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    Hi Kids

    C'mon in. Sit a spell. Help yourself to the eats. We got classy grub
    for company. Lemon bars and Kool-Aid. Back in a jiffy.

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    Thanks for the info on skin care, Folks. Sun and Mikie, I have some olive
    oil in the cupboard. BTW, I read an article in the news a while back. Said
    something like 90% of that stuff that's sold as extra virgin really isn't.
    And a few years ago the FBI announced that most of that sports memorabilia
    is also fake. Next thing we'll find out is that UFOs aren't real either.

    Gordon went to a new dental office this morning. Was gone 4 hours. A
    friend told him about this place in Pasadena that had very reasonable prices.
    For $600 he got a cleaning and two fillings. No wonder the middle class
    has shrunk. Ya see that recent article? Most Americans are now too poor
    to be middle class. We are living in sad times.

    That's too bad you had electronic problems at your concert, Granni. You
    may have to consider going back to the days of Rudy Vallee and use
    megaphones. I'm so old I saw Rudy Vallee live. He was starring in the
    Broadway show How To Succeed in Business etc.

    Barry, how long does the persimmon season last? Thought of you the
    other day when I came across a recipe for baked persimmons wrapped
    in prosciutto. Rosemary is also involved. Jalapeno is optional.

    Mikie, an 11 foot gator would be a formidable predator. Probably weigh
    600 pounds according to what I read. And all crocodilians have
    tremendous bite pressure; like a ton! In the United States, of course, more
    people get killed by cows, or spiders, or bees than by crocs.

    Be nice if you could hire gardeners, etc. who would actually do what
    they are supposed to, wouldn't it. My brother has had contractors
    to his house a couple times in the last decade. Always problems
    with delays and sloppy work. AACCK!

    Springwater, I haven't heard a word from my brother about the
    production of Mary Poppins. Not even after I wrote and asked for one.
    My siblings are all lousy letter (e mail) writers. Haven't heard from
    my other brother for a while either. He sent me a box of fruit and
    stuff from Oregon. I've been telling him for years I can't eat this stuff.
    Wrote and tried to tell him again in a tactful way. He's probably sulking.

    You mentioned ghee. I remember reading about same in a Donald Duck
    comic book when I was a kid. The story was set in Tibet. Hope you and
    your family are OK.

    Sun, I bet a little theater would be thrilled to have someone with your
    artistic talent help them out. Design sets. Paint. Don't know if you
    would be up to doing it though. One of my college roommates was a
    professional artist. Lived in Greenwich Village too. Anyway he designed
    sets for some off Broadway productions.

    Julie, did the chiropractor help you? Has the weather now put an end to
    the house building till Spring? Hope you and everydoboby including Oreo
    are doing OK.

    Diane, how are things on the corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?
    Hope you and Kevin and the felines are feeling fine and frisky.

    Hugs, Everydobby
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Well, the excitement never ends here. Barb went further off the rails yesterday, banging on my door and insisting a large desert rose in a pot be removed from the balcony in front of her door. She said if it were not removed, she'd break it. The guy was next door pressure washing their place and I knew he'd be here next. If she were to break the large pot with soil all over, it would be a royal mess. She called our mgmt. co. and screamed at them. They called me before I had a chance to call them to see whether someone could come out to move the offending plant. Our sweet asst. mgr. said he'd get a guy to come with him. Before they got here, Barb beat on her window, came outside and screamed that she was calling the fire dept. Good grief! I told her someone was coming to move the plant and she screamed, "And who's paying for that? Me or you, ***hole?" This from an 84 year old woman. The asst. mgr. just looked at me when I told him and said, "Bless you!" I'll take all the blessings I can get.

    She is totally out of control now. It's even worse when I accommodate her because then, she has to look for something else to complain about. I'm sure that, in her mind, it's all-out war. Yikes!!! There is no telling what she will do. She isn't doing herself any favors. She can't get the others in our bldg. to join her in her anger and, I'm sure, she's feeling isolated and impotent. She's threatening me with being ousted as president in our bldg. First, I don't think that will happen and, second, if it does, it does. I will have gotten everything done around the bldg. by then. I don't know where this will end. I've decided to look at this as the work of Satan. I say out loud in my condo, "Satan be gone!" Then, I pray for help to get him to release Barb from his clutches. I know this sounds all Old Testament but it keeps me from feeling like I want to lash back and allows me to see her as a victim. I refuse to get involved in this destructive cycle.

    I'm actually sleeping well and have lost another two pounds, a total of 28. Still haven't been able to get in the pool due to this nasty injury to my leg. I need to wear long pants if I'm going to work in the yard. I have a couple of small plants I want to put in so my work out there isn't done. I will wait until Barb is gone, though. I don't want to give her reason to get even more upset. The landscaping will be done while she's up North. I don't want her unleashed on the workers. Poor guys might walk off the job.

    Spring, I took the bagua mirror down and put it in a sack. I have been using the salt water in a clear glass bowl to trap the negativity. I brush it off myself into the bowl. It really works! Thanks for the suggestion. I change the water every day and pray over it for protection from dark NRG. How are things going on your side of the world? Better, I hope.

    Barry, I love Jonathan apples and bought a whole bag of them at the store. Wish I had a tree. They are just tart enough and sweet enough--a Goldilocks fruit, just right. They are the perfect size for a snack or for adding to greens in the NutriBullet. Thanks for sharing your life with us. It sounds so peaceful and beautiful. I also like Aveeno products. I don't like the feel of anything on my skin, especially if it is greasy.

    Granni, when I was in Medicare insurance sales, most of my friends and I stopped doing anything in the assisted living communities. The people talked during the presentation and only seemed to care about the food we brought. Too bad about the mic. I'll bet you'll be glad when some of this singing is over and, yet, I know it must be fulfilling. I would put big jobs out for bid but not just this little bit of landscaping. These prices for the plants and labor are really good. And, as I explained to Sun, everything is booming here and it's really difficult to get bids. I have a good relationship with our landscaper and he often throws in free stuff. I was a bit put out with him that he was so busy that it took a month and a half to get the plants removed but he and I have come to an understanding and he's been good about getting back to me now. Hope you don't overdo things with all this holiday activity.

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and going again. You are right; probably 90 percent of virgins really aren't virgins. I live below the poverty level. The silver lining is that I no longer have to file taxes and I get an extra exemption on my property taxes. I was upper middle class, than middle class and, now, I'm in poverty row. I hope this downward trend stops but I see no sign of it. My friends and I are all trying to cut costs. Yes, in the overall scheme of things, few people are killed by the gators. I think some people picture FL as a place where you take your life in your hands just going outside where a gator can get you. You actually take your life in your hands due to the crazy FL drivers! Gators naturally are afraid of most people unless some idiot feeds them. If a gator seems too interested in people or gets aggressive, he will be hauled off and become a nice pair of cowboy boots. The burglar in question was lying down to hid from the cops and the gator probably saw him as prey. AACK!!!

    Well, Kids, as usual, I need to read the paper and have my breakfast to gear up for another day of fun and games--NOT! Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Had to go to Amazon to send Andy's gift card so decided to stop in. I'm glad I did.

    Julie, it's always so good to hear from you. You sound like my friend, Connie, across the street. We have at least three Connies and three Nancies in da hood but I digress... My friend, Connie, has all her Christmas stuff done and has decorated her small condo. I think my only decorations will be the Christmas wreath on my door. It's covered with small sleigh bells so also acts as a burglar alarm. No need to keep gators around (this joke only means something if you read the last Porch. BTW, you can answer the posts on the last porch there but just not post them. Copy them and paste them here on the new one. It's the only way I can remember what everyone wrote.

    I helped Connie haul all her shopping up her stairs in a shopping cart like the one I use to haul my garbage to the dumpster. Her stairs are soooo much steeper than mine and there is no landing. I had a hard time turning the corner when I got to the top of the stairs. She puts her tree right there. OMG!!! Her cart was full of sweet stuff, including a Panatone loaf. I could literally sit down and eat the whole thing. It makes the most incredible French toast too. If I lived with her, I'd really have a weight problem.

    I hope you can get the Amish to help you close the shell. It would just be so much better all around, secure for the winter. Also, it would leave you free to work inside and not have that hanging over you, literally, next spring to finish. I'm sorry your Dad wasn't up for the party but he may have needed to rest. It's great you are so flexible. How wonderful that David got that job, just in time. Prayers answered. I don't know whether this is his "dream job" as opposed to the clergy, but both are in the business of helping people.

    When trying to exile Satan doesn't work, I just chant, "Love, Peace, Comfort" and it works for me. I'm fine until I do something like blowing my hair dry and that sneaky devil keeps trying to creep into my conscious mind. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works the same way. One learns how to identify the triggers which get our minds going so we can nip it in the bud. Evidently Barb doesn't have the tools to stop her dwelling on every imagined slight so she just obsesses on it unit it drives her mad. This is the worst I've seen her and I fear she may be beyond help. I've put a prayer in the prayer box for both of us. Oy!!!

    I think I'll go out shopping. I want to stop at Bealls. I've decided to wear my big white dress shirt with black leggings to the Christmas party. I'll wear large bright gold jewelry. It's a look which was popular in the 50's. Eileen Stritch, the Broadway star, has always worn this getup. I think it would look nice with a wide red or black belt but I don't know whether I can find one. I may just look and come home empty handed. On the other hand, I do have a nice coupon...Hmmmmm! Hope y'all have a wonderful day, whatever you are doing.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello, Dear Friends

    Been cold here today. 60 degrees. Just spent a couple minutes soaking my
    hands in warm water. Wore 3 shirts when I went to the doctor this morning.
    That included my thermal shirt and my new blue lumberjack shirt. The
    doctor also had on a colorful shirt. A cowboy shirt! Said he picked it up
    in Germany. He is originally from the Ukraine. I said earlier that he looked kinda
    like Charles Boyer. Even more so now that he lost 15-20 pounds.

    Gordon asked him how he did it. He said he cut down on carbs and did not
    eat anything after 6 PM.

    Anyhoo he looked at my back and said I had a condition I never heard of
    before: winter eczema. Wikipedia has short article on same. He said
    it will go away in a couple months. In the meantime do not scratch. Use
    lots of moisturizing lotion like Aveeno. He also gave me an Rx.

    Gordon took the Rx to his friend the pharmacist. They are related or
    were childhood friends or something. Turns out the drug in question is
    a steroid, is very expensive, and they have to order it. Of course from
    reading the news we all know about steroids. The non prescribed ones
    are illegal, may help you win the tour de France, increase your neck size by
    4 or 5 inches, can throw you into a roid rage and might shrink things
    you may not want shrunk.

    The doctor said use the prescribed creme sparingly.

    Mikie, In the days when I had my record collection, I had several
    records with Elaine Stritch. Including her recordings of a
    Broadway show and the London version of the same show. The
    composer-writer was her friend Noel Coward. Elaine had lots of
    personality. Tended to drink too much. Her acceptance speech after
    winning a Tony used to be on Youtube. Maybe still is.

    Dave Barry wrote about the wild life in Florida. He wrote even
    more about the crazy drivers and quick on the trigger populace.
    Some folks may not agree with me that he is America's funniest
    humorist, but he is certainly the most prolific.

    Julie, we had a bag of cuties here yesterday. I thought they
    were tangerines, but Gordon said they were mandarin oranges.
    Anyhoo I ate half of one. I remember when fruit was seasonal;
    also delicious and nutritious. The only time of the years tangerines
    were available was Christmas.

    Glad to hear David got a job. Where will he be working? My brother
    retired a few years ago from his career in law enforcement. He
    never mentioned much about crime. Well, when you live a county
    with farming villages and the one big city is only 25,000 people,
    you don't really expect much crime.

    Hugs Everydobby

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another good night's sleep last night. My dear old friend is coming over for coffee this morning. I'm taking him to the airport next week for his holiday trip home to Chicago to be with family. I hope he's well enough. He's going to fill me in on what his doc had to say. He is a bit frail. I think I'll put a couple of my deck chairs out on the balcony in the middle of the bldg. I'll take them in when he leaves. Things were quiet yesterday but that likely won't last long. My bowl of salt water and prayers seem to be helping me absorb the stress, so far.

    I did go shopping yesterday but Beall's had no wide gold tone cuff bracelets. I found a couple of pairs of earrings to replace a pair I lost and to give me another everyday option. I only needed to spend another $10 to use my coupon but I couldn't find anything I needed or could use for $10. I stumbled on some really pretty tops and, even though the one I bought was $20 (on sale), I decided it was a great buy. I was prepared to leave the earrings if I didn't find something. I'm so glad I got the top; it's a beautiful royal blue/purple with black animal design stripes. It'll be perfect with black pants. I got $50 worth of things for $22 and change. I found the almost-perfect belt but the buckle was not compatible with the look I was going for. Fortunately, the big shirt looks great without a belt when worn with black leggings. I was so excited that a medium size belt fit me. Woo Hoo! If anyone missed my post on the last Porch, I'm now down 28 pounds.

    When I got home, I did some housework. I think the ImmunPlex whey is giving me more NRG. I hope so. I really need to dig in and clean in here. I finally dusted everything up high. AACK!!! I was coughing on the dust. I use a Swiffer but so much dust accumulates on top of my cupboards that it's hard to keep it from getting into the air. I now have hope that I can get it clean in here if my NRG holds up. Things get worse before they get better when deep cleaning and reorganizing. I really want to be finished before the new year starts.

    Rock, I'm sorry you are so cold and itchy. I hope the Rx helps with the itch and to help the eczema to go away. My Mom had a rash and they had to biopsy it to figure out whether it was eczema or psoriasis. It was pretty red and angry looking and she was itching horribly. As I recall, the cream did help greatly with it. So, are we to expect you to be pumping iron and bulking up like Ahnold? I hope the rash clears up for you. I have done the same as your doc--not eating carbs and not eating past the early evening/afternoon. The weight continues to just fall off even though I've been pretty inert lately. I hope to get over to the pool starting on Mon. It is in the 80's again here. Too hot for this time of year but perfect for working out in the pool. When I was in Germany, back in '89, all the young men were trying to look like American TV actors. I didn't see any cowboys but did see plenty of them trying to look like bikers with leather vests and shaved heads.

    Yes, Elaine Stritch had a one-woman show on Broadway when she was older. She talked about her problems with alcohol and life in general. She is what people might have called, 'a tough cookie' in the 50's. She did have plenty of personality and didn't seem afraid to expose her vulnerabilities. I think it was her problems which gave her so much personality. Despite the toll that life had taken on her, she was stylish to the end. Dave Barry certainly has the talent to get to the heart of an area. We have two kinds of bad drivers here: The old folks who drive too slowly and just stop in the middle of the road and younger drivers with road rage (could be roid rage). The older ones get very angry and defensive while in denial that they are no longer fit to drive. We had one who admitted he was aiming his car at a bicycle rider and wanted to kill him. Seems the younger ones often have chips on their shoulders and are just looking for a reason to start road fights. I give both types wide margins when I'm on the road.

    Julie, how pretty that tree is and how nice that GPA wants to help decorate. Your two-hour nap sounds just perfect. I no longer seem to need naps but I'm finished by 7:eek:o in the evening. I'm a real party pooper. The party my friends usually host are Christmas brunches and they are good cooks. Thankfully, Barb will be up North and not here to attend. I found a recipe in "Southern Living" magazine for a sausage, cheese and grits casserole. It looks soooo good. If Richard comes down for a visit, I may fix it for him. I pray that you can get the work finished on the outside of the house to close it in before Old Man Winter really moves through. I'm sorry David doesn't care for the job and hope that he can either make it more suitable or find a clergy job.

    Do you have plans for Christmas? Is your Dad coming to your house? Sounds as though this Christmas may be a bit more quiet than usual. I'll probably just enjoy the peace and quiet and watch, "White Christmas" and "A Christmas Story," plus whatever else is being run that day on TV. There will be a full moon on Christmas for the first time in decades. A big ant just walked up my arm. Yikes!!! The water from the pressure washing may have driven them inside. Most of the ones I've found in here are the tiny variety. I was in bed the other night and Tweety was looking intently at the wall behind me. I big ant was traversing one of the painted panels which substitute for a headboard. Again, Yikes!!! I know the lizards running around outside eat insects but I don't know whether they eat ants or not. Perhaps I'll have to get an anteater for a pet. That would surely get me kicked outta the hood.

    Spring, thanks again for the info on the salt water bowl. I have been doing the brushing into it and it really helps me to be able to just brush it all off. Sometimes, I just take a big breath and blow it out, literally blowing things off. You wonderful way of peace has been very helpful to me. As always, I keep you in my prayers and hope for a better situation where you are. My problems dim by comparison.

    I hope everydobby here and our MIA's have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All.
    Another stormy weekend has been predicted and is being fulfilled. Wet, grey, distant thunder...

    Richard went to town to pick up supplies and library books. My morning chores are done : washing the dishes and dealing with this damned corn between my toes. I am using Doc. Scholl's corn pads and hope they work. They have been before.

    Rock, your posts I find most engaging. It sounds like your trip to the doc. was good. I'm glad he suggested Aveeno. I use it and it helps somewhat. I just don't itch much. In regards to the persimmon/prosciutto dish -- seems strange. o_O. And I am well used to strangeness. :rolleyes:

    Mikie, I am glad you are enjoying your shopping buys, and I am hoping the cats will adapt to YOUR schedule. Of course that is impossible. I guess YOU will have to adapt! Have you considered wearing earplugs, like Hushers, which are very comfortable and effective?

    Lydia, I'm glad you are pacing yourself. In CFS/ME pacing is essential; racing is not good! Bless you for all the work you do.

    I must go now; R. has returned and I'll help with the groceries.
    Good day for now.
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    Greetings all,

    I have been so busy today inside and out and did some more cards. Actually some cards I am just passing out at our gathering on Tuesday after we sing and then go have lunch for our last gasp at Christmas Music until next year. Then we go to one of the ladies homes for coffee and dessert and I will pass out cards then when we give out other little gifts to our leader and pianist. wI also changed the bed today which is not all together done but just needs the pillow cases plus the quilted top cover.

    I have been speed reading it seems per reading and hope I remember some of it. It seems like I have been gone forever and it hasn't been that long. Think I was here for a bit yesterday but it seems like we have had lots of Porchies stop by whle I was gone. This silly computer is playing games with me now with the font, small and then large and then trying to disappear. Really screwy.

    JULIE - How nice David got a job with the police dept. I'll bet the family is so happy to have them home with them full time. Now that he has a job sill they think about moving out in the neighborhood someplace maybe not to far from the other g parents? I hope that he continues to like his job. I am sure Lindsey has gotten used to as much help as she can get with all those little ones or will they stay there for awhile longer? I can't believe that all the children already know about Santa. I hate to tell you how old I might have been when I found out the real truth. It broke my heart and my parents hated to tell me. Not that we got much for Christmas, it was mostly things we needed in comparison to what other kids got at that time. hope those little ones don't tell someone the truth before they or their parents are ready for the truth :)!!

    Nice pic of Gpa decorating the tree. I am sure that he enjoyed doing it and gave him something to do and made him also feel useful. Was Clinton planning on coming to help with the roof for Den? Did the fog keep him from helping or did you not get to get it done? Hope you are feeling better.

    MIKIE - Those ear plugs might be just the thing that Barry mentioned. If they keep you from hearing the sounds thy make at night, maybe they can help you to sleep longer. Just an idea :)!! Sound good to me.

    I can't remember what to stay to everyone right now and probably missed some posts plus I have to go finish making the bed. Next week will be a very busy one with 3 parties at night not counting a daytime gathering after we sing on Tuesday. After that things will slow down to finish up Christmas. I am glad also things will be quieter here with not a whole house full of little ones. My body isn't up to that even if I do love them .

    Love to everydobby,

  9. springwater

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    Hello All

    Julie - so good to open and get this nice news of Davids job.

    Rock - how i laughed at your description of how steroids might work. shrinking things which might not want get shrunk and winning the tour de france..roid rage..:D

    Mikie - so good to know you are finding the salt water thing useful. If you feel the negativity more, just up the salt and water content. here astrologers, shamans recommend sleeping with a glass of salt water near ones head maybe on the side table if one is having bad dreams etc.

    If you feel it is something like a negative energy rather than a tangible thing that is trying to bring you down, (feelings of unexplained dread, palpitations, unease) etc try filling yourself with divine white light (you just say the words in your head and visualise) and ask that that kind of negative energy be removed from yourself and space and sweep it into the salt water..also its very important to only drain the dirty water into the commode and nowhere where the water is used to fertilize or drain into a garden or something. certainnly i dont recommend the sink in the kitchen..if you feel a certain space is harbouring dirty energy, anger, sadness, (these are energy particles called negative thought entities and elementals and occupy space) you can visualize electric violet light filling that space, it disintegrates the energy. it is very effective. (actually the angels/saints already taught us this germaines/archangel zadkiels violet flame of purification is just what this is)...send negative energy into the light, never back at the source...circulating negativity does no one any good. it needs to be transmuted into light..and then it cant harm anyone. not us, not them.

    you can google archangel zadkiels violet flame images and the colour you need to use will come up..

    barb sounds like she could do with some heavy duty prayers! what a way to be when youre that age!


    i had to go to DHs cousins wedding reception which they held at their house..the same one we earlier went to. it seems uncle heard our community people were very piqued that uncle had not informed anyone of his sons marriage and were gossipping like mad so he invited about 70 people with a caterer doing the food. I dont know how they are managing the fuel and foodstuff, obviously the caterers hv some contacts and uncle is paying higher. The community mostly consist of people living in three different locations around the city so they were arranging car pools and stuff to get back home in the night.

    meanwhile our induction stove busted.and so did some of our electric sockets so after repairs what i do is put off the fridge, and make sure no one uses the iron or microwave/toaster when the induction stove is being used. Boy this winter is gonna be cold.

    I need to go now, will step in later ..

    God Bless
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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Things are nearly mort on the confinees a la maison. Nobody has posted
    since Thursday. (If you, like me, are not familiar with French just
    ask Mikie.) Anyhoo I read about a game allegedly suggested by George
    Carlin, so I started a post on same. I cannot BTW find any verification
    that George actually is the creator of this game.

    Springwater, I haven't been to a wedding for ages. Maybe back in the
    80s. Are wedding in Nepal terribly expensive? Does the couple register
    at a store so people will buy the right gifts? Have all the economic troubles
    affected your husband's bank? Hope you and the family are OK. I'd send
    you some gasoline if I could. Just think. When I was a kid it cost 25 cents
    a galleon.

    Barry, I'm surprised you thought the persimmon-prosciutto dish was
    unusual. They used to serve it at all the church suppers and barn
    dances I went to in the days of my yute. Actually I think I was an
    adult before I ever heard of those exotic foods. Come to think of it,
    I was an adult before I ever ate a taco or an avacado or a Belgian

    Nice Christmas tree, Julie. We've never had a tree. But one year
    Gordon arranged a wicker chest with garlands and lights and presents
    and bows. Put it in front of the fireplace. Looked just like a pic from
    Better Homes and Gardens. What's all this talk about the truth and
    Santa Claus. You mean he doesn't always wear that red suit?

    Hope Clinton didn't get lost in the fog. How is his shoulder?

    Mikie, your new top sounds tres chick. I guess everything goes with
    black leggings. Well, maybe not a hula skirt.

    BTW, I don't have a rash. Not a visible one anyhoo. Still waiting for
    the steroid. But Gordon applied something from Walmart. I think
    it's called Daily Moisturizing Lotion. A very generic name anyway.
    I asked him how much it cost, and he said, "I dunno. It's been around
    the house for ages." Uff-da! So a couple applications of that stuff,
    and I'm 90% better.


  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    It's all quiet on the Southeastern Front and I hope it stays that way. My dear friend, Nancy, called me last evening and said there were a couple of young guys acting suspiciously by the pool and tennis court. I walked out and, sho 'nuff, there they were. I stopped and gave them a good long look and they took off. I met Nancy at the mail boxes and we chatted. I took two pix of commercial pickups to e-mail to our mgmt. co. Someone in one of the bldgs. is breaking the rules by renting short term to people in construction who park their work trucks in here. I may ask to go back to putting stickers on the offending vehicles stating that, if they are not moved, they will be towed in 24 hrs. at the owner's expense. Also, they will be responsible for any storage charges. That usually works right away. It's not really the vehicle owners' fault; it's the fault of the owner of the condo who is breaking the rules. Oy! It's always something. One of these renters parked a car with no hood on it. Classy!!!

    I picked up my mail and walked around the block. At one of the condo bldgs. across the pond from me, they had put up a beautiful Christmas tree in their screened lanai. I waved and they called me over. The guy who lives there with his wife and little dog is very nice. I stopped and chatted but declined his invitation to come in. I needed to get home and take my Zantac. My acid reflux was acting up. I said that I just wanted to tell him how beautiful the tree is. He said, "Barb said the same thing." I'm sure she is venting her spleen to everyone and he was wondering what I would say. I simply changed the subject and said their little dog, Max, looked as though his legs were longer. They said he had slimmed down. We laughed at that. One of Barb's buddies was sitting with them and she didn't say anything to me. I think most people take her with a grain of salt which is now a pun, based on Spring's salt water remedy.

    One of the board members got in from NY and we chatted amicably. He sent me an e-mail when I resigned the big board and asked me to reconsider. He also said he hoped we would remain friends. I thanked him for his friendship. It's good for me to get out and talk to people in the hood and realize just how many nice people there are so the negativity doesn't skew my outlook.

    Finally, I went downstairs to give my condolences to the woman whose cat, Ponette, passed away. That cat was one of the sweetest cats I've ever known. She was abandoned with kittens. She only left the kittens a short time to feed and came back and took care of them. Fortunately, someone found the little family and the kittens, and Ponette, got good forever homes. Both my friend downstairs and her DH were in tears. When I go to Publix, I want to get a card for them. Publix has more Hallmark sympathy cards for loss of a pet than for loss of a family member. Well, our pets are family members.

    Julie, thanks for your sweet comments. Yes, I do feel better. I've been able to cut my BP pills in half and my BP is in the teens over the 60's--just right (Goldilocks would be proud). As you know, losing weight was never my primary goal; it just the icing on the cake, cake which I cannot have. :( I have found that losing weight doesn't work for me if I'm focusing on dieting. My diet choices now are made based on my blood sugar and my exercising is based on trying to prevent a heart attack or stroke. As busy as you are taking care of others, it may not be the right time for you to try to lose weight. You look great and, aside from the usual fatigue which is a hallmark of our conditions, you seem to be healthy. I know you cook healthy meals for everyone so, if it were me, I'd not worry too much about weight. I never did until my blood pressure and blood sugar started going up. That is what gave me my focus. I'm sorry I misunderstood about David's job. I'm so glad he likes it and gets to keep his seniority. Sounds like the dept. is taking good care of him. Hope Christmas and your construction don't tucker you out. I'm glad you can sleep in and take naps now and then.

    Barry, I hope that this storm, at least, sends you rain to fill your well. All we got here was day after day of grim gray skies with no rain. AACK!!! :confused: I hope that corn pad works. I've not had many corns but the Dr. Scholl corn pads worked for me too. Unfortunately, I don't think ear plugs would work for me. When the kitties want me to get up, they get near my shoulder and poke me, quite forcefully, with their paws. They seem to have settled down now and will go back to sleep if I tell them no. It's difficult to believe that it has taken two years for us to get to understand one another. Either they are slow to learn or I am; most likely it is I. Do you and Richard ever decorate one of the outside trees with little edibles for the wildlife? In CO, it's common to decorate the outdoor pines with strung popcorn or popcorn/birdseed balls. I'll bet Christmas is wonderful in your part of the world.

    Granni, I'm laughing at "The last gasp at Christmas." Sounds as though it's not quite all over yet, with all those Christmas parties. You have a great social and family life. Good for you! As I mentioned to Barry, I don't think those ear plugs would work. I have found out that everyone in the hood who has cats is sleep deprived. Their kitties all get up on their beds and try to poke them too. They were after me to get up about about 2:00 this morning but then settled down by my feet and we slept til almost 5:00. I got about ten hours of sleep and feel re-energized. I just hope the NRG lasts so I can get more cleaning done in here. Hope all this fuss 'n muss doesn't get too much for you. Try to rest a little.

    Spring, that salt water does seem to save the day and I thank you again for telling me about it. I empty it in the kitchen sink and ask that it carries all the dark NRG down the drain. The toilets drain into the same sewer pipes and what I'm doing seems to be working. I ask for protection from St. Michael but will look up St. Zadkiel online. I ask God to protect me with the light and I visualize it's surrounding me. It's like I'm wearing spiritual armor against any dark NRG. I have prayed for Barb as well and it is healing for me to do that. I feel better knowing that there are spiritual protections for me and, hopefully, whatever dark force has her in it's clutches, will loosen it's grip on her. I don't wish her harm; on the contrary, I want her to feel better. Her rage and vitriol will destroy her if she doesn't stop. I'm so sorry things have gotten worse for you. I hope things get restored soon. What is a wedding like there? What foods were served by the caterer? I love weddings. Hope it was a nice respite for you.

    Rock, I already posted on your new game. I can't think of anything else but I may later. George Carlin was famous for oxymorons, starting with, jumbo shrimp. My personal favorite which I came up with is, postal service. I'm sorry but I don't think I can any longer be of help with French without my trusty dictionary. I did, however, understand what you posted. Thanks for the fashion tip. I'm not planning on wearing a hula skirt anytime soon but will keep your advice in mind. Leggings can be very unforgiving when it comes to body flaws and flab but black ones are very slimming. They look tres chic when worn with tops which are a bit longer. Glad Gordon's salve gave you some relief. Also glad it's not a rash but could turn into one if scratched so relief from the itching is paramount. I have a small circle of crusty skin on my chest. Doc says it's related to immunity. When I get run down, it turns red and gets crustier. Come to think of it, I get crustier too (as in, crusty old broad) but I digress... I hope you continue to do better.

    Another W&P post so I had better bid y'all adieu. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings to all ! It poured last night and some people not to far away from us up farther north had tornados with some damage late yesterday I think. DH was worried so we didn't go to church this morning but will go tonight. That's OK but it kind of confused the day a bit and we will have to eat later. I am not changing clothes I don't think. I have a turtle neck on . I think it is in the 50's now.

    SPRING WATER - So nice to hear from you. You are right about those leggings. I haven't bought any but since I have lost some more weight ( not intentionally) I may buy a pair or two. I have seen so many who wear them and those skinny jeans and should NOT be wearing them. Also, they are not always young people either :)!!

    I can't imagine trying to pull off big wedding reception with all the problems and shortages in your region after that awful quake. Some people just have to have it and do whatever they have to do and spend whatever amount to give their daughter, or whoever, a so called proper reception but in these times one must do what they can do without causing to many problems and less stress. It is terrible that some gossip because the first one was not supposedly proper or invited enough guests, or them ):!!

    Sorry also that your oven that you made busted. Hope you don't have to many problems with preparing meals for your DH and son. My husband would be a grump without his proper meals, at least most f the time unless there were awful circumstances of course. He would understand if times were bad but surely wouldn't like it. Geez this stupid fond is shrinking again. What is causing this ????

    MIKIE - Glad that you scared those kids away that were probably trying to think of some kind of mischief. Glad that you are doing well on your so called diet and making the right choices in what foods to eat. Your blood sugar is important to focus on for your health and well being. My glucose level has always been good so not to worry. Now who knows with this no sugar thing and hardly any starches. However I do have a little now and then. I will be cheating I know this week with all the parties or gatherings.

    JULIE - So happy that David has gotten a job so they can be together. Mikie is right about dieting for you. Don't worry about it just keep eating healthy as you have been.

    Gotta run and make lunch. Thinking of everyone and hope hey are all feeling as well as can be expected. I need to also answer some e-mails quickly for my small singing group and pass some things along to them.

    Love also to everydobby not mentioned ,

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Granni - you have to do so many cards at Christmas i can understand why you would be in a rush to complete them..and give them out before the for presents is normally very fun and exciting but on days when one is in an energy low it drives me to happy you seem to hv everything in control ...and all seems to be going smoothly.

    Julie - its nice David and Lindseys needs are being looked after so well by their new workplace supervisors and staff..thats welcoming and sweet. christmas is going to be new this time for the lil a new place. are you sending them gifts or will they come over later on?

    Barry - cold and thundery out in the country sounds romantic...but brrrr. Wuthering Heights suddenly came to mind. our fruit is lasting long!

    Rock - weddings are expensive, everything seems to be here. The fivestar hotels charge approx $200/- per head for a banquet. caterers at home would charge $100 but they bring over their cooking stuff and make a small kitchen in the premises..and cook. the caterers also provide the fancy tables and chairs and tent..which my uncle did. he might hv paid more considering the situation of the country right now. Families save up for a wedding and even take loans. Its a major expense which all families prepare for from the start.

    I much preferred the wedding at home that my uncle did but that is if you hv a garden and can fit people in...doing it at a hotel is much easier work wise but its kind of more impersonal..there were little corners at uncles garden where you could huddle around with your group and not be exposed to everybody else and their stares..and uncle had had the presence of mind to have one big log fire in a broken down tin canister burning so people who were cold could warm their hands.they didnt let any guest enter their actual house..the new bride stood at the table handng out the plates with her FIL beside her while he introduced her to each person who came to help themselves to dinner. She is very composed and far she seems happy. goody.

    When im in one of my CFS sy slumps, i just want to lay me down and go to sleep forever when i think of all the things one needs to do or be gossipped about forever...just thinking about prepearations n stuff...oof. Interacting with people, giving orders when youre in a brain fog you cant remember what you did yesterday..its tortuous.Thats why i like USA..if youre not in the pink of health like others there seems to not be the pressure to do this and that and live up to the benchmark set by others.

    Mikie - i like that youre taking it slow. Doing one thing at a time. According to how you feel. Did you know you can sweep kitties too if they act up or seem not at ease...but one has to really has to sweep the arms and hand of the sweeping arm so no dirty energy gets stuck there and always remember to fil in the empty spaces where you hv wept off bad energy with white light.

    Its how i treated my little dog when he was struck down with parvo virus when he was 1 and a half months old..i swept and swept and swept his energy and kept feeding him liquid salt sugar water every time he vomited or diarroah- ed. which was every five mins then..throughout the night. the doc had said there is no medicine and didnt seem to think there was much chance of recovery but when he turnedthe corner,he really turnedthe corner the next day,very fast recovery after that.

    There seem to be some nice people in the hood. Which is nice for you. to counter act the 'Barb' effect.

    Well, must needs go. face the day.

    God Bless

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    This is a good morning; I got about twelve hours of sleep last night with only a couple of interruptions. Sir Vester crept up along my side and I petted him. He licked my arm and then bit me--hard. Don't know what his complaint was exactly but, at some point, he must not have gotten his way yesterday. This is the only way cats have of communicating so I wasn't too put out with him. I didn't get up til seven so am very rested.

    Yesterday, I didn't get much done except watering the orchids which were misplaced by the removal of the tree they used to hang in. Don't know what I'll do with them. I also watered other plants, including the dessert roses which were removed from the balcony. Downstairs neighbor came up to tell me there was a broken water pipe out back by the corner of the pool. I called a board member who tried to contact our mgr. on her cell. No answer. An elderly board member went into the pump room and tried unsuccessfully to turn off the sprinkler. I tried to tell him we needed to turn off the water from our pumps. He gets his feathers ruffled if anyone suggests something he isn't doing. So, while he fiddle faddled around, the pump just kept pumping out water, wasting it. Our one pump could have gone dry. I think it ran for hours. I e-mailed our asst. mgr., suggesting he give us his cell no. in case of emergency. As I often say, it's always something!

    I saw the woman who will be on our board coming home so left the water mess to talk with her. Her car's been gone unusual hours and I worried she was sick. Turns out that her dad is having congestive heart failure and was in the hospital. Then, her mom started having heart symptoms and was put in the hospital for observation. Luckily, her heart was fine. I feel so sorry for her as she's still trying to work and has no one to help her. I told her I'd put a prayer for them all in the prayer box. I just wanted to reassure her that, despite what Barb is telling everyone, we have plenty of money to do the landscaping. Barb had failed to rile her up as she has other things on her plate. I think just talking about her parents was helpful; I hope so.

    Basically, I got nothing else done but I did get rested up. I think this recent stress has taken its toll physically. Mentally and spiritually, I'm doing OK. I think the extra sleep will restore me physically. I need to get in the shower and head to Publix for a milk run.

    Granni, if your BS is okay, I don't see the harm in having some carbs now and then. You certainly don't need to lose weight. My BS had crept up a couple of ticks every year and it was 105 last time I had lab work done. At my age, that's generally acceptable but it isn't to me. If I had not cracked down on carbs, I'd eventually be a diabetic. Might as well prevent it instead of treating it once it would make me sick. When I reach my targeted weight, I will have to introduce a few carbs in order to hold the line. I do not want to get too thin, like Barb and another of our neighbors. They are not healthy and now cannot gain weight. I am collecting recipes which can be 'carbed down' for cookies, my downfall. Loves me my cookies! That weather is scary. I hope it doesn't ruin Christmas plans for you.

    Spring, that's a good idea about the cats and salt water brushing. They seem to be more settled these days. Your story about your dog is amazing. I'm glad he recovered. I do fill my space with protective light as well as filling myself with it. I love the idea of the purple light flash. It seems to really help me to invoke it. I talked with my friend, one of the Nancies, and she asked whether I were invoking light. It's wonderful how people are coming to know about these metaphysical remedies. I feel that the dark NRG is gone but I continue to pray for no more to darken my door nor Barb's door. I look forward to Nancy's Christmas party. I'll be off my diet big time but, hopefully, not enough to make me sick. I continue to pray for you and everyone else in your country.

    Rock, I managed to come up with a few new 'headlines' for your game on the other forum. Once I started playing, more headlines came to mind and it was fun. I like your games.

    Gonna go read the paper and get going for the day. I'm in no hurry as I need to just keep a steady pace. I hope everydobby else has the luxury of pacing. Actually, with us, it's no luxury; it's a necessity.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Back from the store. I'm again feeling lightheaded but my BP is normal good. My pulse is up with the slightest effort so I know I'm not well. I think my poor old bod is just having to get used to this weight loss. I'm still not working out in the pool so that's not driving the loss. I'm eating enough so that this lightheadedness isn't due to lack of calories. The loss is only about two pounds a week. I need some NRG to clean up my condo but, again today, I'm not up to it. My shower and the trip to Publix for only a few things has done me in.

    I could not find my credit card when I went to leave so had to use another one and call the loss into the credit card co. There have been no fraudulent charges; that was a big relief. It's probably my own exhaustion and stress which caused me to lose it. Credit card co. is sending another one to me. Now, I'll have to let three places, which put my monthly payments on that card, know about it. It could be worse--it could have been stolen.

    My pink Himalayan salt arrived--three huge bottles of it. It's really reasonable to buy them at once. I forgot to buy regular salt at the store for my salt bowl. I don't want to use the Himalayan salt for that because the cheap stuff is working just fine. Of course, if I can't get back to the store for a few days, I'll use the good salt. That salt bowl is wonderful. My stress now is down and I'm sleeping so well. Is a little NRG too much to ask?

    Just saw something on TV about a lost cat. Its microchip had moved in its body, not an unusual thing to have happen. They scanned the cat's whole body and found it. It was reunited with it's guardian. Happy ending. The salt I ordered came with some packing paper which I put on the floor for Tweety. She immediately ran over to it to try it out. If only she'd get as excited over the numerous toys in the little basket. Just like kids!

    OK, gonna go rest. I don't want to but am against the wall with exhaustion. I'm sure it isn't solely physical, considering what all I've been through this week. I feel strong mentally, emotionally and spiritually but, obviously, the turmoil has taken a toll. Oh well, the work in here will wait.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi to everydobby,

    MIKIE - Sorry you aren't feeling to great and have little NRG. I have been busy with DH all morning and didn't get much of what I needed to get done. How weird about the microchip that moved in the cats body but glad the kitty was reunited with its owner. Wonder how much it is to have a chip placed in the animal to begin with?? Oh, I plan on doing some car eating but it is not weight I am worried about it is the systemic fungus that likes sugars and carbs turn to sugar.

    In my search this afternoon trying to find the correct address for an older relative that I may have seen once or twice as a child but if so did not remember. It is on my fathers side . I found an address with no name on an old envelope, not sure if it was for her or her son and wife. They both lived in the same complex. I found a phone number and tried calling it. It as no longer listed which made believe she might have passed already. I did a search and found an obit. and she had died in Nov. of 2014. Well, at least I solved on piece of the puzzle. Now I have to send a card and picture to her son and wife and hope it gets there. If she died in 2014 he didn't let me know she died. Hmmm, we'll see if I hear this year. I will probably send the picture and card/letter with the address I found on the envelope with no name. Thee lady that died said that if I heard much from her son that would be something as apparently he was not that much of a communicator but he did send me some info years ago on the family which did help in my genealogy search.

    I need to go start thinking of dinner and what I am going to make. I know it is chicken but that is about all I know for now maybe with some zucchini.

    DH wants to go sit outside for a bit before dinner on the patio but he forgets someone has to cook it :)!!!

    Thinking of SUN, DIANE, JULIE, ROCK, SPRING WATER, BARRY et al. Hope I didn't forget to many people. Need to get to the kitchen. Yesterday was wasted day. I had a fiasco with a missing purse and thought it was lost. So I called to changed my 2 cc's and figured I would have to go to the crowded DPS office today to get a new drivers license. Luckily but crazy enough it is where I usually put it. All I can say is that it might have been covered on the chair by my sweater. Geez and the two of us did so much searching it was ridiculous.. I know we are blind but this is stupid in front of our eyes it was when I finally went back into our room again to almost get ready for shower and beddy bye.

    Love to awl, Granni :)
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I slept almost all day. It's really cold (by Calif. standards) here. 41 degrees
    with the wind about 20 mph. A couple weeks ago our street was full of
    palms fronds from the neighbor's trees. Same thing today.

    Another neighbor, Jeff, dropped by yesterday with Buddy the shih-tzu.
    Always glad to see them. They are both friendly and Buddy
    trots around our big yard exploring.

    Jeff always has news about the neighborhood, what house are up for sale,
    how he should have bought one after the 2008 crash, etc. He told us about
    visiting Jefferson's Monticello. The stairways were really narrow. Same with
    the house on Carroll Street that's for sale.

    Even though Jeff used to be a funeral director at Forest Lawn, he'd never
    heard of coffin doors. So I told him. In early American houses the stairways
    were narrow and often turned corners. You couldn't get a coffin down the
    steps unless it was empty. So many homes had a coffin door in the stairwell.

    Youtube has a 28 second video on a coffin door at Gallaudet University
    (the famous school for the deaf). Don't bother looking. It has no info
    on the topic at hand.

    Well, enough of that. I think history is interesting, but most people don't.
    I found two sites on the net by people who own old house with wide doors.
    Their belief is that any wide door is a coffin door. Uff-da!

    Hi Julie, I hope your headache is gone by this time. A shame you had to
    take Gpa to the doc without getting much in the way of results. I
    looked up "Iowa Weather Today" to see what's going on in your neck of
    the woods. What I got was "weather in Mission Viejo". No wonder studies
    show that the average user would like to take a crow bar to the computer
    at least 3.6 times a day.

    Granni, chicken and zucchini sounds like a good start. Maybe some bread
    or potatoes for some carbs. Isn't it annoying when things disappear; like
    your purse. I lose things all day long. I pick them up; put them down.
    Then I can't find them. But usually they show up pretty soon.

    Mikie, sorry you're feeling illish. Hope you bounce back like a super
    ball. Remember them? Wikipedia says the term "Super Bowl" was
    derived from Super Ball. It also says a giant super ball (big as a
    bowling ball) destroyed a car.

    I am reading a cat book you might want to look for. It's called 'Paw
    Prints in the Moonlight' by Denis O'Connor. The author is a
    retired pyschologist/teacher. Even though he lives in England,
    the cat appears to be at least part Maine Coon Cat which means
    it had American ancestors. In 1895 the winner of the first cat
    show in America was a Maine Coon Cat.

    Thanks for your contributions to the George Carlin game
    on the Homebound Board. BTW, I got an e mail today from
    Tech support (Holly?) She gave me the info on getting rid of
    the mysterious and unwanted item in my inbox. So at last
    it's gone.

    Springwater, that's amazing that you were able to cure your puppy.
    I wish we still had a dog, but we're not up to it anymore. I couldn't
    walk one. $200 per guest! Leaping Lizards as Little Orphan Annie
    used to say. At that price I'd call off the wedding or the reception or

    Hugs, Kids
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Thank God that the kitties and I have gotten back into our 'normal' routine. They are no longer trying to harass me at night. When Sir Vester wakes me up, I tell him no and he goes back down to the bottom of the bed and sleeps. I am finally getting some decent sleep even though it's interrupted several times. Everything's been quiet around here. Barb hasn't gone out in four days, very unusual for her. I've seen no one come to visit. I hope she isn't sick. Her front door is open so I know she's up. Her daughter calls her several times a day and, if she didn't answer, a neighbor, or the sherrif, would be called. My salt bowl and protective light continue to work for me, keeping dark NRG away.

    I just had my ImmunPlex whey and am hoping it will give me some NRG to get something done around here. I'm still at 28 pounds lost and holding. Don't know whether I'll lose more if I can't get up and do something. My BS was 102 fasting when I got up. If I can get back to working out in the pool, it should improve. I got some waterproof bandages at Publix yesterday so I can get in the pool again. One leg is healed but the other is raw. I need to ask the doc about this.

    Granni, I had forgotten about the fungus among us. Yes, too much sugar can stir it up. Do you seem to notice a difference when you have carbs? I don't think it's expensive to have the chips inserted. I'm pretty sure the chipped Sir Vester and Tweety when they were neutered/spayed. I think I read it on their paperwork which Julie took and never returned. I could call their vet to find out but, if it wasn't done, I wouldn't do it unless they were in for something else. It's too bad no one let you know about the relative who passed away. My family in CO are like that. A cousin recently checked to see whether my e-address is still the same but didn't follow up on my response. There are several cousins who are up there in age and, I hope, if anyone passes, they will let me know. They are always fighting among themselves. It's sad.

    Julie, I'm so sorry about GPA's A-fib. Everyone I know who has it is on a blood thinner. I hope he doesn't throw a clot. It's too bad about the nosebleeds. He's kind of in a 'damned if you do and damned if you don't' situation. A little prayer going up for him, and you. I hope your headache is gone. I hate headaches. Fortunately, I don't have them very often. Hope things improve for you all.

    Rock, that's weird about coffin doors. I'm glad we no longer keep the recently departed in the home. AACK!!! My uncle was an undertaker and he had a lot of tales to tell about the dead. A lot of people like working with the dead; they don't talk back nor complain. By my stds., 41 degrees with a 20 mph wind is cold. Brrrrrrr! We are sposed to get a cold front with cooler temps this coming weekend but I'll believe it when I feel it. The weatherman lies all the time down here. We are blanketed in fog this morning. I loved the super balls and had some which my kids and I played with. Glad you can enjoy Buddy. It's good to have animals around. I enjoy the neighbors' dogs. My friend, Nancy's dog, Chewy, wanted to come home with me when I saw them out walking. Nancy also has a Maine Coon cat. They are usually quite large and very intelligent. Most of them are talkative too. When I visit Nancy, Chewy and Bob the cat always vie for position next to me. I'll check out the book. Thanks. I'm glad you got rid of that e-mail. Holly is great and follows up on things.

    I need to get moving before the day gets away from me. I hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A very quick good morning to JULIE and awl. Waiting for my ride to go sing, then lunch out and then a coffee, dessert or whatever else party at one of the gals homes. It will be a very busy day.

    So nice to hear from you JULIE. I know how busy you must be. Glad Gpa seems to be doing OK and glad you are watching over him. Yes, is seems sis is never looking out for anyone but herself. This year will probably be the last year of a lot of cards and will try and do most by e-mail next year. It bothers DH that I do them but he never writes any. I have eliminated quite a few the last few years and sometimes I write in the cards or add on to the printed out sheet I don on the computer.

    Yes, I agree. SW you are amazing for all you seem to get done in the hardest of circumstances..

    Love to all and need to watch my ride. More later.

    Granni :)
  20. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    HI EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's been a sort of stressful week, and I haven't been able to keep up with the posts here.

    Anyways ----- Here's what I posted on the HomeBound Board, as to what's been going on with me.


    Hi Rock, and all,

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    And Wow! about the price of Gordon's dental work. I'm not sure about the price of a crown (except to say that it is very expensive, even with our dental insurance). We also get one free cleaning per year w/ins. A filling (large) would cost $88, smaller fillings would cost between $40 and $60.

    I got my permanent crown yesterday, and it feels OK. No more pain or sensitivity. I also had my teeth cleaned. The dental hygienist did a good job, but boy did she prod and poke and scrape, etc., with her dental tools. My gums are a bit sore.

    Then the dentist came in, did the crown, and then gave me the "bad" news. I need a deep cleaning (they charge $46 per quarter of the mouth). I'm OK with that, I've had it done before. Then she told me that I have EIGHT "corroded" fillings in my mouth! What! They all have to be replaced. I can't wait to see what insurance says about that!

    We got a letter yesterday from the dental ins. co. regarding my cracked tooth -- the one that got the permanent crown yesterday. They are questioning the procedure! Even though the tooth broke off to the gumline on the outer side, and there were hairline fractures on the inside. Which means that the tooth would have eventually fallen apart. Grrrrrrr. The letter said that "you should follow your dentist's recommendations and procedures. We are not medical professionals making these decisions........" Duh. Well then what are you -- paper pushers trying to keep costs down? That's why I said, above, I wonder what they will think about replacing 8 fillings!?

    Kevin went to the dentist with me yesterday, for a checkup and cleaning. He's also going to need 4 crowns and a deep cleaning. $$

    And speaking of always something coming up -- oh wait, I didn't say that yet! LOL

    Kevin's car got really "dinged" by what appears to be a shopping cart, over the weekend. It's by the passenger rear tire area. Took the paint off down to the plastic. (Who knew there is plastic on cars? I didn't.) So it can't be sanded and repainted. And the car is leased, lease is up mid-May 2016. Kevin's going to call the Kia dealer where he's leasing it from, ask for their suggestions. Do we have to take it to them for repair? Do we report it to OUR insurance company? Grrrrrrrrrrr. And I guess people don't have the courtesy anymore to leave a note on the windshield, about the damage they did.

    There's more, but blah blah blah. I felt good to get some of this posted, and make me feel less ornery. LOL

    One good thing -- I did find our mortgage payment! Kevin put it in the wrong stack, junk mail! LOL So the mortgage payment went out today.

    Anyways, my friends, lots on my mind. And really nothing I can do about it. We have to wait for estimates, bills, etc.

    I'll try to look for more pics to post for games. Keep my mind busy, since I'm not in too much pain, post-dentist.

    You all take care. I'll be back, soon as I can.

    Luv, Diane


    I don't remember all that I've read here on the porch. I liked your pic, Julie. I hope you get GPA's meds/therapy sorted out. Granni, good luck with your busy schedule this week. Mikie, I'm glad that the cats are behaving better! Rock, I see you on HB board. :) Sun, how are you? I saw reports of that gas leak in CA on the news. Spring, Barry, all....... I think of you often. I'll try to post more on the porch in the new year. :)

    Love and hugs and prayers,

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