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    Rosin on the Bow and Go Man Go!

    Honor your partner. Ain't this nice.
    The band's in tune, and the weather's nice.

    Take your gal for a little jaunt.
    Once around at the speed you want.

    Ladies cross; gents, stay put.
    Ladies cross back; tap your foot.

    Do see do, then allemande right.
    Now isn't that a purty sight.

    Ladies go left, and gents reverse.
    Once around till I end this verse.

    Weave the ring, and then go home.
    And that's the end of this little poem.

    Thanks to the band: Chuck and Virgil Peterson plus Gunnar
    Holmquist with Sandy Boettcher on the squeeze box. Tonight's
    refreshments by the Torgilson sisters and Lindstroth's popcorn
    stand. Remember, Folks. The tall corn may grow in Iowa,
    but Lindstroth's popcorn grows behind their barn. Drive by.
    They'll let you pick some and take it home.

  2. springwater

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    Sun - happy belated birthday to you! good to hear you had a nice
    time with your DDs family. I used to just love decorating our
    little plastic tree with ornaments i got when the kiddies were
    little. I kept up the tradition until 2012 the year my brother
    got sick and too many things went awry. but what fun! i might just
    get the tree out and do it again this year. all of you's talks is getting
    me excited! When i was little i had a couple of christian friends
    and i was just fascinated by the christmas balls, and sparkly bells
    and little candy stripes...aah everything about christmas was

    Rock - thank you for opening up with that lively square dance..i hope

    your energy returns must be a little anxiety inducing, having
    sirens go off for that long, and knowing someplace somewhere is on
    fire. At my childhood hometown there were frequent fires, and the

    fire engine would go ting a ling a ling....a lot..lots of houses were
    made of wood rather than concrete. Add to that the power cuts
    and having to use wonder.

    The olden days might seem romantic but there were some drawbacks
    to those golden days of gentle, calm and backwardness.

    Willow - hi there! thanks a lot for shedding light on the confusion
    re oven temps. I didnt think at all of the different measurements.
    youre right - i checked out google and it says 250 - very hot. so that
    makes sense.

    why dont you join us here at the porch sometimes? we would love
    to hear from you, about you..if you feel like it, that is.

    Granni - Samsung Galaxy must be a snazzy modern phone..the
    sound of it. I mean the number 5 one. I got meself the cheapest
    samsung when i had to change my blackberry to put the CCTV
    app on my phone when i was having a lot of trouble with staff
    thieving. Not that it helped anyway :(. But Im stuck with this
    one, and the touchscreen drives me crazy..i keep pressing some
    button with my ear and the phone gets disconnected.

    have fun at your performances. I know you will be glad to
    have some rest when they are over with even tho it must be
    enjoyable in their own way. I love what you do.

    Diane - those kitties are gonna be so happy..their mommy and
    daddy going to get them some lovely christmas surprises. i
    m guessing your lil fur babies are like 100 times more looked
    after and loved than some kids here.

    Mikie - making sure the building is in good condition inside
    and out sure is hard work isnt it? well, pretty time and energy
    consuming, not to mention the $ involved. I hope you are able to
    take care of all that green stuff on the sidewalk. But it should be
    a team effort with the others also pulling in their share of trying
    to keep the area clean.

    its a nice hot sunny morning..i hope i can get some chores done.
    have aired out some bedclothes on the terrace. also need to get
    in some ironing and cooking the rice before the power gets
    switched off. Yes, winter is here and the power cuts are back
    in full force!

    God Bless

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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Thanks, Rock, for so kindly opening the Porch to a lively square dance (is that redundant redundant?). Loved the tee shirt sayings. I can stand forever at the flea market reading all the tee shirts. My good friend, Nancy, who is also a lover of cats, has a tee shirt which reads, "C@." Most people don't get it. A customer once came through my line with a shirt which read, "I Am The Webmaster; You Will Submit." The "Sumbit" looked exactly like the ones you click on when you're ready to submit something online. I laughed and he seemed surprised that an old lady got it. He said most people don't.

    Barry, I laughed at your post. One of my favorite sayings is, "There are three kinds of people--those who understand math and those who don't.

    Springwater, the whole part of Christmas, which has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus (Santa, trees, ornaments, etc.) is so prevalent in the world that many who are not Christian have adopted some of the holiday activities in their families. When my kids were in elementary school, they studied different religions and cultures and had a Winter Festival where they celebrated Christmas, Hannakah (I know I likely misspelled that), Kwanza and other holidays and customs. We lived in ultra-liberal Boulder, CO so no one complained about it. Parents thought it was good for their kids to know about other cultures. Glad you enjoy the holiday.

    Julie, sounds as though things are as busy at your household as ever. This is an exciting time of year when there are little ones around.

    Diane, I also read some of Cort's articles. I get his newsletter. Every now and then, I find something I like or something I think might interest someone else.

    Granni, we must be on the same wavelength because I've been looking at the closet mess as an opportunity to clean some things out. Unfortunately, it's hard for me to get rid of things when I have room to store them. Right now, coming off my injuries, I don't think I should be making decisions on things like my tennis racquet and golf clubs. I may never ski again nor play golf. If I haven't by this time next year, I'll take another look at the equipment.

    Please forgive me for the short responses. Some of the posts were on the last Porch and I can't remember them right now. I took some Zzquil so I could finally get a good night's sleep. The Special K just doesn't do it for me, especially now that I'm weaning down. I see my doc tomorrow and will discuss something to sleep then. I have to list all the meds that I need new Rx's for so he can write them for me. I've had trouble breathing recently and have been using my nebulizier. The albuterol is past the expiration date so I need a new one for that. Same for my Acyclovir. They both seem to be working but probably not as well as new meds. It's almost as though Red Tide is here but I've not heard anything about it on the news.

    People who live in condos pay their dues and most believe that should take care of everything outside and they are right. It's up to the board to hire people to take care of things. I just forgot about the power washing and wanted to rid the sidewalk of that nasty green mold. We usually wait til the rainy season is over before we clean the walks. This couple decided to come early due to the cold and snow in WV. Traditionally, board members will volunteer to do some of it to save money. A few residents will pitch in and help. The people who just arrived didn't want me to clean the sidewalk and he offered to do it. I just took the opportunity to do it while they were out. Only problem is that we are all getting older and can do fewer and fewer of these jobs ourselves, especially the ones the POA is responsible for.

    I enjoy working in the gardens and with our plants so that's not a problem. We gave notice to our landscapers that we are not happy with their performance. It's a required letter with the list of complaints sent 30 days before breaking the contract. They have 30 days after this notice to rectify the problems. They obviously want our business as, yesterday, they came and worked their tails off weeding and pruning. I'm glad because it saved me a ton of work. When they don't do what they are supposed to do, I end up doing it to keep our place looking good. BTW, the orchid I repotted and separated looks OK--so far, so good.

    I did't get much done in the closet for obvious reasons so still have that on my plate. It'll get done by and by.

    Well, guess I'll take a Epson Salt soak and get dressed for the condo mtg. Even though it's cooler out, it's still humid. Ugh! It'll be a bad hair day. Whine, whine, whine.

    Love, Mikie
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Here's a small world tidbit fur ya. The names I used in my post above are all names
    from my home village. I looked up the surname "Boettcher" to make sure
    I had the spelling right.

    The search engine pulled up an obituary from my home village in Minnesota. A
    fellow by that name was buried there about 2 decades ago. He was, however,
    originally from San Diego. "Boettcher" BTW is one of those names derived from
    an occupation. A boettcher was a maker of barrels; the term is from "Middle
    English", roughly 500 to 1000 years ago. (Looks more like a name for a butcher,
    doncha think?)

    The handyman was here yesterday. He finished putting new mesh in the
    screens and did some work on the furnace. He's been here (from
    Guatemala) a couple decades. His English is excellent; that's Current
    English, of course. Not Middle. Although Guatemala is in Central

    Barry, I love "trimigrants". Bet Mikie did too. Did you coin that yourself?
    I don't drive anymore either. I'm trying to get rid of the old car, but somehow
    things are always more difficult, and more time consuming, than one anticipates.

    Mikie, I guess you and the kitties have recovered from the traumatic crash
    by now, huh? We have one of those tension bars that holds the shower
    curtain. I've pulled it down twice. My sense of balance is outta whack.

    Granni, your chicken dish sounds delightful. Did you mention wine? Well,
    somebody did. Reminded me of Omar Khyyam. "A loaf of bread, a
    jug of wine,and Thou, sitting beside me in the wilderness were Paradise
    enow." When we read it in High School I though "Thou" meant a companion.
    Many years later I read it was a reference to a nightingale.

    Julie, another nice pic of Keira. Looks like you were your usual super busy
    self yesterday. And another busy week ahead too. Good job by Den on
    his Dad's work bench.

    Springwater, despite the two large fires nearby, I didn't hear any sirens.
    Just the helicopters. But while I was posting my earlier post a helicopter
    went over the house. Sounded like it was mere feet above the house. The
    sound was deafening. Made the computer screen vibrate. Came back
    twice more during the next hour.

    You would have loved decorating for Christmas with my mother. She
    had lots of decorations and accumulated more every year. Some of them
    were hand made like the faded paper Santa my uncle had made in school
    decades earlier. It hung on the tree every year.

    Sun, belated Many Happy Returns. I read years ago that once we grow
    up, we just feel like an adult. Don't pay much attention to age until
    we become old. I guess I agree with that view.

    Watch out for those needles. I'd get some of those metal shoes that
    come with a suit of armor. A needle in the foot will not suit the

    Gotta go lie down. My back is acting up. Hope I didn't miss anybody.
    Thanks for closing the old porch for me, Mikie.


    Hi, Mikie, Once again we were posting simulmetrically. I don't know
    if I understand C@ or not? Is it "capish" Italian slang?

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  5. sunflowergirl

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    Rock: Thanks for starting a new post. Since I've only come here for about a year or more, my question is: did you once call the square dances or were you one of the dancers? Or does this come about because of your talent at writing? When my DH and I were first married we joined a beginning class of square dancing. A whole lot of fun I must say, although most of the time I was shoved or pulled into the correct position so I wouldn't screw up the dance for the others.

    Julie: Too bad Lyndsey can't read what you post. She might understand all you go thru and triple think any thought of having another baby for at least a couple more years. Whew. And about the car key, that's a big worry for me.....losing my car key and being stuck someplace. So I took my extra one and pinned it inside my purse. Now I just need to get a 3rd key to keep at the house in case I lose my purse too.

    Spring: I'm so glad Willow popped on and explained about the ovens. your chicken recipe actually cooked in a very HOT oven?

    Mikie: The association is very lucky that you love to plant and beautify all around there. By the way, be sure to take pics. once the shutters are installed. Yes, it will look very southern. I remember all those beautiful homes down in Key West. I think the majority did have shutters.

    I went to my DGS semi finals soccer game last night. OMG.....I didn't dress properly and once there moist chill/cold came on quickly. I borrow my DGDs little jacket to put over my knees for awhile until she needed it along with her blanket. So I was really chilled and adding the fact that I have trouble breathing walking from the parking lot to the soccer field. I go next week to see the lung specialist. I'm praying that he can prescribe a better inhaler that will help me. By the way, they lost so there were quite a lot of the boys crying. Well, that's life and they have to learn these hard lessons.

    My DS had wired a bouquet of orange tulips and purple dutch iris to me......I wish I could take a really good pic of how beautiful they are.......there's a pale dusty pink tone to the orange, with edges of yellow around them. Yesterday they began opening more with little black stamens showing but last night I noticed they had closed again, so they must react to the light.

    At my art group today it's the last day of this season until january......we're all to bring finger foods to nibble on but I'm not feeling good so not sure if I'll go or not. DARN......I hate this body I've got!!!!!!!!!!! I miss out on life!
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's 56 degrees here in LA. Gonna be 67 later today. Will be partly cloudy. Do you
    suppose partly cloudy is somewhat cloudier than partly sunny?

    Hope things are sunny at your casa, Sun. In response to your question, I've never
    called any square dances except here on the porch. But did lots of square dancing
    in my yute. Our village was too small and too poor to have a swimming pool, but
    the town did provide a reaction program during the summer. Twice a week we
    could take the school bus to a neighboring town that did have a pool. There were
    two suitable town: Cresco and Decorah; both in Iowa. (We used to have a very
    nice poster here whose husband had grown up in that area. He became a school
    teacher and eventually took kids on trips to Europe. He said now and then it struck
    him: what a change from a rural childhood to regularly visiting the capitals of

    Anyhoo, in addition to swimming, a coach (a kid from a nearby college who was
    majoring in Phy Ed) would organize sports during the day. And on Wed. nights
    we would have a dance at the gym. The music was sans band; just records. We
    did square and folk dances; waltzes and polkas; that new stuff called rock and
    roll. Much of the town showed up. Big kids, little kids, adults, grandfolks, etc.

    A couple from another village taught the folk and square dancing. He was tall
    and slim. She was chubby and bouncy. There were both full of fun. Simple
    pleasures in a simpler time. That bouquet from your son sounds elegant.

    Mikie, I did have a redundancy in my last post. I proofread everything 3 times,
    but it's tricky even when one's mind is working OK. The best thing to do is
    to put everything you write aside for a day or two; then proofread it. But who
    has time for that in the normal course of events?

    Sounds like your gardening crew may be related to ours. The guy doesn't speak
    English. He has a partner/boss who is always busy in some other yard. Whenever
    he shows up he brings lots of surly attitude along with his leaf blower.
    Gordon is determined to keep these bums for some weird reason.
    Since we are paying them at the rate of $120 an hour, I think we're entitled
    to better service. (The guy only works 15 minutes a month.)

    We took books back to the library yesterday. Even though there were books
    for us to pick up, we didn't do it. We have 18 out already. The books on hold
    can wait a few days.

    The Time Warner man was here again. The TV has lately been turning
    itself off. The consensus among Gordon and siblings is that the TV must
    be about 10 years old, so he's going to get a new one. Tomorrow he's
    checking out the flat screen models at various stores. I wouldn't care if
    the picture was 3D with living actors. There is almost nothing I care to
    watch. Especially with the irritating commercials. Remember the early
    days of TV? The star (or the announcer) held up a can of something and
    said, "Buy this. It's really good."

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    Rock, the "@" symbol stands for "at" in computerese. So, if you put a "c" in front of it, you have "cat." TADA!!! I was making a joke about "lively squaredance." I've never seen one which wasn't lively. Oh well, not all jokes work out. BTW, I think the name, Cooper, came from barrelmaking too. I think back in the Middle Ages, people drank mead, ale and beer because the water wasn't safe to drink. I, myself, only drink for medicinal purposes. :rolleyes: Have your handyman install some grab bars in the shower. Barb's son is here and he is putting some nice looking brushed nickel ones in her shower. She only takes baths but he is positioning them so she can grab then to lift herself out of the tub.

    Sunflower Girl, you flowers sound beautiful. I'd love to see a pic of them if you can get one. Thanks for the kind words. Everyone in our bldg. loves the nice flowers and landscaping we redid last year. These shutters and flower boxes will really jazz up the place. It's cold here too. The cold front is bringing us temps in the 40's at night and 60's during the day. We're not used to this. :confused:

    I'm slow to get the stuff cleaned out in that closet. I have kept every power supply for everything I've ever had. Thing is that some of them are for things I still use. I have about six old phones with power cords for home and the car. Yikes! I tried to sort them out but was too tired. I did find the power cords for my video cam and the USB cord for my camera. I went through some of the manuals too and got rid of old ones. Those power cords are heavy so want to lighten the plastic container on the shelf. Don't want them coming down again. I stand my bike on end and use bungi chords to hold it up. That puts strain on the shelves too. I'm conflicted about the bike; it's a nice one. I can't leave it outside or it will rust. Will I ever ride it again? I'll give myself one more year and, if I don't use some of the sports gear, I'll sell it.

    Landscapers were at the condo mtg. They made a change and put Pedro back in charge of our hood. He's great--fluent in English and Spanish. He's also very good at making sure the workers aren't goofing off. Everyone agreed that we would give them three months to continue to prove themselves before breaking the contract. The mgr. has another hood where this company is not doing a good job. I'm happy with the work they did cleaning up in the front of our place.

    Well, have to hit the shower to get ready to see my doc for my annual so-called exam. I'll stop in later.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm baaack!

    Well, my very strange doc was in an argumentative mood today. He has the peptide shots and will prescribe just about anything within reason so I don't want to lose him. He said my BP is too high. I have white coat syndrome. I gave him my BP journal and he said it's OK at home but it needs to be OK when I'm out. Guess I'll start taking it at the grocery store. He's replacing my Zocaar with a different drug which works better with the BP med. I can't increase my BP med or I'll be a zombie. He didn't even listen to my heart. I'd think if my BP were too high, listening to my heart would be a priority for him. He always gets upset when I tell him I don't have to have a urinalisys nor an occult fecal blood test when I get my labs. I have to remind him I see a urologist and just had a colonoscopy. Plus, my gyn does the occult test. Doing them now would be redundant redundant.

    I told him I'm weaning down on the Special K slowly. He said I shouldn't have any withdrawal symptoms! Say what!!! Is he nuts? Then he said maybe I have an anxiety disorder. I had to remind him that I don't take it for anxiety; I take it to get to sleep. He has no problem with my taking Zzquil to sleep. I told him to forget prescribing hormones; I'll just get my pregnenalone, the precursor for making other hormones) here at PH and let my body make it's own hormones. So, all in all, it wasn't a great visit but par for the course with this guy.

    My weight wasn't as bad as it might have been considering my being so inert with all the injuries I've had. It's too cold to go to the pool but, starting Jan. 1, I'll have a free membership to a gym not too far from home and, if memory serves, it's a nice gym. I can do a rowing machine and/or stationary bike for my aerobic exercise. I can also do my PT there if I want.

    I've decided to just rest or do lightweight things around the condo the remainder of the day. I need to get on my nebulizer as I am having trouble breathing in this cold weather. I'm glad to have this doc visit out of the way. Hope everyone else is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi All

    Sun- yes, i cook my roast chicken on very hot. These days i never go
    anywhere without a jacket/coat..even tho temps can be warm during
    a sunny afternoon..i know it will turn nasty cold after 5pm. That
    bouquet must be so striking looking..purple against fiery orange.
    I always think of iris as an artists flower. And to see an iris here is
    like finding gold. For some reason they are rare. I googled iris and
    looked at 'images' for iris...its like coming upon a treasure trove..
    what a beautiful purple colour...If Archangel Zadkiel was a flower,
    he would be the iris.

    Rock - what a great job that posters husband had. Taking trips to
    Europe! Im always envying Lonely Planets anchors for being able
    to take trips around the world and getting paid for it.

    Mikie - what a relief to get the docs visit out of the way. Even
    though it was sort of confusing. Most of my docs visits used
    to be like that but then most of my issues were brought on by
    emotional issues and i dont think the docs understood that.
    My friends sister has a little Apso dog whose name is Pedro.

    Julie - what fun to go clothes shopping with Lorraine. I can
    see you have a full few days ahead.

    Last evening i went to a wedding. Had forgotten about it
    until my DHs friends wife called. She wanted to know if
    I was going so she wouldnt be alone. It was held at the Golf
    Club at the hotel on the outskirts of town but alas the seating was
    under a huge tent outdoors and we got there only around
    evening so couldnt see the gardens which i was looking
    forward to. And it was a very tedious affair because they
    called people at 2pm (they had a cultural troupe performing
    for guests) and hadnt served dinner till 7pm) and the scarf/
    gift giving ceremony wasnt even started..with 300 guests
    i knew that alone was going to take lots of time so i asked
    DH to skip that and dinner. I was really tired. There were
    plenty of snacks/drinks served..veg and non veg so no one
    was hungry. Wish i could have stayed but there was work
    at home and being in large crowds for long periods of time
    drains me. We stopped on the way at a store and i bought
    bread and some groceries and a mop.

    Im just glad i was forced to take a bath, so feeling clean.
    These days it gets cold so fast i put off taking baths, if
    i havent been able to do it when its warm, and can sun
    myself afterwards.

    take care, all

    God Bless

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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We have a laelia orchid in bloom. It blooms once a year. The flowers last for a month
    or so. The plant is mounted on a board and held in place with moss and fishing line.
    In the wild, the plants grow in trees.

    The flowers are shades of lavender and white. But Gordon wanted you to see this
    plant, a Laelia anceps which is even more dramatic. In the days when we went to
    the Santa Barbara Orchid show every spring we visited nurseries in the area. There
    was one that specialized in these orchids. Had trees full of them.


  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick HI to you all but not much time. The rest of this week will be a very busy one. Need to wash my hair tonight so I will not be able to wash it for the next 3 nights. Uh seems like I just washed it. I isn't to bad yet but no time to do it for 3 nights. Final rehearsal is tomorrow night, and sing before that at one Sr. residence. The next night is the final performance and the next night is a K of C party.

    MIKIE - Do you know anything about smartphones and FB? DH got the new Samsung Galaxsy (SP) 5 and gave me his 4 smartphone . Now I cannot get anything on FB onto my phone. I put in my PW and e-mail and it says it s wrong which it isn't cause I can still get into t on m computer.. Ho can you even contact these FB people - impossible almost. I am going try ad change my PW although I know it is right. The main reason I am o FB is o keep in touch with some friends and relatives that are far away. Even some not that far away that I can find out what is going on with them.

    If anyone else has any words of wisdom please shut out to me please . I even put on the newest FB app but I do not think that it helped much ):!!!. Gee I have missed so much on the PORCH lately.

    Tried to edit and found Rock and his beautiful flower picture. Gorgeous !!!!

    Love to all,

    Gotta run and wash my hair and get ready fo tomorrow and the rest of the week ahead.

    Granni :)
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Granni, I do not use social media like FB. Perhaps some of our other Porchies can help you. I hope so. That's a nice phone so I hope you can get it to work for you.

    Rock, thanks for the pic of that gorgeous orchid. I know that storm is hitting the Bay Area. I hope you are too far south to be in harm's way. Some people here mount their orchids on trees but we have some pretty gusty winds now and then and it can get down into freezing in Jan. and Feb. I like the idea of mounting them on driftwood and hanging the driftwood in a tree. I'll try it if I can find driftwood that is reasonable. The nurseries charge an arm and a leg for it.

    We have an old FL tourist place north of town called, The Shell Factory. The state used to be crawling with these kitschy places but most are gone with the wind now. This place has all the gaudy shell tourist knick knacks but it also has some unusual shells and other things. They've added a petting zoo and a zip line. I think I'll take my DGS there when he visits. He'd like the zip line. Perhaps they will have some driftwood. I bought some fudge there one time and it tasted like kaka. I'm looking for a lion's paw shell to drill and make into a pendant for a necklace.

    Springwater, I know what you mean about taking a bath, or a shower, when it's soooo cold. I'm not used to it. I'm also not used to cold toilet seats like we have right now in the mornings. Yikes!!! :eek: Glad you made it to the wedding even if you had to leave early. Pedro is a common Hispanic name so we hear it all the time down here. You should see how cute this guy is. His family has a Mariachi band and they play at weddings and parties. It's a big family band. My friend, Joan, is so excited because she has learned to say, "Hola." I think that and, "Gracias," constitute her Spanish. That's why we need Pedro who is so fluent in both English and Spanish. Most of what Spanish I've learned is gone. One has to use a foreign language every day to keep it fresh.

    I didn't stop to get my new meds yesterday. It's cold out, I'm having costo, having trouble breathing, and I'm pooped. My Acyclovir and albuterol are slightly expired but both are working so no hurry to renew them. I do need to get the new med to help my BP med but it's not life threatening. I have milk and enough food that I'm not forced to get groceries so I think I'll just stay home. I still need to work on that closet. Sorting through the electronic power supplies, old phones and cords is the most taxing. I'm afraid I'll get rid of something I'll need. After this, when I get something new, I'll label the cords.

    This cold has my joints hurting. Both hands hurt all over. Whine, whine, whine!!! I think I'll put some Ben Gay on them and put them in my special heating mitts. I love those things.

    A large Baptist Church here does a free Christmas program every year. My neighbor has always given me tickets but I've never gone. A friend/neighbor called to ask whether I was going and we will go together Sat. evening. I'm looking forward to it as it's a big favorite here in town. It's a real spectacular from what I hear. They have padded theater-like seats so I shouldn't go numb sitting through it.

    I bought the most beautiful costume jewelry pearls some time back. They are big and clustered like a small bib. I didn't have a blouse with a neckline to accommodate them. Not long ago, I found the perfect little white blouse so have been waiting for just the right occasion to wear them. I still have my slinky knits (also called, city knits) from when I worked. They can be dressed up or down and don't wrinkle. I also have a nice black blazer to wear over them. I'll wear my black slinky knit pants and cardigan over the blouse. We are sooooo casual down here most of the time that I enjoy dressing up a bit now and then.

    Well kids, I need to read today's paper online. I hope everydobby has a nice day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Good Morning, Kids

    Just fed Miss Puss. She was around at midnight, so she got something then too.
    Mikie, Gordon said the storm up north is supposed to get here Friday night. Of
    course we all know that our weather starts over the ocean and works its way
    East across the country. I wonder why the clouds don't drop all their water by
    the time they get to the middle of the country. How do they know to save
    some for the right coast?

    I looked for a picture of a lion's paw shell. Looks like the Shell Oil logo which
    I read is a scallop shell. Or perhaps at today's prices, we should call it a scalper's
    shell. I remember when gas was a quarter a galleon. My dad could remember
    when it was a nickle.

    You guys ever see those old pumps with a glass top? You could watch
    the gas swirl around on its way to your tank. Here's a pic of one. from
    the 1920s. It's for sale: $2000. Yikes! The same site has others with prices up
    to 9000 bucks. Those old pumps were much taller than the modern ones.
    About 7-8 feet tall, I think.

    Granni, if you know anything at all about face book and modern phones,
    you know a lot more than I do. I don't even have a desire to learn. Sounds
    like you have a full schedule as usual.

    Springwater, my mother had iris in her garden. They bloomed in the spring
    along with tulips and grape hyacinth. I never saw the Japanese iris till I
    moved to California. We had a bed of them, but Gordon decided he didn't like
    them a couple years ago and dug them all up.

    Did you see the article on travel to exotic places a few days ago? there was a
    pic of a heard of goats in Nyi La Pass in Nepal. Rugged looking territory
    4000 feet up.

    Sun, did you make it to your art group? I hope you can find a good inhaler. I
    remember I used to buy the Vick's brand years ago. Haven't used one of
    them thar things for decades now. Funny how things change and we often don't
    even notice for a long time.

    How was the party at your Dad's place, Julie? Sounds like you need a day
    planner and maybe a secretary to keep track of all you do. Wears me out
    just to read it.

    I looked up Iowa weather. Read it was 32 right now. But temps expected in
    the 40 and 50s next few days. That seems too warm from what I remember.

    Barry and Joan and Diane, hope things are OK with you.


  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: that's a gorgeous the way the hot pink creeps into the petals. I also used to go to the Santa Barbara Orchid show. Years ago when I got overwhelmed with orchids and had to buy, buy, buy.

    I'm posting a pic. of my tulip bouquet and will come back later to write to everyone. The bouquet was actually 3 x the size of what I've pulled out for this still life. Diane: yes, I'm going to try painting it. I have to use my regular computer to post pics. but still having troubles with it. Well, actually my Ipad shut down on me last night also.

    I'm back after a couple of hrs. of shopping......which I really don't like to do anymore. I'm giving the gift to my kids that everyone Can't go wrong with that. After buying this and that I stopped at Panda Express. I love the freshness of their usual purchase is steamed veggies and a chicken dish on the side.

    Spring: what is the scarf/gift giving ceremony? My DIL is Vietnamese and I was told I had to give a gift to her mother in exchange for getting a daughter. I'm just going to say I got the "short end of the bargain". LOL My son picked out two very exotic orchids for me to give to her.....I think they were about $50 total for the two. After 6 years I hope they're still alive for her.

    Mikie: I'm chuckling at your doctor's comment that it was nothing to wean off the med. When I tried lyrica for 6 weeks I was told just cut it down for a couple of days and in a week I would be off. OMG talk about anxiety. When I was on the cymbalta it took over 2 months for me to open up a pill every night and count out the beads to toss.

    Rock: Yes, I did make it to the art group. Didn't feel up to it, but it's over until january and I need interaction between people. It's been over 3 weeks that I've had an awful all over achiness so 2 days ago it hit me that it might be caused from sugar. So I've gone 2 days without any, hoping this will help.

    Diane: I'm praying for you. Put your mind on something else. Try memorizing something that will occupy your mind. When I had oral surgery years ago to remove wisdom teeth it was sooooo good to wake up and find it was all over. You will do fine!

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Dec 11, 2014
    rockgor likes this.
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    in bit of rush..just peeped in on a break.. love all the beautiful pictures posted..what a strange
    petrol pump, Rock.

    Mikie - i hv a Diana Cooper Angel book and looked up Ascension on internet because she wrote about it and all of here at the boards seem to be 'ascending'. I had to laugh.


    will catch everybody laters..

    Diane - good luck with the dental procedure.. will send up prayers for you
    not to get too anxious..i know you are gonna be just fine.

    God Bless

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Well, rain was predicted for Friday night, and we got it. Gordon walked into the
    room and said, "What's that noise?" I, deeply engrossed in a history book (the
    saga of "I Love Lucy") responded with, "I think they do it by rubbing their wings
    together." Gordon winced and said, "Com'on Ben. Let's go check. Bring your kite."
    So that's the kind of fun we have here at the ranch every day.

    Anyhoo we going to have more rain in the next few days. Temps will be in the 60s.
    So much better than living in the frozen North.

    Great Pic, Sun. Unusual colors for a bouquet. Remember that British comedy
    "Keeping Up Appearances"? The main character was named Hyacinth Bucket, but
    she always insisted her last name was pronounced "Bouquet". The part was
    played by Patricia Routledge who was the original "Little Mary Sunshine?

    Although it is not widely known, more than half a century ago I appeared in a
    community theater production of Little Mary Sunshine. I played the part of a
    Forest Ranger. Since I hadn't the slightest bit of talent for performing in public
    it was a difficult assignment.

    Hope your achiness goes away. I'd hate to give up sugar. Had 2 Hershey kisses
    just minutes ago.

    Diane, haven't read any books by Gillian Flynn. I did read that her Gone Girl book
    was purchased for a mil and a half by a film company. I am finishing up a book
    by Budd Schulberg about growing up in Hollywood. His father was the executive
    producer for Paramount. Budd became a writer; won an Oscar for his screenplay
    "On the Waterfront".

    Sounds like you are well prepared for your trip to the dentist. Hope it goes well.

    Hugs to everydobby
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    For a while there, I was alone on the Porch. Glad to see y'all visiting.

    Rock, I like the name, Miss Puss. I think that's what Robert's BIL called his cat on "Everybody Loves Raymond." We still had two of those antique pumps at an old filling station back when I was in HS. The gas was cheaper and we kids used to buy ours there. It was fun to watch the gas swirl around in the glass tank on top. If y'all ever watch "American Pickers," you'll see just how collectible and valuable those old things are. By the time I was married and had kids, gas was a quarter and so was a quart of milk. My ex and I could go pick up milk and get three gallons of gas for $1. Then, gas took a big jump to fifty cents a gallon. Yikes! Inflation! :eek: Sounds as though you and Gordon have a lot of fun.

    Yes, our weather systems move from West to East and the Gulf Stream moves North and South. Down here, it's a bit more complicated, due to the Gulf to the West of us, the Caribbean to the South of us, and the Atlantic to our East. Our hurricanes come off the West Coast of Africa and move West over the Atlantic toward our East Coast. They usually turn toward the North before making landfall but not always. Some move over the Caribbean and will hit Mexico or other Gulf areas. What we are in right now is the cold front being pushed Southward by the Gulf Stream and Eastward by the normal weather pattern. Weather was not my forte in ground school but I am fascinated by it and how the rotation of the Earth produces weather patterns. I confess; I'm a geek! ;)

    Diane, I'm so glad you got a lot of your questions answered. I am praying and know you will be fine. I've asked God to hold you in the palm of His hand and keep you safe. Once I ask for God to take over, I leave it in His hands. If you can do this and know you will be OK, it might alleviate a lot of the anxiety. I've always actually enjoyed it when things turn a lot cooler down here but, after so many injuries recently, my body isn't enjoying it. :) It is staying cooler for a longer period than we are used to. When it warms up a bit around noon, I need to go out to move the flowers I have sitting in the flower boxes so that tomorrow, or Sun., the handyman can install them. All the orchids and other plants need to be watered too. Other than that, I think I'll stay inside except for a trip to the Target Rx. Or, I can put off the Target trip for another day. I don't have much on the agenda and the freedom feels wonderful.

    Sunflower Girl, I love the pic of those flowers. Using orange and purple is one of my favorite combinations. For years, when my kids were little, we lived down the road from one of the oldest Iris farms. When they were in bloom, we would ride our bikes over just to see wave after wave of beautiful colors. Everyone in the area had Iris in their yards. Sometimes, new ones would appear and I think the squirrels would dig up bulbs which were just planted and bury them in our yards. I had ferns and Lilies of The Valley along the North side of my house and they were beautiful. In back, I had orange poppies all along the house. After the poppies bloomed, Four O'Clocks would come up. My driveway was lined with Crocus in white, yellow and purple. Quite a different look from what we have down here. Yes, I almost fell over when the doc mentioned that weaning down on the Special K shouldn't produce withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, I can't decide whether this doc is a genius or an idiot. I use the genius side of him and ignore the idiot inside of him. A long time ago, we had the discussion of physical dependence so he should obviously understand the weaning off process. Duh! :confused:

    Springwater, yes, some of the symptoms mentioned in the video do sound like our symptoms. I did enjoy it very much, though, and thank you for including it in your post. The only reference I've had to "Ascention" is the Catholic version of when the Blessed Mother, Mary, was ascended into Heaven. It's a holy day in the Catholic Church. Of course, Easter is about Jesus' ascention the third day after he died. I never thought of it as something we do as we grow in awareness and consciousness. Perhaps some of my trouble in clearing out old stuff is that it no longer fits into my life as it is now. Ever since I first got really sick with what ails me, fourteen years ago, I've been obsessed with regaining my former self in terms of physical ability. Well, no one who is fourteen years older is ever going to be the same, regardless of illnesses. Why do we cling to those things and those days? I do try to embrace the present and, throughout the day, I find myself enjoying life as it is. I thank God for my blessings. Sunrises, sunsets, the cats, friends, family, nature, etc. are things I thank Him for every day.

    Every guru I've read or watched on TV says we are moving into a new reality of awareness. Judging by the unrest, from police shootings to wars, I'd say something important is going on but, sometimes, it just feels as though we are stuck in mud trying to move forward. As said in the video, I believe we chose these lives before we came here when we were in a higher spiritual state so we could deal with situations which would help us grow in spirit. Free will comes into it when we deal with them. It's funny because I often feel exactly as though this home no longer fits me and I want to go to my permanent Home. Evidently, though, my work here is not done so I continue to try to do my best and be grateful for this opportunity.

    Yesterday, I turned my head to look at Tweety and vertigo hit me out of the blue. The room started to spin and I got very nauseated. I carefully, and slowly, sat upright and just stayed that way. Finally, I went in and got in bed with my pillows slightly elevated. I lay in there and watched TV until I fell asleep. I slept most of the day and the vertigo seems to have gone away. I had absolutely no appetite and didn't eat anything. I'm not making any sudden movements. Hopefully, I can finish going through that hideous box of tangled cords and get rid of most of them. That chore is holding things up when it comes to getting that closet cleaned out. I actually found an old printer cable, the kind with the very wide ends that we used in the 80's. :rolleyes: Yikes! It's on its way out!

    I don't know whether it's hopeful thinking or whether I have a real chance to heal and want to use my sports stuff again but I'm hanging onto it for another year and, if I don't use it, it's outta here. I have the strangest feeling that this next year will be an important one for me one way or another. At every phase in my life, when I'm just about to turn a corner, I've felt it in my gut.

    Well, my gut is telling me to end this Warren Peace so I had better listen. Hope y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have a little bit of time before I need to start getting ready to sing tonight and make some pasta and meatballs for dinner. I could have had something less heavy or hearty but DH has been feeling sorry for himself since I have been singing a lot. Sorry that I do not have the time to write to everyone individually just lucky to pop in for a bit and read, let alone write or post. I will be so happy next week when our commitments are over with our small group. Not doing much of anything extra with church choir. I am surely not missing having to drive into church at night for practice.

    JULIE - Hope you are hanging in there with everything. I know and can hardly imagine what has been going on with you with all your kids and g kids.

    MIKIE - That sure was a long W and P before. Hope you can finally get to be feeling better even tough yu just keep on pushing !! Good luck wit the coo leadership voting? When is the voting anyway, the end of the year or beginning. of net year??

    DIANE - So nice to see your post. Hang in there sweetie. I know you will do great. I will be praying for you too and know that you will be A-OK when all is said and done.

    SW - Thanks for posting that piece on Ascension. It was very interesting!!!

    Hugs also to ROCK and everybody else I cannot think of at the minute.

    Love to everyone,

    Granni :)
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi All

    Isnt this a nice colour? I hope its not too bright for anyone. When Sun mentioned
    'hot pink' in her post while describing Rocks orchid pic, I went, oh, "so thats what
    hot pink looks like." I think i had imagined a lighter shade in my head.Then i
    googled 'hot pink'..loved the images, and went on to 'azure blue' (lookee
    what turned up) ..a swimming pool! more like a cathedral, isnt it?

    then just just decided to click on this colour from the palette offered to users.

    Im relaxing this morning, (before i attack the accumulated cleaning) after a
    whole day at SILs. We had the one year death anniversary of my dear brother.
    I was horribly anxious leading upto the energy levels bouncing up and
    down..and mostly on a down..and my fibro fogged mind unable to process
    decision making...SIL the (A type personality) wanted to go the whole hog
    calling everyone..she said she has saved up some money but i knew better,
    she hasnt done her calculations properly and i knew i was not going to go over
    a certain $ amount from my side..and i did not see the sense of calling everybody
    when we hv already done that earlier and feeding them...when the main part
    is calling monks and having them do the ritual prayers. Neither was i in
    the mood to meet many people. So it came down to about 35 people..only
    family members and immediate relatives.

    Son and myself bought some groceries and reached the rugs and crockery
    needed to supplement those SIL already had, one day ahead. Brother
    arranged for seven monks to come, two had to come one day ahead too
    to make some things ready.

    It went good..we hired two people to cook. No mishaps. I had to rush
    out mid way when my MIL came and told me a relative had expired,
    an old lady and they were going to go on condolence visit so i hitched
    a ride down...we picked up DHs eldest married cousin who we met
    on the way down (she was coming to SILs place and had to go to the
    other place too, so that worked out well). Then we all came back
    to SILs together. In the meantime DHs other relatives had come and
    they all sat and talked for a while. DHs sisters son who has come
    on a visit from Switzerland had also popped in with my BIL..he is
    such a sweet, all put together kind of boy).

    (Today i have to make my formal welcome visit to MILs where he
    is staying).

    The prayers ended at 5pm and by the time we had dinner and i
    packed my stuff and reached home it was 7pm. But, what a relief.
    its over and done with. Im always anxious about functions.

    Its raining today however, and cold and wet and in no mood to
    go outside.

    Sun - 'scarf' ceremony is at a wedding when the bride and grooms /
    family sit on the podium and people line up and go and give them a
    silk scarf each and a present/money to the newly weds.

    internet image

    its not a chinese culture tho as titled, its tibetan.

    Rock - those passes and rugged mountains are beautiful but not my
    idea of a vacation. Im not adventurous enough.

    Granni - my men would love meat balls n spaghetti today..its cold!

    Mikie - i thought you definitely had most of the ascension symptoms
    when i came upon this. And no. 26 comforted me. A reason at last
    to explain the horror story that seems to hv been my life 2012 onwards.
    Like you, i cant wait to exit this dimension. Except for one or two things.

    Everyone - gotta get a move on now...take care

    God Bless

    Last edited: Dec 14, 2014
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to see that someone has finally posted today. Rock has been
    very dizzy wondering where everyone has gone to - to the Fair, the Mall,
    the Twilight Zone?

    I guess most people plan ahead for their weekends and are too tired to post
    afterward. This does make Rock very anxious to say the very least.

    We survived the massive storm this week. I've never seen it rain that fast
    and hard!!!! It was also VERY windy. The wind knock over my 10' x 10'
    orchid shade structure onto it's side. My sister and her husband are coming
    over tomorrow and I can get them of help me upright it. Several pots of
    orchids were also knock over but I was able to repot the mix back in. I'm
    hoping for a good flowering season next Spring. I'm going to my monthly
    orchid meeting next Thursday and will be looking forward to adding
    something fabulous - hopefully something that will have a BIG FLOWER.
    Keep posting.



    Hi Kids

    I see some interloper has been here in my absentia. Ha Ha! The statement that
    I was anxious is a gross fabrication. I was merely curious. Hoping all of you were
    having a wonderful time on the Riviera or the Left Bank. I personally have
    never been to either, although I was once left at a bank when my wife forgot
    to pick me up after some errand of her own.

    The righting of Gordon's shaded area for his orchids will be a big job. The
    structure is about ten feet high and covered with shade cloth. Takes 3
    strong people to maneuver it into place and then anchor it with cinder
    blocks. Ever wonder why they are called cinder blocks? I did. Turns out
    they are made of concrete with a cinder aggregate.

    Was a quiet day here except for the last half hour. We had a helicopter
    buzzing around. We did a few errands; read a little; napped a little.
    Talk atcha later, as one of our posters used to say.


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