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    Hi Kids

    C'mon in. Pull up chair and join the party.

    Well, I slept almost the entire day. Was up briefly this morning. Helped
    Gordon with some gardening. I don't do much of anything anymore.
    Tomorrow is street cleaning day. I'm so pleased I don't have to move
    my car anymore.

    With regard to the Wilder family books I'm reading, they are the sort of
    books that can be enjoyed by adults or kids. Kinda like Winnie the
    Pooh or Mary Poppins or Harry Potter. An old book by the fellow
    who wrote "The Wind in the Willows" has been republished, so I've
    put that on hold.

    Mikie, now that you mention it, I remember our teachers used to
    read stories to us in the first 3 grades. I always thought it was the
    highlight of the day even though I probably didn't know the word highlight.

    Yes, I lost my sense of taste a year or two ago. Food has practically
    no taste. In some cases it has a rather nasty taste. Wikipedia says it's
    called ageusia (a-goo0-zee-ah) which sounds like a planet in Star Wars.
    Located right next to Alderaan I think. I read about it when I was in
    High School. The treatment is zinc, but taking zinc pills hasn't helped me.

    Yes, nice to have family visit (families in general, not mine) and nice to
    see them go. My grandmother used to say about trips, "Nice to go. Good
    to be home." The shell store you mentioned sounds fascinating. It made
    me remember that chocolate you poured on ice cream and it hardened into
    a shell. I think it was in Debbie Reynolds biography that she said her
    family loved it, and they bought it by the case.

    Granni, a Friendship Center sounds like a great place. A few years ago when
    I was still driving, I thought about going to some sort of senior center to
    chat, maybe play cards. Couldn't get any good info on the net. One day
    when Gordon and I were at the Glendale library I walked across the street
    to visit a senior center.

    The noise was deafening. Old Armenians with hearing problems yelling at
    each other; mostly in Armenian. Then only place that has more Armenians
    than Glendale is Armenia. So do all your singing groups now have a
    pianist/organist? Did you ever sing with a harmonium? It's a small,
    portable organ. I used to have some recordings of same. You can see them
    on Youtube. Kinda like an accordion only you don't wear it on your bazoom.

    Gordon has some lovely orchids in bloom. They have very long stalks (three
    feet or so) and rather small lavender and white flowers. They are a cross
    between a cattyelya and a laleia (lay-lee-ah).

    Hi to Sun, Springwater, Barry, Diane, Julie

  2. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I got a good night's sleep last night. The nice thing about DST is that, instead of getting up at 4:30, I'm now up at 5:30. Even though it's the same thing, the power of suggestion works on me. Also, instead of falling asleep at 9:00 p.m., I'm able to stay awake until 10:00 so I only miss the last show on TV. Think we might have had some much needed rain during the night but won't know until it gets light. I hope it washed the stucco powder off most of the plants Our stairwell atrium plants look like some of the gruesome ones in the Harry Potter Hogwarts green house. We walked past a plant shop window at HP's Diagon Alley and the plant screamed at us. If these poor plants here have to suffer much more, they may start screaming. Also, I have the orchids inside. I hope they are getting enough light.

    Rock, I'm so sorry about losing your sense of taste. I love that chocolate which hardens on the ice cream. They still have it but it's not quite like the original. I also loved story time at school and at the library. I remember at Easter, the librarian gave us candy eggs when she finished her story. As you might imagine, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a nursing home here. I think most of them do have activities and entertainment for those who can enjoy them. There is a nice one across the street from our hood.

    I'm going to copy my last post from the former Porch:

    Whew! Everyone has gone home. It was sooooo good to spend time with them but as my friends down here always say, it's so good to see them come and good to see them go. Today was much better with no one bugging me for anything. Kids slept in at the motel and came over so we could go to the shell shop. It's also a museum with all kinds of shells, coral and fossils. They have a pirate room and a diorama with stuffed bears, a wolverine, wild boars and assorted critters. Lots to look at. I found one of those small aluminum credit card holders which protect the cards which emit radio frequencies. I didn't take the one which does that with me on the trip. A person with a reader can walk near you and capture your info, stealing your credit card without ever having had to touch you. They walk in crowded places and steal the info from hundreds of people.

    I also got a bumpy starfish and an urchin shell. We came back with sandwiches from Chick-fil-A for us and DSIL. He stayed behind to study for his captain's test. I guess there is a lot to learn. He always aces his tests but he is always worried and relieved when it's over. Landscaper just called to tell me he's going to Mexico for two weeks. His family is there and his grandmas are 106 and 107. They live in southern Mexico where people eat all natural food and are very healthy. Barb arrived with her DD and a couple last evening. Fortunately, I had gone to bed early.

    This morning, she was out acting all grandma-like with my DGS. Then, she came running out to be sure to give my DD a hug. DD said it's all she can do to be nice to her. Barb's DD spoke to me and introduced me to the couple with her but she uses a very terse and unfriendly tone. She's always used that tone with me so nothing has changed. Barb was upset that the bldg. is being worked on and will be pressure washed and painted. She can't put her chairs out to sit on the Balcony to hold court in da hood until it's done. I didn't hug her; I just said hi. I did give her her wecome mat that I had put inside my condo to keep the mess from the grinding on the stucco from getting on it. I reminded her to remove her wreath before the bldg. is washed.

    I guess they'll do it tomorrow. It keeps being put off a day. I don't think things will ever be the same between us. As long as it isn't outright contempt from her, I'm OK with that. She doesn't look good. Her color is bad and it appears that she has let her hair go back to it's natural gray. She's always been so conscientious about her looks.

    Springwater, I'm glad all was peaceful at the stupa. I laughed thinking of that squirrel. It might not have gone well for him. They are curious critters. A remote-controlled car for a kiddie sounds like great fun. At Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter part of the park, there was a shop made to look like an umbrella store. Outside, the sign was half an umbrella sticking out from the front. People were standing under it and water started pouring from the rim. It was funny.

    Julie, I hope your helping from a distance keeps you from getting the flu. Wow! Doing six loads of wash and hanging it out would do me in. I love the smell of clothes dried on the line but we can't do that here. We have to use our dryers. I'm washing the beach towels DSIL and DGS used when they went to the pool today. I do love the softness when I use the dryer sheets on my towels. I use the clear 'n free ones as I can't take the scented ones. The smell makes me ill. Stay well.

    Rock, book sounds interesting. Our teacher once read a book to us about a family moving in a covered wagon. I loved it but don't remember whether it was about the Ingalls or not. Glad your kitty friends are hanging around to eat. It's so good of you to feed them. Simon only comes by about once a month now. Wonder where he's eating when he isn't eating here Must have found a four-star kitty restaurant. Has something happened to your sense of taste? That's a shame you can't enjoy things like sodas. I know they are not good for us but I still love to have one now and then. You mentioned being a pilot. DGS never knew I used to fly. He got so excited about it. His DGF is a retired pilot, my DD used to fly and DSIL is a commercial pilot. Andy was complaining about having to learn about angles in math and I told him that if he decides to fly, it will come in handy. That's all kids need--a reason to learn this stuff.

    Granni, sounds as though things are getting busy with your singing again. Glad you had a chance to get online but when the keys stick, it's miserable. Mine hasn't done that for a while (knocking on wood here). Thanks for your good wishes. I really did enjoy the trip and am looking forward to resting up. Just hope there aren't problems in da hood nor problems with the bldg. painting project. It'll be a bit before the Balcony can be used because there are minute cracks which have to be fixed before it can be painted.

    Cats are glad to have me back full time. This morning as I was sipping my coffee on the sofa, I looked down and one was on the floor next to me and the other one was on the other side of me. Both have been giving me love looks and soft coos. Sooooo nice to be loved!

    Speaking of love--my love, hugs and prayers to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello All

    Rock - i came on this morning saw your note about opening a new porch but couldnt
    see i went away ..came back again and its there.

    Mary Poppins is a magical world. There dont seem to be grown up problems in them.
    But other kinds of problems which i wouldnt mind. I wouldnt mind Marys own
    umbrella either.

    Wind in the Willows is my favourite book. As was Winnie the pooh in my childhood
    and the comic Rupert Bear. Seems to be a pattern here. I shut out reality.

    I would love to go attend activity centres when im older. Id love to be where Grannis
    troupe comes singing and dancing.

    Mikie -

    Pooh says welcome back

    im just loving hearing about Harrys World. Umbrellas that pour water from the
    rim by themselves, plants that scream..woo hooooo! i would love to visit with my own kids.
    You are soooo lucky. Lucky to live in the USA. Lucky to go out on jaunts with yr grandkids.

    Pls keep well away from Barb wire. Ahahahahahaha. Im sorry. I just had to. Im angry that
    your idyll of sorts has to be interrupted by her shennanigans. I wish you had Harrys cloak
    of invisibility when she visits. wouldnt that be uber cool? imagine creeping up to their
    table and shaking the table so their mugs of coffee or tea rattled? or tickling her DDs
    ear with a tuft of Sir vesters hair.

    A nasty incident involving an attack on two young girls had happened here. some days
    back. Son told me his friend s home was visited by police who came and took him away
    for interrogation. Turns out they were visiting everyone who they caught on CCTV in that
    area at the time of the attack and sons friend had happened to go on his bike. I told my
    son 'thank goodness, you didnt go there that day. ' He said..."oh dont worry mom, ive
    not left any evidence behind.'

    Also during the Turkish airlines crashlanding, he said his friend works at the airport
    and was showing them a video he took of people sliding down the emergency ramp.

    Had to have a repairman come in and look at our electrical wires...some of the inverter
    lines werent working. ooof. i just hate when the day goes by just following workers around.
    Showing them where everything is..and the mess.

    But whaddaya do, whats gotta be done gots to be done.

    Was watching CNN and the shooting in Ferguson. That town didnt need more anger.
    breaking news.

    Downton Abbey has become grey. It was so vivid and joyful before. Matthew has gone
    and died. And everyone is looking like Eeeyore in Winnie the Pooh. The clothes are
    becoming more daring as time marches on..not sure i like. I loved them all wrapped
    up in chiffons and flounces. And wraps.

    Well, all of you have a good day when you wake up.

    God Bless

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    Hi, Kids,

    Spent the morning down at Ilona's and Frank's condo for the inspector. It took three hours!!! It's good because it was thorough but I had no idea it would take my whole morning. Also, the guy was a jerk. I enjoyed visiting with I&F's ex-DIL's new DH's parents; they are sooooo nice. Don't know how I keep that straight. Anywhoo, we were chatting and the jerk interrupted and contradicted. He went into the master bath and flushed the toilet. We heard him say, "Oh! Oh, no!" We went in expecting to see the toilet overflowing. The gasket at the bottom of the tank was leaking slightly into the bowl. When he looked up and saw us, he pushed his way into us, excusing himself rudely. He had on a huge tool belt with stuff hanging off of it and he was strutting really fast from one room to another. I was afraid he would step on the woman's feet or hit her with the stuff flying out from his belt. Needless to say, I was glad to see him go.

    I got out while the pressure washers were at lunch and took my eyeglasses in to be adjusted. Then, I stopped at the bank to cash two expense checks for things I bought for our bldg. My old back brace was no longer effective so I stopped in at the Medicare Store and got a new one. It's much lighter and offers more support. Finally, I had to stop at the store for groceries. Whirlwind day!

    Don't know whether the painters will start the repairs to the balcony tomorrow or not. While I was out there, I walked down the steps on the other side. The railings are scratched through to the metal. I'm going to ask our painter which way the scratch was traveling. I am sure it was the last renters who left the condo so filthy that the new rug had to be replaced and it had to be painted to get the smell outta there. Ewww! :confused: I'll ask about getting it repainted/touched up and will ask the corp. which owns the condo to pay if there is a cost. I watched the new one move in and didn't see them hit anything. The others moved while I was out. It's always something, as Gilda Radner used to say.

    Spring, thanks for the sweet Pooh welcome. Yes, I am very lucky to be able to meet the kids and see such amazing things. I'm sure if one were to go when it's not so crowded, it would reveal even more secrets. Every ten minutes, the dragon, which sits atop Gringott's Bank, roars a big fireball. I think I got a pic of it with my phone. Even the signs on the real and fake stores are done in such detail. The restrooms have witches and wizards on the signs and, when you go inside, Moaning Myrtle moans. I won't let Barb Wire (love that pun/name) get to me. It's just that when the painting is done, they will all be outside my door yuking it up. I have no desire to sit out there with them. It's not my imagination that they try to be as loud as possible when they are out there. This can't possibly go on forever. I just have to wait it out.

    My friends have been working out in the pool and I want to do that. I wonder whether or not they will be there tomorrow. Guess I can just go and if they are there, I can join in. I need to slowly get out in the sun as I'm getting pasty again. I put on a faux glow from a tube before I went to Orlando but I'd like to get the real thing without burning. It's going to be almost 90 out for the next few days and then, it's going to be in the low 80's. That's scary about your son's friend but I'm laughing at what he said to you. Once, when DD was a teen, her dad asked her what she was going to be doing as she left the house. She said, "Oh, the usual--sex, drugs and rock 'n roll." :p

    Julie, glad everyone is getting over the flu. I hate it when my kitchen is like what you described. AACK!!! :eek: I still say all that laundry is enough to do in a "normal" person. Be sure to pace yourself. It's better to get a little run down than try to recover from feeling as though you've been hit by a truck. Is it warming up? I hope so. You can have some of our heat. It'll take me a month to get used to it.

    Well, Kiddies, it's time to rest a bit. Got a new book, "17 Carnations," for my Kindle. It's about the royal family in Britain during WWII and how Hitler had planned to keep Edward on the throne as a puppet king. Lots of new info or, at least, new to me about what went on behind the scenes. I still haven't finished the one on Churchill, Joe Kennedy and FDR. It's a bit dry and long and I have to read other things in between. I also started a new thriller which Amazon Prime let me download for free. Now, if only I can get some free time...

    Hope everydobby has a great evening!

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear PORCHIES,

    Just wanted to check in with you all now that it is the end of the day. We sang at the center this morning and enjoyed us, regardless of errors . Also, our dear pianist was feeling badly due to chemo and also screwed up majorly and not sure what key she as playing in towards the end, so then we al had a problem. Poor gal I figure it was that she was feeling very poorly.

    MIKIE - Glad you had a better day , not so wild and rushy and had a good sleep last night. Sound like an interesting book you will be reading. What book on Churchill are you reading? DH has read so many of his books. He is a real history buff esp WWII era. I know about awful renters as we did rent out few home. Some are just plain slobs.

    JULIE - Sorry those kiddos are feeling poorly but poor Lindsay trying to nurse Josiah and take care of everyone. That is one hard job. She is such a tiny little thing anyway. Try and take care of yourself sweetie. You don't need to get sick AGAIN !!

    Hi to Diane - Rock, Spring Water and everydobby else. Another busy day and fish fry tomorrow.

    Love to AWL,
    Granni :)
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    Hello one and all

    Here is a picture of my yellow catt that just bloomed. It has 5 spikes each with 4 - 5
    flower on them. As you can see it can fill up a room. This was the 'bonus' plant and
    I was lucky to win. It doesn't have much of a fragrance but the color is very intense.

    Hope you like it.



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    Hi Kids

    I went to bed some hours ago. Funny thing. The sandman never showed up.

    Thanks for the charming illustration of Pooh, Springwater. Dave Barry said in
    one of his columns that when he and his wife were expecting, she had long
    sessions with her female friends where they would discuss at length how
    to decorate the baby's room. Should it be traditional Pooh or Disney Pooh?

    I see you also love Winnie the Pooh and Wind in the Willows. Do you know what
    those two books have in common besides being children's books by English
    authors? They both had the same illustrator: Ernest Shepard.

    Ernest died in the 1970s. He was almost 100 years old. Wikipedia reports that
    A. A. Milne (author of Pooh) wrote this verse for him:

    "When I am gone,

    Let Shepard decorate my tomb,
    And put (if there is room)
    Two pictures on the stone:
    Piglet from page a hundred and eleven,
    And Pooh and Piglet walking (157)…

    And Peter, thinking that they are my own,
    Will welcome me to Heaven."

    Julie, I hope the flu is short lived. Is your kitchen still a disaster area? Don't
    worry. If it bothers anybody, it will probably get cleaned up. Did the temp
    really get up to 70 yesterday?

    Granni, who is doing the fish fry? The Legion? The Masons? The Church?
    I've been to lots of church suppers, but never to a fish fry. My Dad used to
    fry up fish though. He got it fresh from his old buddies in his home town
    which was in NE Iowa on the Mississippi River. A village that was even
    smaller than the one where we lived.

    Mikie, you sure were busy yesterday. You do more in a day than I do in a
    week. Uff-da! Who does that inspector work for? The city? I think
    Shakespeare said something about fools clad in a little brief authority,
    but I can't find the source.

    Which reminds me. That @#$%! search engine did it to me again. I tried to
    look something up. The computer added the word "shark" to my search which
    completely washed away any chance of finding what I was looking for.
    Enough to make me gnash my teeth!

    I listened to an old Fred Allen radio program yesterday. In the early days of
    TV Fred said, "The reason television is called a medium is because anything
    well done is rare. Reminds me of the seance on I Love Lucy. Ethel was all
    dressed up in her costume. Fred said, "Well, done, Medium Raya."

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I haven't changed my clock in the bedroom, the one which projects the time on the ceiling. Tweety was awake and yowling to come in at 3:30 but then, I realized it was 4:30 so I got up. They had their little game of chase and are now snoozing. It's been sooo hot that I have had to keep the sliders closed while the A/C is on. I hate to have this heat and humidity descend upon us so early. No spring weather for us. Our winter was cold and now, it's hot. Again, I think Goldilocks was correct: Things should be just right!

    Yesterday afternoon, I ran the dishwasher and washed the shower curtain liner with which I had covered one plant and the cats' carpeted condo on the lanai to protect them from getting wet when the bldg. was pressure washed. I haven't talked to the painter but need to so they help me get those planters off the window sills. I also want to label the shutters before they take them down because the screw holes are unique to each one. I also want to save the little plugs which cover those holes so they won't get lost. I am going to clean the lanai walls before putting things away out there. Probably won't make it to the pool today.

    Gordon, that is a beautiful Catt! Thanks for sharing. Do Catts bloom only on new growth or will the old stems bloom as well? The large old one I got from my friend here in the hood is recovering well and has two new stems. It's supposed to be purple and I can't wait for it to bloom. Keep the pics coming. We love them.

    Granni, so sweet of all y'all to entertain people but it breaks my heart to think of your pianist trying to play and feeling so bad from the chemo. Bless her heart. I think the book on Churchill, Joe Kennedy and FDR is titled, "When Lions Roar," but I'd have to look. With everything going on in the hood and our bldg., plus travel and DST, my brain is a sieve. The Sun. paper had a blurb on "17 Carnations" and I decided to download it. I've always been interested in WWII, the royal family and King Edward's abdication from the throne. He and Wallis Simpson became the hit of French society when they married and moved just outside of Paris. That home was bought by Princess Diana's boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and it was where they were going after leaving the Ritz when they had the accident which killed them both.

    Julie, I'm so sorry you got the flu. Prayers going up for a rapid recovery. I am glad you are getting some better weather. Our 90 degrees days are supposed to drop into the mid-80's in a few days. Even that little drop is welcome. When I have to do anything outside, I sweat like a farm animal. I expect I'll be dripping by the time I clean my lanai today. AACK!!!

    Rock, that was such a touching poem Milne wrote. I can imagine that his characters came to life for him in his mind and heart. He must have pictured them just as illustrated. Maybe if Tweety and Sir Vester accompany me to the pearly gates, St. Peter will let me in. I have been able to get more done of late but still have to pace myself and rest. That one day, I didn't have time to pace myself and have been paying for it. The inspector was hired by the buyers before committing to the deal. He found only insignificant things, like some lights with extension chords.

    Well, I have them all over the place. Not enough outlets for modern living. I did find one of those things which plugs into the outlet and gives one six plug-ins. Think I'll buy another one or two. I have those little LED flashlights which plug in and take up a lot of room. When the power goes out, they light up so I can see in the middle of the night. If I remove them, they light up and can be used as flashlights. No more wondering where the flashlights are and no more batteries. I looooove them. I still keep a couple of battery flashlights in case of a prolonged power outage. Candles round out my hurricane supplies.

    Well, Kiddos, I need to go read the paper online. It's been tough keeping up ever since I left for Orlando. At least, our local news does a good job so I can keep up with what is going on in the area. This morning, they showed a Poodle in China that walks upright and is dressed in women's clothing, complete with backpack. It was disgusting. Even the dog's clothing was in bad taste. That kind of news I can do without. Tweety and Sir Vester wear only their collars and they look soooo stylish!

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - I agree with you about the weather going from cold to HOT. Most likely it will be HOT soon. It is supposed to hit close to 70 today. We will see ! It probably depends a lot on if the sun comes out at all . Lately, we have seen so little of Mr. Sun. Hope you get to rest some today in between your chores so you don't end up sick too like Julie............ I can't believe some of the dumb and stupid and downright rauchy gets in the news lately. I can do with out most of it. To make it worse for our pianist her husband also has cancer - prostate and is getting radiation and some surgery too I think, maybe also chemo. They have been trying to support each other and had for her DH to work at this time. They also have financial difficulties too now.

    JULIE - So sorry you got sick too but somehow I knew it was pretty much inevitable with all the sickness in the other house and how you try and help in one way or another. Just holding a sick baby can transmit the germs. Please rest an try and get better soon. Also hoping for your young family to get well very soon too.

    ROCK - The Knights of Columbus (from the church) put on the Fish Fry every year, in answer to your question. Each week the money is donated to either the Scouts, The school, and other charities I forget at the moment.
    SUN - Miss hearing from you and I hope that you are doing OK and not in so much pain. I know that it is NO FUN AT ALL, plus no NRG):!!

    DIANE - How are you and have you gotten your new refrig. yet or decided what you want to get? Hope you and Kevin are doing better with your respiratory bugs. Doing any better with your "Special K " as MIKIE calls it :)!! Hope so.

    I need to get off here and do a few more things before DD calls to pick me up. She went to Lunch and a Movie with another group. I was thinking of going but to much to do, even if I do not belong to that group yet. We will go to the fish fry after she calls and maybe somewhere before that . We won't have much do anything before the fry but it depends on if she wants to go anywhere first. She has more $ to spend than I :)!! Her husband is a retired engineer.

    Need to go chop veggies for the salads I am making tomorrow for the potluck we are having for our x Line Dancing teacher who is moving back to PA where she used to live, to be close to family. They were also running back and forth all the time to be with them and take care of them, etc. She has a lot more $ than I do to go back and forth so often. In that case it is probably best she move back although we will miss her a lot and she loves it here.

    Bye for now to all my dear PORCHIES, even if you are not all mentioned at this time, Also hugs to our many MIAs.

    Granni :)
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    AACK!!! This is another day of nonstop crap! Painters are here and are a great group. When the handyman put in our flower boxes, he stripped out the screws and it broke the plastic flower box getting it out. So, off to Home Depot to find two more. These are the same size but a bit different so I may try to fix the old one so it won't leak and reuse it. If I can't, I can use the new ones. The guys felt terrible and I told them not to worry about it; it's not their fault. They speak a little English and I speak very little Spanish but we had a lot of laughs. Humor is truly the international language.

    Then, Barb called me with a bunch of complaints, starting with why I'd have this work done now while she's here. She is sooooo self-centered that she thinks all inconvenience should stop in her presence. We are so lucky to have had the stucco workers' being able to do the work now and I patiently 'splained it to her. She blew everything up to include that they are cutting down all our plants; no one has cut down anything. Then, she said people are thinking of moving because of all of this, including our not having had a meeting over getting the bldg. painted. I told her that anything less than $10,000 doesn't require a board mtg. Then, she demanded to know why Ilona and Frank are still on the board and I told her that they still own their condo. When they move, I'll appoint two people to take their place. Then she said she was afraid the painters would spray paint the bldg. and paint her lanai screens shut. OMG! Where is this coming from? I assured her that they would not spray her screens. Sorry to vent so but y'all get the idea. This is a woman who just had a stroke and should not be getting worked up.

    As though this weren't horrible enough for me to deal with, some small-time painter in the hood told another resident a street over that our painter wasn't sealing the bldg. correctly and he called the mgr. to tell her. The guys on the crew already sealed it and showed it to me. Mgmt. called our painter and told him someone had complained. I called mgmt. and got the story and told our painter not to worry about it. He said it is not uncommon for the small-time guys to do this because the co. doing our bldg. is a big co. and the small guys fear losing jobs to them. They get jealous and territorial. How underhanded is that! Small-time guys used to be able to underbid this co. but now, many of us don't take the low bid but opt, instead, for quality work. Never knew it was so cut throat. I told mgmt. I don't think we should consider that small-time painter for work in our community if he's being so sneaky.

    I had been trying to clean the dirt off my lanai, which sprayed on the walls and ceiling when it was pressure washed. My heel is killing me and I decided to sit down, eat and elevate my legs. I turned PBS on and they were airing the old "Magic Moments" program. The McGuire Sisters were doing a medley. I think one of them died recently. They separated for many years and didn't perform together so it's good they did the PBS special. I am just amazed at how strong their voices were. I wonder whether singers continue to practice after retiring. I can barely croak out a tune now. It's always sooooo good to hear the old songs.

    Well, Porchies, I may quit for the day. No sense in killing myself cleaning that lanai. It's just getting hotter out and the breeze has stopped. I'll try again tomorrow. It's supposed to cool down just a bit in a couple of days. I have learned not to push myself when I'm tired and in pain. Nothing is worth that. Good thing the cats don't care if the lanai is dirty. True to form, every night about 10:00, they ask me to close the slider behind them when they go out there for the night. I think it's so funny they want their privacy or that they feel more secure with the doors closed.

    Hope y'all have a great Friday the 13th.

    Love, Mikie
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie,

    Yes, most orchids only bloom once on their new growth, which is why one must be
    very careful when watering them. There are orchids which will bloom several time
    on the same bulbs like the Speciosum that I grow. Monopodial orchids like vandas and
    phalaenopsis will bloom on the same plant yearly. They don't produce any bulbs and
    only have the one growth. Occasionally, you might get a 'pup' which can be potted

    I'm always learning something new from other growers but as with most advise you
    have to pick/choose which is applicable for your conditions otherwise you'll go in
    circles trying to follow their experiences/advice.

    Hope I was of some help.


  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Den is I shorts and no shirt at 71 degrees???? Well, he is young. It was supposed to get warmer but it is about 61. It is 70 in the house and I have a long sleeved shirt on, and a sweater and jeans. I will have a jacket outside for sure.

    Have to get ready for DD and the fish fry. So I need to run for now. Get well soon !!!! REST !!!!!!!!

    Hi GORDON - Keep the pics coming. They are so pretty !!!

    Luv to you and awl !!
    Granni :)
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. I've been missing in action due to bad neck/back's been 2 weeks since I picked up and carried my DGD. When I disappear for awhile you will know I'm down and out.

    Mikie: Glad you had a good time, but isn't it also nice to get back to your routine and life.

    Gordon: I really love that yellow/maroon orchid. Keep them coming.

    Julie: I figured the bug would make the rounds. How did the twins and Lorraine come down with it......preschool for Lorraine probably then it got passed around. It's heading up to the high 90s today and all this weekend. Great! I guess for people who love the hot weather. My house stays really cool for about 2 weeks after the high heat hits. I guess it's just the way it's built and the insulation, but I would rather have a cool house.

    Granni: Fish that the ongoing fish fry at the church. I know that most catholic churches have those to raise $ for?

    Yesterday morning I was surprised by a pair of mallard ducks swimming in my two cats were awe struck! But my pool man said to float some bright colored things, preferably red, to keep them away. Their poop can do a # on the pool pump and the plaster.
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - Do you want to trade houses? Mine is very cool due to al the insulation, tile, and double paned glass. , etc. Mine is always cold which is great for summer but winter it is not tat great. I m always cold anyway.

    Yes, every Lent they have Fish Fries and the proceeds go to different groups like the school, the scouts, etc.
    You must have been surprised to see those ducks swimming in your pol. I'll bet those kitties were excited. I'll bet the would have loved to get out there.

    Have to run for now and wait for DD to pick me up from her movie.

    Stay well everyone.
    Granni :)
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I know it's hard to stay away from the little ones, they just don't understand WHY grandma can't be with them. Looking at Den in the gator with the little ones, reminded me of a special memory of riding with my dad in the neighbor's OLD truck, probably circa 1930, to pick up chicken manure in the back. My dad and I weren't close at all (don't think he knew how to be a dad) so I didn't get to go many places with just him, but that stuck in my mind as this will with the kids. Ever listen to Alan Jackson's song about the memories he has of driving an old pickup truck, etc........."When daddy let me drive". It says it all.

    What a day I've had. My son called me in the afternoon to tell me his car broke down and he was walking back from the car repair shop. He was VERY lucky that it died where it did and NOT on the busy bridge up in Portland otherwise he would have been on the 6 PM news about the traffic snarl.

    45 min. later he called again.....he came home and found he had burglarized. His jewelry (a watch that belonged to my dad who he never knew) the few things that he owned that belonged to my DH, his computer, his loaded guns, all his credit cards, and the list went on. I was sick, he was even sicker. He NEEDS this computer as he's a writer. He said luckily they didn't find a second hard drive that he had backed up 2 days ago. They broke thru a back window to get in. Then we talked and we both agreed that he was extremely lucky (blessed) as he could have surprised them if he hadn't been involved with the car and he might have gotten shot with his own loaded gun. Then an hr. later he called again to tell me he MUST have surprised them because he found the bag of all his things dropped in the back yard, but his computer is still gone. We couldnt understand why they were in the middle of taking a friend's expensive bike but ended up leaving it. That explains why. I told him to check into a burglar alarm system TOMORROW. He lives in a high crime area. And that never made me happy. Anyway, I've had a roller coaster day. I'm betting it was a couple of dead beat teenagers in the neighborhood who I would like to rip out all the fingernails permanently.
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    No, the car won't be looked at until monday, so he's also without wheels. I called about an hr. ago. He said his phone was going and couldn't really talk and they stole his phone charger so a friend was bringing one over to him. He couldn't even go out on his bike because they stole a bike light. The police finally came but will be back tomorrow to take fingerprints. These idiot teenagers even left a coffee cup on the table with the fingerprints. And the police are pretty sure it was kids. They took little things like some little toys from the 70s, probably to hock them. I hope they grab these juvenile delinquents and toss them into a special jail and scare the heck out of them.

    Apparently it's been a bad day up there. Several suicides including the son of one of the officers.
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Well, Folks, I had an hour or two of sleep so I'm up and raring ta go. Ha Ha!
    Who am I kidding? I haven't been raring ta go since "who laid the chunk".
    After extensive research (4-5 minutes) I can report that this colorful
    expression is of uncertain meaning and unknown origin.

    I did find an entire page of quotations using the expression. Sad to say
    they were all from the source where I first heard it: an old radio program.

    Yesterday I did more water sweeping. That reminds me. At our 35th
    High School Reunion I found out that one of my High School classmates
    was now a water engineer; working in one of our desert-y states like
    New Mexico. She came from a big Catholic family (remember those?)
    that had 6 or 7 girls and one boy. The 3 girls I knew were all pretty and

    We also went to the library. I got Dave Barry's new book of witty
    nonsense and another book about the Wilder family so I'm pleased
    as punch. (Ya think that's the kinda punch you drink or the Punch
    and Judy kind?)

    Sun, that's a shame about son getting burglared. You're right. Lucky
    he didn't walk in on the miscreants. I remember reading about a
    fellow who tried to stop a 9 year old kid from robbing a cigarette
    vending machine in an apartment lobby. The kid stabbed him in
    the abdomen with a paring knife.

    We had several burglaries over the decades. And I got mugged in Echo
    Park. And we've had several hit and run accidents that damaged our cars,
    but not us. I tend to agree with all the commentators on the news who
    say that our justice system is broken.

    Thanks for another great picture, Julie. Tell me who the kids are again. I
    can't keep them straight. Den reminds me so much of my uncle Rod. How
    tall is he? Rod was tall as Lincoln. Same white beard as Den. Hope you
    are much better today, Julie.

    Glad you like the orchid pics, Granni. Gordon has been delighted to have the
    positive feedback from you guys. The village where my brother lives in
    MN has stuff going on all the time: fish fries, pot luck suppers, breakfast
    by the volunteer fire dept. or some group, low cost dinners for seniors
    at the center. And there are 7 villages all in the same area. You could go
    to something or other every day if you wanted.

    The town paper says they are having a Home, Farm, Craft show this month
    in the gym. My cuzin Ben has a booth. I wonder why. I'd write, but my
    brother won't respond to E mails, and I don't have the energy to write a
    real letter. We're kinda up a stump and the old timers used ta say.

    You're right, Mikie, humor is the international language. Charlie Chaplin
    proved that with his silent comedies that were popular in any country that
    had electricity. Yes, it's nice to hear the old songs. Yesterday I listened to
    a big hit from my yute: Mockingbird Hill sung by Patti Page. I used to
    have the sheet music. Well, maybe it's time go back and lay my head
    on some sheets.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    What a day I have ahead. I got so tired yesterday that I could not finish cleaning the lanai. I have to do it today. It means getting up on my step stool and raising my hands over my head to clean the ceiling. I tried that and the dirt just smeared. I think I'll just have to go over the same spots several times to get the grime off. Cats hate having their lanai down to bare essentials. I'll be glad to be done and get all the plants, etc. back out there. My house if full of orchids until the workers are gone from our bldg. I don't want one of them to fall outta the tree and konk one of the guys on the head.

    I've weaned down to .5 mg. of my Special K and, every time I wean down, my hips and legs hurt like the dickens. I never expected this withdrawal symptom. About the only other symptom is ringing in the ears. Eventually, these will go away. I'll be so glad to be free of this drug. It was a God send when I needed it but I no longer do. Allergies are bad too. Whine, whine, whine. I was going to put a smiley face here but have had to upgrade my pop-up blocker and, I guess, it's blocking the emoticons.

    Got a pleasant surprise later yesterday. I called everyone to let them know the painters are going to paint our doors on Mon. Barb was like a new person. She was relaxed and friendly. I think it's because one of their guests does painting and he and Barb talked to one of the painters. It seemed to have put her mind at ease. Despite her wild talk of people in here wanting to move out, everyone is very happy with how our bldg. is managed by our board. I even talked two single women in here into taking Ilona's and Frank's places when they sell. Woo hoo! We will still have a board.

    Gordon, thanks sooooo much for your help and, yes, you are always a big help and I appreciate it. All my Catts, even the old one I've nursed back to heath, have new bulbs. The little ones I got at Home Depot continue to produce new ones but the plants themselves are still so small that they probably won't bloom this year. My Vanda probably won't either. As mentioned above, I've had to bring in all the orchids while our bldg. is being worked on and until I get the lanai cleaned off. I've been able to find tables with enough light for them to sit on but my condo looks like a plant store.

    Julie, that's such a cute pic. I'm glad you are a bit better but worry about your being able to completely recover unless you take it easy. A lot of people down here have had colds and bronchitis but not stomach flu. I read that if FL didn't get so many visitors from out of state that we wouldn't get sick down here as our climate isn't conducive to the growth of viruses. If I didn't get sick from all those people in the amusement park, I probably won't (knock on wood). Please, Dear One, feel better. You are in my prayers as is your family.

    Sun, you and your family are in my prayers too. Actually, I keep everyone here in my prayers but I send up special little prayers when someone is sick or has something happen. I pray you son's computer is recovered and that the sick sense of having been violated goes away. It makes me angry to think young thugs think they can just take anything they want to. It's scary they took guns. I'm glad they didn't use them when you DS came home. One of the easiest ways to keep thieves away is motion-detector lights by the entry doors. If he rents or lives in a condo, the landlord, or board of directors, have to, by law, provide lights in high-crime areas. Otherwise, he can just do them himself. An alarm system is also a good idea. We have motion-detector lights in the carport in front of our condos. It's cars that thieves target here. The lights make it bright as daylight and certainly attract too much attention for anyone up to no good. I also put a big sign at the entry end of the carport that the area is under electronic surveillance. Keep us updated.

    Granni, a fish fry sounds yummy. I was all set to order fish 'n chips in the Harry Potter part of the park but the lines to get into the restaurants were as long as the lines to get on rides. I NV your being able to do things with DD. How nice for you and for her. When something breaks in our pool and the water cools down, the ducks swim in it. It thrills the little ones. I doubt it thrills our pool guy.

    Rock, my Mom used to say, "...who laid the chunk." I never heard anyone else say that and thought it a strange and funny thing to say. When my DD's were little, I would pick them up and dance with them while singing "Mockingbird Hill." To this day, they still love that song. I even did that with my dog. Then, I started singing "Brown Eyed Girl" to the dog but changed it to, Brown Eyed Dog. I still hear that song now and then and think of my beloved old dog. I miss her.

    Well, Kids, it's time to go read the newspaper. Hope y'all have a wonderful Sat.

    Love, Mikie
    rockgor likes this.
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, I was glad to read that your mother used to say 'who laid the chunk'. I
    figured that was evidence the phrase existed independently of the radio show.
    But later (my brain works very slowly nowadays; sometimes not at all)... later
    I realized, Mikie's mother could have been listening to the radio show at the time
    it was being broadcast in the 30s and 40s.

    Julie, that was very sweet of you to do all that research for me. Especially
    since you have so much to do at your place. I did find a couple references
    prior to the 1920s that go back to the second half of the 19th century. I
    also saw the Music Man reference which surprised me. I thought I was
    very familiar with the dialogue therein.

    Another phrase that pops up on the show is "The Bullet that choked Billy
    Patterson." As in "Well, if that's not the bullet that choked Billy Patterson.
    It's enough to choke Billy Patterson. Cutest idea since the bullet that
    choked Billy Patterson."

    I couldn't find anything, but I'll look some more. Please don't use your
    valuable time doing more searching, especially since you're sick as
    the bullet that choked etc.

    Diane, Barry, Springwater, hope you're doing OK so far. Hope I didn't
    miss anybody.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Been doing a little of this and a little of that. The roofer came and fixed the leak (s).. So I fixed up the Living Room and then get rid of the towels and pot I had to catch any more water. Wen to the Home Depot and Lowes to look some more at patio sets since our table got smashed awhile agoa9 by a stray and wild golf ball ):!! Haven't bought anything yet and they are starting to have sales. Also, I did some washes today. Need to go ad put the pillow cases back on the bed that were washed today. Then need to start getting ready for the party for our X Line Dance teacher who is moving back to Pa. It is pot luck and I made the 4 bean salad which should feed quite a few.

    JULIE - Glad you are doing a little better. Yes, you had better not get up on any roves today or for awhile yet. Your equilibrium might not be up to snuff yet. You would never catch me or my DH u there either :)!! Glad that your kitchen counter is a little bit cleaner now :)!!! JUST TRY NOT TO PUSH YOURSELF TO MUCH.

    DIANE - Have you gotten your new DW yet or know what kind you want to get?? Hope you are feeling better, Kevin too.

    Hi to SUN, ROCK, SW and everydobby. I need to go and finish what needs finishing before I leave.

    Love to AWL,
    Granni :)

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