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    Hi Kids

    Well, we'll see if this works. I am opening this thread. Will review the prior posts and
    come back and add to this post. Sound like a workable plan? Those of us who are
    electronically challenged can never be sure how these things will work out.
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    Hi Folks

    Big news on the literary front. Two American Authors were the sole members
    of a pantheon that included only them. They both wrote a beloved and famous
    book that was made into a movie. And they both never wrote another book.
    Who were they? Answer to follow. Unless, of course, I forget which is highly
    likely considering that so many of my bits and pieces, especially my brain,
    no longer workee.

    Mikie, glad to hear you're feeling cheerful and getting things done and that
    your first aid to your arm was successful. Nah, I don't think I'll see a doc
    about my hand. Doubt much could be done. And it would mean lots of
    time and energy and co pays to explore the matter. I don't expect to be
    here much longer anyhoo. That's one reason I don't get my remaining
    teeth worked on. I did see our new dentist twice about the matter. She
    is from Iran, has no idea how to run a business in this country, and is
    focused on only one thing: making money. She had big plans for
    Gordon too, but he would only agree to part of her elaborate scheme.

    Granni, "not up to stuff" means not feeling so well". Snuff, of course,
    is powdered tobacco. Tobacco was unknown in Europe until the
    European voyages of discover brought it back beginning in the 16th

    Tobacco became very popular in Europe, but since storage conditions on
    the old wooden ship were primitive, the tobacco was exposed to water,
    insects, and various impurities. The snuff therefore, might be highly
    adulterated. If you were already in poor health it was risky to inhale
    it. (Snuff is inhaled; not smoked or chewed.) So if you weren't in the
    best of health, it was safest to beg off ("not up to it today, Boys") and
    enjoy same at a later date.

    Springwater, you are absolutely right. The moon affects people just the
    way it affects the oceans. The effect is greatest on people with water
    on the brain. They become lunatics which comes from moon sickness
    or "luna languorem".

    Julie, great pic of Oreo and all. Hard to look at that picture and not think of
    "Blue Christmas". Yes, you're right about Gordon. He's got the TV
    on (mostly listening rather than watching) while working on another
    big orchid. Not sure if it's his of his friend's.

    Hugs Everydobby


    PS Granni and Springwater. I made up most that etymology stuff. Hope
    it entertained even if it didn't do much to enlighten. :rolleyes:

    PPS The authors are Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee. (Harper's real
    first name is Nelle which is her grandmother's name spelled backwards.)

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    Rock: And don't forget to mention that it was very proper for ladies to use snuff. I have a little pewter box for it. There was a little handwritten note who it belonged to in the family.....someone's grandma I guess.......circa 1840. I have never smoked but do wonder what a pinch of snuff was like. My DHs dad chewed of which I never knew, but when we first went back to Minn. for a visit when my oldest was just a baby, I couldn't figure out why he carried around a little cup and would spit in it. UGH.

    Granni: I tried to learn a few of the steps for line dancing when we were on a cruise, I must have been around 55.....I was hopeless. I think some pick it up quickly and then there are the rest of us.

    Spring: I watched the "line dancing" for the video you posted. I think you and your DH need to learn the steps for the next wedding you attend. I think you two would totally enjoy the weddings you attend. Kinda like me and the "chicken dance". You would have to live in the U.S. and attend a few weddings to know what I'm talking about. I NEVER could get it!

    Mikie: Barb called and kinda apologized!!!!! Shocking........but shows prayers are getting thru to her. That, and she's getting closer to leaving this earth so I'm very happy to read she's had a change of heart. Don't you wish you could have been a fly on the wall as she discussed this with her DD.

    This is one of those frustrating days for me. Since I'm trying to cut corners I've bundled my insurance with AAA. I needed to get a price on a policy today from them, I agreed and all I had to do was sign the papers and email back. My computer is still giving me fits, this time the emails to go out are locked up, so I ended up driving to an AAA office which to me means having to sit and WAIT. The chairs are awful even with my cushion I always carry and my back was already screaming today. I forgot to tell my DS when he was over this weekend so will have to email and ask if he can give me instructions on clearing it up.

    I also went to my art class. This week is Wayne Thibaud.....pronounced be studied. Kinda like Andy Warhol in some ways. We looked at a lot of slides showing his work. Lots of cakes and cupcakes for one of his periods. Now I have to decide what I'll attempt to paint.
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    Morning, Porchies,

    Oh what a beautiful morning. No, I'm not in Oklahoma and the sun hasn't risen but I went out to look for my paper and the full moon was behind some horizontal thin stripes of clouds. Absolutely gorgeous! Jupiter is just off to the upper right side of the moon. Now, as the sun is nearing the horizon, the sky is gray and bright coppery orange/pink. The news just showed a panoramic view of it from the beach and it's really spectacular there. It should be another beautiful day today, starting out cold in the 50's but getting into the 70's by this afternoon. We will just have gathering clouds today and rain tomorrow. Yesterday, I went over to the pool and everyone was having such a good time. Many of our residents this time of year, Snowbirds and seasonal renters, are older and behave themselves at the pool. I talked to some of them and asked if the water was nice and warm. It was soooooo funny; word spread that I'm the new pres. and people wanted to talk to me, meet me, and say how much they love it here. Wow! How nice was that!

    I know that if I just hang in there through the problems, financial issues, and changes we are looking at, this job may have many, many opportunities for me to be part of real change and improvement, not only in da hood but in the minds and hearts of our residents. Already, word has spread that I stuck up for our residents, against all the other board members to try to uphold the residents' desires. If nothing else, this has given people some hope and the knowledge that someone on the board is listening to them. That's all they ask of everyone on the board. That the change to our rules to allow commercial vehicles has been tabled, is a real, if temporary, victory. We'll see how it goes in the final adoption of new rules.

    Tomorrow, if we can get out before the rain starts, another new board member and I will be taking inventory of which areas the landscaper gave us bids to improve, with removal of old hedges, bushes, etc., and replacement of new foliage. I will take pics and then, we will get together with mgr. to form our plans. We can't do it all right away but we can prioritize our needs. Think I'll invite this new member to go with me and her neighbor in her courtyard to the Art Fest down by the river in downtown Ft. Myers. It's a big show with ceramics, wood, watercolors, acrylics, oils, drawings, glass blowing, jewelry and a lot more. They have music and food but I may propose we go over to Joe's Crab Shack on the river for lunch. It's a tradition that we go there once a year. I usually get a huge, but expensive, boiled dinner with clams, crab, shrimp, corn on the cob and sausage, done with nice Cajun hot spices. I get a take-home box and eat off of it for three days so it's actually not that expensive if I amortize it over the three-day period.

    Didn't get my paper this morning; I get Sun. and Wed. only and read online the remainder of the week. I was out so early that I borrowed the neighbor's paper downstairs. I can read a paper and leave it looking as though it's never been touched (it's a rare talent :). These people aren't up til 8:00. She is sick with a cold so when I put the paper back, I left a box of Puffs with Vicks lotion. BTW, those tissues are wonderful for when one has allergies and colds.

    I have to shower and get to Target this morning to get my Rx. I decided to continue weaning off the Special K and should be completely off of it by the end of Apr. I'm sooooo relieved I am well enough to do without it because when I tried to years ago, I had such severe withdrawal that I had to go back on it. Dr. Cheney is evidently right; when one has healed his or her CFIDS sufficiently, one is able to wean off without the agony of withdrawal.

    Rock, I hear ya, Brother, when it comes to the co-pays. When I had those four injuries within six months, I spent $1,000 out of pocket on co-pays, mostly for PT. That's why I suggested you check You Tube. You may find some fairly easy exercises for your arm and hand. I'm cracking myself up; I originally typed that, "You may find some fairly easy exorcists for your arm and hand." What is so funny about that is, as I'm sure you know, in the old days and still today in some religions, all illness is believed to be caused by demons which must be cast out. So, I figure that next time I injure myself, I should find an exorcist and do my PT as well. Hey, it can't hurt and it might help. I call this attitude my "Chicken Soup Test" for any treatment I am considering.

    I am soooooo excited about her attorney's finding Harper Lee's unpublished novel. I will be re-reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" before I read the new novel when it comes out because, despite the fact that she wrote this newly discovered novel before "To Kill A Mockingbird," it is actually a sequel to it when Scout is grown up. Wow! What a wonderful find. The movie was so good that I will not be able to read without seeing the stars in the movie in my mind's eye. Ms. Lee didn't realize her original novel had survived and thought it lost. There was a made-for-TV movie which was a sequel to Margret Mitchell's "Gone With The Wind" and it stank on ice!

    BTW, I once worked for a big-wig VP in an oil co. on a temp assignment. I always thought he chewed gum. Come to find out, he was chewing tobacco. When I had to go into his office to look in his credenza for something, I found a bunch of those little foam coffee cups filled with his spit-out chew. Some were so old that they had mold growing on them. AACK!!! What a filthy habit. :confused: Hope I'm never up to snuff.

    Sunflower Girl, thanks for keeping us up to date on which artists you are studying. I'll have to look up Thibaud. This is like an art appreciation class only better than the one I took in school. I'm so glad you share with us. I understand your frustration as I've also been cutting costs. I got my auto ins. through State Farm myself for half of what my former lazy broker had found for me. This is the co. which handles all our commercial ins. in da hood but their personal lines brokers are horrible. I moved my condo ins. to the State Farm broker so that the lazy one wasn't continuing to get residuals. This co. was sold to a national firm and, once that happens, customer svs. usually goes to hell in a handbasket. That's what happened to our Toyota dealership and the VW dealership. I'm so glad I found an honest and reliable independent mechanic. I also belong to AAA and they guaranty this guy's work. I also have the name of the body shop which State Farm guarantees.

    I was worrying about having to take my miminal withdrawal from my IRA and, voiloa, there was the form in the mail yesterday. If I've already mentioned this, forgive me as I've been so busy and tired that my memory fails on a regular basis. :( Anyway, it is enough to replace what I couldn't put in savings, due to those co-pays I had, and to help pay for a lot of my trip to Orlando with the kids. I will stop in at AAA to find out which mechanics they guarantee along the rte. Every bit of good financial news is like winning the LOTTO for me these days. Actually, I did win the LOTTO--twice! One ticket paid $7 and one paid $5. :) I know I mentioned that I got rid of Comcast cable. I'm so glad I did and am saving $100 a month by using my antenna and getting most of the TV I watch for free. I make cost cutting a game and really feel good about it.

    Actually, Barb didn't apologize but asked if we could get past this and get back our friendship. We discussed what had happened because I don't think we could just snap our fingers and be back where we were. She finally admitted that the whole time surrounding her stroke is not clear and she has been very confused about it. I can understand that and I told her I know she went through hell. I also told her it was awful for me the whole month they were here. I think we had to clear the air before we can get past it. She will bring it up again down the road; the woman never forgets what she perceives as a wrong to her, but I'll just remind her that it doesn't help to rehash old wounds. That always works with her. I seriously doubt she discussed this with her daughter. I think she was calling from her in-law suite in the house.

    She said being snowed in gave her time to reflect and the call from Ilona was the catalyst which made her decide to call me. I think you are right; she must realize that every day, her time on Earth draws shorter and she wants to set things right before she's knocking on the Pearly Gates. None of us knows when our time will come and life is too short to have hatred in our hearts toward another or others. Meanness and hatred only harms the one who practices those things and not the object of the hatred. The month was difficult but I tried not to let them get to me and just blew it off. I think that's another reason that their nastiness wasn't effective. In any case, I'll be glad to have a civil relationship again.

    Well, Kiddies, it's time to bid y'all adieu til next time. I'm gonna hop in the shower and go to Target early. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie: I ADMIRE all that you are able to do, functioning very well with having CFS or whatever hits you. I've never lived anywhere other than so. calif. so can't imagine how all of you even DRIVE when it gets down to 40 let alone snow all around. We're such wimps out in the sun belt.

    David and Lyndsey are very blessed to have you and Den next door, to call whenever they need help. I'm sure they realize it. I'm reading that you've been eating some of your cookies. But who can resist PB cookies. And speaking of cookies, my DGS left his opened box of girl scout cookies here.....those yummy coconut with chocolate....OMG, I had just one, then another one, then I figured, what the hey I might as well finish so I could toss the box. What a pig I am!!!!! But they're so good.

    Mikie: I guess I misunderstood about Barb. I thought she apologized, but then having a stroke can confuse people. For your sake I hope she never shows up again.

    A few days ago it finally hit me......I don't NEED this large house and down the road I need to be living closer to my DD. I told her I might need to look for just the right fixer upper close to them. Perhaps I've been watching too many Fixer Upper programs! LOL. Anyway, I need to clean out this house more than what I've done. I have 3 rooms that I keep closed, no need to even let the cats in there. I've got some antique furniture I need to find out the value. One is a tall bleached pine, hi boy, circa 1850. I found it at a yard sale years ago at a good price and used it to store my quilt collection, which I'm also trying to get rid of. It totally comes apart, sides, front, back, bonnet, etc. for easy transport when people only had a wagon to move furniture. Another is a painted small blanket chest, probably from Penn. around 1800 I think. I have no idea where to find a value. I've gone online searching for something familiar but I'm stumped on the pine cabinet.

    Most everything in my house is from yard sales, etc. But it's just so time consuming and draining of energy to go thru things and unload. I've got a box of good costume jewelry staring at me today. I need to take pics. and put them on my Etsy "store" but my neck/back are still screaming at me today. I've already had to take a pain pill and have been alternating ice and heat. I had hoped to pull some weeds today but need to pass on that.
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    Trying to Post to the PORCH:

    If my message makes it to the PORCH then I managed to reset my password & look what one of the security questions was:

    What are the last two letters in the word Fibromyalgia?
    Seriously, that is the question, but at least they did not make it overly complicated for me.

    I can only stay for just a minute because my back is hurting me quite a bit and I have to lay down.

    Doctor is doing procedures on my back.

    Facet Joint Injections
    Then Radio Frequency Lesioning of the Nerve Endings.

    It has kept an area on my back pain-free for 1 year & 1 month.

    Have about 2 to 3 more areas of the back that need to be treated & I should be in pretty good shape after that.

    Wanted to say HELLO to everyone & I will come back tomorrow.

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    Way to go JULIE !!!. I need to get started purging and getting rid of stuff. Most of it is in closets and drawers. Then I also need to go in one of my cabinets in our bedroom to go thru lots of trash that just needs to get thrown out. Other stuff in there a lot needs to be sorted and put someplace else. That is the hard part. Where to put some of the other stuff I think we need to keep and some pictures. Plus, before computers and such I have so many pictures taken with film of the family. OH, what to do with them . They are in one big box at least separated in envelopes (that came with with pictures from where they were developed) Some may have the year and maybe when they were taken. Also lots of stuff we got when we took trips, nothing really of value. My MESS is usually hidden as DH dislikes any clutter and it drives him batty :)!!

    Sorry that Den had to get up in the middle of the night to rescue David. Glad he was there to help with all your cold weather especially. I know David really appreciated that for sure. You are all lucky being SO close to each other, to help out when needed.. How nice of Lindsay to bring you all supper tonight. Wonderful !!!!!!

    MIKIE - I see you are doing your Presidential duties along with other things. Keep it up ! I know you will do a great job on your condo as you already are, very conscientious I must say :)!!! Sorry I can't comment on your whole Wand P ? My brain cannot remember all that you said anyway but keep on writing. I love to read your writings as JULIE said.

    I have been lazy today but went to work out some with DH. Neither of us did the whole mile on the treadmill since one was broken and we shared one ( not at the same time) :)!!. So we may go again tomorrow. Also did a wash today but that is about it. I thought about tackling the drawers but haven't gotten the NRG to star with that. Also lots of closets I need to get rid of good stuff I probably will not wear ever again.

    Need to start thinking about diner tonight. Thawed some ground meet - beef and turkey to make tacos.

    Hi also to ROCK and SUN.

    SUN - It sounds like you have lots of nice antique pieces in your house, really old. They may be worth something if you do not need them any more.

    ROCK - Thanks for starting us up again. You did good my friend!! Hope you are feeling as well as you can :)!!

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    Yipee: $143 check.......I'm sure there's a dozen or more places/bills where it will come in handy. I agree about your parents things. Even though your Dad wouldn't want or remember something it's just the idea of getting rid of something that's his.

    I moved my mom from a mobil home (packed) to a retirement home room and it took me over a month of working daily on cleaning things out. She hoarded everything. I think that was something everyone learned having gone thru the depression years. She never asked about her stuff though. A lot of her things came to my home and I had to incorporate them in with my possessions........mainly because it was just easier. Now I'm going to have to go thru her stuff again, and this time just donate most of it along with a lot of my stuff. My kids have their own ideas of what they like, and none of it suits either my mom or most of my collections. And those boxes of photos! My kids don't know who is who nor do they care about people from 70 plus years earlier.

    That's thoughtful of Lindsey. See........that's another reason I just LIVE closer to my DD.

    Since my DH's death, I'm so paranoid I'll forget to pay a bill or mislay some important papers. I've got a system using one of those old metal 45 record holders I had. I stick papers/envelopes in them as they come in the mail. I write on the front "pay" on the bills and stand them up. I've also got a strong magnet in the front of it where I can put notes to myself. Anything you can figure out to organize. If someone is coming over I move it to an unused room, out of the way from busy fingers. And I'm trying to pay the bill with a check as soon as it arrives.
  9. Mikie

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, I'm laughing, picturing you, like me, under a load of paperwork. I try to keep up with it each day but never do. I manage to separate the junk mail from bills and other important documents and put the junk stuff in a pile to be recycled. I put the bills into a place just for them so I can pay them on time. This requires that I open anything which may, or may not, be junk. When in doubt, I take it out. :) This theme is common to almost all of us who have to deal with these illnesses. We have to use our NRG just to do what basically needs doing and dealing with junk mail ends up at the bottom of the stack. I have two stacks of things which I have to file or destroy. Since they aren't pressing, the piles continue to grow. Eventually, I'll get around to it. I think we should be proud of what we manage to accomplish despite illnesses which would flatten even the strongest people. And you, my friend, accomplish a lot!!!

    Hi, Elaine, so good to see you here but am so sorry about your back. I hope the treatments work. Hope you make it back tomorrow when you have to give the last two letters of CFIS. :)

    Granni, I can't even imagine your being lazy. Here I was, picturing you and DH using one treadmill at the same time. Yikes!!! Glad you are taking turns. I do get carried away with my W&P posts but I don't imagine most people read them. I type fast and get carried away. Loooooove Julie's multi-person treadmill. Just what you need.

    Sunflower Girl, I pay my bills online. I can choose when they are paid so it doesn't matter when I enter them as long as there is enough time for them to get to the payee on time. I get a reference no. for each one and I write that on the bill and when it's scheduled to be paid. I had one of those metal 45 boxes so I could take my records to my friends' homes or to parties. Mine was gray metal with a red metal top with a carrying handle on it. I hadn't thought about it in years until you mentioned it.

    I tried to do more cleaning today but, as usual, my time is no longer my own. I did get the garbage taken down along with the recyclables. I emptied the dishwasher and partially loaded it back up again. I also did two loads of laundry. I like to keep ahead of the wash. With my smart washer, I can do smaller loads and the washer will only use the water it needs. I like that.

    I had to let the pool heater guy in to clean the soot outta one heater and install new burners. He had to explain to me how much water flow is best so we don't waste money on propane. I need to make sure the pool guy knows how to use the water flow valve. Then, the heater guy has to come back to adjust the heaters. Am I ever getting an education (more than I ever wanted to know) about pool equipment.

    Then, our oldest board member, who just retired from the board, stopped by to give me schematics of our neighborhood, the sprinkler system, and the parking areas. He's amazing. I told him he's our historian and board member emeritus. It brought tears to his eyes. He is so sweet and is so valuable and, since he's gotten older, I'm not sure he gets the respect he deserves. He likes to stop by and sit a bit.

    Finally, I was able to run to the store to get a card for Nancy 2 and a gift card. I'll ask Nancy to take it up to her. I just don't want to take a chance of giving her anything if I do have something. The allergens are horrible right now and it could just be that and the Whatever Herpes Virus. Still, she is in in-patient rehab and, if she were to get sick, it might derail her progress. Publix had BOGO's on Hallmark cards so I got birthday cards for my DSsIL and a sympathy card for my friend/neighbor/fellow board member who just lost his dad. I won't make the mistake of waiting til commuter traffic time to go shopping. Yikes!!! It took three lights to go two blocks to the store.

    I am planning a nice evening at home. No wonder I fall asleep at 7:00 or 8:00. I actually got 8 hrs. of sleep last night and it really makes a diff. I hope everyone has a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there awl,

    I almost fainted when I saw Elaine back on the Porch, from my phone. I saw JULIE mention that ELAINE was back and I had to get on my computer to see.

    ELAINE - So glad to see you back on the boards. I has been so long. It was awhile since I sent you that e-mail. Wondered if you saw it or was just busy or full of pain, etc. etc. Look forwards to talking with you again to catch up. Hope you haven't had it to bad all this time. Will get on the computer tomorrow when I get the chance.

    JULIE - Thanks for the family sized treadmill for everyone !! Could have used that one today when one was out of order. What did Lindsey cook for dinner? I would be so happy to have anyone cook me a dinner for change :)!! Did go over to DD's a week or so ago and had a Mexican type stew/soup. It was good and nice and hot for this time of year. Hope you make a headway on all your clutter like me :)!! Mine is inside drawers and cupboards. MY desk is the only thing outwardly that needs help :)!!!!

    MIKIE - Take it easy girl so you don't get sick again. It I go to go to bed early and rest wit all you and getting up early, etc., etc. Speaking of cards, I need to go and get some VERY SOON, Valentines and Get Well.

    Gotta run for now. See you tomorrow.

    Granni :)
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    Elaine - wow, good to see you back. hope you get to stay longer next time.

    It was such a lovely day yesterday because the night before that it rained a bit.
    So the morrow was clear and the air clean and fresh, combine that with a cheery
    sun and buds waiting to burst open and tiny new leaves on the trees and we
    had what is called a perfect spring day!

    Mikie - Madam President. the name suits you. Im sure you look sharp too.
    Isnt it nice to have an occasion to dress up? I like that sometimes. But everyday
    would drive me up the wall. You are so sincere in your efforts. its not a job
    gotta be done kind of thing. Im pretty sure the residents pick up on that energy.

    Granni - you seem to be pretty consistent about exercising. in that you do
    do the treadmill from time to time. do you still go to the gym or have you
    got the machines in to your home? my DH brought a manual treadmill many
    moons ago because i insisted since he only got exercise at golf those days,
    17 years ago, and when monsoons came there was no golf for weeks on end.

    now it sits in sons room, and he just might do some pull ups on it or stomach
    crunching..doesnt need to walk exactly, coz he is so thin like myself.

    Julie - lucky for David he had Den to come pick him up. From inside the
    ditch. Thats what i love about big families. Someone on hand in times of

    Rock - thanks for starting the new porch. I had to look up 'etymology'
    and still didnt get it.LOL. Fuzzybrains is what i am, these days.Being cold
    in LA must be such a change. But Gordon must be pleased. I know he doesnt
    like the heat.

    Like Julie, i have found myself snowed under a lot of stuff. need to tackle
    that. so i will bbl.

    Take care

    God Bless

    PS Julie - woah that treadmill. thanks for posting.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. I dreamed I had been sleeping on a roof. So I jumped off
    and landed unharmed on a campus of some sort. Or maybe it was an airport. Two
    cops were studying me. Possible because I was wearing no pants.s But it didn't
    matter as I had on a long T shirt. I told this to Gordon who said, "Never mind that.
    Were you wearing your bra?"

    Gordon just got back from his friend's place. He took more orchids back to her and
    picked up more to work on. She was overflowing with thanks and gratitude, and
    insisted on paying him for his work. He told her she could buy him a nice piece of
    jade. Gordon loves jade. They have a nice collection at the Norton Simon Museum
    in Pasadena, BTW.) He was just kidding.

    Anyhoo she is now going to pay him two dollars per plant. I judge that to be roughly
    75 cents an hour which was the minimum wage when I was a cave guide in the
    1950s. Uff-da!


    Springwater, etmology is the study of the origin of words. The periwinkle
    plant was a vinca in Latin. In German that was modified into berwinke and
    in Old English it became perwince. (Per Wikipedia.) And, of course as far as
    definitions go, it's also a color.

    I remember we learned the word etmology in Mrs. Ingersoll's 9th grade class.
    The example was "aftermath" which came from the French word for second
    mowing. Today the word refers to something (usually bad) that came after
    the event in question. For example, the aftermath of WW I in Germany
    was terrible inflation, the collapse of the economy, and the rise of Hitler.

    I don't think you need a treadmill, SW. Not with all those stairs you climb.

    Sun, yes, some ladies did take snuff. Did the have finger rings with compartments
    for snuff? I suppose if you could put poison in one, it would also hold snuff. I
    remember Lil Abner from the comic pages. Didn't his mother smoke a pipe?
    Maybe you could write Antiques Roadshow and see if they are going to have a
    show anywhere near you. Some of your antiques might be worth a bundle.

    I saw a bit of that show yesterday as I was walking through the living room.
    Some gal with a portrait from the 18th century said it had not been appraised.
    However she had called the society devoted to the painter. She was told that
    since it was a portrait of a family member, it didn't have much commercial value.
    Was worth about what her grandfather had paid for it ($5,000) The appraiser
    on the show told her she might want to insure it for $250,000 to $300,000).

    Mikie, You are certainly throwing yourself into your new job. I believe it is
    energizing you, yes? I 'spect things will soon be spit-spot. Mary Poppins used
    the term when the kids were cleaning their room with help of a spoonful of
    sugar. Anyhoo, I figured it meant something like "spic and span" but a
    couple sites on the net indicated it meant "hurry up; get to work". Some
    sites indicate the term was created for the movie. (I don't remember it
    from the book.) Hope your arm is better.

    Julie, did you doctor up the picture or did you find it that way? There
    are lots of treadmill videos on various humor sites. The many different
    way people can fall off them. I guess the name of the band is "OK GO".
    I get so annoyed these days trying to look up stuff. At least half the
    time it's the name of rock group. Or I want to look up lyrics for an
    old song and there's some pathetic new song with the same title.

    Yes, the Midwest has lots of wonderful aspects, but winter (well, most
    of it) is unpleasant. And sometimes deadly. My brother the deputy
    sheriff skidded off a country road into a ditch one night decades ago. He
    got pulled out by the local tow truck. He was embarrassed, but it's almost
    impossible to drive in snowy-icy weather without some mishaps.

    Gotta go.
    Hugs, Rock
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell (to everyone's relief :) I wrote it all in my last W&P post. It started raining early this morning around 3:00. This is a combo rainstorm of a gully washer interspersed with drizzling rain. We really could use the moisture. I won't have to water plants all week 'cept the ones on the lanai. I let the cats in at 4:00 because it was starting to thunder but, evidently, it didn't bother them as they were perched on their cat condo next to the screen. I was supposed to walk the property with another board member today but we figured we'd get rained out. We'll do it next week. I'm actually glad to have some time to clean and declutter inside as long as I don't have more wildfires to stomp out. I think all predictability has gone outta my life.

    Granni, thanks for your words of wisdom. Yes, Valentines Day is near. I got all my VD cards sent. Oh, VD doesn't sound so good. :) Now, I just have a sympathy card, a get well card and a birthday card to send. I admire you and DH for working out every day on the treadmill. I think it's really cute that you have two treadmills and do it together. Can you get the broken one fixed?

    Springwater, glad you had such a lovely day and some rain. I hope our rain washes away some of the pollen which has been making us miserable. Our Mandavilla plants climbed up the wall all the way to the balcony upstairs but only had a few blooms each but the blooms are soooooo beautiful. Too bad they put their NRG into climbing instead of blooming. Now, I'll have to wait til next year. :( Our Desert Rose continues to bloom nonstop with deep red flower clusters. It should do even better now that I've repotted it. What I like about them is the strange looking boles at the bottom of the plants. They get all gnarly and disfigured looking, making them really interesting and almost graceful in an odd looking way. Hope you get another perfect spring day.

    Rock, so did berwinke morph into Bullwinkle? And was Rocky the Flying Squirrel named after you? Inquiring minds want to know. BTW, I think that cartoon show was one of the most intelligent cartoons around on so many levels. Of course, what do I know; I thought "Mad" magazine was haute literature. What! Me Worry? This job is like taking one step forward and two backward sometimes as I have to stop to put out fires before I can move on. An aging neighborhood is like an aging house--always something needing to be fixed or something going wrong. I guess you could say the job is energizing and yet it saps my NRG at the same time. A couple of years ago, I asked God for more purpose in my life. He answered me in spades. :) Be careful what you wish for. Right now, I'm wishing for that $300 million Powerball LOTTO.

    Well, Kids, I had better get going. I still haven't read the paper online. I may take a nice long snooze if this rain keeps up. Of course, if I do, I'll have to shut off the phone. My wishes for a wonderful day for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    DH is gone to his men's breakfast so thought I would at least start a post. He'll be back in about an hr so I need to type fast and hope this screwy keyboard doesn't act up.

    MIKIE and SPRINGWATER - we go to the gym in our community to "work out" and we do not have one or two treadmills in our house :)! Sorry that would be much to convenient. ALSO, we do NOT do it daily. We try and do it 2x a week but lately that has not been happening. DH says since we only got to each do 1/2 mile yesterday we need to go back today. NOT fun for me at all. DH does some weights too. I do the leg pushy thingy and a few others if I have the time. I do not do that much for strength but more agility but maybe some strength in my arms and shoulders. My left upper arm still hurts some from the fall I took in DD 's house before they had moved in. It is only uncomfortable if I lift my arm way above my head but it is not extreme, more like an ache.

    JULIE- Good for you on getting rid of the clutter. Maybe that will move me to get started. Some of the cabinets and closets are a disaster waiting to happen esp the cabinet in our bedroom. My bedroom closet also needs cleaning out. Maybe you could come and help in your spare time :)!!! Wish you had some spare time and the distance is a bit far too.:)!! Glad you are making some headway on your cleaning out.

    That dinner Lindsey fixed sounded wonderful especially in such cold weather. We haven't had a roast in so long and DH's cholesterol is a bit hi so trying not to eat to much meat which is difficult. He LOVES most kinds of meat. In the summer and warmer weather you may not want to eat to heavy but when it is cold you want to eat more. Was it a beef roast, in the oven or pot roast?? Either one sounds great.

    SUN - I forgot to mention on the last post that I too love to watch the shows of FIXER UPPER as well as some of there other shows. DH thinks it is boring but I think it is interesting, uplifting and much better than having to listen to constant bad news about our country and around the world as well as some of the other bad shows on the TV. I also like to watch Property Brothers which is interesting and fun. I love to watch those guys. They are so cute and do a great job for their clients. Wonder how much more one would have to pay to get on the show - not that I would ever go on there :)!

    ELAINE - Hope to see you again today when I check later. It has been so long but I haven't forgotten you. Hope you can get rid of some or most of your back pain.

    ROCK - Hope you are doing OK . Do help at all with Gordon's flower projects? Go to the library lately??? Remember Fibber McGee's closet??? Not sure I spelled that correctly at all but remember that saying when closets and all were so full everything kept falling out when you opened it. I figured you would know or have heard about him and his closet.

    BTW, I got an e-mail from DIANE. She is fine but dealing with some problems with one of her meds and is trying to get that sorted out. Her doc doesn't seem to be a lot of help, at least right now. She also has another dental visit coming up, etc. She will get back when she can. She has been reading the posts though she said. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers,

    Thinking of everydobby including all the MIA's and lurkers we are missing - DIANE, DAR, JOAN, TEACHER, et al !

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just thought I'd check in as I have to check my e-mail several times a day now. I'm still in between the propane guy who fixed the heater and the pool guy who has to set the water flow to the heaters. Then, the propane guy has to come back out. Oy! At least, once this is done, I'll feel good about our pool/heaters running most efficiently. It'll save propane and help the heaters to last longer. I'm already getting so much paperwork that I need to get a couple of large three-ring binders.

    I got into the tub and just felt I needed to get back into bed. I didn't sleep but kinda fell into a nice rest. The cats piled in on top of me and, after a turf war over blanket space, settled down. Then, Tweety got restless and I had to get up and give them some treats. I can tell she won't be happy if I go back to bed but she bugs me or gets into trouble, out she goes to time out on the lanai. It's an ugly day and she won't like it. My board buddy and I cancelled our landscape walk around the property today. Who wants to slog through wet grass! Good thing too cause I have a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. This will be a crash day. It's long overdue.

    Sat., this board buddy and another friend from da hood are going with me to the Art Fest downtown by the river. I think I mentioned it. Then, we will go a bit further down river to have lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. Mmmmmm! I always get a big boiled pot of Cajun seafood and eat for days. It's supposed to be sunny on Sat.

    Geez, Julie, as though you don't have enough on your plates, now it's mechanical stuff. Did y'all ever find the clean out pipe? Is the drain still clogged? I hope and pray things start going better for you. Sorry the clearing out of boxes isn't as lucrative as it was but hope things pick up. Heck, I get excited if I find some change somewhere. No one won the big Powerball LOTTO last night so the pot will be HUGE on Sat. I always buy my tickets for two draws so I don't have to get another one. I just watched a fixer-upper show on PBS but it's a huge job on about a 6,000 sq. ft. house. That sounds about like what you need.

    Granni, even if you do go to the gym, it's a lot more than I do. I get a free membership from my ins. and I still haven't joined up. Besides, you are always busy and doing things which keep you in shape. If your arm hurts when you elevate it, the problem may be in the shoulder. Could be the fall caused some inflammation in both the shoulder and arm. In any case, I hope it feels better.

    Think I'll go back to bed and read or put on my mask and try to catch some Zzzzzz's. Nothing much on TV during the day. If I install the new router, I can, at least, watch Netflix or Amazon Prime. I will likely wait til Sun. to do it when no one is e-mailing me documents I need to print out. Think I mentioned that my printer is very challenging to hook up to wi-fi.

    Have a good one, y'all.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Is this normal for Florida to be getting rain at this time? Good luck on the mandvilla. I had one in a large whiskey barrel and had visions of it blooming all over my patio roof. It grew and grew, putting out lots of leaves and branches but not ONE flower so after 5 years I yanked it out and said bye bye to it. I also fed it a lot for flowers too!

    Rock: So why do you think you were dreaming you were without pants? Perhaps the blanket had come off and you were cold. Funny how our dreams occur because of situations while we're sleeping. That's so nice of Gordon to do all the repotting. I finally took the bull by the horns a few weeks ago and repotted 5 of my phals. So far so good. One of them I just wasn't sure it will survive. I had overwatered it about 6 weeks ago. It lost all of it's leaves and looks dead except for 3 flower buds at the end of the spike otherwise I would just toss it.

    Julie: That sounds like a very good meal Lyndsey fixed. And when you mentioned that it takes you a few hrs. to wake up.....I'm the same way now. I used to fly out of bed, ready for the day, but I guess when adrenal fatigue/FM hit I just feel so "loopy" for hrs. And then I need an afternoon nap, and then I'm ready for bed by 9 or so if I push myself. What a life!!!! My DD takes some very expensive adrenal support supps but honestly I don't see much of a difference in the way she's feeling. Do you take anything to help?

    Granni: I admire you and your DH so much.......continuing with the exercising program will keep you young.
    I think a lot of how we age has to do with our circumstances in life, and our genes we've inherited. My neighbor went to her tennis partner's memorial a few weeks ago......she was 100 when she died and still was playing tennis. Amazing. And......she started her own company at age 85, having to do with some type of hand held device for hard of hearing people at concerts. Now.....I think she inherited good genes as did my neighbor. She is 79, still plays in tennis tournaments, plays bridge 3 times a week, and is always on the go. It's not a good week if she has attended at least 2 meetings that week. But then, getting back to good inherited genes.

    I didn't inherit good ones. My dad died at 56, my mom made it to almost 99 but the last 20 years or so all she did was sit and read. I push myself to do daily, and don't stop unless I'm really down and out. I NEED to be busy all the time.

    I'm soooo darn frustrated with my printer, a Photosmart from HP. The cartridges run a lot of $, I've tried the refilled ones which are supposed to hold 4 x the amount of ink but I'm still having trouble. I could sit and cry over all the troubles I'm experiencing but what good would that do.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon awl,

    Just finished my tomato soup and threw some greens in it especially for DH . He has both a high sugar count and a higher but not horrible cholesterol count. I am going crazy trying to figure out what to cook every day.

    Gotta leave. DH needs the puter. Be back later. Granni
  18. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi All,

    Actually I have been doing really good this past year. Just haven't been able to get to the Message Boards, that's all.

    I've gotten back to exercising daily & that helps. Still got a long way to go with getting back into shape like I was years ago ----- but it it a process & I' doing it.

    I had Back Surgery about 2 years ago & that really messed up my back & my whole body. Left me practically 100% bedridden like I was when I was newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The Surgeon did a horrible job & it took me a long time going from doctor to doctor & more doctors to find 1 that could help me.

    For the pain I still get in my feet, which is rather mild, I've been getting ------ Epidural Steroid Injections about 2 times a year.

    The Frankenstine Back Surgeon left me with an excessive amount of severe Nerve Damage dispersed all throughout my back & that is why I've been going through the treatment I mentioned when I last posted.

    If it wasn't for my pain medication, I'd be stuck in bed all of the time.

    I'm scheduled on February 18th to have the Facet Joint Injections in the middle of my back. The Insurance Company only allows the doctor to do 3 Injections at 1 time ----- so it is a time consuming process.

    After the injections, then I go back to the doctor, report the pain is gone from the area treated & they then start to set me up for the 2nd part of the process, which is the "Destruction of the Nerve Endings" in those 3 Facet Joints.

    I still sell on eBay. I never gave that up. Just took a 3 month break when I had my back surgery.

    So I work every day, exercise & jam in anything else I can get done before I go to bed each day.

    After the doctor does the middle of my back, she can then move upward & get near my shoulders, neck area.

    Most likely I need to have both sides of my back, so that would be the right & left.

    That's why I said I will probably have to have this done 6 more times before my entire back has been taken care of.

    GOOD NEWS is it destroys the nerve endings & I can't feel the pain anymore in a pretty large section of my back. I've had my Lumbar area done last year and it is still a PAIN FREE area. So it has lasted me 1 year so far & that is what I'm happy about.

    For the past month I've been going out on an 8 mile walk each day. Love the long walks. Just don't like the cold, snowy weather so much.

    Yesterday I just decided to click on my Bookmark Toolbar for ProHealth and see what's going on at the PORCH and if you guys are still here.

    Glad to see everyone. Brings a smile to my face.

    OK, better wrap up and start to get my eBay orders done for the day & out to the Post Office.

    Hoping everyone is doing well & HUGS to all of you.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    ELAINE - So happy to hear from you and to hear you are doing so much better. Great that those injections are helping you . Sounds like you are pretty busy with E-bay and everything else going on for you. I am so happy to hear from you. Hope you get to take a break and come visit us more often. I wondered so much about you after you left. Wow, walking 8 miles every day. I m lucky to do 1 mile and it isn't every day.

    I am taking a short break from going through my one cabinet in the bedroom. I am starting my 3rd bag of stuff mostly papers and old cards.

    JULIE - Thanks for getting me started on all this. Glad you are almost do with your purging and decluttering :)! , at least in that one space. Makes you feel good after you finally get it done or at least some or the most of it.

    Be back soon ! This COLD weather stinks. It is supposed to warm up some tomorrow and the weekend !

    Love you ALL,
    Granni :)
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Please do not get your sick !!! I have to go back to my projects that YOU made me start :)!!! Gotta run but you wore me out reading what you were doing outside - BRRRRR !!!!!

    Back to my big project !!!

    Love you and all,

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