The Porchlight Vol. 854 is CLOSED

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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    The porch is now open for business. Although, come to think of it,
    we don't really conduct business here. Or orchestras.
    Or seminars; electricity; surveys; meetings.

    We are, however, always examples of good conduct and friendly behavior
    although not necessarily proper behavior. Ha Ha!

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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for opening the new Porch ROCK. I just wanted to pop in like JULIE to say hi. Also, now I can edit and check those boxes so I can get the postings on my phone. I have been so busy today and now need to start getting ready to go to one of the K of C parties. How do you post those cute little signs and pics. I don't even remember how I got the pic on my page now. I did some Christmas cards today but not close to finished.

    JULIE - Glad you are doing better and hope the chiro helped you. Sorry if I, or any of us sound like we are fussing at you for not slowing down. I know you will do whatever you think needs to be done whether we fuss or not :)!! However, I hope you know that we sometimes "bug" you a little , cause we love you. Stay well sweetie !!

    I need to start thinking about what to wear for the Christmas party. There will be lots to eat and drink and it will be something trying to figure out what to eat. Somethings I will have no idea of what is in the food. I know I will cheat some as there is no way I will be able to eliminate all the stuff I am not supposed to eat with all that food.

    SUN - Sorry they are having more problems with all the electricity overloads an stuff where you live.. I forget what they called it. Glad you got to not have to cook that day when DH brought home some yummys for you all.

    Love to everydobby inc our MIA, SUN, DIANE, BARRY, and all those I have forgotten !! Hopefully more tomorrow !
    Granni :)
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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in. Rock, thanks for getting us up and running again. What kind of critter is that last one you posted? It's very interesting. It looks like Sir Vester with a big moustache. You are so kind to feed the little feral kitty. As I was entering Lowe's back parking lot, a skinny black feral kitty ran in front of my car. He just about went to the big shelter in the sky. I went to buy a new hepa filter for my shop vac. A new costs the same as buying a new vac with the filter included. What? It's true so I came home and will clean my old filter. I did buy myself a Christmas present--a small circular saw. I always think I don't need one nor have anyplace to store one. I've needed one more times than I can count so I bit the bullet and got a Skil for only $39. I also got a gallon of paint to redo the entry area which has gotten so dirty. I picked up another little outdoor mat for inside the front door. Tweety uses them for scratching her nails and this one is in ruins. Better than having her use the furniture like her bro does.

    Granni, busy as always I see.

    After Lowe's, I stopped at Publix. They had a BOGO on Hallmark cards so I picked up birthday cards. I also got gift cards for the newspaper carrier and our mail lady. When I got home, I was ready to drop so had to go lie down. I fell asleep. My diastolic BP has only been in the 40's and 50's and the systolic is just over 100. My pulse changes, depending on how active I am, but the BP is too low. I may have to lower my med. I am tired and feel dizzy. Also, I have peripheral neuropathy. It would be so great if my weight loss and exercise made my BP meds go away. Later, I got up and did some housework but not much. Anything is better than nothing.

    I put some catnip in the kitties' little mousies and put them in small paper bags. It drove Sir Vester wild and the two of them have been chasing all over the place. They don't play much with their toys so I have to make up games to get them into their own little kitty games.

    I'm yawning so it must be time for another nap. Maybe I'll take a cat nap. It's the paws that refreshes.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - It does sound like your meds are to strong. Talk to the doc and maybe you either need a weaker drug of cut back on the one you are already on. From all the shopping it sounds like you need a cat nap (;!! Maybe eventually after you lose the wt you may not need the drugs ( wouldn't it be nice). How tall did you say you were and how much do you weigh now?? Are you a small boned or med bone person. I am small bones, with small writes and ankles and no shoulders. So if I lose to much I look like a skeleton. Sounds like you got a good buy on cards at Hall mark. I get some pretty nice ones in the Dollar Store.

    Sorry I need to run, it is almost time to leave for the party. Hope the kitties are quiet for you tonight. Are they doing better :)?? I feel good that I got some of the cards done any way. The next week we sing at the NH etc 2x that week. Practice a couple nights this week for the Chorale and that kills any time to write cards, etc.

    Love to awl,
  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: It wasn't me whose DH brought home would be an absolute miracle.....maybe angel food cake.

    Yesterday I was down at the library around 4:30. There was a small crowd gathered about an SUV........a large all white cockatoo was perched on the rack on top. The owner of the SUV was talking to someone about the wayward bird, wondering what to do. Obviously it had escaped from an owner's cage. I hope someone was able to catch it otherwise it would have been very sick if had stayed out all night.

    I've finally gotten around to cleaning up in back after the fence had been built and painted. I'm tired but I think it's now finished.
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry Sun I meant SW. Coming home from the party. Had a nice time but to much of the wrong stuff :)!! BTW you should be pooped. Hope you rest well tonight.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from my nap. Fed the cat. Gordon is fixing his dinner.

    Sun, I guess food from Heaven would be angel food cake or manna. I
    don't know why angel food was the standard birthday cake when I
    was a kid. I always found it boring and tasteless. Our neighbor made
    a chocolate cake for a birthday party at her house. It was chocolate
    layer cake and the frosting was in several colors. That was something
    like 60 years ago, so you can tell it made an impression.

    I'm glad to hear you had the energy to clean up the back fence area.

    Granni, Here's how to copy a picture. Be easier, of course if you and
    I were sitting at the same computer. Anyhoo find a picture you want to
    copy. Keep in mind that some cannot be copied. And some will greatly
    expand when you transfer them. And some sorta evaporate several
    hours after you post them. I have found the most reliable pics to copy
    are the ones in Wikipedia. Or the ones you can search for. Just type
    whatever you want (Julie Andrews for example) and put "images"
    after the name.


    OK, I copied the above image into an email I was sending. The image stayed
    the same size. But when i copied it here, it got much bigger. If you want
    to get rid of an image, put the cursor next to it and hit the backspace key.

    So, when you find the image you want...OK, we'll have to postpone this.
    The keyboard is sticking again. Uff-da! Will try later.

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Back. As I was saying, put your cursor on the image you want to copy
    and click the right button on the mouse. A drop down menu will
    appear. Click on 'copy image'.

    Next put your cursor where you want to place the image. Again right
    click for the drop down menu. Now click on 'paste' with the left mouse

    Hope this helps. If not, maybe you find a helpful teenager to give you
    a tutorial.

    Mikie, I know you'll find this hard to believe, but I have gone my
    whole life without owning a circular saw. My thinking, however,
    is sometimes circular. I hope yours doesn't frighten the felines
    when you turn it on. That's so nice of you to buy them toys.

    Hugs Everydobby

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    Talked to DD#1 last night for an hour. She is an R.N. and I asked her about cutting my BP med in half today until I can call my doc. She said they usually wean people down slowly on clonidine. I mentioned that I have to go off of it for five days when I get my peptide injection and my BP doesn't go too crazy. We decided it would be OK to cut the pills in half today and Mon. Morning. Of course, I'll be taking my BP readings. We also decided that, because I am exhausted and dizzy, I shouldn't continue taking the full dose. We laughed a lot as we always do when we talk.

    Granni, at my worst, when I was the sickest, I weighed in at 186 pounds. Even at that, I didn't look obese, just a bit overweight because of all the muscle mass. I am now 160 pounds and am hoping to get down to 145. I am a size 10-12 right now and imagine I'll settle in at a size 10. If I get below 140, I'll look bad. I'm 5' 4" tall and holding. My bones are small, like my Mom. She was really tiny when she weighed 120 pounds. She was muscular too. Muscles weigh a lot. It's taking a bit of time for my skin to shrink and, I imagine, it will only shrink so much. I really need to start lifting weights. You are so trim and I can imagine that you wouldn't be able to lose weight without starting to look gaunt. How do you keep the weight up while eliminating the carbs? I stand in awe that you do so much and still send out cards. Yes, Dollar Tree has some nice cards here. I don't send out many so I wait til they have BOGO's on them at Publix and stock up. I got beautiful Hallmark birthday cards for DD's. Hallmark cards are an arm and a leg. It's always nice to send a $5 card which only cost $2.50. Don't over do it with all your activities.

    The advice Rock gave you on posting images is good but I'm not sure he got finished before his computer started acting up. First, you need to have the image saved in your computer's pictures file. As he mentioned, when you see an image you want to post, right click on it and save it to your picture file. Then, when you want to post it, click on "upload a file" at the bottom of the post window here. Your computer may open up your documents file so you have to find the pictures file. Click on the pic you want and click on "open" and it will copy to your post. You can choose a thumbnail or a full image. Give it a try. These directions are based on using a PC and I don't know whether they would change when using an Apple computer.

    Sun, I also hope the bird's owner found it. Those birds are sooooo smart. A lot of people down here have exotic birds. My clients used to have them and always enjoyed showing off their birds' tricks. One bird could mimic the sound of a ringing phone perfectly. One couple had a cockatoo that was in love romantically with the husband. It was jealous of the wife and the husband always had to give the bird some lovin' as soon as he came home or it would go nuts. The wife lived in fear of the bird. And I think the kitties are wild. A friend and I came out of a restaurant one day and a bunch of white egrets were standing on top of some guy's truck. Yesterday, at the small pond outside of Publix, I saw white egrets, Muscovy ducks and a stork. This isn't only God's waiting room; it's His zoo too. Glad you got the fence done and the area cleaned up.

    Rock, my Mom took a cake decorating class and made all those different icing flowers. My favorite was when she took a Barbie-like doll (this was back before the actual Barbies) and made a cake which became a big flowing skirt. She used frosting on the doll's torso for the top of the dress. I wonder what happened to the pix she always took of her creations. She also took a millenary class and made me a hat to die for. Back then, we wore hats and gloves to church. I love buying the kitties toys but they don't really play with them much. They like it when I reload the mousies with catnip but they usually just lick them and get high. Now and then, Sir Vester will do his monster dance when he attacks his mouse. Tweety will occasionally do her dance with toys on the lanai. I always bought treats and toys for them when they lived outside and Jeff was taking care of them. I also bought them new holiday collars. They wear red collars so they are all ready for Christmas. Now that they live inside, the collars don't get dirty and worn. Toys have gotten soooo expensive.

    I have always loved tools and I use them. One year, my ex bought me a new drill for Mothers Day and I was thrilled. It was a case of drill thrill! When I put the molding on the tops of my cupboards, I bought a miter saw which can substitute for a circular saw in most cases. Unfortunately, the miter saw was sparking too much when run so I took it back. I didn't have that many cuts to do so I did get them all made. I know some people buy tools and take them back when the job is done; however, I got the opinions of two guys in construction and both said the motor on the saw would burn out due to the sparking. Saws spark some but not that much. Now that I have a sofa which is not as long as the original, I have to cut off the little shelf behind it about six inches. The saw will come in handy. I'll use it outside so it won't startle the kitties.

    Laura McKenzie's travel show is from London this morning. There is a Harry Potter section of the Warner Bros. park there which includes all the props from the movies. I wonder whether the kids will be taking Andy there. I loved the one in Orlando but everything is always soooo crowded and expensive. I'm sure London isn't cheap either. I noticed the Publix where I shop sold a $7 million LOTTO ticket so guess I had better have them check mine. Wouldn't that be nice. Harry Potter, here I come!

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids
    Just woke up. As usual was up most of the night. Gordon just left to
    run some errands.

    Granni, yes, Mikie is right about copying images and storing those
    images in the computer. Gordon has shown me how to do it a
    couple times, but it's too complicated for me to learn. The method
    I use generally works for me, so I figure it's good enough.

    Mikie, your Mom's Barbie doll cake reminded me of a job I had
    back in the 80s. The office manager was a beautiful gal named
    Fern or Fawn. Can't remember which. Well, I kinda think her
    name was Fern and some people called her Fawn as a joke. Or
    was it the other way round?

    Anyhoo her adult daughter took a class on cake decorating, and now
    and then brought in the most elaborate cakes I've ever seen. One
    was a basket of flowers. The basket and flowers were all edible. She
    also did one of a lady in a floor length ball gown. Everyone always
    said the same thing. "Oh, too beautiful to eat," just before digging in.

    I would love to visit Harry Potter Land. I did see some of it on the
    net. Just looked for some Harry Potter jokes. Sad results. Half
    the jokes I didn't understand, and the ones I did weren't funny. AACCK!

    Hugs, Everydobby
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'll keep this short cause I'm on the Surface. Just watched a show on a 21-day bone broth diet by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci. Her message is basically the same as the other recent health gurus: Good protein, healthy fats, berries, fermented food, nuts, etc. She includes broth made with bones. When I prep for my colonoscopies, the chicken broth always tastes sooooo good. I think I'll brew up a batch of beef broth this week. All these docs aim at lowering blood sugar, chronic inflammation and obesity. Looks as we are on the right track here.

    I got the two Plumaria sticks planted; that's all I got done. Two friends stopped by and invited me to a Christmas party. It's so nice to have such good friends in the hood. There are four little girls in the pool, screaming and yelling. What are parents thinking? This is a nice community but people let their kids do whatever they want without regard to others. Kids will make noise when they play but there should be a limit.

    Rock, sounds as though this woman could be flora or fauna. I didn't realize you could just do a copy 'n paste with pix. Your way makes more sense. No need to store those images. Guess this old dog just learned a new trick. Arf! Now, I want my treat. I've never seen a cake too pretty to eat but I think those days are behind me--literally. I wonder if Heaven is a place where we can eat everything we want.

    I think there is a program honoring Sinatra on TV tonight. Sounds good. I never liked him in the 60's but do now. Told y'all I'm an old frat now. Gotta go.

    Love, Mikie
  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Windytalker makes bone broth.....apparently it's a lot of work, and its recommended that you buy grass fed beef or organic chickens since you're pulling minerals from the animal.

    When I was first married one of the office ladies gave a once a week cake decorating class at her home. She would give us the list of things needed......a plain frost cake or frosted in a certain color, the various tubes of frosting, etc. First several times I made them I almost gagged at the shortening you used in the frosting.....that's what bakeries use. It was fun and then when my kids came along I made various cakes for their BD parties. A friend and I also made a 2 tier wedding cake. At that time you make the flowers ahead of time. When we were done and delivered it we said never again. Once was enough. decorated cakes&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#imgrc=kLeNTWZkhAH-nM:

    Now THAT'S a wedding cake.....look at all the detail on the lace.

    I also love tools. I own a chop saw.....used it to do mitered trim which I then put on our very old bathroom vanity to change the look. Also have a cordless drill......which isn't as good as a power one, but somewhere along the way my DH lost or misplaced the "key" that you need to tighten the bit. Maybe when I get the chance I'll tear apart the garage stuff and it might turn up....HA!

    I'm waiting for my DD and family to pick me up. We're going to a large shopping center where they're supposed to have snow every night. Should be fun. Today is her BD and tomorrow is mine. And my DS and DGD are meeting us there, for an early dinner.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - Happy Birthday to your daughter today and yours tomorrow. Hope you have a great evening and day tomorrow and get to do something you really enjoy. I need to check those sites you sent with the decorated cakes, etc. Now I really shouldn't even eat any but lately with all the parties I have been cheating some but trying not to eat to many sweets. Just a little bit can be satisfying to me, on sweets. Last night at the party they has a lot of sweets and the main meal seems to have a lot of carbs other than the turkey. I just had to have the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. They also plopped a bunch of dressing or stuffing on my plate.

    We went to church this morning and then had a K of C breakfast that was great and of course I ate what I shouldn't have like a small pancake and a small amt of fried potatoes . I can have the scrambled eggs. All the money goes towards the new church which I home I am alive to see. The I came home and started a pot roast, something I haven't done in a very long time. It was time to cook the piece of beef that has been in the freezer forever. I should be doing Christmas cards but have been on the computer. I did order some gift cards for DGS's from Academy. I am already so broke and am spending my next SS check due to come on Wed.

    MIKIE - I am laughing at the idea of getting a cordless dress for whatever it was occasion. My DH would like one and I would like to buy him one but it seems that there is never that much $ around and there are so many kinds to get.

    Thanks for the info on posting a pic etc, both you and ROCK. We'll see if I ever do it and get it right. I never did figure out how to cut and paste. If someone was here to show me I could probably do it but explaining is not always easy.

    JULIE - Hope you are feeling better and doing well. Drop by when you can. I know how busy you are all the time. Hope you and Den gets to have a little time to yourselves. Have you gotten to close up the part on the new house yet? Have you had any snow or much of it? I think you said you have had some. I know you were having problems trying to get men to help Den to close it up before the bad weather hit.

    ROCK - Also thanks again for your posting pictures tips along with MIKIE.. I'll try it one of these days :)!!!

    DIANE - Hope all is well with you. So much to do and here I am :)! Will try to get back here tomorrow.

    Love to you all,
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    We are going to get our fourth day of clouds. AACK!!! The sky has been gray and murky but now, we have stopped getting the rain. There is a cold front that is kinda stalled out. Tomorrow, the sun is supposed to come out. I hope it does. This is getting depressing. Tomorrow, I have to clear out my little tables, chairs and plants from the balcony as we are getting it pressure washed. Now, if I can only get the landscaper to send me the plan for our stairwell area, we can finally get this bldg. looking good again. One of our snowbird neighbors in our bldg. will be here this weekend with her DH. They lost their son to cancer this year. It's so sad.

    I cut my BP pills in half and now, my readings are in the teens over the 60's, just about perfect except that my pulse rate is a bit high. Good grief! It's always something. I just hope I have some NRG to get something done in here today. Cats were up a lot last night but I had gotten a lot of sleep in the evening. I fell asleep without seeing the Sinatra tribute. I was looking through my new cookbook in bed and hit my shin with it, tearing a new three-cornered wound on my leg. So much for going to the pool with this open sore on my leg. ARG!!! It almost feels as though the Universe is conspiring to keep me outta there. Of course, with my present BP issue, it may not be wise to be stressing my heart. I'll call the doc today.

    Sun, the woman on TV did say to buy grass-fed beef bones. She said the broth is easy to make and it looks as though it is, based on the America's Test Kitchen cookbook. Years ago, I got a recipe for making brown bone broth/gravy. You put the bones in the oven and brown them before making the broth. She also said you can just buy good quality broth. Publix has meat and poultry which is classified as 'natural.' They don't feed the animals antibiotics nor steroids but I don't think they are grass fed. I can imagine that this broth could end up costing a bundle if one were to use the best bones because it is eaten daily. I keep in mind that her regimen is otherwise the same as what we are doing. I may try the broth but I really don't need to be speeding up my weight loss. It's pretty rapid as it is. I still keep an electric drill with a cord, even though I have a cordless one with two batteries. The batteries go dead because I don't use the drill that often. If I don't remember to charge them before I need them, I have the backup drill. They likely sell the keys at the hardware store. They clip onto the cord so you don't lose them. Thanks for posting the link. Yes, there is a ton of shortening in that icing. It is what gives it the structure to hold up when flowers are made out of it. It's a double health whammy--sugar and a bad fat. Happy Birthday to you and your DD. I hope you have a good time.

    Granni, at first, I misunderstood Rock's instructions. His method is superior to mine, unless you really want to save the image for future use. Just play around with it when you have time. Nothing to lose. I worry too about eating when I go out. The friends who invited me to the Christmas party are great cooks and there is always wine or booze to be had at their parties. I could eat eggs all day long and I especially love them scrambled. If I don't gorge on bread or pastries, I'm sure my bod can handle it but I'm afraid eating these things might make me feel sick like the stuffing did on Thanksgiving. The drill my ex gave me was back in the day and it had a cord. I still keep it for a backup drill if my cordless batteries are dead. I have saved so much money by doing things myself that I figure I'm still way ahead of the game even with buying my own tools. Money is tight right now for me too. I've had to replace my sofa, my mattress and my tires. I just put my taxes on my credit card to get the discount before the end of Nov. The bill will come this month but won't be due until next month. As I've mentioned, the Roomba was not technically a necessity but without it, I don't think I could keep up with vacuuming. The cats shed and it's all over the rugs. The condo gets dusty fast too. Seems our expenditures all come at once. I put off buying the sofa but, after 12 years, it was time to get a new one. The slipcovered ones are in style now but, if I were to wait, I'm not sure I would be able to find just the one I like. I can pay it off interest free over two years but will likely pay it off before then. Enjoy your parties and eating out. It sounds as though you aren't going crazy with stuff which would normally be verboten.

    Gotta go to Word and print out a note for our residents regarding the pressure washing so they can get their stuff outta the way before Wed. I think I'll title it, Time To Come Clean. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Afternoon, Kids,

    Hope no one is here because all y'all are out having a good time. Me, not so much but, at least, I'm getting a few things done around here. They aren't big significant things but every little bit helps. I moved some of my orchids downstairs but now, I'm wondering whether the water from the pressure cleaner might get on them. Tomorrow, I'll move them again. I also have to bring in all the deck furniture. I put notices on the doors to let everyone know that they have to remove things from the sidewalks and balcony. Barb took her things in and scribbled on my notice. It honestly looks like the rantings of a mad woman. Her normal handwriting looks nothing like this. It is obvious that she was in a fit of rage. I don't even know what she's upset about but I'm not going to pull at that thread. I have some beautiful paper napkins and I put them out at Thanksgiving. She always makes sure she doesn't soil them and saves them. There was a stack of them with the note. Good grief!!! I guess that tears it when one friend returns used paper napkins to the other friend (ya gotta laugh at this stuff or you'd go nuts).

    Doc's office called me back and said it was OK to split my BP meds. So far, my BP is in the teens over the 60's. Perfect! I did feel shaky when I got up and started to sweat profusely. I am in some kind of Herx-like reaction which I don't believe is connected to the BP issue. My pulse is over 100 but that's not unusual when I'm Herxing. Something is causing my bod to detox. It could be a die off of a virus since I've been taking my Acyclovir. I told doc's office that I would continue to monitor my BP and, if there is a change, I'd call. Otherwise, I see him next mo.

    My ex called me yesterday to tell me his lifelong friend had died of cancer. His wife died years ago from Parkinson's. I feel bad for their grown kids. This friend had no faith and didn't believe in a life after. His daughter said she'd never seen anyone so afraid to die. It's sad.

    I'm watching a PBS program on Lourdes in France. The program presents an unbiased view of everything but they do interview people who claim to have had healing. There are docs there who do workups of those who claim to have been healed. I never knew how many interesting programs PBS presents until I got rid of cable.

    Well, Kids, I gotta keep going. So much to do, so little time and NRG.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - You sure are a busy gal, trying to take care of stuff there in the hood even though you are no longer on the board. Don't wear yourself out my friend !! I know you are trying to get things ready for those workers who will be power washing the walks all around your area.

    I know all about the saving of paper napkins and such. I came from that era or more of my mom's when they saved everything and didn't throw anything away hardly. My mom even washed or at least rinsed out plastic bags and hung them on the line to reuse. Nowadays we have all taken this to almost the opposite extreme. Now they have throw away diapers , etc. etc. I used mostly cloth diapers for my babies unless we were traveling when they came out. There goes the font again. It keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Yikes !!! However, some people now can take things to extremes either way and it sounds like Barb has definite problems in her head. You said she was that was somewhat before the stroke but that can even make things worse in changing her personality.

    I need to go and maybe write a few cards. I did all the ones for the ones we had made with our pictures on them when they took the pictures for our church directory. Now I need to start some others. I have already gotten one or two.

    ROCK was over at the Homebound board with DIANE solving some of DIANE'S pictures. Very interesting ! SUN , SW, and JULIE hope you all are doing well too.

    Love to everydobby,
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: About the rantings of Barb and the "used napkins" I would definitely keep my distance. She's got a huge amount of anger directed to you I would say. I save used napkins, etc. but I don't get the point of giving them back to you. ???

    Like you I've had to conserve, so last week I cut my Direct TV way down to the basic minimum, and within 2 hrs. all the old channels were zapped. I only watched HGTV anyway or PBS. I love those programs. I'll have to look for the one on Lourdes.

    My DH was catholic, said that his grandmother would make pilgrimages to some other famous place, but not Lourdes. She was Polish. Any idea where it would be?

    Granni: How many cards do you send out a year? I got a card today from this friend from HS/college.....I haven't seen her in years nor have I even talked to her but every year, here it comes.....always the first one. I haven't sent to her in years and years! Go figure.

    I called the gas company this morning to report I was smelling AGAIN in my front atrium. The guy came out a few hrs. after that and told me they had gotten a call from a local public building down the street from me. Guess they'll take me seriously. The gas company has been doing "bandaid repair" for over 3 years. This guy told me the entire pipe system is really bad where I live. Great! Wonderful to hear.!

    I'm heading off to an art class now.
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. We have only 2 books waiting at the library,
    but ten to go back. Gordon put his brother to work yesterday patching
    cracks and chips in the concrete around the place. Got off to a rocky
    start as the concrete mix he bought had large pebbles in it. Went
    back to the store. The clerk told him he what he wanted was mortar,
    not concrete. He exchanged a bag of one for the other and didn't
    even charge any money. Kinda like the shopkeepers in a small town.

    Reminds me of the old riddle. What keeps the bricks in a chimney apart?
    Answer: mortar? No, that's what holds them together. Well, I didn't
    say it was funny; just old.

    Sun, "The Jasna Gora Monastery in southern Poland is the third biggest
    pilgrimage shrine in the Catholic world." The history of same goes back
    to the 14th century.

    Hope you had a good session at art class. Gordon and I watched another
    painter demonstrate how to do it this morning. He painted the famous
    bridge at Multnoma Falls in Oregon. My brother the forest ranger used
    to work in that park. Gordon and I have stood on the bridge.

    Mikie, returning the napkins is both silly and sad. Kinda like: I'm so
    mad at you I'm returning this was of gum you gave me and the
    wrapper from a Snickers bar. You're right. Some stuff ya gotta
    laugh at or go nuts. Or as George Gordon (Lord Byron) put it, "And
    if I laugh at any mortal things tis that I may not weep."

    Regarding soup, my Aunt Ferdy (who went to St. Olaf College in
    Northfield, MN) was one of the many great cooks in the family.
    She always roasted her soup bones in the oven before assembling
    the soup.

    Granni, I remember when disposal diapers were new. Kinda like a
    lotta new things: cake mixes, for example. Many good housewives
    were reluctant at first to try same. I know some folks found their
    babies did much better with disposals than cloth and some vice
    versa. I guess allergies or skin sensitivity or some such was involved.

    Well, gotta send my other brother an e mail. He and DW went to
    Cedar Rapids, IA last weekend to see one of their sons in a community
    theater project. He was playing the role Dick Van Dyke played in
    Mary Poppins. I know his brother can sing. He got a musical
    scholarship to college. Didn't know Tom could sing too. I wonder
    if he had to dance. Dick Van Dyke was a great dancer. You can
    see several videos of him and Mary Tyler Moore dancing on Youtube.

    Ok, Hugs to Julie and Springwater and Barry. Did I get everydobby?
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: thanks for that info on the Polish shrine. I'll do a search on it and read up after I post here.
    My DH and I stood at that bridge at the Multnomah Falls 2 years ago.......I was past the point of being frozen!!!!! I don't think I was ever so cold, but we did walk up the steps to the falls, I was in pain from cold every step. I'm so glad we did.

    That was a great role your nephew had. I'm sure he was wonderful otherwise he wouldn't have been chosen. I used to have daydreams that I could be in musical theatre........and me as the innkeepers wife in Les Miserable. Perhaps I'll check in little threatre around here.
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - im late but signing in for the latest meeting at the Porch which you so kindly opened. That bright OPEN sign was too inviting to resist.

    How nice for your brother that his children love the performing arts. The son must have been good to get a scholarship for music. I have always envied people who are able to make a living singing and dancing and acting. Theyre normally in love with their craft.

    Im going to look up the shrine site. I love those.

    Granni - that time of the year are so busy practising for chorale and writing out /sending cards, e cards. i hope you enjoyed at the party.

    Sun - Happy birthday! to both you and your DD. Did you mean articifical snow? at that mall? I suppose you do. if its LA. Isnt it bizarre, i got up last night to check the cooking gas stove because i got a whiff of gas smell and with our shortage i wasnt taking chances. But it was okay. must hv come from the opposite street, although i had shut all the windows. i dont know what i was smelling.

    I sometimes see the cake shows on tv mostly TLC, hve marvelled at their creativity..even those people seem sooooo stressed out while making cakes because a hundred and one things can go wrong with the end product and during the process of making such a complicated but beautiful work of art.

    I hope your leg wasnt hurt too bad.

    Mikie - i dont think its a good idea to use the bagua mirror on a daily basis or too often...tho i know why you have it. Nothing like sharp needles of negative energy piercing the aura to bring anyone down.

    its better to use something like salt to defuse the bad energy and send it into the light rather than sending it back which i believe a bagua mirror does. then it bounces back and our pranic healing we are taught that negative energy which bounces back gathers momentum in the one sending originally it is getting it back in double the strength. and if barb (or whoever) is sending it back even unintentionally which im sure is the case, the recipient will get the magnified negative feelings.

    Thank you for the sure all the prayers i receive work because even though there is so much going on i always feel pockets of moments when i hit that inner calm space or a funny incident will happen which makes me break out in peals of laughter...little doses of good things do so much to counteract negativity....listening to a favourite song, reading a magazine, eating something nice i made, some dish i cooked turning out good, a good joke, something beautiful i spot, all of these are upper/lifters. they help me from going down under; of course the fact that i am insulated against the more harsh reality that a lot of our people are going thru now helps...

    ive looked at the Lourdes italy..the story of Gabriel Gargaums miracle healing is astounding! i totally believe in miracles. i love your thoughts on spirituality, they are exactly what we are taught in Pranic healing.

    Julie - i hope you are doing good...and that you hv a good christmas...I havent gone back to the previous case this computer goes havent read, as it does when navigating back n forth..

    on Sunday we (my family and the DHs middle uncles family ) were invited to DHs uncles eldest DDs home out a little ways, she lives in a residential area a little hillock away from the main city..for lunch..i wasnt looking forward to getting ready and all but made it..and what a good time we had..her home is the dream home i always wanted, and in such a spacious land with landscaped garden and all, they are three brothers with houses adjoining each other and my DHs cousin sister married the youngest brother. They have a school sized swimming pool which all three families share complete with canopy and swing set and all....they made a lot of money in the carpet industry when it was in full swing, (not now) and they made good use of what they earned...

    theyre all very traditional too in some ways, so although we were visiting the daughters place, the other wives came out and we had to go and visit each brothers house and have a cup of tea and stay there for ten minutes...

    both the husband and wife are avid gardners, so obviously it showed...beautiful bright yellow and orange dwarf marigolds with giant heads lining the path, all kinds of geraniums in the front porch, and in the garden some other flowers which dont need much caring , trees of every kind, avocado, orange, lime all full of fruit..

    i was told at the last moment by my husbands other cousin sis, ( I think aunt didnt tell me so i wouldnt get stressed because she knows i go thru these extreme fatigue phases) that they were taking food to relieve the load a little off the hostess, so i panicked, went to the supermarket in the dark to find lettuce to make a chicken salad, but the greens were not i came home and decided to give my bottled radish which has turned out a treat, but i found my husband obviously not knowing i was going to present that, dipping his finger in and taking out a radish and eating is a no no to give anyone food someone has dipped a finger in, so i sent my son out and made him get me semolina and extra milk and made halwa - a sweet dish, we had brown sugar and cardamoms and clarified ghee already in the house..the hostess was so happy with turned out delicious and so handy because she had not had time to make dessert...serving fruits instead...aunts family has taken some potato relish...and hostess had made cottage cheese and vermicelli dumplings for veggies (there were a couple of us there) and meat dumplings, mushroom soup besides some side dishes and two kinds of dips.

    she is such a loving kind soul obviously the food also was absolutely delicious...yes, that trip was an upper.

    oh, and since the dog rehabilitation centre was on the way, i made my DH take a little detour and we donated some money, (not much $100) to the centre. just looking at the pooches there being treated and so happy and contented was another lift.

    i read in their newsletter that some persons had walked for four hours carrying injured stray dogs and a cat (owing to the lack of transport) to get them rehabilitated.

    well i better get off this and start the daily humdrum...

    I just wanted to share this ..our hostess at the lunch was told it to us...nowadays the queue for the cooking gas cylinders are so long..people leave their cylinder outside the depot chaining it to the one in front..and go and stand there whenever they can so no one takes their takes a week sometimes..there was this housewife and this man from another household..who happened to be standing next to each other, they struck up a friendship owing to long hours waiting in line, the housewife thought "here is a man who doesnt mind doing this boring heavy chore for his home, and the husband was like "she is so hardworking, she lets her husband do other things and does this chore herself, a mutual admiration society sprung up between the two and during the course of the next few days, conversations turned into feelings and feelings grew into love and they eloped. when the husband of the eloped wife found out, he was really mad.."he lamented to his friends "so she went off with another man, she found him better....but couldnt she at least hv at least left left the gas cylinder behind? what am i supposed to cook with?"

    God Bless
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