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    Hi Kids

    Time to begin a new thread. What, after all, is life, as the poet said, but a
    series of beginnings and endings? What poet, you ask. Oh, I dunno. There
    have been so many poets and so many poems, at least one of them musta
    made such an observation.

    Armondo, the handyman, was here yesterday. He's been doing concrete
    work lately. Repairing the old beat up places. Yesterday he reinforced
    the basement pillars that hold up the floor. He said he had done similar
    work at the Bank of A last year. I guess that makes him a guy who holds
    up banks.

    I woke up from a nap yesterday and walked outta the bedroom to be
    greeted by a small B & W dog. I thought it was Buddy at first, but
    it turned out to be Marla. Marla and her owner stop by now and then
    when out walking. I believe Marla is part terrier and part vacuum
    cleaner. She goes over every inch of the floor. Looking for food maybe?

    Springwater, you're right. You can't stay home and be afraid every day, but
    I'm sure it's tempting at times. The irony is people are often safer outside
    providing they're not near something than can collapse on them. We
    like to think of home as a safe place, but disasters can happen there to.

    Some people think the aftershocks and little quakes are a good thing. The Earth
    discharges some of the stored up energy created by the shifting plates, thus
    avoiding a really big quake. I hope things are back to normal for you ASAP.

    Julie, what sort of dancing is Keira going to do? Will she be wearing tap shoes,
    or ballet slippers, or roller skates, etc.? Both Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor
    tap danced on skates in the movies. I'm sure she'll be thrilled with her bouquet
    of roses. I hope the results of these tests are that Gpa can get some help and
    feel better. He is lucky to have you there to help him.

    Granni, did you get to the church on time? You may recall that was one of
    the songs from My Fair Lady. "Get Me to the Church on Time"; sung
    by Julie Andrews' father. (Father in the show; not in real life.) Hard to
    realize that Julie is now an old lady. She's 5 years older than I. Looks
    decades younger though. Must be all that tea those Brits drink.

    Mikie, I believe you spelled Pochahontas wrong. Oh, wait. It's actually
    poincianas. Never heard of such a thing. Wikipedia says it's sometimes
    called the Flame Tree. Here's a pic from Wikipedia, Folks. It grows
    in Africa and Australia.

    I'm glad to hear of your contented life with your plants and the kitties and
    the weather. Being able to enjoy what you have is a great gift. Or is it
    something acquired with effort? Maybe it depends on the person. What's
    the latest on the mattress front? Of do you sleep on your back?

    Hugs to Sun, Diane, Mickey, Barry.


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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Had a bit of a rough night, waking from 1:30 til 3:30 but then I slept until 5:30. All in all, I got about six hours' sleep and that will work for me. Tweety was yowling during that time a bit but I left them out on the lanai. They are quiet, snoozing. It's only 71 degrees right now but no breeze at all. I need to get into the shower at 7:00 because the supervisor of the guys who damaged my fan with the box springs is going to stop by to see what needs to be done.

    Yesterday, I reread our old rules and saw that propane canisters are not allowed to be stored in or near condos. That's a poorly written rule; what does "near" mean. I called the fire marshal's office and he e-mailed the fire code dealing with gas grills in apt. or condo bldgs. A fire in a duplex at the beach caused the canister to explode and it threw shrapnel all over the place. It went up like a bomb. Of course, one board member, who has a grill of her own, sent a sarcastic e-mail to me. This may be one time when they can't change the rules and can't grandfather in their grills because of the fire code. This isn't going to endear me to them either.

    Rock, thanks for opening the new Porch. Also, thanks for the pic of the lovely Poinciana tree. Yep, looks just like the ones here. Funny to think about waking to a dog in the house. Sir Vester is also part vacuum cleaner. Too bad he only sucks up edible stuff on the floor. Wonder whether being an animal vacuum has anything to do with being black and white. When Pedro comes to see me, he can't get over how my Sylvester looks just like his alter ego in the cartoons. I sleep on my back or sides. Mattress seems fine. Now, if they could just repair or replace my fan. Grrr!!! I think my appreciation for what I have appeared around the time I had kids. Glad to see you posting again; I hope that means you are feeling better.

    Granni, I surely hope that roof fix did the trick. This has gone on forever! Sorry you missed DSIL's K of C ceremony but you've really had your hands full and the weather hasn't cooperated. Hope the 25th anniversary Mass went well. Hope your Spanglish went well too. Ay, Carumba!!!

    Julie, I pray that mass is benign and can be treated. I'm glad he is doing better, though. Speaking of having one's hands full--all those appts. BTW, an infected tooth can cause heart problems. My uncle went into shock when he was having a root canal. They revived him. I went into shock at night after the doc started my root canal. They said that can run in the family. So, as always, take good care of you too. Glad you are going to the dance recital. My Mom never missed mine and it meant so much to me. I'll be praying for you.

    Spring, wow! Your history is a bloody and repressed one. Glad you enjoyed your meal with your friend. It's so good of you to donate and I'm glad you have a tarp, just in case. No, the water's sweeping people away didn't make our news either. News is focused on those being swept away in TX. Yikes!!! Please stay safe. It's scary to think you have to walk near those walls which could come down at any time. Pray for your dome of protection.

    I need to go to get my much needed shower. I did soak last night in Epsom Salts to get rid of my aches and pains from potting the plants out in the hot sun. I also replaced dead Purslane in the flower box by the stairs. I weeded the long strip of garden along the side of our bldg. I wore my back brace but it seems everything I do these days causes pain and exhaustion.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Wow! Where are our Porchies? Oh, that's right; it's the weekend. I've already been a busy beaver this morning. I got my shower and had coffee with my dear friend. Between us, we solved the troubles in da hood. Too bad he isn't on the board. My other friend, Nancy II came by with her little dog, Chewy, and we enjoyed talking and petting him.

    After my friend left, the guy from the mattress delivery co. came by and tried to fix the fan. He couldn't so we agreed his co. would pay me $100 plus $30 for installation. This old fan isn't worth more than $100 so, even though I upgraded to a better fan and paid, $200, I feel this is very fair. He is happy because Dan's Fans is having a special on the installation for $29.99. He'd have to pay the electrician $85 to install it. Everyone is happy and it was a fair deal. Dan's has the best fans. I've had one in the kitchen for 10 years and it still runs silently and never wobbles.

    I came home and asked the people in the pool about the water. They said it felt a bit cold but it's 87 degrees--warm by outside pool stds. I'm hoping that Wed. morning, I can get back into exercising in the pool. My friends will likely join me. I also went over to the tennis court and put the chairs back that someone had moved. People who don't play don't realize that someone going for an out-of-bounds shot could get seriously hurt if he or she hit a chair.

    On the way back from Dan's, I stopped at Costco and spent $85 before I could blink. Thirty dollars of that was for K-Cup coffee pods. I got some coconut water because Dr. Oz said it's good for acid reflux to make the stomach more alkaline or, at least, to neutralize the acid. He had dietary suggestions too and I have to go to his website to check them out better. I'm now sitting in front of the TV watching the French Open. One poor little girl had her thigh taped and, as the match progressed, she just wore down. I could really empathize with her. Think I mentioned that Venus Williams lost her match. Her Sjogren's Syndrome has left her exhausted with some bad days and some not so bad. Wonder whether or not she knows about the peptide injections.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm going to go look at the printouts of the material the fire marshal's office sent to me regarding grills. See y'all on the Porch later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Ones,

    Have already had a worthless morning going to the store first with DH, putting away the stuff and then I went myself to the Dollar Store to get some cards. Well their electricity was out and also W M too. The traffic on Saturday was not that good either ):!! So now I will have to find the time next week to go to the Dollar Store. Their cards are so much cheaper. We have a b-day dinner to go to for a friend next Wed. and we just exchange funny cards. Also my DD that moved here's birthday is coming up next month also.

    ROCK - Thanks so much for starting us up - good job !! I have been to busy of late it seems to try and be ready to start a new PORCH :)!! You were on the ball. Not to sure I have been very much.

    MIKIE - You surely have done a lot today. You wore me out reading your post. I know what you mean about spending $85 with the blink of an eye:)!! We don't go there but do go to Sams which is quite similar. You buy in bulk so everything you buy there cost more $, at least up front. We almost spent $50 at Sams this morning and that was not big shopping.

    Glad you will be getting a deal on your new fan if your other is giving you problems. Hope things will settle down for you with all the stuff going on about the grills, canisters, etc.

    There is a chance that we might get a scattered shower now that we want it to rain to check our roofer's handiwork.. We are anxious to put this over and done with already. I have been getting notes from those in nursing class and others that we went to the reunion with last year, to see if we have floated away or worse. Those pics or some of them are awful on the TV News.

    JULIE - Sorry to hear about them finding a mass in G pa's brain after his MRI. Hope they can pin point it and that it is not malignant. I am sure you are all worried about that until you know for sure. Then he will need treatment one way or the other. God bless you all and Gpa . I know he is worried too even if he hasn't mentioned it any more since that one time he asked. Hope you will also get some help for Gpa even if you cannot get a lot of home nursing care. Please also try and take care of yourself too sweetie.

    SUN - Hope this finds you well and not in to much pain.

    Special HUGZ , Love and prayers to SPRING WATER and her family and friends in her country's awful EQ situation..
    Thinking of ALL our PORCHIES and MIA's.

    Granni :)
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    I had a good productive visit to the nursery yesterday...i asked our former help who can drive to come by on his off day and since he was the gardener here before taking up the job asdriver for a bank, he has some idea of plants. It was also an excuse to get out of the i opted to go out to the far off nursery..on the outskirts of city...we passed lots of rubble, old brick houses brought down..but the air was clean once we got further...i got in zinnias, marigolds, geraniums, colesias..i dont know some names. So my rainy season garden should be taken care of. The huge dahlias were all bloomed and finished. Surprising..i remember them sprouting and blooming in june july here. Got some dwarf variety. But they get dwarfed by other plants.

    We also visited this monastery nearby, what a beautiful, immaculate and peaceful place!! Beautifully landscaped garden..neat timing was right because their annuals were in full bloom wheras mine are winding down.
    I met this american man who looked after the garden and he has been there three decades. Spoke to him about certain people we both knew.

    Rock - thank you for opening up. I would love to wake up to a sweet doggie sniffing around. marla sounds really sweet.

    Mikie - its amazing venus williams can play the way she does even with those healh inspiration to us all.
    Sadly, not all players are so lucky. Mario Ancic a young promising player had to leave the sport because he got some sort of virus. Which caused fatigue. He beat Roger Federer at Wimbledon when Federer was number one and he was a newbie! So unfortunate he couldnt go on to bigger things. But he was studying law at the same time, and later even got invited to Harvard to speak. My daughter had a gigantic crush on him because he was so cute.

    Granni - I hope your rains subside soon and you can get back to yr normal routine. We will take some time here to get back to normal..last night got awoken by shaking again and had to rush down..this morning i learn it was a five pointer on the richter...

    It seems like rain today, what a relief..cooler temps..i made a radish salad yesterday...lemon, green chilli, fried fenugreek, turmeric. Too lazy to cook much, too hot for anyone to get too hungry.

    Mangoes have come, so had our first mangoes of the season yesterday.

    Take care all

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    Well, that's the way it is, Springwater. Some days the mangoes come; some days
    the man-goes. Yes, Marla is a sweet dog and very well behaved. She and her owner
    Marina were here to visit a couple hours ago. We gave her a couple dozen tomatoes.
    Took an equal number to our chiro this morning. I read the name Marina comes
    from the Latin "Marinus" meaing "of the sea".

    Marina works for the LA Times which, like most papers, has fallen on hard times.
    Gordon was going to buy a paper at the market Friday, but he reconsidered
    when he found out the price was 2 bucks. When I was a paperboy in the 1950s
    a daily paper cost 5 cents. When my Dad was selling papers during the Great
    Depression, papers cost 2 or 3 cents.

    Had my usual productive day. Napped, read and sat in front of the computer. Here
    are a few fascinating facts I picked up from the net. After 46 years Sesame Street is
    still on the air. It was in an instant success in 1969. Time Magazine put Big Bird
    on its cover.

    Gerald's McBoing Boing's last name is McCloy. The cartoons were based on a story
    by Dr Seuss. The first one received an Oscar for 1950.

    Dolly Parton has a connection to Ernest Hemingway. Dolly and Kenny Rogers
    had a platinum record titled Island in the Stream. The song was written by
    the Bee Gees. Ernest Hemingway wrote a novel of the same name. Is there any
    connection between the song and the book other than the name? Don't know.
    Can't tell from the lyrics which don't make too much sense anyway.

    Well, wasn't that good timing. Here comes Gordoni who wants to look up

  7. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I had almost finished my post yesterday and it went poof into the ether. I didn't have the heart to try to redo it. I went into the bedroom to read and nap (Rock, we are kindred souls). Kids were good last night and I slept til 5:00. Just got back in from the lanai where one of my catts is ready to bloom. It has three blooms on one stem, like the purple one. I think this one is the green one with magenta in the center of the blooms. The other two I bought in bloom at the same time are showing no signs of blooming. Rats!

    It's soooo dry here and we've had two brush fires, one of them just east of me near our airport. I can smell smoke in the air. Gag!!! Firefighters found a Bob Cat kitten only about two weeks old. It was crying for its mother. They took it for evaluation and gave it some water. It's been returned in hopes the mother will find it. It is being monitored and won't be abandoned. It's sooooo cute. Its fur was slightly singed. I just hope Mama Cat didn't perish in the fire. Mama Bob Cats will leave their kittens for several days at a time so animal experts hope that is the case here and she will return for her baby.

    Granni, I hope you can get your cards. Publix has BOGO's on Hallmark cards so, when I want to send the very best, I pick up a few. The fan which no longer works is courtesy of the mattress delivery guys who ran into it with the box springs while it was still running. If I hadn't already had so many expenses this month, I would have bought another for my bedroom. The one in there makes a lot of noise but, then, it does provide "white noise" while I sleep.

    Rock, I love that Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers song. So nice that we both have visiting friends and their dogs. To be able to share the love of animals humanizes us. It was good for my friend, Nancy, to be able to socialize with my other friend and me. She's been lame for so long that she hasn't gotten out much except to see her docs. She is getting better and that is a good thing. It's good for her little dog, Chewy, too. He makes a beeline up the stairs if he knows I'm out on the Balcony. He's 15 years old and bounds up the steps like a puppy. I come up the steps like an old lady.

    Spring, so glad you got out to a place of beauty and peace. Also glad you will be planting; it will renew you. In today's paper, it said kids in Nepal will be returning to school but no one knows whether the teachers will be available. I'm not familiar with Mario Ancic. I'm afraid I no longer follow tennis as I once did. Just happened to watch a bit this week. I'm laughing about your DD and her crush. I remember when my kids had crushes on various men on TV. I had a crush on Eddie Arnold, more for his singing voice than his persona and looks. He was on the PBS classic country songs and singers which was rerun for their beg-a-thon. Stay safe and enjoy your new flowers.

    Julie, oh, that Keira is such a beauty and looks beautiful in her costume. I remember that the costumes were the best part of my dance recitals. Wish I had saved them. I am praying for GPA's scan to look benign. That will be a big relief. You have been through so much; hang in there. Wish I had some strawberries to pick. I can remember how good they are, ripe and warm right out of the garden. Mmmmm!

    Gonna get going. I hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. Granniluvsu

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    JULIE - Keira looks so pretty in her costume and the color is lovely too. I am guessing she is a ballet dancer? Is that correct? I know she did a good job and everyone was thrilled with her performance. Ahhh, those were the days. I remember way back when when 2 of my girls were dancing but then it got to expensive with to many girls to take lessons. I know you must be worried about Gpa and his final dx. I hope the mass is not malignant. I am sure Gpa is worried too. More prayers coming your way kiddo.

    Not much time to write and I can't remember what all I have to say anyway. Had early mass today with Corp Comm. and almost didn't make it. I woke up DH this time and that doesn't happen very often :)!! Then we went for breakfast at Incredible Pizza- not bad and ate to much.
    thinking of everyone.

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    Julie: Keira looks so pretty in her costume. Looks like she also got her hair done up special. Thats one of the best ones you've posted.....I hope you get some of it printed for albums. Very special for her to remember. I'm sorry about Gpa. I hope it's benign for everyone's sake.

    Mikie: going to the store can really blow a budget in less time than you can sneeze! Since I'm trying hard to stick to a budget I really need to stay out of the stores.....all of them. I was at my DIL's parent's home yesterday for the BD party. about orchids. I walked outside in a covered area and I'm not exaggerting she must have had a minimum of 30 blooming phal orchids. Unbelievable. I took a close look, her leaves don't look super good but the flowers were spectacular. She told me she just sprays them with plain water twice a day. And here I am, trying to take care of the 6 I have in my atrium and no blooms.

    Spring: I'm so happy to read that you've gotten out and bought plants to brighten up your garden. A flower garden can bring so much joy and happiness to our souls. See if you can post a pic. once it all comes together.

    Rock: So nice you've got some little dogs who come to visit. I think you mentioned the other day about how your library seems to hire inept people who work there. I'm in the same library system and don't have your problems.

    Granni: So you got your roof fixed?

    I've been suffering with neck/shoulder pain......all from trying to paint some things for my SIL. (*&^%$#
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN- DH needs the puter in a few minutes. However, I wanted to tell you yes the roof seems to be fixed. We had a pretty good rain yesterday and it stayed dry inside - yay :)!! So sorry you are still in pain from your neck and shoulders. I have that to but no cause , just it is there all the time - GRRRR! Maybe OA and FM. You are right that just a few flowers can bring color and a little bit of happiness where there might not be any. SPRING surely can use some color and happiness in her neck of the words after the awful EQ's.

    Gotta run everydobby and go wash my hair. Never did get it done yesterday and it needs it badly.

    Love you and all,
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - you should have heard the bellow laugh i gave when i read about how the 'man goes'. Islands in the stream used to be a favourite of mine..i seem to confuse Dolly parton and Cyndy lauper. They were around same time i think and both were blond and feisty and sassy. When anyone says Country songs around here, my gen will recall one name first and foremost, John Denver. Lol. Country roads, take me home. Yes, that song resonates a lot with me these days..take me home.

    Keira looks so elegant..beautiful little girl Amy has, Julie

    Granni - good to hear the leaky roof has been repaired. Lets hope the weather there behaves itself now.

    Julie - praying Granpas mass turns out to be benign. Im pretty certain all the tension of the past few years concerning his dd are lots responsible for his developing the unwanted lump. like a lump of unresolved anger taking concrete form.

    Sun - getting in those flowers did me good. i feel like i accomplished something. Was a time i and my then man help raised flowers from seed and grew them...but those times have long gone, that help left, the present help i dont let into the house, if i can help it..(dishonest bunch)...and lots of other ongoing lucky when i get thru all the normal chores required.

    the ground just hasnt settled yet, so many people are not even bothering fixing their damaged houses yet. The schools hv opened...they were shut for over a month.

    But i was looking at the shops, lots of apparel shop are open..and the dresses are so lovely. Last time i walked down a lane and spotted three different kinds of dresses i really loved...normally i find fault with the print or colour or picky and fuddy duddy too. But with so much material to be inspired from with all that media overload, our designers/importers are in their element.

    Someone i know, had opened a very expensive clothing store..and i was very skeptical..but apparently its done so well, theyre opening an exclusive shoe shop soon!!! its as i have come to the conclusion of, it karma is on your side, no earthquake, no bad economy, nothing can keep you down. the rest of the country can go into recession, the blessed person will prosper, no matter what. They sell coats which go for $180/- which is probably the average educated persons monthly pay..and it flies off the shelves!! there are a few very well to do business people, i guess they and their kids buy. of course, the buyers bring the stuff from Bangkok in bulk and Bangkok is very very cheap.

    I dont know what our country would do if they didnt hv bangkok/India and China to import stuff from.

    well, take care all

    God Bless
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Another typical morning here with good little kitties playing kitty hide 'n seek and tag. Their tag games are wild this morning. I woke at 2:00 and couldn't get back to sleep so got up at 5:00. Don't know how long the kids would have been good outside. Daytime temps have been high 80's, low 90's with nighttime temps in the low 70's. It's always nice in the mornings. Thought for sure it would rain last evening. Lots of thunder but no rain. I'm discouraged.

    Have to take my x-rays in to my urologist this morning at 9:00. Need to talk to him about how we will proceed with the kidney stones. I'd hate to pass them, considering their size, and end up in the ER. Don't know whether he will suggest ultrasound to break them up or not. That can have its own problems.

    I've started binge watching two seasons of a Netflix series called, "The Fall," with Gillian Anderson. It's made in Belfast and is about a serial killer and the lady cop who is after him. I'm reading "The One Who Got Away," about a serial killer and the woman who got away and survived. Just finished "Crow Hollow," about Indians and settlers when Mass. was still under control of the king. These were free books for my Kindle as part of Amazon Prime.

    Julie, I'm praying for GPA and you. Please let us know how the scan turns out. I hope he knows better than to listen to anything sis has to say. She's some piece of work! Don't let her get to you; that's what she wants.

    Granni, so glad that roof fix is holding up. Mmmmm! Pizza sounds good. If I eat too much these days, it triggers the acid reflux. AACK!!!

    Sun, so sorry you are still having pain. Those orchids sound amazing. I don't have that many of them and they bloom one at a time. Are your orchids in a shaded area that gets lots of indirect light? I've found that is best for phals. The others can take the morning light on my lanai. I try not to go shopping unless I need to but I get my coffee K-Cups at Costco and that saves a lot. If I stock up on a couple of other things, it really runs up the bill. It's cheaper in the long run but a lot in the short term. Hope you feel better.

    Spring, we have a lot of wealthy retired folks down here who support the pricey shops. There are also a lot of them who don't dress up any more than I. I maintain that it's one's sense of style, and not the price of one's wardrobe, which matters. I've seen really cute things, including dresses, at Wally World and Target. I get so many things at Bealls on sale with coupons. For what some wealthy women spend on a dress or a handbag, you could feed a village in a third-world country for a year. Even if I had the $$$, I wouldn't spend it on clothes. I don't know what we'd do without China from whom we borrow to finance our senseless wars while our roadways and bridges are falling apart. When our disabled vets return from said wars, we don't take care of them. It's a national shame.

    OK, getting down off my soapbox now. Want to read the paper online before getting into my bath so I can get to the doc. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I'm all pooped out to really write and I need to start cooking my pork chop. Went line dancing for the first time in 3-4 weeks between holidays, bad rains, all the clean up, leaky ceiling, etc. Then got home and had lunch then off toe WM and the Dollar Store fir cards and other items. Now my feet are killing me. I just wanted to pop in to see if anyone else had posted.

    JULIE - If we all took the time when our parents and grandparents, etc. were here to really talk to them about their childhoods, etc. we could learn so much from them. I wished that I had had the time to do so earlier on but I was so busy raising children and lived to far away. However, we did write letters to each other (weekly) up till the time she got really ill and passed away, I still especially think of my mom on Sunday afternoons when I used to write to her. I found out some more about her when I was doing some genealogy years ago . Also got some more info when my niece was asking her questions to put the answers in her Grandma book. I copied the questions and answers and have them somewhere in all my mess of stuff.

    I know you all love and appreciate Gpa . Good luck to dear Gpa and you all tomorrow as he goes for his scan to check the area where he has that mass they found before. Hope it is not malignant. No matter what I know you will take good care of him. God bless you all !!! Thinking of you and Gpa and everyone in the family. Sis probably is just interested as usual in what she will get out of it, the farm, etc. and HER freedom. As MIKIE said she is s piece of work.

    Big hugz to MIKIE, ROCK, SUN, DIANE and everydobby. I need to start cooking that pork chop. It is so thick and we will share it.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Sun, what type of orchids did your friend have? If the leaves are wrinkled it could mean it's
    either over/under watered. Both situation will stress the plant out and cause the condition.
    Have your friend unpot a plant and check the roots. It may need to be repotted. Don't
    want those plants to die.

    Mikie, sorry you can't find a orchid club to attend. What part of Florida do you live in - zip
    code. Since Jim is a member of the AOS he might be able to get a list of clubs for you.
    Have you looked into garden clubs? Some members might grow orchids and then maybe
    you could arrange to see their growing area/plants.

    Attached is the latest orchid to bloom. It's a Catt called BLC Port of Paradise. The color is
    a concolor greenish/yellow. Concolor is a cymbidium term which means it's an alba - no
    red pigments. An added bonus is there is a light citrus fragance. I have it in the house and
    you can smell it as you pass by. This is rare as most orchids have no fragrance.

    I'm going to the Santa Monica Cymbidium Society meeting tomorrow night. They had
    their auction last month but someone forgot to bring the vandas. The president
    promised to bring them this month and add them to the plant raffle table.



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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Thought I drop in and do a few lines. Wait! Isn't that what cocaine addicts do?
    For Mikie and Julie and other pun lovers. Just saw a cartoon. It's too huge
    to copy so I will re-frame it so to speak. Went to have lunch with my friend
    Pedro at the coffee shop for lunch. I paid full price. He got the Senor discount.

    Note. Should you ever want to type a tilde on your keyboard, you can find
    instructions on the net. As you can see from the above, they don't work.
    Worse, my keyboard is now sticking. Uff-da. Guess I'll turn this thing
    off for a while.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, here I am again. This teaches us a valuable lesson. When life's troubles
    knock you down, just get right back up and start over again. Slow and steady
    wins the you know what. You keep on getting up and starting over again. At
    the end of your life you'll find you're still only about ten feet from the starting line.

    Our friend Marina sent over a thank you note for the tomatoes and 2 copies
    of the LA paper. The note was signed with: Marina and a paw print. Well,
    not a real paw print. One that Marina drew. Well, maybe Marla drew it.
    If Lassie could rescue people and Mr. Ed could talk and ET could phone home,
    ...never mind.

    Granni, does Incredible Pizza really have that kind of pizza? I think the best
    pizza I ever had was from a small restaurant near our school in St. Paul, MN.
    Of course a teen age appetite probably helped. A small pizza in those days
    was 90 cents. I got paid for my various college jobs at the minimum wage;
    75 cents an hour. I could easily afford a small pizza. Yes, I agree. It's a
    wonderful picture of Keira.

    Julie, That's nice the you had an informative chat with Gpa. My folks seldom
    talked about their past. My Dad didn't even speak to us kids. Once, though,
    when I was an adult, he told me how it got into the restaurant business and
    his first day on the job. And the night before the first day. He went to the
    butcher's house at night. The butcher was annoyed. My dad told him he
    was turning down his biggest customer in town. So the butcher changed
    his mind and arrangements were made. My mother thought almost everything
    in the world was a secret, so we didn't learn much from her either . I hope
    Gpa has good results with his test.

    Mikie, Here's something I found by chance on the net.
    The only time incorrectly isn’t spelled incorrectly is when it’s spelled incorrectly.
    Took me a while to finger it out. If it's typed with quote marks in the right
    places, it would probably help.

    How long have doctors been using ultrasound to treat stones? Seems like I
    first heard about it 20 years or so ago when my boss had gall stones. What
    kind of complications can result?

    I have to agree with you that, "It's cheaper in the long run but a lot in the
    short term." I think gals used to say something like that during WW II about
    their nylons.

    Springwater, I just read in the news the other day that the schools were opening
    in Kathmandu. I hadn't even thought of that aspect.

    And speaking of high priced clothing, I was reading a thriller the other day. A shop
    in Beverly Hills was mentioned. Men's belts were $300. A suit was $2000, etc. I
    think people with lots of money tend to overpay. I guess they are trying to buy status,
    or appease some inner need like low self esteem. I don't care if I buy something
    at a Thrift Shop or at Neiman Marcus. I only care if it what I buy will do what I
    want it to do.

    BTW, we have a Neiman Marcus here in LA. It's located in Century City which
    took its name from Twentieth Century Fox Studios. (Despite the name,
    Century City is not a city. It's just an area or a neighborhood. Same as
    Hollywood. Anyhoo, after making the movie Cleopatra which bankrupted
    the studio, 20th Century sold its back lot. Now the area is full of skyscrapers
    and other office buildings as well as ritzy shops. It has no public schools.
    I took a couple depositons there. The opposing attorneys had very elegant
    offices. Didn't make them better lawyers though. [​IMG]

    Sun, Sorry to hear about the shoulder-neck pain. Mine has cleared up
    nicely. Wish you'd have the same good luck. I'm happy to report that at
    our nearby library branch, the staff is fine. They know us and vice versa. The
    problem was at a branch in the Los Feliz area. We don't go there too often.

    OK, guess who's here and wants the computer. Well, it's only fair that Mr. G
    should have a turn.


    Last edited: Jun 2, 2015
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    The above lady i envy....wish i was her ....why? you may ask..because she is actually resting...and no one and nothing to bother her.

    Julie - PLEASE dont let your terribly unhappy toxic sis inlaw get you down. To just listen to her words are to let negativity and the pain that accompanies in. She is judging you by what she herself knows herself to be. And you are as different as mould from a scented rose. One gives off bad smells, the other radiates fragrance and beauty.

    Picture your SIL on a blackboard and then just swish her off with an imaginary duster. replace her image with those of all whom you love and bring you joy.

    I am getting hot under the collar just reading about her, i can only imagine what it must be like to have to have her in ones life. Lord have mercy.

    Rock - The one good thing about the earthquake is they are considering banning structures higher than two storeys...lately there has been a mushrooming of skyscsrapers (our standards) , 15 storey buildings office complexes.

    i will be so happy to see less high buildings and some more greenery.

    Mikie and Rock - agree. Something doesnt hv to be pricey to be just right for one. Isnt it ridiculous that one just slaps on a designer label and whoosh the price skyrockets to ......

    Granni - line dancing..there you go...back to your busy self.

    Take care all

    God Bless

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Before I post anything else, I am asking for prayers for DD#2, Julie. She is having cardiac symptoms and is being tested for congestive heart failure. The tests won't be for a few days due to the need to fast. One is a stress test and the other is an echocardiogram. Doc was concerned enough that he told her not to run outside in case anything might happen and she couldn't get back home. That's scary but it could just be the doc's showing concern for the worse possible scenario. I researched congestive heart failure and see that there are stages of it and it can be treated. No need for a heart transplant unless one is in the end stage. Open heart surgery is only needed if there is a blockage. He told her it appears that it is muscular and not electrical. Not good news.

    DD is 47 and eats right and exercises every day. She is a runner and in top condition. She had Lyme Disease. One of the Housewives of Beverly Hills was in similar condition when she was knocked down by Lyme. It went into the sac around her heart and they had to put tubes in to deliver the ABX to her heart. She got better but is in relapse right now. DD has been in remission from Lyme for 8 yrs. I'm trying not to worry too much until we know more. So, Dear Ones, if y'all have a prayer or two to spare...I'll let you know when I get any more info.

    In the meantime, we heard from our insurance broker and he said if the board continued to ignore the rules and tolerate the gas grills, our Directors and Officers insurance will likely not cover us if we are sued over these grills. I want to send out a letter to all residents telling them they cannot have grills in da hood. This isn't going to make me popular but that's not why I do this. I'm going to ask the fire dept. to check for them next time they do their inspection and write up any offenders. I do not understand why they haven't done this all along. Condo mtg. is this morning and I'm going to tell everyone about it. No ifs ands or buts! No discussions, just compliance. This is serious business.

    Saw my doc about the kidney stones. They haven't moved nor have they grown so we are doing nothing at this point. I don't need to see him for another year. The stones have been stable for more than a year and stones located in this area of the kidneys don't tend to move nor pass. Doc recalculated and says the stones are about 5mm's, less than the 7mm pearls in most necklaces. Once they get to 8mm, if they ever do, they consider breaking them up with ultrasound so they can be passed. Everyone is different. Some get pain before the stones pass with enough time to see the doc. For others, it becomes an emergency and the doc sees the patient in the ER. Because my stones have been stable for more than a year, they are unlikely to change. I'm relieved.

    I'll post separately about this but who am I going to tell about important stuff? My Porchies, My Online Family, of course! Microsoft is about to release Windows 10 in July. Anyone with Windows 7 or 8.1 can update for free. Many will not want to switch from a familiar version but there are good reasons to do so. Microsoft will discontinue supporting Windows 7 when the new Windows 10 comes out. They promise upgrading will be easy (where have I heart that before?). They will supply directions. It will be necessary to back up document and photo files before making the switch. This is a chance to do the equivalent of getting a new computer for free as long as the old computer can be switched. Unless it's ancient, it probably can be upgraded but not if it uses XP.

    If y'all don't feel you can do it yourself but want it done, you can get a techy relative or friend to do it or take it in to a store to do it; however, it will be difficult to find someone who isn't crazy busy at a store. If y'all get a notice on your screen to reserve your copy of the update, do it even if you don't know whether you want to; you have plenty of time to decide. If you don't get a notice, go to Microsoft's website to reserve one. I got a notice yesterday and reserved mine for this old Windows 7 computer. I don't want to be without Microsoft support. I'll do it for my Surface Windows 8.1 as well. It is supposed to be better than the poorly-accepted 8.1. If you don't reserve your copy, it will be nigh impossible to reserve or download it later.

    Granni, mmmmm! Pork chops. I got a pork tenderloin yesterday at Publix. It was on sale and I used their $1 off coupon on it. I'll roast it in my little toaster oven later. How's the rain situation there. DD near Dallas said they have had a lot of rain but no flooding. Little creek behind their home has risen above the banks. Well, I guess that qualifies as flooding but none has come into homes. Hope your roof fix holds up.

    Gordon, thanks for posting your beautiful orchid. The shape is exactly like my purple orchid I posted a pic of here. I live in Fort Myers, in SW FL. There are orchid clubs about 30 miles up the coast and 30 miles down the coast. I'll ask my friend who gave me her orchids. She is a master gardener and would know of any nearby. I already did a search by zip code. My green catt is about to bloom with three on one stem. Until the purple one bloomed, I didn't realize catts would bloom in clusters. Last year, the green one only had one bloom per stem. BTW, the purple one is still in bloom and beautiful. It has a fresh smell, like spring bulbs in bloom. My gardener said it smelled like "happy." I like that. Thanks, as always for sharing and all your help.

    Rock, aah, you know I'm a sucker for good puns. There is one word in Spanish--ano. With the tilde, it means, year. Without it--well, let's just say, don't say it to someone who speaks Spanish. It is a part of the body in slang. From the word, you ought to be able to figure it out. They have been breaking up kidney stones with ultrasound for quite a long time. Doc said kidney bruising only occurs in less than 1 percent of the cases. That's reassuring. I also draw paw prints on notes to people who know the cats. I bought a new welcome mat yesterday at Lowe's. It reads, Wipe Your Paws, and has paw prints around the border. Too cute to pass up. This is why I can't save money. Well, if $13 bankrupts me, I'm a goner now. I think you hit the nail on the head with figuring out why people overpay for status clothing. In Beverly Hills, they overpay for everything, including makeup, hair styling, personal trainers, etc. Good thing we don't need those things to know how special we are. We may only get 10 feet from the starting line, but it's better than nuttin'

    Julie, we will be, like you, on pins 'n needles waiting for GPA's results. I'm praying for him and you. You are like being in the service--you get more done in one morning even before most of us are up. Good for you but, as always, take good care of yourself. Yummmm, strawberries and ice cream. I got strawberries at the store but they never are ripe. I also got a mango and papaya. Love that tropical fruit. People have their own mango trees down here and can't give them all away. Let us know when you hear any news.

    Spring, thanks for posting that amazing pic. I love it! Am looking for a Buddha for our garden. We have a little lantern shaped like a pagoda and it's lovely peeking out from behind the plants. I have a turtle that my friend, Richard, gave me. He's angled to protect our end of the bldg. Turtles are good luck in Feng Shui. Have the teachers come back to the schools there? I hope so. The kids need some semblance of normalcy. Michael Kors, a designer, was on TV on "Runway." He was a really harsh and arrogant judge of the young designers on the show. I've seen some of his haute couture and some if it is hideous. I wouldn't wear it if it were free!

    Well, Kiddies, I've certainly used more than my fair share of the Porch this morning. Sending love, hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - So sorry to hear about your DD and her possible heart problems. Yes, CHF can be a scary and deadly thing. Make sure she has her tests and does what they tell her to do. I hope it isn't as bad as they fear or know that it can be. Prayers will go out to her along with my DD and others.

    I have a lot to do and am not dressed as yet. I did removed the dirty sheets from our bed and put them in the washer. I also want to put some frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot so need to get that started too.

    JULIE - My oh my you must be ready to collapse with all you do. Thinking of you all and Gpa. Hope his tests come out well. Try and ret a bit if you can. MIKIE and SW are right . Try not to think to much about what sis says. That woman is something else and it is not good. It will just make you feel worse especially with all this new stress on your plate with dear Gpa.

    Hi also to SUN, ROCK, GORDON, DIANE and everydobby else. Hope to get back later after I have done some chores and have gotten dressed.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - Yes, Knock on Wood, our leak is fixed. It was around the chimney and coming down onto the mantel and also onto our picture over the mantel in the living room. It was the flashing that was around the chimney. He kept patching it temporarily but he spent almost the whole day up there by himself taking only a short lunch break. We had been having problems on the other side too both another guy fixed or at least temporarily fixed the other side for awhile in the family room. Then wee had the very heavy rains all H--- broke loose shall we say. God only knows how much $ we put into that darn thing. Now DH has to recaulk or whatever you call it and then repaint part of the crown molding.

    Thinking of you all, especially DIANE, JULIE and MIKIE who have prayer requests. I still need to go get dressed. I have been doing washing, starting the crockpot and a few other chores. DH wants me to go outside if I can do a few things. Not sure if I will get there or not.

    Be back later. Hope both JULIE and MIKIE get good reports on the tests of GPA and DD.

    Love to awl!

    GRANNI :)