The Porchlight Vol. 820 IS CLOSED

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  1. ConfusedInPA

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    OK, here we go .... a new VOLUME of the PORCH is OPEN!

    My computer is doing strange things at the moment. LOL

    I'll be back later to post more.

    Just wanted to get another volume open.

    HUGS, Diane :)
  2. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Went to mtg. and drove to another hood to take pics of their dumpster enclosures. I stopped at the store on the way home for just a couple of things. I had a nice caprizzi salad. Instead of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, I use Ken's raspberry vinegrette and it's sooooo good. Sir Vester was all worked up and trying to make love to his sister, the little pervert. He wouldn't let go of her neck and I had to yell at him. He ran under a chair and mouthed off loudly to me. I got down in his face and said NO!!! He finally got the message. Don't think the vet got everything when he was neutered.

    Granni, Mom lived for five years after we moved to FL and she loved almost every minute of it. She was sad when I got so sick and she moved in with me. My illness worried her a lot. She died of a massive heart attack from a clot. It was pretty quick. Everyone on that side of the family eventually dies of massive heart attacks if something else doesn't get them first. No one on that side has died of cancer. I got my tendency toward colon cancer from my biological father but I believe I take after Mom's side of the family more. That is why I am working out in the pool, trying to keep my heart healthy. Everyone was good at today's mtg., thank God. Like you say, if we want to go out, it had better be in the morning. Even at that, it was hot 'n humid early on. It'll be 94 today here. Yikes! Stay cool.

    Diane, thanks for opening up a new Porch. For some reason, computer won't let me edit that title ofr the last one. I'll keep at it.

    Rock, would you ask Gordon about my catt which is blooming. It has tiny, tiny white dots on it and a couple of little patches of what looks like cotton. Also, up close, I saw a small web. The leaves and bulbs don't look healthy. Leaves are getting a pattern on them and are drooping. Is there something I can do for it? Thanks. I hope you are OK. Haven't seen you here much.

    Well, my friends, I'm going to veg for the rest of the day. I have been having a Herx-like reaction to my AV's and one eye is all red and irritated.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks DIANE for opening the new volume Everyone don't forget to go back and check the old volume for some of the last posts, like mine, MIKIE, and JULIE..

    As I said in my last post I went I went out and did a little weeding but not for long. My pain came back so I stopped. Not sure if it is sciatica or not, maybe muscle also. Who knows at this point.

    My DD gave us a few tomatoes from their garden so I made something for lunch I haven't had in years. It is so good - open faced tomato and cheese sandwiches. My aunt who never married showed me how to do this. Broil your bread on one side. Then turn and put sliced tomatoes on it and a slice of cheese. Broil on that side till cheese is melted. I am using 2% cheddar slices and then sprinkle some paprika on top ( that is if you like paprika). Just do to taste and it looks pretty too. MMMM it is so good. I could have another but not going to get up and make another. I guess you could put mayo and other things on it before the cheese but we never did and it tasted great without it and less calories.

    Nothing else is new just trying now to rest and get my pain to go away. I need to go take something. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. It will be Tylenol arthritis or Ibuprofen.

    MIKIE - I see you were posting at the same time I was. Glad your meeting went well with no major disagreements. Glad you had at least 10 years with your mom in Fl before she passed away.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Mikie: It sounds like you've got some mealy bug on your orchid. Take a Qtip and dip into rubbing alcohol and touch the spots. If you catch it pronto and keep up with checking it, it will be fine. Even the professionals get this. That's what happened when I bought 2 beautiful phals from a local grower. I found the white spots the next day and immediately took it back.....but it had spread to my other phals and it was WORK for weeks to get rid of it.

    Granni My aunt used to make the open face cheese sandwiches under the broiler....adding 2 slices of bacon over everything so it broiled. OMG was it good! Think I'll need to buy some bread and make that sandwich since I bought a package of bacon and need to use it.

    My DGD and I had such a good time yesterday. We hit the book store where I let her pick out some books, including one Fancy Nancy book signed by the author. I told her that it was special and to treat it accordingly. Then we stopped a few other places, got some lunch, then came home and played in the pool. Her dad picked her up around 5:30 so by that time I was tired. I'm hoping to go to an art appreciation class soon.......she's talking about Matisse and has a lot of slides. Very interesting

    Diane: You posted before I finished. So sorry you've again got a bug. I know what you're going thru. I couldn't stay healthy about 6 years ago until I finally discovered the oregano oil. Now at any sign I take a dose of it in a little water. It's nasty tasting but it seems to help me. While on the cruise everyone was getting my DGDs cold. One late afternoon my eyes were burning and I felt awful. Took 3 doses about 4 hrs. apart and that seemed to have knocked it out.

    The drought is awful! The city is allowing all their grass everywhere to turn brown....really depressing looking. I still have some saved water from the rain we had about 4 weeks ago. And we're allowed to water for a short time 2 days a week......assigned days. I just heard something about MJ growers up north......that it's upset the water for the salmon to spawn. OK......I'm assuming these are legal growers?????
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    Hi Kids

    I have been reading your posts. Just not up to posting. Still speaking in whispers and
    coughing like an old Model T. My body is in the limp dish rag stage. Feels tender like
    someone has been pounding on it with a stick. Uff-da!

    Mikie, Bad news. Your plant has mealy bugs. It's unusual for plants that are outside
    where the air circulation is good, but it can happen. Some people just toss the plant
    when it gets infected. With effort it might be saved, but it's iffy. First thing to do is
    to isolate the plant so the bugs don't spread. You can buy an insecticide. Bayer makes
    one. Comes in a blue bottle. Or use rubbing alcohol on Q tips. Swab the infected spots.
    Do the best you can to get into the crevices and nooks. Should be done at least 3 times
    because of the bugs' life cycle. Wait a day between treatments. Good luck. Picture
    is of mealy bug infestation.


    BTW, I never heard of Naples, FL. I guess the search engine had though. Soon as
    I typed "Naples" up popped Naples, Florida. [​IMG]
    Pictured is a house for sale in Naples. Price $750,000,

    Granni, I hadn't heard of 12 layer Jello salad for decades. Reminds me of a cookbook
    Gordon found at a book sale years ago. It was from a Baptist Church. Half the
    recipes were Jello. Your tomato cheese sandwich sounds yummy. I used to put dill
    pickles in my grilled cheese sometimes.

    Diane, thanks for starting the new volume. I saw we needed a new one last night, but
    didn't have enough oomph to tackle the job. Nice pics you posted. I wasn't wearing
    my glasses. Thought you had on a Santa mask. Turned out you were actually wearing
    a kitty.

    Saw a cartoon for cat lovers yesterday. The speaker is standing next to a litter box
    and addressing his cat. 'Never ever think outside the box.'

    Am reading a book by the cartoon editor for the New Yorker. He started a cartoon
    bank on line. You can go there and laugh at the jokes. You can also buy a cartoon.
    Most of them cost $125. But it's not clear to me what you get. Is it the original
    cartoon? Or is it the right to republish the cartoon. Maybe in your corporate news
    letter or in an ad?

    Hugs to everydobby, Hope to be back soon
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DIANE - So sorry to hear that you have been ill. That is awful to keep getting sick and then to top it off the supps you have been using do not work any longer. Maybe after awhile the O of O will if you don't use it to often.

    I have been sitting on the heating pad most of the afternoon. I get an awful stabbing pain when I try and get up or down from a sitting position of bend down or try and pickup something off the floor. Sitting also doesn't seem to be very good for it either. So I had better get off and get back on the pad or try and take a bath. If I do then I might be able to get out of the tub. Guessing it is sciatica. Not sure what else it could be. I have had it before. I shouldn't have aggravated it by trying to weed outside even though it wasn't much.

    ROCK - So sorry you are still feeling puny. Hope you get some NRG back soon.

    MIKIE - Sorry to hear that your plant has mealy bugs, according to Rock/Gordon. I hope you can get it to a healthy state again.

    SUN - You had such a nice time with your DGD. wish were that young. One grandson is 11 but has limited reading skills and has moderate autism and they don't live close by. We will see them this weekend since they are coming for the party and to see her favorite sister who lives close to me. So we get to see each other too :)!!! His nose is pressed into his gadget that he plays with almost all the time. He is good at games due to his dad being good and working with computers.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Got a surprise in the mail today. My Mom died 12 years ago. Like most folks
    in our family she lived a long life: 87 years. Her last couple years she lived in a
    Sr. Citizen building. After her death my brother in MN packed up her stuff and
    put the boxes in his garage. But, as I previously reported, he built a new garage
    recently. Has been going through her stuff. Sent me a $100 savings bond he
    found. The bond is payable to my son. But none of us know his address, so as
    the alternate I will cash it.

    My brother's village recently started a home town museum project. I'm going to
    add another hundred and send them the funds. All I have to do is get the address
    from my brother. You can tell the village newspaper has a small town outlook.
    So and So is in charge of the project. It would never occur to them to print an
    address. Why, everyone knows where Sally Kresbach lives. The Kresbach farm
    has been there for more than century.

    BTW, if you do a search for Kresbach, Lake Wobegon pops up. Garrison Keillor often
    used that name in his books.

    Granni, hope that sciatica goes away. Has it been a problem before? Looked it up.
    Apparently there are several possible causes. Hope it's just temporary.

    Julia, sorry to hear that Keira has a cold. I hope the homeopathic remedies work
    better than the stuff I'm taking. The cough syrup has dextromethorphan in it.
    That seems to show up in a lotta cold meds and stuff labeled Quil. The cough
    drops I'm taking are useless. One has pectin in it (might as well eat some jam)
    and one has menthol. Could smoke a Kool, I suppose.

    Springwater, Yes, I saw the doc. Got some meds; blood tests, etc. So far, however,
    I am not one iota better. Perhaps I should pray to Eir, the Norse Goddesss of Healing.
    Never heard of her before, but I looked to see if there was such a thing; found it.
    I kinda like Apollo better though. He seems to be both Roman and Greek. God of
    good things like the sun, healing and music. Even if music doesn't heal, it
    can make us feel better.

    Sun, Gordon hates our current hot weather too. He has the A/C and the fans going.
    We have a large attic fan that sounds like an airplane propeller and frequently
    causes doors to bang shut with great emphasis. He is a much happier camper in the

    That's great that you get to see your granddaughters. I agree. It's a big
    headstart for kids if they can read at an early age. My mother went to a normal
    school. Studied to be a teacher. (The schools got their name from the concept
    of norms that students needed to study which was a concern in our pioneer days.)
    We played games with cardboard numbers and letters. I could read when I started kindergarten. So could my son. And he could arrange the flashcards into sentences. Learning was never a chore. Just something we played at for ten minutes every
    other day or so. After about a month or two he got tired of it so we set it aside.

    Dar, did you see your chiro and did it help? We've been going to our DC with the
    magic fingers for decades every month. $92 sounds like a lot for medical records.
    Assuming they don't fill a Bekins moving box. I hope she can get home help
    soon. I just feel like our government is doing almost everything wrong nowadays.

    Mikie, Another wound. At our house, when I was a yute, we pronounced that to
    rhyme with round. And triangular to boot. Uff-da! Have you attacked the dreaded
    mealy bugs yet? It's a quarter to 3 here, so I suspect you are posting.

    Bis spater

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I'm running a tad late today--not my usual posting in the dark. I'll be off to the pool and hope I have enough NRG to do some work around the condo.

    Sun, I suspected the dreaded mealy bug but am glad you and Rock know what it is. I just sprayed the orchid with Sevin; bottle reads that it gets rid of mealy bugs. Landscaper told me it is fine to use on blooming plants and that it actually encourages blooming. I'd hate to have to get rid of the plant so figured I'd bring on the Sevin and if it doesn't work, I'll just have to toss the plant. I like to spray because it gets all over the plant--not spending forever chasing the tiny dots with a Q-Tip. Glad you enjoyed your DGD's visit. Kids love pools. That's where DGS hangs out when they visit me. Sorry everything is browning out. That's depressing. We only water once a week but it's soooo humid here and we are in our rainy season. I keep praying for rain out West.

    Granni, heck, I could make a mini pizza by adding a little sauce and some other things to that tomato and cheese sandwich. I've always loved fried egg sandwiches but hate the mess with frying. My stove is messy so maybe will make one for lunch. Mmmm! Good old simple food! You might try the Icy Hot TENS unit for your back. I love mine for sciatica. I hope it feels better.

    Diane, I have the fastest internet Comcast offers and loading pages is so slooooow sometimes, especially here at the PH website. Guess I'm not alone. Our community website got hacked with malware and my friend who is the webmaster has had his hands full working on it. He had to remove everything and replace it with an earlier backed-up version. Glad I don't have to mess with that. I don't like to have my pic taken either. Be careful with those cards with the RFID chips in them. Hackers can get the info when the card is in your purse. I bought one of those little aluminum card holds to house mine. Hope you feel better.

    Rock, I laughed at the cartoon about the litter box. I say, "Never crap outside the box." Note my response to Sun about the mealy bugs. Thanks for letting me know what was afoot. Things could be worse; that doc could have put the scope through your nose and down your throat like mine did. Yikes! I sure hope the solution they soak the scope in kills germs. They just use it on each patient and put it back in the solution. I hope you get your voice back and get rid of the cough. Nagging coughs are enough to drive one nuts. Sorry about your three-cornered wound. I am sporting one on my leg as I type. Nice surprise in the mail. Also, nice of you to make the donation.

    Julie, has Keira already had her pool party? I hope she isn't sick and has to miss it. Pizza sounds so good. I just realized that Granni's recipe for the tomato and cheese sandwich could be tailored to make a mini pizza. Hope you can get some rest and come back when you can stay a bit.

    I need to get ready to go over to the pool. It's cloudy out but not supposed to rain until around 2:00 this afternoon. It'll be into the mid 90's all week in the afternoons. Yikes!!! The heat index is over 100 degrees. This is the time of year when living down here is miserable during the day. Even the mornings seem hot now. Watching the sunsets from the beach and walking on the beach after dark are nice, though. Richard and I always loved going to the beach at night for dinner and drinks. I miss him.

    Hope everydobby's day is good. No time to proof read this.

    Love, Mikie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Mikie, It's not I who has a triangular wound. It's you! LOL Just shows how easy it
    is to be ambiguous without even trying. The best way to avoid this problem is to set
    aside one's writing and not look at it for a week or two. Then one proofreads
    and mails it or posts it or whatever. And how practical is that? You're right.
    Not at all.

    With regard to the hometown museum, I thought of something else. There is one in
    the nearby village of Fountain, MN that I visited in the 1980s. I wonder if the people
    there have been consulted for suggestions. I'll have to ask when I write. I'm
    holding off on writing because I don't want to send an infectious letter.

    This darn cough business started with several employees at Whole Foods where
    Gordon's brother works. He brought it home with him. I can't be mad at him
    though. Not fair to blame a guy just for going to work and then coming home.

    Hugs to absent friends. And if you hear anybody coughing, run away!

  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Sorry you've picked up a cough virus. Yes, it has hit people here and there and it's so darn annoying. Years ago I found the BEST cough drop ever. It was sold in little boxes at Cost Plus but they stopped ordering it from the maker. I looked everywhere and finally had to order a whole box (I think there were 24 boxes) of it. It's called Lakerol and you can check them out on their website. It was originally created for Swedish opera singers. Sometimes if I wake up with a cough at night I will put one under my tongue and go back to sleep. They have various flavors but the one that works the best is in the red box and tastes like licorice.

    Did you get any rain yesterday? We got some LARGE drops, very promising, but this morning I checked my water container outside and not much there. But it did drop the temp down to the 70s from the high 90s.

    Granni I believe you've mentioned you have stenosis. Did you know that contributes to the sciatic pain? I have various ice packs in the freezer and when my low back is hurting I pop one into a special back brace and it does help with the pain. Also the tens unit like Mikie said.

    Hi to everyone......I read, but not much to post some days. I think this weather is very depressing.
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    AACK!!! My computer has been infected or something else which has deleted some files. I've run System Restore and it comes back with the message that it didn't work. I may have to bite the bullet and back up my docs and pics and take it to the nerds to be reset to factory settings. I can do it myself but don't trust my tired brain to do it.

    Rock, sorry, I thought you had a triangular wound too. They are common in people of a certain age. Our skin gets thin and tears easily. It's not you who is the communication problem; it is I. I get so brain tired that even my eyes won't focus. I may skip the pool on Fri. if I'm still like this. That would give me four days to get things done in here before the kids show up. I once got the worst bronchitis from a fellow grocery store worker. It's a real hardship for the crew when someone calls in sick but it's worse to come to work and make everyone else sick. I hope you get over the crud.

    Sun, I love licorice. I should look into those cough drops. ENT told me I could use lozenges for my raspy voice. I wonder whether they would help. When I was a kid, I loved the Smith Bros. licorice and wild cherry drops. They were like candy. The new ones don't taste as good, all loaded up with menthol. ENT told me to drink decaf tea with lemon and honey. I do like that. Hope your weather improves. Ours sucks right now.

    BTW, Kids, on the news this morning, they said if a person smells vanilla, cinnamon or jasmine, it helps with sleep. I love the smell of all that so may try it. The hedge around our pool is jasmine and it smells heavenly when it blooms. I once tried to get up close to smell it and put my nose on the back of a bee. It didn't sting me and that surprised me. I think the bee was surprised too.

    OK, gonna go. Y'all behave yourselves while I'm gone.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon to everydobby. I tried to rest this afternoon on the heating pad and go through a bunch of mail and ditch what I didn't what to keep. My desk always seems to collect a pile of stuff and I can't get to the calendar. I even turned the page into July and added a few things to the calendar. There is already enough stuff on it for the month.

    JULIE - Sorry Keira is feeling badly and hope you get to feeling better soon and get some rest. Glad you also enjoyed your birthday. Yes, being with family is the best present. So many of mine are not that close any more. At least we now have one living close by. An hour or more drive for us is not always that accessible or close if the traffic is sometimes bad. I wouldn't do it for sure.. Depends if you love to drive and where and the amount of traffic , in that area, etc.

    Ask Lindsey if she knows much about or has heard anything at all about anyone who has a degree in Eyology ( I think that is how you spell it). Apparently you can find out a lot about a person by studying the eyes. There is a lady who is at a Natural Healings place by and they sell all kinds of stuff and I have read about her review. She really sounds good and so many people have praised her and come a distance to go to her. She has a degree I believe in natural medicine but not sure what it is all called. I made an appointment in a couple of weeks to go to her . It should be very interesting and worth the exam to hear what she says. She also checks your tongue, nails and maybe hair. Not sure what else. More about that later on.

    MIKIE - So sorry to hear about your computer causing problems. Hope it will quiet down and behave for you and won't cost a lot to get fixed. Also hope you don't lose to much stuff. I have in years past and I got so frustrated I haven't put any more in my Family Tree Maker Program. I didn't realize that you were going to have company for a few days for the holiday. That is wonderful that you can have them visit you and hope it will be a great visit. Making small pizzas with English Muffins in the past was really a big deal too. Just tomatoes sauce and cheese mainly but you can add other things too,
    ROCK - Have a nice weekend coming up. I went to Sams this morning and ordered a cake from them for DD party for the 4th of July (on the 3rd) and a belated birthday for her which was her 50th on June 9th. It should be yummy since she loves chocolate. It is marble cake with choc icing of course. If we were having more people I could have gotten half and half white and choc but it is a 1/2 sheet cake.

    Hope everyone not feeling well gets to feeling better soon and has a nice Holiday weekend even if you all just feel better and REST. Tomorrow I go and get my hair done - yay. It is getting so long and driving me bananas.

    Hugz to everydobby, inc. SW, DIANE, SUN, DAR ELAINE et al,
    Granni :)
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone

    Its cool for once and thats because its raining...well, it looks like its about too...its morning, sevenish...i had my breakfast, tea, boiled egg, and butter on toast. There is electricity just now, can you tell? Heh heh.

    The wet breeze coming from the window is heavenly...if only the temp would remain at this 20 degree celsius always....that would be 70s F?

    How is everyone facing computer problems all at one time? These machines, i knew humans were better...

    Mikie - im paying for my carelessness, i let my laptop be close to the boiling kettle while i cleaned downtairs and the screen is wiped out..gonna cost me a packet to $60.00 thats enough for 3 pairs of good shoes!!!

    Sun - i feel for you...that weather..well, here the minute it stops raining it becomes hot ..90s. Cant wait for winter..yep here, we go from summer straight to winter. I dont know what liquorice is ...all i know is its black..

    Granni - Eyology! One learns something new every never heard about it. What ki nd of diagnosis does she do? Medical only or also about character?

    When i was in seventh grade, we had a foreigner come to our school and he did handwriting analysis, so we kids took our exercise books to him to read...he told me i was 'serious' that i had just one friend and stuck with her all the time. ' that wasnt really true, that happened two grades later ..i had one friend and we were together all the time.

    Rock - sorry, bout the cough...brought back memories of when we kids would hv whooping cough all the time...i hope you recover soon...

    Your village sounds charming, the one where you just write sally kresbach and it goes to her..i love the thought of a business or homestead being in the same family for hundred years or more...stability. Maybe because ive moved so around so much in the past 25 years.

    Julie - nice to hear about the birthday meal, but sorry to hear of Keira coming down with something...i suppose you are looking forward to when everyone grows up enough to not get colds and things often...

    Diane - so unfortunate about those allergens...why do people hv to look out for so many things? Especially outdoors! How does one avoid going outdoors!

    I need some very thin cotton tops n pajamas..and went to hv a look around in town, and got myself thoroughly drenched with a sudden downpour. The kind of downpour even an umbrella is useless against...

    Yikes!! A strong tremor just shook the bed!!

    I better wrap up.

    God Bless

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We had to make an emergency visit to the chiropractor yesterday. Since we
    don't have one of those flashing tops you can stick on the top of the car, I
    suggested we take the bullhorn. I would holler, "Get outta the way!"

    It was a close vote, but in view of the fact that many of LA's inhabitants
    cannot understand, read or speak English, we decided to do without
    the bullhorn and just wave frantically.

    Here's how it all started. I was reading about the sciatic nerve in view of
    the problems some of our posters are having. Apparently in a classic case of
    medical problems caused by the power of association, when I got up from my
    chair I had a dropped left foot.

    Note: a dropped foot does not mean one that fell off. It means the foot doesn't
    work right. It does not move normally when one walks, causes one to stumble,
    scuff one's foot, etc. And the problem is usually associated with the sciatic nerve.
    There are multiple causes: problems with the brain, spine, nerves or muscles.

    I had the same problem roughly 30 years ago. Went to the same chiro, I think.
    Anyhoo one visit fixed me up then and it did yesterday too. But sometimes a
    fast fix doesn't work and one needs orthotics, or braces or even surgery. (We
    took Dr. Ted another batch of tomatoes to thank him.)

    Granni, I'm sorry your sciatica problem can't be cured so swiftly. Hope things are
    better though. Your marble cake with choc icing for DD sounds yummy. Reminds me
    of a friend of mine who went to a wedding ca. 1960. We both had part time jobs
    at school; got paid the minimum wage of 75 cents. He worked in the registrar's office.
    Well, his boss got married and the whole staff was invited. It was a 'mixed marriage' so
    they had a marble cake. The whole thing was informal and the emphasis was on a good
    time. Years later he still said it was the best wedding he ever went to.

    I think I will see if this will post. Just had a pop up saying I am no longer connected to
    the internet. How can that be? Uff-duh!

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    It's nice out this morning after a BIG thunderstorm last night. There was wind, thunder and lightning and we lost power for a short time. In the summer, we lose power from these storms so much that I don't program anything, like my coffee maker. It's enough of a pain as it is to have to reset the clocks each time. Why, oh why, doesn't everything with a clock have a backup battery? Oh well, if this is my worst problem in life... Went out to see the full moon setting in the west. I always feel better when there is a full moon. Just glad I don't grow facial hair and fangs. Noticed that one unit has a burnt out bulb in the lantern next to the door. I need to go change the bulb. A single woman lives there and I don't want it dark outside her door.

    DD#2 called me last evening to let me know DGS's birthday gift card from Amazon arrived. It's so cute; the card has cupcakes printed on it and comes in a little cupcake-shaped tin. He was thrilled. He's already planning on what Harry Potter things he will use it to buy. He is 10 today. They will be arriving on the 7th for my birthday and are planning on leaving on the 9th. Andy has team sports he needs to get back to but they may stay until the 10th. Andy is planning on leaving a fishing rod here, along with a tackle box. Guess I had better plan on fishing while he is here. I have a concert the evening of the 10th. My dear old friend will be coming over Sat. morning, on the 4th, to have coffee with me on the Balcony. It's getting busy already for the month and I need to clean the condo. Think I'll skip the pool tomorrow.

    DD said she is feeling wonderful since eliminating sugar and gluten from her diet. Evidently the heart-type symptoms have gone away. After all the testimonials from the people on the Dr. Oz ten-day cleanse, who eliminated dairy, gluten and sugar from their diets, I am starting to think I should try it. I need to call DD to find out what she eats. I had planned on a pasta/seafood dinner. I may make a BIG salad that she can toss the seafood into. I could also get gluten-free pasta but it isn't as good.

    So far, orchid is OK but need to get down close and personal with it to see whether I need to treat it again. Geez, it's 6:30 already. I woke at 3:30 but stayed in bed another two hours just relaxing. I was thinking what it must be like at the end of life. I think if one can look back and, despite heartache, loss and illnesses, one can say, "It's all good," it's a life well lived. I think if one can forgive and look for life's lessons in everything, it's a life worth living. If one sees one's children as blessings and feels it was a privelege to have been part of their lives, one has lived and loved well. In one of my favorite movies, "Life According To Garp," Robin William's character, Garp, is dying in the air ambulance but he is only thinking of the good things and how much he loved his life. I'm not planning on going anywhere soon but, every now and then, I get a bit reflective. It's always a good thing and helps clarify things and helps me to put things into perspective.

    Granni, as I mentioned above, my July is already looking busy too. Life is racing by at lightning speed. Computer message read that the restore I did on my computer didn't take but something fixed the problems I had been having. I really need to back up my stuff. Everyone in da hood is complaining about slow wi-fi speed, though. If I get gluten-free English muffins, I may make some little pizzas for us. I'll get some mushrooms and Italian sausage. That way, we can each only add what we like on them. Hope you aren't too busy to enjoy life. DD#2 had eye analysis and what the woman told her was spot on. I believe in it. Can't wait to hear how your analysis goes.

    Rock, I'm soooo sorry about your foot. I'm glad the chiro can fix it. One of my neighbors had a drop foot as a result of surgery gone awry. In her case, it was permanent. I'm lucky in that my sciatica is a misaligned formation between my hip and pelvis. My PT helps and I can kind of pop it back into place. It doesn't actually pop but I can tell when I'm back in alignment. The TENS unit also helps. I know it isn't funny but I do laugh when I think of you and Gordon driving with the bullhorn and yelling at people too get outta the way. Once, in Denver, I yelled in Spanish, when English and my horn didn't work, at a carload of people sitting through the green light in front of me. They all turned around and waved their fists at me. I was also yelling, "Verde," so they would realize the light was green. They were probably thinking, "Who is this pasty gringa who speaks Spanish?" Hope the foot is better.

    Spring, sounds like a good breakfast to me. Glad your electricity is on. I'm also glad you are getting a break from the heat. The only respite I'll have is in the morning--early. So sorry those tremors keep on coming. On the one hand, the tremors are good in that the earth plates are adjusting a little at a time and may prevent another large adjustment--a big earthquake. On the other hand, even the tremors seem pretty strong and are likely causing a lot of post-traumatic stress. Sorry to hear about your computer. Here, it might be cheaper to just replace the whole computer unless it is an expensive one to begin with. My laptop was relatively expensive but would be cheaper today to buy. I like it because it has a 17 1/2" HD screen and a full keypad. Seems now the trend is to go smaller. My Surface laptop is small and I don't like it. My cousins got certified as experts at handwriting analysis. That was about 20 yrs. ago when a lot of companies were using it to evaluate potential employees. Very interesting stuff. Stay cool, my friend.

    Julie, yes, that is so sad that GPA has basically given up hope of going home with someone to help him. It must mean the world to him that you take care of him. Is your cholesterol high? Statins have gotten some bad press lately. Of course, if the only way to control cholesterol is to take them, I guess I'd take them but I'd give diet and exercise a chance first. I think most of the blood pressure meds have been around a long time and I don't remember any with dire side effects. In my case, the beta blocker caused an asthma attack but that only happens in people prone to asthma in the first place. To say you've had stress is an understatement. Is there any way you can meditate for even half an hour each day? I think one needs to schedule the time and make it a priority. I believe exercise and meditation are two of the best things we can do for ourselves. Exercise in the morning revs up the metabolism for the day. Meditating in the quiet morning sets the tone for the day. High blood pressure, combined with high cholesterol, is a risk for cardiac disease. I have high BP and a family history of heart attacks but, fortunately, my cholesterol is good. My "good" cholesterol was a bit low but the aerobic exercise I do in the pool has boosted it into the good range. Good luck and keep us updated. BTW, mentioned above that DD, who just had her cardiac workup, feels great by eliminating sugar and gluten. No more cardiac symptoms.

    Well, Kiddies, I need to read the paper and get going around here before it is sweltering out. It's time to make the dreaded run to the dumpster. AACK!!! Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, back again. I was connected to the internet.

    Julie, I don't even know what a Beta Blocker blocks. Certainly not Betas. Betas are
    the "B's" in the Greek alphabet as in the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. We had one at our
    school. The only guys who belonged were athletes. Note: they didn't have a fraternity
    for puny guys like me.

    Do you have an I Hop near you? Gordon and have been to one only once in the last 30
    years or so. Used to enjoy their waffles and all the exotic syrups like raspberry and
    tutti-frutti. Bet Gpa would like them too. Oh wait, that last one was a Little Richard
    song back in the 50s. Anyhoo I hope you'll have the time and energy to focus on your health. Being sick takes a lotta work. Or as Dolly put it, It costs a lot to look
    this cheap.

    Springwater, shoes for $20 a pair sounds pretty reasonable to me. When I got outta
    school there was a chain of stores that sold all their shoes for the same price: $7 a
    pair. Perfectly good shoes too.

    I know what you mean about moving a lot. My plan was to settle down in a small
    city in the Midwest when I was in my 40s. Didn't work out though. Got sick and
    everything changed.

    My brother married into a big Catholic family with the last name of Hoag. (Tami
    Hoag, the best selling author also married into the same family.) Anyway I
    told my sister in law that the Hoag farm was the first in our county. It was news
    to her. I can't remember the date. Around 1850 I think. Nobody in our
    family is interested in the family history except one aunt who passed away
    a decade ago. She put together a book on her research.

    Mikie, I spect you are here posting. Hi Sun, Diane, Dar, Barry. Still got the coughs
    but am whispering louder. Hugs to all.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Again,

    Rock, yes, I did another W&P post and likely wasn't done in time for you to see it. I assume the family name was pronounced as it's spelled and not like "hog." Did they have a hog farm? It would be funny to see Hoag's Hog Farm on a sign. I love IHOP. We ate there in Orlando and I was in heaven. Ha! Hog Heaven! I've never met anyone who planned to settle down in the Midwest. I always just figured no one moved there, except for work in a City like Chicago. I assumed everyone there had always lived there. I think almost everyone in Mom's hometown in NE had always lived there. It was a good life with loving, friendly people who regarded the lifestyles on both coasts as a bit strange. I always think of people in the Midwest as being strong with strong values. I'm from out West and that's a whole different story. I never even thought about moving to FL until about 25 yrs. ago. Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of my moving here. I always think about the old saying, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans," whenever I hear anyone speaking of plans.

    I've been sweeping up the litter on the lanai and cleaning the litter box. Then, I went down to the dumpster and came back. I was dripping sweat just from that little chore. Yikes! :confused: I feel gross. I've just been cleaning up in here ever since. I've also been asking for help from St. Anthony. It's time to put a new sticker on my license plate and I can't find it. I've been so sick and tired that I can't even remember whether it came in the mail. If it did, I think it would be in my little stack of things I need to do. So, tomorrow, I get to go to the DMV to get one. AACK!!! Just what I need. Whine, whine, whine.

    DD#2 just called to say she hasn't heard from DD#1 so guess she won't be coming down. I can never count on her to do what she says she will. I just take it in stride and when she decides to show up, she will. She is so busy and I think life just overwhelms her. DD#2 thought a big salad into which she can put some seafood would be great. I'll get some Rice Krispies for her and DGS for breakfast, along with fruit. Eating gluten free can be a challenge.

    I did get some bills paid online and that's always good to get outta the way. I'm going to change my bed and vacuum the carpet and clean the tiles. I will have enough time to get this place cleaned up before the kids come if I can just pace myself. Right now, I'm going to fix a salad for myself for lunch. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning almost afternoon to awl,

    Not much time to stay on the Porch as I have a noon appointment. Was going to go to WM for a few things afterwards but not sure how I will feel after sitting in the hairdressers chair for so long with this sciatica thing or whatever it is. It is better but definately not gone..

    Not sure if I told you all or not but we had a pretty heavy rain again a few days ago and the LEAK IS BACK !!!! Now DH is all upset, the guy is coming back today but not sure if he can do anything else but seal it. Then we have to wait for more rain and hope it doesn't start again. I say we should wait and see what happens and DH says we should cancel out trip to see our daughter on the 15th of July. We don't want to be gone when rain starts coming in again. DH doesn't agree with me to wait he just wants to cancel. and DD #4 will be upset. She has had her vacation or part of it on the books for some time at work. DH just gets upset and didn't quite understand what I was saying so got all upset again. I have texted my daughter to let her know of the possibility of us not coming down. DH will tell her probably no tomorrow. This stuff is great for the blood pressure ):!!

    Tomorrow is the early 4th and belated birthday 50th party at DD's. So may not get on all day and then on sat is the party around here. DGS might enjoy that with decorated golf carts and such. I am sure MIKIE has a lot of the same stuff going in her hood.

    MIKIE - Sorry that one of your daughters is not coming but hate it when people don't respond. I have one daughter supposedly who has decided she doesn't want to be bothered with us for her confused reasons and that is sad. Our son and wife has to work tomorrow. If they had the party on the 4th DD#2's son who works at WM couldn't get to come again. So we made it early by one day. We will still party some as DD#4 and family will be here through Sunday I believe. Have a great time and enjoy your family.

    JULIE - How nice that Gpa got to see his sister at WM. Nice pic on FB. Enjoy your holiday and try and relax a little if that is at all possible.

    Have to fix a quick early lunch now so need to hop off the porch. Sorry I cannot talk to you all personally today or right now. More later if I can today.

    Love to awl ,
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I am happy to report my health is much improved. I wish all of you could say the
    same thing. My voice is almost back to normal. The persistent cough has stopped.
    And my dropped foot has picked itself up and started all over again.

    Not only that, but I won a trophy. Yeah, right here on the board. I found it
    yesterday when I opened the alert box. You get one for hitting the one thousand
    post mark. I had over 10,000 posts before the PH Board was greatly modified
    several years ago. Even if I wanted to I couldn't go back and read them all
    again. A moderator told me years ago that several hundred had been removed.
    (No explanation of why.) Anyhoo, we all know our goal in life should be quality,
    not quantity. (Unless people are talking about money.)

    Mikie, Hoag is pronounced just as you suspected: with a long "O" as in
    The Rogue Song, a 1930s movie operetta that starred Lawrence Tibbett, Met
    baritone and Laurel and Hardy. Your grandson who is coming to visit is
    Andy the Magician, right? You can tell him I watched his trick with an
    eagle eye several times and never could figure out how he did it.

    Yes, you're right. Plans are funny things. And so are plants. And planes.
    And you have dealt with all three. "Live for today. Don't worry about tomorrow."
    But if you don't give some thought to tomorrow, you won't be prepared. So
    as in most cases, it's a balancing act. Not to be confusiated with the
    choreographer George Balanchine. Hope your DMV sticker shows up

    Granni, glad to hear there's some improvement with the sciatica. Isn't life
    annoying when you try to deal with problems and they keep popping up again
    and again. Like the pesky leak. Yesterday we were setting out for the library
    and the car wouldn't start. So Gordon called the AAA. Some guy with a lotta
    attitude and a tow truck showed up. Said the car battery was no good.

    Gordon bought a new battery last year. And it died early this year, so he
    was given a replacement. But that must have been recycled one or something
    because now it has failed. Anyhoo he got another one; no charge. "Always
    something." as some philosopher ( Alfred North Whitehead or Yogi Berra)
    put it. Whitehead BTW died when I was in grade school, but Yogi is
    still with us (90) and still saying interesting things. On the recent brouhaha
    about under inflated footballs, Yogi said, "If you're gonna cheat, it's better
    if you don't get caught."

    Julie, sorry to hear the drama still goes on. I hope you can get some rest. Don't
    knock yourself out fixing stuff for the 4th. Got the weekly paper from my
    brother's village. They had a basket social. Raised $3,600. The money goes
    into the town fund to support celebrations and various fun events. One of these
    was an educational show about reptiles and amphibians. Another was the
    Farmers' Market which just opened. And the Lion's Club just installed new
    officers. One of whom is my nephew's wife who is the new President. There
    will be an Art in the Park Day at the State Park which is right next to the town.
    Always lots of stuff going on in little town. Den making progress on the house?

    Nothing much going on here. Went to 2 libraries yesterday. Got ten books. We
    have to stock up as the libraries will be closed 4 days for the holiday.

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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    AACK!!! I woke at 1:30 with ringing in my ears. Took some ZzzQuil and 1/2 mg. of Special K and went peacefully back to sleep. Not being able to find that license plate sticker really stressed me out. DMV is closed for the 4th today so will go there on Mon. That will actually be better for me. I remember ordering the sticker online but don't remember actually receiving it. Of course, I've been in a relapse for several months and my poor pea brain has been absent from work. Realllly absent! Woke with my heel really inflamed and sore so will not go to the pool today nor Mon. I hate to miss two workouts in a row but my poor health, and all I need to do to get read for the kids' visit, demand I stay away. Mon., I need to be at the DMV. Tues., I have the condo mtg. in the morning and have to pick up the kids from the airport around 1:00 in the afternoon.

    Does anyone know how to stop oxidation in aluminum? I spilt some bleach on the bottom of the air handler for my A/C and it started to eat it just like rust on iron. I put some rust stuff on it and it does seem to have helped. I think the A/C is blowing that smelly oxidation process into the air I breathe. It smells slightly acrid, like metal. That may account for my constant dry cough and raspy throat. I need to call the A/C guy to come out for an annual checkup on it so will ask him. In the meantime, I'll see what I can find online. The design of the air handler is horrible. It's a good idea to pour bleach and very hot water down the overflow tray to clear the drain so it won't ice up. Drain is at the very back under the cooling coils and it's really difficult to pour the bleach without having it drip on the floor of the unit. Just another problem I seem to be having in spades.

    Can't get my almost-new printer to work. I've set it up by having it do maintenance on the ink and that seems to have gone well; however, every time I try to copy or print, I get a message that I've selected an "Invalid Paper Source." I selected the rear paper option which, BTW, is the only option and, yet, I keep getting the message. It won't let me redo it nor clear everything out. That really threw me into a tizzy yesterday.:mad: The manual is only a couple of pages and no help at all. I'll look for a customer service no. to call or go online to the Epson website. No way can I do my job on the board without a printer.

    Oh, Granni, here I am complaining and you have had a nonstop headache with that leak. Is the guy fixing it capable? Is he a roofer? If it were me, I'd call in someone with more skills. Angie's List is cheap to subscribe to and it's a huge help in finding good services and repair people. Glad your sciatica is better. Mine was screaming at me yesterday. I'm sure all my stress just contributed to it. I hate to think of your having to miss the events with kids. On the other hand, the longer the roof leaks, the more chance of water damage to your home. We have had very strong storms here with rain and hail--pretty large hail considering it's in the mid-90's. Hoping and praying you feel better and can get that roof fixed once and for all.

    Rock, congratulations on your trophy. It may honor quantity but we all know how much quality you put into your posts. I've seen you welcome newbies on this forum and others and you are so warm and welcoming. I'm glad to hear your health has improved too. If you read above, you may have noticed that I have a clue as to what may be bothering my throat and voice. Yes, it is Andy, my only grandchild, who is coming down with DD#2. I'll tell him what you said. I already told him the nice comments my Online Family made about his video. He's such a nice, grounded little man. He has everything but isn't spoiled. He's kind to the other kids and helpful and, as a result, is popular. He's also quite an athlete. Can ya tell I'm proud of him? :rolleyes:

    When the guy from AAA came, did he hook up the little computer which gives the problem codes? They are supposed to make sure it isn't the alternator and not just the battery. I've always had really nice guys come out and they replaced my battery a few years ago. Batteries don't last long down here. I can't imagine life without AAA. Just saw a special on PBS about how AAA was involved in the Park To Park Highway, connecting the National Parks in the West. It may be on You Tube. Ken Burns, who was involved in the Roosevelt series, made the Park series. Yes, plans, plants and planes are strange things. While the kids are here, I plan to plant my ass in a chair and relax and stay away from planes.

    Julie, now, it's doubly heartbreaking to hear that GPA misses his cat and wants to see it. Cancers aren't always giving caretakers. As with every sign in the Zodiac, there is a darker side and, with Cancers, that dark side is usually displayed by extreme lying. You cannot depend on these types of people nor can you believe a word they say. Sound familiar? Is GPA's cat an indoor cat? Is it being properly cared for? I'm sure he worries about it. I think it's good that he realizes how busy you are. It's also good that you aren't letting it get to you to cause more stress. Dr. Oz had a brand new blood test on his show yesterday. I haven't followed up with checking on his website but he called it the plaque test. This blood test reveals the unique type of inflammation in blood vessels caused by thin inner blood vessels combined with large amts. of plaque in the outer walls.

    He even mentioned that, before the test, docs often prescribed drugs as a precaution. With the new test, if one tests normal, it isn't necessary to take those drugs if BP and cholesterol are normal and there isn't a strong history of heart disease. Of course, if they aren't normal, the conditions need to be treated. That's why I have to take the BP meds. Our family has a strong history of heart disease and my BP is high. I thought of you and me when I watched his show. I'm going to ask my doc for that test in Jan. when we do my labs.

    Well, Kids, it's time to go read the paper. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and wish y'all a very happy and healthy weekend, free from drama and stress. I'm going to do my best to stop stressing over stupid little things. I do well with catastrophes but not with the small stuff.

    Love, Mikie
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