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    Hi Kids

    Set Yourself down and rest a spell. Try the lemonade. There's some
    moonshine in the jug iffen ya wanna give it a bit of a kick. On
    the other hand, have a chocolate chip cookie. The choice is yours.

  2. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from my nap. We have two books waiting at the library. Decided
    to wait a day or two. I don't know what's going on with the library the last
    few months. It is really taking a long time to for a book to arrive after it's been
    put on hold. Maybe it's another financial crisis. Seems to be a permanent state
    with government entities these days.

    Never heard of Aldi's, Julie. We used to have a book store on Hollywood Blvd
    called Aldine Books. The name came from Aldus Manutius, the first book
    publisher. Aldus was born about the time Gutenberg invented the
    printing press: 1450. Nobody seems to know the exact date. Kinda like
    the modern toilet. Invented around 1850.

    Nice pic of the sand dancer. Did you post it to make a pointe? (A French
    pun just for Mikie.) Here's another one Mikie. Saw a T shirt that said
    "Je Suis Charlie".

    How did the singing go, Granni? My favorite soprano did what most opera
    singers do. Didn't eat before a performance. Afterwards in her dressing room
    she always had a snack of prosciutto, Italian ham. (Of course many singers
    are already considered to be big hams.)

    Hugs Everydobby

    Sounds like a tasty and nourishing supper, Julie. Don't know if I'd
    like a moonshine cookie. Somebody once gave me a box of
    little chocolate bottles containing liqueurs. They were pretty good.
    I used to make liqueurs decades ago. Usually a coffee flavored one
    similar to Kahlua. Decades ago we had a radio Chef that put out a
    cookbook with the recipe. He got a letter from the Kahlua lawyer
    telling him to stop using their name. So after that he called it
    just "coffee liqueur". I also made a faux Grand Marnier that was
    pretty good. Involved real orange peels.
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    Just decided to pop in for a bit before shower and getting ready for bed. Today was a busy day. I got home late from singing and had a very quick dinner of salmon and salad. I feel like I have been eating all day. Went to a funeral and after that they had a luncheon I guess you call it with all kinds of food. I was stuffed. So much to choose from. Then came home and got ready to go sing. After we sang we got treated to cookies and punch that they had extra from the residents that were there listening. I should have eaten that cookie but it was choc chip and it looked so good. It was and then I had t go fix dinner when I got home. Glad DH didn't want to much. I could have done without really.

    Hi ROCK and JULIE - not to much time to really chat about your posts. I am to tired right now to think about what to write. HMMM, not to sure about moonshine cookies JULIE :)!!!

    Thanks for starting us again ROCK !! It seems like some of these volumes are whizzing by and sometimes I haven't been around.

    Gotta run and take a shower. Tomorrow evening will be interesting. DH's Investment group wanted to try out a new supper club in our area that just opened and is really close by. It is in a small old home and used to be a Tea House. It should be very different. I know that it will be good and not to cheap either but we are still anxious to try it.

    Thinking about and praying for Spring Water and everyone in Nepal.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  4. Mikie

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    Good Wed. Morning, Dear Ones,

    We ended up getting a nice rainstorm yesterday. In the wee hours of this morning, it thundered like crazy. I figured the cats would be yowling to get in but they were quiet. I think the only time the rain bothers them is when the wind blows it onto the lanai. It's still dark out so can't see how much it rained. The little pond out back is my rain guage. It doesn't take much for the water to rise against the banks. When builders develop communities, they have to build retention ponds to hold water during our rainy season. So, these ponds serve a function as well as being a nice water feature for da hood. We may get a bit more rain today.

    I have to go to Target to pick up my Rx's for acid reflux. I'll check while I'm there to see whether they've gotten in more Lilly Pulitzer clothing. I may stop at Costco to measure the storage bench which matches the new trash bins I got for our pool. We need storage in the women's restroom which can be locked to prevent theft of toilet paper, garbage bags, etc. Costco is severing their agreement with American Express and will no longer honor those cards. Any Visa card will work then. Our condo assn. will pay for my membership in Costco so I can continue to buy supplies for our pool bathrooms. Woo Hoo!

    Yesterday, I put my little woven sea grass tray on the ottoman that Tweety clawed. I put two books in the tray along with an orchid in a decorative pot. It looks sooooo nice. I'm getting to be a magician at covering up their destruction. Still, I'd rather they kept their claws to themselves.

    Rock, thanks for your kind invite to the porch and refreshments. Ooh, what a nice surprise--moonshine! If the choice is mine, I'll take that AND a cookie. Nothin' shy about me! What I don't get is that I've posted more complex photos and yet, it won't let me post simpler ones. I usually try to take them against a plain background. The pic of the one in the tree posted. Like so much with computers, it remains a mystery to me. All I know is that Greg Rikaart plays a character named, Kevin on "Y&R." I knew him when he was quite young and he looks much more grown up now. I haven't seen him when I've had it on. I was actually more interested in Eileen Davidson. She works on more than one soap and has won an Emmy. She plays an evil woman but, in real life, is really sweet, according to DD#1. She and DSIL's cousin seem to have a good marriage, the second for both, including stepchildren. My favorite tee shirt is one which read, "Does Anal Retentive Have A Hyphen?" Actually, it depends on how it's placed in a sentence. How anal that I know that. o_O Loved your pun regarding Julie's dancer. You made your pointe because you are always on your toes. That's because you are a lawyer and passed the barre.

    Granni, as we get older, seems like everyone around us is dying or suffering injury or illness. I've only had to go to one funeral down here because most people are taken home to another state for burial. Noticed you posted on that thread about Armour Thyroid. Glad you got in on the conversation and hope you can find a good substitute for the Armour. Thanks for telling me about the loss of memory which occurs in those who have seizures. I kinda figured it was something like that. No need to want for chocolate chip cookies; Rock has them waiting for us here on the Porch.

    Julie, thanks for my lovely, falttering pic, dancing in the rain. Oh, if only I looked like that. Some good wisdom in the words on that poster. I once worked with an American Indian and he always joked with us about the stereotypes of Indians. We used to tell him not to go dancing over the weekend because we had plans and didn't want rain. Last time I went to Costco to buy coffee, I got Donut Shop decaf by mistake. It is delicious and I'll buy it again. I can have a cup late in the afternoon and it doesn't affect my ability to sleep. I've really never had much of a problem with coffee and sleeping but with decaf, I don't have to worry at all. I also got some Starbucks coffee and it was more expensive and not as good as the decaf.

    Have our board mtg. at 6:00 this evening. We hold them in the evenings so that people who work can get to them. We never have a big showing. I'm going to tell them that I'm no longer abiding by Robert's Rules of Parliament. They are archaic and I found out from an atty. that, unless our documents require them, we don't have to use them. Yea!!! Let's hear it for the lawyers.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Yes, HANG IN THERE GIRL. Don't hang yourself up too with all your hanging clothes. Sorry about your neck. My neck hurts all the time, what a literal PAIN - AAACK. You also literally wear me out thinking about all you do and plan to do.

    DH is getting the car washed which is pretty bad, especially after our trip but we haven't had it done in some time. I really can't stay on long and need to go get dressed. DH has plans for us going out and and bout to Home Depot for one thing to look at outside doors for the patio. When he gets home if I am not ready he will need to pop in again on the computer.

    SPRING WATER - Thinking of you and all in your neighborhood. So sorry to hear about the large number of deaths from the awful earthquake . :( Post when you can and hope things are getting at least a little better in your situation and you have some electricity. Hope your DB is also doing better with his hurt leg.

    Lots of HUGZ to everyone. DH just called and is on his way home so need to get moving.

    ROCK - Hope you got some good books to read. Glad to see you posting,

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    Just peeked in to say we are still safe..hanging in there..

    Tremors hv diminished..

    Thanks for yr thoughts and prayers

    God Bless
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just hanging out cause I'm tired. I didn't get enough Zzzzz's last night. May take a nap before this evening's mtg. Had to go to Target to pick up Rx, which I won't be taking. Big warning on it that it can cause permanent Tardive Dyskenesia, involuntary movements like puffing out one's cheeks, sticking one's tongue out, etc. Yikes!!! :eek: No way is that an acceptable risk to treat acid reflux. It is also contraindicated because I have asthma, high blood pressure and seizure activity in my brain. What was my doc thinking or was he thinking? I have not been able to completely get off my Special K. By noon every day, the ringing in my ears is severe. I may have to take 1/4 to 1/2 mg. from now on. That's not too bad.

    While at Target, I got another sea grass woven tray to replace the one I had to put over the cat claw holes in my ottoman in my little office. I keep this one on the matching end table next to my loveseat in the living room. It holds all the odds and ends I use while sitting out here--coasters, BP machine, magnifying glass, etc. No Lilly Pulitzer. Didn't get to Costco today as I'm just too pooped to buy a huge storage bench and haul it home.

    Julie, I was always strong like you but lifting, rolling, shoving, etc. can take its toll. Please be careful. I think it's great you can hang out laundry. Since 1981, I've lived in homes where it isn't permitted. I know you're just kidding but I can elect to ditch old Robert without a quorum; however, we have to have a quorum to entertain a motion to spend the money on an audit. Hope your neck feels better.

    Granni, I should have moved my car out from under the carport so God could wash it for me. When we do this here, we call it God's Carwash. It's free! Only problem is that it doesn't work if the car is too dirty. I think mine's now in that category. I need to take it to the DIY carwash and blast the dirt off of it. What kind of doors are you looking at?

    Spring, so glad you are safe and sound but, from what I'm seeing on TV, the damage and human toll is devastating. I pray for everyone in your country. Please know how relieved we all are that you and yours are OK.

    Gonna go read my real newpaper now and try to catch a nap. I'm really exhausted. Wishing for NRG for all of us.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad to hear from SPRING WATER even if she only had time for a very short message. I can't even think how bad their situations must be and all in that area.. Yes, we have heard how terrible the earthquake was and all the loss of life, at least about 5,000 people perished with so much damage. May God bless them & all in their country.

    MIKIE - Hope you get to feeling better soon and catch a nap. It isn't good not to have a good sleep. Are you sure the ringing in your ears is from lack of Special K? I have been off my Special K for quite a few months now and have had ringing in my ears both before and after getting off it. I have had it for many years and wish it should leave already. In answer to your question, weare trying to get a steel patio double door with glass pains, insulated . We spoke to one of the knowledgeable salesmen who helped us and we will have someone come out to make sure we measured correctly. Then they will order it if needed or have it sent and a contractor will come from HD to install it.

    JULIE - Hope your neck starts to feel better. With all that you do I am sue some of your moving things about has caused some of your pain. Need to go and do some stuff around here and then need to go over to DD to give her a check and collect some home grown cauliflower they have in their small garden.

    Thinking of everyone who has not posted. Hope all is well - SUN, DIANE, DAR, BARRY, et al

    Bye for now.

    Granni :)
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hmmmmm....Moonshine! I've heard it has quite a kick to it. I'll just take the cookies. Lately I've got a hankering for goodies, which is bad.

    Julie: There isn't a day that goes by without neck/shoulder pain. And l/2 the time it's accompanied by headaches. I work the neck muscles, searching for places where it hurts, but that's neverending. People who don't experience this have no idea what we live with. I must say that when you talked about moving the kingsize mattress, I cringed for you. I was told years ago to STOP doing all that I did, and now I'm living with the consequences. Did your chiro find any trigger points? I've never felt a bump but I sure know it's there from painful areas I find.

    I agree with you on telling your DD to let David do the worrying. He's head of the household and it's job to worry for both of you. Her job is to trust.

    Mikie: Good thing you read the side effects before starting the med. MOST doctors just take out their pad and pen and write an RX. I know you've mentioned you don't like the smell of vinegar, but can you swallow it with holding your nose? Just a cheap safe solution to a problem. I mixed up some vinegar in hot water yesterday and poured it over weeds growing in sidewalk cracks......I read it kills them. I hope so. I was reading on side effects of taking gabapentin, so I'm trying to slowly wean myself down to almost nothing.

    Spring: Praying that all will settle down for you and your fellow countrymen.

    I've got a gardener/landscaper coming next wed to remove a small area and put river rock down. I started pulling out a lot of the succulents in that area, and placed them on an old shower curtain on the driveway. Then I started worrying......what if no one wanted them. But this morning a neighbor called about them, and a friend of her family came over and took most of them. Yea. So the mess on the driveway is gone. Every day I continually push myself, but there's so much that has to be done. And I guess I do it to keep busy and forget my whole situation.
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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Mikie - great photos of your phaph. and dendro. based on the flower and good health of
    your orchids you're doing great and don't think you need any help. I tried growing phaph
    but i didn't do too well and they died. i call the ones you have 'bullfrogs' as that's what
    they remind me of with their pouches. i now have one with spotted leaves which
    is more tolerant and can be grown outdoors. it has two 'pups' that are about an inch
    tall and hope they'll bloom in their time. when i'm told that a photo is too big for this board
    ( over 1 MB) i just take another withless background and it usually works.

    i'm posting pictures of catts from the last orchid meeting. there is a white, blue,
    lavender and a spotted one. the color did not coming thru in the blue and
    spotted ones. i'm so excited as next month there will be two orchid auction. i hope to
    pick us some vandas in the first one and will keep my eyes open at the next one for
    something new. DON'T TELL ROCK.

    Springwater - glad to hear from you. rock and i were concerned for your safety.



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  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member the white one! And that last one! I would call that "nature gone wild" because it's got soooo many colors. With the blue one I'm assuming it's got a bluish tint to the white?

    I just had someone take all the rest of my succulents......yea. So it's all basically stripped of plants where the gardener will work next week. I hated to have to toss all the plants in the trash.
  12. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Gordon: I LOVE the spotted Catt. Never seen a Catt like it before!

    Hi everyone; I'm a little bit ill and out of of it. Sorry I can't post more right now. Also, the cat is farting in my face......

    Love, Barry
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Friends,

    Had a good seven hour's sleep and feel soooo much better than yesterday. The cats have been so sweet, just the way I like 'em. I noticed something--now that it's so hot in the afternoons, I keep the sliders to the lanai closed except for early in the morning. Tweety wants to go out but won't stay out there with the door closed. Too much like time out. So, by the time they are to go out for the night, the desire to go out on the lanai has been building up all day and they run out there by themselves. Then, they are good out there until I let them in. Funny how I keep learning little kitty tricks so we can coexist peacefully.

    Breathing a sigh of relief after last evening's board mtg. Two of the yea votes for the audit could not make the mtg. I couldn't read how the two others present were going to vote. The two teleconferencing were for it, as was I, but we needed four yeas. I voiced my opinion during the discussion and the two present in person voted for it. It passed unanimously with five votes. Mgr. was very defensive and rude. I really think that next year, we ought to look around for a new mgmt. co. New board member pulled me aside after the mtg. and asked if I also thought the mgr. is against having the audit done. I said I did and that's just another reason I think we should do it. I do not believe there is any corruption involved; I believe a bit of incompetence will show up in the audit. I think that's what the mgr. fears. Both the treasurer and I have found some questionable things on our financials. This was a big deal and now, we can move on with other things until the audit is complete.

    Today is our luncheon. If everyone shows, we'll have ten women. One of our friends has advance-stage lung cancer and it's always iffy whether she feels up to doing things. She is the one I got some of my orchids from and I can't wait to tell her about all the new canes on the dendrobium. When she gave it to me, she was worried whether it would get just the right light, hanging low in our tree. It loves it there and has a new stem about to bloom. Another friend just had surgery to remove a cancer from her chest or breast (don't have the details yet but she is doing well). Other friend who almost died from pneumonia is going and is doing better all the time. I'm really looking forward to our lunch.

    Granni, those doors sound so nice. If I could afford it, I'd have mine replaced. I'm so sorry about the ringing in your ears. The Special K does relieve mine so think it is part of the issue. If 1/4 to 1/2 mg. stops it, I'm OK with that. Maybe I can try again later to completely get off of it. There are other meds for tinnitus but hate to get an Rx from my doc, considering this last one he prescribed for acid reflux. Most of the time, side effects for these meds are not such a big deal and affect only a few but when there is a big warning about something so devastating as tardive dyskinesia, the risk is too great. I'm going to stop at Costco tomorrow and will pick up some Zantac to see whether it helps. I read that drinking a glass of water after eating and chewing gum both help with the reflux. Let us know how you like the new doors.

    Julie, I'll ask St. Anthony to help the kids find a good van. Worrying about it won't help but I'm sure DD knows that. Something will show up. I hope Oreo is OK. There was a cold front crossing your area and we are now getting the benefit of a break from the 90-degree weather. It won't last, unfortunately. The good thing about our hot weather in the summertime is that our gas bill for heating the pool goes way down. I checked our heaters the other day and they were set at 82 but the temp in the pool, just from the heating by the sun, was 87. I guess I'll have to call that God's heater. Or, Mother Nature's heater. Also, with the Snowbirds gone, the traffic isn't bad and one can get into the movies and restaurants. I love our Snowbirds but enjoy it when they are gone. When the rains come every day, all our landscaping will be beautiful--lush and green. County landscaped the median of the road just outside our community and it will be gorgeous. New townhouses being built across the street will add significantly to the beauty and value of da hood in general. Try not to overdo things outside.

    Sun, vinegar has soooo many uses that I wish it didn't make me sick to smell it. This is strange but I can hack it on ham and beans. I may try that as beans are considered a good heart-healthy food. I love them too. I've read that there is a champagne vinegar. Wonder whether it might be less noxious to me. I've never heard of it as a weed killer but hope it works. Better than Roundup. I have to heat vinegar in my coffee maker, which uses those Keurig cups, as the hot water deposits scale on the innards. The vinegar cleans the scale off. It about makes me sick when I smell that hot vinegar. :confused: I'm sorry you are always in pain with your neck and that you have headaches. I'm sure you probably know about placing a tennis ball on the floor and lying on it on the trigger points. I have a little plastic ball, just slightly larger than a tennis ball. It has spikes all over it. It is wonderful at getting the inflammation outta those spots. I use it on my legs too. When I was in PT, they found tons of inflammation in my right thigh, the side I had sciatica on. I now use it on both legs. Good luck with your landscape project. Glad you got rid of those plants.

    Gordon, once again, you've outdone yourself with your beautiful orchid pics. Thank you. When I bought the lady slipper, they had one with spotted leaves. One of them had a fuzzy/hairy pouch. I wanted to buy it too but restrained myself. Wind blew the two blooming phals over out on the balcony. Some bark fell out and the exposed roots were a bit dried out. I put them back and watered them and hope there isn't permanent damage. Both of them have a lot of exposed roots. I will try to repot them after they bloom but those bloom seemingly forever. Your help has been invaluable and I thank you. If money and space were not issues, I'd likely have a big collection of orchids.

    Barry, hope you are feeling better. I had to laugh at your cat's flatulence. These two only eat dry food and don't seem to suffer from gas. Take care and feel better.

    Hope everydobby has a really wonderful, and pain-free, day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Here's a little joke to get your day off to a good start. I know it's an old joke
    'cause I found it in a detective story that was published 35 years ago. A
    couple came into an unexpected chunk of money. They decided they would
    spend it on something fun, but couldn't agree what that something should be.
    A mink coat? A sports car? After a good deal of discussion, a compromise was
    reached. They bought the mink coat. The wife keeps it in the garage.

    Well, we finally got to the chiropractor. Our appointment for last Saturday
    was cancelled due to the plumbing sitch-ee-ation. Then our appointment for
    Tuesday was cancelled because something came up with the doc. So
    we saw him yesterday. I fell asleep on the roller bed. Been going there
    something like 30 years. That never happened before. Funny I didn't
    dream I was on a ship rolling around on the mighty ocean.

    Thank you for your bouquet of puns, Mikie. You're right. I did the pass
    the bar. Unlike my father who frequently wandered in and staggered out.
    The "barre" reminded me of Lucy and her ballet lessons. The instructor
    was the wonderful Mary Wicks who had a very busy career in movies,
    radio and TV.

    Yes, those side effects can be fierce. I used to manage the firm's law library.
    Looked up lots of drugs over the years in the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference).
    After a while all the entries seemed the same. The side effects started with
    a rash and continued to death. Made me feel like it was less risky to run
    with the bulls at Pamplona. Glad to hear your management meeting was
    a success.

    Barry, nice to hear from you as always. I hope the prevailing winds have
    changed. My regards to Richard, Shorty and Kitty. When I went out to feed
    our feral cat this morning, I discovered there was another visitor in the
    back yard. A skunk. I put out two bowls of kibble, but only one was eaten.
    At our previous place, everydobby gobbled up the cat kibble: the cats,
    skunks, raccoons and possums.

    The possums were the only ones who were shy. The skunks were very
    placid. Never a problem although the neighbor's little dog never learned
    to leave them alone. She got sprayed 3 times.

    Granni, you mentioned cauliflower. Reminded me of our sunburst cactus aka
    Aeonium. I can't find a picture of it that I can copy and paste. Anyhoo, we
    got one 4-5 years ago. It has now produced a flower which looks more like
    a cauliflower than a flower. It has sharp points on it. Sorta like some medieval

    Sorry to hear about your tinnitus. Does it make singing more difficult?
    I read about a deaf opera singer. Giuseppina Cobelli who lived in the
    first half of the last century. She was from the same Italian town as Luciano
    Pavarotti and Mirella Freni. One book said she sang despite being deaf.
    Another said her career was cut short by her hearing problems.

    All for the nonce
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just checkin' e-mail and thought I'd stop in. I'm lazing around til I get in the shower. Our lunch isn't til 1:30 so I had to have a second breakfast. I made bacon and eggs with toast. Probably won't want a big lunch. It's still nice and cool out with cloudy skies. I have the sliders open just a bit. I sat out there with the cats by invitation earlier. Don't know why it means so much to them that I sit with them out there but it's an easy request to fill. I enjoy it too.

    Remember how I mentioned that our critters here make the news? A bald eagle was swimming in a canal over in the Cape. A video showed him using his wings to do the bird version of the butterfly stroke. I never knew they could swim like that. He couldn't get out for a long time and, when he did, he jumped back into the water when he saw people trying to help him. Finally, the bird rescue people got him and he's in the hospital. Evidently there were no serious injuries but he was exhausted. They just showed his x-ray exam. He'll be kept til he's ready to return to the wild. It was funny seeing his little bones in his legs. Very interesting.

    Rock, cute joke! I'm still laughing about the man wearing Crocs. If Julie's photos are any indication, I love your cactus. Cacti are like orchids; they don't look like much til they bloom and then, they're spectacular. Mary Wicks was a wonderful character actress. Wasn't she in "White Christmas?" When I watch the TV ads for meds, the list of potential side effects is staggering. Often lymphoma and death are mentioned. One of the newest meds for A-fib already has a class-action suit against the pharma. Yikes! Sounds as though you also have quite diverse wildlife in your hood. Yes, the possums can be shy but will eat food left out. The raccoons here get into our dumpsters and carry off their finds to a car with a cover over it. When the owner removes the cover and moves the car, there is a boneyard on the pavement.

    Julie, thanks for the beautiful pics of cacti blooms.

    Diane, sorry you and Kevin have had relapses. Hope you are both getting better. I'm glad you are resting as that's the thing you need most. Yes, I don't mind my condo being well lived in by cat and human but I don't like the destruction. Fortunately, it isn't ongoing. Hope you both feel better.

    Just got a call to confirm my dental appt. on Mon. to get that filling replaced. Glad they called as I didn't write it in my day planner at the time I made it. Man downstairs left a long rambling message about the mess the landscapers made when they trimmed a plant in our stair atrium. The sap from it left stains on the sidewalk which do not come off. I have so many complaints about them. I'll take a pic of it. I've about had it with this co.

    It's time to jump into the shower. Love to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: I'm sorry you and Kevin are ill again. Just wanted to give you some info about the bronchitis. It seems that both of you are getting it too me years ago! I know you take the oregano it pill form or the drops? I take the drops in a tiny bit of apple juice concentrate and glug it down...awful taste but it seems to keep me reasonably healthy since I started it, come October to february. I was constantly ill with bronchitis, double pneumonia also. In january I was diagnosed with COPD which came as a shock since I've never smoked. The doc said that everytime a person gets bronchitis it scars the lungs a little more. Anyway, get healthy! Your dinner sounds wonderful. I need to give scallops a try again. Got sick from them years ago, of course I was PG at the time.

    Mikie: I hope everyone shows up for the lunch today. Sounds like fun. How do the cats call you to come sit with them outside? One of my cats talks talks to me.....tells me when her litter box needs changing! I say, OK OK, be there in a minute!

    Julie: Wow.....$30 for all that! Nothing like mulch to tidy up a garden.

    Barry: I had to laugh at your cAT!!!!!
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, you did it again! More great pics. Number 3 ( bottom) looks like
    our plant. The petals are more varigated: shades of green, ivory and
    yellow. The flower is a stalk a couple inches high with spikey knob at the top.

    Yes, aeonium is a cool word. Reminds me of the aeolian harp which is
    played by the wind. Named after aeolus, Greek God of the wind. You
    can hear this exotic instrument on Youtube if you're curious.

    A skid loader?! I don't even know what that is. Sounds like a forklift.
    OK, I looked. Found lots of pics. Can't copy any of them. Folks, if you
    wanna see a skid loader: 1) search the net 2) check out Youtube
    3) drop by Julie's place. It's a piece of Construction Equipment! Yikes!

    Springwater, I'm so glad we have been able to get brief messages from
    you. I hope conditions improve rapidly. Your brother doing OK?
    Has his leg required any more treatment?

    Oh, reminds me. We had one of our little earthquakes here yesterday.
    The kind where there is a brief vibration for a few seconds. People who
    are walking usually don't even notice them.

    The California earthquake site says there are thousands of earthquakes
    around the globe every year; about 35 a day. Most of which aren't even
    noticed by people; just by earthquake meters. California generally has 2 or
    3 a year that cause "moderate damage" to structures. Alaska holds the
    country's record for big earthquakes.

    Sun, glad to hear you found good homes for your succulents. I went to ask
    Gordon about the color of that white-lavender orchid. He's out back
    watering. I guess I'd better go help. More sweeping water. It's one of those
    stupid jobs that can't really be done well. I'm sweeping water uphill; a lot of the
    water disappears into the cracks in the concrete; the hose gets in the way; and
    there's no effective way to move the water across the 20 foot space where he
    wants it distributed so it will water the long beans. Uff-da!

    Anyhoo, Kids, gotta go. Duty calls.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, Goodnight Shirt! Three people posted while I was doing the same.
    Even Mighty Mouse would be hard pressed to keep up with that.

    Yup, Sun, the white and lavender orchid does have a subtle lavender
    tinge, but the electronic "film" didn't pick it up.

    Oops! Gordon is calling. When I'm calling You-ooo-ooo-ooo. Gotta go again.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gotta run even before I start ):!! Just wanted to let you know all was well and I am thinking of everydobby. WOW, JULIE that is some pile of mulch you got for $30. Enjoy the open house and the home made ice cream. It sounds so good !!!!

    Haven't gotten much accomplished today, a wash and trying to stuff some chair cushions for outside lawn set with covers which didn't look or feel like they should fit. I finally did two cushions and it took forever. Have to run and do another as DH is bugging me. Hope the zippers don't split - ugh !!! I ordered both from the HD site but at different times with the same name.

    DIANE - So sorry you and Kevin are down with the crud again. That is ridiculous and awful ):!! Are you still taking the GSE? That seems to have helped me, knock on wood, not that it keeps me from getting anything at all but not as bad when I do. I need to buy some Oil of Oregano too. What type have you been taking??

    Need to run now everyone. Thinking of you all and will be going to DD's for dinner and to watch the football draft. She and DH are so excited about it including my other daughter who is an avid sport lover esp football.

    Need to go fight with a seat cushion and cover :)!! Thing so much of dear SW and family and all in the area.

    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    Had a wonderful time at lunch. What a nice bunch of ladies. I had carnita and the subtle Mexican/Caribbean flavors were perfect. As predicted, I couldn't finish it all so brought home a doggy bag. What a motley crew we were. Some of us dressed up, some of us not so much, and some of us using canes. Our dear friend with lung cancer isn't looking too good--awfully thin and frail. We cherish the time we have together as we know only too well that we may be missing a few of us one of these days. My other long-time friend here didn't go; she just had her breast and lymph nodes removed due to cancer. Doc says he got it all but, because of lymph node involvement, she'll have to have radiation and chemo. She's tough and has beaten stomach cancer so I'm hoping she'll come through this too.

    Wow, Julie! That's a load of mulch alright! Mulch is so great around plants. It keeps the moisture in and weeds down. It dresses the plants up. Just don't overdo it spreading the stuff.

    Rock, I gotta look up that harp. Sounds really cool. I didn't know about all those earthquakes. You mean that time in bed the earth really didn't move for me? ;) Or, perhaps I caused the quake. :) Can you use a soaker hose for those beans? I've heard of sweeping reforms but never sweeping water.

    Sun and Diane, I've been diagnosed with COPD as well. I smoked but haven't for 30 yrs. I got bronchitis every spring in CO. My nebulizer is such a wonderful help. The albuterol dries up anything in the lungs immediately. Ins. paid for the nebulizer and the albuterol is only $2 for a big box of the little vials. My cats come over to me and cry when they want me to go out. Tweety will go out on the lanai and look at me pleadingly. Then, if I don't go out, she will come in and cry some more. Sometimes, I say to her, "What's the matter, Girl, did Timmy fall in the well?" Only those who watched "Lassie" as kids will know what that means. Yes, after we live with cats for a while, they seem to understand everything we say and we get to know what they are trying to tell us.

    Granni, I hope you prevail with those cushions and covers. Don't think I have the NRG to do something like that right now.

    Gonna rest as I'm still a bit tired. Y'all must be using all the NRG but I'll need some of it back tomorrow. :)

    Love, Mikie

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