when we visited a
    far off monastery when my dear brother was alive and another one for prayers
    when he had DHs aunt always looks forward to getting printed
    photos and i will hv to give each member of her other family, uncles daughter
    and children from first wife, hence all the photos.

    Also some window shopping..

    Rock - your poem is good! im just surprised you never considered sending in
    your works to any publisher. Who knows that you would hv been a bestselling
    author and traversing the world with all the lucre.

    Theres Sun with her wonderful talent at painting and she never attempted to
    exhibit. And now Sha with her talent for creating handicrafts. I feel a lil
    insignificant. By the way I hope Sun is well. She was going to go do her tests,
    I think...maybe thats why no post yet.

    Julie has gone to the chiro and gotten a good session, both she and Den.

    Hope she checks in tomorrow.

    Mikie, once i change the font size to a bigger one, isnt it supposed to stay the
    same until i change it back to small? My font changes back to small every new
    line, lol!

    The day when machines take over men is approaching soon, beware all
    ye puny humans out there....

    God Bless

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Had to pay some bills online so thought I'd pop in. Glad I did as there were five new spammers posting. What a pain in the you-know-what these pests are. All their work is for naught here as I think we are all onto their scams. It's been raining steadily since last evening. I put the cats' sleeping sacks out on the lanai last night. One went untouched and the other was dragged over to cover the food dishes. Hmmmm! I wonder which cat might have done that. I'd leave them in on cold nights but they jump up on my bed and pester me to put them out. I'd even sleep with the lanai slider doors open but Sylvester demands it be closed before he'll stay out there. Tweety is asleep atop the loveseat so I turned the coverlet back so she is covered with the fleece side. She seems very happy. Maybe this will give her the idea to climb into her sleep sack.

    I ventured out into the rain to mail Barb's birthday card. Found a couple of bills in my box so decided it's as good a time as any to pay them. Also transferred some money from checking into savings. Checking is low because I had about $1,000 in co-pays while I was getting injured every month for a while and just had to pay my property taxes. I'm lucky because I've lived here a long time and am homesteaded. I also get credit for being old and being poor but if they used them all, it would fall below the taxable value of the condo. Bbut still, everything helps.

    I just unloaded the dishwasher and have my last load of laundry in the washer. I think this rain will drizzle all day. We need it so I'm happy. I'm getting a lot of little things done in here but I have a lot of messes so it may take time. It doesn't help that I'm Herxing from my AV. It started yesterday and is still with me. Can't get too far from the porcelain facility. The diarrhea is actually a blessing because it carries the dead, and toxic, viruses out of my bod.

    OK, now that I've grossed y'all out, my work here is done. Hope everyone has an outstanding day!

    Love, Mikie
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    Great poem Rock! It made me feel GOOD. In the last stanza did you mean meditate or mediate? I used to write a lot of poetry myself. Took some classes in it, one from Philip Levine, a well-known poet. He is published in the New Yorker every now and then. But you can't be taught poetry, I think. It either comes naturally or not at all. My favorite poets are Gerard Manley Hopkins and Dylan Thomas. Also like Donald Justice and James Wright.

    Dear Diane, it's so nice to hear that you have your dentistry arranged and are happy with it. My mum was dental-phobia, and could only see them if they completely sedated her also. I need to see my dentist soon, but so many things keep getting in my way; medical visits and the energy of a sloth. I'd come and eat seafood with you, but let's wait until the weather gets warmer! Then we can gorge on shrimp, mussels, clams, crab and crayfish..... ;).

    Mikie, I love staghorn ferns. I saw a clump once hanging from an oak tree that took two men to move to it's warmer winter quarters. This was up here at the Benbow Inn, where Charles Laughton and many other actors used to stay and vacation. Maybe they saw it when it was just a couple of fronds! I do so love hearing about your interest in orchids, and what you do with them. Florida must be fun for tropicals --- but I'm not prepared to move there! Too darn flat, and sinkholes scare me more than earthquakes. :eek:

    The weather here is about 50, overcast with a lot of rain to come for days. We haven't had any frosts yet, so I still have my Geraniums -- about 15 --on the porch. They will soon be coming into the sun-room though. I used to have hundreds of named varieties, but time ..........

    NRG gone, love to All
    Love from Barry..
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    Now that it is almost nighty night time I'll hop back on the PORCH to say HI to awl- Barry, Mikie, and Diane who just posted and everyone else that might be lurking about.

    Diane - So glad that you liked your dentist and all went well on the first visit. I think each time you go you will get more relaxed. I have been wondering when you might be going to the dentist for your apt. Glad that one is done and over with. How long before you go again?? I am so proud of you !!! Hope you get break and do not have to go again for awhile. Thanks for your update. I haven't been on the PORCH whole lot myself either. S much to do and it will only be getting worse although I have been cutting back on my church singing. Oh my it sure is cold where you are. It was in the low 30's last night and tis morning and low 50's this afternoon. Yes, I know I am a wimp and can't stand he cold. Hope it warms up for you guys soon !!!

    Mikie - Your cats are so hysterical they crack me up the way you speak of them. Hope your rain lets up even though I am sure you need it..

    Julie - Hang in there girl. Glad you have made the big decision for yourself and the betterment of you and all, I would say. When are the kids leaving on their trip - for Thanksgiving ? How nice you and Den will be working on their house for them.
    Barry - Thanks for your nice newsy post . Nice to hear from you. Good you have a place for your flowers and plant when the weather gets to bad !!Sorry your NRG has gone caput !!

    Sun - The workmen are coming Monday , the week of Thanksgiving to start the LR flooring. We found that out a week ago but you must have missed my post about it. Went out shopping and lunch with DD today. I was nice for a change. Hope al is well with you sweetie with the holidays almost here.

    Gotta run to go watch something with DH!!

  7. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Mikie, great negotiating with your mechanic. About the same as Lucy when
    she and Ethel bought the dress shop. Re: herxing, whenever I see that word I
    think of hexing. Reminds me of McBeth and the hexing by the witches. I
    only saw one production of McBeth. It was back in the 70s, I think. The
    title role was played by Charlton Heston. He did a very good job. Also played
    Mark Antony in a film of Julius Casar.

    Thanks for the kind review, Barry. You are right. The word in question should have
    been "meditate". My fingers don't type so good no more, and my spelling has gone
    to blazes. Meh! Encourages me to stop being a perfectionist.

    We have a staghorn fern too. Gordon calls it the faghorn fern. Our neighbors had
    a huge one. They said they fed it a banana now and then. Tucked it in the center
    part somewhere.

    Glad to hear you got through the dental work, Diane. Isn't it awful what they
    charge. We had a great dentist, but he went back to Romania and some
    woman from Iran moved in. She could use some help with her bedside manor.
    First time I met her she was wearing a sort of welder's face mask. Didn't know
    enough to take it off when meeting people. Or to shake hands. Or to say, "Welcome",

    She just did some work on Gordon. He negotiated her price down. She was
    reluctant. On the other hand she didn't want to lose another customer. The
    waiting room is always vacant when Gordon goes. And she's only open 3
    days a week. I won't go there at all. I had a female Iranian dentist do a
    root canal on me in the 70s. I had intermittent pain for 30 years thereafter.
    Do you still have any of your old verses. Post 'em.

    Julie, thanks for your kind words. I kinda doubt I'll be here in four years, but a
    verse for your natal day might start with: Can it be I'm turning 60? Now I'm
    not a youthful pixie?

    Do people still get pics developed? Isn't everything electronic nowadays? Here's a
    story I've posted before, but perhaps not all of you have heard it. Flash bulbs
    appeared on the scene after WW II. My mother went to the drugstore one day and
    found Ruby nearly falling over her counter laughing. She said Miss Workman, my
    first grade teacher had just left. She brought in a dozen flash bulbs and wanted
    them developed.
    A classic case of not grasping the concept.

    Springwater, not too many best selling poets in America. I've read they have
    lots of them in Japan. Wonder if they all write haiku. Anyway we had
    Spoonriver Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters in the early 20th century and the
    sequel. (I tried a search for same, but the search engine changed the title to "Spoon"
    which seems to be the name of a rock band.)

    And then there was Robert Frost and Rod McKuen. Don't know if Carl Sandburg
    or Walt Whitman had best sellers. Anyhoo, when I sent copies of my stuff to
    friends and relatives it was just ignored, so I kinda doubt anyone would buy it.
    (Although in my younger days I did sell some stuff to greeting card companies.)

    Granni, your temps are below freezing already? How much colder does it get
    down there? How far are you from the Mexican boarder?

    Ok, Adios, Amigos
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Coming to y'all from cold (for us) FL. Brrrrrrr!!! It got down into the 40's last night so I brought in all the expensive orchids, some of which are in bloom. I left the HUGE dendrobium, which is also in bloom, because the last time I brought it in, I broke off a new cane. It's lying on the ground and, from what I've read, it may sprout roots and I can put it in a pot. I left the Phals, none of which are in bloom. As it is, my entire kitchen countertop is covered with pots. I first put them on the floor and Sylvester went mad, sniffing all the plants, especially the blooms. I don't think he is the one who chews the lower leaves of my plants out on the lanai. He is such a gentle soul and just seems to love plants.

    The cats kept asking to go out for the night and then kept asking to come back in again because it was so cold out. I finally just put them out and unfolded their sleeping sacks so they would have something to crawl into if necessary. This was about 11:00 last night. They were up yowling to be let in about 4:00. It can get down to freezing in Jan. and Feb. here and I don't know what I'll do with them if they want to sleep outside. They lived outside when they were growing up. Jeff had little fleece-lined teepees for them so they wouldn't freeze. One particularly cold night, my neighbor saw Tweety curled up with a possum on the step to keep warm. I'll just leave it up to them if it gets that cold. I know if they were to crawl into their sleeping sacks, they would be OK. Question is whether they would get into them. They prefer to lie up on top of the table or cat condo.

    I have to go down to the pool and leave a note with my telephone number in case the pool furniture refurbishers need something when they bring some of our pool furniture in. We turned off the propane heater because at these temps, it can never keep up and we just uselessly burn gas and it's expensive. People who visit down here act as though they are paying to stay at the Ritz. They leave their junk behind and complain that the pool isn't warm enough. They sit and walk on the rope which causes it to pull out of the pool wall and it is very expensive to repair. Two massively obese teenage girls, in bikinis no less, were on the rope slithering along it. I had to explain to them why we have to stay off the rope. I'm always very nice when I do this but they acted so offended. I'm the one who should be offended; I can't get the pic of them slithering along the rope out of my mind's eye. Hey! I could lose a few pounds myself but I'm no teenager and I have put my bikini years behind me.

    Diane, sounds as though you will get you dental work done in a manner in which you will feel much more comfortable. I am lucky that dentistry doesn't bother me; I have a mouth full of crowns and root canals. Still, as you know, I have anxiety over other things and I can empathize with you. I hope and pray all goes well. Dentist said I had a "5" gap in the gum on one tooth. I worked and worked on my gums with the Water Pik, floss, periodontal brushes and the little hard rubber thing I rub on my gums to increase blood circulation and to make the gums tougher. Gap is down to a "4" so I may not need the under gum cleaning. I hope not. Good for you for finding a good dentist and getting the work done. How's the kitties?

    Barry, yes, FL is flat. I come from the Rocky Mountains so the flatness is not lost on me. Up by Ocala, it is a little hilly--horse country. If I need a mountain fix, I go to CO. I love the climate and beaches here so the tradeoff is worth it. I've decided I have enough orchids, at least, for now except that I'd like to get a Lady of The Night. The sinkhole problem is mainly in the Hwy. 4 corridor up by Orlando. So far, it has not been a problem here. We have this limestone coral rock underlying the topography and in some areas, it is prone to sinkholes. One guy got swallowed when he was in his bed and he was never found. What a horrible way to go! We have a HUGE stag horn fern in one of our trees down the street. It is suspended by enormous chains. I'm not sure two men could move it. They all start out like this little one. When it needs to be moved, I think I'll put it in the crotch of our tree.

    Granni, these cats keep me smiling all the time. They are really good for the most part. Tweety is a beautiful pure white, as you can see in the avatar. She is super smart, self-centered and ornery. She picks on her brother but always looked out for him when they lived outside. Sir Vester is a long haired, handsome cat with beautiful symmetrical markings. He has the sweetest face and is a gentle little guy. From the back, when he is walking, he looks a bit like a little old man wearing a black cape. Due to his one front webbed paw, he swaggers when he walks. He favors it less and less as he gets older. I love them sooooo much but if Julie wants them back, I would miss them but know that she loves them as much as I do and also treats them like royalty.

    Rock, thank you for your kinds words regarding my savvy negotiating skills. :) "Boil, boil, trouble and toil." We had to read Shakespeare in HS and I fell in love with him. The Spring of my Senior year was magical. I felt wonderful and took to hiking in the foothills in Boulder, stopping to read poetry and enjoy the view of my town (sounds just like the opening scene in "Peyton Place"). I had a feeling that love was just around the corner and, sho 'nuff, that's when I met my future husband. I'll never forget that season of magic, music, poetry and love. Oh, if only we could feel that way the rest of our lives. Well, at least, I have that memory. Other than my painful divorce and these nasty illnesses, though, my life has been blessed. It still is and, strangely, I've moved into a more settled and grateful stage. I asked God for more purpose in my life and He sent the cats back to me. Now, I feel if I don't get elected to our board, our neighborhood could lose some of it's attractiveness and value. My campaign mgr. has talked two other women into running so we might have a chance to clean house and get a board with the same objectives as mine. It's time for a shakeup. In an interview, John Cleese said he has moved into a new stage where he doesn't give a flying (expletive deleted) and it's so freeing).

    These changes in temp and, hence, ambient pressure always give me a sinus headache. I woke with it and took two acetaminophen and some nasal spray. I put an ice bag on my head and it's still there as I type this. We will warm up to the 60's today and the pressure should rise enough to get rid of my headache. Today will be more of cleaning out some piles of paperwork before I dig into the front office. I'm going to look for some audio cables while I'm in there as my TV sounds tinny even when I adjust the sound. I think I'll try to hook it up to my new CD player and use the "aux" function to see whether those speakers help. If not, I may try one of those soundbars without the sub woofer. Don't want to rattle the people downstairs out of bed; I watch TV early.

    OK, enough Warren Peace. Hope everone has the best day ever.

    Love, Mikie
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I LOVE when you write about your two furbabies. I feel like I know them so well and their little quirks. My DDs cat, Matisse, was the sweetest, most gentle cat ever. He lived to a long age, about 16 years. Unfortunately he was ailing and just up and disappeared one afternoon when he was left outside. My DDs family was heartbroken and they looked for him in their area. They live near a wilderness area with lots of coyotes, snakes, etc. I told her I think he knew he was going to die and just left so he could die by himself. He disappeared for a few days both times when she was about to deliver. We always thought that was strange, but pets seem to sense things about us.

    I've also got a large staghorn fern, it's probably at least 30 years old. I tried that banana trick but nothing seemed to happen. I need to find time to feed it. It's in a spot near my front door and it does get water.

    Diane: I empathize with you concerning the dentist. I'm dental phobic and always said I would die before I saw a dentist again.......until I got terrible pain and had to undergo a root canal with a specialist. OMG......such anxiety! I think that go around was about 7 or 8 visits. A crown is really the easy part, just time consuming. Good luck on finding a small turkey. Have you thought about a turkey roll? Since it's only one of you eating it.

    Rock: You're always so full with interesting trivia. I bet you would be excellent playing a trivia game. You might think about buying one of them just for your own enjoyment. I bet you could beat yourself!!! I'm terrible at remembering things anymore, but then trivia was never one of my strong points.

    Spring: wow.......that's a lot of pics. to get developed. Are some of them to be shared or do they all go into an album? I stopped getting pics. developed. I just take the easy way and once I've downloaded them into my computer, I pick some specials ones to print on my printer.......which right now is causing me havoc. I always relied on my DH to fix the computer and related things, now I have to figure things out on my own.

    Julie: I'm sending a PM to you

    I've been going thru some difficult days/nights with my med tests. Monday was the echocardiogram and that was pretty easy. Just lying on a bed while the tech worked on my with a wand. Yesterday was harder with the breath test. The tech put me on an albuterol nebulizer. My mom needed to use it once daily, but after the 15 min. of breathing on it, I started terrible shakes and felt awful. I came home and did a search....apparently it's a common side effect.

    And NO caffeine for over 24 hrs. for the heart test this morning. It took me almost an hr. to drive there (freeways were a nightmare) and when I got to the clinic I was met by the director. She apologized but the special company that does these once a week had their tech call in sick. So actually I was very relieved. I had been praying for hours that God would help me through it........and here the appt. was canceled. The director told me it had never happened before..........Of course I KNOW God is still looking out for me and I can't tell you how happy I was. I had been up all night long with ice and heat on my head......caffeine withdrawal?.........and started throwing up around 5 a.m. Now I'm wondering if it's a flu bug that is causing this awful distress because once home I had a big bout with my head in the toilet. And I've decided I MUST wean myself from the caffeine.
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  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Sun, maybe you could wean off of caffeine by switching from coffee to tea? I'm sure you will be glad when all your medical appts. are done and finished with, as will Diane with her dentistry. I try to keep at least a week,, preferably two, between appts. just for recovery. It sure is hard to have multiple things wrong with my aging body, but the worst is M.E. for me. No pun intended!

    Diane. You are buying a turkey. Kevin won't eat it. You have gone off it. Am I missing something here? Or are you REALLY buying it for the cats? :p I guess we will get one too, or a big roaster chicken that Richard wants me to stuff under the skin. By the way, I see you like giblets too, unless that was in jest. I love fowl livers, hearts, gizzards, and especially the kidneys that are tucked up into the back! Anyways, good eating to you, my friend ------ Dungeness Crab season is going to begin in a couple of weeks here. I'm hoping they are fat and cheap, and not all shipped off to China and Japan!

    Lunch-time. Homemade lentil soup with winter cress.
    Love to all,
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi to everydobby,

    Just got back from the store with DH to try and find the potato dumpling me for Christmas. Yay it didn't take umpteen stores and tries to find it. Maybe because it is close to he holidays that Kroger super center had a supply of it in. I should have taken a few more boxes but DH was in his usual hurry to leave and I wasn't thinking so I only bought 4.. Also will have to figure out how to transport them and warm them up, so they don't get like hard golf balls :)!!!

    Sun - Glad the test you were really nervous about was called off but to badly that you had to drive all the way there first to find out. Yes, as Barry mentioned you might want to try decaff tea or coffee for your test again. I drink decaff most of the time due to high b/p , or tea/ Green tea is good and also some with fruit flavors. Hope you are starting to feel better after your ordeals.

    Have to go and make some meat loaf for DH. Didn't know what to make and DH brought home some hamburger with some fat in it and so figured that would be good to do for a change. Haven't made it in so long. Not sure I have all the right ingredients.

    Hi also to Julie, Barry, Spring Water, Rock, Diane , Joan and All who I may have forgotten !!

    Granni :)
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi again, Porchies,

    I spent the day cleaning out piles of paperwork and sorting them. This is just the current stuff; I still have to clean out the old stuff in the front office. AACK!!! :confused: It remains cold out and I'm keeping the orchids in for another night. I'm sure the cats will pester me to go out. I'm keeping their little sleeping sacks in so they are warm when I put them out. It appears that the cats, at least, sat on them if not actually getting inside them last night. Just made my contribution to the Salvation Army online. It's such a good charity. My family and I get as much kick out of finding out who donated to what as we would if we were opening gifts. Of course, the best gift of all would be to be together. DD is bringing Andy down in Jan. My other DD and SIL will be in Ft. Lauderdale in Feb. and I may drive over. The car could use a road trip to the other coast.

    This cold is making me feel tired. Working on paperwork always tires me out too. I just watched "Sons of Anarchy." I think, as violent as it is, it is one of the best series ever, along with "The Sopranos." It's the last season and I'll miss it. The cats are snoozing, Sir Vester on the back of the loveseat in my front office and Tweety on the back of the loveseat in the living room. Sylvester also sleeps a lot in the little cat bed where he can look out at the lanai and pond beyond. The human Snowbirds aren't the only ones arriving early. We've had storks and other wading birds all over the place. One group spends money here and the other is beautiful to behold. What's not to like!

    Diane, my Water Pik is an old one and I had to buy the gum piks separately. They are shaped so that you follow the gum line and the warm water gently massages the gums while removing any food missed by brushing and flossing. Keep the tool perpendicular to the gum line to avoid irritating the gums. I believe there is a new one which is a Gum Pik model. Just start out slowly and don't turn it up too much or it can make gums sore or even shove food up under the gums. You want a low number and go slowly. You can add Listerine and/or hydrogen peroxide to the warm water. You can also add colloidal silver. I'm amazed sometimes when I've used my periodontal brushes and tooth brush and still blast out some chunks with the Water Pik. Buy it wherever it costs less. Wally World is probably good but if you have a Bed Bath & Beyond and a 20 percent off coupon, it might cost less. Also check Costco if you belong to it. Good luck. I haven't heard whether Ponette likes the brush arch yet. It's too cold to go out and chat with neighbors. Glad Beety is doing so well. My prayers are with you for your dental work.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm glad you enjoy my cats' antics. A friend of mine named her baby Matisse. I agree that cats, and other animals, seem to know intuitively what is going to happen. I'm sorry you are shaky. Caffeine withdrawal can do that. So can the albuterol. I use it in my nebulizer. What really makes me jittery is having to use my rescue inhaler for asthma. Thank God I seldom need it. Hope you don't have the flu. It could easily be the stress, drugs and coffee withdrawal. Think positively. Stag horn ferns must like potassium. It's easier to put a pot. supp. tablet in a glass of water and water plants with it. I have Mandivillas and they like pot. You're in my prayers as well.

    Barry & Granni, I haven't even thought about what I'll do for TG. I may buy a turkey TV dinner. Although, seafood does sound good. Just finished my Porterhouse steak I grilled on my little Cuisinart grill. They are on sale and one steak provides two or three meals. For me, TG is just another day. I could be in Dallas but just don't have the money and can't do the hours on the planes and on layover. I don't mind being alone. I'll give the cats their special broth dinners.

    Guess I'll get going on that nap I need. Love, hugs and kisses to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Where is everydobby? Sleeping in? I hope everyone is feeling so well that y'all are up and out and attem'. This is my first attempt to upload a pic and what I'm seeing are two full sized pics when I try to view it. Anyhoo, this is the HUGE dendrobium orchid blooms. I can't get the whole plant in one pic or y'all wouldn't be able to see the blooms. So, there are two canes in bloom in this pic. They are actually smaller and more delicate looking than they look here. Each cane is about 2' in length with another foot when one adds the stems with blooms. This means it is 4-6' across, depending on what canes are blooming. I'll post more pics of my orchids when I come again.

    I was sooooo cold this morning that I put on my fuzzy-wuzzy robe and two pairs of socks. Finally, I gave in and turned on the heat to boost the temp up to 70. It's good to run the heater once in a while anyway to make sure it's still working but it uses about twice the electricity as A/C. I gathered my receipts and copied them to get reimbursed for plants and the shutters I paid for for our bldg. I like to get things at Lowe's so we save 5 percent if I use my Lowe's card. I also filled out the paperwork to get approval to put up our outside louvered decorative shutters on the four windows on each end of our bldg. which protrude toward the street. I can't wait to get the approval and get the handyman to put them up for us. Our bldgs. are gray stucco with white trim. Adding black shutters, as they did on the townhouses across the street, give everything a look of Southern gentility. It's very serene with live oaks lining the entry. The minute Mom and I, with the realtor, drove in, we knew we were home.

    Guess I'll shower now that it's not so cold in here. I'd like to go to Wally World but with all the Snowbirds arriving, it's a madhouse. I may just shop at Publix for food and save WW for another day. WW has those microfiber cloths really cheap and I've about used all my old ones up waxing the car and cleaning grease on the wheels and tires. They can be washed but there is a limit of how filthy I want to let them get before buying new ones. They are great for cleaning the top of my ceramic stove burner area.

    I had better get going. Hope our Porchies stop in.

    Love, Mikie

    064.jpg 064.jpg
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    WOW MIKIE, those Dendrobium orchids look huge in those picture(s) . Don't think I have ever seen them before or if I did I didn't know what they were. Thanks for posting them. Did you take these pics with your phone or do you have a real camera :)!!! Sorry you are feeling so cold today. I hope that you warm up son. This morning it is warming up. It is 53 now so not to bad. It is supposed to get into the 70's I think. I am such a wuss when it comes to COLD weather. 50's is cold enough for me :)!!
    I need to start getting dressed. DH has a lunch/mtg to go to while am gone. Glad our SIL can go with him and drive so I can have the car.

    Good morning to everyone !! Hope everyone is doing well and the weather not to awful !! Nothing else new here just BUSY !! Next week will really be BUSY -AAACK !!

    Thinking of you all, Julie, Rock, Sun, Spring Water , Diane, Barry, Joan and our many MIA's. Sorry so short !!!

    Love to all,
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Beautiful large dendrobium. And I love your tree next to the railing with all the orchids. I used to have a fairly healthy dendrobium......but I decided to repot it in bark wired to a piece of wood. Hung it in a tree, and over the months I saw it dwindle down and die to almost nothing. I basically ruined it by repotting. I took it all out and put it in a small pot under another tree. It's alive but not thriving before the repot. That's why I'm so hesitant to touch my six phals that live on my dining table. that you learned about posting pics. we need to see Sir Vester and Tweety and their sleeping accomadations.

    Diane: Do you guys do all that cooking just for the two of you? I guess over the past 5 years I've slowed down in cooking, or for that matter even finding the joy in it I once had. Not sure where or if I will spend TG this year. So many things going on and people going in different directions.

    I went to bed early and slept off and on for about 10 hrs. Still had a stomach ache last night so I'm thinking I might have picked up a bug at the clinic on tuesday when I went for my breathing test.

    Diane: I'm going to limit myself to caffeine once a day also......but I need to continue to wean myself off completely for the recheduled heart test. Still had a frontal headache this morning but I'm sipping on a left over starbucks from yesterday. I guess I need to look at coffee as wonderful/awful. I drank decaf for years then slowly needed that jolt of energy and also it helps with pain so my habit just grew and grew. When I still worked as a rep, sometimes I would stop 2 different times for a starbucks to help me thru the day. Nothing like 2 venti size of extra strong.......I could have run a marathon. I used to joke that I was hooked on legal and wine in the evening to calm me down.

    I got the neighbors gardener to dig up 2 rosebushes and 2 bushes last evening, so I need to go out this morning and do some raking and cleanup. Our air is crisp.....just the way I like it.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Diane, the Gum Pik is the new Water Pik; it's not a different Water Pik but it is different from the old one like I still have. With the old one, you had to buy the gum piks separately. I think the new one comes with the gum pik tips. Gum pik tips are what you need for massaging the gums and getting food out from around the gums and between the teeth. The gum pik tips are the only ones I use. Problem is that they aren't making the new gum pik tips for the old machines. I'm not hard on them so mine should last a long time. My dentist sold me a new pack of them for $3. It's already headed toward 70 today. I wore a jacket this morning but took it off just a bit ago. I'm still keeping my long pants on, though.

    Granni, I have a "real" SLR camera but my phone takes such good ones that I usually just use it cause it's handy. Yes, those blooms look huge but are quite small. When I'm taking pics outside, I can't see the screen so I just point and shoot and hope for the best. I have more pics of my other orchids and next time, I'll try not to duplicate them. I'm a pic posting virgin. :) Yes, 50 is plenty cold enough for me too. My blood has thinned living down here in the sub-tropics.

    Sunflower Girl, the dendrobium is HUGE but the blooms aren't nearly as large as they appear in the pic. The tree is perfect for shade and a lovely place to hang our pots. I got Barb a dendrobium and told her I'd look after it while she's gone. I've already staked it because I don't want it wandering all over the place like this one is. It's fine for where it is, lower in the tree, and it loves it there. I read that dendrobiums will flourish in "ridiculously tiny" pots even when they are big. I watched a video on You Tube on how to separate a dendrobium and repot it. I'd really hate to destroy this one as it was a gift and will someday become a memorial plant for my friend who is dying of cancer. Why are orchids so addictive? The only thing this addiction is bad for is my bank acct.

    I got my shower and took some paperwork to our mgmt. co. Then, I went to Dollar Tree to pick up a few things. I asked an older man working in there whether he could get some of the microfiber cloths down for me. He asked me to get one of the long-handled fly swatters to help him reach them. I took a step sideways to get one and didn't realize the floor had a steep angle up to the back door. It jerked my back and pinched the sciatic nerve so painfully. Fortunately, I had my TENS unit on so I just turned it on. I went to Target and did some more shopping. Just as I was finishing up, I got so nauseated from the pain when the TENS unit shut off. I came right home and took two acetaminophen tablets and ate a deli sandwich.

    Julie had called me when I was in Dollar Tree to see if she could come down to see the cats. She sounded fine and I told her I'd call her when I got home. After I finished lunch, I called and the phone was picked up but no one spoke. I yelled her name but she didn't answer. I hung up and called back and it went to voicemail. I walked down to her condo and rang the bell and yelled through the open window. Nothing. I called again and, again, it went to voicemail. I was really worrying, thinking maybe she had had another seizure. Finally, I banged on her door with my fist as hard as I could. She came to the door and was really out of it. She said she'd be down in a bit. She never showed and I think she probably went to sleep. I think her meds do this to her. I now have a headache which the acetaminophen isn't touching. I hope she doesn't come now.

    Well, guess I had better get going. I'll see whether I can post another pic.

    Love, Mikie IMG_20140831_105331_039.jpg
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Thanks for the info on the gum water piks. I really need to get one. of them. I have a Braun elec. toothbrush that I haven't been using that much lately. I needs new brushes and I think I would do better with a water pik. M mouth is small and I have a problem with getting way back in the back of my mouth especially. I started to write about this in my last post but the computer locked up again. I am getting tired of this ):!!

    BTW, what is that gorgeous pink flower you just posted?? I love that color.

    Got back from the hairdresser and shopping back at WM again and I had better send this as it is acting weird again.:mad:

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - what beautiful pictures. The colour of the second picture of the
    hibiscuses? so the colours of a place one would visit in
    a dream or OBE.

    And those orchids are so pretty. Lovely colour. Ive yet to see an orchid
    didnt make me go ooooooh. they really are special flowers. Like aristocrats
    in the flower heirarchy if they had one. Lol.

    I like the sound of your mechanic. We need more of those sorts of men
    in this world.

    Diane - looks like you and kevin will be cooking up a storm. made me hungry
    to read all of those foods.

    Good to know the fur babies are all playing with each other again.

    Sun - im looking forward to when you finish having those tests. I need
    to trim some rose bushes myself.

    Granni - looks like youre busy too. How is the flooring coming along?
    Will it be ready by TG?

    Rock - If a doctor doesnt hv a good bed side manner, its curtains
    for me for going back. I cannot abide rude people especially
    those you go to for care.

    Lots of chores today. So will be off now.

    God Bless
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2014
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, one has to use an electric toothbrush, the kind with the spinning round heads are best, AND a water pik for best results. After I eat, I use one of those little periodontal brushes to get rid of food between my teeth. It's better than flossing for me. Rubbing the gums with the hard rubber tips helps to strengthen and tighten them. Back in the 90's, when I worked for the non-profit dental clinic, I read that 25 percent of people age 35 already had some kind of periodontal disease. The flower in the pot is a hibiscus and it is the most gorgeous color of pink/brick orange. It's hard to pin it down. It isn't in bloom right now. It needs sun and, until the sun gets back up higher in the sky, it will not flower. I love the combo of the bird of paradise, the croton, the hibiscus, and the ivy which spills over the edge of the pot. Having any kind of plant in the red/pink/orange/purple range by the entry is good Feng Shui.

    Springwater, yes, that flower is a color I've never seen before. They are coming out with new colors of hibiscus every year. We have one which is orangy yellow with a red and purple center. People who have had near-death experiences say Heaven is filled with flowers in colors we don't have here and they vibrate and sing to the glory of God. I can hardly wait! I feel very blessed to have found my mechanic through a trusted friend who has been going to him for years. Many of us here are older and drive older cars. We can't afford $40-50,000 for new ones so we take good care of our old ones. Mine has never missed an oil change and I have the maintenance done when needed. It's 12 years old with less than 38,000 miles on it so it will likely last me for the duration. I keep it waxed and, as I mentioned, I just put new headlight assemblies in it. It looks sooooo good. A couple of years ago, I found a great deal on original carpeted floor mats for the front and back so I got those. The interior looks like new. My biggest fear is that someone will run into me and the ins. will total the car. I could never find another one in as good condition that is 12 years old. I ask St. Christopher to watch over me every time I venture out.

    Julie called me yesterday while I was out shopping and asked to see the cats. She sounded great and I told her I'd call her when I got home. After I got home and ate lunch, I called her. She picked up the phone but said nothing. I was screaming at her. Nothing! I walked down to her condo, afraid she was having another seizure. I rang the bell and shouted through the open window. Again, nothing! Finally, I pounded with my fist on her door. She came to the door semi-choherent with her eyes trying to roll back in her head. She told me to go on home and she'd be down in a bit. Of course, she never showed. I don't know whether it's her meds or what but she can never take care of the cats in this condition. I am worried about her and so is everyone else.

    I have to go see my eye doc today at 3:30 to fit my trial pair of contacts since the Rx has changed so much. With monovision, the brain has to rewire itself when the Rx changes quite a bit. I hope I can tolerate them. Think I'll soak in Epsom Salts and just rest my sore back until it's time to go to eye doc. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    I'll try uploading another pic. Don't know whether y'all can see that it's a cattleya in chartreuse with a purple stripe. It's hiding a bit in the palm fronds.

    Love, Mikie IMG_20141107_131612_821.jpg
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, thanks for the pics. My screen says video not available but I am enjoying seeing the celebration. Ninety-three, WOW!!!

    I just got up from a nap and had a little chicken. I am just killing time before my eye doc appt. His office moved a wee bit closer to me, right next to a Publix. I'm so tired, though, that I think I'll wait to go until closer to TG. I may be sick of foul by the time I eat this chicken and get some seafood for my TG meal.

    It's still drizzling off and on and it's all gray and cloudy again. What's up with that? Oh well, any moisture we get this time of year is welcome. It's only about 69 today, much cooler than I like it. Even the cats are enjoying lazing on their soft throws. Last night, Tweety dragged the food bowl to the middle of the lanai and covered it with her little sleeping sack. She is something else!

    I'm going to see whether I can find a cute pic of them. Oops! Sylvester has devil eyes in his pic and Tweety looks stoned on catnip.

    Love, Mikie IMG_20140822_075843_030.jpg IMG_20140815_071813_143.jpg

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