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  1. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Rosin on the bow, and away we go.
    Bow and curtsey. Grab your Gal.
    Wave at the band. Wave at your pal.

    All join hands and circle right.
    Gonna dance all through the night.
    Honor your corner. Circle the ring.
    Listen, you'll hear the birdies sing.

    Ladies to the center; not too far.
    Join your hands and form a star.
    Back to home, then alamande right.
    Dance with your partner in the pale moonlight.

    Swing your partner. Show a smile.
    Around the ring for a little while.
    Circle twice, and don't be late.
    And there you are. Now close the gate.

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  2. Granniluvsu

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    ROCK - Thanks for the square dance call and starting us up again. I would love to square dance again. It was so much fun . It probably would be good for my body too. Hope all is going well with you and Gordon today.

    JULIE and MIKIE - Please read the end of the last volume for my post. Hang in the both of you and be patient JULIE. Hope to hear from you both and others later. We got some of the rain today that we didn't get yesterday but no leaks - YAY !!!!!

    Just wanted to pop it to see the new volume and see if there was anything exciting going on with my PORCHIES. However, sometimes exciting is not good and it is better to be just boring :)!! Will try and pop in later on.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, again, Everydobby,

    What a day!!! Saw the doc and got new Rx's. He refused to give me a scrip for my mammo and Dexa. He doesn't want to "be in the loop." In other words, he wants to do as little as possible for me if someone else can do it for him. Whatta guy! He was miffed because I didn't take the drug with the warning of dyskinesia so he was not being cooperative. Fine! I manage to do my own medical plans and only run by him what I need him for. I may, at some point change docs. I only keep him around in case I need a peptide shot. His receptionist got an appt. with an ENT to look at my throat. I'll leave it up to him if he wants to order an endoscopy. I don't want damage to my vocal chords from the reflux. I don't see Dr. Know-It-All for another six months. I always come prepared, organized and ready to discuss any issues. If he weren't so touchy, he would appreciate it.

    Came home and went online to fill out my patient info for the ENT visit. It's a timed deal so had to finish or start over. Lady came running over to ask for my shop vac as their washing machine flooded. It ran down into another unit but two friends were already on the way over. I helped them mop up downstairs and I don't think it will cause permanent damage, even where it came through the light fixture.

    Just before I finished the form, our mgr. called. I asked if I could call her back as soon as I logged off the form. Good grief! Wouldn't you know everything would happen while I was filling out that stupid form. Called mgr. back to find out that someone in da hood had approached our sprinkler man to tell him we have money problems and won't be needing him. Yikes! We think it was that idiot board member. I sent out a blast e-mail to our board members reminding them that no one is to approach any of our vendors and any issues are to go through me and our mgr. I asked if anyone knew who did this to please let me know. We'll see whether this guy has the cajones to fess up. He is always trying to be a big shot to make people think he is in charge. Unfortunately, he is an idiot and acts without thinking.

    Got another e-mail from DD#2. She is glad her cardio workup results were normal and believes that her Lyme or FMS is causing the problems. I hope she can find out for sure. Talked to Barb and she is holding up well. She is moving in with another daughter in Maine while the kids she has been living with in Mass. are having their home they just bought completely renovated. I'm glad she isn't having to move in the wintertime. Brrrrrr!

    Julie, I am so sorry you have to tolerate insults on top of injury. You are a saint to do all you do and, as a result, you are putting your own health at risk. Please learn to let the remarks roll off your back like water off a duck. Just figure any remarks are coming from people with physical or mental problems and are not valid. We know what you do and so do you. That's all that counts. I didn't get an e-mail that I had a new post to our discussion but I can only imagine what it contained. Sweetie, vent anytime you want and, in the meantime, rest all you can.

    Granni, so glad you are not getting rained out and flooded. Hope DD#2 doesn't either. Don't know yet how kids with home in Galveston fared. Do you think you would enjoy square dancing as much as line dancing? I loved square dancing as a kid. In the summer, our school had classes in American Dancing. We learned all kinds of dances. I took tap and ballet so was already interested in dance. The historical aspect of the dances appealed to me too. As mentioned above, I'll probably be getting my vocal chords looked at due to this acid reflux. It only affects the lower register of my voice. It's OK if I speak or sing in a higher register. Of course, since I can barely carry a tune, it isn't a big problem for me when I sing. :)

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and dancing. I can just picture myself in my petticoats and gingham dress with a handsome cowboy in his boots. Hmmmm, this virtual dancing ain't bad. Thought I'd share a cute joke my dear old friend told me. He called and asked me whether I'd heard of the new 60-second sex. I said I hadn't and he said, "Got a minute?" Thought of you when I was driving to the doc's this morning. A car ahead of me had an ad for a masseuse on the back window. It read, "Everybody needs to be kneaded." Hope it doesn't rub anyone the wrong way. ;)

    Think I've had about enough fun for today already. Like I always say, when it rains, it pours or, in many parts of the county, it floods. Well, that's water under the bridge or, in some cases, over the bridge. Oh, somebody stop me.

    Love, Mikie
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  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Thursday Morning, Porchies,

    Aah, I see my computer has sticky keys this morning. Slept til 5:00 when I let the kitties in. No frog mating calls last night; thank God! Good news--our beloved bald eagle, Ozzie, was released yesterday to return to his nest after the surgery to fix his "collar bone." There is a web cam on his and Harriet's nest but haven't seen any video of them. She must wonder what happened to him. "He went out to get a mouse and never returned..."

    Drama continues--idiot board member fessed up to talking with our sprinkler guy but not to talking to him about our finances. That's OK. He knows better now but that's no guarantee he won't do something else idiotic in the future. He also knows the whole board knows what he did. Also, old president lied to our landscaper that she "had approval" to plant her memorial tree in the courtyard where our friend lived, the one who died. I talked to him yesterday and e-mailed him this morning that she doesn't have approval from anyone. She is a wiley old broad and determined to get her way. This is the crap I deal with.

    Found out the rental company was giving the tenant in our bldg. the runaround about sending someone out to dry out her unit. I called and left a message that if they didn't, our bldg. ins. may not cover any damages. No one called me back but someone came out that afternoon. They will be back today to ensure there is no dampness nor mold. Yesterday was just one of those days, putting out grass fires all day long. Most of them unnecessary if everyone did the right thing. I'd have fewer problems babysitting a bunch of kids.

    I'm glad today is a day without exercising in the pool and without any appointments. I think I will go to Target to pick up some Centrum Silver and James Taylor's new album, the first in 13 years. He is so soulful and I love his music. We are in for a super hot 'n humid day today so will go early. Hope that when I get home, I'll have enough NRG to clean up the place. It's a pit! Yesterday, I cut the center board to fix Julie's cabinet doors and went over to check it before adding hardware. It is a perfect fit. I'll probably add the hardware today but won't go over because I also have to unscrew the hinges and put shims behind them where the sides of the cabinets swelled out. I have different thicknesses of shims and it will be a bit of trial and error to get the doors just right.

    Julie, soooo glad you are resting. Naps are so healthy and a good way to get our rest when we are run down. I hope the complaint dept. stays closed. You don't need that. Glad Kiera did fine at the dentist. Hope the doc can shed some light on GPA's strokes. Keep us updated.

    Spring, sounds as though you are knee deep in water too, so to speak. You are wise to give the water another avenue to get to ground. I hope both of us can survive in this heat and humidity. At least, we have each other to empathize with. Come back when you can.

    Love, hugs and prayers to all our Porchies, here and MIA. I miss all y'all who haven't stopped by in a while and hope you are OK.

    Love, Mikie
  5. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Great picture, Julie. I believe Stonehenge looked just like that many eons ago.
    You may want to call it Den-henge. I hope you can do less and get more rest.
    As my mother would say, You're just worn to a frazzle.

    Springwater, glad you could drop by. Hope you are not up on the roof. Thelma
    Sorenson fell off her roof and broke her arm. It happened in our village before I
    was born, but people still talked about it. "Thelma went to school with me. She's
    at least 62. She had no busy climbing around on her roof, poor thing."

    Mikie, thanks for your timely jokes. They rubbed me just the right way. I had
    a new sort of catastrophe yesterday on the board yesterday. After typing my post
    I hit "Post Reply". I was then informed I was not signed in and lost my post. How
    could I not be signed in? I had to be in order to be able to type the message and
    to be able to hit the post reply button. All very discouraganating.

    Granni, you're right. Boring is safer. Exciting is more interesting, but also may be
    fraught with hazards. That's why most of us prefer the vicarious adventures to
    be found in books or movies. (Uff-da! My mind is getting so bad. Took me 2
    minutes to think of the word I wanted: "vicarious".)

    Sun, hope you are having a wonderful trip and have not collided with any
    bergs. (We had Bergs in our village. Like me, they had German ancestors.)
    ("Berg or Burg" BTW means Mountain or Castle. Martin Luther's hymn
    A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" in German is "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott"

    Hi to Barry, Diane and et. al.
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  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from Target where I spent $140 so I could save a bundle. Yikes! What's wrong with this concept? I'm listening to Sweet Baby James Taylor. His new CD is only $10.99. I only buy CD's when I really like an artist and want to hear all his or her songs. Otherwise, like the kids, I stream my music. Unlike the kids, I don't buy or stream today's mindless music. Can y'all tell I truly am an old fart? Oh, sing it out, Sweet Baby James! His soft and gentle tones are as good today as ever. Just got an e-mail from mgr. Old pres. is trying to con her so I had to let her know how things got to where they are. I can't tell how tired I am. Sometimes, I think it's "pain in the ass" fatigue from dealing with all this angst in da hood. I got a call last night from my friend, whose downstairs unit was flooded, thanking me profusely for helping our two other friends to clean it up. I guess, on balance, that makes it all worthwhile.

    Target has had a really pretty little squatty vase which is white and looks like a sea urchin shell. I've had my eye on it but didn't want to spend $15 for it. Just scored it for $5. Also got some vee neck tees on sale. Just realized I don't have any turquoise tees. OMG! One can't survive without that color down here. They had their special bundles of TIGI Bed Head hair styling products which come close to BOGO's. I always stock up on them. Hair color was on sale and I had a coupon so got a couple of those. And I got some of their delicious multi-grain bread. Also got Chia seeds; they are the new fad for foodies so thought I'd try them.

    Julie, I meant to mention your Denhenge when I saw the pic but forgot. It's beautiful and my Mom would have loved it. She was the queen of growing sunflowers. Hope you are getting your rest.

    Rock, love the Denhenge idea. Before you post your replies, highlight them and click on Control and the C key at the same time. It will save what you have entered. If you lose your post, click on Control and the V key. Practice it before you do a whole post. I usually do this but it's when I forget that I lose a post. My Mom also used to say, "Worn to a frazzle." That saying is soooo descriptive and leaves no guessing as to just what it means. Yes, boring suits me just fine. I don't like all this mess I'm dealing with in da hood. I'm from CO and we didn't have icebergs but we did have our own glacier. We were first uphill to get the pure mountain water before it was treated and sent downstream to the next town. It was delicious and everyone commented on it. That's what Coors is bragging about in their ads and tag lines, "Made With Pure Rocky Mountain Water." Well, Rocky Mountain water hasn't been pure, unless purified, for some time now. Still, it's some of the world's best water. Stuff down here tastes horrible and I have to use the filter on my fridge so I can get it down.

    Well, Kids, I will get the hardware on Julie's board and do some laundry today. That, combined with leaving my Rx's at Target and shopping, constitutes a day not completely wasted. Speaking of wasted, I think I'll have a nice icy Margarita this afternoon when it's sooooo hot out.

    Have a good one, my friends.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    His Mikie,

    I see I typed "His" for "Hi" again. I have so much trouble typing and spelling
    now. And my mind keeps substituting words. "When" for "while" or "of" instead of
    "for" or "two" for "too". All very discouraging. Not just one but a whole bunch of discouraging words are heard. Or at least seen. And the sky looks pretty cloudy all day too.

    I used to do the copy half of "copy and paste" to save my posts. But the board has
    changed. The last 3 times I did it, my post vanished. So I don't do that anymore.
    Like the doctor said in the old joke, "If it hurts when you do that, don't do that
    anymore." I believe the computer can sense that I'm really too old to be messing
    around with it.

    Here's more about icebergs (of which Colorado had none). The old Hollywood studios always had lots of relatives on the payroll.
    The most notorious studio for nepotism was Universal. Founder Carl Laemmle
    made his son the head of production when Jr. was only 21. And the payroll included
    a hundred or so relatives from Germany. None of whom knew anything about
    making movies and most of whom spoke no English. This was one of the reasons that
    Carl had to sell the studio. That and the fact that Jr's pictures tended to cost too
    much and brought in too little money.

    OK, so moving on to MGM, somebody there asked about one of Louis B. Mayer's
    relatives. "What does he do?" I think it was one of the writers who said, "Oh, he
    watches out the window for icebergs. Whenever he sees one coming, he runs down
    the hall and tells Louis."

    Congratulations on getting your new sea urchin vase. Almost like finding pirate
    treasure. Oops! Gotta go. Gordon just called me with his new toy. He came home
    from running errands with a bullhorn yesterday. Land O Goshen! Anyhoo Jeff
    and Buddy just dropped by.

    Hugs everybody
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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    So sorry for all the lost posts. That sucks! Just to let you know, I have the same problem with spelling and typing one word when I wanted to type another. I reread my posts and am aghast. What is Gordon going to do with a bullhorn? Glad Jeff and Buddy are visiting. Told my friend whose unit was flooded that her little dog, Pookie, was having a field day being visited by three women who adore him. His days are usually spent sleeping, and snoring, waiting for his Mama to come home from work.

    Just stopping in and saw your post.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon to everydobby !!!

    I'm so full after going to the Men's luncheon that this time the ladies were also invited to. We had an awesome speaker-"Mattress Mack" McInvale (sp?) who made his name in Houston for so many years. He sells Made in America furniture . Many people may not even know about him other than people who have lived in Houston, TX and surrounding areas for years. He started out with very little. He is a great motivational speaker who spoke of his life, the people who meant the most to him and got him to the man he is today. One of them was his dear brother George and another, Dr. DeBakey the famous heart surgery. He spoke of his ups and downs, with his family and daughter who had special problems and finally turned out to quite a philanthropist and social worker herself . She also went to work with Mother Theresa. We surely could use a lot more of him in this world. You could probably Google him and get a pile of great information on him. I had heard him speak before. He is truly amazing, He has such a wonderful work ethic, as did his parents and brother. Such a wonderful man who has given so much to his community !!!

    MIKIE - Sorry you are to pooped to participate and hope you rest and get to feel better soon. You can't be to bad since you sent shopping :)!!

    JULIE - You too! You are always running hither and yon for everyone. Glad you are getting a little time to take some naps. How nice you can have a Father's Day, Lindsay birthday, etc. celebration too this weekend with family. Have a great time but try not to wear yourself out.

    Hi also to Rock and Spring, and everydobby else. I just had to pop in to check with everyone. So much to do this weekend and get ready to go to San Antonio with friends for 2 days next week. Also get ready for Father's Day here for at least some of our brood. At least everyone is bringing something towards the dinner. I will probably make the pork loin and maybe potatoes or something. Others are bring veggies and a dessert.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Rock - yes it is very discouraganating to lose posts..what is a bullhorn? Ive fallen down a ladder, but not the roof...luckily escaped with not even a scratch...that too it was a rickety wooden ladder and i fell when i reached the top rung i guess my skinny frame saved me. Ladder and me fell in a heap. Ladder was the main casualty.

    Julie - granpas and granmas do that for some chinese friend used to complain that her ma in law always praised her daughters kids, overlooking friends own kids. But she did love them, used to make an annual trip from san francisco to here just to see the kids...until year before last when her husband died...he was 88.
    She is 85 or she was travelling quite a bit...but decided she couldnt do it any more. They went to live with their daughter 25 years back. What is it about parents loving their daughters more?

    granni - how far is san antonio? You seem very busy....and thats good. Happy to hear your DD was safe from the flooding.

    Mikie - your vase sounds lovely...i have a couple of crystal vases and luckily all of them survived the earthquake...including my tea cups and saucers and glasses which for some reason i fancy..others werent so DHs golfing friend was looking after his brothers house, brother is in Canada, a three storey house part of which was being used to house offices for their carpet business....whoosh the whole house collapsed!!! to the ground.A girl died, five others seriously injured...Nothing could be saved...DH was saying friend was depressed because it was his brothers..i gues it was hard to give him the news.

    Im irritated because we are digging thru the lawn which was covered with its all sandy...and messy...but the consolation is that the rains are here, a wee bit anyway, and the grass will soon grow once we complete the drain...

    Yesterday, i got caught in the rains...went shopping for was late, but cooler..didnt seem like rain but it came down, however, i just got a bit of spattering rain...and ten mins after i reached home, it poured...shudder, thank goodness, i wasnt out there...hadnt taken umbrella, not phone.

    Today in the paper there are three brothers triplets, and all of them are interning doctors...hahahaha they are going to enterthe guiness book of records...dr saugat devkota, dr saujan devkota and dr sauraj devkota...theyre identical and patients at nepal medical college dont know them apart when they come on their rounds, they all passed MBBS at the same time.

    Ill try and post a web page add if i find one.

    Take care all.

    God bless
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, it's 2 AM here. Hope everydobby at your place is sleeping peacefully. What
    kind of tests do they do after you've fasted? Draw blood? I once had a test where
    I walked on a treadmill while hooked up to monitors. I forget what that was called.
    I hope the new med is good for Gpa.

    Granni, I got the library book by your cousin. He has a very impressive curriculum
    vitae. Pathologist and medical historian. Fordham University and John Hopkins
    Medical School plus a Masters Degree in History from the U. of Arizona. He has
    also written a second book: The Health of the First Ladies. I'll post some more
    after I've read his book on the White House Doctors.

    Mikie, in response to your question, Gordon has not done anything with his
    new toy except to call me from downstairs to tell me that Jeff and Buddy
    were here. It's much more effective than an un-amplified voice. He was
    joking about taking it to his orchid meeting last night, but he refrained. Probably
    for the best. Are those healthful chia seeds the same thing they used to advertise
    on late night TV: the chia pet? I wonder if you can be a vegan and still eat a
    chia pet.

    BTW, if you're looking for bargains, and I know you always are, have you tried the
    military? I saw on TV that you could buy a 42 year old tank for $30,000. That's a
    saving of approximately 82.5%. [​IMG]

    Springwater. Here's a pic of a bullhorn. It's an amplified megaphone. In the 1920s singer Rudy Vallee was famous for using one. He went on to star on radio, in
    films and on Broadway. (A megaphone is just another name for a cone. You
    can make one outta paper. Cheerleaders sometimes use them.)

    Hugs to Barry and Sun and Diane

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another lovely morning here. We had a lot of thunder last night but no rain. AARGH!!! :mad: I woke about 3:00 and took just a sip of ZzQuil and slept til 6:00. I'm lucky that the cats like it out on the lanai early when it gets a bit lighter out. I did a lot of snoozing off and on yesterday afternoon and I feel better now. Just hope my exercising at the pool later won't do me in. Target had a package of two ZzQuil bottles on sale and I had a $2 coupon so got that while I was there. I've found I needn't take the full dose to get me to sleep. The Zz doesn't make me feel groggy when I wake. I have to go to Target to pick up my Rx's I left off on Wed. They have a lot of stuff at half price right now but I actually exercised some restraint. There was a lovely round mirror with a frame of woven sea grass. It was only $20 and would be beautiful with my beachy stuff but I don't know where I'd put it.

    I now have mgr., landscaper and pres. of the courtyard assn., where the tree may get planted, all on the same page. The old POA pres. has to go through the same process as everyone else to get her tree. Geez! We all want her to be able to do it but we have procedures and they are there for very good reasons. A lot of the things she did while pres. have come to light and I think she is in defensive mode. We've been friends for years and it saddens me that she is behaving like this but I still think her chemo and other meds are causing her flash rage. I still keep her in my prayers as I think she needs them more than ever.

    Granni, that man sounds like such a good person to give a motivational speech. I'm glad you enjoyed it and glad you ate well. Haven't heard from DD#2 as to how they fared in the rain. Hope your Fathers Day celebration is fun. Do you serve apple sauce with your pork? I buy those ready made apple slices in cinnamon for my pork. Wish I were going to San Antonio. I'd buy you guys a big Margarita if that Mexican restaurant is still on the Riverwalk.

    Springwater, glad to hear your favorite things survived the EQ but sorry to hear you fell off the ladder. I'm glad you survived that. The big EQ in Haiti was five years ago. The international community misspent 500 million $$$s and only six homes were built. Haiti is even poorer than before the EQ. There is an investigation into the misspent funds. The homeless have been pouring into the Dominican Republic next door but will be deported back to Haiti. This is outrageous. I hope help comes pouring into Nepal and is spent to help those who lost their homes and businesses. Rebuilding will likely continue for years. I only hope the new construction will incorporate some of the EQ-resistant methods. It is the deaths, of course, which is so horrible. I pray things get back as soon as possible and ask for comfort for those grieving their lost loved ones. I once got caught in a downpour in New Orleans when I was wearing a white top. It got soaked and turned transparent. Fortunately, I had a shopping bag to cover myself. Stay dry and safe.

    Rock, I'm laughing at the thought of Gordon's calling you with that bullhorn. I went out on the lanai with the cats yesterday morning and Joe, the guy who once yelled at me but is now a good friend, was out on his balcony. I waved and yelled, "Hi, neighbor." He yelled, "Good Morning." Wasn't there an old show where people yelled at their close neighbors in a NYC hood. Was it "The Goldbergs? Hmmmmm, finding the idea of driving a tank tantalizing. As it is, my Highlander has a few scars where I was driving it like a tank. Fortunately they are not that noticeable and the rest of the vehicle looks like new. It's not truly an off-road vehicle but, sometimes, I drive it like one. The Chia seeds are exactly the same as the ones one plants on a Chia Pet. I hope these seeds never sprout in the gut and start to grow leaves. Yikes! :confused:

    Well, Kiddies, I had better go read the newspaper online. I'm running late today. I want to go out on the lanai with the kitties because it's such a nice start to our day. No time to proofread so, please, excuse any misspellings.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another quick HI to all. Have a couple of washes going and other things. l went shopping by myself and then with DH to another store partially to get ready for the Father's Day dinner. I will need to get off here to hang up some clothes out of the drier so they don't get wrinkled. Then also some book work or should I say financial - ugh !!

    ROCK - Glad you were able to get both books at the library that my cousin wrote. I finally bought them and got my dear cousin to sign them for me and send them on. He is having a book signing of the one about the First Ladies very soon I think. I am reading that one now and it is VERY interesting. I would probably have read a lot more by now but I read it at night when it is almost time for bed and I am also doing other things, like rolling my hair and watching some of the same stuff DH is watching. Sometimes it is interesting and sometimes not :)!!! Oh, I was lucky to also get a good price on the books and he picked up the shipping fee for me too. Yes, my dear cousin Lud is so VERY smart as you might imagine after reading his "credentials". However, he is also a quiet and VERY humble guy. He dad came from Germany and his mom ( my mom's sister) came to the U.S. as children after loosing both their parents in CZ. His dad was a very good carpenter and did very well monetarily in comparison to us. There is SO much history in those books, I am sure. The one I am reading now tells so much about living in their time.

    Hi to everyone esp. JULIE, MIKIE, SPRING WATER. I need to get off and do a few things and may be back later.

    Hope everyone gets to have a nice Father's Day this weekend with their dad, if they are lucky enough to still have them with them. JULIE you are very lucky to have both Gpas around to see and be with a also, occasionally. Gpa Denzyl is so lucky to have you. He is smart not to try and move back home and I would think some time before getting up on that mower.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - i missed where you said your cousin wrote the book! Thats great, having an author in the family.
    Its so interesting reading about the forefathers and where they came from.

    Also, so inspiring to hear a person speak on how they came up in life ...and overcame odds to do well. I wish i had been there.

    Mikie - i do believe you would drive a tank if the opportunity presented itself...i suppose the idea of steamrollering with the tank over your recalcitrant board members is very tempting... :)

    So true what you said about looking for joy in everything, all places, situations...i find myself enjoying watching birds come to the garden, even tho they do spoil the fruit, and enjoying food, looking at how the flowers are coming up..(mine are taking their time, presently)....and reading books. The book i mentioned, Time and Truth is interesting but a bit puzzling...the author claims to be the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul...and also that Jesus has already come and is among us...he gives some anecdotes about some miraculous healings some of his 'teachers' brought a girl with one leg shorter than the other, and how both became the same size after a healing, which was actually prayer more than anything else... Now, i dont discount miracles, here people believe in healing by teachers etc...i knowof a cousin whose daughter had epilepsy and she went to her buddhist guru and without taking medication she was cured...blind faith at work? Some may say...

    But i would hv thought stpaul wouldnt hv needed to reincarnate i to an ordinary body again...he also gives some messages which he says were channeled and it basically says not to look for god outside of you, that god is within each person...and we are everyone of us powerful..that God and heaven isnt above us but in another dimension on a different frequency from that of ours...that forgiveness is a big tool in getting to the place we want to be...

    Well, we will know when our time comes i suppose...

    julie - sending thoughts and prayers , i know you will need them having to nurse Granpa right now..on top of your other chores...

    I hope your angiogram goes off smoothly and the results are all good....ifnthere was a machine could measure the size of th heart and all the love it holds, yours would be size xtra xtra large, god bless you, all you do.

    I would like to picnic under your sunflowers....thanks for posting that picture...i find it intriguing how the flower turns its head to follow the sun....we had grown them once, but nolonger.

    Rock - thank you for the picture of the bullfrog...i had to laugh. As i did at your post...the picture of Suns ship hitting an ice berg...and Den henge. And gordon shouting into the bullhorn up the stairs.

    Diane - sorry to hear of the allergies....i hope the weather is being kind to you.

    Our rains have started, but they are taking their time to fully arrive. The monsoons have their moods...the city of mumbai in indiahav been lashed with so much rain, their roads and homes are flooded. I dont even want to think of the people still living in tents in the EQ hit areas.

    We had pizza for dinner yesterday...and sons friend who is working in australia dropped by to say hello. He says he intends to come back for good in some years tho...doesnt like having to work for someone. His family lives in a high rise and they were living in tents outside for two weeks. But the young are resilient.theyre a joint family and one of his uncles is disabled by stroke so they couldnt move him, and hence the whole clan of nine were huddled in one room for several hours, while the earthquake and its aftershocks went on...i told him i thought that was kind but not too wise...what is thepoint in everybody perishing? But his family is close knit...i supose they thought it would look,disloyal for some to leave...leaving behind others. I dont know. I didnt wait to wake my DH when one 5 pointer came, i just ran down...someone needs to be there for the kids right? The DH doesnt even bother..he keeps put..well, thats his wayof thinking...

    Well, better tackle the day

    Hugs to all the MIAs

    God bless
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    There's still time to rush out and buy a father's day gift that Dad won't want.
    A bit of info I found on the net. Dave Barry says what Dad really wants is not
    another tie, but an undisturbed nap on the sofa. And here's some stuff I
    found that Dads never say to their offspring.

    “Can you turn up that music?”
    “Go ahead and take my truck. Here’s 50 bucks for gas.”
    “I LOVE your tattoo. We should both get new ones.”
    “Here, you take the remote.”

    Yes, Springwater, "Better tackle the day." Reminds me of carpe diem;
    "Seize the day". People don't say that much any more. But in stadiums and
    arenas all around the country during football games, People yell, "Seize
    the tackle."

    Gordon loves his new toy i.e. the bullhorn. He said it cost 99 cents. Not
    sure if he's kidding or not. Here's a pic of Rudee Valley.

    OK, the computer has gone completely off the rails. Gonna go.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    It's still dark out but I was ready to get up at 5:00 after all the snoozing I did yesterday. Cats are playing their little games in the boxes and packing paper my handbags came in. Also, a little kitty hide 'n seek. Sir Vester really gets into it, yowling for his sister to find him. When she goes looking, he hides and pounces on her when she gets close to him. She takes off like a streak. Sooooo cute! Sir Vester pounced on one of his little toys and is now snoozing with his head on it. Every now and then, I dig a toy out of the basket and they rediscover it. They aren't that big on toys. They like wrapping paper, boxes and playing with one another. Just like kids.

    Speaking of the handbags, one of the little leather and gold metal zipper pulls evidently broke off the zipper of my white bag. It broke my heart. I just leave that one on the side of the purse where I won't have to pull it. I think it must have fallen off in Target. I could send the bag back but they keep running out of them so won't take the chance.

    I've figured out that I may have to rest every time I work out at the pool. There are four other days in the week that I can use to clean so will adopt that schedule. My dear old friend comes to the pool to try to walk but loses his balance and has to hang onto the side. He's seeing a physical therapist for eval. and will start exercises to improve his balance. I'm so glad because I'd hate to have anything happen to him. The older woman who goes to the concerts with us once fell face first in 3' of water and couldn't stand up. She almost drowned. Yikes! Dear old friend and I are going to the bonus concert in Aug. It's the symphony and they are doing Vivaldi. My friend has a Vivaldi tune as his ring tone. That replaced the Perdu fighting song as his ring tone of choice. He's very hip for 88.

    Granni, your cousin's book was featured in last Sunday's paper. I thought it looked interesting. I once read that Mamie Eisenhower would take to her bed for days. She said sleep was the best beauty treatment. I wonder whether she might have had one of our fatiguing conditions. BTW, book got a good review. I should download it to my Kindle. Continue to hope you stay dry.

    Spring, I read a book called, I believe, "Messengers," about a guy who thought he was St. Paul reincarnated. He talked about the number, 444, signifying angels. I have found out that 4444 signifies angels for people in Latin countries. My psychic once told me that 4 is a sacred number. My birth numbers add up to 4 and she thought that might be why I give a lot of thought to spiritual things. Ever since my "aha" moment when we were discussing finding joy, I've been looking for it. I used to just enjoy it when I noticed something. Now that I'm actively looking for it, it's everywhere. I get so much joy just looking at and touching the cats. My orchid is finally opening and that is giving me so much joy. With the rain, everything down here is green and lush. We have a beautiful pool and I enjoy it every time I go in. Beauty and joy are everywhere. I'm so glad we talked about this.

    Think I'll get going to read the newspaper. I'm hoping I'll have enough NRG to clean today. I'm tired of lying around. I'm hoping everyone has a nice Fathers Day tomorrow. I'll honor my biological father for giving me life but the real honor goes to my Stepdad.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    We were posting at the same time. When DD#2 was here last, we decided to go out late and I said, "Carpe Nightem." BTW, DD is also a big fan of word play. When we travel together, we look for bumper stickers and business signs which feature plays on words. I had an Italian sausage sandwich from a cart and told her I was eating "Street Meat." She said that was gross. Maybe, but the sandwich was delicious. Man next to me said he'd love to have the spicy sausage like I ordered but that he had acid reflux. I told him I do too but I pop a Zantac. I've always had a cast iron gut but now have to watch what I eat close to bedtime. I don't eat after 3:00. That may be as much reason as my stepped-up exercising for my weight loss. From what I've read, the longer one takes Zantac, the better it works. I think my reflux is better. The most important thing is that I can once again sing to the cats.

    I'm glad Gordon is getting so much fun from his 99-cent bullhorn. Now that's a bargain! A man after my own heart. I think those of us who love bargains are really treasure hunters in our souls.

    More things fathers may not say to the youngens:

    I like your strange new haircut.
    Your music is the best.
    No need to clean your room; it's not too messy.
    Don't bother with the trash; I'll take it out.
    Drinking right from the milk carton really saves on washing glasses.
    Your facial piercings won't keep you from getting a good job. Same with your tattoos.
    Don't worry about your grades; many successful people flunked out of school.
    Your friends with police records are so nice.
    No need to say no to drugs.
    Safe sex is for sissies.
    Come home whenever you feel like it.
    A drink or two never hurt anyone.
    Don't worry about getting arrested; I'll bail you out.
    I think dressing like a gangsta is cool. So is flashing gang signs.
    If you lose your cell phone, I'll buy you another one.
    You don't have to respect your mother nor me.
    Don't worry about wrecking the car. That's what insurance is for.
    Don't open doors for old women. We don't want to spoil them.
    Forget what you learned in Boy Scouts. Where's the fun in always being prepared?
    Being nice is over rated.
    When you interview for your job, act tough to show your leadership qualities.
    When you have kids of your own, these gems of wisdom will come in handy.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. I'm back....late last night, and trying to scan all the posts to catch up.

    Julie: The sunflowers are coming along good. Are the little ones excited or do they understand the magic?

    I'm tired! And so much yard clean up to do besides washing my clothes and cleaning up cat fur on the carpets. It looks like they had a sister cat fight!

    I guess the best thing I did was take a sea plane ride (a six seater plus the pilot) OMG soooo exciting to be low and flying slow over everything. He took the plane down very slow onto a small lake up in the glaciers and we climbed out onto the tarmac (is that the word) hanging onto the plane so we wouldn't fall in the water. I sat up with the pilot going out and the plane....honestly.......was going sooo slow that I felt I was on a butterfly gently touching down onto the water. Super. I think it was the best $200 I ever spent. After we got back in my SIL sat with him......and he let him take the wheel of the plane......MIKIE.....I don't think that was the right word.

    I had some BAD pain days and missed some evening meals.

    And yesterday we landed back in Seattle and took a short tour of the Space Needle and the Chihuly Art Glass Museum. OMG......I had never heard of this before.....unbelievable glass sculptures .........a Glass Sculpture garden to walk around outside combining the plants and huge glass sculptures. This was a highlight and so glad I got to see it. I'll try to post some pics. or you can do a search for it.
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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone,

    just wanted to tell you about the result of the orchid meeting last thursday.
    i brought in 4 plants to show, one was 3 weeks old and past its prime but
    i brought it in just to get the additional raffle ticket. of the other 3 the
    brassia (spider orchid) won a culture award, the laelia cross (pink) won a 1st, and
    the other laelia cross(orange) won a 2nd. the spider orchid i got off the raffle
    table last year and it had three spikes. the pink one flowered for the first time
    this year. the orange laelia i must have purchased at one of the many orchid
    shows i attended. it has flowered before for me but the purple lip is amazing.

    i have also attached photos of two others orchids from the meeting that i
    thought were exceptional. one is a spotted encyclia and the other was a dark
    spotted vanda. i see i forgot to download a picture of jim's latest gem. it's
    also an encyclia. it's green with a very large white lip - spectacular!!!. i'll
    try to remember to post it next time.

    the speaker this month spoke about the various orchids from brazil - mostly
    laelias. i was seated in the back with the raffle table and could not hear too
    well and did not get much info. he also spoke with a slight slur and i wondered what
    i could adjust to get some sort of subtitle. lol i won three tiny orchids which i don't
    know what they are or how long it will take to grow into a blooming size. i was
    later told that it'll take two years as they ARE small orchid plants which means
    the flower will also be small. all that work and you get small flowers. ugh.

    everyone have a good weekend and i'll keep in touch.

    Attached Files:

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Isn't that funny! I couldn't post a pic of Rudy Vallee, but Diane did it for me. Thank
    you, Diane. And ya know what? You picked the same pic I did. I liked it because it
    also showed his saxaphone (which he played). And he had his own band too. I saw him
    live in the 60s (when he was in his 60s). He created the roll of the Big Boss in How
    to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway and reprised it in the
    movie. I saw the show with Rudy in St. Paul when it was touring the country.

    Mikie, that's a wonderful list of of parental advices. We used to have a guy in our
    office who never used advice; only "advices". He ended all his reports to
    our clients by saying, "You advices will be appreciated." I'm sending your list to my
    brother the Forest Ranger. He thinks our mother's advice about how to get on
    in life by always being nice was feeble minded. "All that does," he says, "is
    encourage people to take advantage of you."

    Diane, great to have you drop in. Your zucchini and crab cakes sounds good. Is that
    one or two dishes? I sometimes saute zucchini slices with butter and sprinkle
    parmesan on top. That's about as haute as my cuisine gets.

    Sun, glad to hear you had a great trip. The flight of the butterfly does sound
    magical. I looked up the Chihuly Glass Museum. Couldn't see much. Obviously
    they want people to visit and buy a ticket. I was able to find an image I could copy.
    Most of them can't be copied. There was one that looks a lot like the red-orange
    cactus blossoms on our front porch.


    Julie, you're right (as usual): what gets done, gets done. We know that's true
    because it's a tautology, and all tautologies are true. How is the house building
    coming along? Is anyone helping Den right now? Is Keira all recovered from
    her dental ordeal?

    Hugs Everydobby

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