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    Hi Kids, Guests, Relatives, Neighbors, Friends, Pets

    Pull up a chair, set yourself down, and chat. Be right back.


    OK, I"m back.

    Julie, glad you could stop by for a few minutes. Good luck with all the
    errands. Thornton Wilder wrote a play with a title like The
    Never Ending Christmas Dinner. Maybe you could write one
    called the Never Ending Parade of Errands.

    OK, just looked it up. Wilder's play was called The Long Christmas
    Diner. Same idea though. You can see the play on Youtube. There
    is a long version in Russian and a shorter version in English but
    the sound isn't too good. Maybe the library is the way to go.

    On the other hand you can see his complete Our Town: both the
    movie from the year I was born and a more recent version with Paul
    Newman as the Stage Manager

    Sun, you are braver as I to watch a game in 40 degree weather. I
    remember 5 years ago we had a cold winter. It sometimes got
    down to 44 degrees. Zippy insisted on sleeping outside. I put
    velvet (or maybe velour) both over and under him.

    I remember playing in the High School Band at football games in
    Minnesota. It got pretty cold. The reed players sometimes reported
    a cracked reed. I always left right after we marched at half time.
    Our house was just across the street.


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  2. Mikie

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    My Sweet Online Family,

    Thank you all so much for your support. Yes, this decision is killing me. Even when Tweety is good for a night or two, it isn't enough to keep me going. Even if the Red Tide clears up, I'll still be sleep deprived. It's been about two years since they came to live with me and, if it keeps up, I don't think I can recover. I've kept telling myself it will be OK but it isn't. I know what I have to do. I'm going to make some calls to see which shelter I'll take them to and call Jeff and Julie to let them know. I'm worried that the shelter won't want Sir Vester because he favors his webbed foot even though it's not painful and he can run and use the scratching post. If worse came to worst, I might be able to keep him but I think he would go crazy without her and vice-versa. I hope they can both be adopted together. I can deal with my illnesses but not with that and this craziness of getting no sleep. I wish life didn't have to be so hard sometimes.

    Rock, thank you for starting up a new Porch. Your plate analogy is perfect. At some point, something has to give. I like the colors you have in your new shirt. I had a couple of plaid flannel shirts when I lived in CO but got rid of them. No need for them in hot, steamy FL. The Red Tide stays as long as conditions are good for the overbloom of the algae. Even the experts aren't sure of just what those conditions are but Nov. is a prime time for it. As I mentioned before, I'm not fluent in anything, including English! Languages derived from Latin are easier if one has learned another derived from Latin. Italian is easier for those who speak Spanish. French is difficult due to the strange pronunciation and Russian is difficult due to the completely different alphabetical letters. Also, Russian has all the case endings like Latin. ARG!!! I am mistaken; our plants are firecracker plants. The red ends look like firecracker explosions. Hope you like your new shirt.

    Julie, I'm sure if GPA knew just how difficult this is for you, he would be more cooperative. I keep you in my prayers because I know what you are dealing with. I hope you can get the rest you need. Come back when you can; I know how busy you are. Hope the therapy goes well.

    Sun, you are a devoted grandma to be out in that kind of cold til after 10:00 at night. I'm glad you DGD's team won. You certainly were dressed for the cold but, sometimes, we get cold and just can't warm up. Hope your weather gets better. Ours is still pretty warm. I'm waiting for some temps in the 70'a. I'm sure the temp of the water is a factor in the Red Tide. There has been some in the NW lately. We've had an alert not to eat fish caught here. No problem--they're all dead and washed ashore. Yikes!!!

    OK, gotta go figure out what I'm going to do with the cats. The sooner I deal with it, the better it will be.

    Love, Mikie
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  3. Mikie

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    Now I know why people throw cats out. There is nowhere for someone like me to be able to take them. The animal shelter is only taking strays. The Humane Society has a waiting list. First, I had to fill out surrender forms. Second, I had to include a picture of them. Third, they will have to pass health and temperament tests. Finally, if they are accepted, it will cost me $100. So, I e-mailed the forms and pic. Now, I just have to wait. I'm afraid they might reject Sylvester because he favors his webbed paw. What will happen if I can find no one to take them? I am sooooo stressed out right now. I've prayed for an answer.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: I'm so very sorry for this. I did a search on the red tide in Florida. This is probably an old article but it says it all so others can read and understand. I KNOW how important our sleep is....I suffer. I had been taking a really good supplement but the cost is very high, basically $99 for 40 days. Way too much for me to handle so I did a search online and ordered something similiar from any company for l/3 the cost. All I can do is hope and pray it works the same. It's a blend of rhodolia (sp) , glycine and taurine. I called the company and he said they also make another sup that is melatonin and something I've NEVER heard of. I'll research it but try the one I ordered today first.

    I've spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon on the phone with verizon (the phone company from H#$% and direct TV. I just can't pay what direct TV is charging so I got a lesser plan, one with not as many channels which I NEVER watched anyway. The lady I talked to cut my bill in half then I asked about "contract" so was transferred to an other person who did more searching for me and gave me a one year $25 off my contract which extends the other one 2 more months. So I'm now going to be saving about $60 a month. Things are so darn tight here. I've talked to the lab about my bill, saying I could pay $100 a month on was $3,600. She was very nice and said I wouldn't have to start payments for 7 billing'm going to just let it ride. NEVER, EVER have I not paid my bills on time. I feel like a dead beat, dodging what I owe.

    And now, after at least 2 1/2 hrs. with Verizon, I'm waiting for a phone tech to come check my line. They sold us high speed DSL a few years ago, but it's awful lately, under a speed of 3.....we were promised at least 6-7. And I'm paying $33 a month for this useless modem. These companies really know how to jerk someone around. #@$^&*(*.......blankety blank blank blank
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    Mikie - Im so sorry you have been in a relapse...and Tweety and Vester are not behaving well...!!! why are they doing this?? can it be the Red Tide makes them uncomfortable as well?

    Anyhow, its such an unfortunate situation..i know how much you have loved those kitties.
    I pray a resolution is found.

    Its breakfast time will hv to go fix it for the DH and then the morning chores await, i hv to round up all the stuff needing to be washed, dishes and clothes and put them out for washing when the help comes...she is working 3 jobs now, two more apart from helping me with the dishes in order to make ends she is always in a rush...

    and then of course, the sweeping and tidying up and cooking will check back in after.

    Rock - that shirt sounds like a nifty looking one and im sure you look drop dead gorgeous in it.

    Sun - good luck with the bill paying job..sounds very complicated. the phone bill is handled by the office here but if we get late with the tv payments and internet...they just cut calling up and reminding...its happened a couple of times...we thought something needed repairing.!

    God Bless
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    Hi Kids

    I seldom leave the house these days, but yesterday I put on my new plaid
    shirt and went with Gordon to visit Jim, his orchid growing friend. We
    toured the green house. Lots of exotic plants. About a dozen in bloom.
    The yellow flower that looked like it had been sprayed with a red mist
    was particularly striking.

    Then we toured the first floor of the house. It is decorated for Christmas.
    Jim seems to be a compulsive shopper who has the funds with which to
    work. He had more decorations than the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

    In the first room he had 5 carousel music boxes. And a Santa that hangs
    from a hot air balloon and sings a song if you touch it. And a tree. He
    has five Christmas trees. All decorated. The tallest one reaches the
    ceiling. Ten-12 feet high. And loaded with decorations. You can't even
    see the tree underneath all the ribbon and balls and lights.

    And stuff hanging from the ceiling, and statutes, and stuff that is comical
    and stuff that is elegant. Uff-da! And every room is like that. And he
    says he has about 70 boxes of decorations in the attic including strings
    of lights that he hasn't used in decades. Imagine a man in his 60s with
    the energy to bring down this stuff and put it up every year.

    I also had my opinion that it's useless to try and have a conversation with
    Jim reinforced. In the first place he can't hear very well, and in the second
    he talks non-stop. After 20 minutes I was exhaustinized.

    Mikie, I am astonished to hear that it's so difficult to find a place for the
    cats. About 20 years ago I came home from work and found two adolescent
    cats crying in our driveway. So I got them food and water. A year later
    I had something like a dozen cats on the premises and more on the way. I
    gave away several to neighbors and took several to the SPCA and got
    the remaining 3 fixed. Seems like nothing is simple, easy or economical

    Sun, I am surprised to hear that plaid is now hot. Fashion is such a
    buncha nonsense. How can something that's been around for centuries
    be hot? Our family has a clan plaid though because of our Scottish
    ancestors. It's yellow and black. If I were choosing, I'd pick the blue
    and green with the little red strip in it. I have no other plaid clothes
    except a pair of boxer shorts that appeared in a package of assorted
    designs from J. C. Penney.

    Sorry to hear your daughter has no sense of humor. Over the
    years I've noticed that many people who think they are very
    important have no sense of humor. People like cops and politicians
    and bosses.

    Springwater, with regard to washing the clothes and the dishes, remember
    when Lucy was on a schedule? She washed them together. There
    was a shirt button that wound up in a glass of water. Any improvements
    in the situation in Nepal? Are the frequent festivals still scheduled?
    Can folks buy the necessary food, etc.?

    Julie, I hope you can squeeze in a nap today. How bad was the big storm
    in your area? Was the house all enclosed in time? Just read a thriller
    that's set in northern Minnesota. Instead of a car chase it has a snow-
    mobile chase. Reminds how happy I am to be where it's warm. Unfort-
    unately the people who are warm and friendly are in Minnesota. Can't
    seem to get the good weather and the good people together.

    Hugs everydobby
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Again, thank you all for your amazing support and love. I really appreciate it. As you know, I've prayed on this decision and done everything I can so it's in God's hands now. I got a response to my form for Sylvester but they said Tweety's wasn't there so I redownloaded the forms and sent a different pic. They asked about spaying, neutering and vaccines. This is where the kitties have an advantage because they have been neutered and spayed. Vaccines are not up to date because vet said not to bother as long as they stay inside and have no contact with other animals. I never thought I'd be one of those people who surrender their pets. I always felt if one adopted a pet, it was a lifelong commitment. That is why I never got more pets. When I worked, I didn't have the time to be a good mommy. Now, my health is a problem. I took Tweety and Sylvester to help my neighbor because he was in danger of having a heart attack. Now, he doesn't even ask about them.

    Sylvester is actually the one who wakes early to try to rouse me from sleep. He used to go back to sleep when I told him no but he's getting more demanding. Once he stirs, Tweety starts her routine. I'm helpless against the two of them. If the no-kill Humane Society can't take them, I'll just have to keep them and do the best I can. There is another no-kill shelter in North Ft. Myers and I'll call them today. I live in South Ft. Myers so don't know whether they would take the cats or not. There is no good solution here. If they are accepted, I'll miss them so much and feel guilty that I gave up on them.

    Yesterday, I decided to throw myself into getting one chore done. I cleaned the fridge/freezer and threw out a ton of outdated food. I feel guilty wasting food and vow to do better. I don't know about all y'all but when I'm soooooo exhausted, I forget what's in there. Time not only flies when one is having fun; it flies when one is half dead. I hurt my back trying to deal with that huge dumpster which has no sliding-door openings in the sides like our old one did. I managed to use a pole to flip the top open but couldn't get it to close so had to leave it. Since we seldom get rain now, it shouldn't matter so much although, we are supposed to get rain tomorrow. Other people, who can't open the lid while depositing their trash, are simply leaving their garbage in the various recycle bins. I have my recyclables to take down today and hope there is room for them. I was too beat yesterday to do it. Fridge and freezer look soooo nice now. I haven't been eating much and hate to buy more food which would go to waste. I fell into bed in pain and exhausted in the late afternoon.

    Sun, thanks for including the article on Red Tide. I'll check it out because they keep making advances in trying to understand it. The local govt. says as little as possible to try to protect the tourism industry. Well, there's no protecting it when the dead fish smell up the beach and people can't breathe. The neurological effects are more subtle in most people except those, like me, who are really sensitive to it. I am getting more sensitive over time as my exposure increases. I am so sorry for all your problems. DSL is notoriously slow. Is there any way to get it through your cable? I understand that Prism uses fiber optic cable for their internet and TV. They haven't installed the FO cable in our area yet so it's not an option. Comcast is horrible to deal with. As it is, I'm paying about $65, with taxes, just for my internet. The good news is that it's super fast internet. They are offering a bundle if I sign a two-year contract for both basic cable, with HBO, and blast internet for $99 a month. I am tempted but, last time, they never delivered. It would be about $112 with taxes. Only way to be sure is to drive out in the boonies to their local office.

    Yes, I've tried to cut down every way I can. In Nov., my income will decrease so I've been replacing what I need to now. I had to get the tires, mattress and sofa but the Roomba was a choice; however, to me, it is a God send if not a necessity. I got melatonin from PH here and it puts me to sleep. Barb uses it too. The only problem is that it doesn't keep me asleep. No matter what I use, be it melatonin, Special K or ZzQuil, it doesn't work the whole night through. Doc told Barb that the melatonin is the only really safe way to use a sleep aid. I hope you can get some sleep. The last thing we need is to be sleep deprived on top of everything else we have to deal with. I hope and pray you can get some sleep and relief from the pain-in-the-tukus stuff you've been dealing with.

    Spring, wow! Three jobs? I don't know what I'd do now if I even had to do one job. Right now, I can only do one chore on a good day. Even then, it kills me. Still, when I do something, like cleaning out the fridge/freezer, I do a good, deep cleaning. I took the louvered vent off near the floor and cleaned it and the floor. Good grief! It was filthy with dust and cat hair! Yikes!!! I should roll it out and clean the entire floor. Are things still a mess there? I assume they are or you would be letting us know and doing a happy dance. Is there any progress on the politics or is it gridlocked? You make a good point; the Red Tide could be affecting the cats, especially Tweety. She has allergies and her eye has been watering. That may be why she's been so agitated and wanting to go out. I've decided that God will answer my prayers one way or another. Either the cats will be accepted for adoption or I'll just keep on the best I can. When the Red Tide lifts, things should improve some. I hope things improve for you and everyone else there.

    Rock, if I could afford it, I might become a compulsive shopper. Naw, just the thought of all those decorations at Jim's makes me squirm. Too much stuff is a burden; however, it appears that Jim enjoys his decorations and has the NRG to decorate. We have gone from lighted pine swags and wreaths in years past on our bldg. to two simple unlit wreaths. If I can't work up some NRG, we won't even do the two wreaths, never mind any decorating in the condo. I'm going to be culling all my decorations and getting rid of a lot. When I lived in our big family home, all of us in the hood decorated. Those over-the-top lighted houses should be banned. They use up so much electricity and cause traffic jams. It has become a competition which has nothing to do with Christmas.

    I'm a bit surprised myself at the lack of places to take pets. All of these are no-kill shelters so I guess there is only so much space for the dogs and cats. Right now, there are 100 cats at the Humane Society. It breaks my heart to see those pets waiting for homes. At least, if they accept Tweety and Sylvester, I know they will eventually find another good home or will stay at the facility where they have other kitties to play with. I wish I had the NRG to keep up with them; I love them so much. As I said, if they aren't accepted, I'll just do the best I can, taking naps to supplement my sleep. You are a good person to do so much for the kitties that show up at your house. Bet you look really nice in your new shirt.

    Well, Kids, I'm gonna go. I feel better about the whole situation now that I'm doing what I can for the cats. It will work out one way or another. To try to avoid my stress and sadness, I'm working in here cleaning. That's the silver lining. On the other hand, the dark cloud is the pain in my back from that cleaning. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Was just checking my e-mails and thought I'd stop in. Had to confirm that pest control is coming out as the lady downstairs has ants in her bedroom. AACK!!! In the meantime, I sprayed outside her window with Ortho ant control. It's always something. I continue to clean here and there but my back is messed up. I have my TENS unit on, along with my back brace. Good news is that I lost that one stubborn pound for a total loss of 25 pounds. Only 15 more to go to reach my target. This is amazing because I've not been working out at the pool. I'll start Fri. or next week again.

    Julie, I was hoping you had stopped in. I know how busy you are and you are the one who works so hard that we may forget that you are sick too. I think we all try to do what we can within our limits. I know that you often go beyond those limits. I do too now and then but pay for it later on. If I can just keep up, I'm happy with this new normal. Yes, I wish I had lots of NRG, don't we all, but that's just not my reality anymore. Sometimes, like now, there is a perfect storm gathering which keeps me too sick and tired to keep up. If I thought this were a temporary situation, I wouldn't try to surrender the cats but my condition has gone downhill and I see no way that it's going to improve. Is that a pun that your doc is keeping an eye on your cataracts? I have a feeling that mine on my left eye may have grown since I was last in to see the doc. I'm having trouble reading too. I like my Kindle and I usually read the newspaper online where I can enlarge the print. I hope all goes well with GPA's appt. and that the storm stays away. We are supposed to get lots of rain, more than an inch, tomorrow and Fri. Barb and I will park our cars out from under the carport to let God wash them for us. As always, I keep you and yours in my prayers.

    I think I'll bite the bullet and get up on the stepstool to dust the tops of things--armoires, ceiling fans and cupboards. Once the high stuff is dusted, I can dust the stuff lower down. One step at a time. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Not to much time on here again although DH has been good today. It is our 54th wedding anniversary. We did a little shopping and just bought a brush to help me wash my back some in the shower and a cushion for my butt and back to sit on. I had one similar and DH took it to use and now it is beyond recognition :)!!! DH was starving so we stopping in for some hamburgers and fries. I ate a few fries and only half of the bread since I am not supposed to have any regular bread. He says he wants to take me shopping some tomorrow. He is not the most patient when it comes to shopping so we will see. He may even get a few things for himself. Usually he says he doesn't need anything. However, he might get his yearly dress shirt and tie to wear mostly to church. I could also go to a funeral mass tomorrow but we aren't going to go. So many nights now there are something going on it seems, with a party or something. I am already pooped. Going out to dinner with local DD and husband just to a local steak restaurant, nothing really expensive but that is OK. May do that later on. I am also cheating for #54 and will have my wine :)!!

    Yes I do understand what many of you are going through even though some of mine might also be old age as well as getting warn down from some kind of pain of another.

    MIKIE - So sorry to hear about your decision with the kitties but I do understand. You have to do what is good or best for you. Sorry that Red Tide is getting to you also. Wonder if that could also effect the cats behavior as Spring Water has mentioned. What extra symptoms have you been having, or is it the same but just worse??? I hope the shelter will take care of them, even though I know it won't be the great care you have been giving them. You just have to do what you have to do for yourself. Only you know if you can take these crazy hours and sleep deprivation, the kitties give you. I read it yesterday, I think, but have been so busy to answer. I should be doing other things right now but I am typing here on the Porch instead.. Take care of yourself dear one.

    SUN - How wonderful that your DGS team won their game. I know how excited they get. You are a good gma - BRRRR!

    Sorry need to pop off now for a bit. DH needs the computer so I need to let him have it.

    Love also to Rock, SW, JULIE, and everydobby else, Will try and get back later !!
    Granni :)
  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Mikie: The Cats: Do they have to stay indoors at night? Our Slinky wants to be out all night, and comes in for most of the day. Does your condo have rules against loose cats? If you could let them out late and let them in when you get up, would that work? But I guess you've already explored that option. So sorry for your predicament. Caterwauling can be a pain in the butt.

    The weather has warmed up a bit here, after three nights of black frost (so called if it kills tender vegetation and turns it black.) We are now having rain, supposed to be heavy at times -- thank dogs -- our well still hasn't recharged enough to use consistently. Aah, the primitive life. :eek:

    Sun, our house is a cabin (four rooms) with mostly glass walls, double-glazed. Not much in bloom right now. The saffron crocus and autumn snowflakes are flowered out. By the way, have you seen pictures of a mature pencil plant. It's a tree with a trunk! Freaked me out. The red form is smaller I guess.

    Rock, your friend Jim sounds quite batty. FIVE Christmas trees!!!! Decorations everywhere. I would go into sensory over-load mode. :rolleyes:. I'd like to see his orchids though.

    Julie, how is Oreo doing?

    My brain is starting to bubble now, so gotta go.
    Ciao for Now,
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  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Yes, I have seen those large green African pencil plants, but didn't know they get that big! My orange/red one I keep cutting back to keep it hovering around 4' high and 3' wide. I'll bet your glass cabin is wonderful. I have double paned sliding and stationary windows but even with that this house is COLD. I keep it at 62 because it's expensive to heat so I keep a little cube heater next to my feet when watching TV and rely on rice socks to warm me up rather than the whole house.

    Rock: I agee with Barry.......all those decorations!!!!!!! I don't even bother anymore other than cutting some juniper branches. I'll bet you looked very handsome in your new, trendy plaid shirt.

    Mikie: Good that you have a fast internet. The repair man that came yesterday told me Frontier has bought out Verizon and they will be making big changes for us. He said they're getting BIG $$$$$ from the government and they will probably start it where there is no FIOS internet.....meaning me. I hope so.

    I've spent over 6 hrs. today trying to make a paper trail leading up to when my DH died and then afterwards (concerning insurance proof) I had a 2 1/2 hr. conference call with United Health and medicare but l/2 of that was waiting for medicare to respond......spent that time chit chatting with the UH lady. Didn't really get anywhere......every one is pointing the finger at another place for this mess. I've sat and cried today again over this giant insurance/medicare mess. I don't know why I trusted my husband to get things right! I spent 46 years married to him and I always had to check up on him. And here I left a most important part to him when he took care of all the SS stuff at the medicare office. And the lab called again for their $$.....I don't blame them. I had called 2 weeks ago to set up payments and talked to a lady there who said not to worry until 7 billing cycles had passed, but I can't take this. So tomorrow I need to get this taken care of.

    All I can tell you all is make sure you have a good paper trail for the time when one of your spouses passes away. And another thing I've found out is not even friends/relatives are willing to put themselves out to help, sad to say I've had to slug this thru on my own.
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Here's the latest Jim news although, to be fair, Jim is only a bit player in
    this cops and robber drama. Gordon got a call from Jim saying he had
    been out shopping and couldn't get home. His street is blocked off. The
    cops wouldn't let him through. There were helicopters overhead (one
    police, one news), several cop cars and a SWAT team. Turning on the
    radio news he heard about the shooting in San Bernardino and the
    fear that it was linked to situation on his block.

    Jim explained to the cop that he had to get home right away. He
    had just bought some poinsettias, and they needed watering.
    The cop was evidently no plant lover.

    So Jim did what a man does does when the going gets tough. He did some
    more shopping. Eventually things quieted down and he was able to get
    home. After much searching on the net I found a Pasadena newspaper
    that had the story.

    Two cops saw a familiar guy walking down the sidewalk on Jim's
    block. He was a burglar (not a robber as indicated in paragraph one),
    and there was a current warrant for his arrest. The 21 year old
    ran into his Dad's nearby house. After a couple hours the thief surrendered
    and the street was again open to traffic.

    Moral of the story: if you want peace and less drama, live in a small town.

    Julie, I was wondering if it was you or the eye doctor who was making the
    pun. Imagine a vet. He might be called on to do eye surgery on an aye
    aye (a sort of lemur).

    I'm glad to hear Oreo is doing well. I suppose I must have told you guys
    I used to have a B & W cat I named Oreo. She was sweet; like the cookie.
    I saw a report about Oreos on the news years ago. Most people when
    asked how many Oreos they ate at a time said two. I suspect 5 might
    have been more accurate.

    Sun, I'm sorry to hear the insurance to-do is still in progress. Poor Gordon
    has to do all that stuff for us now. He says he doesn't mind. What is
    a cube heater BTW. Electric? Our new electric room heater is in
    the shape of a triangle with the point rounded off. Works fine.
    It allegedly costs something like 20 cents to run for 15 minutes.

    Barry, I'm sorry you can't see Jim's orchids. He has many of them.
    So many there are always some in bloom. And with his green house
    he can grow stuff that won't grow here otherwise. Gordon says Jim
    told him the greenhouse costs $200 a month. He uses electricity for
    the heat and for the fans. Orchids need circulating air. Anyway
    he is very cordial. Always loves to have visitors. Happy to
    give folks a tour of the house and the countless nick nacks.

    Mikie, that's a good idea. Take one step at a time. Actually, it's
    the only way you can step. If you move both feet you're
    hopping. Reminds me of my 12 step program. I miss the old gang.
    I hope you are being extra careful about climbing on that step
    stool. You know what happened the last time you duked it out
    with a ladder.

    Here's a short story of a thwarted romance you might appreciate.
    She had a relationship with a boyfriend who had a wooden leg, but after
    some time, the couple broke it off.

    And something you probably learned in your French studies,
    Those who jump off a Paris bridge are in Seine.

    Hugs, Dear Friends, Present and not so present. Springwater, Diane, Granni

    Here's a picture of our friend the Aye Aye. Say bye bye to the aye aye.

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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    It's a late good morning for me. I dropped in pain, exhaustion and my strange neurological symptoms, late yesterday afternoon. I slept off and on but managed to wake up in time for "Survivor." Sylvester woke me at 3:30 so I got up and gave the kitties a few treats. I got back in bed and read til I fell asleep again. Finally, I got up at 6:30. I know I really needed the extra sleep. Fortunately, both of them were good and let me sleep. I've decided to just let things unfurl and do the best I can while this horrid Red Tide continues. It has thrown me into a deep relapse and now, I don't know which symptoms are RT related and which are due to my conditions. The neurological stuff seems to be due to the RT but then, it could be my illnesses. I feel really shaky, sometimes dizzy, and a bit short fused. As I always say, whine, whine, whine!!!

    I will not surrender the cats to this shelter unless they can assure me that they will have good care until someone adopts them. I think only a real cat lover would take two of them. If they cannot be adopted together, or the shelter will only take one of them, I won't surrender them. I'll just have to trust in God that I can do this. I will not let this relapse force me into a hurried decision. Of course, right now, they are being really good.

    Granni, Happy Anniversary! I hope you and DH have a wonderful celebration. The 15th would have been my 52nd. Some years, unless something reminds me, I forget and it's just another day. I am so happy for you and everyone else who has a long-term marriage. Yes, I do believe the Red Tide is also affecting Tweety. She seems unsettled and anxious. That is how I feel. I wake up and can feel the adrenalin surging through my body in the fight-or-flight mode. I am jittery and anxious (not normal for me). Like you, I never know whether what ails me is due to normal aging or my illnesses. I'm sure some of it is aging. I only miss burgers and fries now and then. I cheated on Thanksgiving with stuffing and it made me sick. I still lost another pound, though, and am now down 25 pounds. Woo hoo! Please enjoy the shopping and celebrating.

    Barry, yes, our community requires that pets be on a leash at all times. It was the neighbor next door who raised hell, and nearly pushed Jeff into a heart attack, because he let them live outside and fed them out there. It was then when he asked me to take them (he is allergic and can't have them inside). We have coyotes and raccoons active at night and this rabid neighbor thought the food outside attracted them. She is probably right. The cats were never street savvy and would run out in front of cars. So, they really are better off inside. If I were to let them out, this neighbor would come after me and I would end up having to get rid of the cats anyway. Thanks for your help and support. It means a lot to me. I saw that black frost when I lived in CO. AACK!!! The aftermath is soooo ugly. The plants appear as though something evil touched them. I'm laughing about the sensory overload with too many Christmas trees. If they had blinking lights, I'd be shoving some Special K under my tongue and finding an exit post haste. The bubbling brain is such an accurate description of what we experience. Instead of 'brain fog,' I think I'll start referring to it as 'bubbling brain."

    Oh, Sun, I am so sorry you have this ongoing insurance stress. I am sending up a prayer for you. The last thing we need is this kind of stress in our lives. If you cannot get this straightened out, you might contact the state insurance commissioner and ask for help. I'm glad that faster internet is coming your way. Had the govt. not decided that the internet is so important for everyone to have, we likely wouldn't have the access we do today. It has opened up the world to us. I hope you can stay warm. Windows are so nice but, when it's cold out, unless they are exceptionally thermally efficient, they can leave a home cold inside. It's so expensive to run the heat. I will wait until it's really cold before I turn mine on. My condo is on the end which means it's exposed on three sides. It's also upstairs so the roof is exposed to the elements as well. Of course, it's insulated but it's still somewhat exposed. My problem is usually heat and not cold, but it can get down into the 50's, 40's or even 30's in the winter. This year, however, temps have been above normal. Again, you are in my prayers.

    Julie, I'm so sorry that things with GPA are not good. I keep you in my prayers as well. Actually, I pray for all of us every day because most of us do have too much on our cracked plates. I'm sorry the distance and weather kept you from your chiro. Wish I could send you on a spa weekend with massage and relaxation. If I have something left undone, I tell myself that I'll get to it the next day and let it go so I can get back to sleep. Why do these things come to us in the middle of the night? I often read when I can't get back to sleep but it's not practical if one sleeps with someone else. I'll bet Oreo's shoulder would ache if that metal got cold. I'm glad she's doing well. She sounds as though she's such a good dog. Take care of yourself.

    Rock, thanks for your 'insane' joke and the one about the wooden leg. One of my ex's friends had to have his leg removed, due to Type II Diabetes, so the group of buddies decided they would get together and drink to his peg leg like pirates. My fight with that ladder isn't the only incident. I fell off a short step ladder when I was straightening shelves at Publix. It wasn't my job but it was a slow evening and we did whatever we could to stay busy and the powers that were asked me to do it. I don't even know what happened but the latter just scooted out from under me and I hit the cement floor on my left hip. I'm lucky it didn't break. I've also fallen off other things while doing repairs around the house/condo. My history isn't good. Maybe it's altitude sickness when I reach the third step. That would explain why I feel like an air head. When I first moved to what I called this little backwater town, I was shocked at all the violence. Almost all of it comes from gangs and drugs in a small bad area in the center of town. Thanks for the pic of the adorable aye aye. All I can say when you tell us to say bye bye is, aye aye, sir.

    Spring, I'm thinking about you and hope you are OK and that the shortages and unrest stop. Please let us know you are OK when you can.

    I've written W&P here so should go. I'm late getting going this morning and I need to go to Costco. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hey All

    Nice to pop in and see what what alls been upto..

    Julie - i was in such a rush, i didnt go back to page 2 of the last porch and might hv missed your seems im always in a rush these days..but when i look i havent done much of anything. Its great to hear about happy you have her to keep you company when the men arent there..did the doctor say why you are getting cataracts so early?

    Sunflower - i think i would cry too if i had to do my taxes and bills and all that..i wonder if there isnt any office out there who could do those for you? or maybe there are but the costs are prohibitive..i m thinking what about those people who for some reason cannot do their own financial stuff, due to not being educated and all, what do they do? Maths has never been my strong point so if i were there, i would be a total mess.

    Rock - you all seem to hv a lot of those police and criminal chases around the area..sometimes i look at the news (CNN) is the only american newschannel we get and hear these sirens going off when reporters are doing a segment on sports or other random news and wonder if its a fire, police, ambulance. I would hv loved that when i was small, we rushed out to see at the slightest sign of some excitement, but now, that would make me very uneasy.

    when i hear of a robbery or attempted robbery in our area, which happens from time to time, my heart starts doing the square dance you use to start new porches. it starts tickety tacketing. I would have loved to see the look on Mr Policemans face when Gordon asked to be let in because his poinsettias at home needed watering...!! hahaha. did i tell of the time i almost went and broke up a fight near a temple, and discovered just in time they were actors for a tv film? lol. There was shrubbery and all so i didnt see the man wielding the camera. I would love to be your Slinky..getting fed and also all the freedom in the world.

    Mikie - you do so much cleaning it seems to me even when you are ill. i know just how much cleaning seems to materialise in these tropical places. here, where i live, if you want to be dustfree, you've to dust every half an hour..

    the situation with the blockade is still the same. The other day there was a strike to protest the blockade with people asking shops not to open and vehicles not to ply...isnt that funny? theres no supplies and no gas and they ask for shops to be shut. On a brighter note, there was this in the paper in Ripleys believe it or not section..

    Nepalese teen Puskar Nepal can kick himself in the head 134 times in just 60 seconds.

    Now we are famous for something other than mountains and Sherpas! There was also this news item about a politician who was jailed in the same jail he laid the foundation stone for.

    Granni -that was so sweet of your DH to offer to take you shopping. Its also real neat you can go out with your DD and her family any time that is convenient now.

    Barry - nice to see you post..i looked up pencil plant..for some stupid reason i expected to see a black and red striped looking shaped thing which is the kind of pencil commonly used here..but yes, a most interesting looking plant.

    I didnt achieve too much today, but i did bottle some cabbage and radish to make a pickle tibetan style...i used to make it but my stomach is not what it used to be in days of yore, it cant handle fermented stuff but the DH suddenly commented that he had had it at a friends and why couldnt i make i did..we just put cabbage, radish chunks, onions, chillie, peppercorns, and salt in a bottle and pour a liquid of half vinegar, half water. and put it into the sun to ferment. it used to be a very popular dish to feed guests at my hometown, mixed and fried with slivers of meat.

    My part time help was there and asked me how did i make it, so i made her a bottle because i had bought enough veggies for two bottles, showing her the steps..which she took home well pleased..she doesnt hv a good digestive system i told her not to let it ferment too much before eating. Its so simple and inexpensive compared to other common pickles her caste make. they go the whole hog, salting and drying veggies in the sun, and mixing oil and what not. i hv no patience for all that, and at present, no energy either.

    Ive started making meals enough for two days at one go..and everything in the pressure cooker...lentils for two meals, veg for two meals. I serve one helping at one meal time, keep the rest in the fridge for tomorrow and make the evening meal again, enough for two meals. so we dont get fed up of eating the same food morning and evening. also since im vegetarian i try and eat more foods like curds, cheese, milk which dont need cooking for my protein intake. and i mix veggies and meat together like a stew so i dont have to cook them separate.

    Today, i was relieved of the burden of cooking when i didnt feel like it...because the DH brought home biryani (veg for me, chicken for him and son)..its a fried rice with a lot of was very very yum.

    The govt has announced nine hours of loadshedding (power cuts) seems transformers were bursting all over the its going to be a rush to get all the machines going when the power is on.

    im kind of not looking forward to the biting cold winter days esp nights now...will hv to just get used to wrapping up warm..

    God Bless

    Last edited: Dec 3, 2015
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon has posted some orchid pics along with a picture of his latest afghan.
    Decades ago he used to come home from work and change clothes and start
    knitting. He said it was a good way to unwind. He knit afghans for my mother,
    my sister in law, a couple aunts and me. But he seldom knits anymore. It
    took him a year or two to complete the latest afghan and then the 3 pieces
    waited a year before he finally assembled them into one piece. Just finished
    it today. The name of the pattern is Hawaiian Lacy Fern. He has yet to
    steam or block it in order to smooth it out.

    Springwater, good to hear from you. Yes, American cities are full of crime and
    noise and stress and things too fierce to mention. If I hadn't gotten sick thirty
    years ago, I would be living in a small city; one with a college. But I
    'spect we'd all be leading much different lives without that big IF in our
    journey through life.

    Hard to believe that Ripley's Believe It Or Not is still around. Robert
    Ripley died when I was in grade school. I think the item about the teen
    with the machine gun like kicks is typical. Hard to believe and impossible
    to verify. My mother never trusted him after he reported on some
    matter that happened in Minnesota and got the facts all misconscrewed.

    Mikie, Aye, Aye Sir reminds me of the Navy wherein ladders are called
    Jacobs ladders (sans apostrophe). Apparently based on the Biblical
    story of Jacob who dreamed about climbing the steps to Heaven. The
    Methodist Hymnal has a hymn about Jacob wrestling with the angel.
    That was a different song than the one that goes, We are climbing Jacob's
    ladder. Conclusion. Stay safe. Don't do any cleaning on ships,

    Granni, Many Happy Anniversary Wishes. As we all know, marriages
    don't last as long as they used to. But the statistic is misleading, as
    statistic often are, because many couples lived together for years
    before they got married.

    Anyhoo, I'm happy for you, and DH is a lucky guy. Are you planning
    a family party-reunion? How many different states does your family
    live in now? My 3 siblings and I all live in different states.

    Hugs, Kids

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  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: beautiful afghan......that's a ton of work Gordon put in. So you have a special place to put it like on the back of a couch? I think my favorite on the orchids is the brassovola. Love all the shredded ends.

    Mikie: I feel for you. Thats the way I feel after I've lost so much sleep......dizzy, shaky, etc. I hope the kitties start cooperating for you. That's why I threw out my cats years ago because they disrupted my sleep. My DD complains of her kitty too. I've told her to toss her out and close the door. Her reply...."I can't do that to HER" OH well, live with it I told her.

    Spring: Your cabbage stuff sounds very similiar to kimchee which is very popular in Korea. Did you know that fermented foods are VERY good as a probiotic? I've got saurkraut in the frig but darn it, I forget to eat it.

    Granni: happy anniversary!

    The FBI is investigating the shooters of the latest. It doesn't sound good about that latest shooting, which is about 45 min. away from where I live. But there are so many muslims in, there and everywhere. Scary.

    I've spent another morning on the phone and gathering up paperwork. One bedroom floor is covered with piles of papers in stacks, organized. Now I need to write a letter to the insurance company, Part D, and explain everything, attaching copies. I must prove I had drug coverage for the last 5 years otherwise I have to pay a penalty of 20% until I die.

    After I clean up all this paper work, I'm going to start on trying to replace a handbag handle. I love this purse, lightweight and large, but the handle is shot, which I repaired over a year ago.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just popping in after checking my e-mails. I have a lot going on with our bldg. and it's budget time so there are a number of e-mails going back and forth. As though I don't have enough going on to stress me out, Barb has gone into another rampage, ranting at me that everything I do is wrong. She is going back years to when she ran for our board and claims the whole thing was rigged by the mgr. so that she lost. I told her I had nothing to do with that and it isn't my fault so she shouldn't be angry with me. I also told her that I love her and hate to see her like this because it isn't good for her health. She runs back and forth to people living here and stirs up trouble. Then, she is the one paying the price because she gets all worked up. She isn't truthful and will make up anything to further stoke the fire. She will contradict herself in one sentence to try to twist everything so she 'wins." Yikes!!! I knew the latest peace was too good to last. This is just the tip of the iceberg but I won't bore y'all with the insanity any further. I'm not going to stop talking to her but I'm also not going to spend any more time with her than necessary. I told her I'd show the landscape plans to her and the rest in our bldg. I always include everyone.

    A neighbor across the street was coming over to visit at 1:00, so we had to put the fight on the back burner. This woman is very sweet. She is also very funny. She lost her husband a few years ago and then a grandson in a motorcycle accident. She almost died from a brown recluse spider bite. These are just a few of the things she's had to bear. Tweety and Sir Vester are, of course, being very good. As I mentioned above, I can really give my decision time to gel and don't need to be in a hurry. I love them so much that I'd really rather be able to keep them. It's rainy and cool here today so they are extra frisky. I moved my car out from under the carport to an uncovered guest spot to let God wash it. Wow!!! He's giving me the deluxe wash job. This area has gotten about an inch of rain today.

    Spring, so good to hear from you but I wish the news about the blockade were better. Yes, those demands are foolish. We have Ripley's Believe It Or Not museums here in tourist towns. There is one in Myrtle Beach, SC where Richard lives. I can't figure out where people come up with these stunts they do to get into the book. Good grief! Kicking oneself in the head? Now, I think I've heard everything. I'm laughing because, if you were to see my condo, you wouldn't think I clean much, if at all. I did get the kitty litter on the lanai floor swept up because if I leave it when it's so humid out, it absorbs the moisture and sticks to the tiles like cement. AACK!!! That fermented relish sounds really good. Do you mind telling us the amts. for each ingredient? As Sun said, fermented dishes are considered good for our digestion. The author of the diabetes book also recommended them. You are smart to make meals to last two days. I also wonder about the electrical demands when it is available. It's liable to overload the system. I hope not. Hang in there, dear one.

    Rock, as I've said before, I think Gordon is a keeper. That afghan is gorgeous. Such a beautiful delicate design and his work is so well done. For some reason, needlework makes me anxious and doesn't relax me. Perhaps it's because I'm not very good at it. Those orchids are fantastic. My poor orchids are not in the best condition. I haven't had the time to do much of anything with them. I'm running out of room since we had the tree removed. I don't think I'll be doing any cleaning on ladders on ships; that ship has sailed! Good grief! If I can't stay on a ladder, I'll never get to Heaven. I'll keep falling off on the way up.

    We have a big murder case here where two guys beat a woman doctor to death with a hammer. Very brutal. I always suspected her husband. They arrested his best friend and another guy for it. They have a ton of evidence that the husband engineered the whole thing but won't arrest him for it yet. Turns out he had $4 million insurance on her. I call that motive. He and she evidently had affairs. The two tween daughters are still with him and he's acting very strange. Depending on how this all shakes out, you all will probably be watching this on TV someday. It's been all over the news here for months.

    I need to meditate to wind down. That fight with Barb certainly got my BP up and it's no longer low. I had nothing to eat from breakfast til just a bit ago. I fixed an Italian salad with a tomato, soft mozzarella cheese, some fresh basil and a sprinkle of Balsamic vinegar (the only kind of vinegar I can stomach). No wonder I continue to lose weight. The woman across the street was so glad that we still are working out in the pool. She needs to move more so said she'd be there on Mon.

    Hope all y'all have a nice evening.

    Love, Mikie
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - this is the link to making pickled radish..

    Rock - that aye aye looks like the koala bear from hell..i wouldnt want to meet it on a dark wintry night in the forest.

    gonna look at Gordons pics after making brekky ...

    Granni - Happy Anniversary...when i think of you two , i think of this adage, i made up, the couple who exercise together, stay together. I love the way you two go out and do things it the Fish Fries or dances.

    God Bless
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I spent the evening taking my mind off the earlier stress. Nothing much on TV. I tried to watch "The Wiz" but it just didn't do it for me. Young woman in the lead was really good. I always have problems with remakes or redos of shows I loved the first time around. I want to see "The Lion King" on stage live. It's still playing on Broadway so don't know when it will come to our auditorium/theater. I took my melatonin and fell asleep. When I woke up, I put half a mg. of Special K under my tongue. I woke up even later and had to put another half under my tongue to stop the tinnitus. I slept til 5:00 so it was worth it. Cats have been sooooo good. They may sense I'm at my wit's end. I'm still sleep deprived but I think I may be able to manage if Tweety settles down and stops her manic destruction and if I can pull out of this relapse from hell. We've had a ton of rain and it will stop the dead, drying Red Tide algae from floating inland on the winds aloft, at least temporarily.

    I've lost another pound. I'm down 26 pounds now with only 14 to go. Yea!!! I hope the weather cooperates and I can go to the pool on Mon. I've been away more than a week now. I'm really surprised that I continue to lose weight. My fasting blood sugar was 98 this morning. Woo hoo!!! The America's Test Kitchen cookbook came yesterday. It's about 1,000 pages and very heavy. It contains 16 seasons of every recipe they have prepared on the shows. I have to make room on my kitchen shelf for it. Something else has gotta go. What a great book. No fancy recipes with a ton of ingredients. It's just good everyday food which they have made in the most efficient way. They will tweak a recipe or method until it's pretty foolproof. There are step-by-step instructions, some with pix, for some of the dishes. All in all, it was an excellent buy for less than $20. I also belong to their e-mail newsletter and just got some unusual Christmas cookie recipes. I don't know how I'll do when I start to reintroduce things like cookies after I lose the weight and need to plateau, even with low-carb recipes.

    Spring, thanks so much for the link. I'm going to check it out. I've been in the mood to cook but have to get some things done in here before I even start something. I'm going to smudge our bldg. today to try to get rid of the neg. NRG around us. BTW, what kind of salt do you use for the salt water treatment? I want to do it. I think I have the technique but just wondered if the type of salt matters. Also, can you repeat the amt. of salt in the water? Sorry but I've just been too sick and tired to remember anything. As Barry says, my brain is bubbling. I think the bubbles are floating and bursting, taking my smarts and memory with them. AACK!!!

    I'll check in later. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Sorry for all your health troubles. I'm SURE Gpa contributes to most of it. What is sis doing now? You're going to have to "lay the law" down to him......let him know if you "collapse" who is going to take care of you???? I think he's pretty smart about what's going on. MUST stop running him around to appts. all the time. You can make them 2 times a months......seriously. We all told you over a year or two ago that you put yourself at the bottom of the rung.

    Mikie: congrats to the weight loss! Are you sure you still need to drop more weight?

    My DD called this morning. She's put off buying as shopkins "black box" for DGD for christmas or maybe this is from Santa? Anyway, all the stores are out. She asked me to run to the local Target but once I got there they were also sold out. Sigh......seems she did this to me last year, sending me to a far away target to buy some barbie doll but what can I do......we go out of our way for our grandkids.

    I'm off to my art group......I need to feel human again. I've spent a ton of time on the phone this week concerning
    my insurance/ medicare, etc.

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