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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Time for a new thread. I tried to open this thread earlier, and the electronic
    gremlins wouldn't allow same. Yesterday I couldn't sign in. Land O Goshen!

    According to numerous authorities, pundits, savants, and websites, the most
    frequently listed Love-Hate Relationships are with the following: Spouse,
    computer, job, car, pets. I dunno what number 6 is. Kids, maybe.

    Good to see you back, Granni.

    Bis spater
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    And speaking of computer malfunctions, last night I dreamed that the computer had
    run amok. I had posted a picture, but the computer printed thousands of pictures.
    Shades of the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

    Julie, bra jokes seem to be popular today. I've been having a cough for the last month
    or so. Cough drops and syrup no workee. Told Gordon this morning I feel like
    I have a ping pong ball stuck in my throat. He said, "No problem. Just wear your
    bra higher." Anyhoo, my posting was momentarily interrupted. It was the dr's
    office calling to remind me. My appointment is tomorrow morning. Wasn't
    that a kawinkydink. Thanks for the kitty video site.

    Glad you had a good trip, Granni. I am still reading your cousin's book. He must
    have spent years doing research on medical history. I see that he sometimes
    lectures on same.

    OK, Mikie, if you like, I will call you the pool Grinch. Are you sure though?
    Wouldn't you rather I call you a cab? Reminds me. Half a century ago I went
    to a Harlem Globetrotters game. Cab Calloway entertained at half time.
    Unlike many modern entertainers, he did not have a wardrobe malfunction.
    Congrats on your lotto win.

    Sun, the book I'm reading is mainly a thriller. Not really too much about the
    art-forgery business. I did see a book listed in the Daedalus catalog that
    might interest you though. It's called The Unfinished Painting and it's by
    Nico Van Hout. All the painting pictured therein are unfinished. They are
    by famous painters (Cezanne, Mondrian, Manet, etc). The price is
    reduced by 50 bucks down to $15.

    Hugs Springwater, Barry, Diane
  3. Mikie

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    Morning, Porchies,

    Slept well and am up bright eyed and bushy tailed. It won't last. I have to go over to the pool and that will leave me exhausted. I want to be able to install the board and shims under Julie's sink. If I get nothing else done, it'll be OK. I will need my NRG for when the kids come down. My new laptop battery is due to arrive today so will run down to the mailbox to see whether it made it.

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and going again. Sorry for all your computer gremlins. My health and computer are my main love/hate relationships. On the one hand, I'm thankful for the health I still do have but, on the other, I'm soooo tired of being tired and in pain. I should get a booster peptide injection but they have never really addressed the fatigue adequately. I don't think the hip/leg pain is related to any of my conditions. Hope the doc can help with your ping pong ball situation.

    Julie, I'm laughing at the bra incident. They always tell people to mark between the nipples when doing CPR. In my case, they would be doing CPR to my stomach. :) I've lost weight and my really good bras don't fit. I'm falling out the bottom! Yikes! I saw that movie. It was so so. Hope you continue to recover from you angio. My little procedure was really nothing except, instead of an hour, my numbness in my nose and lips lasted until 3:00 in the afternoon. Actually, I really did find the snot incident funny. This wasn't my usual Publix store so no one there knows me.

    Granni, my plants under the balcony overhang are dying too since we went to once-a-week watering. I need to hand water some things which don't get the rain. Come back when you can stay.

    Dar, as always, so good to hear from you. Glad you have a really good friend and an old beau whose life you touched. I believe we never realize just how much we may have touched others' lives. Glad you are getting medical attention again. Hope your allergies are better.

    Guess I had better go read the paper online. Computer has been slow loading pages due to the battery. Will be glad when the new one comes. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning my dear Porchies !!! Not a whole lot of time to be on here but did want to check in, if only briefly. DH went to the bank and then he may go to get the car washed. So we will see. The bank is really close and so if he doesn't do the car wash he will be back quickly.

    JULIE - Thanks for posting again as I as a few must have posted on the old thread by accident. or I was misreading again. I am great at speed reading and then I don't remember what I wrote - DUH !! You are taking such good care of G pa he doesn't need a while lot anymore or so it seems. I know he does need to be watched and certainly fed the right types of foods with his Diabetes. Glad they couldn't find any major problems with you but hope they can find what the problem is to give you that pain and awful discomfort. I am supposed to go to lunch with DD who lives here and two friends. It has been on the calendar for some time and has changed dates also due to a friends problems. She has Lupus, FM, has also had coughing and breathing problems lately and needs to have surgery but they were holding off with that until she has her respiratory therapy to help her lung capacity. That bra episode sounds hysterical to me :)!!! Just wondering if the problems or some of it may just be caused by stress, as you certainly deal with a lot some days.

    MIKIE - Speaking of bras I wouldn't have any problems with my boobs and bras since I am fairly small up there and hardly need one. Maybe one of those training bras is the answer or could be if I lost weight, especially up there :)!!! Sorry to hear about you having a death of a loved one. I didn't quite catch who it was. That is always a sad thing when a family member passes, or even a very good friend. Also it is sad too when you would like to go pay respects and it is way to far away. Sounds like you have been quite successful in losing quite a bit of weight. I would just like to eliminate my tummy . If I lost to much it would be in the wrong spots unfortunately. Hope you are feeling OK. I have been trying to play catch up since we have been gone and trying to remember what I have read.

    ROCK - Thanks for the welcome back. I haven't started my cousin's book yet that you are reading since I had started on the one about the First Ladies. It is so very interesting and informative. I usually hate to stop reading as it is so interesting. Some of the medical practices of the day were really interesting to read about . The people of those times had to endure so much. Even child birth was very hard in some cases and many a young woman died in childbirth as did their babies that were born with problems. I think most of our Porchies that like to read would enjoy it and probably the one you are reading now about the Physicians of all our Presidents. Yes, my cousin Lud took quite some time to write both books. I usually read it before or should I say when in bed and have to stop when the news is almost over so we can turn out the lights. I highly recommend these books especially for anyone interested in history and medicine.

    DAR - So nice to hear from you and sorry you have still been feeling el stinko as they sometimes say. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Stop by soon again when you can.

    Really need to start getting dressed and start a wash and do a few things before I leave for lunch with the ladies. Our trip was really nice but a bit short but it was also hot in the afternoons and late morning so we didn't get in all the missions in San Antonio. We had a few Margaritas:)! including right after we got rained on and we had to stop our boat tour around the Riverwalk but got a rain check to go again later on. So we went again after we had our drinks :)!! On Wed. morning we went to the Alamo again for awhile and then the missions trail but only got to go to two of them. One of them took a long time as the complex was quite big. The temp. was sunny and got fairly hot so we stopped and went to lunch. Unfortunately one of our friends stayed back due to some problems, I think it was diverticulitis . She also has other problems to which make it hard for her to walk much. We had some delicious food and had a good time with our friends, as much as we could. We hope to back during a cooler time when we can go check out the other missions. Maybe DD would like to go also. Maybe next year as they say.

    Off to go and get dressed and try and get cracken around here. Guess DG decided to go get the car washed since he is not home yet.

    Love to everydobby, and hope to get back later. I just deleted a whole bunch of e-mails yesterday and this morning. It doesn't take long to have them build up on the computer. I need to find out how and if I can make them disappear on the computer when I delete them from the phone. See ya later alligators :)!!!!!!

    Granni :)
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Julie,

    I'm so glad to see you say you can tell the family no if necessary. I've gotten so much better at it as I've gotten older and sicker. You are also nicer than I. Yes, that movie did have a sweetness about it but didn't pull punches about what it can be like, even in a loving marriage, when people age and one has problems. I watch TV a lot of the time just to distract myself from pain and fatigue. If I happen on a decent movie, it's the icing on the cake. Speaking of which, I'm down about 18 pounds now. I almost had a wardrobe malfunction at the pool because I always lose weight in my feet and boobs first. I'm losing it in other places too and that makes me happy. I have a lot of swim suits and they will just have to do until the sun and chlorine deteriorate them. As always happens, I'm beat and may wait til tomorrow and start fresh with Julie's cabinet. Glad you're getting some rest. Hope Den can too.

    Granni, soooo glad you had a good time. Drinking Margaritas is the most important part and I'm glad you did that. Mom loved the statue of St. Anthony along the Riverwalk and the place where they said the first Mass along the river. Evidently, it's a popular place for people to get married on a boat moored there. Oh, Lordy, do I miss good Mexican food. I just heard on TV that a water plane crashed in Alaska. It was carrying people who were on a cruise. I'm glad our Sun had a safe plane ride. Welcome home.

    I gotta go. My beach towel is in the drier and it's done; the dryer is nagging me to remove it.

    Love, Mikie
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Marina and Marla came by for a visit with benefits (i.e. tomatoes) last night. Marla
    is a B & W terrier with non stop energy and curiosity. She explores the yard and if
    she can get in the house, she explores that too.

    My dr. appointment is in a couple hours. I haven't been to the doc for 2 and a half
    years. When I was talking to Marina last night, my voice was pretty hoarse. This
    morning it is non existent. Just a faint whisper. Doesn't matter though. Gordon
    talks non stop when we visit the doctor.

    The Lucy episode this morning is "Lucy is enceinte" from 1952. It's the one where
    Ricky mixes up the words for Rock a Bye Baby.

    Good luck with those shims, Mikie. Do you have a sister named Kate who can help?
    And speaking of bras reminds me of the time my secretary showed up for work
    laughing. Her bra had exploded while she was driving to work. Apparently it had
    some sort of wire framework which somehow threw a fit and and broke loose
    and started stabbing her in the side. AACCCK! Years ago on some talk show,
    maybe Dick Cavett, the subject of bras came up. Turns out bra in German
    is B├╝stenhalter. Jawohl!

    Julie, How far are you from Howard County? I see from the village paper in
    my brother's home town that it's time for the county fair. When we were young
    a fair was associated with the harvest season. Now they seem to have them any
    old month. Howard County is just like the county where I grew up. No cities;
    just villages. The population of Howard County is less than 10,000.

    You can enter a lot of contests. Casserole, cupcake, Desert, With a separate
    contest for bars which are very big in the Midwest, Chocolate chip cookies,
    home made beer, apple pie, etc. There's also a baby contest and a photo
    contest. You can win big money here, Folks, First prize is generally $25.

    Hope your wrist is much better.

    Gordon says I have to get ready. I have to change clothes and brush my teeth
    (all 6 of them). I think I can do that in the next hour and 40 minutes.


    Here's the courthouse for Howard County in Cresco, IA. I think it's
    30 miles from where I grew up. We went to Cresco in the summer
    because they had a pool and our little town didn't. I think admission
    to the pool was about 15 cents way back then.

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  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I must have missed a post on your neighbor, Julie. Nice of you to help her with sink troubles. I have/had? a handyman but the last 3 mos. I heard thru his friend, my cleaning lady, that all he's been doing is working on a house remodel. Heard it's almost finished so then maybe he'll return a call I make to him. I heard that he's incredibly stressed over work. Hey.....that's about it for everyone's life....STRESS.

    Rock: I like thrillers, just not gory murders, so would you recommend it? I heard this morning that it's to be up in the low 100s today. I HATE hot weather, used to love it, so what happened along the way.

    Julie: You're a better person than me.......I know I would tell Uncle Harvey's DD to NOT come right now. I'm sure she's tired of him all the time and it sounds like SHE's the one who wants a vacation figuring to give her stress to someone else. All I can say is learn to say NO and you'll start to feel less stress. When I read about your "gerbil on a wheel routine" daily it reminds me of all the years I lived like that and I know the toll it took on my health. I hope the wrist is better today. I'm trying meditation/putting me a calmer state of mind, and from what I've read you have to "schedule" it otherwise there will always be something else that you need to do first.

    Granni: I've never been to San Antonio but who knows, perhaps some fall or winter. It's been years since I've had a margarita. As I get older I'm finding that even wine hits me too fast. On the cruise I never even had one glass of wine, but that doesn't me I didn't want one.

    The giant blister is still there on my toe......what a pain/inconvenience it has become. I have to be very careful not to hit it since I have to wear flip flops. I checked out an easy dance exercise class at the local senior center. It looks good and lots of friendly people there. The teacher told me to try it while they did their moves but it's hard to dance in flip flops so hopefully the blister will be gone by next wed.

    I have an appt. next week to get my air bags replaced......that giant air bag recall. I was told it would take about 6 hrs. I live close enough for the shuttle though.

    Yesterday I hit the fabric store and bought some bathing suit type fabric to make a tight covering for an old boogie board I have for the pool. It's deteriorating......little flakes coming off, but it's pointless to buy a new one at this stage of my life. A bright citron and a little sewing on my machine and it's turned out pretty good. I'll keep it in the closet instead of outside so it will stay clean for when my DGKs come over.

    And my cell phone battery died......and I was clueless what to do. So I took myself to the local Best Buy and one of the salespersons opened it up and got the model #, so I've ordered one online and by tuesday I should get the battery. I only use the phone in emergencies when I'm out but I do need one.
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi SUN, sorry for you blister on your toe. Where did you get that??? That makes it hard to wear shoes. I got one about a week ago wearing an old shoe I hadn't worn in some time. One big error was not wear hose with it but I think I may give them to people who come for donations. They have some life still left in them but is the only one I have in navy. Usually I end up wearing black since I have more black than navy shoes. Gee you are a good and handy one making a cover for that board to use in the pool. Not to handy and I used to be able to sew a little bit but not even going to bother looking for and setting up my sewing machine :)!!! Hope you can get a visit with your handyman who is busy with his other job.

    ROCK - I hope you had a good visit with the doc and no major problems. It is always good to get those over with :)!!

    MIKIE - Did you get the sink work done for your friend JULIE yet? I know she really appreciates whatever you can do for her to help. Hope you are feeling OK with all you do. Try not to wear yourself out. I haven't worn a bathing suit in some time. I used to wear one a few times a year when our DG's came up for golf camp and came and swam in the pool sometimes. Much to old for that now and DH couldn't care less about swimming in the pool or anywhere else, especially swimming in the heat or sitting out in it. Hate to say how old my bathing suit is but I think it still fits even though probably all stretched out :)!! It is sort of a stretchy material anyway.

    JULIE - Drop in when you can and hope all is well with everything happening at your house.

    I heard that they found and shot and killed one of the convicts that escaped in upstate NY a few weeks or so ago. They are still going after the other who they think they know the area of where he might be. Just hoped they weren't so desperate when cornered that they could kill or injure some innocent person.

    Going to run for now and finish getting dinner together.

    Granni :)
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I'm back from the doc's office. He had X rays taken, ordered blood tests, and prescribed
    3 meds. He wants me to have a colonoscopy, but I'm not going to. He found some
    anomaly in my sinuses. There seems to be a hole or a crack in the facial bones. I really
    couldn't understand what he was saying, but it's hard to have a meaningful conversation
    when you can only whisper. Couldn't make any sense out of the X ray. The picture looked
    like a ghost. I suspect it's related to my broken nose fall from 2 and a half years ago.

    Yes, Granni, I see that one of the desparados in New York was killed by police. Probably
    the happiest ending possible. The man died doing what he loved to do: breaking the law.
    Dunno how old your bathing suit is, but I bet it's newer than these Victorians duds.

    Sun, no, I wouldn't recommend the Stuart Woods book. I find his books are very uneven. Some I like and some not. Gordon is currently reading the books of M. C. Beaton, a British writer who wrote something like 200 books using several nom de plums. She wrote romances and detective stories.

    Dancing in flip flops?! Sacre Bleu! You might as well dance on roller skates. Come
    to think of it, both Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor did just that in a couple films.

    Ah, Gordon just woke up from his nap. He picked up my meds at the pharmacy in
    Chinatown. I guess I'd better start zee regimen of zee pill.

    Mikie, yes, a margarita (California's state drink) sounds Wunderbar. I haven't had
    a drink or a cigarette for decades. I tried a margarita a couple years ago. It tasted
    so nasty I just threw it away.

    Hugs, Everydobby
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not going to stay on here long. Just saw your post ROCK. Hope you get to feeling better after all your meds. Did they say why they wanted you to have a colonoscopy or just for preventative reasons? I had one not t long ago and a Sigmoidoscopy many years ago which was similar but doesn't go as far up as the Colonoscopy. DH has never had one. He is a big chicken :)!!! It may be a good idea to have them especially if you have a family history of Colon cancer or other bad problems. You know best and you probably have a lot to deal with right now. Most docs want everyone to go in for a Colonoscopy just to check you out, yearly or every 3-5 years depending on the insurance, etc. DH will probably never have one :)!!! He doesn't have any digestive symptoms though like I have had at times. I hope that zee pills will help you feel better.

    Hope everydobby has a great weekend. Not much happening here this weekend. I will be working some outside tomorrow before it gets HOTTER than HOT. Then the usual inside stuff.

    JULIE - Take care and post when you can and rest to if you can find a little bit of time. Time for me to take a shower. Maybe I can get rid of a little bit of my aches and pains :)!!

    Love to you and awl,
    Granni :)
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Everydobby,

    I hope y'all are doing well. I'm still in a relapse of fatigue. That's why I haven't been to Julie's to fix the cabinet under her sink. Since I won't be going to the pool today, I'll try to get that done for her. Neighbor from two doors down came by and she is in a relapse too. She had to have her thyroid removed and, now and then, she gets sooooo tired. I need to get it in gear as I have to clean this nasty condo before kids get here next mo. I can't give up the pool so will work on the four days I don't go over there. It's hotter than hell here and I can only go out in the mornings. I just can't tolerate the heat any more.

    I'm never glad to see someone killed, even a criminal, but I'll be glad when this is all over with those two guys. I hope they capture the other one. Can't imagine guards' helping them. Geez, had those two guys killed someone escaping, those guards would be up for some type of murder charges, I would imagine. Watched President Obama speaking at one of the funerals for a victim of the church massacre in Charleston. Sooooo sad. Those people are setting a real spiritual example for everyone by being so forgiving. I do not understand all the hatred and violence, not only here, but in the whole world.

    Sun, so sorry your blister is still with you. I had hoped it would go away fast. I wear flip flops all the time and am constantly bumping my toes or droping something on my feet. Yikes! Was your plane ride from the same co. in the same area as the one which crashed? Weather didn't look fit to be out flying and I wonder whether it was a factor. I'm glad you are safe and sound. Julie's cabinet sides swelled when there was water under the cabinet. When the sides of the cabinet swell, it pulls the doors apart, especially at the bottom of the doors, leaving a gap. I had this happen. I simply cut a board for the center so the doors could close against it. It's white and the gap doesn't show. In fact, the doors look as though they are meant to look like that. I shimmed the bottom hinges on the inside against the cabinet walls so the 1/4" gap was even. Just watched "This Old House" on PBS, one of my favorite shows. I miss HGTV now that I've given up cable. I hope you get your handyman back. We have a Batteries Plus store here but it's much, much less expensive to order batteries online. I just got my new laptop battery I ordered from Amazon. It came in two days and, because I have Amazon Prime, there was no shipping charge. Hope your toe is better.

    Rock, seems the topic of bras has some interesting history. In the 50's, kids called them Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders. I always tell people I wear a 38 long. In the movie, "Beaches," Bette Midler had a funny song about bras. The new underwire bras are much better than the first ones, which would lose their shape and stab one in the rib cage. Yowie!!! A bad Margarita is horrible. A really good one, with top shelf tequila, is heavenly. Glad you got checked out at the doc's. Hope all is well and your new meds help you feel better. Since being in a fatigue relapse, I haven't read much. I fall asleep. So, I just watch mindless TV (is that redundant, redundant?) and fall asleep. I actually enjoy some of the series which I missed the first time around. They are on Netflix and Amazon Prime now. Glad you got a visit from the M's. People visits are even better when they bring their furry friends with them.

    Granni, we typically wear our swim suits so much and the unforgiving sun and chlorine take their toll on the fabric. It's funny because when a suit starts to go, you can stretch it out and actually hear the elastic ripping. When stretched, it doesn't go back into shape. When I first started running in the pool, I bought three or four of the one-piece shift/sarong style suits and several swim tops. Instead of the swim skirts, which I hate, I bought black boy leg shapewear underpants from Bali on sale at Bealls. Barb is the one who told me about wearing the shapewear for swim bottoms. They are made from the same fabric as swim suits. I got them at Bealls semi-annual underwear sale--pay regular price for one and get another for $1. That's also how I buy my bras and save a bundle. With bargains like these, my cups runneth over.

    OK, enough bra humor. I'm going to go read the newspaper. This has been an exciting news week.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I typed the above two words and then was alerted by the Board that someone had just
    posted. It turned out to be Mikie. What a surprise. Hope you get some energy back, Kiddo. I see you're still capable of milking a situation for purposes of humorfying your friends. "My Cup Runneth Over" BTW is a song from the 2 person Broadway show I
    Do, I Do which starred Mary Martin and Robert Preston. I took my son to see the
    show in LA. The stars were Jane Powell and Howard Keel.

    I finished the White House Physician, Granni. A fascinating book. The title is slightly
    misleading because in the beginning there was no White House. Not even a Washington DC. And the early Presidents did not have a doctor on their staff. They simply used their own personal physician when they needed one and (unlike today) they paid the doctor's
    fee themselves.

    The first doctors to treat the Presidents were educated at the greatest medical school
    in the world at the time. The University of Edinburg. One of its graduates founded
    America's first medical school (Philadelphia). Four of the faculty were Edinburg grads.
    And two Edinburg grads signed our Declaration of Independence. (Benjamin Rush
    and John Witherspoon were both doctors and founding fathers.)

    Things are all different now, of course, The White House has a staff of about 2 dozen
    which includes 5 doctors. They are almost always military personnel, usually from
    the Navy.

    No history of the White House would be complete if it did not include the antics of
    tricky Dickie Nixon. He instructed the White House doctor to announce that he
    had never seen a man work so hard; the President was so devoted to his duties. etc.
    Author Deppisch indicates the doctor in question ignored the President's command.

    So, Granni, it was a wonderful book. I think the last book I read on medical history was
    about Dr. Walter Reed and the battle against yellow fever. Many moons ago.

    Julie, hope you can have a quiet day. Springwater, how are things in your neck of the
    wood? Sun, Diane, Barry, drop in when you can.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick hi to MIKIE and ROCK ! and anyone else peeking in :)!!

    MIKIE - Your talking about bras is hysterical. I still really don't need one but that is OK with me. So you are a 38 long I am a 34 short I guess you would say. For the most part if I didn't wear one no one could really tell :)!!! Sorry that you are full of fatigue. I have lots of extra pain today besides the usual. I even took a nap and I hope I can sleep tonight. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I guess everyone is busy busy with family or whatever since no one else has posted so far today.

    ROCK - You are right about the book and the book about the first ladies are about the same. However, it does explain that there are or were no official White House in the beginning or White House Physicians that were paid to take care of the Presidents, First Ladies of their families. It was so much simpler to live in those times but then again it was a lot more dangerous and people just didn't live that long if they were actually got to be born. Hope you can get ahold of the on on the First Ladies as that would be very interesting too. That actually is the newest book and so might be harder to get in the Libraries. Amazon does carry both books and they are in paperback but the one on the First Ladies is a pretty good size, no hard covers on these. Am little by little getting rid of books that I have that I don't want to keep as they take up space, etc. These are special of course and I do want to keep them along with their authors inscriptions to me :)!

    Hope you are feeling better since you are taking real meds. Just think of the flu and no meds as they had or didn't have in the past. That could kill you as many things could that we don't even think about now with all the modern meds, etc.

    Well I need to go and finish dinner. Everyone please enjoy your weekend !!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello Everybody

    I did a stupid thing..had my laptop open close to a electric kettle and since i was busy downstairs, the steam affected the laptop..couldnt open...need to go get it fixed..what a headache.

    Also my DHs uncles family visited...six of i rustled up a lunch for them, but was very tired. I had kidney beans gravy, eggplant mash curry and chicken ...

    My flowers that i had planted previously were looking bit sparse so i asked someone to bring some more..i dont know the name...

    My DHs second cousin from maternal side expired after battling cancer for fifteen years..they had three deaths in one year...his sisters husband died suddenly of stroke or something, then his old mom and now him...very sad.

    Its been last, properly and a welcome thing...we had a torrential downpour and the net stopped working for a while..

    Julie - so happy nothing found wrong with your heart, Oprah used to joke that her breasts were on the train going south

    Mikie - my cups have never runneth over size lilliput and used to make sure i wore padded bras when i was in early twenties, then after kids got born, they went a size bigger but i suddenly stopped caring.

    Rock - i love inquisitive dogs...Marla sounds very so happy one doesnt need a voice to talk on the computer..what we do without your posts, then? Get well soon.

    Granni - you have the body of a woman in her just shaking my head, i too am thin but i am scrawny, and feel the clothes hang offa me..esp since the too we felt some strong tremors

    god bless

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Speaking of computer problems, the little circle which indicates the program's trying to connect to something will not go away nor stop circling and flashing. Yikes! I've moved it off the screen for now. It's done this before and it will likely go away but it's certainly annoying. I'm still in a relapse but think I may be a bit better today. I have to clean the lanai as the cats have finally made such a big mess out there that it cannot be ignored. They are so good now and we enjoyed some time out there before it got too hot to stay out. I'll sweat like a farm animal out there cleaning it up. My dear old friend called about having coffee on the balcony but I'm not up to it. He has his own health issues so he understands.

    Rock, thanks for your good wishes. Glad you enjoyed the boob humor. The best book I ever read about medicine was "The Cry and The Covenant," about Ignatz Semmolwicz (probably misspelled that). Ha ha, I mispelled mispelled. He was the first physician to recognize that it was germs carried from one patient to another which caused women to die of infections in childbirth. I remember "I Do, I Do," but never did--see it, that is. In the small college town I grew up in, about the only thing we had was summer Shakespeare in the amphitheater at the university. I'm sure Denver had shows but we only went there to shop or to the Ice Capades. My uncles came from NE for the livestock show. That was the NE equivalent of a Broadway show. I guess they loved the hoofers! How's your voice? Better, I hope.

    Granni, sorry you are in pain. I hope you got your good night's sleep last night. I was awake early and slept fitfully for another couple of hours with frustration dreams. AACK!!! I hate that. I didn't realize you always have pain. Now, I admire you even more for all you do. Chronic pain is so hard to live with. It is fatiguing in itself. I didn't have boobs either until after having kids. Then, they came on like gangbusters! I wish they were smaller. They aren't huge--just enough to droop. Oh well, I wish they were the worst of my problems. Hope your pain is better.

    Julie, I'm glad you got a little sleep. Good for you! Yes, people who lived through the Great Depression tend to be really thrifty with some things. My Mom couldn't bring herself to get rid of any glass jar which might someday come in handy when making jelly or jam. She got sick once and I went over to take her things and be with her. I asked her whether she would like for me to clean out under her kitchen sink. She did and let me throw away the myriad jars she had stored there. It was a huge relief to her to have them gone but she couldn't bring herself to throw them away. It was OK if someone else did. The biggest complaint I heard when selling Medicare Insurance from people who tested their blood was the cost of the test strips. I hope your meds and supps help with your heart symptoms.

    Spring, soooooo good to hear from you. We were getting worried. How sad for DH's cousin and the family. Too many deaths too close together can be so hard to deal with. We are getting heavy rains too but will be dry for three or four days now. It's just hot and yucky. I'm sorry you keep getting the tremors; it has to bring it all back and retraumatize everyone. I am taking advantage of the dry day to clean the lanai. When it rains, any cat litter along the screened-in side turns to wet clay like cement. Hope those tremors stop.

    I had better get going. I don't want another do-nothing day. Hope everydobby has a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Again, Porchies,

    I'm just taking a wee break from cleaning. I got both baths cleaned and half of the lanai floor. I have to let the machine put down the cleaning solution and water and then turn on the scrubbing brushes. I then have to let the clean part dry before I can move stuff out there to clean a new spot. Too much stuff out there. Got both litter boxes cleaned too. I clean my toilets and I clean theirs. I'm listening to a John Denver playlist on Amazon Music. I used to listen to him when I cleaned when my kids were small. Even older--I listened to a playlist by Simon and Garfield. A walk down a sweaty memory lane. I'm not as sweaty as I had expected. I think it's due to a drier day today.

    I also paid my bills. I only paid half of the cost of the new mattress on one of my credit cards. I'll have to pay a small fee but I like to spread it out. I could have bought it on time with no interest but I got it at the best mattress place instead. So far, it's comfortable. They have a 90-day guarantee and would swap it if I didn't like it.

    Well, Kids, I think it's time to move to a new spot out on the lanai. Again, wishing y'all a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon awl,

    Thought I would check in to see if anyone posted as it didn't show up on my phone for some reason, maybe started another thread. Went to church this morning and then to work out as DH really wanted to and we hadn't done so in awhile. I surely didn't feel like it. I just did the treadmill and then a few other machines.

    MIKIE - I still have pain , not the ones I usually have daily, but it is the kind the bugs me when I try and get up and down from and to a sitting and standing position. It isn't the knee or the hip. I am guessing it might be a muscle, or sciatica type stuff. To lazy to search for the heating pad and sit on it for quite awhile. It isn't as bad or sharp but still bothersome. My head and back of head and neck is the usual bothersome pain- ugh !! I know I have chronic myo facial pain problems. Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight and beyond. I sleep for a few hours at a time anyway and then take my Strontium citrate for my OP and then go back and sleep again. When it gets close to time to get up I take my Armour thyroid so as to hopefully not have it bother my calcium when I take it at breakfast with most of my other stuff.

    I just checked your alert since you were taking a half time break from your cleaning floors and bathrooms, both yours and those kitties. Don't wear yourself out please and maybe take a nap when you are done, if you don't think you will not be able to sleep if you do. I actually napped some yesterday.

    JULIE - So much to think about with your family. So glad that Gpa seems to be doing so much better. Hope it continues. Take care of yourself . It will be interesting to find out about the mold situation in the house and also how things go with David preaching at the church in Missosuri. I know you are so torn about it but they need to try and get out and find their own ways, interests, jobs, friends, etc etc. 2 hours away isn't to bad for visiting and could be a lot worse. So I hope it works out for them. I know you will miss them all so much since you see them daily most of the time.

    SPRING WATER - So good to hear from you. I am so sorry you still keep having those after shocks or tremors. That has got to bring back awful memories of the first big one and all the damage and deaths. Trying to remember everything you said in your post but forget it right now. My brain is mush as my mom would say or is like a sieve :)!!

    Thinking about everydobby. I need to go and fix my steak so it can marinate some when DH grills it later, that is if it doesn't rain any. It seems like to much rain or not enough. MIKIE, I hope you get some when you need it but not a monsoon - like SPRING WATER gets them at times.

    Love you awl, Rock, Diane, Sun, Barry, Joan, Mickey, Elaine amd so many I cannot think of all the names,
    Granni :)
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2015
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    Just stopped by while I sip my Pina Colada. Wow! I didn't realize you have all that pain. The myofacial pain can be massaged away but it's painful when the trigger points are massaged. It's easier to keep up once one gets rid of most of the myofacial knots. Massaging them out of my calf really helped my inflamed tendonitis in my heel. I hope you feel better. I'm amazed you can work out when you are in that kind of pain.

    I'm actually amazed I was able to get all that work done. I must be a lot better today. My sciatica is acting up and I have the TENS unit on it. I cleaned the tile floor in my bathroom. The tile floor in the guest bath blends into the tile entry floor so I'll do that later this week after running the vacuum. I hope to do the pool tomorrow and feel well enough to get down to Julie's. I'm just going to take things a day at a time to try to clean the condo for family visit. Haven't heard from DD in CO but DD from TX and DGS will be here. I don't know how long they are staying but I have a concert with two friends on the 10th.

    Julie, I'll pray that the kids find what they are looking for. They might all feel better if mold is a problem in the house. I was sick all the time when I had mold growing unknown to me in my shower back in the 90's. Guess I either didn't realize or know you are a Cancer too. We are the Earth Mothers caring for others. I still care but can't care for my young'uns cause they live so far away. I do what I can for friends.

    Well, guess I'll watch a rerun of "Castle" and finish my Colada before soaking in Epsom Salts. Aaaaaah!!!

    Love, Mikie
  19. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Granni, Mikie and all on the Porch,

    Mikie that Pina Colada sounds soooo good. I, too, have been troubled with tendonitis in my right heel. No fun. I've been taking Gabapentin for leg cramps since my last doctor visit. Having sharp shooting pains in my legs that shoot from my hips down to my toes at night. The R.A. has run amok as well. I'm not exactly sure what is going on with my right knee. When I bend it and put any pressure on it, like getting up from the floor or climbing out of the bathtub, or even climbing up into my bed, (I'm very short), I get a sharp stabbing pain on the outside of the knee. Feels almost like a bee sting.

    With the rainy humid weather we've been experiencing for the last month, it's really playing havoc with the body. Between getting up through the night with my DD and the hip and leg pain, sleep has been a rare commodity. The last 3 nights running, even the combination of my Ambien, flexoril and gabapentin was not enough to let me sleep in peace, and it took forever to fall asleep.

    I vote we all get new parts! Are ya with me? LOL! :D

    Granni, I'm so sorry to hear you've been in so much pain. You're such a trooper. Since my job change, I've given up an any exercise program. I've been limiting myself to more "stretching" exercise. I've been having too much trouble with my joints popping out of place to do anything much more strenuous. My health has been sliding since the surgery 2 years ago. My present job demands I work 7 days a week, but unlike my job at the Fort, it's not nearly as strenuous. I am spending more and more time in bed on ice packs when not having to work or run errands.

    Hoping all are doing alright, Spring, Julie, Rock, Barry, Diane, Sun, Joan and any I may have missed.

    Love n hugs,
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    ARG!!! Woke with sciatica burning into my back. I'm waiting to see whether I will go to the pool or not. If I do, I'll wear a hat as my hair is a big mess. I've been doing some PT stretching to ease the hip and pelvis back where they belong. It was soooo nice this morning to look out on the lanai when I let the cats in and see a shiny clean floor. Wish I could put a little throw rug out there but they just pee on them. They never used to do that but have taken to using the little rugs for a litter box. Crazy cats!

    Hope I feel up to fixing Julie's cabinet doors today. I want to get things off my to do list. I took some ZzzQuil last night and slept better. I woke at 4:00 but was able to get back to sleep til almost 6:00. It was starting to get light out but the cats no longer yowl to come in until I let them in. They really enjoy their lanai.

    Dar, how is your daughter doing? I'm sorry you are having so much pain. You may have injured some soft connective tissue in your knee. I've had that pain you describe and resting the knee did the trick for me. I've had arthroscopy on both knees and the Synvisc injections. So far, knock on wood, the knees are holding up well. I don't ever want to have to have knee replacement surgery. In fact, with two of my good friends fighting post-surgery resistant infections, I never want to have any kind of surgery. Hope the humidity lets up and you can get some sleep. Lack of pain makes sleep elusive and poor sleep only increases the pain. It's a nasty spiral downward. Yes, I'd vote we all get new parts as long as it doesn't take surgery to put them in.

    Hope our Porchies had a good weekend without too much pain and fatigue. I think the dry air yesterday helped me. It is so lovely out this morning. I'm surprised the cats aren't begging me to go out on the lanai with them. They are both sacked out. They no longer camp out on the top of the loveseat in the living room; Tweety favors my bed and Sir Vester likes the top of the loveseat in my little front office where he catches the afternoon sun. Sometimes, Tweety joins him there.

    Nothing excitin' to report so will go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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