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  1. rockgor

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    Hi Kids,

    This is Gordon and I'm opening the new Porchlight as the computer was not letting Rock do it. Rock is soaking mad about this but he is overlooking the procedure to make sure I do it right.

    Hope one and all will have a good holiday season.

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  2. sunflowergirl

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    Thanks Gordon! We all feel like we know you so well. Poor Rock! I can understand the frustration he feels though. I HATE computer troubles, but then lately I don't have much patience left anymore.

    I'm feeling much better today so I guess it was a flu bug I got or an over reaction to the weather front, though it has never bothered me before.

    I'm making biscotti right now. I cheat! I've got chocolate cake mix, two eggs, a stick of melted butter and l cup flour. Mix it all by hand and form into 2 logs and bake 30 min. at 325. After it comes out I let it sit about 10 min, then cut into slices and back to the oven to dry for about 30 min. I used to love to cook and bake but now I'm all for the shortcuts.

    Hope to get to my art group tomorrow for chit chat with a little painting thrown in. There's also a second group that meets in the afternoon, so maybe I'll feel up to going to both of them.

    Julie: glad you're slowly making your way thru clutter!
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hey Sun - good to see your post, had been wondering if it had gotten worse, what you had.

    Gordon - once again thanks for signing in for Rock. You seem to be one of those people
    gifted with a flair for being able to do more things than most. I have always admired
    your energy when Rock tells us about your attending the orchid meetings and going
    out and making those social calls. I try and keep up the social meets but with me i
    have to drag myself, i can tell from Rocks writings that you do anything but 'drag'
    yourself anywhere.

    Rock - im sorry the computer is behaving so badly. Its like its taking revenge for
    you having been the one to get the board up and running again for us when the
    'server' was apparently done. Greatly appreciate what you did then.

    Julie - good to hear from you after a wee break. I knew you were busy. Hope
    David gets over the bug soon. And yourself too. Like you, I am aiming to cut
    a path through my bedroom to the other parts of the room. There is a mountain
    of stuff piled here there on chairs, mostly laundry. I had to go out yesterday
    and got busy with other things the day before but the laundry keeps piling up.
    And will unless i set to and fold it.

    Granni - Happy belated Anniversary. Im in a bit of a fog myself these days and
    keep reading posts and wondering now when did that happen? So i missed the
    one about your Anniversary. I love that you two have been married so long.
    And it looks like the fire is still smouldering. Lol! That was a joke. But i love
    you and your DD as a couple. Kind of gives one hope for the future gens.

    Diane - i felt hungry reading about your turkey..i can visualise those
    Indian guys just gorging on those sandwiches with their spicy
    spreads. Do Beety and gang get to taste some of the turkey scraps?
    Good luck for your dental surgery. Like you said, it will be over before
    you know when.

    Sun - your SILs beach house sounds beautiful. Im afraid of the sea for
    some reason but i think it looks so beautiful. Imagine having a view
    like that and going for walks on the sand whenever you like!

    I hope you have fun at the painting classes.

    Mikie - i had a little yucca in a saucer for about a year. And then the
    predictable happened. I got into one of my funks and didnt pay enough
    attention to it, or it absorbed my funk and decided to bail out. Because
    yuccas seem to just need to be watered and i was doing that all right.
    My DH was a bit put out. he loved that plant.It was in the kitchen.
    Oh, now i recall it was he who bought it in the first place. ive also
    seen tall yuccas on either side of a gate like sentrys.

    I was reading about old souls and then about star children and in
    the evening when i saw these - i was stunned, i thought if there were
    star children theyd be these.

    from 1:27

    effortlessly out of this world.

    The other day i woke up feeling 'normal' in a long long time...body devoid of
    aches, tightness, mind clear and uncluttered and decided to make use of it.
    and surprise my DH with one of his favourite meals which i havent made
    in i dont know how long, - roast chicken. I ought ta have been tidying up/
    picking up but thats then, thats always there.

    I felt around the kitchen shelves for the little containers of herbs /spices
    i needed and the stars must hv been aligned...found them..thyme, rosemary
    sage, paprika. I did find some spices i had forgotten about and had turned
    hard..had to throw out a few. Also some oregano i hv not used but must
    hv meant to. And some spices i dont know what they were, no labels.
    Surprising what fibro fog can do.!

    Anyway, the chicken turned out great. They ate it for two days. The
    father and son. Picked it to the bone, they did. And lots of scraps for
    the doggies. Funny how a little thing like that gave me a sense of

    Well, take care, all

    God Bless
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  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Gordon, thanks for getting this new Porch up and running. Seems there are always problems with our computers, our wi-fi hookups or the servers on the websites. Our On Demand for cable TV was out for two days before Comcast fixed it. Don't they monitor things? It's such a pain to call them; wait while they try to sell one a boxing match; go through all the menu choices; and, finally, talk to a "customer service" rep who never knows anything. No wonder the customers don't report problems. Right now, Comcast has a very good deal if one signs up for a two-year contract. I'm not going to do it. They are trying to retain customers because Prism is coming soon with its super fast fibre optic cable. I think they also require a two-year contract to get the good deals but, at least, I'll have a choice. Oh, BTW, I have an orchid question. I repotted my neighbor's Phal which was in the wrong medium and wrong type of pot. Well, it took off like crazy, especially the new healthy roots. The roots are now standing about 4" up out of the pot and there are new leaves sprouting. I'm sure it's healthy but looks so funny standing on top of the new roots. Should I leave it alone or repot it so the medium covers the roots up to the foliage? Thanks! Looking forward to your answer.

    Rock, I guess from my post above, right now, I'm on the "bitch" end of the continuum in you little ditty (Comcast). BTW, I liked it, as usual. Yes, Hispanics eat Yucca; we used to sell it at Publix, along with a whole bunch of things that typical white folks don't eat. I'd love to learn more about how to cook ethnic food. The Mexican customers who always came through my line, and were helping me to learn Spanish, always bought such healthy things to cook. I'm going to have to take a good look at where I'll plant the Yucca. I'm planting tall things in the back of the garden and shorter things in the front and under the windows and the electrical boxes. I don't want a Yucca torturing our electricans when they have to come out for a service call. They are good guys.

    Julie, I'm so sorry you and Den have been sick with this stomach bug. I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm also impressed at all you've gotten done while not feeling well. I'd say Oreo and your kids are lucky to have you for their Mom and everyone else in the family is lucky to have you for a Grandma, Daughter, MIL and DIL. I've just been scattered in my efforts. Between fixing the sign, trying to declutter, clean and get the Xmas decorations out and up, all while Herxing, I've not been nearly as productive as you. Hope you continue to improve.

    Sunflower Girl, thank you too for your wisdom concerning the Yuccas. This one isn't big yet so I didn't recognize it as a Yucca when I bought it. I'm glad you are feeling better. I used to love to bake but don't do it anymore. Your biscotti sounds good. I am also glad you feel up to socializing with your painting pals. I think getting out and socializing is really important for us all.

    Springwater, I'm so sorry you lost your Yucca. I always hate to lose plants. I never had a green thumb like my Mom. All her life, until she moved into her condo in Denver and the one here, she had a garden and could grow anything. I was thinking about her the other night and I realized that the first thing she put in a garden when she moved was rhubarb. She loved it and so do I. I don't think it will grow here. If it will, I'll put some in the garden with the other plants. My neighbor downstairs is growing cabbages. He has a lot of plants and I don't know where he is planning on putting them once they outgrow the planter he has them in. It is my understanding that Indigo Children are old souls who will grow up to help save our Earth and heal the hatred and wars we continually find ourselves in--a big order, indeed. My DD's spiritual friend thinks my DGS is an Indigo Child; I had earlier told my DD that I believe he is. He has ADHD but is smart as a whip. He is having to learn to focus. He has sympathy for others beyond what one would expect and he is a peacemaker at school, standing up for other kids when needed. I credit my DD for much of this as she is rearing him to be a kind and considerate person. We certainly need what these kids are believed to be bringing to the world.

    I slept til 4:30 and lay in bed until 5:00. The kitties were quiet and well behaved when they came in. I looked out to see the full moon and whom did I spy? Simon was lying on my chair. He looks so good. I think he stops by often enough so that he isn't forgotten and keeps his options open for places to find breakfast. After he left, I went out and looked at the beautiful moon setting behind the townhouses across the street. It cast a nice glow behind the palm trees in the shadows. Typically, it is too humid here to see stars and planets clearly but Orion was right there in the sky. Whenever I go out, I always check the plants, mostly the orchids in the tree. My friend didn't call me back yesterday. She and her DH were out and I doubt she had any NRG left when they got home. I'll look at her orchids when she calls me. Her DH isn't in the best of health so I left the message that if they needed help staking her philodendron to the pole I left, she could call our President who would find help for them.

    We have a lot of really good people here in the hood. It's not a perfect place but what hood is? We have a few stinkers but we've learned to live with them. Sat. morning, some of us are putting up the Xmas decorations. We wrap the palm trees at the entryway with lights and put up some wreaths. I need to dig out our bldg.'s decorations and put them up. I only put wreaths on the stairway landing rails. I put big red sparkly bells on the wreaths. It's not much but we can no longer do long swags of lighted pine on the whole balcony railing. Barb and I did it for years but neither of us is up to it and she's not here. The squirrel eats through the wires and the lights quit working. One family of the little buggers has a condo right in our front palm tree.

    I have costo chondritis and doubt my PCP is equipped or experienced enough to do a steroid shot in the inflammed area between my ribs near the sternum. If I'm going to get it injected, I need to do it before the end of the year when my PCP will have to do referrals for the HMO I'll be in. I think I'll be OK but my gastroenterologist is not in the network. I'll need another colonoscopy in three years and by then, either he'll be included or I'll change plans. I've been going to him ever since I came down here. Dr. Sharma...I'm always thinking, "Please don't squeeze the Sharma." He is a very good doc and a sweet man too.

    OK, time to close off this Warren Peace. I hope the day goes well for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Not sure what Gordon meant when he said I was "soaking mad". 'Mad as a wet hen",
    maybe. Or maybe he was translating from Cantonese. He is bilingual. I read an
    article decades ago. It said people who learn two languages when they are young,
    can more easily learn another language when they are adults.

    Yesterday I was on the board in the morning, but couldn't get on in the evening.
    Gordon says the problem goes back to a virus invasion several years ago. Our
    mail box was inaccessible, so we started a new one with a new address. And
    then the old one healed up so we had two addresses and two passwords. That'
    seems to be the essence of the confusion, as I can no longer keep them straight.

    I am typing while wearing my fingerless gloves. It's 56 degrees here. Pretty cold.
    Of course it's all relative. Julie's family would think spring had come if it were that
    warm in Iowa. My gloves were knit by one of Gordon's orchid club pals. He gave
    her a large box full of yarn. (And we still have lots left.) She knit the gloves as a
    thank you. They have large stiches which gives them a nubby texture. Look
    sorta like something one might wear with a suit of armor.

    Julie, not surprised you are worn out. Glad to hear you got stuff done. I used to
    visit Goodwill and other thrift shops a couple times a week for decades. Not anymore
    though. No longer buy books and records. How is Clinton's shoulder? Is he
    having any problems at work?

    Sun, congrats on the home made biscotti. My mother used to make some cookies
    that looked sorta similar. She called them refrigerator cookies. The dough was shaped
    into square tubes, wrapped in wax paper and cooled for a couple hours. Then sliced
    and baked. They were good, but not so good as you know what.

    I was once visiting friends. Talking to folks in the back yard. The lady of the house
    came out and said, "OK, the cookies are in the oven. Remind me to check on them
    in 10 minutes." "What kind are they?" "Pecan." Two men said simultaneously,
    "Why didn't you make chocolate chip?"

    Springwater, Gordon always refers to you as "Clearwater". Yes, he has lots of
    energy and gets things done. But he's no spring chicken anymore either. In the
    past year he's forgotten things on the stove a couple times resulting in a scorched
    pan. It won't be pretty around here if we both are gaga.

    Our market has a "new" kind of chicken for sale. "Hand trimmed". Apparently
    this is a good thing as the store is charging twice as much for it. It looks the same
    as all the other chicken except more skin has been removed. Just another
    marketing ploy is what I think.

    Mikie, I'll ask Gordon to look at your orchid question. Glad to hear Simon looks OK.
    My kitty has resisted efforts to provide her with a box to sleep in. Now and then she
    will lie down on the towels I put out for her, but most of the time she ignores them.
    Do you remember a Cajun cook named Justin Wilson? He used to have a cooking
    show, put out a cookbook and humor albums. He used to say, "Yucca bean,
    yucca stew." Exactly what he meant I never did know. The main thing I remember
    is that everything he cooked had the same spices: onion, red pepper, Wooster sauce,
    file, cumin, garlic, etc. He wore a belts and suspenders. Said it was cause he
    used to work as a safety engineer.

    Well, it will be light here on the West (aka "left") Coast soon. Gonna finish reading
    the bio of Stanley Donan. He was in the chorus of the Broadway show "Pal
    Joey". The star was Gene Kelly. The first show for both of them. In their next
    show Gene was the choreographer and Stanley was his assistant. Stanley went
    on to direct films for MGM. His films include "7 Brides for 7 Brothers".

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, I can picture your sitting at the computer, wearing your gloves which resemble a knight's mail. Well, you are brave, gentle, kind and funny so I think I should dub you, "Sir Rock." It fits you. I like that better than soaking mad or mad as a wet hen. If you are mad as a wet hen and it's cold, you should probably layer up. Yuk! Yuk! Don't want my poultry puns to ruffle your feathers. Didn't I swear not to make poultry puns a while ago? Oh, well! :rolleyes: You don't need to bother Gordon with my question. I asked my friend, Sandy, who is the one with all the orchids. She said it's fine that way. I figured it was because orchids are air plants and it's desirable for the roots to stay dry. In fact, I think it may now be the healthiest orchid I have.

    I don't know that chef, but Cajun cooking all uses those spices. I love it. I make a seafood gumbo which is to die for. In addition to the seafood, I add those little frozen Green Giant half corn cobs and spicy sausage. Mmmmmm! I've always thought the choreography in "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" to be some of the finest in movies. I took tap, ballet and a little jazz when I was a kid. Our teacher was a professional dancer and we put on some fantastic recitals. We had to have separate costumes for each number and they were handmade by a professional seamstress. I don't know how my Mom afforded it. I do think dancing lessons are good for kids if they like to dance.

    Julie, oops, I did get confusicated. It isn't too difficult for me to do that. I have neglected my floors all week and they have leaves I've tracked in and catnip the cats have strewn around. I put some on the little carpeted base of their bottle brush arch. Both like to eat it and scratch it out of the base. Tweety has finally discovered how good it feels to rub up against the brush. They are so funny. Sometimes, it takes time for them to warm to something. I'm glad you didn't get the bug so bad but, please, take it easy. Even a light case of a bug wears us out. I'm still Herxing in that I'm sweating like crazy and it doesn't help that it's humid out.

    I went over to look at my friend's orchids and brought home an old Cattleya that is supposed to be purple. I hung it on a sturdy branch as it's in a larger pot and heavier than my newer ones. It doesn't look as though it's been watered. I think since getting sick, Sandy just hasn't been able to care for her plants. The pots were all cluttered together and the plants are turning yellow. After I hung it, I watered it and a gazillion tiny bugs came running up out of the pot and over the edge. I immediately took it down so they wouldn't infest the other orchids. I don't know what they are; they could be ants. I put it on the ground and sprayed it with Seven which did nothing. So, I sprayed it with Dawn liquid detergent in water. That stopped most of them. Then, I went out and soaked it and more bugs came running out. I sprayed it again with the Dawn solution. I will just keep doing this until they are gone. It has good drainage so I'm not worried about the roots getting overwatered. In the summer, our orchids in the trees get soaked. She is on oxygen and, I guess the co-pays are expensive. That is why she is selling her orchids instead of giving them away. I only paid her $20 for the orchid so if it doesn't make it, I won't have lost a lot. I promised to take good care of her orchids. She knows I will but I think it means something to her.

    Well, I think this will be a rest up day for me. I do need to go check the infested orchid again. Just watering all our plants has worn me out. I have to hand water our flower boxes and the plants on the balcony. It's time for lunch and I made spaghetti yesterday but used rice noodles--Ptoooie!!! :confused: I'll see whether I can find some regular ones to cook. I threw out the rice noodles; they tasted like stale wheat.

    My love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon for my dear Porchie friends. Ran around with DH to so stores this morning and then started a wash. I need to switch the wash and then work on my cards. I am so mad that I did not leave one of my small Christmas trees out instead of putting it under the eves with the other stuff, I am not sure if I will be forced to put u the bi tee or nw. DH refuses to get another small one. They are not the real trees and wanted a small table too.

    GORDON - A little belated but thanks so much for getting Rock's post started here on the PORCH.

    JULIE - Hope you stay well dear girl with all the many things you do everyday for the family.

    SPRING WATER -that chicken recipe sounded yummy that you made.! Did you go by a recipe or not??

    DIANE - Hang in there sweetie . I KNOW that you are stronger than you think you are. Are all your leftovers GONE by now??? Are he kitties full of turkey :)??!!!

    Another quick hi to all- MIKIE, SUN. ROCK, DAR, JOAN, and everyone else I cannot think about at the moment.

    Need to work on the cards and wash now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Here's a pic of my mystic topaz ring. I found it in an old jewel box that one of my bridge
    partners gave me about 2 decades ago. The box was probably several decades old at that
    point. I had forgotten all about the ring. Anyhoo, the stone is both natural and artificial.
    A topaz is sprayed with a mist of titanium powder, and then heated. The result is a stone
    with lots of extra sparkle.

    Some folks might say it's gaudy, but I think it's fun. Don't remember what it cost, but
    I bought a lot of rings a couple decades back. Well, lots of articles said have a hobby.
    Collect something. It will help ward off Alzheimer's. Ha Ha! So much for that theory.
    Anyhoo all the rings I bought cost about 20 to 25 bucks. A pretty cheap hobby actually.
    A guy who's hobby is drinking or gambling could have spent in one afternoon what I spent
    in ten years.

    We are just back from the market. Gonna go to the library later. We have to give them
    time to unload the book truck and get the books the patrons put on hold organized.
    The folks at the library always refer to their "patrons" rather than the customers,
    the public, or the troublemakers.

    Mikie, Gordon said phalaenopsis orchids have roots with wander lust. They often
    are seen roaming about. Looking for water maybe. Anyhoo, no need to do anything.
    You get a thumbs up for your layer up pun. While I can not claim to be a "Sir", I
    do have ancestors who were Barons in Wales. The family's manor house in still
    extant. I think it's on a island. Visitors and photographers not allowed. Wikipedia
    has a photo, but it looks like it was taken from a mile away.

    Granni, are you talking about artificial Xmas trees? My mother had a ceramic one a
    little over a foot high. It had tiny electric lights on it. Was on display every Xmas
    when I was a kid. Did you see the tree at the White House? It looks artificial. Like
    a green cone someone cut outta some construction paper.

    Julie, are you and Den going to Keira's Xmas program? I remember when my son
    was in a Christmas play over 3 decades ago. He was 9, and he played the part of
    the family dog. His costume consisted of two ears. He had four lines. "Bark, Bark,
    Bark, Bark" He said he friends were encouraging him to lift his leg on the furniture.
    I said, "But you're not going to, right?" He said, "Nah."


  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - that certainly is an interesting looking ring! mystic is right, with all
    those colours of the rainbow. Its beautiful. I have a deep blue topaz pendant in
    oval shape with zircon diamonds bordering it. I had it made because i
    fell in love with the stone. Funnily enough, i dont wear it very often, i dont
    know why. Maybe because the blue colour will only go with blue clothes
    mostly. I used to take it out and gaze into its depths mostly but its not my
    favourite piece of jewellery right now. I love yellow topaz, had a little one
    which got stolen..aaaaaaaah..all gemstones are beautiful. After all, nature
    fashioned the sunsets and flowers and waterfalls.

    Clearwater is is Sweetwater which Granni used to sometimes call

    Granni - i took the recipe for the roast chicken from some book, cant
    recall now but ive made it so often i know it by heart. Ive edited and
    given the recipe down below.

    Julie - lots of clearing out going on out there..I see. It is good of you to
    have Dens dad over even when your hands are pretty full. Have fun at
    Keiras concert. I think you said you are going but not taking Lorraine.
    I hope Amy can visit. She sounds like you. From what youve written
    abut her. A helpful person to have
    around. And sensible and calm.

    Mikie - Costco sounds like that store. I never knew there was a
    condition called costcochondritis and had to look it up. I hope
    you recover soon.

    Your place must be so beautiful, all those flowers on the ground,
    in pots, hanging from trees, in window boxes. I'll bet those babies
    flourish because they know theyre cherished and appreciated
    no end. You give them so much TLC.

    Nice to get the update on Simon. That roving rakish Romeo of a
    cat. Smart fellow to come and remind you he is still around. I
    think one of the reasons he comes around less is because of
    their Lord and Ladyships Sir Vester and Madam Tweety. He
    probably got a lil miffied. Im sure he is getting fed all right
    tho. Seems to be a lot of kindhearted people in your neighbour
    hood even tho there are one or two people who might not fit
    into that category.

    When i was young and unmarried, and had just come here
    our family started feeding a little doggy who used to come
    around. He was someones pet but was a sunshiny kind of
    doggie..would go upto and laugh with anyone he took a
    fancy to on the street..he followed my brother home and
    became a regular visitor until we had to go back to india
    for some work and brought back with us our pet dog from
    there of 10 years who we had to leave when we relocated.
    Tashi was living in a nearby house upstairs somewhere and
    his doggie sense brought him to us, he came sniffing and
    shuffling down the street....imagine after five six
    years..i knew we couldnt leave him again so we bundled
    him up and brought him with us on the two day bus journey.
    Thing is, when we brought Tashi home to nepal and of course
    everyone was over the moon to see him...the other doggy Gunda
    didnt get a very warm welcome from Tashi who flew at him...and
    after that Gundas visits petered down till he stopped coming.

    a crotchety old dog..and had the vilest temper, but
    we all loved him so much..maybe because he came into the house

    was when all of us were kids, and was there till we were grown up..
    he lived till a ripe old age, I think 14 and died of natural causes
    with my mum stroking his head. It seems everyone cried. When
    i came back from work, my younger brother said he is going to
    watch a film to get over his sadness, and i had no clue because they
    didnt tell me, and when mum told me, i burst into tears and had
    such an acute pain. Tashis passing was probably the first time
    i experienced someone dear to me passing. Probably the reason
    its still so fresh in my mind.
    Im rambling like a rambling rose just gone off on a tangent, sorry.

    God bless

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  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: your chicken recipe sounds yummy. What did you do to it? I love roast chicken would enjoy making something new and different. Someone was telling me today that she used a Martha Stewart recipe for roast chicken, using it for her turkey Apparently mixing up fresh herbs with olive oil and rubbing it under the skin. Said it turned out so moist and good.

    Rock: Most interesting about how the stone is treated. Is that YOUR ring or a pic. you found on the internet?

    Mikie: glad to read that Simon is looking so healthy, even though he hasn't been around for awhile.

    I drug myself to my art group today.....I say drug because I'm aching big time AGAIN. I don't know if it's a bug or a BIG TIME flare, because that's all I have are ACHES.
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    oh Sun - Im sorry to hear of your aches. have you tried Epsom salts? for a bit of
    relief maybe?

    The recipe is simple

    i take the skin out because of DHs obesity issues, cholesterol and all

    i rub it all over with salt, lemon juice.

    Make a paste of a little (spoonful?) of sage, rosemary, thyme, pinch of
    parika, lots of ginger, garlic, and olive oil. And rub it all
    over. Chop onions and fill stomach of bird with it and left over
    stuffing. If you can let it stand for a few hours or overnight its all the better
    but not absolutely necessary, mine turned out delish even tho i did it
    on the spot.

    Smear aluminium foil with olive oil and keep the tray at lowest rung.
    Nearest the bottom electric bar (My oven is 25 years old,).

    Cook it at 250 degrees for an can turn the oven a little cooler 230
    after 10mins to let it simmer..and at intervals keep spooning the juices which come out
    over the whole chicken to make it moist. After half an hour you turn the chicken over.

    You can stuff some potatoes to bake too if there is space in the oven at the same time.

    God Bless

    Im so foggy..i forgot to mention onions. so edited to add that.
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    It's still dark out but the kitties have had breakfast and so have I. I've had trouble breathing the last few days and, I suspect, there is a lot of inflammation in my right lung. That is likely the cause of the costo chondritis. Yeah, kinda sounds like shopping at Costco is a pain, which it is! I've already been on my nebulizier. That little machine is worth its weight in gold and it's heavy. I put some catnip on the base of that bottle brush arch and Sylvester inserted himself into the arch and spread out his front paws so Tweety couldn't get her share. She just looks at him like he's crazy. They have already had their morning smackdown and are now settling in.

    It's only 68 out so I have the sliders open a bit. I don't want too much air coming in to rile up my allergies and make my breathing even worse. It'll get up to 81 this afternoon but a cold front is moving in and temps will keep dropping each day until it's only in the low 70's by Fri. I am going over to help with the decorations this morning but have to wait for the handyman to come and give me a bid on putting up the shutters. The handyman the mgmt. co. uses is busy til after the holidays. Can't wait. It's still humid and, I suspect, I'll sweat out there helping sting lights so will not wash my hair til afterward. I treated it with karatin last night so it's all curly.

    Rock, thanks for asking Gordon about the orchid. Tell him I appreciate his answering my question. It's funny cause the roots didn't go wandering, they shot straight up, lifting the leaves with them. Barb won't recognize her plant when she comes back. I finally kept watering the new orchid through and through and spraying the little bugs with soapy water as they emerged. When I could see no more, I hung it in the tree. I may have to repot this one with new bark. Why doesn't it surprise me that you are royalty. I'm a shameless Anglophile. Can't wait for Will and Kate to visit the U.S. After years of turmoil, the royal family is lucky to have this modern couple who are as normal as normal can be when he is heir to the throne. Rock, they used to sell a lot of those stones in jewelry on QVC. Yes, they take a natural stone and treat it with chemicals and heat. Thing is that a lot of stones are treated one way or another. Heat is often used to deepen the natural color of the stone. They have to disclose this if you ask. It doesn't affect the stone's strength. When you see a London Blue Topaz, it's been heated to achieve that beautiful dark color.

    Springwater, I think I will adopt, "Costco chondritis" as the pain caused by shopping there. Actually, they have a lot of cashiers when our Snowbirds get here but the parking lot is a nightmare. Simon used to hang out with Sylvester and Tweety when they lived outside too. They were kind of pals except Tweety wasn't too fond of Simon. I think it's because he still has all his original equipment. Simon doesn't seem to mind her sitting on the kitchen windowsill watching him have his breakfast. I loved your alliteration of that "rakish, roving Romeo" in describing Simon. It fits him. Loved your story of the crotchety old dog. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for your kind comments on our flowers. I do try to take extra good care of them. We have color everywhere. Orchids aren't that attractive when they aren't blooming but, it seems, that one or two of them are in bloom at any given time. I love them because they are so exotic and I always heard they were difficult to grow. We have the perfect climate for them here in FL so they are relatively easy, even for me.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry you are in such pain. I know what that's like and it just wears a person down, especially a person like you who loves to socialize and create and can't because of the pain. I pray it goes away. I am glad that Simon comes around every now and then just to let me see how well he looks. Even though I can't get close to him, I think he is attached to me as much as he can be to any one. He likes it when I talk to him.

    Well, kids, time to read the paper online. Sending everyone my best for a great, pain-free day. It's light enough out now to see it's partly cloudy and the sunrise is turning the clouds a neon pink. Beautiful!!! We may get rain today. We had a short gully washer yesterday afternoon with only a 20 percent chance of rain. Now, if only it would rain this morning so they have to postpone the decorating. Since I'm running for the board, I pretty much have to make an appearance.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    We got our palm trees wrapped with milti-colored lights on each side at the entry to the hood. We put clear lights in the short hedges which grow under our lighted sign. Sparkly wreaths round out our meager efforts at decorating. I still need to get our even more meager decorations out and put up on our bldg. It was hot out there and I'm exhausted.

    I quit a bit early to go buy some new sneakers at Bealls. They were having a big sale til 1:00. Sneakers wear out from the inside out and my old ones had no cushioning left in the heel. My heels are really tender and painful so I got the ones with gel in the heels. They feel soooo good. I wish y'all could see them. The trend now is wild colors and these are definitely wild looking. They are basically a purply blue with neon lime green and hot pink trim. There are stripes in a print on pink with yellow and orange. I don't think they could have gotten any more colors on them. They were $5 off and I had a 20 percent off coupon so they weren't as expensive as they might have been.

    I remember mentioning that when I was a kid in the 1950's, I got a new pair of Keds every summer. It was hard to choose between red and blue. Just for kicks, I looked up what Keds cost in 1953. They ran between $2.49 and $3.25. Retail for my new sneakers is $70. Yikes!!! :eek: Fortunately, I almost never pay retail.

    The handyman stopped by and he'll be here next weekend to install our shutters and flower boxes. I can't wait. He is so reasonable; charges only $30 an hour. I'm anxious to get them up and get the flowers planted.
    Gonna rest for the remainder of the day. After I Herxed, I stopped taking the Acyclovir but on the 3rd day, my symptoms returned so I'm back on them. The Whatever Herpes Virus exhausts me. My orchid friend loaned me her books on orchids so I'm going to read them so I can get them back to her. I'll probably fall asleep before I get far.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just checking in to say HI to awl this afternoon. Such a busy day. Fixed a stew with a new recipe from my crockpot book. Can you believe a recipe for stew with no potatoes ?? Well, I just so happened to have some left over ( not cooked) from Thanksgiving, since I made mashed potatoes at that time. I figured too that I needed to try and use them up. If I made stew with no potatoes DH would have been upset wit me :)!!!. I like it too with the potatoes in it, more comforting I guess, even though it may put on some more pounds :)!!!

    DH was a good guy and went to Sams and got me a small fake tree for the table top and some ornaments. I didn't want to have to put up the BIG tree with all the other stuff up in the attic "eves". NO NRG for all of that and it would take much longer to decorate it than the tabletop. Now just have to finish ALL my cards and all my singing engagements. with my small group. I am already tired out and glad to finally sit down at the computer.

    SUN - So sorry you are feeling so badly with all your pain. I know what you mean. It just takes the wind out of your sales, as they say. I hope you get to feeling better really soon so you can enjoy your painting and the getting ready for the holidays, as much as you are going to do with the way you feel.

    JULIE - I saw the cute work bench for grandpa Denzyl that Den made for him at your place. Great picture of it on FB. He is so talented with his hands. Hope whoever was feeling poorly with the tummy bug is feeling better by now and not passing around to all in the family. Think it had been Lorraine and then she passed it on to her Daddy and then on and on, hopefully NOT. I know Lindsay was feeling a bit queasy.

    MIKIE - Hope you start feeling better soon too and so you can get off the Acyclovir . Hearing you talk about those kitties is just to cute !!!! They surely are characters. Your place is surely going to really look great with all those flowers in their window boxes.

    Spring Water That chicken recipe sounded so good but you said to cook it for an hour on 250, That seems rather low I usually cook most things at 325 or 350. Wonder if your ovens are a little different but they shouldn't be, I don't think so anywho, as ROCK would say. .

    DIANE- Thinking of you, Kevin and those kitties. Hope you are feeling a little better , keeping busy and soon that surgery will be over and you will be in great shape with lovely pearly whites again.. I go at the end of the month for a perio cleaning. My problems is more of my gums and not so much my teeth.

    Almost forgot - we went out to a really nice place, for our belated anniversary, last night for a yummy Italian dinner with all kinds of seafood with two other couples. It was a lot of fun and the food great. DH and I both ate everything and didn't bring anything home at all like some others did.

    I need to get off, not to much time to write but I have been reading most of the posts. Need to check the crockpot to see how the stew is coming and if need to turn it down or whatever.


    Love you AWL,

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from my nap. We went to the Glendale mall this morning. We go
    there a couple times a year. Bought two pair of bedroom slippers. Well, you can
    only buy them at Xmas time nowadays. You know the old saying. You have to
    strike while the toes are hot.

    Anyhoo the slippers were $13 a pair according to the display, but when we got
    to the cash register, they were suddenly $18 @. No wonder Penney's is on its last
    legs. The clerk was trying to get us to sign up for a credit card. We said, "No
    thanks", but he offered a big discount on my purchase as an inducement. Gordon
    told him to give it to us anyway.

    And he did! So I ended up paying $23 for the slippers (which included $2 tax) and
    got the slippers for less than $13 apiece. "Such craziness," as my mom used to say.

    We also bought some candy at Mary Sees. (Same kinda store as Fanny Farmer
    in other parts of the country.) When I moved here in the 60s, the price was $1.70
    a pound. Now it's ten times that much.

    Springwater, "gemstones" shows up now and then in the crosswords. I have a ring
    with a yellow stone (all my rings have lab created stones), but I don't wear it much. It's
    very cheerful though. Seems to make the other stones look extra bright.

    Costochondritis is an inflammation where the ribs and the sternum connect. There
    are multiple causes. The biggest one, I believe, is too much shopping at Costco.

    Sun, the picture I posted is of a ring on the net. But it looks exactly like mine. Too
    bad I can't post a video so you could see all the sparkles. That was very brave of
    you to go to your art group with those pesky aches and pains. Hope the situation is

    Hi Mikie, Oops! I see I stole your Costco pun. Well, it was inadvertent and also
    unintentional. Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery. Plagiarists usually
    say they were just playing tribute to someone they admired.

    Gordon saw a documentary on Costco a year or two ago. It said
    Costco makes most of its money from the membership fees rather than from the
    sale of merchandize. Back in '88 they saved me some money and took the hassle
    outta buying a car. Through them you can buy at the fleet rate. I still I have the
    car. Was happy to get it. Now I want to get rid of it. Gordoni thinks otherwise.
    Ah, well.

    Yes, stones are sometimes heated to improve color. I've read that emeralds are
    often treated with oil. Hard to believe. I mean, they don't feel oily. I guess it's
    to fill in little cracks. I read the most commonly used oil is oil of cedar. If
    you go to a gem show, you will sometimes here people say, "See dar. Oil
    on that emerald."

    Granni, you're right. Can't have a stew without potatoes. Gordon used to
    make chicken or turkey stew frequently in the crock pot back in the days
    when I was eating normally. I can remember making potato pancakes
    from mashed potatoes, but they usually fell apart. I think Gordon said
    I should have added flour. Just adding an egg was insegrievous.

    Well, time to feed the kitty. Hugs, Dear Friends
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - potato pancakes reminded me of a dish an aunt used to make. of potatoes.
    the potatoes would be grated raw, mixed with a little water and baking soda, wheatflour,
    salt added and then shallow fried on a griddle in clarified butter. It was eaten
    with a chutney made of red chillis ground into a paste and some a dip made of
    cream taken off the boiled milk. Went well with a vegetable stew to accompany it.

    Granni - i looked again and it says 250 which is the highest marker on the oven. Maybe
    because my oven is old. It also marks 250 as the number on which meats are to be cooked.You can cook your chicken at what you usually do.

    Mikie - its a Godsend when you get a good reasonable charging handyman. I was
    put out last week when our telephone lines got messed up and i had to shell out
    more than what i normally am charged by this new person. But i was also happy
    to have it repaired soon rather than having to wait around for a day or two.

    Those sneakers must be looking jazzy! I have kept a pair of walking keds in
    my shoe rack in the hopes of having to use them but never did have the
    opportunity to after the once.

    I took a look at my garden downstairs, i was pleasantly surprised to see
    some shoots peeking out of the daffodil pots, i started with two!

    these kinds

    [​IMG]i love
    those flowers. maybe because they are so hard to come by here. and
    the easter lilies are also coming imagine they grew wild in India
    on the slopes covering them as far as the eye could see and here i have
    to nurture and fuss over them.

    these ones -

    My present help has zero knowledge about
    flowers..i hv to ask him to even prune the dead branches and rose heads.
    All he has done is plant some mustard leave (saag) in the pots i usually
    use for my annuals. For his wife to cook and eat. Pah! Its gonna be an
    uphill battle. To get my garden going again.

    the above are internet pics. i know they grow wild someplaces in europe
    northern hemisphere and it might be surprising to hear one makes a
    fuss over them but one doesnt see these here much...the daffodil is
    such a bright sunshiny flower and the pink easterlilies remind me of
    school, hills covered with them...the ones here are lighter in colour,
    we got really darker pink colours back home too.

    Last edited: Dec 6, 2014
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow! So good to see all your posts my Dear Porchies,

    I always enjoy reading about what is going on in your lives and with your loved ones, both two legged and four legged. One of my morning prayers is for protection and health for my family and I always include my Online Family here. With all we have going on, healthwise and otherwise, I think we may need prayer the most.

    Diane, the Health Rising website that Cort Johnson has, is running a series from a book (wouldn't you know it; I can't remember the name of the book :( Anyhoo, this last article from the book blog is about keeping anxiety thoughts from taking over. I know you have been anxious about the Klonopin and thought about you. It might be worth checking out. There are about four or five other blogs from the book you might like too. I have to work at keeping anxiety thoughts out of my head all the time. I can't control them while I'm sleeping and have frustration dreams. I don't consider myself an anxious person but I believe it's due to the Behavior Cognitive Therapy I received years ago and meditation I do now.

    Granni, thank you so much for your kind wishes that this Whatever Herpes Virus will go away. It will--in time and with the help of the Acyclovir. I am sooooo glad you and DH had such a nice anniversary dinner. I always love it when everything is so good that I don't need a doggie box for leftovers. Of course, sometimes, the leftovers are nice the next day. I am so excited to get our shutters up and those window boxes planted. If they look anything like the ones in "Southern Living," they will be beautiful. I actually subscribed to SL because they often have such pretty ideas and recipes. I have got to start cooking more and, yes, I agree--stew isn't stew without taters.

    Rock, you didn't steal my pun; I prefer to think of it as "great minds..." Did you read, or see on TV, that China has outlawed puns? It's one thing to limit people to one child but when they start messing around with puns, you know things are dire there. As one bargain shopper to another, kudos on the slippers deal. I miss Sees Candy. We had a store close to me in Denver but not down here. They quit making their cherry/nut candies and that was the main reason I liked them. Also, they were not as expensive as other candy stores. We have Norman Love down here and he is to candy as Gucci is to fashion. In other words, exclusive and expensive, more expensive than Godiva by quite a lot. I've never tasted the candy but I've heard it's quite good. It should be for the price. I still belong to Costco but I don't think I ever break even on the savings versus the fee. The fee also covers the Amex card and it has come in handy so I guess I'd say I'm satisfied with them. I save a lot on my K-cups for my coffee maker and I like their shrimp salad. I don't buy anything but cheap wine these days but when I bought more expensive wines, Costco had everybody else beat on the price. You should be nice and snug with your knitted gloves and new slippers.

    Springwater, it's always so exciting to see the daffodils coming up. As I said, I do miss those and my tulips I had when I lived in CO. Here, the utility companies, including the telephone co., have their own repairmen and women. Of course now, a lot of people's phones are connected to Wi-Fi and that opens up a whole new area for things to go wrong. Comcast is out here every week. On Demand was out of service again this week. I think they are having big problems technically as they push to grow. Customer service certainly sucks! Yes, these new shoes are quite something to behold. I wear my flip flops so much but now and then, especially if I'm up on a step ladder or stool, I need more support. I usually walk or run in the pool but we are in for another cold front and the pool will not be warm enough. I don't want to strain my hamstring muscle again. My breathing has been too labored to push myself aerobically but I could probably, at least, walk outside a little. I hope you can get your help to work out in the garden. Gardening is hard work and you need competent help.

    Julie, I looooove the workbench. No wonder GPA was so excited. It was so touching to read about his reaction. I know he is so grateful for all you do for him. I had my own workbenches when I lived in houses. Now, there is no room for one but then, I'm through taking on projects. If this handyman works out, I'll know I have someone who can do the work for me. He lives here in the hood and helped us decorate yesterday. I'm so glad you got to go to Keira's Christmas program. She, as always, looks adorable. I still think she should write a fashion blog for girls. That might be a good special project for school. To heck with "Keeping Up With The Kardashians, " young fashionistas would want to "Keep Up With Keira!"

    Yesterday, after I came home, I checked that orchid which had been infested and it was soooo heavy after drowning the bugs. So, I knew it was time to repot and change the potting medium. Sho 'nuff, when I finally got it out of the pot, the old bark had turned to mush and was not allowing drainage. The roots were in bad condition. So, I removed the old medium and repooted it and put the hangers back on the pot. As soon as I hung it in the tree, it came loose and fell to the ground. The pot didn't break, so I repotted it, tightened the hanger and rehung it in the tree, only to have it drop again. This time, it separated itself. I repotted the major part of the plant (it's a Cattleya) and put the separated part in its own pot. I have it sitting on a small table on the balcony under the tree's canopy of leaves. This is my first time at repotting an orchid and, by accident, separating one. Orchids do not like to be repotted and I hope the trauma of falling didn't damage it. My friend has probably been sick a lot longer than we all know about. She obviously hasn't been caring for her orchids for a long time. I noticed that all her orchids have too much yellow color to the leaves. I hope I can nurse this one back to health; it's an old plant and they are more desirable.

    After that, I was exhausted to the max and came in and had a sandwich. I just lay around the rest of the day. I should go out to see what our decorations look like lighted. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Well, it continues...everything is turning to crap!!! I go through these periods every now and then when the trouble just keeps coming. I feel a bit guilty whining about things that are less than life threatening but, as I always say, "It's the little stuff which will kill ya."

    Yesterday, it started with working out in the sun decorating with lights which lit up when tested and then stopped when we got them up on the trees. After that, it was the debacle with the orchid. This morning while I was reading the paper, there was a big crash in the front office, followed by the sound of things falling. One of my white wire shelves in the walk-in closet came loose and fell on the one below it and that caused that one to fall. Everything on the shelves fell onto the closet floor. Sylvester had been in there but I don't think he caused it. He's not a climber because of his lame paw and these were two of the higher shelves. He sure came running out with eyes as big as dinner plates. He was really scared.

    Tweety looked scared but, being the brave little soul she is, she went in to assess the situation. She took one look at the floor and came running back out with her tail as big as I've ever seen it. She skulked around, convinced that there was someone or something in the condo to do such damage. I walked toward Sylvester and he screamed and ran. I had to soothe them and convince them no one was in trouble and we weren't in danger.

    These condos have horrible drywall. It's soft and doesn't hold anchors well, even those big plastic ones which screw in. So, the old shelves, which were in here when we moved in, are all falling off the walls. A shelf will fall and all one sees on the wall are holes where the old braces were. It looks as though they tore along the dotted line. I've gone in and added more of the little braces which help hold them up. I'm using beefier braces than the builder did. The extra shelves, I installed myself, are holding up fine.

    So, I've been in the closet, cleaning it out and fixing the shelves. It's hard on my back and I'm using my brace and TENS unit. I might as well get the Christmas decorations off the top shelf and go out and hang our wreaths and bells and get it over with. I've decided not to do anything in here. I'll just hang the Christmas wreath on the door, if I can find it (the wreath, not the door). I've had just enough problems to convince myself that my NRG would be better used doing something else. Before I even started in the closet, I took a shower and used conditioner twice before I realized it wasn't lathering. I had to shampoo it out. With the karatin conditioner I used two days ago, and now this, my hair is sooooo soft. So, my day isn't a total loss. If my hair looks good, I can get through most things.

    OK, I'm through venting and whining. Thanks! I feel better. I may stop with the Christmas stuff and clean out the rest of that closet tomorrow. Target is having a fantastic sale on the contact solution I use. It's on sale with coupons and if I buy two double packs, I get a $5 gift card. It turns out to be just about a BOGO when all is said and done. I don't want to go today with all the shoppers and madness. As Scarlett said, "I'll think about that tomorrow."

    Hope y'all are having a better day than I.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Oh MIKIE I am sorry all this is happening at once. I know what you mean about forget Christmas when things start going badly like that.. Christmas will come and go as usual, even if you don't have a bunch of decorations. up , as long as it is in your HEART. Hope you get feeling better real soon.

    I need to get back to my cards but saw your post. Don't feel bad about whining. Many times you feel better after you whine a bit.. If it were only me I probably would have even less up that I do now :)!!! I just have a few things out including the small 4 ft tree ( I think) on a table in back of my L R sofa. I should also put my wreath out but some of the bulbs have fallen off and not sure if I should or not. Actually no one would probably notice from a distance. Only if they were at the door. If you go shopping you probably will start to feel better :)!! That is unless you are feeling really bad. Then stay home and rest.

    JULIE - Hope you are doing well and everyone feeling better that was feeling bad fro the tummy virus. That is no fun for sure. Such a bad time to get sick and feel bad and with so many things to do. Hope you are all having fun with Grandpa Denzyl staying at your house. I know he is very appreciative of everything you all have doe for him. Where sis and ? go that he had to stay with you? I know Gpa loves his new little work bench !!

    Love to SUN, ROCK, SW, DAR, JOAN, DIANE, BARRY, and everydobby I cannot remember at the moment plus al those to numerous to mention !!

    Off to do some more cards !!

    Granni :)
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: sounds like those shelves might have been something I would have done. Using those anchors are really tricky business. Poor Sylvester! He'll probably be afraid to get in that room for awhile. When I was at the beach house something happened to bring down the shower curtain in one bathroom. It has a heavy tension rod, and I'm thinking my snoopy cat might have had something to do with it but I can't prove it! Yes, we need to think about our NRG and how we'll be using it up.

    Julie: Nice work bench area! And of course Keira looks cute.

    Spring: I definitely will make that roasted chicken. It sounds so yummy. I guess at the lower temp it slowly roasts it.....makes sense to me. I've made a chicken in the past. Got it from a local radio chef, calls it Blasted Chicken. Rub the chicken with oil outside, S & P inside......roast 450 degrees. It takes about 40 min. or so depending on the size. Because it's at a high temp, the skin gets crisp but the inside is very moist. I tossed in some cut up potatoes and onions in the roasting pan and basted the chicken occasionally with the juices.

    Rock: so you came home with TWO pairs of slippers. I know you say they don't last so I guess come June the new one will come out and the old ones will hit the trash. I'm a barefoot person, even when it's freezing in the house. Well, except the next couple of days. My one foot was itching something awful yesterday and today. Early this morning it hit me that was where I got the bee sting. Seems there was a funny line so I got out a sewing needle to probe and got it out........a remainder of the stinger. Trouble is......I lost the needle now so will have to wear shoes until my cleaning lady vacuums really good tomorrow. A few years ago I stepped on a sewing needle and it broke in my foot so don't want to go that route again.

    Today was my BD.....turned 70. Met my family for lunch and then went back to my DDs house where she's got up all her christmas stuff. My little DGD who is now 6 months absolutely loved the little musical toys from Hallmark. So cute.....jumping up and down watching them. So my DD sent home a few of them with my DS. Then stopped at a local art gallery for their once a year party. A little wine, a little crackers and cheese, and a little chit chat.