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  1. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    C'mon in. Pull up a chair.

    I just woke up. Gordon just got back from the Pasadena library. He stopped
    there to pick up the tax booklets. These include the forms you need to fill
    out and the chart that tells you the amount of tax that is due.

    The library had no forms. The librarian informed him the government is
    no longer making them available. So now what? The info is available on
    line? Does the government think only people with computers pay taxes?
    Guess they'll have to have a printer too. Uff-da!

    Well, for the time being I will do as Iris Dement said, "Let the Mystery Be."

  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Ugggg......don't mention taxes. My DH always took the stuff to the taxman who did our taxes. All kinds of paperwork has been coming in the mail and I really don't know if I have everything or not. BIG change since my DH passed......much less $ coming in for one thing, so I really need the taxman to figure things up for me. At times I just want to sit down for a good cry.

    And.......I'm so excited to read that you will be getting a little dog!!!!! We want pics. first thing now that Gordon is so proficient at taking them and posting. So his name will be Buddy? I've always felt that a pet comes at the right time and I think Buddy will be good for both of you.

    Talked to my DD this morning. Seems her cold has morphed into a big time flu bug. I'm soooooo glad I told her not to come on sunday otherwise I would also be sick.

    And about the tax forms, I wonder if the post office has them?
  3. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Rock, did you really get another baby? Buddy. Is Buddy male or female? Shorty says to say yap from him. Shorty has recovered from his injuries, but doesn't want to walk up that hill anymore.... Emotional trauma, eh? The owner of the perpetrators finally got in touch and paid TWICE the vet's bill, though we tried to refuse. He said "No. For the dog." So now Shorty is rich! I've told Richard that that means he has to buy Shorty a new toy every shopping trip!

    I've been slugging and reading a lot. I try to do 15 minutes weeding/watering/planting every day, and now that it's getting warmer I have more incentive (though not more energy unfortunately).

    Diane, the only dishwasher we have is our hands. It gets them much cleaner. Our hands that is.:rolleyes:. My mom never liked automatic dishwashers, and even when she had one she washed the dishes clean (really clean) before loading them into the machine and cleaning them again.

    Going to read now,
    Hugs to all dogs and cats. (Oh, and you porchies too) o_O
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I see everydobby is interested in Buddy. I met him yesterday. Like all Shih Tzus he is
    a cutie. Estimated to be 5 years old. He is very friendly and well behaved. When
    the mail van pulled up across the street, however, he started barking like crazy.
    Dunno what that means.

    Anyhoo we will get him after he has been to vet. Remember the old Gary Larson
    cartoon? The dog was pleased because he was going to the vet to get tutored. I
    am not so sure that a new dog is a good idea. Poor Zippy had a good life until his
    last 3 years. Then he lost his eyesight, and I was too feeble to walk him. And you
    know who wouldn't. So what's going to happen?

    Barry, glad to hear Shorty has recovered, and that you got some indemnity from
    the miscreants. Your mother sounds somewhat akin to my mother who thought
    cleaning was the most important work in the world. Too bad our mothers couldn't
    get together. They could have had dish washing and floor mopping parties.

    Julie, the phrase "Johnny on the Spot" refers to Jonathan Brainfeeble of Ox
    Pasture, England who loved to play Twister, but had some trouble grasping
    the concept. As you know, the Twister Mat has 16 colored spots. Jonathan
    seemed to confuse the game with Capture the Flag. Thus he always stood
    on a corner red spot to defend it against the enemy team.

    Here's hoping you feel better soon, but nevertheless remain a 3 dimensional

    Diane, sorry your daughter is persona non grata due to the flu. You know, I
    haven't had the flu or a cold for decades. I think all the other stuff I have
    must somehow have created some sort of immunity. But I'd rather have a
    cold or flu now and then than what all I've got. Too bad we don't get
    to choose.

    And speaking of income tax, did you folks know the Supreme Court ruled income
    tax unconstitutional three times? Congress finally passed the 16th Amendment
    a little over a century ago to remedy the problem.

    One good thing anyhoo. Gordon and I have no income except Social Security.
    No tax on that. The tax was deducted from our pay checks decades ago. Doesn't
    matter if it's tax or tacks. They are both capable of pricking you. And on that
    cheery note, I bid you all a fond

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Good Porchies,

    Woulda been here earlier but, as I was pulling in from coming from the mgmt. co., where I went to sign checks, a woman was yelling for help in the next bldg. The cats' other Mommie, Julie, had another seizure right next to her car. She hit the back of her head and was bleeding quite a bit. My board member/neighbor put a clean cloth on it and the bleeding stopped. Julie was by then awake and pretty alert. She wouldn't let anyone call her Mother and she didn't want me to follow the ambulance. She's waaaaay too fiercely independent for her own good. She was supposed to have the second surgery on her shoulder, from the last seizure, in a day or two. If she doesn't get a service dog, I don't see how she can continue to live alone. She's only 55. She could use some prayers.

    Meeting went very well and I made it clear, in a nice way, why everyone needs to run requests for landscaping past me and the mgr. Those poor two guys who tried to ramrod through their sod just sat there with wide eyes and an expression which said, "Oh, oh! Busted!" Thing is that I approved their sod; they didn't have to be so sneaky about it. Two non-board residents came up to me after the mtg. and said they really like the way the mtgs. are now run. It's always good to get some positive feedback.

    I'm not sure I can remember what I read on the last Porch but will try.

    Julie, I'm so sorry for the sadness of your Mother's anniversary of her passing. It's been 12 years since I lost my Mom and I miss her every day. As the years go on, the pain gets easier to bear. You and your Mom have the same beautiful smile. I'm so glad you became friends. Hope you get over this crud for good.

    Alyssa, so glad you had time to visit the Porch. I hadn't realized you live in Scotland.

    Rock, it's great you are getting Buddy. I know, I felt just like you before God dropped these cats in my lap; I didn't want any more pets. They are extra work and expense but they give back so much. I know you are an animal lover and am sure Buddy is a very lucky little guy. Kid's last dog was named, Buddy. He was a Sharpei (probably misspelled that). He was a great dog. When I had to file taxes, I used Turbo Tax. It's so easy and leads one through the whole shebang. It's well worth the money, due to ease of use, and all the needed forms are provided. You can e-file and it's done!

    Barry, so glad Shorty is OK and got a little something extra for his pain and suffering without even having to go to court. Smart puppy! Glad it's warmer and you can work outside.

    Sun, so sorry your DD is so sick. I'm glad, too, that she didn't come and give you the flu. Sweetie, try not to get overwhelmed with the paperwork. Tax guy can help you with what you need. Just take the stuff to him and let him figure it out. And, if you need to sit down and cry, go ahead. Next year's taxes will be easier. The first year is the worst. You're doing so well; I admire you.

    Diane, yes, I'm ready for some butter beer. Just wish I could get things done around here without interruptions and lack of NRG. Friend said plumber told her not to get a new dishwasher if she could avoid it as he thinks they are all junk. He said if she had to get one, to get a Bosch. DD had two Bosch dishwashers, because the first one was a lemon, and she hated them both. Barb has a Bosch and loves it. I've always done well with Whirlpool appliances. I have a Whirlpool dishwasher now and love it. Of course, it's a few years old; don't know what the new ones are like. Thanks for the doggie rules. I think cats only have one rule: You are here to serve me at all times.

    After the day I've had, I decided to have a nice frozen drink. It was soooo hot out this afternoon, 85 degrees, that I couldn't get cooled down. I was out in the heat trying to provide shade for Julie as she lay on the hot pavement. Then, helped neighbor get the hose and water for the emergency crew so they could clean up Julie's blood from the parking area. Both my neighbor and I got some on our hands. I told him not to worry because Julie had been working as a nurse before her seizures and she doesn't have HIV nor hepatitis.

    My friend, Nancy 2, was in the pool this morning walking. It's soooo good to see her improving. Talked to Ilona and Frank will be going in for his, hopefully, final hip surgery. He's had a temporary one in so they could flood the area with antibiotics. I just hope he doesn't pick up another infection this time. Ilona is doing PT for her hip to try to avoid surgery. Sooooo many of my friends and neighbors so sick with illness and injuries.

    Good news--painter dropped his price the $288 I asked for so I signed the contract this morning. Don't know when he will schedule the work. It will be good to get the stucco repairs and painting done. This company does great work. They electrostatically painted our railings and they look like new. Just hate having to have the bldg. pressure washed; it makes a mess on the lanai. I have to bring everything inside. I'll have to take flowers out of the window boxes so I can unbolt them from the sills. I'll have to temporarily move them. We are so lucky to be in such good financial shape. Some bldgs. aren't.

    Well, Kids, I'm going to watch TV and rest so I can try to get an early start on that room tomorrow. I still have a ton of stuff I need to take to Goodwill and electronics to drop off at Staples. I also need to wash the Highlander. That's no small job. I have to get up on a stepstool to dry the top. Considering that I'll be on the road, maybe I'll let it air dry. I'll do a better job after the trip.

    Sending y'all love, hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a very quick pop in.

    JULIE - So sorry for you Mom's anniversary of her death. I know how sad it is. Mother's Day will always be sad for me. She died on Mother's day of 2004 . I can't believe how much time has passed. A big special hug for you today. I know it is a sad one for you but think of the happiness she brought to you and the family.

    MIKIE - When are you going on your trip and how long will you be? I'll bet you are excited !! Be careful on all your preparations so you don't hurt yourself before you go. So sorry about your friend JULIE who had another seizure. That is so sad ad being so young to have al these problems.

    SUN Take care of yourself . So sorry you are o sore after your visit with the kids esp the young one !! Get well kiddo !!

    DIANE _ So sorry about your dead dishwasher. I left you a note on the other thread. Lt us know what you get. I can imagine all those kitties waiting for their tuna :)!!!

    BARRY - Hope Shorty feels doing better after his terrible ordeal.. I hope you found out something about the dog and person who owns him. He should not be allowed to run free like that or even on a leash is not safe.

    Sang today and had a practice. Tomorrow I get to do house and outside work probably unless it is raining out. We need to go work out as we haven't done any in weeks. Then the next 2 days I have a luncheon with DD and a meeting we are going to on Thursday plus an outside and inside visit to local town on Friday with a decorator group that hasn't met in some time. Hope it doesn't pour. Friday and Thursday it may rain and will be COLD again. In the 70's today, and maybe also tomorrow. Crazy weather !!!!

    Bye for now !

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    OMG......poor Julie. I'm so sorry to read this about her seizure again. I will definitely pray for her. I can understand her needing her independence. Can she have a special dog there? I've seen how the dogs are trained to sense when a seizure is coming on. I believe they lean against their master to keep them from falling. And, they can warn the master. I don't know how they can sense this. Anyone know?

    I sure will pray for your friend Frank also. My SIL's aunt was without a hip on the one side because of bad infection. It took over 6 months until they were to put in a new one. And apparently this is quite common for the hip and knee replacements.

    85 today??????? OMG.....we're having such strange weather all over the country. I heard it's supposed to be heating up here also.

    I went online to buy a new Barbie Princess super power doll for my DGD's 7th BD and then went to Walmart to pick it up. Then I went to a book store to buy a book for her and a gift certificate so she can pick whatever book she doesn't have. She struggled with reading and then about 2 months ago it all seemed to click with her and now she reads at a 2.7 level of reading. She's in first grade so this would be the last level for second grade. She now craves books! At the bookstore they told me that the author and the illustrator for the Fancy Nancy books would be there this evening. They're such cute books, but I don't think they are her favorite though. Apparently this is a 10th year anniversary tour around the country.

    Then I stopped at the mattress store.....seems he still hasn't heard back from the rep so he asked me to take some pics and forward to him so he can forward to her. I'm hoping everything will go along smoothly.

    And tomorrow the water heater guy will be here again to install the 2nd one.
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock and Gordon - congratulations on getting your new buddy..Buddy! Yay, another
    doggie given a good home and belonging somewheres. I do get your
    apprehension tho' Rock..about who will take care of the dog. Its always
    a wrench when something happens to your doggie, and the extra work
    when they get older and needing more care. As for who walks the dog,
    of course, Gordon will. if he is the one got Buddy in the first place.

    Sun - its natural to feel these bouts of frustration, sadness when things
    pop up needing to be done that you never had to before. But i think
    youre doing pretty well. Hope your aches and pains go away soon..
    Your DGD must be a healthy lil 'un. And heavy.

    Julie - loved that pic of you and your dear Mum. You and she are kind
    of alike..and Amy too, thats fascinating. no one in my family resembles
    each other too much. I love your use of 'three dimensional'. ahahaha.
    So right too. But i would say your body went there to let you hv a rest u
    from first dimension but prevent you from rushing into second. The
    body knows what it knows.

    Alyssa - enjoyed reading yr post. Scotland is SO beautiful. Did
    you know our Barry is also from the UK originally.?

    Granni - you go Line dancing. you go work out. you go sing and
    attend Fish Frys. No wonder you are pretty limber. All those things
    are so good for the body and soul.

    Diane - good to see you pop in..our weather is as good as
    Summery now. Your summery. Past few days we had freak
    wet weather and temps lunging but not to as cold as before.
    But i hv to say i do NOT envy you are long winters. Tho i
    love the summers..there at least till june. DD said it gets
    uncomfortably hot after that.

    Barry - good to hear Shorty got justice and a whole lot
    richer for pocket money..our Lab used to love anything he
    could get his teeth into..DDs rag doll. Towels. Newspapers.
    He loved tearing them into as fine pieces as he could. And
    of course, balls. DS once tied a balloon to a brick on the
    terrace and Hobbes went quite mad, he barked and lunged
    And pawed the string till the string broke and the balloon
    floated away, with Hobbes staring at it, and then he started
    barking at the brick to make it 'grow' another balloon for
    him to play with. Son and me laughed so hard. And of course,
    when Hobbes died we cried that much harder. Had to euthanise
    him. With son and me holding him. Son and H grew up
    together. It was harder because he was in full control of his faculties,
    but too much pain and seizures, because of a tumour. It was like
    we both died a little along with Hobbes those moments of letting go.

    Mikie - now those men know not to mess with you. Lol. When they
    see you they must be seeing Hilary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher.:D
    Im so sorry for your friend Julie. Thats really really hard. We hv
    about ten to twelve hours of power cuts every day.

    My chinese friend came back from India after doing all the prayer
    rituals for her departed brother. But they are six remaining sibs with
    all four from here going back and joining the two there, so must hv
    been a little easier. Altho she said her other two sisters are really hit
    hard. She asked me call them too and speak a few words but i couldnt
    yesterday. I will, tho.

    Someone brought back a box of pedas for DH from india, so ive been
    gorging on those. But trying to be disciplined. Its a blessing i hv the
    'thin' gene but dont want to get other complications.

    The rain made the nasturtiums just hv a growth spurt..but for the leaves,
    covering all the flowers. Not quite what i wanted.

    God Bless
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I went out to watch the big orange full moon setting behind the palm trees across the street. It was soooo beautiful and spiritual. While out there, I replaced two burned out bulbs in the little black lanterns we have on the walls just outside our units. I watered the orchids and took Barb's old purple orchid, given to her by another friend years ago, out of the tree and put it on the little table beside the lavender colored one I gave her when she had her stroke. Her old one was in bad shape and I offered to take care of it. It was in the wrong kind of pot and the roots were soaked. I put it in a clay pot with bark and the roots took off, shooting straight up. The roots stick up and out of the pot with the leaves, and blooms, on top. It should be blooming while she is here. The one I gave her is about through blooming.

    Strange, but they say more people come into the ER during the full moon and when the neighbor called 911 for Julie, she was told they were receiving a ton of calls for an ambulance. When I was out and about, there were a ton of ambulances going to and fro. I live between two big hospitals and, depending on the patient, they go to one or the other. There is a trauma center downtown where the critically wounded go. As with many cities, it's located centrally where many of the gunshot victims are taken.

    I've heard the seizure service dogs can sense the change in electrical activity before the full onset of seizures. If Julie could get even a few seconds warning, she could get down on the floor before falling down. I saw a little dog on TV and he barked, looking up at his guardian, just before the onset of the seizure. In this case, maybe the dog is the guardian. Service dogs are little four-legged guardian angels.

    Granni, a decorator group? That sounds interesting. I don't have the means to redecorate my condo but I love looking at pics of rooms and I will change just a few things to get the look I'm after. I love Hobby Lobby for little items I buy to get a certain look. Everything is almost always on sale and, if not, they print a 40 percent off coupon for one item. I'm leaving on Sat., early in the morning and should get to our hotel around 10:00 a.m. Kids will meet me there. We will go to Universal and try to get in what we can that first day. Sun., we will have the full day and Mon. we will spend half a day there and head here in my car. The kids will pick up a rental car and go to a hotel here until Wed. when they go home. It's not long but just about the right length of time for me. You keep reminding me that I need to go out and get my membership at the gym. Geez, with everything going on around here, I just haven't had time. Once I get that room cleaned, I think things will go a lot smoother. It should be done today. Wish I could hear you sing.

    Sun, Thanks for the prayers for Julie. I appreciate it and she would too. I 'splained above what I saw on TV regarding how the seizure service dogs operate. One would be such a help for her. I really think she has pretty much given up. I feel sorry for her Mom, who must worry something horrible for her. She's a nice lady. This new seizure means Julie will lose her drivers license again for a while. They can't seem to get her meds just right. You have a very lucky little DGD. How sweet of you to get her that Barbie and the gift certificate. DGS grew up playing with my DD's iPhone, reading and playing games on it. He struggled reading paper books. For Christmas, I ordered a Kindle Fire from Amazon. He loved it because he could also play games on it. His reading shot up, just like your DGD. Kids today seem to be more electronically oriented if their parents are. My DSIL loooooves his techie stuff. Hope your back is better and the store gets a new mattress for you. My old bed is getting a bit lumpy but is still very comfortable. I know I'll have to get a new one, one of these days. Thinking of going from the king to a queen.

    Springwater, wow! Losing electricity that long seems a hardship. I guess we get used to always having it and take it for granted unless we have a power outage. For a while, we were getting them fairly often. Utility co. finally replaced a transformer and, end or problem. Years ago, a squirrel got fried on the wires and utility co. had to come out. Poor little squirrel was lying on the ground, smoking. Ewww! Don't think I'd wish that even on the obnoxious squirrels who have a "condo" in the palm trees next to our balcony. I don't take these two guys on the board seriously as long as I can keep an eye on them. It's like babysitting 14 year old boys. Landscaper and mgr. both are onto their antics and make sure I am always in the loop. I am quite sure that if they talk about me at all, it's less than in complimentary terms. On the other hand, I did approve their request for new sod and even told mgr. to have the irrigation guy come out to raise a valve box up to the level of the grass. Right now, it's down in a hole deep enough to cause someone to break a leg in it. I almost stepped in it when I was walking, Chewie, Nancy 2's little dog.

    Hoping everyone has a wonderful day. Good luck to everyone who is trying to solve problems and to everyone who is sick and/or in pain.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's 69 degrees here; on its way to 70. Supposed to be 77 tomorrow. Despite
    all that I'm cold. I'm wearing my red and black lumberjack shirt and my
    sweatshirt that says, "Uff-da! and my thermal top, but I'm still cold. I
    suspect it's due to my diabetes.

    Gordon is at the beauty parlor. Actually it's a beauty school. He's been going
    there for decades. Always comes back and tells me what the students are up to.
    'The one who cut my hair today is going to graduate next month. She already
    has a job lined up. Then she'll be able to quit her part time job. etc."

    He's been wearing an Afro ever since I met him 35 years ago. Last time he had his
    hair done he just got a regular cut. No Afro. Did I have trouble recognizing him?
    Well, not really.

    Today is trash pickup day. Tomorrow is street sweeping. Tomorrow is going to
    be a big problem with no parking on our side of the street plus no parking on
    the other side because a film crew will be here. Really, big cities are not
    conducive to healthful living. Always something stressful going on. BTW,
    I guess that's the first time I've ever used the word "conducive". I spelled it
    like it sounds. But the "ess" sound comes from a "c". This illustrates that
    there is always something new to learn in the world.

    You know almost everything in the world has changed since we were kids: the
    number of states; the size of our population; the number of planets, the
    color of stop signs. Only last week another element was added to the
    periodic table. It's the element of surprise!

    Julie, you guys are going to be rappelling?! Sakes Alive! I wouldn't rappel
    off anything higher than a footstool. As Lou Grant said to Mary Richards,
    "You got spunk! As for 68 degrees in March, never heard of such a thing. All
    that climate change business may be right.

    Mikie, I remember a few orange moons from my yute. They only happened
    in the fall. A couple times it was like being in a calendar photo. A vee of ducks
    flying across the moon to the sound of distant honks.

    I hope Harry Potter land lives up to expectations. I loved taking my son
    to Disneyland. But by the time he was about 12 the place was just too
    crowded, so we went other places like Magic Mountain or a Dodger game.

    I bet the folks in your hood are delighted to have someone with your
    enthusiasm and energy to preside and get projects going.

    Springwater, always enjoy your posts. Kinda like Edward R. Murrow reporting
    from London during WWII. News from far away. Glad to see you have the
    necessary energy, the electricity and a cooperative computer. Your "pedas"
    are like cookies, right? They have pedas at the beauty school to. Short for

    Sun, I've heard of Nancy Drew books, but not Fancy Nancy. In fact, am
    reading a novel by Fannie Flagg. One reviewer said the book was like a
    Nancy Drew mystery for grown ups. Good luck with the water heater.
    Do you have a written warranty on that mattress? Is there a small
    claims court near you?

    Granni, you're so busy! As usual. HaHa! What is a decorator group? Do
    the members make things to decorate the house? Like samplers or pillows
    or hooked rugs?

    Diane, thanks for the doggy point of view. Zippy had an additional rule.
    He was determined to sleep outside. Even that cold winter we had some
    years back where the temp got down into the 40s. But he had several
    layers both under and on top. Gordon had bolts of old velvet, or maybe
    valour, that had been lying around this old house for decades.

    We met a really friendly little dog named Sandy yesterday. She was a
    white and brown rescue dog; probably part terrier. Jumped up in my
    lap and wanted to be petted.

    Well, Gordon is back with beauty school news. The school will be closed
    for an unspecified period of time. It is moving. Apparently to a different
    floor in the same building. Musta got wanderlust or something.

    Hugs, Kids
  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    So how exactly did Gordon get his hair cut this time? Does he have really curly hair? I used to go to a local beauty school at a college years ago to get my hair cut, but then it took forever, so what I was saving in $ I was blowing with my time. How much does a beauty school charge for a haircut now? Seems that I used to pay around $3 plus a tip but that was at least 35 years ago. You can hardly get a cup of coffee for $3 now.

    Fancy Nancy books are about a cute little girl, around age 5, who has a mind of her own and gets into all types of trouble. Really cute. But I really love the illustrations. I was so hoping that my DGD could go see the author and illustrator. She takes some little art classes after school one day a week and I think she has some talent. It would have been nice for her to see the illustrator.

    Julie: you're going to repel down off the roof! How cool is that! OK, a secret dream of mine is to go to Costa Rica where in the jungles you can do this from one tree to another.....well I guess that is ziplining. Years ago my youngest son was planning on going bungee jumping off a high cliff in the mountains. Good thing I didn't know about THAT!

    Mikie: Seems my DD has been taking a combo of those popular oils and was herxing.....didn't have the flu but symptoms just the same. She had a sinus problem and was trying to clear it up.....guess she went overboard? I was trying to explain all that to her, what you've gone thru. I don't think she was taking it in. She had just come back from having a massage/beating and had to take a shower. I've tried some probiotics in the past but got so sick that I didn't want to continue them. I guess it was herxing?

    Granni: With your decorating club, do you all go to someone's else and everyone puts in their ideas on what can be done to improve it/change it?

    I'm back to working in my studio, trying to get rid of things I've had stored forever and don't need. The plumber just showed up so I'm up for at least 2 hrs more before I can get a nap. No rest for the wicked!
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick reply before dinner time. I have been on and off today but no time to post. So many other things I have to do on the computer today. The days lately have been so busy. The next two days will be very busy too and may not get on the PORCH till evening if that.

    MIKIE - When are you leaving for your trip? I know you will have a wonderful time and we will miss you. Getting ready for the trip?? I hope your like Harry Potterville :)!!! We went so lng ago that Epcot wasn't eeven finished yet.

    SUN - The Decorator club (playfully called the Decorating Divas group) does a variety of things. I like the trips they take to various shops and places that I would never get to on my own. I wouldn't buy any big purchase but like to look and get ideas. Also might find something small like a tiny flower arrangement for my bathroom or something I need. Also sometimes they have mini seminars that are very interesting too. There were problems last year and I didn't get to many and re was also so problems with the leaders, sickness or something in the family. Hope you are feeling better, at least a little.. Hope your water heater got in OK or is being fixed, I forget..

    ROCK - I know what you mean about always being COLD. It was 70;s today and I have had a sweater on esp in the house which is very cool, great for summer but not winter. Guess what, 30's tonight sometime and 40's tomorrow again. You can keep this stupid weather. In never know how to dress here from day today, esp in the winter time. It is also very damp out today with possible rain which makes it worse. I take it that Gordon has VERY curly hair. That kind of hair is very hard to cut. Hope they do a good job. I remember afros when it was in the 70's and 80's.

    DIANE - Did you figure out what kind of dishwasher to buy? I sent you a post on the other thread yesterday. Hope you are feeling better and Kevin too, with all your snow an ice. Stay warm sweetie !!

    JULIE - Thinking of you ! Stay warm and TRY and REST :)!! Hope Den is dig better too.

    A BIG hi and HUGZ to everyone not mentioned and our MIA's !!.

    Almost time to finish up fixing dinner. Pork chops are cooking on the stove. They smell good.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - sorry to hear about Grandpa Den. I pray all is well.

    Mikie - i wondered why i felt a bit off the other was because of this Full Moon thingy.!
    Before it was PMS and now thats over n done with its PFM. The same symptoms, cranky,
    achy, why do i even bother kind of feeling.

    Ive been so busy, well, swamped in chores, i clean forgot the Moon and its state of being.:D
    I hv to say its like a gazillion times better since i started meditating..i dont get to the 'canna
    get outta bed' state.

    Sun - barbie brings back memories. My DD. But she was more outdoorsy, football,
    dance, biking. My niece, on the other hand, collected Barbies, kept them beautifully.
    I think she had nine at one time, because my brother who had a job n all at that
    time spoiled her rotten. And i found one of her Barbies so beautiful i went and
    got one of my own...yes, thats right, a full grown adult woman like me..but i never
    could resist beautiful things. Its still there, at the back of the living room cabinet.

    I have not seen a Fancy Nancy book yet. Must look out for them. Reminds me
    of Just William.

    I hope your DD recovers from her symptoms soon.

    Granni - i love the idea of your Decorator Club! I might give the idea of forming
    one to my DHs married niece who goes off on these junkets with other like minded
    parents of her kids in school. They are mostly foreign expats, so they love biking,
    Exploring the countryside, old buildings, that sort of thing. she was telling me
    they have a reading club and do I want to join..yes. When i hv the time that is.
    No likely just now. She recently learnt to make mulch at her kids school.
    I think she would love this.

    Rock - Gordon gets his hair done at the beauty school! I always imagined him
    with short straight hair like most Chinese! Is his hair naturally curly? Or he
    gets them done. Our city tried to clean up by posting notices that a fine of
    Rs. 1,00,000.00 would be slapped on offenders..throwing garbage into the
    River and public worked for a while. But someone needs to keep
    at it. I notice the stray dog population is gone down, but i shudder to think of
    how the city council managed it.

    Today is strictly stay at home day. Because it is colour Festival. Holi. A religious festival where people drench each other with colour and water.

    Loads of fun if youre playing tho. No holds barred. Family members chasing each other down
    Down and up stairs, thru rooms, terraces with buckets and water dispensers..water filled

    Yesterday took a quick nip into town, to buy my favourite tea leaves. Luckily the bus goes right
    Up to the area where they sell it. Just a 10 min walk after the bus stop. The sellers know what i
    need and measure the required mixture of leaves in the ratio i like. Leaf tea with fragrance and
    a strong one from India. Mmmmmmm.

    The DH was like "make me a cup, make me a cup" as soon as i got home. We had been out of stock for two weeks..making do with the other brand available at the local store.

    Didnt hv to make dinner.DH won a small golf tourney and came back with a trophy and
    hamburgers n french fries to celebrate. Meat for son, veg for me.

    Its a beautiful day today...

    Sunny but with a cool breeze blowing. Have a good day tomorrow and a good night today

    God Bless

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I was in no hurry this morning (actually yesterday) and got the paper read. Then, I went outside to neaten it up a bit so Barb and her daughter have less to complain about. Of course, they will find other things but, at least, I got rid of a couple of obvious problems. I tore out some dead pansies, killed a black widow spider and trimmed a plant in our stairwell atrium. I tore into the mess in my little office but, just like every day, there were so many interruptions that I didn't get finished; however, I made progress. Today, I need to take the car to the car wash; it's filthy. I started this post yesterday but couldn't even finish it before I was called out to do something. Sometimes, no one bothers me and then, wham!, everyone is needing something. So, will treat this post from here on as a new one.

    Nancy 2 asked me to walk her dog, Chewie, in the afternoon. I don't mind doing it for her and I love Chewie and his feline roommate, Bob The Heartthrob, but it was just another interruption. Also, it was close to 90 degrees out and soooo hot. At least, as soon as I took him, a nice breeze came up and cooled me. I looked funny as I had to put on a straw hat and sunglasses to protect my face from this harsh sun. When we got back, I was limping with the plantar fachiitis in my heel. It was killing me last night so I iced it. I hope I can walk when we get to Universal.

    The neighbor from downstairs came up so I could show her where the cats' things are. Tweety came right out and got her treats but Sylvester hung back. He will usually come out eventually to greet guests but he's a bit shy at first. We exchanged keys and will keep a key to each other's units in case of emergency. Ilona's exDIL is having the condo inspected next week so I don't want to leave my keys in there. One of our board members is going to suggest that we leave emergency info with mgmt. A lot of places leave keys with their mgmt. co. but we don't have a mgmt. office on site so leaving keys with a neighbor is better. I have a sheet with all my contact info, a copy of my ins. card, and a list of my meds on the fridge. After a single man had a massive stroke, and no one had contact info, many of us put it on our fridges.

    Julie, I'm so sorry about GPA. Sending up a prayer for him. I think it's just as well that she is changing her appt. and is taking him. You are recovering from the crud and don't need the stress of taking him for his appt. Yes I am looking forward to going to Universal, seeing the kids, and having them here for a couple of days. My little condo is soooo crowded with them all here that it is better if they get a hotel. Also, think I mentioned that DGS likely has ADHD and possibly OCD as well. When he gets overwhelmed and/or tired, he can't control his impulses. After a couple of days, it gets to be too much for me. Under normal circumstances, he is a great kid. Thanks on the info regarding your Mom's seizure service dog. Julie has gran mal seizures but the principle is the same. I think those dogs are wonderful. Sounds as though your Mom's was a God send for her. I'm glad your kids are being so good about working with you when you can't do things for, or with, them. My kids are really good about it too. Actually, even my ex is understanding.

    Springwater, I remember that the full moon does not affect you well. For me, it's just the opposite; I feel so much better during the full moon. I'm a Cancer and the moon is my ruling "planet." I just went out again this morning to watch it set behind the palm trees across the street. I moved some of the orchids I have in the tree to get them further out and away from the balcony. Your color holiday sounds like fun but how do y'all get the colored stuff off bldgs.? Is it some kind of water color or confetti? Everything is so much more colorful in your part of the world.

    Sun, yes, Herxing can feel exactly like the flu. I just 'splain that when a lot of pathogens die off in the body, they become toxic and the body will purge them through vomiting, profuse sweating and diarrhea. It feels horrible but is actually a good thing. I'm laughing at your describing the massage as a beating. DD may have more toxins being purged from the massage too. Massage releases toxins in the muscles and dumps them into the bloodstream to be dealt with. That's why some people feel sick after getting a massage. Hope your plumber got the job done.

    Granni, Barb and I once went to a decorating seminar at a furniture store and the store decorator did a slide show and spoke on how to use accessories to decorate. They had refreshments and offered a nice discount on anything we wanted to buy. It is good to get ideas. I sometimes go online to look at photos of rooms for ideas. I've been to Disney World/ Epcot several times but haven't been to Universal Studios so it will be something new for me. Everyone says it's really a neat place to go.

    Rock, your description of the moon and geese brought up a beautiful sight in my mind's eye. Love my mind's eye; it needs to glasses nor contact lenses. Geez, the parking situation where you live sounds almost as bad as in Boston where parking spots are at a premium. San Francisco is the same. Glad you guys have a place to get beautified where you know people and are comfortable. I never did and that is why I now cut my own hair. It may not be perfect but I know the beautician! Thanks for your kind words about my new job in da hood. Actually, some people in here have told me they like the way our Tues. mtgs. are now held. Last pres. is hard of hearing and forgets her hearing aids. She never wrote anything down and never followed up. I could see her eyes glazing over when anyone spoke of something in which she wasn't interested or because she couldn't hear what he or she was saying. She refused to learn or use e-mails so she was never in the loop with mgmt. I don't see how anyone can hold office without e-mails. I really like her but it was time for a change. People seem happy but I worry about money and so do my other board members. This has to be a lean year for us but we're doing what we can with limited funds. Thank God our individual assn. for our bldg. is doing well. Just signed the contract to have our bldg. painted and repaired. I almost typed "K" for contract. When you were in law school, did you use a K as shorthand for contract? We did in our business law class.

    I need to get going to get my car washed and things taken to Goodwill. Think I'll just take my electronics down to the dumpster and let the scavengers have at it. Today is the day for dirty work. Tomorrow, I just want to pack and run the vacuum. Hope all y'all have a good day. Will pop in later.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good Morning dear PORCHIES,

    Not a whole lot of time today and it is freezing out . Have to get all bundled out to go to a luncheon at one of the clubs I belong to that I haven't been to in some time. Going with DD and another friend. It should be fun. Used to be very active in it but haven't been in a couple of years at least. The speaker was interesting so I thought I would go. However, it also turns out that tomorrow is another group thing that just happened to be on the same week. it is either feast or famine around here :)!!!

    JULIE - Sorry about dear Grandpa but glad he didn't have pneumonia. I am sure he know that you would do anything for him. Sis is just sis. Maybe it is just as well that you don't have to bring him and get out there in that cold weather. Any more snow???? Hope you get some more NRG even if you feel a little better. I never have much but just push onwards many times as I know you do and many of us here also.

    ROCK - Congrats on your getting a new friend BUDDY. He sounds so cute !! When will he get to the vets for all his shots, check up , etc?? Hope you get him soon.

    MIKIE - Getting ready for your trip I see, still. You must be going very soon, maybe this week???? Glad your hood finally got someone on the board as Pres. that can hear. That surely helps !! I know one of the gals who sings with me in a couple of groups and is older than I has very poor hearing but she refuses to get a hearing aid and her DH too. So they must yell at each other all day trying to hear each other. They have the money but just refused to pay it for their hearing. She books the programs for our small singing group and actually books to may and she sings for another group to that sings. I told someone maybe she books all these programs to get out of the house, and away from her DH:)!!! Just guessing, who knows?

    DIANE - Did you get a new DW yet or figure out what you want to get? If you posted sorry I missed it. I have been so busy and not on the computer a lot to visit with everyone. Hope you are feeling a little better. How is your weather? I am sure it is COLD there. Any more SNOW ???

    SW - Hope you are doing well. Sorry I have missed reading so many posts. Hope you have some good NRG so you can do and participate in some fun things in your area with all your festivals, all the housework that always has to be done.

    Gotta run and check my e-mail before I get off and bundle myself up like a mummy for the cold weather. Tonight should be about 28 degrees):!!!

    Love to everydobby and all our many MIA's,
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's 65 degrees here, but I'm still cold. Will be 77 later today. And 80 tomorrow.
    "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." A
    quote usually attributed to Mark Twain, but apparently it does not appear in his
    writings. Twain died in 1910. My Dad was alive then.

    In spite of the quote, people actually do things about the weather. They study it,
    they predict it, and they plan for it. Here in LA today we have lots of sunshine and
    a cloudless sky of blue. The sky was more interesting yesterday when we were
    driving to Pasadena. Lottsa huge cumulus clouds with dramatic dark areas.

    Springwater is right. Gordon does not have curly hair. Gordon is Chinese.
    He has straight, black hair like all the other one billion four hundred million Chinese.
    Think of it. That's 20 percent of the world's population.

    Anyhoo, here's more info on the beauty school. He's been going to this one for
    several years. Went to a different one before. It closed down or something.
    A man's haircut costs 7 bucks. A perm is 20. All the students have done their
    course work and are working to get the necessary experience that will allow
    them to be licensed. Takes 40 weeks (1600 hours).

    Here's a kawinkydink. Or perhaps the hand of fate. Gordon was born in a village
    near Canton, China. I was born in a village (or at least a small town) near
    Canton, Iowa. What are the odds? Julie, you've probably been to Canton
    many times, right?

    Granni, I expect if you go to a luncheon it is more likely to be a feast than a
    famine. That's great that you have the energy to go places and do things. I'm
    pretty much a stuck at home nowadays.

    Julie, glad to hear Gpa is OK. As for you know who, it's people like you know
    who who give you know what a bad you know too. HaHa! How is your
    menagerie? Oreo, Red Mittens, et. al. Everybody thriving?

    Mikie, parking isn't so bad here in our hood except when the film folks come
    around. We haven't had them on our street for a year or so even though they've
    been filming a few blocks away. I saw them a couple weeks ago. A dozen
    trucks and trailers parked along Echo Park.

    Yes, you're right. "K" stood for contract in law school. When I was correcting
    papers for students who were preparing to take the bar exam, I saw that some
    used "K" for thousand. Because of "Kilo", I guess. And some used "K" for
    something else. Can't remember. Well, it was about 35 years ago.

    Read a book on the history of Universal Studio. Founded during WWI.
    Apparently they were the first to allow the public on the lot. Folks could
    ride around in a wagon. The fee was 25 cents.

    Springwater, your festival of Houli suggests hooligans with people going
    around throwing water and what not on others. I suppose it's OK if you
    throw underhand. According to the old joke, that's what the post office
    folks do if the package is marked "Fragile".

    Gotta go Kids
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Wow, twice in one day, on the PORCH !! Doing so as I might get home late tomorrow not sure we will get to the Fish Fry or not after our Decorator group trip and if I will have a chance to post...

    ROCK- You are right about the feast for me but I was talking bot you either have lots of places to go in a week or no place. The lunch was very good but not a feast. It was green salad it seasoned chicken with Mexican seasoning and salsa, chips grated cheese, and salad dressings. Plus, a small piece of cake, some fruit and a al scoop of vanilla ice cream. Very good speaker today a sheriff of our county who gave a great speech about the police department and role in the community and how it hopefully should influence the community thru leadership and support.

    I think you said some time ago that Gordon got perms, correct????? Therefore, the afro hairdo.

    JULIE- I hope that all was well with Gpa's doc visit today. Did you find out anything from Sis or Gpa? Hope you got to rest some today, in the house., even if you were just trying how to make order of one kind or another.

    MIKIE - Try not to wear yourself out before your trip. have forgotten when it was.

    DIANE - Hope all is well with you and you finished washing all those dishes:)!! Got a DW yet or figure out what you want to get????

    These keys are sticking again. It only happens on PH when I get in a certain way. It takes forever !!!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey Folks,

    Here is picture of Rhynochostylis Orchid. I found out it's related to the Vandas which
    I like. I saw this orchid for the first time at the last meeting. When I saw it on the
    display table it reminded me of a tropical ocean shrimp with it's white color and
    maroon spots. This is a picture of Jim's orchid he has in the greenhouse.

    Another orchid to find and add to the collection. There's always
    something new out there.

    Attached Files:

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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Whew! I worked soooo hard yesterday and went to bed with a sore back and aching heel. I slept pretty well but got up early. I feel much better this morning. I'm not doing much today. I did take my electronics to the dumpster area and some old clothes and household stuff to Goodwill. I stopped on the way home and washed my car. I had to use the foamy brush to get all the grime off of it. The spot-free rinse means I didn't have to wipe it down. Normally, I do but could see no sense doing it when I'm gonna be on the road. It's clean inside. The tile floors in here weren't bad so just swept them and ran the vacuum on the carpet. I got the office all picked up, finally! All in all, I'm very happy with the progress.

    Along the way, I had to call our pool guy to tell him I had a key made for him to the heater area and was taping it to the wall in the pump room. Got some soap to store from another board member for the bathrooms at the pool, had to call our exterminator as people downstairs have carpenter ants, and had to work out a time when Ilona's ex-DIL's inspector could come by. He wants someone there while he inspects. These aren't big deals but it's a lot of interruptions when I need to get other things done. I need to get away from all this.

    Granni, I leave in the morning and will return late on Mon. Only three days. Kids will drive back with me on Mon. and will stay in a hotel here for a couple of days. It will be so good to see them again. Can the hard-of-hearing woman hear herself sing well enough to sing with others.? Can she hear them sing? We have a big family down here, living is several condos. They are all hard of hearing and scream at one another and they all yell at the same time. Fortunately, they do not live near me. I was visiting my friend and couldn't believe how loud the are. Yikes!!! My Mom always wore her hearing aid because I was so sick then and didn't have the strength to yell. Sounds as though you aren't lacking for things to do. During Season down here, there are multiple festivals and fairs every weekend.

    Rock, that is interesting that you both came from Canton on different sides of the globe. My ex and I went to the same eye doc for therapy from concussions at the same time when we were tweens. We also went roller skating on Fri. nights but we never met, or remember seeing one another, at either place. Remember when scientists seeded the clouds to attempt to cause rain? Evidently it wasn't effective as I've not heard of it for ages. Well, they were trying to do something about the weather. I have heard that, even if we were to do everything to stop climate change, it's too late; it's past the tipping point and the damage is done. We can mitigate some of the damage but too many refuse to believe that human activities are affecting climate change. I say we should err on the side of caution. That's interesting about Universal Studios. It costs more than 25 cents now. We went through the one in the LA area when the kids were young. That was when "Jaws" was the big deal movie and we saw the fake shark which came up out of the water at us. Ooooh, scary--NOT!!!

    Gordon, another spectacular orchid pic. This one has polka dots and stripes. It's amazing. Love it. Barb's dark purple Phal is about ready to bloom. I took it outta the tree and put it on a table where it will get indirect light. She doesn't like it that I hang them in the tree. She was very grateful that I had repotted it and nursed it back to health. It should be in bloom the whole month she is here. Thanks for sharing.

    Well, kids, I am going to get going early enough so that I have the entire afternoon to rest. There isn't much to do anyway. Need to wash my produce bins in the fridge and clean the baths. Except for packing, that's all I have to do today. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Been out on errands from is evening.

    About to make dinner but thought i'd peek in..


    God bless