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    Hi Kids

    Time for another episode of "The Porch" starring each and every one of us.
    Our sponsor is Pro Health. So don't touch that dial. Stick around and smile.

    Here's something that might make you smile. It's a comment someone
    made on Youtube after listening to the Seekers, the wonderful group
    from Australia. They had several hits in the 60s including:

    Georgy Girl,
    A World of Our Own,
    Morningtown Ride,
    and I'll Never Find Another You.

    Someone left a great comment after one of their songs:

    Our souls are the sails good music fills to transport us through time.

  2. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Today is laundry day. I think Monday was the traditional laundry day when
    I was a kid. When I was talking to my brother yesterday, we were comparing
    today's technology with that of yesteryear. He is five years younger than I
    (and noway as good lookin'). He remembered our first washing machine, but
    didn't recall the smashed crockery.

    The machine was an Easy i.e. that was the brand. It shook like a hula dancer.
    On one infamous day it vibrated so much plates fell outta the cupboard. I
    looked up the company to see if it still existed. Turns out it was sold about
    the time we bought one of its defective products. Went out of business in the
    60s. And no wonder.

    Congratulations, Julie and Den! Great news on the plumbing front!
    Once again, PERSEVERANCE pays off!

    Glad to hear things are back to normal on the farm. Gosh, I haven't been on
    a farm for decades. To think I once drove a tractor and milked a cow. Well,
    to be rigorously honest, I only drove the tractor about a dozen feet back and
    forth. We were hauling bales of hay up to loft. And my attempt to milk the
    cow was even briefer. Like so many things in life, it's harder than it looks.

    Sun, yes the Post Office has cheaper rates for mailing books, newspapers,
    records (the phonograph kind). The reason why is the same reason we have
    free school and libraries. The founding fathers realized that if we were going
    to have a democracy, the public needed to be educated. Probably never
    occurred to them that someday a great many of our people would not
    want to be educated. After all, at that time only the wealthy were
    educated. There was no such thing as public schools.

    Make your own pizza sounds like a great idea. Kinda like Subway sandwiches.
    They had the best tuna salad.

    Mikie, glad to hear kicking your legs proved therapeutic. The neuropathy pains
    in my feet hardly ever show up anymore. Remember our poster Two Cat
    Doctors who had "service cats"? Well, I owe my success in combating neuropathy
    to our ornery feral cat. A couple times a day I stand at the back porch window and
    look for her. And while I do it I bounce up and down on my toes. Usually I just
    do it in my regular footware. I save my ballet slippers for special occasions.
    Anyway, doing that for about 30 seconds 2 or 3 times a day had eliminated
    the problem almost entirely.

    That blue and orange colander you bought at the art show sounds lovely.
    Do you think it would be suitable for Hannibal Lecter to wear as a Halloween
    mask? He probably gets bored with that old hockey mask.

    Springwater, my brother is fine. Enjoying his retirement. He is now an usher.
    Like I used to be only I was at the youthful stage of my life. Anyway he
    ushers for some sort of outdoor theater. They have a wide variety of music
    performers, dancers, etc. A few years ago he saw Iris Dement, songwriter and singer
    that we both love. And while he doesn't get paid, he gets free admission, access to
    back stage and the complimentary refreshments tent.

    OK, my typing is deteriorating. Better go. Hugs, everybody.

  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just stopping in quickly. I cleaned the lanai and it sparkles. The cats will see that it doesn't last. :) I also washed the tile floors and they sparkle too. I'm just resting up before running the vacuum on the carpets. I'll save the dusting and bathrooms til tomorrow afternoon or Wed. We got a nice rain this morning but it's starting to clear up. I'm still chicken to change out my router. I'll think about it later. I did find the manual for my printer but it's not very clear about how to hook it up to the wi-fi.

    Rock, thanks for starting us up again. I also love the quote. There is nothing like music to transport us back in time as well as transporting us forward through time. I have to say, though, that I think the days of good music, or even just enjoyable music, are behind us. Probably every generation has said the same thing. I'm still singing to the cats. I was singing to Sir Vester, "It's a Hard Knock life you had; it's a Hard Knock life, so sad," from the musical, "Annie." Poor cats did have a hard knock beginning after some low life threw them out here. They were starving and Tweety had wounds, probably from another animal. When they lived outside in the summer heat, Sylvester stayed under the cars and wouldn't come out. When he did finally emerge, he dragged his tail on the ground and acted soooo depressed. Now, he is bright eyed, happy and his tail is always at full mast. I know they loved living outside in nice weather where they could play and roam but they really are better off inside. Both have adjusted to being inside cats. We must have been posting at the same time. Thanks for the tip on bouncing on my toes. I'm glad it doesn't require ballet slippers but what about a tutu?

    Julie, you are really getting into cleaning out boxes and organizing. I hope to get this place cleaned so I can clean out closets and drawers. It is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. I am interested in simplifying my life. It was such a relief to get rid of my bike which I never rode. I now have more room in my extra walk-in closet. Even with cleaning out and organizing, I feel sorry for my kids should I depart this world while I'm still living here.

    Sunflower Girl, I'll be sure to rest up before my trip. I usually do that when I have to have NRG for something big. I'm like you; I have no desire to read the books, nor see the movies, after things turned dark for Harry. I know I'll sleep well tonight.

    DD in CO called and we talked for an hour. She is so happy to be finishing up her nursing degree. She would have graduated now but she lacked one class so will finish up in May. She graduated from a nursing school so has been an RN for a few years now but she wanted the degree so she can start her masters degree this summer. She wants to come down with her sister in between semesters in May. That would be great. I hope both girls can come. I miss them.

    Y'all have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Greetings awl !!!! Haven't done that much today, just line dancing for me an DD this morning. I had a good time. DD was working hard on it. The real slow song and dances like Elvira our new leaders didn't have, but they were trying hard to help her. The teacher who is leaving is supposed to come back next Monday. Maybe she can help some. The other gals know how to dance but to teach is a little different. Also one of the gals has an accent and isn't always easy to understand what she s saying. Hopefully, the old teacher she can help and do a little teaching next week.

    ROCK - Thanks for starting up our new volume again. I love what you wrote about The Seekers and the Porch. Love those songs.

    MIKIE - How nice that your DD has her Nursing degree (BS) and gong towards her Masters in nursing. Good for her. I had gotten my RN eons ago but didn't even work that long when the kids came along. Things are so different now, I wouldn't remember much.. Yes, please do rest and don't overdue and get yourself sick with all your Presidential duties. It would be great if your kids could co and visit you besides your trip coming up. That colander you got at that exhibition/fair sounds awfully pretty. Wish I could see it.

    JULIE - Sounds like you had better wait till it warms up before tacking those boxes of stuff in your parent's trailer. There is always so much too, just I my house !!!! Hang in there. The warm weather will be here soon and then you will be busy mowing lawns, besides everything else you do . Hopefully you won't be mowing Grandpa's. Just hire it out, you are fantastic, but NOT Superwoman :)!!! We all know that you know who will not be mowing. There is always so much for you to do with the kids so close by.

    SUN- Like JULIE said , you seem to be dong pretty well after the passing of DH. I know that was awfully hard for you and it will never completely go away , the pain but should lessen hopefully some with time. I am sure you have some very sad moments, probably especially at night when things settle down for the day.

    ELAINE - Hope all is well esp with your back. I need to go start dinner now. I have chorale practice tonight, and so have to eat early. Hang in there.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  5. rockgor

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    Hi Folks,

    Here is a photo of my latest orchid in bloom. It's BLC Malworth 'Orchidglade'.
    It won an FCC, First Class Certificate, from the American Orchid Society in
    1969. It's yellow with a beautiful lip. It should have about 2 - 3 flower but
    since only got this last year it hasn't settled in (I think I over-potted the plant
    and this can cause the plant to rot due to excess water). The substance of the
    flower is very heavy and it has a light fragrance. When it was first introduced this
    plant sold for thousands of dollar as it was on everyone wish list. Since I repotted
    all of my plants last year I hope to see some of my old friends bloom again.

    I just received a orchid catalog and it had a division of an original awarded
    plant for sale - $5,000.00. I told Rock I was going to order it. Ha Ha.

    I enjoy posting photos of my flowers and hope everyone like seeing them.



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  6. S-Elaine

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    Hi ALL,

    Today was a tough walk because the path & roads are all slushy. Made it much harder to walk on. I didn't realize my socks were all wet until I got home & my pants were wet up to my knees!! My feet felt extra heavy today. Guess the water was weighing my pants down a bit.

    When I started doing my walking, I use to do it to a video by Leslie Sansone.

    It's called ------ Walk Away The Pounds Express - 4 Mile

    It takes about 50 minutes to do & I started out by just doing 1/2 a mile, then working my way up slowly.

    SPRING ===== Nice to see you too, Sweetie!!

    JULIE ====== I got a new dog about 3 months ago. She is a Pug, Approximately 2 years old. I rescued her from a Shelter. She was found wandering the streets. My other dog (the one I use to toss the food to down the hallway) I had to put him down about a year ago.

    My Mom let me get a new dog so I jumped at the opportunity. She doesn't know many commands or really understand many words either.

    My Mom jokes & says her previous owners must have spoken a different language!

    GRANNIE ===== Pilaties is pretty tough to do. Looks much easier than what it really is.

    MIKIE ==== Wow, so your friend ended up getting an infection after the back surgery??? Whoa, that's really bad. I had a herniated disc that was pressing on a root nerve & causing pain in my legs & the bottom of my feet. The foot pain was gone for about 4 weeks after my surgery & then came back. I get Epidural Steriod Injections for them approximately 3 times a year.

    My back procedure is scheduled for next week. Can't wait. This will be the "Test Shots" & then the doctor will do it again with a Lasering type device & it destroys the nerve endings ----- so you don't feel the pain in the area treated & the surrounding area. After the doctor does the middle of my back, then we will move up to my neck area / upper shoulders.

    I feel like I'm being rebuilt again at a very slow pace.

    Wrapping up my message & I will check in tomorrow. I'm taking my Mom to the Eye Dr's. She's getting her Catarac Surgery in about 1 & 1/2 weeks. The woman can barely see!

    HUGS & best wishes to all,
  7. springwater

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    Just peeking in while i wait for the oil to heat while making eggs for brekky.

    Elaine - Love the sound of your pug. Nice joke that..about her previous owners speaking a different language..folks here would faint if they found a pug at a Shelter. Not that we hv shelters..maybe two or three. People hanker after pedigree dogs maybe because if you buy one it costs the average persons whole months salary. Pugs would cost like three months.

    Rock - good to hear about your brother..he sounds like he is in a good space..retired and doing something he likes...he gets to watch all those shows for free! I mean what more could one want. My step uncle from dads side (dads step brother) was married to a lady from Bhutan, she was actually an aunt of the previous king. And he had built this cinema hall in the town.
    (My brother and i) then i was 14 years old had gone to stay with him during vacation and the number of times i saw the same Indian film!! We had the free run of the place. Things were so casual then, and the people so nice. I remember people sauntering around leisurely, the guy running the refreshments store chatting away and the indian cook serving up absolutely delicious parathas for breakfast with a huge smile on his face. I bet now everything is automated mostly and people are brisk and to the point.

    There was even a creek running alongside the cinema hall and parts of it were very deep and i used to go swimming alone. As did my uncle and his friends. They were a funloving bunch. Now it has been aeons since uncle and the princess divorced and uncle is in New york.

    Gordon - that orchid is a poem! what a dainty lovely silhouette..:) reminding me for some reason of a that pastel yellow with white..ooh! pls keep posting. it first became so large i could see only a portion of the photo then i clicked on it and it went to the right size.

    Julie - is the drain unclogged now or is Den still working on it. Than goodness he knows
    what to do. Imagine being stranded there in the snow with this situation and not knowing what to do. Did you watch any nice film on netflix?

    Mikie - sounds like you did a good clean up. cant say the same here. still sorting out stuff.
    you did a good good thing with those cats. Giving them a stable, secure loving home.

    Granni - im sure all that activity and running around and line dancing also helps keep
    you limber. And your DH. Seems to me you lead a full life. Touch wood.

    Well, see you all later..

    God Bless
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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Waking up to a cloudy sky with some patchy fog. It's supposed to be in the 60's this morning and up to 70 by this afternoon. Another cold front is coming through and we'll be down in the 40's at night for the remainder of the week. It may even get down to 39 Mon. night. Yikes!!! :eek: Sorry to whine with so many having such cold and snow but we aren't used to it. It's supposed to be in the high 70's and low 80's this time of year. Summer will be here before we know it and we will be whining about the heat and humidity. I'm like Goldilocks; it has to be juuuust right. We have our condo mtg. over at the pool at 9:30 and I'm glad it will be warm enough this morning to hold it there.

    I did get the vacuum run and feel sooooo good having a mostly clean condo. I just have to dust and clean the bathrooms and I'm done. Then, I can finally get into that little office in the front of the condo to clean out the mess the cats made after those shelves came tumbling down a month or so ago. Once that's done, I'm going to deep clean under and behind furniture and beds/sofas. Once that's done, I can start weeding out my closets and drawers. This way, while I'm weeding out, the condo will be easier to keep clean. It never ends. At least, for now, the board work has let up a bit.

    Gordon, that orchid is spectacular, like all the ones you show us. Thank you for sharing. I have developed such a love for them that it excites me to see yours. When things settle down a bit, I think I'll look for some kind of nice white orchid, maybe a Lady of the Night. The only white one I have now is a Phal. I'll try to keep the cost of a new one under $5,000. ;)

    Rock, how nice for your brother to have that job. We have a nice theatre here which gets all the headliner acts and traveling Broadway shows. A lot of retired people here work, or volunteer, so they can watch the shows. One of our neighbors in da hood is a bartender there. I've never had a drink during intermission. Too much work to get up and move. :) I've been doing the toe exercises during the day. I did those when I was younger to build strength in my feet and legs for skiing. Last night, I also did my little kicks and the numbness and tingling let up. I notice that my hands have been getting numb when I get in bed. Seems as though, as we age, we pick up something new each year. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Elaine, ooooh, a pug! They are sooooo cute and, from what I hear, smart. I will be watching the lady's cat downstairs. This woman is French and, while she has no desire to speak French with me, other than a word or two, she speaks French to her cat, Ponette. When I watched Ponette for her, I spoke what little French I've retained to her so she would feel comforted. I told my friend that she can speak French to my cats because I do too. Tweety has a HUGE cat vocabulary and, sometimes, sounds just like the nerds on "Big Bang Theory" when they speak Clingon. I always say Tweety is speaking it; I recognize the accent. Best of luck with your back. With your permission, I'll tuck a little prayer in our prayer box.

    Granni, I don't think I knew you are an RN. I'll bet you were a good nurse with your caring nature and common sense approach. I think that's what nursing is all about. Yes, medicine has developed to the point that a hosp. room can contain more equipment than I ever dreamed of. I'll try to take a pic of the colander. Don't know whether I can capture it's lovliness but I'll try. I feel for you and DD. It's difficult enough to pick up dance routines without having a teacher with a difficult-to-understand accent. I don't know whether it's my hearing or my lazy brain but, as the years go by, I find it more and more difficult to deal with accents, especially over the phone.

    Sunflower Girl, you've been through soooo much. Dealing with death is bad enough but then, having to deal with all the legalities and paperwork, is almost too much at times. My neighbor/friend, with whom I went to the Art Fest on Sat., lost her husband less than a year ago after a long illness which required her to retire to take care of him. She just unloaded his boat and that was a huge relief. I'm so glad she is on the board with me. I think it helps her. I'm so glad you have your art. There really is no such thing as closure but time helps; it doesn't heal all wounds, but it helps.

    Springwater, thanks for your kind words about the cats. I really do love them and they love me. I just hadn't counted on having one pet, let alone two, at this time in my life. I'm sure I'm healthier with them as studies show that to be true. They are certainly healthier and I hope they stay that way. Strangely, they didn't make a mess out on the lanai last night. I can never completely get ahead of things in the condo because I keep having to stop to clean the lanai. The new "Neater Feeder" dish system I got at Bed Bath & Beyond has really helped to cut down on the mess around their bowls. Good luck with your organizing and cleaning out.

    Well, Kiddies, I had better get ready for the meeting. I like to be ready in plenty of time so I can sit down before I leave and jot down a couple of things I want to talk about. Mgmt. sent our financials attached to an e-mail and I printed out all 13 pages. Yikes!!! I think I'll turn in expenses for ink and the binders I need to buy to contain all this paperwork. Hope y'all have a great day. I must have hit some key which has put yellow marks in between the words. I hope when I post, they will go away.

    Love, Mikie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Good Morning, Friends

    Mikie, good news: the yellow marks went away. They did not cling on. I love
    going to the theater, but very few of the ones I've been to serve drinks. One of our
    neighbors lost his job a couple years ago. He had a variety of jobs since: working
    at Forest Lawn; being a bar tender at a theater. His latest is being an uber driver.
    Anyway he said working at the theater was mostly standing around. Just before
    the intermission, the workers pour a buncha drinks (very limited choice). Then
    there's a flurry of business for 15-20 minutes and then the gong sounds and all
    the customers rush back to their seats. I'm never was much of a drinker and
    wouldn't pay expensive theater prices anyway.

    Now that I think about it, I guess it's 2o years or so since I've been to see
    a live show. When I was an usher I sometimes went 3 times a week:
    maybe a B'dway show and the Minneapolis Symphony and a concert or
    an opera. Oh well; happy memories.

    I think you and Goldilocks are absolutely right. Whenever it's reasonably
    possible, things should be just right.

    Springwater, I agree. People used to be nicer. The news is so horrible, I
    read less and less of it. I ignore the trivia about celebs that I don't know anyway.
    As well as the sports news. The political news is too depressing. The crime
    news is too horrifying. We had a really bad car chase here last night. There's
    usually one on TV every month or so. The one last night had a guy in a stolen
    car who crashed into another car. Then hijacked another car. Then got
    in an accident and tried to hijack a third car. Was running down a freeway
    when the cops shot him and hauled him off to jail. Uff-da!

    Elaine, I remember reading a magazine in a Vet's office years ago. There
    was an article on pugs titled "Pugs Are Loveable Clowns". Whenever I see
    one, they seem to be so lively and full of curiosity. They look like huggable
    clowns to me.

    Have to come back later folks. The keyboard has gone all verkachte.
    There's a time lag after I hit the keys before the letters show up. Throws
    my rhythm off.

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I will now type "The quick brown fox jumped over the etc" 100 times to see if
    my keyboard has been restored to health." Oh, heck! I'll just pretend I did.
    Woke up from my nap feeling rotten; threw up in my mouth. Hate when that
    happens. Actually it hadn't happened for decades. Now it's happened twice
    in the last month.

    Remember that old saying? Every day in every way I'm getting better and
    better. The product of a French pharmacist named Emile Coue. How do
    you pronounce that, Mikie. Coo-ay? Anyhoo he visited the USA in the
    20s and his ideas were briefly popular. Wikipedia says Norman Vincent Peale
    and Robert Schuller used the same approach. Positive thinking, more or less.

    Personally I feel like I get worser and worser every day. Ratbane!
    Anyhoo, the computer is working OK even if I'm not.

    Julie, that is so nice of you to provide a Valentine box for someone
    who has no family. Cherry bars sound wonderful. Everybody, well,
    most everyone from Minnesota is a big believer in the healing power of
    dessert bars starting with brownies and working up to 7 layer bars.
    I made a batch of the last named some decades ago. They were
    delicious, but expensive. Every ingrediment cost about 3 bucks!
    7 times 3 bucks is way too much unless it's for Thanksgiving dinner.

    Granni, wish I could go line dancing with you. I was never a great
    dancer, but I had fun doing it. We did lots of folk dancing when I
    was a kid. And our generation was the first to dance to rock and
    roll. Does that make us the coolest generation? I think so.
    Don't you? How could young folks today learn to dance? Too
    busy looking at their phones to see what their feet are doing.

    Barry, what are you up to? More exotic cuisine? Diane, hope you and
    Kevin are doing OK. I hope I didn't forget anydobby, but you know how
    it is when you're a couple pockets short of a full pool table.

    We have to go to the library and the market later today. That's about
    the only two places we go anymore. Kinda like the poor cowboy in
    "Streets of Laredo". He only went two places too.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No time time really write much this evening. Have a bunch to do before beddy bye. Went to the dentist this morning and all looks OK. I have a sensitive area that gives me problems occasionally but really couldn't find anything. I had to go back for the consultation after the x ray they for my yearly exam. That is a good thing, we have enough bills. Then I wen to do a little shopping and stopped for a burger before gong to singing practice. We go on Friday to sing a Valentines program at one of the local Sr. facilities.

    ELAINE - Are you living with your MOM? I knew you were on and off before? It is nice if you can help each other. Tat pug sounds so cute and funny. A friend of mine has always had pugs. I can't imagine walking everyday for 8 miles. However, you are YOUNG and it probably good for you if you can do it without any major stress.

    JULIE - How nice you are getting some goodies and a car for a resident who has no one. Hope Den gets the hole fixed and all before the bad weather hits again.

    ROCK- Thanks for posting at beautiful flower. It is gorgeous. I didn't notice if it was you or Gordon that posted it. Thank you !!! Sorry you woke up not feeling very well. Hope you are feeling better.

    Hi to SUN, DIANE and everydobby else I missed today. Will try and get back some tomorrow. I zoomed through the posts and probably mssed a lot.

    Love you al,
    Granni :)
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Morning, Porchies,

    Got through our Tues. condo mtg. Not much going on except that we will likely have to remove another big tree. Our landscape budget is in the toilet. :( Think I'll take the $10,000 marked for mulch this year and use it where it is really needed, like to replace some dead sod. We've done that before in bad years. Most people don't really care. I've turned the pool heater over to another board member so I no longer have to worry about it, just as long as he keeps me apprised about what he's doing. Did my rounds and found a couple of loose boards on some fence. Mgmt. is having the handyman out to fix some other fencing so he will pound a couple more nails in what I found while he's here. Walking around is really good as it keeps me aware of what needs fixing.

    We are in for a cold spell (for us). Even though it will get up into the high 60's to low 70's during the days, it will be down into the 40's during the nights for the foreseeable future. AACK!!! We aren't use to this.

    I'll be off to Publix when they open at 7:00 to get my Powerball ticket. I didn't get it yesterday. I shopped at Dollar Tree to pick up some little Valentines for my buddies here in da hood and went to Target for some new pads for my TENS unit and a few groceries. They sell Laura's Beef and it's the best I've ever tasted. Within two days of the "sell by" date, they slap a $3 coupon on the package. I got two beautiful ribeye steaks for $6.22 each. Froze one and will eat one today.

    I called Barb. I've been putting it off but I know what it took for her to call me last week and don't want her to think I'm angry with her. She was very glad to hear from me so I was glad I called. Those poor people up in Boston are finally digging out but are getting another storm. Most businesses are closed so, even if one can get out, there's no place to go except for groceries and gas.

    My friends, Ilona and Frank, didn't get it quite so bad as they did in Boston proper. He's still in outpatient rehab for his hip and now, she has hip problems and is in rehab too. It must be hell driving in those weather condiditons with bad hips. My friend, Nancy 2, broke out in hives and is allergic to her new ABX. They don't know what to do to clear up the infection she got from that back surgery. Just heard on the news that hospital-acquired infections are rampant now. We are falling behind in our ability to treat them. I'll have to be in pure hell before I go to the hosp.

    Rock, I saw that guy on the news. He had a gun as he hijacked peoples' cars. Even if I were armed, I doubt I could get my gun out in time to defend myself against a gunman who just showed up at my car window. Better to get out and give him the car. He finally got caught when he hit gridlock. I've been whining about gridlock but, it this case, it was beneficial. I went to the symphony and Broadway shows a lot in Denver but not so much down here. I remember my date would always get us wine during intermission; wine is meant to be sipped, not gulped down to get back to one's seat when the gong goes off. We ended up paying too much for the wine and leaving most of it behind. My keyboard gets like yours every now and then. Not only is what I typed delayed in showing up on the screen, but the keys don't seem to work, especially the shift key. ARGHHH!!!

    Julie, I hope you are feeling better. If not, just rest. That is sooooo sweet of you to think of the others in the place where your Dad lives. I'll bet whomever gets the extra Valentine is surprised. If you want to feel better about the weather where you are, watch the news for the Boston area. They have been slammed over and over and over. Here I am, complaining about our little cold spell which, by your stds,. probably is a heat wave.

    Granni, busy as usual. Don't know how you keep going. You're like the little Energizer Bunny. I admire all you do. I'm supposed to be better but, right now, just don't have the NRG to do much. I may ask my doc for another peptide booster injection when I see him. I think I could use it. Exercise only makes it worse with FMS-like pain.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, geez, you're havin' a heat wave. NOT!!! Sounds like a good time you have planned with Keira. I hope you both have fun. For sinus headaches, I use Nasacort. It used to be available only as an Rx but now, it is sold OTC. I only use it when my sinuses are causing a lot of pain. It's not cheap but worth every penny when my sinuses are packed and my head is killing me. Two snorts in each nostril lasts 24 hrs. I find I can get by with only one snort so it lasts longer.

    I got up early and was at Publix's door a couple of mins. before 7:00 to get my Powerball tickets. I also play the FL LOTTO. Heck, I'd be happy if I won $1 million from a $1 ticket. They had a BOGO on "personal pies." There are so many Seniors living alone here that they make small pies, about half the size of their reg. ones. They are too expensive if one only buys one but a good deal on BOGO because it's the same as getting a regular pie for less money. I love cherry pies and got those. It's definitely not on the Healthy Heart Diet but it is on the Mikie Hurts and Is Tired and Needs Comfort Food Diet. ;)

    When I got home, our painter was here measuring for a proposal. We have some cosmetic rust issues from when the idiot builder used metal corners on our stucco bldg. They have plastic ones which do not rust. We also have a couple of stucco issues where it has cracked and needs repair. This bldg. continues to settle and when it does over time, it can cause the stucco to crack. Most of the other bldgs. in here need some repair from pretty significant ones on the older bldgs., to the small ones on ours, which was the last bldg. completed. We've taken really good care of out bldg. Our bldg. is much better constructed than the original bldgs. so we are lucky. If the repairs aren't too unreasonable, we'll have our bldg. painted. It's been seven yrs. and it could go another year or two but I'd like to have these guys do it. We might as well get everything over with at once.

    That's about all the excitement I can stand for one day. Hope to finish the cleaning today. Tomorrow, my fellow board member and I are walking the property to see where the landscaper has proposed replacing plants and taking pics. Then, we'll sit down with the mgr. to prioritize these jobs at a later date. Fri., I have an appt. with my eye doc. Sat., I will replace my router and just hope nothing goes wrong. During the week, I get e-mails with downloads I need to print out so Sat. is the ideal day to do it. I think Sun. will be a day of rest.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    A quiet day so far. We have no plans. Last night we had a visitor named Marla.
    She stops by every now and then. Marla is a 3 year old terrier; white w/ a brown
    spot around one eye. Her energy and enthusiasm cheered me up. She raced
    around the backyard inspecting everything. The back door was open an inch or
    two. She pushed it open with her nose and explored every inch of the kitchen;

    Her owner is named Marina. She works for the LA Times. Walks Marla 3-4
    times a day. Another regular visitor is Rocky, a German Shepherd. His owner
    is Marilyn. She works for a law firm that manages property. Her current
    project is to replace a small convenience store in a large apt. building with
    a marijuana dispensary. She says the store pays about $2000 monthly rent.
    A dispensary would pay 3 times that much. Well, we already knew there
    was lots of money in the drug business.

    Mikie, sorry to hear about your shiftless shift key. My keyboard is fine at the
    moment. Knock plastic. A shame your landscape budget is in the toilet. My
    Aunt Myrtle "landscaped" the out house on the farm. She put a lattice
    around it. Had morning glories and roses growing there.

    I don't know how you do it. I couldn't even keep track of all your projects
    much less do them.

    Julie, lasagna and cherry bars sounds like a good meal to me. Of course Julia
    Child would say what she said at the end of every program. Just add a loaf
    of French bread and an appropriate wine for an elegant dinner. Oh yeah; and
    a green salad.

    Your weather report strengthens my resolve never to revisit the Midwest during
    winter. Actually I'm now too feeble and claustrophobic to travel anyway. I'd
    be afraid of getting imprisoned in a plane on the tarmac for hours.

    Granni, it's Gordon who posts the pictures. I don't have the computer expertise
    to do it. The process starts with taking a picture on the camera phone. Then he
    e mails the picture to our computer. Then it's put into a file and labeled and
    ultimately retrieved and dragged by the mouse onto the Pro Health page. All
    too complicated for my failing brain.

    Gordon took some orchids back to the lady who owns them. She paid him
    $52. His view is that he's having fun working with the plants and making a
    little money ($2@) too. She called him later. Wanted to know where the stick
    was for one plant. The "stick" is plastic. You can write the name of the plant,
    the date, etc. on it. Gordon told her that particular plant didn't have a stick
    She had just written the name on the pot. Well, an orchid by another name
    is a testicle. See Wikipedia. Orchid "comes from the Ancient Greek ὄρχις
    (órkhis), literally meaning "testicle" because of the shape of the twin
    tubers in some species.

    And here's another illustration of the incompetence so rampant in the modern
    world. Was listening to a CD of music by Puccini yesterday. Recordings from
    the first half of the previous century. One track was dated 1909. The soprano,
    however, was born in 1910. BTW, she just died 2 years ago. A long life and
    a long career. She made her Met debut at the age of 65. On the same CD
    was a track labeled with the name of a famous Italian soprano from the 1930s.
    The music, however, was not by Puccine, was not from an opera, and was
    actually a man singing. Land O Goshen! :eek:

    Hugs to everydobby
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI ALL,

    I read some of the posts before and the just left to go do chores and sending out Valentine cards to kids and G kids. This is the first time in some years I have sent to everyone, or almost..

    ROCK- How nice MARLA came to visit you all. She sounds awful cute. I figured that Gordon probably sent the picture of the flower. Don't feel bad, I can't o it either. I would need step by step instructions and each would take awhile. Both DH and I re not that technically inclined..

    JULIE - Have fun with Keira tomorrow or is it today.??? Let us know how it all turns out. I know you will have fun together. I ever go to do that with my granddaughter. She was never here long enough when she was young to go shop and do that kind of stuff. Hope your weather doesn't get to bad for you.

    MIKIE - Sorry your painting condo budget is down the toilet ):!!! All these condo worries now. Hope you get a good and workable cost amount from your painter giving your estimate. I know you will work hard to get a good deal for your painting. Hope it doesn't get too cold for your nights. That has been like our weather lately but is getting as cooler now during the day to. I think so tomorrow. Ys, we are spoiled with the weather. Boston is sure getting awful weather.

    Hi to everyone. No time to write more . I have had to go back and fix all my words too which I driving me crazy.

    Love you ALL,
    Granni :)
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Landscaper came by just to chat. That's the worst part of being pres. People just stop by and I, and the condo, pretty much need to be in some kind of decent shape. I had just awakened from my nap as I was really tired after going out in the cold to the store. I only got five hrs. sleep last night. Cats are snoozing now and I'm glad because I need to keep the lanai door shut. Someone in da hood is using scented dryer sheets. AACK!!! They make me sick to smell. I think my sensory overload is back due to weaning off the Special K. Today is the first day I've noticed withdrawal but it isn't severe. It'll be worth it in the end.

    Land 'O Goshen, Rock! Incompetence indeed! We used to be a nation which prided itself on doing things right and now, no one seems to care. I know I sound like an old fogey but I've seen this downturn in my own lifetime. With the technological advances and help we have now, there is no excuse except laziness. When I was a kid, committing petty crimes was horrible and labeled one as a low life forever in our town. Now, the cops don't even try to find petty criminals; they have their hands full with the big-time criminals. No one's info is safe from hackers and the companies in which we put our trust aren't using their huge profits to keep our info safe. They had better start because the hackers, mostly in other countries, are getting better and better at what they do. OK, that's my rant for the day. Just want to add that our society ain't what it used to be.

    I'm so glad you get such nice four-legged, and two-legged, visitors. I love it when it's nice enough to sit out on the balcony to greet people and their dogs. Neighbor on the other side of our pond just got a rescue dog named, Max. He is a beautiful little dog and so sweet and friendly. They say he's a good dog too. When the shelter got him, he had been so neglected and starved that he had no hair. His coat is beautiful now. He's mostly white with black spots and brown eyebrows. What a cutie. Nice to have another sweet dog in da hood.

    Rock, I don't actually have to do that much; I just have to keep a lot of balls in the air at the same time. I love the idea of planting beautiful flowers around the outhouse. I'm just glad to have indoor plumbing. I have used outhouses when camping but prefer just using the outdoors to them. I don't camp anymore but I used to do like the cats--dig a hole and bury it. I wonder whether people really had moon-shaped cutouts on the outhouse doors and why.

    Granni, it isn't our bldg.'s painting budget which is in the toilet; it's da hood's landscaping budget which is in the toilet. Our bldg. is fine financially but the big assn. has had to remove a lot of live oaks because they put out roots which ruin foundations and sidewalks. Just found out there are two more trees which have to go. I know it's confusicatin' because I have to be in charge of two assns., ours for our bldg. and the big one for da hood. It gets confusicatin' to me too.

    I see you're busy, as usual, but I'm glad you had time to stop in. Come back and set a spell and talk when you can.

    I decluttered my little nest here around the living room sofa but have not done anything of significance. I take my exhaustion and increased sensory overload as a signal that I should slow down. The baths, which aren't really dirty, and the dusting can wait.

    Before I fell asleep for my nap, I finished reading "To Kill A Mockingbird." It was even more satisfying this time around. Some books are like that. "Waiting In The Rainbow" will likely be revisited. I enjoyed reading it so much. Would like to read more books like that.

    Hope all y'all have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry about that MIKIE. My brain forgot that it is the landscaping budget that is in the toilet. Can't print right and have to reprint everything and it is SO SLOW. Gotta RUN !! This STINKS ):!!!!

    Going out to dinner with a bunch tonight for a belated B-day dinner. Should be fun!

    Love you ALL,
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I've been reading, trying to do catchup on all the posts.

    Spring: I had to laugh when you wrote, Uncle and the princess! I'm assuming that's why they're divorced! That movie theatre is totally different from ones in the states. I think I understand though.....I think I've seen several movies that have theatre experiences in them. When I was just out of High School I worked that summer at a walk in theatre in a nearby town. That would have been 1962. I was given a uniform straight from 1940....ugh. My job was to work the candy counter and make popcorn. No wonder I HATE the smell of popcorn. I think the best part was walking the aisles with a flashlight in hand, turning it on some noisy kid.....mostly I worked the kids matinee. I do remember getting my break at the same time so for 3 weeks I sat at the same time, watching Sophia Loren in ElCid. I couldn't even tell you what the movie was about though. I don't think I ever watched the entire movie. And I had a giant crush on our assistant manager who was a struggling actor. I've done a search on his name in the past but I guess he just didn't make it in the business.

    Rock: How nice to get these little 4 legged visitors. Tell Gordon not to spend his $$ too quickly.........or has he already on another special orchid. You had mentioned months ago that he had a side job as a taxi he still doing that? And like you, I also got to do some free ushering when my boss and his wife couldn't do it. Remember those theaters in the round back in the 60s? It was a lot of fun seeing the free shows from the back of the audience.

    Mikie: Maybe you should post a sign on your door that you're "open for business" at a certain time. And maybe put a message on your answering machine. That's great that you're so consciencious (sp) but you do need your private time. And have you used your collander yet? I love those special handmade things we find at shows.

    Julie: Your day with Keira sounds special. I do hope the sinus headache disappeared though. Have fun at the dinner with Den. And glad to read you're working your way thru the paperwork.

    Granni: I keep forgetting to ask.......does your DD also sing? And how are they liking living where they are now?

    Elaine: Good luck with your medical procedure. I don't know anyone who has benefited from spinal surgery......and even others who have had other types have been really messed up for life. A few weeks ago I met a lady at one of my art groups who has spinal stenosis and was told she needed surgery. She didn't want it so investigated and bought a laser........this is the kind that gives various strengths of light. Apparently it HAS helped her immensely and hasn't had to resort to surgery. She let me use it on my arthritic thumb but after a few minutes I got a rather strong shock, so I'm very leary about them.

    I've been going thru some depression lately which I guess is normal after 6 months. A friend who lost her husband 6 years ago told me to start WALKING again, so that's what I have the last 2 days. Yesterday I walked 25 min. and today I walked 30 min. in the morning and another 25 min in the afternoon. I do get exercise.......from all the yard work I have to do or the one hr. cleaning the cat boxes on monday, but I've dug out some favorite CDs and walk to them. Today was Paul Simon. I used to be a fast walker but I guess at this point it's just a steady slower walk, of course I didn't have COPD either. And have I ever mentioned I used to be able to jog 5 miles daily. I sure WISH I had kept up with the exercising.
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Supposed to be 83 degrees here today. And 86 the next two days. Gordon will
    be suffering. I won't notice much. Hot weather doesn't seem to make much
    impression on me now that I am so old.

    How old am I? I'm so old I remember when it was illegal to sell yellow
    margarine in Minnesota. (Well, we were a dairy state. Right next to the other
    great dairy state Wisconsin.) And I remember when Minnesota had no sales
    tax. And when Truman was elected. When one bad bulb meant the entire
    string of Christmas lights went out. When five cents would buy a candy bar,
    a popsicle, or a bottle of pop. (Drinks didn't come in aluminum cans in them
    thar days.)

    I remember when girls wore pop it beads, poodle skirts, sweater sets, and
    saddle shoes. Not necessarily all at one time. I remember when cars had
    running boards, but didn't have automatic transmissions or disc breaks.

    I remember when mom took ration stamps with her to go shopping for
    groceries and some houses had service stars in the window. I remember
    the Shadow and Jack Benny and the Lone Ranger on radio. TV was just
    science fiction like Dick Tracey's wristwatch cell phone.

    Sun, glad to hear you are up to walking. I used to wear a Walkman tape
    player when I walked Zippy. Your usher uniform reminded me of my
    band uniform. I think it was also about 20 years old. The pants were so
    long they had to be hemmed up about 10 or 12 inches. I saw a pic some
    years ago from my brother's home town paper. The kids now have
    new unifroms. Our old High School building is still in use, but the school
    is now consolidated with another town. I don't suppose the pictures of
    the previous classes hang in the corridor anymore. They were still
    there in the 80s when my son and I visited. "Is that really you?
    he asked.

    Oh yeah. Sun, it was our neighbor who was the Uber driver. I read an
    article on the news sometime back. Some town arrested the driver
    and confiscated his car. I think he was charged with driving an
    unlicensed taxi. Boy, I sure wouldn't drive a taxi in LA. Way too
    many dangerous neighborhoods.

    Julie, great pic of you and Keira! Gee, I loved bumper cars way back
    then. But we seldom had access to them. Just a couple times I guess.
    We did have a carnival that came to town every summer for a weekend,
    but the rides were limited to a ferris wheel, a tilt a whirl, and a carousel.

    Mikie, do you see this illustration of some young people's attitude toward
    work in the news yesterday? A girl texted her friends that she had to start her
    @#$%! stupid job at a pizza restaurant the next day. Apparently someone
    ratted her out to the owner. She received a text from the owner informing
    her she was fired. And she hadn't even started!

    Yes, I love Fannie Flagg's books. Did you read the sequel "Can't Wait to
    Get to Heaven"? I think it has the funniest opening of any book. I
    think "Pontoon" by Garrison Keillor has the funniest ending.

    Did we already discuss Fannie Flagg's last book? The All Girl Filling
    Station's Last Reunion. It's about women pilots during WW II. I
    kinda think we talked about it. Didn't you mention towing targets?

    Granni, I think we could learn to post pics if we went over the steps
    repeatedly and practiced a lot. But my poor brain is falling apart.
    Last night I was talking to Gordon about some of the great entertainers
    and singers from the past I would like to see. Going back to the 19th
    century, Junius Boothe was a great English actor who came to America
    about a century ago.

    He had two sons who were famous actors too. One was Edwin. But I
    couldn't remember the name of the other one. Which is totally
    absurd since he was the assassin who shot Lincoln. I thought my
    mind is so far gone; I just started to cry. Gordon said I just needed some
    physical therapy and offered to massage my kneecaps. Made me
    laugh and cry simultaneously.

    Did you have your belated birthday dinner? That's great that you had
    enough energy to send out Valentine's. Reminds me. I'll have to make
    one for Gordon. No car no more; don't drive anyhoo.

    Hugs to our absent friends Barry, Diane, Dar, Elaine
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2015
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: LOVE that pic. of you and Keira. That's definitely a keeper to have enlarged for both of you to look at and remind what a special relationship you have. She looks a lot like you in this photo.....the same full cheeks. You're very blessed to have all your family close to you..........and to find some energy to enjoy them too.

    Rock: John Wilkes Booth, and I understand your frustration at trying to remember. The older I get the more difficult it is for me. Brain overload plus as we age, grey matter troubles. Years ago when I had an MRI on my brain to see if I had a tumor, I asked for the xrays and report for me to keep. OMG.......what a shock. I went to my PC doctor and was almost in tears. He tried to calm me, telling me everyone eventually loses brain cells. However, recently I read that you can regrow new brain cells which has come as a shock to scientists.

    I've tried cross word puzzles, but have always found them HARD! My cousin told me last week that after you do them for so long you just seem to know what the creators are looking for. She, of course, gets the daily paper where she can find the answers the next day. I suppose anything you can do to make those "brain cells" buzz helps.

    I admire you soooo much for all the reading you do. In fact, so much that I recently got some biographies on CD from the library. I finished the small one that Carrie Fisher wrote and read. You remember "princess Leia" in Star Wars. Daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. She's suffered from severe depression for years, was in a hospital in and out several times, and underwent shock therapy. She said the depression is much improved however.......she's lost quite a lot of her memory. She tells all the people she runs into that they should tell her about things in the past they did together. She's got a great spirit though. This book came about because of the open mike show she puts on in Hollywood where people talk to her and she comes back with quips and "scandals" that she has gone thru. She writes about her long term relationship and marriage with the songwriter, Paul Simon. Actually he's the one that has gotten me thru the walking and weeding yesterday. Such a prolific, brilliant songwriter. I have his BEST of Paul Simon CD.

    And for those who want to listen to an upbeat song, I've loving "My Lighthouse" by Rend Collective. Do a search on youtube for it. It's a Christian group, and it has great inspirational words plus the great music and singing. I need to buy their CD that it's absolutely can't sit when you hear it. Years ago when I developed CFS/FM I tried everything to help with energy. I found that listening to the right music can really inspire me to MOVE.

    I'm now listening to Eric Clapton's book. I don't particularly care for him, know very little about him, but not a lot of bios on CD at the library. He sure has spent a lot of time getting "stoned" so I'm finding it hard going. I have Patti LuPone's book waiting for me next.

    I'm up at this wee hour because of PAIN. I have TMJ and was reading more about it yesterday. That along with with cervical stenosis, FM, positional vertigo, and essential tremors, no wonder I'm losing brain cells........not funny though. I've made a cup of caffeine to help jump start the ibuprofen and tramadol to work faster.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2015
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